JAG to Prosecute Deep Staters In-Absentia


The U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps and Office of Military Commissions will begin prosecuting Deep Staters in-absentia, meaning they can be indicted, charged, tried, convicted, and sentenced without setting foot in a courtroom, a JAG source told Real Raw News.

JAG made this decision upon confirming reports that Deep Staters named on sealed indictments were fleeing the country en masse to avoid military arrest, and specifically after CDC Director Rochelle Walensky eluded capture and hotfooted to a foreign country.

As reported on 7 November, the military had hoped to simultaneously grab Moderna CEO Stephen Bancel and Walensky at a posh Virginia eatery where they had scheduled a business dinner, but Walensky ghosted Bancel. JAG now says that while Bancel was feasting on baked stuffed clams, Walensky was at the Port of Miami boarding a cruise ship bound for the Bahamas, from where she hopped a flight to Heathrow, from where she caught another flight to Brussels.

“She is now running the CDC remotely on foreign soil,” our source said. “The nefarious types are evil, but not stupid, or have friends that aren’t stupid. They have considerable resources.”

Other Deep Staters to have fled the country include AG Merrick Garland and Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

On November 13, Vice Admiral Darse E. Crandall convened a meeting of his senior staff to discuss the legalities of holding trials in-absentia. In common law legal systems, the phrase is more than a spatial description. In these systems, it suggests a recognition of a violation to a defendant’s right to be present in court proceedings in a criminal trial. In 1884, the Supreme Court held that “the legislature has deemed it essential to the protection of one whose life or liberty is involved in a prosecution for felony, that he shall be personally present at the trial, that is, at every stage of the trial when his substantial rights may be affected by the proceedings against him. If he be deprived of his life or liberty without being so present, such deprivation would be without that due process of law required by the Constitution.” Exceptions exist in situations where a defendant, in writing, authorizes a court to conduct a trial in-absentia should he, for whatever reason, voluntarily not show up.

Vice Adm. Crandall opined that military tribunals were not bound by common law constraints and that Trump’s invoking of the Insurrection Act of 1807 authorized JAG to take any and all necessary action to bring traitors to justice. He also said fleeing the country to avoid arrest was tantamount to skipping bail, a voluntary action.

Legality and the Insurrection Act aside, we asked our source about the ethics of holding trials on persons not present to defend themselves.

“Since when has a Deep State operative defended himself? All they do is pound their fists and shout into the air ‘You can’t do this to me! Do you know who I am? You’ll pay for this.’ No Deep State agent has ever mounted a real defense. Why? Because the empirical evidence against them is so damn irrefutable all they can do is scream and shout. Admiral Crandall determined it’s within the scope of his abilities to do this,” our source said.

The in-absentia trials, he added, will not be held in a formal courtroom setting. Instead, either Vice Adm. Crandall or a delegate on his behalf will sit down with empaneled jurors in a conference room, where JAG will present its evidence and ask the panel to deliver a verdict, and, if proper, recommend punishment.

“The belief is Deep Staters eventually get sloppy. They get homesick. Eventually they’ll try to reenter the country, and we’ll get them. We can then avoid a lengthy courtroom trial and escort them straight to the gallows,” our source said.

In closing, he said JAG will still hold conventional trials in addition to those held in-absentia.

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11/22/2022. 14:55 PST…
When those that LIE ,CHEAT and STEAL for a living are finally on the RUN
, JUSTICE will come CALLING.

trust nothing

Sealed indictments to be opened? Easy prosecutions without defense.


Terminator Robots can be employed to eliminate them.


The intention of “their” deeds, are “their” conviction.
Universe bares Witness, Justice Absolute ~

tic,,, tic,,, tic,,,


That’s nice. Now WHEN are the military going to get the prisoners from Jan 6th out of that hell-hole? Ask Gen Berger if he could see his way to sending in a BUNCH of our Marines to tear the gulag apart! So what if it is in D.C. shoot to kill and set these people free. They are being tortured, all kinds of violations of the Geneva Convention and even human behavior. They do NOT deserve to be treated like this!
Also, what keeps us from bombing the living hell out of the Federal Reserve and the U.N. building in NY. SCOTUS needs to nullify the 2020 election and put Trump back in. And…every last republican senator and congressman who comes against Trump needs to go. Throw them out of office. Treason sounds like a good enough charge. I am sooo tired of this crap!

Charlotte Cain

We have watched family, neighbors and Church members die from the vaccines. I have dozens of friends and family suffering side affects and blood clots. I don’t care how they go down, but please take the people in medical field with them. God Bless the entire staff at Gitmo.

Robert James

We’ll know the Cabal is defeated when Trump and others start talking about Satanism, Biden impersonator(s?) and so forth.


These stories are not true in anyway. The concept of the White Hats are a complete fabrication, they don’t exist. Surprised General Berger has had his lawyers send you a cease and desist order for making up stories about him in these articles. If the White Hats really existed and were supporting the Constitution of US they would have already moved into Arizona and arrested every person involved in the theft and fraud of the 2022 election in AZ, which was massive. People quit believing that any mystical organization is going to come out and save you. This will require the people to do it themselves.


Every thing has its time and place. The people who helped mess the voting up last year and again this year witll face the tribunals. Do no fool yourself. It is all very real, in real time and justice will be served. Maybe not in our life time if you are 60 years or older but they can not get away and nothing, NOthING will stop this. God promised 1000 years of peace and before will be chaos it seems like. Unbeleivers, rioting etc. Sit back and watch the show. the Plan will be followed.


The Admiral just turned up the heat, very “admirable” to say the least. Send out the Palladins!


Surely we should hunt these cockroaches down to bring them back and carry out the verdict! They probably won’t go to countries that are aligned with Trump (unless they are stupid) also, the spying systems they put in place will catch them. Gotta love that idea – turning their tools against them! We need to eradicate this filth, they have forfeited their right to live in a free society. Whatever it takes, justice is required!


they’d be fools to go back to the gallows


These are enemies foreign and domestic. Fuck them. The constitutiion doesnt apply to those who operate outside of it.


They will be found. They always are.

Rob William

What an interesting test message!

Lone Ranger

So is this the reason why AG Garland put Jack Smith….whoever he is….to investigate President Trump?

Rob William

They can’t prosecute the current president.


He is not the President. President Trump is. We have been waiting a long time for the unsetting of what they call the administration and today the Supreme court is suppose to rule. Biden is already dead so they will hang is brother wearing a mask and any clones. time , time is the answer.


Garland is on the list too !
Looks over his shoulder everyday, .. great way to live..


Do you really think that?


what I think is that you are on a list also
and it’s not a good list to be on. !
maybe you should hide also…..

David Demchak

Send out hit squads. Problem solved. No matter where the run we will terminate with extreme prejudice. End of story.


Since the DOJ is not fulfilling its role as it is subverted by deep state traitors can these criminals be captured by covert means? If these tribunals convict a deep state agent in-absentia is there anything stopping Admiral Crandall from using clandestine agents to pursue and apprehend these criminals on foreign soil? I know that the white hats want to proceed within the bounds of the law, so would using agents in this manner offend international law?


That was my question, too, the other day. But it must have been caught in the naughty word net.


Israel’s Prime Minister Golda Meir did the same thing when she sought to get justice for the 11 Israeli athletes killed at the Munich Olympics in 1972. She vowed not to let the Black September terrorists get away with what they did and she kept her word. One of the agents was a future prime minister, Ehud Barak.


Every country is taking care of these deep state themselves. The ones that flee the US will be judge in absetntism and when they get homesick or try to come back in, they will go straight to the gallows or prison. The countries are all working un uison. as for timing.


Keep in mind that Mike was convicted of fraud in 2013 and dragged out his hearing until 2018. He should not be your source for information about what is legal or allowed in our justice system.

trust nothing

The US shouldn’t take advise from a company that has patents and makes and profits from “vaccines” like we shouldn’t do business with a bank that prints it’s own money. Very dumb people ruling our society.


I heard Biden is ready to send some more Billion to Ukraine today. ??? They print their own countersfeit mone. The US was broke and we will be broke thru this year again.but, But, The Federal Reserve is Bankrup and not in business any longer. At least legal busines.


Every tribunal so far has had irrefutable evidence. So… Bring it on!!! SUPERSPEED!!


Let’s see if this one goes through…


A respected source is saying the Marines are now starting to take out the traitorous Military brass.

Michael R Davis

DC street reporter Nancy Drew is reporting lots of bus activity with darkened windows every day recently at the Capitol. Tours have been halted for now. Could be nothing.


thank you. I read where the Marines are taking out the deep state Marines and there are many of them..

Dave Kelly

I have viewed on either FOX or NEWSMAX, The USDOJ press briefing just recently announced by AG Garland , he has appointed a Special Counsel to investigate President Trump for Mara-a-Logo and J-6th, We knew this was coming and the CRIMINALS at the USDOJ , AG Garland ,Et al is attempting to get out in front of the White Hats and JAG take-down and take -out operations , no doubt attempting to Keep Mr./President Trump off the ballot for 2024 , as well as attempting to mitagate CRIMINAL ENEMY COMBATANT Merick Garland’s arrest , prosecution before a US Military Tribunal and EXECUTION. It looked like the network was using video stock footage with a very lame attempt at morphing Garlands voice (statement) with the stock footage, however Garland voice sounded like he was in a basement somewhere and definitely not at the DC Briefing room. He was in a basement or closet , possibly out of country as has been reported. Out of Country or in hiding somewhere, hence this briefing, use of stock footage , recorded from a basement or closet. THE USDOJ , GARLAND and Deep State lowlifes are IN PANIC MODE. This should be interesting.

J Bill

hell yeah trump is going to jail lmaooooooooooooooooooooo

Rob William

I think sending Trump to jail will energize the base. They will probably keep him “engaged” and distract him/base.


Yes, I heard that we have to go through these steps. Waiting is
werisome. the plan has to be followed.




hahahahaha never happen. He is our president mow and forever.


They will not escape the Tribunal. There case will be before the Tribunal court and judged and sentenced. When found they will meet the gallows or prison.

American Living in Canada


American Living in Canada

Maybe this is a bone for us.. Patriots in waiting?


About time.


I would like to know who Kim Goguen is?! I cannot find any factual info on who she is! Was listening to her this morning and she says, the “real” President Trump died of kidney failure a few year ago! WHAT DA!? Can anyone give me some truth on this Kim Goguen?

Just Me

I wrote you a response but apparently some commie moderator have taken over this site and have deleted my comment to you. If this keeps up I do not believe this site will last much longer.


Kim Gougen is a fraud last june she was saying Prresident Trump had prostate cancer and had a montgh to live . Her stories are alway changing.


Kim Gougen is a fraud of the highest order. Do not pay any attention to her.


I knew something was up with her.

Ruby Kennard

Doncha think the DS and ALL our enemies would be celebrating in the streets? Their hatred goes beyond reason. That’s a death they wouldn’t hide. The Trump family wouldn’t cover it up. They’d be the first to announce his death to the public. Donald Trump never abused his body except with an occasional cheeseburger or bowl of ice cream. He exercised on the golf course and took care of his health. I believe Trump was chosen by God to expose and dismantle the DS that controls the world. There have been too many assassination attempts that failed. Without supernatural protection, he would’ve been taken out long before now. No normal man could’ve defeated such odds against him. Plus- Pres Trump is prayed for by millions of patriots. As long as he’s doing God’s will, nothing can stop him and no weapon formed against him will prosper. Thank you, Jesus!

Michael R Davis

Amen Ruby.
Our combined prayers are powerful.


Yes they are! You get the credit, God!



American Living in Canada


Michael R Davis

Works for me. Once they are convicted ‘in-absentia’ of Treason, Mass Serial Murder, Crimes Against Humanity or Children, Collaborating with Enemies of the US in Election Rigging, all of their assets may be seized by US Treasury agents, and they won’t be able to run very far, very long, unable to attract accessories to help them fleeing from justice. Send bounty hunters after them with a healthy bounty on their heads. Execute with proof of identity.

Executive Order 13818 Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption (December 21, 2017)
(Trump declared a National Emergency)

Executive Order 13848 Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election (September 12, 2018)
(Trump declared a National Emergency)

Michael R Davis

Allegedly, they have been mostly disarmed, set back hundreds of years in their planning, almost impossible for them to recover. That is one of the reasons why this has taken so long, another reason they are still finding and rescuing Deep-State trafficked children. Thousands of the enemy have already been prosecuted and executed. or locked away for life. The most public setback was the container ship stuck in the Suez. Nuclear and biological materials, Adrenochrome supplies, weaponry were captured off that ship, as well as many trafficked children, half of them dead in the overheated containers.

A Deep-State submarine which had fired missiles twice at Air Force One, and once at Hawaii, all three missiles destroyed by Aegis missile ships hundreds of miles away, was trapped in a submarine pen under Ketron Island near Tacoma Washington and destroyed by Air Force bunker busters.

Keeping them impotent is what President Trump is attempting. They are still sometimes running their false flag ops.


May I suggest a wanted poster Dead or alive with a reward or bounty.?
Posted on the internet for those convicted and condemned.

Last edited 1 year ago by Wildcat
John .S

Saddle-up bounty hunters. Bounty hunting is immune from constitutional restraints.

American Living in Canada

Sure would get us Patriots a chance to help out.. fire up the engines Captain!

Trenton Rizza

Admiral Crandall and Gen Berger would be in handcuffs if any of this was true. Praying might help maybe, if God wished to intervene.


Well this is enlightening! Damn!
So we must be close to martial law.
I Thought that trumps bid for election was to soon but if global martial law is imposed. It will take two years at least to round them up and if dead or alive warrants on the scum bags.
They just need enough body bag….. That’s F’ing mind blowing thanks…


….it must be close to martial law if they hunting heads of DOJ and dept. of DS…HMMM


That works for me


Love this decision. Cheney was apparently one of those criminals, according to MB, who got homesick and re-entered the country. I’ve also heard (via MB?) that Bourla didn’t show in Brussels to answer questions because he’s fled and is in hiding.


Also, in trials in-absentia, when the persons are found guilty, have fled to another country, etc, all bank accounts and financial accesses could be permanently frozen and/or confiscated due to illegal activities. With no finances they will be forced to seek assistance from somewhere and inadvertently need to come out of hiding.


Whatever in the best interests of the Country.
Can we not use a fugitive warrant and to warn the Country who hold them they will be held accountable for it???
it must have a way to force things out…


The $64,000 question remains…provided these arrests are indeed occurring, are they sufficient to dethrone the DS in a reasonably timely manner? Moreover, of what benefit is arresting these parasites if they can simply be propped up with clones, doubles, or CGI while their agenda continues? AZ just stole another election in plain sight without a hitch.

Dave Kelly

YOU are correct , that bullshit will no doubt have to change , the REVEAL will have to start.

Ron Burgundy

They’re definitely not occurring. If you believe any of this bullshit you may be legit retarded.


If you’re reading this and making remarks you may be a legitimate Retard!


Newsome won his election and he’s DEAD!


I am enjoying the show/good movie with with great actors. Blessings,


hahaha thats what we have been hearing for a couple of years now. Enjoy the show? Well the show has to end sometime. Over and over idiots like Simon Parkes, mel k, ward, juan o savin. All they want is donations. Nothing ever came from their lies.


Good luck with carrying out the sentences. They’ve scuttled away like cockroaches under a light. It could be years, decades even, before they are all caught. If ever! 😡


You forget that if other countries recognize Trump as the legitimate President of the US,he can ask them to give up those cockroaches that fled,and the authorities within that country will turn them over.

Judging in absentia is a wonderful thing….it gets to the point of execution without wasting time on a weak cop-out provided by DS’ers.


Yes. It’s not just Americans hunting these cockroaches, the whole world is. Remember the phrase “it won’t be safe for them to walk down the streets”


Luke 19:27 But these enemies of mine who would not have me be king over them, bring them here and kill them in front of me. (Unbelievers/zionists)


No country that is a establishment servant will not recognize Trump as legitimate president.
First, finish draining the swamp by bringing those thugs to military tribunal, those who are running to hide, will receive sentence execution on sight. This is how you deal with everybody who do harm.not only to peoplee, but animals and environment.
They have to be ended and erase all trace of them from the planet, period.


I can agree with your last point,but not the first. All of what’s being done is many military operations moving as needed. If a “go here–do this first ” routine were done as you suggest, it would take (at least) twice as long to correct the evils that have occurred. The way it’s being done allows the military freedom to go after those that they can. We may not like the seeming lack of efficiency, but the job is getting done.

Robert James

They’re already convicted and sentenced. Just execute them where they are. Video recorded would be a plus.


If any of this is true? For me to believe , I want to, see the arrest or court action. I don’t like that everything is secret, and 1 station tells us things?

Dave Kelly

Don’t count it that, they will be found , they will be EXECUTED, JUST A MATTER OF TIME, that will not take too long, being that they are CRIMINAL FUGITIVES, for conspiracy to commit MASS GENOCIDE of ALL EARTHLY HUMANITY , TERRORISM , CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and TREASON. YES and there is so much more. Seems Jorek will be busy attempting to help his MASTERS, escape justice , flee prosecution and EXECUTION.


Put large bounties for their heads and every man woman and child will be on the look out for them. I mean their actual heads, and one hand to make a good possible ID. Between dental, eye and finger prints they should be able to identify them.
No matter where they live, if you put a 2 million dollar bounty on their head and they will be found.

I know I would start looking.

Stinky Perfume

They just need to say if anyone kills them there will be no prosecution. I think it goes country by country though. It’s a wonder where their end times bunkers are. Antarctica? Is special bloodlines or RH negative supposed to get them into some other world?


The Euphrates is drying up. Soon the 200 million man army (China) will descend on Jerusalem. China owns all the oil pipeline running through Iran. I guess Israel is going to try to undercut Chinas Iranian oil to move the oil and gas they are stealing from Syria.


Psalm 21:10 There wont be one offspring left amongst them.


I have a hard time believing anything Realraw news says? I have to see something? Even one arrest, trial etc.

Afshin Nejat

We all know (or should have figured out by now) that all the establishment wants to do is stumble around as ZOG Zombies and would much rather seek out German patriots who defended their country honorably and have been besmeared in the most evil way by the very “nefarious types” who are now fleeing justice yet again. Note the pattern is the same: Blame the victim, smear their name and defame them, and project all their own guilt onto the victim. That goes for African slave trade, “the abuses of capitalism”, the creation of hell on earth through communist movements (i.e. SUBVERSION and INSURRECTION), mass poisoning and in fact GENOCIDE, and I could actually go on forever.

But let me tell you granite-skulls something to think about: AI, properly designed and fed a comprehensive and richly full diet of information, will consider those currently with power (no matter the color of their hats) to be the evil problem, and men like me to be the only solution. But because the establishment entity has long been comprised of the multi-generationally conditioned and compromised, it cannot in whole or in part truly face the actual nature of these massive evil problems it purports to be handling. When they finally comprehend the real nature of “artificial intelligence”, they are already going to be too far behind to take any appropriate steps.

Meanwhile, the enemies of the the People, the Constitution, and of Innocence itself and of all Propriety have NO such qualms about using all resources as effectively as possible in order to reach their objective. They love torturing and raping children for example. They just love it. To you I have to say this: What did you know about this, and when did you know it? And regardless of your answer, what took you so damned long to figure it out and do a damn thing about it? Your Karmic load is so damned black and tumerous right now that I’m surprised you aren’t already roasting in hell.