Trump Averts World War III — Again


It was President Donald J. Trump on Tuesday who urged the U.S. military to change its defense posture to Defcon-3 “Roundhouse” after hearing that Russian missiles splashed down in Poland and killed at least two people, but he rescinded that order after receiving an impassioned telephone call from Vladimir Putin and examining photographs of the wreckage.

When news of the attack, or accident, broke, Trump at once reached out to Marine Corps General David H. Berger, who, in accordance with the Insurrection Act of 1807, took charge of the nation’s nuclear command codes when Trump ceded provisional authority of the country to the military prior to departing Washington in January 2021. As Real Raw News has previously reported, White Hats, not the Biden regime, have sole access to the codes controlling the country’s nuclear triad, and sources say this still holds true; otherwise, Biden would have already sparked nuclear Armageddon.

Mar-a-Lago sources told RRN that although Trump immediately suspected a False Flag, he asked Gen. Berger to raise the nation’s alert level, just in case.

Minutes after speaking to Gen. Berger, Trump received a call from none other than Russian President Vladimir Putin, who insisted that any ordnance that might have struck Poland were not of Russian origin and were not launched from Russian soil.

Real Raw News reported last February, March, April, and May that Trump and Putin have kept an open line of communication since the latter began his “Special Military Operation” in Ukraine. The reason Putin speaks to Trump and not Biden is that Putin still acknowledges Trump as the lawful President of the United States.

Putin sent Trump images of the damage, including a picture of what appeared to be a metal fragment of the missile. He admitted it was a Russian-built S-300 air defense missile, which was developed by the Soviet Union and later exported to foreign countries, including Ukraine, and pointed out that mangled remnants had been stamped with Ukrainian writing, which would not be present on any of Russia’s current stockpile.

Putin suggested two possibilities: Either a Ukrainian-owned S-300 accidentally hit Poland, or Ukraine fired on Poland to trigger a False Flag war.

A beleaguered President Trump, exhausted from months of campaigning for midterm candidates, handling daughter Tiffany’s wedding, and preparing his own presidential announcement speech, had his military advisors evaluate images and video of the missile strike. They affirmed Putin’s assertions—the missile indeed belonged to Ukraine.

Trump then phoned Gen. Berger and told him to stand down, deescalating the nation’s defense condition and preventing the globe from being enveloped in a cloud of radioactive ash.

“White Hats are working to ascertain if this was an accident or an attempt to ignite a nuclear war,” our source said. “This really could have gone sideways, had cool heads not prevailed.”

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rene labre

If you are a trump supporter,this is it.The courtship is over.We are married now.we have to get together and make it work.Some will fall away,not many I think.Not me anyway.Wow,The New York wiseguy,Brooklyn bum.

J Bill

trump is gay


Yes consider the timing in this false flag!

Sandy Koufax

Wake me up when Trump denounces the Satanic Criminal Pharmaceutical Industry.

Sandy Koufax

It’s ironic that regardless of whether you believe the articles that Baxter posts or do not believe them, most people posting here have taken Trump’s COVID Shot, including Baxter.

Just Me

No stupid, Most of us here did not take the shot, perhaps you and your cronies were dumb enough to take it this shot but not us. We knew better, you can bet your Ass that most Democrats took this crap.

Last edited 1 year ago by Just Me
Sandy Koufax

It’s quite obvious that I do not use pharmaceuticals of any kind. Most Republicans took Trump’s COVID Shot. That’s why he was allowed to promote his America first policies while he was president. Far fewer citizens would have taken the COVID Shot, if Hillary was President. Biden was able to undo most of Trump’s polices, but kept Trump’s emergency use authorization in place. Trump still promotes his COVID Shot to this very day.




My guess is that SK’s answer goes something like this; non ya. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving Sej. Blessings,


“Cool heads”, a funny way to say “puppets”. Remain “godless” “america”, and no, the answer is no. You matrix pricks failed to ILLUMINATE the TRUTH!!!! Procrastination and denying me my SSP pay. Enjoy the KARMA, corrupted, uneducated, narcissistic traitorous souls=cunts!!!! Lying, cheating, thieving whores that lack the VALUED TRAITS required to ascend ie re-ascend. In a past life, I stated I’d Help Actually Teach Everyone-HATE, but after my “death”, word games ensued. Money is being spent to protect the lie, “nothing blew up and created everything”, stupid as fuvk!! Plus, if energy is not created, how the fuck am I expanding??? Fucking idiots!!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Joseph
Rob William

I think some of the people posting at RRN have serious mental issues and need to see a psychiatrist. This comment feels like you are having a manic episode.


Two people don’t believe the missile attack was from the Ukraine Defense system: President Zelensky and “Sean the Carnival Barker”.


St Louis Post today reports that Gen Milley said that he tried to speak to his Russian counterpart (over the missile strike) on Wednesday but his efforts were unsuccessful. How about that?

Just Me

Silly Milley talks a lot of crap. I would not take anything he say as truth, remember this loser is woke.


So someone’s seriously going to tell me that, Trump/military have allowed people to die from covid/vaccines, lose their wealth, an invasion of immigrants, the country to be destroyed, etc, etc, for 4 years just to ‘wake people up’? And then, they’ll emerge in a few years to say it was all part of a plan, needed to happen, and ask people to trust them to restore the country? Um, may want to rethink that ‘plan’. That’s like the police knowing who a serial killer is, but instead of arresting him, letting him kill 50 more people. It makes zero sense and you all know it

American Living in Canada

It’s a war.. good people vs _______ ..


You are right. There has been an invasion of immigrants. Red Indians used to inhabit North America until all the white people arrived and slaughtered them. Let’s kick out the immigrants. Oops that means all the white people go home to where you came from.

Dave Kelly

Well just what you referenced, police/FBI letting a known serial KILLER , to keep on killing has happened. This is FACT


Putin suggested two possibilities: Either a Ukrainian-owned S-300 accidentally hit Poland, or Ukraine fired on Poland to trigger a False Flag war.

Def was to trigger a war… especially when all the headlines initially said it was Russia.


I would love to make a comment – But EVERYTHING I post gets deleted. So much for free speech.

Michael R Davis

I have seen your posts. Often it takes a good while for my own posts to appear. Some days never if I just continue looking for then on the ‘oldest’ setting. Then when I choose the ‘newest’ setting which is essentially looking in reverse order, there they are. That seems to correct ‘something’ and the posts them appear in the ‘oldest’ forward order.


To say Trump is still in charge in its entirety is obviously ridiculous. Even if you believe in all the White Hat stuff. Otherwise how is Biden/Pelosi still negotiating Trade deals, representing the US talking to Foreign Leaders. Sending piles of Cash to Ukrainian and opening borders, sending out vaccine dictates and countless other things. It does not add up. The other funny thing is Trump wants to adopt the airline and other security systems that have been developed in Israel. How does that sit with All the Bible people who keep going on that Satan lives in Israel. I am sure more ranting comments are going to follow which are both annoying and funny at the same time. Also just to point out the obvious Biden and Pelosi are both white. Before all that colour crap starts as well.


I would agree that Trump should be POTUS, in spite of his Warp Speed gross error.

Sandy Koufax

Moderna was never able to have any of their pharmaceutical products approved by the FDA, but Trump trusted them to provide a safe and effective COVID Shot.

Just Me

President Trump was lie to by the swamp that surrounded him, he meant well and wanted to help us unlike the Trojan Horse puppet we have now running our country into the ground.

No one ever said Trump was perfect, yes he made a huge mistake but his intentions were to help us. He did more good and kept his promises unlike the others bull shitters ex-presidents.

Sandy Koufax

Of course the criminal pharmaceutical industry lied to Trump. Anyone, including Trump, can google the crimes committed by the pharmaceutical industry. No rational person would use pharmaceuticals. It’s quite obvious that you took Trump’s COVID Shot and are experiencing Stockholm Syndrome.

Just Me

I did not take this Jab and I don’t care who endorse it, I knew it was all a scam unlike you. I bet you were stupid enough to take serval jabs, now you’re mad that you learn how dangerous these jabs are, you been had. You should have done your research, most Democrats such as you lack critical thinking and took this crap.

Sandy Koufax

I’m stating facts that are very easy to find on the internet. Trump knows perfectly well that the pharmaceutical industry is a criminal enterprise, but promotes his COVID Shot to this very day.

Just Me

Bait or no bait idiots like this woke POS needs to be address with their lies. Its obvious this crazy leftist is a fken idiot.

Last edited 1 year ago by Just Me
Just Me

Just like you, I seen you eat a couple of her baits too.

Dave Kelly


Sandy Koufax

Johnson & Johnson marketed Risperdal for unapproved uses and paid billions in criminal and civil penalties, But Trump trusted Johnson and Johnson to provide us a safe and effective COVID Shot.

Sandy Koufax

Pfizer paid billions in criminal and civil fines for Bextra, antipsychotic drug Geodon, antibiotic Zyvox, and antiepileptic Lyrica. Bextra was pulled from the market in 2005 after it was deemed unsafe. But Trump trusted Pfizer to provide us a safe and effective COVID Shot.

Just Me

At least President Trump did not try to start a war, unlike the fool puppet we have now and we were energy independent and gas prices were decent. What are you a Biden supporter? must be you sure sound like one. I can also bring up how Obama abandon 4 Americans in Benghazi while they fought for 13 hours on a roof top with no help coming. I bet you supported that Trojan Horse too. I could keep on but I do not want to be all morning talking to a imbecile like you.

Sandy Koufax

Those deaths are peanuts compared to the deaths being caused by the COVID Shot. Anyone can google the crimes committed by the pharmaceutical industry. No rational person would use pharmaceuticals. It’s quite obvious that you took Trump’s COVID Shot and are experiencing Stockholm Syndrome.

Just Me

Tell that to the families that their deaths were peanuts, they lost their sons on a rooftop fighting for their lives and for what? Had President Trump done this he would have been held accountable the the propaganda news would have had field day. To this day no one have been held accountable.

Dave Kelly

President Trump NEVER MANDATED THE VACCINE, NEVER, it was individuals CHOICE, Pedo – joe Biden took office Pedo -joe MANDATED THE VACCINE, this is DOCUMENTED FACT, go see for yourself

Sandy Koufax

I don’t use pharmaceuticals. Your familiarity with pharmaceuticals outs you as a drug addict.

Just Me

This leftist pink hair weirdo not only drools she pees on her bed too.


We knew it was fake, images are everywhere showing it was a Ukrainian missile.


No More WARS !

Sandy Koufax

Johnson and Johnson sold us poisonous talcum powder for decades and paid out a multi million dollar judgement recently, but trump trusted them to provide a safe and effective COVID Shot.

Sparky Sr

1. We knew it was a false-flag hence the $87B donation to Ukraine but the photos were shown after brandons false intel stated it was russia russia russia.
2. According to the updated military book of about 20yrs ago (LOL) the indoor dress flag has the gold fringe…
3. Yes Trump signed the Act on the night of the steal Robert Gregory Boensch, but didn’t proclaim it till planned insurrection by Pelosi and others on 01/06/2020 – relisten to Trumps speech when he was outside…. Pay attention to words…
4. Trump also bankrupt the US Corp, turning the clock back to 1871 when they instituted the United States Reorganization act of 1871 violating the US Constitution. Paperwork went in Oct 2020 and was semi-finalized 01/07/2021 then reopened on the 25th for inserted final paperwork. FLORIDA bankrupcy court.
5. Think.. why do they want to get rid of Trump at all cost? What happens to all 3rd party companies/agencies that work for the bankrupt corp?

Matt cody

Odd, that if our military was in fact in control why would the military allow our men to take the bio weapon jab. That would be like letting the enemy walk right into fort Bragg shoot hundreds of our soldiers then let the enemy walk out unharmed in anyway.

Rob William

Self contradiction is the hallmark of RRN and MBVerse.


Yes exactly, I have never, ever, understood that. They sabotaged their own selves and that is what makes me very nervous

Dave Kelly

There is a whole lot more to this heinous reality, nothing so simple, nothing cut and dry

Dave Kelly

Our Military has partitioned as reported at this site.


Thank God for Donald Trump!! Lord keep him strong in body and spirit!!


It’s fine with Poland if Zelensky or even NATO kills it’s citizens. Anyone but Putin.

Sandy Koufax

Trump’s COVID Shot kills over 2,400 Americans every day.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sandy Koufax

Hopefully they are all democrats.


👍. 😼



Sandy Koufax

Plenty of conservatives took the COVID Shot because Trump brought it to market and endorsed it. Far less would have taken the COVID Shot if Hillary was President.

Just Me

Oh I see you are a crooked Hillary supporter, that explains your grand stupidity, I bet you wear pussy hats too.

Last edited 1 year ago by Just Me
Just Me

Good one, me too I do hope they are all Democrats. Democrats are not the most intelligent people they are like zombies who can’t think for themselves.

Just Me

So what? you do too feed the trolls. I hear you are good at multi task your self, my my all the things you do at once.


Everyone here recognizes you as a trump hater.
Less than a turd troll, a deplorable 💩 , yes a liberal
You are fucking pissed that Trump is so popular..
You are jealous…
So LIKE most haters YOU LYE. and are pathetic..


If what you suggest is true, then how come I have been able to post and not been banned

Rob William

You need a strong villain with overwhelming odds in favor of him to create a best seller. Who wants to see a game where one side always wins?

Just Me

Then again the DemonRats wins all the time but of course is by lying and cheating or else they would lose every single time.

Sandy Koufax

I recognize that you took Trump’s COVID Shot and are now experiencing Stockholm Syndrome. You’re a slave to the Satanic pharmaceutical cult. Many more conservatives took the COVID Shot because Trump brought it to market instead of Hillary.

Just Me

No stupid, it would be you who took this Fake Vax, that it explains your delusions. Why don’t you crawl back into your hole?


That’s a lie..

You must have lost family from the shot…. everytime you post here it’s always “Trump’s Shot”… If that’s true, I’m sorry, but at the end of the day, They Made the Decision… not Trump. You are directing your anger at the wrong person.

Time to hold the Idiots Accountable. They made the decision to trust a government that was never.. ever to be trusted. If one took the shot, it’s because they are Weak. End of Story.

It must be very easy to blame someone else instead of blaming said Idiot.

My whole life everyone I met never trusted the government, until covid…? Sure….. No, that actually showed people’s true colors, finally.. after all these years. What a mask they wore when they ultimately just Caved based on their job or wanting to travel. It’s pretty pathetic actually… how one would trust an experimental ‘medicine’ but doesn’t have the slightest clue their body is their best defense. And if you’re scared because you abused your body your whole life… well, you got nobody to blame but yourself. Time to start reevaluating your activities of daily living.

Dave Kelly

US Congress was EXEMPT, they did not take the VAXX

Just Me

Well said my fellow Patriot, this Sandy is a real scumbag who supports criminals destroying our country. She is full of shit!


Not Trumps shot fool! It’s the dems vaccine!! His didn’t kill anyone

Dave Kelly

Human trials for the mRNA vaccine took place in 2013 , over 200,000 human beings were in the trials. As of most recently, within the last month, ONLY FIVE PEOPLE ARE STILL ALIVE, YES and they have suffered. So hows that for numbers? Is it a KILL SHOT?


Some of you are making comments that are rude, inaccurate, and add nothing to the discussion. And you trolls, you are sooo obvious. Give it a redt. We don’t need to be attacking each other. And Michael does not deserve these attacks. Nor does Trump! Pay attention to what General Berger says and does and let God handle the rest.

Rob William

Yes head mistress!


The trolls can’t help it, their parents are siblings.


it’s the inbreeding…. syndrome


God Bless you Ruth! #MAGA!!!


How disgustingly filthy!!

John .S

Consider the blogosphere as a pot of stew. Some like carrots others don’t, many prefer peas some don’t, overall the kitchen smells great.

Nothing smells and tastes better then a pot of stew, bon appetit.

PS: there’s more recipes for stew, than there’s momma’s in the kitchen.

Virginia McCann


Just Me

Just like they censor us on other platforms for standing up for what is right does not mean we should not fight back when they attack us and our beloved President.

Virginia McCann

Atta’ Boy!! Oliver!! 👍
Guess you won’t be gettin’ no dates for the next Sok-Hop Dance!

” You killed the ladies here with kindness..”
But..that’s not what your TRUE character requires of you.
Quite the opposite of a person like you.
You obviously insult women with a queer smile…..& no remorse.


Still not convinced “nuclear” weapons exist. We’ve been told for decades that nuclear fallout takes tens of thousands of years to decay. Yet Hiroshima is rebuilt and populated without any apparent detrimental health effects.
This has been used as a fear tactic to control the peeps forever.


Thank You. Some else did their research. That’s what I found also and lots more.

It was also used for the phony CW.

Rob William

You ask the right questions. I hope you are also convincible with a good argument?

John .S

Just posted, CBS News, DC Channel 5, Poland missile situation. Commentary by Lloyd Austin.

John .S

Listen to Ukrainian sympathetic *Sky News* at segment .52 – .56 mark: “unnamed US intelligence official claims it’s been a Russian missile”.

Rob William

Sky News is a right wing network and they mostly hate non-democratic, communist Russian government.

John .S

Recently stumbled upon them, needing further evaluation, though it’s not rocket science.

Previous reports in appearance as Zelenskyy boot lickers.

Currently can’t call heads or tails on that three-sided coin.


Last night was GREAT, even for those of us hoping for a nuclear bomb announcement about flagrant election fraud. His Big Announcement in my opinion was unspoken, hidden in a water comm!! Anyone else catch that??

Trump, to my knowledge, has never stopped a speech for a sip of water, which adds extra significance…and he did it TWICE for emphasis!! And what relates to water? A river, a lake. LAKE!! That’s it!!

He was admitting what we all know, that the Hobgoblin stole Arizona from Kari Lake!!And we HAVE IT ALL, people!! Not just AZ, either. We got it all.

Bye Bye, Dummocrat Party!! 🤣💥‼️


Thanks for this but yeah I missed it. Perhaps something will be done about Kari Lake’s being cheated, but most here won’t believe it until it happens. If it doesn’t happen shortly regular people are ready to go off.


Think you MB for your contribution in this war. To all the citizen soldiers/patriots, in time of war optics of misdirection is vital if one expects to win. Disappointment persists on both sides but the side that does not let disappointments become motivation to give up wins in the end. This war is not about what we want, our feeling and desires it is about God being exalted in the earth.  Only God can see how and what it takes to “win” the deciding battel that brings final victory. Those in the trenches can only see a small part of the war and the citizenry can see even less. Therefore, “Be still and know…” (Psalm 46:10).   Those whom God put into high places to lead this war can see more and know more about how to execute this war. Chose this day whom you will follow; your personal desires and wishes or God’s desires. If it is your personal desires and wishes you show yourself to be with the enemy. You are not the only one’s suffering fatigue in this war. There is no room in this fight for murmuring complainers who’s only contribution is to throw up their hands and cry “I quite” unless you give us a different leader etc. all.  Such rhetoric only serves to embolden the enemy.  Now is the time to stand together and fight with one voice; now is the time to push on together toward victory. Those who do will not be disappointed!

Last edited 1 year ago by addelder

Good job

Just Me

I see it is President Trump and President Putin who do not want a war that could destroy the planet. As they say cooler heads prevail. I have no doubt it was a false flag to start WW3

Debra Rudolph


Tracy Reinert

Thanks you, Michael Baxter, for keeping us appraised, & thank you to President Trump, & our Brave & True Military.

Tracy Reinert

Trump signed Emergency Orders of some sort before leaving the White House, & it appears that these were greatly increased by something Obama did, which shall now be played right back at ’em.

Georgia Peaches

Has anyone else seen Simon Parkes’ post of today about the Presidential address? Interesting.


They still have to do Taiwan before EBS, just like Ukraine it is a cesspool of Deep Stat Ops. Longer then Ukraine. At least is isn’t the home of the Kazarians.


Lets be honest here would anyone be sad if putin wiped DC and all its swamp creatures off the map he’d be doing us all a huge favor

Rob William

Making that statement is such a shame!


♥️🇺🇸Sounds more like some sort of signal from white hats to Trump team.

Jan D Hunsinger

Brilliant story. I figured false flag the second I heard the story!!!! THank GOD Putin talks to Trump directly and Trump gives intelligent direction to Berger!

Rob William



Putin suggested two possibilities: Either a Ukrainian-owned S-300 accidentally hit Poland, or Ukraine fired on Poland to trigger a False Flag war.”


In the speech Trump mentioned that Nancy is “on her way to another country to get fired”. I took that to mean she is being taken to Gitmo and they plan to shoot her there. (Wonder if they will let Paul and her talk). So, Michael Baxter, dear fellow, can we please get that story reported real quick when it finally happens? I think you will be there with bells on, when it does, LoL. Thanks, Michael.

Jan D Hunsinger

Word is she is being named ambassador to Italy…but who knows.

Lucky Star

You can watch the video that she was arrested at her home week ago.


Poor trump. My heart bleeds that he is so tired from posting tweets for mideterms that were a giant disappointment and arranging million dollar weddings for his rich daughters to marry even richer and more corrupt JEWISH billionaires connected to military cartels in africa while the west itself turns into africa….If the the american miliary are the good guys, why do they refuse to acknowledge that NATO is run by the U.S military- which russia foreign secretary CONFIRMED: “america is running the EU as an extension of its state department”. (in relation to ukraine war)

David T

And a new troll turd name pops up. Big surprise there.


Praise God for our World Wide Warriors serving Humanity


🙏 ❤️

Mark Pierce

Deep state false flag for sure, doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out, central bankers criminal syndicate would like nothing more than a global distraction to do their central bank digital currency trick.

Dave Kelly

You figured it out


Very hard to know what is going on. Nothing on here can be verified. No proof of anything. But we haven’t seen Comey for sure. Many other body doubles including Biden. Hard to believe Trump would be alive without military protection. Hard to believe White Hats would telegraph plans on this site. If anything, disinformation and appearing weak when strong would be expected along with any morsels of truth.

One thing is for sure. Not even Jesus Christ could be elected if this widespread election fraud persists.

David T

Exactly. Haven’t seen/heard anything of Stelter, Chelsea’s husband, Chelsea herself for that matter, Birx, and a growing list of other previous GITMO guests.

Lucky Star

Those bastards cabal can’t find a Comey replacement as he was a tall guy…

Dave Kelly

Possibly has something to do with cutting his fucking head off. It’s in the bylaws of GITMO.


What’s going on that Mitch McConnell would be reelected as senate GOP leader right now? That old crust should be done


Only takes 5 to vote against him and he’s out.

David T

Rick Scott is making a run for the position. Turtle turd China Mitch bitch needs to step down.


Well, that’s one euphemism I haven’t heard before. Step down 😲🔥

Rob William

Mitch McConnell cannot control Trump – he tried his best but Trump’s candidates let him down.

Dave Kelly

McConnell and Nasty Pelosi shoulld be traveling together, one way ticket to GITMO


It sounds like he is still the President


My money is on a false flag operation by the Cabal via Ukraine. Thank God the Biden administration doesn’t have the nuclear codes. What better way to speed up depopulation?


That was no accident. A false flag attempt to escalate the war. Just wait until the ground freezes over there. Putin has 300,000 troops ready to go in and mop up this stupid war. Game over.


YESTERDAY….gen.Surovkin( GEN.ARMAGEDON) sent 100 missiles to glorious 404 country….way how it goes Kyiv will have likely a most spectacular firework on the New Year Eve in the history….

Rick Gongol

Thank You Yahweh For Guiding D T and V P .


And you are paid by Soros or the Nazi Musk, because you are very allergic to the truth.
I posted several comments that told the truth about the Traitor Zombie Trump, but you deleted them all. This proves that I am right and that you are in the service of Satan.
There are others who say about Trump that he is a Khazarian agent.
You will be hanged like Trump and Gen. Berger.

,,Trump Is Turning Out to Be a Khazar Con Job – Make Some Arrests – Planned Zombie Apocalypse Activated by 5G – This Is Criminal: Thousands of Children Illegally Jabbed in the U.S. – Candace Owens Interview With Trump on His Vaccine Cheerleading – Youngest Hearts (Children) Dying at Alarming Rates – Australian Bureau of Statistics Shows 72 Percent Drop in Births Nine Months After COVID Shots Started’’

Rob William

Trump or DeSantis for 2024?

Virginia McCann

I watched and listened to the videos on the website that you provided. I watched the interview between Candace Owens & Donald Trump in ( 2021. )

I still have a lump in my throat after hearing Trump BRAG about his ~ beautiful job ~ of vehemently denying his responsibility of QUESTIONING FAUCI AND HIS FOLLOWERS AT CDC, FDA, and conspirators; shouting from the rooftops in front of CNN, FOX, and our local news stations.

Kudos to Candace Owens for asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS.

* The videos of children, & teens dying of myocarditis, and blood-clots, were too much for me to finish watching.

* I am concerned with Donald Trump’s thoughts about what he said THEN, compared to what he BELIEVES ABOUT COVID, VAXXINES, PANDEMIC, MASKS/VACCINE MANDATES, & GUIDELINES IN MARCH 2020; NOW IN 2022.


* We have been through this bull-shit with the Senate & Congress questioning Anthony Fauci, and picking his mouse brain.
Fauci WAS loyal to his Demon-King George Soros.
With a bullhorn in his mouth lying, as his desire to improve on depopulating America during the day….and sitting on George Soros’ lap at night.

After watching Trump inflate himself to a “Hercules Status ” and LIES about saving millions of lives with 3 BIO-WEAPON VAXXINES!

Donald Trump👇
Ron DeSantis 👇
Both…of them are literally 2-faced.
Sucks To Be Them in 2024…
Body doubles….clones…whatever the hell they are…

I knew something was wrong with Donald Trump, after he and Melania had ” covid. ”
Then…3 days later..( THEY ARE HEALED?! )
There he was sitting alone at the end of a long table..* GLARING so frightening at the cameraman who snapped the photo. *


Dave Kelly

EXCELLENT POST , Virginia, Thank you!