Military Arrests Another Cabinet Member


United States Marines Thanksgiving Day arrested Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona on charges of treason and child endangerment, JAG sources told Real Raw News.

The arrest took place at Cardona’s Connecticut home, one of several properties he and his wife Marissa Pérez, a former beauty pageant winner, sometimes share with their two children, Miguel, Jr., and Celine.

At around noon, Marines stormed the Cardona residence as Mr. Cardona and his wife were putting a turkey in the oven and preparing a green bean casserole. Specifics of the arrest are unclear, but JAG sources told RRN the couple shrieked when they found themselves staring down the business end of the Marines’ M27 rifles. Perez, too, was apprehended, and will remain in military custody while JAG investigates whether she played a role in her husband’s crimes. The couple’s adult children were not home at the time of the arrest, sources said.

Cardona became a target of opportunity in September, after White Hats at U.S. Army Cyber Command “obtained” disturbing, confidential letters Cardona had authored and sent to school district superintendents in Arizona, California, Michigan, and New York. In the correspondence, Cardona brazenly encouraged districts to hire non-binary teachers, writing, “Modern youth must adopt the principles of a modern world, at an early age. Not every boy is a boy and not every girl is a girl. Exposure to non-binary faculty will help today’s students—tomorrow’s leaders—understand gender is a choice and not mandated at birth.”

Cardona’s dispatch also mentioned hiring transvestites to increase diversity.

But the madness did not stop there.

He sent school districts additional memos the following month, reaffirming his position that cisgender faculty be weeded out and replaced by staff espousing “progressive” values. Moreover, a Faustian Cardona promoted the notion that children as young as ten—4th graders—be taught about gender-reassignment surgery and puberty blockers, which prevent the development of organic, biological sex characteristics. Additionally, Cardona said he had petitioned HHS to pressure insurance companies to fund “gender-affirming care” for school kids.

“As educators we have a responsibility to make sure students have sexual options. We must accept our role. Cisgender parents are not qualified to instruct their children of sexuality in today’s evolving world,” Cardona wrote.

JAG says Cardona, in pushing a radical agenda endangering the lives of children, exceeded his purview and must be held to account.

“His framework has nothing to do with education. It’s indoctrination. It’s corrupting the minds of malleable, impressionable children. If an adult wants a sex change, so be it. No foul. Cardona’s guilty of treason against the country and against every child and parent in the country,” a JAG source said.

In closing, our source said JAG will reveal more evidence on Cardona when he stands accused before a military tribunal.

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Afshin Nejat

Is that an Hispanic Jew?


Great Arrest! Another loser down and hopefully more to follow.



Just another “useless power hoarder”!


So that’s why it’s been reported that he tested positive for Covid and working from home…as he’s in isolation🤔

Frank micalizzy

Is this legit? Considering all the other crimes and Treason happening in our country?

george friend

Can anyone cite any official document with the aforementioned charges? Can’t find any evidence of official memos.


not even the CNN ?????

Above Reproach

Just the fact that they were actually going to cook a green bean casserole is enough of a criminal offense to be strapped in iron. Good God when will people realize NOBODY LIKES GREEN bean CASSEROLE.
Strap that dog to the yard arm ! 50 Lashes with a Cat of Nine Tails !


This is a perfect example of unmitigated mental illness. You’re either male or female. Sorry, those are your two choices.

Jerry Miller

CT is full of traitors- However, you are going to need a bigger boat to haul that many POS.


So what about Pelosi? Hear she ws arrested. Is that true? Anyone know where she might be?


IN THE …FJB…. basement ?????Ruthy

Jewelie Dee

That is a hanging offense, in my book. Trying to destroy the minds of children is just one step lower than trying to take advantage of their bodies.


I really hope that the punishment fits the crime here. What greater crimes are committed than those that prey on innocent and defenseless children with no say in anything? This is an excellent chance to send a Message far and wide

randy drescher

last words….you will all be in trouble when i tell joe FJB


This pisses me off. Legal age is 18 in many states you graduate from school at 18 in most states. Why not just leave that up to the parents. When did it become the schools responsibility to envolve themselves in students private lives?
Its crossing a line.

Julio c vidal

that cannot be a human being I think he like many others got VRILL



george friend

Children are an endangered species. No punishment is too high.

george friend

Only a military tribunal would convict him of treason. No civil court would do it.


I pray all his evil mandates are quickly retracted and any who continue on this path be equally held liable for this aggregeous work to crush our children.

May he have a speedy trial and execution upon being found guilty.
May he quickly repent and seek the LORD Jesus Christ before whom he shall soon stand. And all those walking down this path of death and destruction.

Lorenz Manner

Put the noose around his neck and that’s it. Terminate him before it’s too late. This kind will have a deleterious effect on children and the future of America.


He may only get a life sentence for advocating, promoting and influencing at high levels perverted dangerous sexual policies and practices for minors but if he played a personal interactive involved participating role in carrying out these policies with minors then he will hang. I imagine there is much more to be revealed.


This and pedis is the #1 thing that needs to be stopped now. Right now across the board.
I say Glory to God for the success of arrest. Prayers are being answered and continued to be spoken. Prayers for the hearts of the Fathers to step up and protect the youth. It begins at home. EXTERMINATE the Poison the infects this land so. May God make His Name Holy on this Earth one final time before He calls a perfect and Holy church from the Earth.
All Glory belongs to God the Giver of Life.

Jose Ramirez

No mass arrest yet. We have to wait for November 2024?

John .S

Buzzing in Kentucky no diesel fuel at the pumps in suburban and rural communities.

Has anyone noticed no diesel fuel elsewhere?

Recommend capping off your home heating fuel tanks, don’t wait for automated delivery, top off your tank now.

Those that utilize kerosene, suggest acquiring 55 gal. drums and call bulk delivery, might not find kero at mega gas stations.

Have fuel available for portable electric generators too, especially if diesel.


Hang this Fucker and move on to the rest of the Fake Biden Cabinet members. Nuff said


Michael do you have any updates about the internal military war between white hats and back hats? We know it’s imminent and AFAIK it will be global. Some say it will happen in sync. MIL are in position around the world. Can you ask your contacts? A letter went out to the Special Operations community thanking them for their service over Thanksgiving, it said… You are solving the most challenging problems – and doing so collaboratively with Allies and partners around the world…. And remember our nearly 5,000 SOF professionals deployed overseas.

Conflicting intel is being released on purpose and it’s driving a lot of people crazy. It would be good to get a perspective from your contacts.

John .S

Allegedly, why didn’t school superintendents convert Cardona’s letter to PDF, and post on schools website, and or PTA websites?

Better yet, in converting into leaflet form and mailing to every parent in school district.

Did school superintendents breach Duty of Candor & Transparency, striking at Parents Right to Know to gain federal funding?

Robert Ford

Even I can send an email with a PDF attachment. You should be able to do it as well. MS WORD.

John .S

Public accessible copy machines in mega office supply stores don’t read Word Documents, PDF a must.

John .S

I mentioned website, and PDF, how careless of me not to reference emails.

On different note:
Food pantry associates acquired 250 turkeys, handed out 200, with 100 boxes of sundries, cooked 50 birds for indigent others, serious undertaken, pantry belly up – LoL.

PS, love “Flyer & snail mail sarcasm.

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S

The only thing I’m finding weird is that the military is only arresting people that we could care less about, and hat have almost no influence in our lives at this point in time.
For instance they arrested Frodo Baggins or better known as Elijah Wood. In all of Hollywood they couldn’t arrest someone with a little more clout.
This kid paid grown adults to have sex with him, and was arrested for consensual sex.
Other stories are really of no value, they seem to only arrest people that we can’t prove because you never or almost never see any of them in public.
All of these un-proveable stories are just that “stories” fun to read but hopelessly un-proveable and probable untrue.
Even if they where true the, the real criminals get to go about their lives making and braking laws and making millions all the while living their life to the fullest.

It is fun to read these stories and that is the main reason I come here, but I know in my heart that most of them are probable un-true.


I agree with you.


Completely untrue is an understatement. This is a perverse kind of fiction to raise people’s hopes when absolutely none of these actions are taking place. Ask yourself this one question. If any of these stories the last two years were true, why have we never seen a photograph of the arrested individuals or why nowhere can you see anyone talking about people disappearing, even people on the conservative side? Why is it, RRN reports on someone being arrested and the next week they are out and about being interviewed? Please don’t give us this garbage about clones and masks again with no proof. People who put out false hope are more evil than the ones committing the crimes.


I agree with you. People want to believe that everything that Mr. Baxter publishes is true. They want to believe that justice is being done. They want to believe that “the best is yet to come.”
I would like to know which security firm Mr. Baxter does business with. I would like to know how Mr. Baxter has the means to afford to pay for 24 hour pd security services for himself, and (one imagines) his family. The Deep State must want desperately to silence him, right? Is there some sort of economy security package available, or do the ‘white hats’ provide security services for him and his family? How is it that Mr. Baxter has not been neutralized by the Deep State? He’s published how many articles, across how much time, and NO ONE has managed to get to him?
RRN is interesting reading, but I believe that it is fiction.

Last edited 1 year ago by Kim
Robert Ford

We have no way of knowing Michael Baxter’s affiliation, loyalty, or employer. Do not assume anything.


Because we know what happens when Kim assumes, right? Not good says DJT. 🙏🙏🙏


Okay, but it’s a legit question. I cannot be the only person to have thought of it. Seth Rich was murdered for much less by comparison, yet Mr. Baxter continues reporting without interference.

Last edited 1 year ago by Kim

I have heard from my contacts in a few different camps that this site is a tool used by the white hats. It may all be a cover or it could be this Michael XXXX fellow (Baxter is his writing name) I do believe the information printed here is at likely true or it is information that the white hats want people to know. This is an information war so some things may be communicated in a way to protect their operations. I have heard the approach is to release the information days or week/s after the event, provided it doesn’t harm ongoing operations. You also have to realize that all of the heads are gone. The top-level leaders are finished. The minions and puppets are left and can still cause harm but they would be confused because there are no comms from higher up. Hence, no new orders. If this was on the radar earlier then maybe it would be a problem. Remember, the Kennedys were given an equivalent technology to Looking Glass, that is how they have been able to plan every move with precision and how they knew Trump was the man for this. Every move and counter move has been seen ahead of time. Was RRN a part of that future? Who knows. But far more is at play here than is being shown or said and for good reason.

Plenty of BIG names have been dealt with, some have been presented here ar RRN, and others are being saved for 2023 military tribunals according to some. (Pre-recorded?)

I have heard inside chatter that conflicts with some of these stories and that is frustrating but the reality is that this is an information war. An alien war. A spiritual war. Fifth-generation warfare. So it’s crazy. The best thing to do is to do deep dives into everything.

John .S

Fact: Cuomo, Baldwin, and Stelter are gone forever, never to be seen again.

Many in entertainment industry [USA & Abroad] been picked-up for heinousness, names that will shock many.

Alleged, Tierra del Fuego handling North America side of town, and buzz that Malta is handling matters of Mediterranean area, also Diego Garcia for places elsewhere, it’s all about logistics.

Nuremberg 2.0 is happening, show didn’t go public, more needs to be accomplished in achieving systematic takedown, can’t tip hand of cards.

If going public MSM conspirators will incite upheaval, weaponizing public outcry, red herring tactic, mucking up the waters.

Overall tribunal matters won’t go public anytime soon, it can’t and won’t, much at stake.


I guess a smart move would have been to arrest the MSM “conspirators” first or while arresting the other people to prevent weaponizing the public.
Oh, but that would have been provable, and we can’t have anything, and I mean anything that can be proven be done.
Don’t let the people see anything provable was the whole story.

The Alex Baldwin and family at the International Film Festival on October 09, 2022 in East Hampton, New York I’m sure was all clones to include the kids. I’m sure his wife and kids loved the photo op with a fake Alex.


Excellent!!! Can you believe these evil doers? Corrupting children like that! We need a return to natural learning, none of this garbage, they are a nazi factory for slaves.

John .S

Medical Misinformation?
“Not every boy is a boy and not every girl is a girl”.

Affirmative Action?
“Exposure to non-binary faculty…, that cisgender faculty be weeded out and replaced….”

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S
Dave Strickland

There should be only one method of identifying the gender of a human being – look at what is between its legs. If a person has sexual urges opposite to the tackle there, that is a malfunction or a pathological condition, applying to only a small minority of people. Trying to increase it is to threaten the human species.

Robert Ford

Gay animals have existed in nature for millennia. Only recently have we begun to give them importance.


There is no such thing as a gay animal. THEY DO NOT EXIST ANYWHERE. All animals are able to reproduce because they have different body parts like humans do. Humans can choose to be gay or lesbian, but animals have no such ability or notion to do so.
Gays and lesbians and transsexuals cannot reproduce, which is why they have to recruit younger members into the LGBTQIAP+ subculture and indoctrinate them, and get their babies via adoption or surrogacy or teh sperm bank because the very thought of having sex with a member of the opposite sex is repugnant to them, just like having sex with a member of the same sex is repugnant to us. God created us to reproduce and to enjoy sex in our marriage beds, not to sleep around with anything that moves. As living creatures, both opposite sex humans and opposite sex animals alike can reproduce and enjoy sexual intercourse and intimacy, but only humans can choose to fornicate with members of the same sex. Animals cannot.


The lack of photographic proof many are whining about I believe is a slow rollout to prevent psychic overload for the normies.

On the other hand, the release of Died Suddenly – even on YT, of all places – indicates more forceful measures are now being deployed. The storm’s arrived and DS scum are literally being thrown in the ovens, right after tribunals and executions. Epic times.


Took a quick look on YouTube and all I found was the ‘Died Suddenly’ trailer and a ‘scamclip’ saying in it to ‘click the link in the description’. Don’t bother with YouTube for this kind of content. They are still burying/scrubbing it. Oddly, it is buried/scrubbed on Bitchute which is supposedly a ‘truther friendly’ videosharing platform. It is officially on Rumble currently as the first result for the search ‘died suddenly’. It currently has 8,322,490 views (11-26-2022). For now, it appears the owners of Rumble will allow REAL TRUTH such as this to flourish on that platform as opposed to YouTube which is (for now) only useful as benign ‘infotainment’ and not as a platform to host truther clips such as ‘Died Suddenly’.

I hope everybody who made this landmark documentary remain safe and alive and are not scrubbed in retaliation by the bad guys responsible for the worldwide situation that eventually caused this documentary to be produced and released to the public to warn/inform them about this situation in the first place.


Don’t forget you can watch it in full on Gab Tv.

Found it Easy Peasy..




: )

Robert Ford

You are right. I watched the video yesterday on YouTube, but now it (All versions) has been scrubbed. You can find it on Rumble.


That means one of 2 things, probably both.

1) YouTube’s computerized ContentID system is flagging/scrubbing them automatically. This is easy if users there are uploading the official version from Stew Peter’s channel on Rumble. This version (surely) got loaded into the ContentID system so it could be detected and blocked on upload while previously uploaded copies are scanned for and blocked/scrubbed afterwards. In the past, I wondered why YouTube / Bitchute / Rumble re-encode video uploads instead of posting them as is like Odysee does. One reason is to have videos play at ‘standard’ screen sizes. I found there are only 4 of them that don’t involve ‘letterboxing’ or ‘pillarboxing’. So the REAL reason for re-encoding videos is a ploy to do ContentID on them. YouTube admits to doing this with uploads to them. Bitchute and Rumble may be silently doing the same in certain cases.

2) YouTube is paying people to flag/block/scrub the clip manually. This is is easy but tedious if the uploaded copy has the same/very close runtime as the official copy. A quick check by a human will determine if it is ‘Died Suddenly’ or some other content. No amount of audiovisual ‘tweaking’ will stop an alert human content moderator from identifying infringing/forbidden content. ‘Tweaking’ content only fools the ContentID system where the audiovisual quality of the clip is degraded enough to get it past ContentID. For laughs, I saved a copy of STAR WARS (1977) off YouTube that was ‘tweaked’ so much it was basically unwatchable. Yet people in comment section were grateful to watch this iconic SF film in such condition for free while others told them to ‘buy a copy’. I found it and the following 2 sequels on Odysee in full ‘untweaked’ quality and restored by fans to their original 1977-1983 versions before George Lucas tinkered with them to fit in with the prequels (1999-2005).

I would buy the box set of it from Disney if it has all 9 Episodes (1977 – 2019), ROGUE ONE (2016), SOLO (2018), and the CLONE WARS CGI movie (2008) letterboxed and visually intact the way the films were released in theaters and any bonus content on extra DVD / Blu Ray discs if the price is reasonable–But Disney is still selling their classics back catalog for new movie prices and may do the same with such a box set of the STAR WARS saga.


meant keep that great news coming!


Thank you Michael….keep that great news

Sheila Tan

Good job, JAG, keep draining the swamp. Make America Great Again.


This would sound insane to the average person. But the democrats woke, liberal, people have long ago hijacked the democrat party and have made insanity sound and feel normal…that,s the new normal right.


Wondering what kind of life the scum’s adult children, male and female, had?


Hopefully a normal one. Once the kids find out what he did to our youth, they will probably disown him (like Madoff’s sons did before one killed himself and the other died of a cancer relapse), threaten their mother they will never see their grandkids unless she divorces him and has no contact with him (like one of Madoff’s sons also told their mother), change their names and leave the country. They will probably pretend to be orphaned when they get married and have kids so they never have to know the parents, meet the parents. Nobody wants to be related to evil people like that.


Thank you Michael. Hope your Thanksgiving was peaceful.


Hang him high by his balls


May the executions resume. !


Good riddance!!!


The problem is it will take decades to purge this crap from our schools. If they start tomorrow it’s all most to late. What are they waiting on? To many are compromised traitors everywhere.

J Bill


Rob William

Traitors accusing others of being traitors?


“As educators we have a responsibility to make sure students have sexual options.

Freaking Sickos…. Get them all, every single one.

J Bill

hell yeah this is awesome!


That is what Q keeps calling these people; sick and evil. Lord help us in everything that we do to eradicate these sick and evil people. Blessings,


Hang him!! Leave our children alone!!!

J Bill

hang these nuts in heidi’s mouth


I’m concerned that infant formulas, prenatal vitamins, and vaccines may have hormone blockers in them to cause gender confusion. If so, l hope that information will be revealed and investigations started.

J Bill

thanks faye. watch more infowars, donate to mike, smoke more crack


Good idea.

Rob William

Food fortification, fertilizers, GM crops… you can’t be sure of anything. You need to harvest ancient variety of grains, make everything yourself to be sure of what you eat. What if they are trying to harm you remotely using satellites? You need to live in a faraday cage inside a cave to be sure.

Anthony Gregory



Good riddance to more bad rubbish. I am sure his wife is more than aware of his ideals. Quite possibly his children too.

I am so happy to see these garbage bag meat sacks being taken to GITMO!


In my opinion no need for trial……

David T

You wouldn’t know how to bake a turkey if one was shoved up your butt. You’ve probably tried that.