Aides Urge DeSantis to Clobber Trump over “Dinner for Schmucks”


Aides of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are urging him to deliver a decisive, merciless blow upon Donald J. Trump for imprudently hosting a banquet for two controversial, polarizing figures currently basking in media limelight—Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, and Nick Fuentes, a 24-year-old kid accused of spouting antisemitic and misogynistic comments on his livestream broadcasts.

Trump, as the story goes, invited Ye to dinner at Mar-a-Lago Tuesday evening because the latter was eager to see Trump’s Florida estate, and Fuentes tagged along as Ye’s uninvited guest. According to a video Ye later posted to Twitter, he had asked Trump to be his running mate in the 2024 presidential election, a suggestion that provoked some not-so-nice remarks from President Trump, who pushed back on Truth Social hours after Breitbart reported on the dinner.

Trump posted Ye had come to him for business advice, adding he had no idea who Fuentes was prior to the Tuesday meal.

Elsewhere in Florida, Ron DeSantis’ was getting an earful of guidance from staff members recommending that he at once make Trump’s dinner a national issue, and that he denounces Trump as “reckless” and “unpresidential.” Communications Director Taryn Fenske advised DeSantis to call out Trump’s “Dinner for Shmucks,” a reference to a 2010 comedy film.

“Trump invited a Hispanic white supremacist and a Black antisemite to dinner. Don’t sit on this, Governor. Trump saying he didn’t know about Fuentes is absurd. He’s also said he didn’t know who Julian Assange was—after quoting and quoting WikiLeaks dozens of times in 2016. He knew exactly who he was dealing with, and Trump met them for a reason. We shouldn’t believe Fuentes just showed up uninvited out of the blue. Mar-a-Lago doesn’t work like that—guests are RSVP and background checked,” Fenske told DeSantis, according to a source in Gov. DeSantis’ office.

DeSantis’ Deputy Press Secretary Jeremy Redfern reportedly echoed Fenske’s sentiment, saying Trump’s “secret meeting went bust” and that Trump “showed his true colors.”

“Governor DeSantis, we’re talking about Trump dining with a holocaust denier who says women shouldn’t have the right to vote. Fuentes is vile. If Trump’s allying with people like him and Kanye, you must take this news center stage,” Redfern said. “These pernicious malcontents aren’t true MAGA—they’re emerging icons of hatred.”

Redfern went on to say that Ye and Fuentes look to normalize racism and make it part of mainstream conservative political ideology.

However, the governor’s chief-of-staff, James Uthmeier, had a different take on Trump’s feast: Ye and Fuentes set Trump up.

Trump, Uthmeier explained, has a historical propensity for embracing yes-men, fawners, and constituents who effusively sing him praise. Both Ye and Fuentes fit the bill. Uthmeier argued that Trump, ever a gracious host, probably believed Ye just wanted to sneak a peek at Trump’s lavish 62,500-square-foot mansion and had no clue Fuentes, an “agent provocateur,” was along for the ride.

“Maybe Trump’s clueless about Fuentes. He certainly wasn’t going to turn away Kanye’s guest either way,” Uthmeier told DeSantis. “This has setup written all over it. Kanye wants to be president. Fuentes is part of his campaign. They want to undermine Trump. So, they knew Fuentes would bring bad press, and leaked the entire thing hoping the media would run with it.”

Gov. DeSantis chose valor over vindictiveness, saying he would “sit this one out to see what happens” rather than meddle in Trump’s personal affairs.

None of RRN’s three Mar-a-Lago sources were present Tuesday night, so we can’t make an official comment on Trump’s reaction.

We reached out to Trump spokesperson Liz Harrington, who said, “We’ve said all we have to say on the issue.”

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Afshin Nejat

Fenske is a kike(?). When are you going to learn? Are you seriously going to repeat the mistakes of history that got us to this damn point in the first place? What world do you think we are living in? This is the post WWII world, the war that was essentially started against Germany by attacks on Germans who had the misfortune of living in lands taken from the German Empire (2nd Reich) and wherein Bolshevik and Communist instigators were encouraging and conducting mass torture and murder campaigns against Germans (especially in Danzig region). Wake up dummies. Nobody, NOBODY, is worth going to war over. All Jews had to do was WHINE and they were able to convince the entire Western world to go to war against Germany? Why? Because Germans wanted their land, Germany, to be for them, the Germans? Because they didn’t want large portions of their economy and culture dictated to them by Jews? Yes, that is why. Yet national self-determination and a secure living space within their own borders for Jews is what they want in Israel, which they TOOK from those Arabs there. Most of these “Jews” were actually descendants from converts to Judaism essentially from Khazaria. What in the hell does that have to do with Palestine? Are you all eternally daft? Wooden doors on gas chambers? Delousing agent as a murder weapon? Burning bodies at a rate impossible by today’s industrial state of the art cremation standards? Are you all stupid? Yes. You are. You are brainwashed and ignorant.

Lady Hermann

DeSantis needs to fire his aids if they so easily get distracted. DeSsntis makes a good Governor and if his people are so worried about President Trump that means he is not being supported in his position as Governor.


What true colors that he is a gentlemen to allow an uninvited person into his home. Really get real what would you do if the situation was your house turn him away. He did not invite to his house he showed up with the invited guest. Donald was being gracious.


Is there really even such a thing as a Hispanic white supremacist? He is not the 1rst white Mexican we have heard of. Remember the white Mexican a few years ago who was patrolling his neighborhood and got his butt kicked by a young black man and the white Mexican killed him in self-defense…which of course made him a white Mexican white supremacist?! Ahh, sticks and stones. I am really white, and I thought white was not even a color anymore, not a person of color anyway…does that make me not a person? I am confused.


Big deal. I have seen worse from others. Get over it. It went as fast as it came!


so whats going on in fantasy hopium land today? more bs from mb!?

Kelly Brown

I believe Ye is doing God’s work and he has NEVER proven to me otherwise since 2020.

Kelly Brown

Ye needs military protection because “they” are absolutely plotting his death.


You should remove this article, Michael. Or are you going to start stirring up the pot like the Leftists do?


So I heard DeSantis has been arrested. ???




I wish they arrest this clown.


Every one who speaks out about the truth on what the Jews did to American has been labeled as antisemitic for many years. There 95% of Jews in this country have been voted for democrats since either they were born in this country or immigrated to this country. More importantly, the Jewish population in this country have been the brain of democrat party since 1980’s, and their money have been controlled our government, legislature and judicial system for last 4 decades. We must take back our country from those who used their dirty money to control our country, and we must go back to 1776. DeSantis will not represent the interest of American people, but only the interest of special people who will give him the money. I trust Trump, because he can not be bought by the special interest group, and he will only work for the people. I don’t care about Ken Griffin whose interest is not for the people, but for himself. As a reader of this site, if the author wants to look for the alternative or big money, go for with them, and see if Ken Griffin would give him some money. I believe that the conservative tree house or Sundance is a better place to read and go for it.


Jesus couldn’t dine with sinners and winebibbers either. It pissed of the Jews just like it is pissing them off now that Trump dined with two people they hate.

American Living in Canada

There is a reason why the American People made Mr. Donald Trump.. the Boss and Mr. President Trump.. He heard our voices… and now he’s making our voices be heard!

Thank you Mr. President Trump.

Stinky Perfume

It’s too funny. Someone must have dragged in a writer from the Onion magazine to think this up.


More distracting, divisive theater.
Time for this disgusting movie to end.

Enough is enough.


I like Fuentes,


Sounds like Fuentes is over the target.

Trenton Rizza

Just like the military sat this one out.


I am neither for or against DeSantis. I’m watching him though. The guy’s too good to be true at times and it gives me pause.
What Kanye said about his experiences with the deep state was for me true. His relationship with President Trump may seem odd, but I feel there’s more to Kanye than we know.
I don’t know anything about the “Hispanic white supremacist”! I laughed out loud at that title. Who made that one up? What’s next? A black white supremacist? Come on with that nonsense.
It seems that the DeSantis camp is scrambling and is running scared. And why? Something tells me that President Trump has them in the line of fire with truths and they will try to discredit and smear him. I think it’s too late. Again, it makes me look again at DeSantis. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe not. What a movie!!


Whats wrong with Kanye? if he can help trump win 2024 GREAT, Same with Nick Fuentes’ He is trying to stop voter FRAUD. LOVE him.

Diana dacus

The Ukraine just received two missiles from Germany and we’re worried about Ye sneaking an uninvited guest into mar-a-lago. Focus people focus. We could be in big trouble if WW3 ensues.All this under Biden’s watch. But no one touches him with a ten foot pole. Let Trump be already. We all agree in 2024 he’s our man. We need Biden out of office urgent. Or we’ll be in big trouble. Now they’re talking vaccines again. The deep State is doing their thing, right under our noses, while we worry about Ye being an anti semite, or for, or whatever who cares. Pray hard.


President Trump has a lot of class, Kanye
went to visit him and brought his friends.
There is nothing wrong with that!

Cindy mansu

Desantis is going to ruin his career if he tries to go after trump. Better people have tried and failed miserably. IS DESANTIS A RINO ?




Anyone seeking GOOD POWER seek Father Jesus.

Anyone seeking EVIL POWER seek Lucifer-Satan.

Anyone seeking wisdom, knowledge, and understanding seek the Holy Bible [user manual].

Anyone seeking the Heavens opposed to Hell obeys the commandment to avoid “imitating” seven evil behaviors that renegade angels (alias Jew) committed in Father Jesus’s Kingdom and commit on HIS Earth.

Sandy Koufax

Florida is a hub for child trafficking and both Trump and DeSantis or pro COVID Shot. Many families who have had their children taken away from them illegally by the State of Florida are suing DeSantis. Ukraine President Zelensky has a $35 million dollar mansion in South Florida where he can retire. Jeffrey Epstein ran a major portion of his child sex trafficking operation through South Florida.


It’s a very funny story but I don’t quite believe it as it is presented. I think it’s staged and for a reason. This could be bringing out the last of the RINOS and other traitors for all we know.

Ye is out and protected and playing a role. The story is because he never murdered anyone, they have nothing to control him on, it also means he didn’t reach 33rd-degree freemasonry. His job is to unite all the rappers because it is satanic music designed to manipulate and program people so they are easy to control while thinking they are free thinkers exercising their rights and expressing themselves etc. Ahhh no, you are programmed to do exactly what you are doing so you are expressing what your masters want you to express – hexes and spells. It’s a well-oiled machine and it works as they designed it which is to create separation, criminality, and mental and emotional challenges. (Not saying all are, but the cabals program is to create problems and controllable people who are predictable in their thinking and behavior). Ye’s role is to bring the rappers with him into an awakening. He is going out there and telling people about the music industry and how corrupt it is. He is talking about satanic ritual abuse and selling your soul with music contracts, murder, control over your life. He is out there letting people know. He is also calling out the corporations behind the evil as well. Candace Owens will do a similar thing with her base. She is an actress playing a role or that is what the white hats want us to believe.


As usual the Chuckie T. doll clown on Meet The Depressed this morning had to hammer guest Republican Rep James Comer over Trump’s dinner with kanYE and assocs. Then he interviews Top Ass Clown Fraudci over his Covid legacy and “future pandemics”. Fraudci laments that only 12-15% of people took his new booster. Oh my! Then he claims that Red states have higher Covid death rates than Blue states. Probably because the Blue states took the saline shots, I would say. Fraudci took great measure not to insult Judas Pence when asked about how Judas said Fraudci was aligned politically with Blue state governors. “I have utmost respect for VP Pence but I must disagree” said the 40 year crackpot. Let’s see Fraudci attend another baseball game with his hand on an unknown adolescent’s boy’s thigh. Sure!

Last edited 1 year ago by Christine

Well… Pence I know WAS a pedo and WAS a satanic human eating flesh eater. Those squinty eyes are but a remnant of CGI.

Rob William

And still Trump chose him as the running mate 2 times?


Oliver, if this is code then we lost the War.



Sue Grantham

It’s ridiculous that people actually give a damn about who Trump chooses to dine with.
Imagine if someone was trying to give any of us any shot on who to share a meal with.
People are so stupid they don’t even realize that this was just a meal.
No one knows or cares about what was discussed.
Asshats still looking at the shiny object 🙄

John .S

Headline referencing Schmuck.
Definitions of Schmuck:
[1] Guy that steps out of shower to take a piss.
[2] anyone believing that a 2024 election will actually happen.
[3] person that owns home and not a portable electric generator.

Merry Reed

i am not sure there are two camps—if there are i am loyal to Trump—but i think he and DeSantis are playing people on purpose to expose their motives–to expose their loyalties—-but we will see—Trump is brilliant tactician—we will see


I think Gov. DeSantis crew is on a power trip and has higher aspirations than Gov. DeSantis does.


you got it Tommy.


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Last edited 1 year ago by Barshembar

hello hy

Mark A Murray

what a joke !!!


DeSantis is stepping lightly.

Rob William


Nukkin Futz

De Sanitize is really starting to stink…………


Ron DeSantis is a groomed Pilgrim Society puppet.

Rob William

DeSantis will win the primaries and Trump will burn everything down!

Just Me

The only one burning everything down is China OBiden. As for DeSantis, the fact that RINOs supports him is very telling. But you would not know that, you seem to have your head up your Ass.

J Bill

boooooooooooooooooooooooooring. we need murder porn

Rob William



I don’t think our Gov will ever get invited to MAL again.


Kanye has been Trump’s friend for a long time. Trump rescued him from MKU reeducation when he had a meltdown on stage. I don’t know Fuentes. DeSantis better watch it. He’s losing MAGA.


I hope Desantis does say something stupid. Then people who seem to think he walks on water will see what he is really like.

Rob William

Define Stupid.

Just Me

That would be you.


All this the Santas crap stinks like a Detroit River carp they did arrest that POS immediately

Donna Miller

President Trump always seems to like to keep those that are the enemy closes as to get reactions from maybe someone like Ron DeSantis or anyone else for that matter.. Stir the waters so to say… What I have heard is the cabal is wanting to sale YE as a black Jesus… Of course we aren’t going to be FOOLED by that… JFK Jr is ALIVE and there is so much more going on in that he is being schooled to be 2024… During the Hurricane DeSantis used the words, For the Greater Good, which usually is not good for WE THE PEOPLE…

American Living in Canada

Enjoying the show. Best is yet to come.




DeSantis doesn’t need advice.


Ignore it all. This is being used as one more distraction by the demons


Per the article, (((Fenske))) said:

“Trump invited a Hispanic white supremacist and a Black antisemite to dinner…..”

And this is, eh, a BAD thing???

Trump is FINALLY, after all this time, showing signs of figuring out who the REAL (((enemy))) is!

Atta boy, Mr. President! You’re FINALLY growing a backbone! I hope your (((son-in-law)))) and his (((mafia)))) pals were far, far away……

Keep it.up, sir, and I’ll support you, again – proudly!

Just like I did 2016 and 2020..


Goodness… PLEASE give up trying to force DeSantis down our throats!!! NOT happening!!!