White Hats See Defections Following Disappointing Midterms


Three high-ranking military officers who had renounced the criminal Biden regime in favor of standing alongside Marine Corps Gen. David H. Berger and the Constitutionalist faction of the U.S. Armed Forces performed an about-face after a Republican Red Wave did not materialize, a source in the general’s office told Real Raw News.

On Wednesday morning General Berger received emails or text messages from the following officers: USAF Lt. General Lori Jean Robinson, vice commander, Langley Air Force Base; Gen. David D. Thompson, vice chief of Space Operations, United States Space Force; and U.S. Navy Admiral Joey B. Dodgen, commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command, Norfolk, Virginia.

The latter wrote, “I made an error in judgement. I am bound by oath to support the commander-in-chief, President Joseph R. Biden, and to defend our nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I have already notified Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin of my lapse in judgement; may he forgive me…”

The other messages, our source said, held a similar tone. General Robinson wrote in a lengthy email that neither she nor persons under her command had authority to question the 2020 election results or Bidens’ rightful leadership of the nation. She said she’d been “coerced” into supporting a “dissident” military and that she would throw herself at the mercy of the administration, adding that she stood ready to accept whatever punishment comes her way.

“I was deceived by a lie, your and Trump’s lies, into believing the election was stolen. I made a grave mistake, and I’ll atone for it,” Robinson wrote.

Likewise, Admiral Dodgen had harsh words for Gen. Berger: “General Berger, this morning I spoke with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, informing him that I am in criminal violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, specifically Article 94, committing mutiny or treason. I realize this will result in a court martial but have explained how you and your cadre made convincing arguments that Trump is still the lawfully elected President of the United States.”

Our source said Gen. Berger, in turn, branded all three traitors whose insouciance will ultimately bring about their own military tribunals at Guantanamo Bay.

Real Raw News will supply more details on this developing story when possible.

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In 2020 it was the fault of the machines
since then, nothing has changed.
But from sudden it should be the fault of Trump…

Mid-Term was not Trump fault and 2020 neither.
It was because nobody get rid of the machines and the mail-in-voting.
That is to be HONEST !

If your “turn” against Trump its because you was never Trump in the 1st place… you just try to find an excuse to backstab him in the back…

Beware… Trump is far from to be out
and he could very well tell you “You’re fired” but Military Tribunal could be a little more severe than that.


We should be happy that they are gone. I think the midterms were successful because we have a lot of evidence that the elections were stolen where the democrats claim victorious. I hope General Berger accepted their departure and refuse to let them back in. Adios traitors you belong with the evil clan.


One way of weeding these corrupt bastards out and showing there true colours


Trump ‘s 4 years in office with no new wars.
‘ol joe sneaks in by way of rigged elections and takes on the 2 most powerful countries in the world. China and Russia and their hypersonic weapons.
WE have over 30 trillion in debt and no hypersonic weapons.
Hypersonic weapons fly at speeds of at least Mach 5 and are highly maneuverable and able to change course during flight.”
Mach speed is 767 MPH. The west knew when they started the proxy war against Russia by way of Ukraine , Because of this , WE could not win. Without nukes.


Treason! Traitor! She will hang! Coward, No spine!

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Debate Judge

Disappointing Midterms

Saturday, 11/12/22, 9:28 a.m.
Source: Bloomberg.com
2022 Senate Election Results:
49 Democrats /35.9 million votes
49 Republicans / 37.6 million votes

Source: Senate.gov
If a federal official commits a crime or otherwise acts improperly, the House of Representatives may impeach—formally charge—that official. If the official subsequently is convicted in a Senate impeachment trial, he is removed from office.

If Biden were to be impeached in the House, he may not get a conviction in the Senate impeachment trial.

Without the White Hat military being able to make a public case that the 2020 election was significantly flawed louder than the public case that Biden-Harris won, the only option left was to stand down/sit out until midterm elections followed by impeachment.

HA ! ! !

That is probably why White Hats See Defections Following Disappointing Midterms.
If the mid-term impeachment option was the only viable alternative that does not redress Trump-Pence.

That does not redress Trump-Pence and it does not win the case made by people who gave affidavits of election corruption, Trump, Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell, etc.


These WOKE idiots in The US Military define 173 wins & 9 losses out of 183 endorsed candidates by President Trump a dismal outcome should have all of their traitorous minds examined, plus be all stripped of their ranks & be immediately sent to Camp Delta (GITMO) in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba!


This is bullshit, there was absolutely a Red Wave, only the media has twisted it around. With all the fraudulent election practices what did anyone really expect?? These so-called ‘white hats’ are highly suspect and I strongly doubt they were ever really on board with the truth. They’ll go down spectacularly with their “leader” and most likely we’ll see them in Cuba at some point in the not too distant future.


Awesome! People like these, EVEN among our White Hats, must be discovered and rooted out. These are the equivalent to RINOS in the Republican Party. They were never true believers that the election was stolen in the first place and had to be convinced.
But you know the old saying, “a person convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”
Good job General Berger, even from within your own ranks, you’ve rooted out the potential traitors.
Long live Trump, long live America, long live the King … Jesus Christ.


WE are paying for the cabal’s existence by continuing to work. Why don’t we take a few days off. Or, do something more very passively aggressive like go to DC and completely fill the streets so that nothing moves. I am not so sure that this “sit with your popcorn and watch” is really helping anything.
Having said all that, I truly do believe things are being done by the white hats. If all you can pooing to is the Adrenochrome issue (which includes children), that should say a lot.
Our choices are to try to believe what the cabal is doing is right, or stick with DJT and the white hats. If there is any way out of this, it is with the white hats, because the cabal will NEVER stick up for you. We know their plan. Please don’t forget Hillary and the FEMA camps. Further, there is nothing FJB has done that makes any sense.


I would guess Berger already knew their status, I would also think they have been rounded up and are in custody.


Did you know they rigged the Selections by % percentage Votes?
63.10 votes too
They did this across the board in the States they needed to get control of.
How much “more” proof do you need?????

They used Gematria, but then you knew they would anyway – right?

Yes, they cheated again and again all over the Country, and yet here you are sitting on your fat butts not giving a shit about it.


11-9 = 9-11
The numbers always work for them, and if its not the numbers its the Moon Phase.


Last paragraph is all I needed to read. For someone to be involved all this time and still behave like a clueless covidiot is beyond redemption.


A Double minded person can not keep their sworn oath of office! They are two-faced! Read Palsms 5, because it explains much about them! It all about power and control. It’s NIT ABOUT KEEPING YOUR OATH to the Constitution and protecting our Republic for which it stands, One Nation Under God, Indevisable with Liberty and Justice for All ! Traitorous word’s. Let them hang till death fills their lifeless bodies! They Reap What They Sowed! Wolves in Sheepsheards Clothing!

Freedom Rings

John Hopkins University the home of EVENT 201 & guilty as sin in the involvement of all things release and all thing bio weapon convid and its bio-weapon death jab- has been selected by Space Force to be its recruitment campus……


Just Me

It seems to me this female general defected to the dark side supporting criminals. This Low IQ female General does not care to see that this election was rig to begin with. As long those computer machine were allowed our votes were flip to the enemies of our country. Good Riddance, she does not sound like much of a General or a woman, just another POS enemy of our country and our Constitution.

Brenda Hoten

I hope they were given a pussy hat.

Just Me

Yes I remember those hats, they were truly hideous and for those woman proud to wear that ugly hat goes to show how stupid and brainwashed they are.

Last edited 1 year ago by Just Me

General Berger How many officers in the Marine Corps favor Traitor joey and the communist Treason Squad?


Why did it take 2 years for them to see Traitor joey’s Treason? Afghanistan did not wake these “Officers”?
The military must really be FUBAR !


Execute the traitors. They are traitors to themselves and traitors to WE, THE PEOPLE, and our sovereign Constitutional Republic, the United States of America.


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Solange Silverman

Disappointing? We all know it’s part of the exposure movie. In that respect, it was a GOOD thing.Trump has also expressed his satisfaction with it. We won 219 races, the Dims., 16. How is that “disappointing?”

Ann Ononomous

I don’t know who that picture is at the top of the page, but it sure as heck looks like a man in drag. If that’s the case, then you pretty much know which side of the fence he/she is on.


Curious timing. You don’t expect to find fairweather Patriots among general officers. But the sheep and goats are apparently distributed without regard to pay grade. It’s discouraging, but at least they’ve chosen to expose themselves and clarify the situation. This is not a time to be burdened with extra baggage that makes the job more difficult. Go White Hats. Kick some DS ass!

Judy Kennedy

These 3 turncoats cant be trusted. They’re begging for mercy from the Establishment, but their forgiveness will come at a cost. They will be grilled on everything they know about what’s going on in GITMO, and what future plans the resistance have in store for them.
How are these traitors, of the Republic, going to be stopped blabbing to the enemy?
A Court-martial down the track won’t stop them from spewing all they know, to the Cabal, right now.


According to Kay Griggs many of the high ranking Generals, Admirals, and Commanders etc…for years have been and probably many still are killers, homosexuals, violent, evil people as well as some of the seal teams and so on. If this is true how much of our military is on the side of evil?


They were traitors all along! They are guilty of treason and need to be dealt with as such! Although I must say it sure sounded as though they (White Hats) had this in the bag in the beginning but it doesn’t seem as though that is the case. I think they need to deputize some good Americans and lets get this show on the road!


Why would they turn them selves into the illegitimate administration , something not right . But glad they outed themselves maybe its a trap to catch Austin .


These three treasonist traitors don’t realize it may not have been a landslide win for the Republicans but the Republicans will still take the House Majority and the Senate Majority. What will they say then? A bunch of coward, no backbone, no spine.


Maybe they can hand those letters over to Austin themselves when they get to Chateau Gitmo! Guess what buttercup – he don’t care because he’s in the cell right next to yours for treason!!

Lone Ranger

In the words of a great Greek Montanan philosopher, ” Uneffing believable!!!”


Folks need to realize the red wave wasn’t as big as it was is also a false flag! Defections following midterms? Hardly…. once a traitor, always a traitor! Just ask John Kerry!

Just Me

There was a Red Wave but it was flip with those Rig computer voting machines, again! and it happen in 49 States. Had this been taken care of back in 2020 we would have a different outlook. We all know the DemonRats can not win a fair election, cheating is how they win and also illegals voted too.

Tracy Reinert

Cleaning house. Better a few true MAGA supporters, than a bunch of wiffle-waffle pancakes. The original patriots who founded our country & fought for Her, were only a quarter of the population. It was enough then, & it still is so.


These top military personages cannot see that “Biden” is not Biden, given basic evidence such as ear lobes and eye color being different from a few years ago? That alone should prove to these idiots that there is no Biden and therefore no Biden administration. They are also in prime position to know and understand the fraud, including the Italian government and other foreign being involved in the 2020 election. So they are liars if they claim they were lost and now they’re found. They were always liars or just bribed. The supreme court of Pennsylvania has already declared the 2020 election invalid. It only takes a few decent entities.

Last edited 1 year ago by Claire

They are jumping ship because of the inaction of the so-called white hats. You can’t hide behind a bush and “claim to arrest or kill the enemy” without nobody wittnessing that action. They give out medals to recognize a military action and/or people involved. Had they done something LEGAL and PUBLIC it would not only bolster these generals faith in the correct path they took but also ours as well. They say they have to awaken the people? This red wave that aint sorta did that along with the open borders and inflation etc. etc. Put up or shut up!


In the real world defectors are called turn-coats, and they would be executed. When will we live in the real world.?? ((SOON I HOPE!!))


We can see there is a problem with the military. That much is obvious. No border protection, invasions of immigrant voters entirely allowed, no protection of elections, blah blah the list goes on. Here is the reason: the military are all vaxed and so now they are patented individuals just like Monsanto seeds. They are owned and controlled by the deepstate. They are not going to do anything for us. They don’t work for us…..If that weren’t enough the corruption and blackmailing is rampant. To top it off there are lord knows how many trannies with hormone problems in the military and, it would appear, even in high positions. Obama decimated the military a long time ago. Him and Big Mike. I can’t see the military wanting to do anything or even able to do anything. Beam me up Scottie!!!


check their finances


According to Wikipedia, Lori Robinson retired from the Air Force in 2018. If true, she had no command in 2020.


Thirteen knotted neckties for the entire lot of those weak spines traitors! Let’s not forget this a clandestine war and in a war not every battle is victory. And in war sometimes sacrifices must be made. And in war, turncoats will surface. And war is often drawn out with seemingly no end in sight even if that end is around the corner! I believe this election was another baited trap set for the DS/DNC to bite on hook, line and sinker. They feared the Red Wave and their very existence as a result of a Red Wave victory. So, they did what they do best. They rigged the game in their favor. Then they have the MSM Kibbutz the public with guided pro-democrat narratives that cast aspersions on the Red Wave and MAGA supporters. Remember, they’ve had six years to refine their “war against America strategy.” Hold fast folks. Don’t throw in the towel yet. I believe this our “Battle of the Bulge”. On the surface, it only looks bad but we’ll rally and snuff out those traitors and frauds donning the Democrat masks. The WHs just need to cross a few more T’s and dot a few more I’s before the hammer comes crash down on the heads of those beasts. Their comeuppance draweth neigh!

Steve J

This general in the picture above certainly looks favorably masculine.


Unconfirmed – can anyone add to this?
Emergency Command/Control comms are being sent out to US WMD Command forces, including airborne COs, US seaborne nuclear-capable assets, and reconnaissance assets. Things are accelerating.

Unknown at this time where EAMs are originating, but logic dictates it would have to be from Alliance Combatant Command. Most of these individuals for US Mil are operating out of NORAD, inside Cheyenne Mountain which has been sealed and DARK since March 2020.

Also, Kamala Harris (or the person playing him/her) has been picked up by white hats. Apparently, s/he has broken the deal struck earlier and is at GITMO.


I can.

The EBS is presently being outfitted with the 12 hour video planned to be put on a loop over the next 36 hours. During this time it is all that will be played on any tv, will be broadcast over the internet and onto cell phones. During this time the country will be under marshall law as sweeping arrests will be made and a new government established. I would advise to get prepared with a few weeks of extra food and water if you can. The broadcast is imminent, nothing can stop what is coming.

See how easy that was? Took me 14 seconds to type that up.


Please, martial not “marshall”. This isn’t Gunsmoke.


I read this and so want to believe it. I don’t know where this information came from but hope to God it’s true.


Incredible how those traitorous rats in uniform quickly jumped ship and offered their allegiance and contrition to the enemy when they perceived defeat at the polls. I guess this was for the best. Better to weed out the cowards and latent fifth columnists in our ranks than to go forward with them surrendering or yielding a knife to our backs? May their justice be swift and their demise quick at the end of a rope!


Well that woman’s got some balls, I’ll give her that!


There is a way to prove that election was stolen Joe stated at the beginning of the movie plus the proof. This was not the only thing I have seen but it is on dvd and easy to show. Katherine has gone to jail over this movie but I think she is out of jail now. Freedom of speech and all. Watch the movie.


Sting operation? These 3 officers are now going to be contacted by those throughout the military who are on the fence and thinking about doing the same thing. Could be a brilliant move to gather up vital information about who is a real white hat, and who is with the dark side.

Even if this is not an intentional sting, I’ll bet the white hats will be monitoring communications of these 3 officers to clarify/verify, and add to information about loyalty throughout the military.

Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

This shift by those officers simply shows that the cream does not always rise to the top ! The announcements by these two faced unanchored types only shows that not only were they always lightweights but they thought they could affect late voters into not casting votes on Election day ! They tried to affect citizens by their negative BS & that is treasonous when Any Real Officer should always encourage Not Discourage Voting ! Many citizens expect officers to exemplify what is best in the nation & this nonsense placed into the arena is welcomed by me since now We Will No Longer Be Held as Retired In Place Defunct Rusted & worn pieces of equipment ! We are now not held as ineffective by these two faced individuals . May I encourage everyone to take a deep breath & say goodbye to these useless appendages. Flank Speed Ahead , Damn The Torpedoes & Stay On Target ……. We’re Winning ; They’re LOSERS , The Future Is Brighter Under Our Leadership. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195


The military are all traitorous filth who backed the coup and stolen election. You’re a fool if you believe in “white hats” or anything of the sort.


LORI is a man


Huge nose. Enormous shoulders and neck


Another election fixed. Where the fuck is our military that is suppose to protect and honor our Constitution?


Where are they? They agree with all of this. The military are all traitorous filth. They aren’t going to do anything to stop the marxists takeover because they agree with it!


not only that, but a transvestigation is in order for lori