Military Finds Evidence of Election Fraud Amid Fizzled Red Wave


The projected Red Wave that would have given Republican lawmakers decisive control of both House and Senate was little more than a stagnant, algae-filled puddle.

Republicans were hoping to hold their own as well as flip key seats in battleground states like Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada, and privately hoped to capture a few House seats in the historically Blue states of Rhode Island and Connecticut. But the gains they’d sought never materialized, even though seats still hang in the balance, four in the Senate and 65 in the House as of Wednesday morning.

As the clock struck midnight, Republican lawmakers, analysts, and financial backers were immersed in conference and Zoom calls trying to figure out what had gone so wrong—and there was plenty of finger pointing, much of it squarely aimed at President Trump, who a day previous teetered on the edge of announcing a 2024 run but held off at the advice of Rudy Giuliani: “If you announce now, and the midterms go sideways, you’ll be blamed,” the veteran mayor told Trump.

At 2:00 am Senator Lindsey Graham and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy consoled and counseled each other, lamenting what Graham called “a colossal disaster” and scapegoating Trump for the Republicans’ subpar performance. They agreed that Trump’s endorsement of celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz and football hero Hershel Walker was a harbinger of doom. “It’s Trump’s fault. We have a Trump problem,” Graham said. Although they slammed Trump, they had high praise for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who decimated contender Charlie Crist in a landslide victory that proved to be a referendum on the criminal regime’s Covid policies and woke agenda. Standing beside his lovely wife Cassie, DeSantis gave an impassioned victory speech, telling Floridians and the nation that “Florida is where woke goes to die.”

As citizens and politicians anxiously scrutinized results, so too did the White Hat partition of the U.S. military. At U.S. Army Cyber Command headquarters in Fort Gordon, Georgia, cyber security analysts began noticing election irregularities early in the day. Approximately 35% of vote tabulators—electronic devices into which ballots are fed and counted—experienced what the Maricopa County Elections Department called a “technical hiccup,” which persisted for several hours. Unbeknownst to election officials, White Hats had undercover boots on the ground as the “glitch” forced voters to cast ballots elsewhere or forego voting altogether. At least one machine had active Wi-Fi and was connected to the internet, a Cyber Command source told RRN.

“Tabulators that mark ballots shouldn’t be Wi-Fi capable. It makes them susceptible to outside tampering and intrusion,” he said.

Cyber Command, he added, has “obtained” a compromised machine and is evaluating “suspicious” connection logs.

Cyber Command is also analyzing a video that purportedly shows a Maricopa County election worker doctoring a stack of ballots.

Arizona is a hotbed rife with election fraud. Elsewhere in Maricopa County, voters seeking to cast ballots at locales with working machines were told by poll workers that if they had come to vote (why else would they be there?) they could vote only for Democrats because no Republican officials were on the premises. They were either told to come back later or to vote elsewhere.

“We’ve heard 50 such reports,” our source said. “We’re working to verify them.”

Despite the fraud in Arizona, Republican Kari Lake is projected to win the gubernatorial race.

Arizona wasn’t the only state subject to election fraud. According to our source, White Hats now have a “mail bag full of uncounted ballots” that someone had deposited in a drainage ditch in Baker County, Georgia. Baker is a Republican stronghold.

“There’s a lot going on now that doesn’t meet the eye. We will be looking into all allegations of fraud as we await the results. I can tell you this, if we decide fraud altered the outcome of this election, action will be taken,” our source said.

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Me me

Our military is not going to do any thing about the cheating. The White Hats have been following the wrong commander and are completely clueless.

trust nothing

Here we go again. Re-run of 2020. Military finds evidence of election fraud. Almost 2 weeks later and nothing. What are you waiting for? Pick them up one at a time with the evidence that exists on them. The cheaters say “you got me, so, what are you going to do about it? Election is over”.


I can tell you this, if we decide fraud altered the outcome of this election, action will be taken,” our source said. Horse hockey! The military took no action in 2020 and they didn’t take action now. All we the voters can do is to work to ensure voting in the future has less fraud.

Evangelina Martinez

So is the Military really going to do something are they really going to bring in Marshall Law and EBS or is it just talk? Just wondering because we all know the Election was stolen once again and it was said if it was proven to be stolen then the Military would come in or there will be action. So where are they? Just saying. One thing I know is that the GOP nor the Republicans have the balls to stand up and fight. They know they were stolen from and cheated again and yet they concede and blame President Trump, except Kari Lake. She’s got balls and knows how to use them. Graham, McCarthy and the rest of the RINO’S not so much. Talk is cheap we’ll see if there will really be “action”.

Last edited 1 year ago by Evangelina Martinez

Well calling your candidate the winner before all votes are counted is just the way to steal an election. Knowing that most of your opponents votes comes from in-person voting and at the end of the ballot count. However, the Republicans will not sit back and let them get away with all the election fraud that the Democrats have been doing with their illegal voters, dead voters, and spikes in the counts. It’s going to be an embarrassment for the Democrats as they realize their party has been stealing the election for many years now.

Me me

Blah, Blah, Blah. Let them to continue sitting on their hands…

trust nothing

My comment is “Awaiting for approval” but I think this is important so I’ve re-written it with information from the site I wanted people to see. It’s about the California 2022 (s)election. Ballots issued 22.2 M, Ballots returned 5.2 M, Ballots accepted 5.1 M, % returned 23.6%, % accepted 23.2%.
Think about what happen to ballots in your state.


I am sick of fake, phony and false! We know that is not the real Biden who was elected to the presidency, we know he is a double or a clone. So how is it he can issue orders and they are obeyed? How does a fake prez have the authority to shut down the pieline or send fiat $’s to Ukraine or military equipment? How is it that we do not expose him for who he really is? DNA test? Look at the pics of Biden as a senator. This is not him. Same with a LOT of others. EXPOSE this actor (one of many) who pretends to be Biden. Can someone get his fingerprints somewhere? Blow the thing up. It can’t get any worse than it already is.

trust nothing

The Crime Syndicate of Washington District of Criminals including the Biden Crime Family and the powers that strike fear into law enforcement and military so they voluntarily go against the oath of their appointed offices, constitution, and bill of rights, do not understand peaceful. Peaceful protests don’t work. Uncensored – unredacted truth, transparency, and public displays of punishment works best. Covering for the people already arrested and punished by inserting clones or doubles in their place makes no sense- like it never happened- and probably only reported for the gullible to get people worked up and it really never happened. When the crimes of the controlling elite are published things will change.
Like the recent execution of the doctor in Malaysia for killing people with the vax, it is on pubic display. People will think twice before injecting others with this poison.
Nothing will change until we stand armed and united for the same resolution. Use the second amendment for the reason it was made. For the citizens to remove a corrupt government that doesn’t serve for the interest of the people any more.
The constitution states anyone aiding in an illegal entry into the US is a crime and punishable. We could make a huge dent the the national debt off those people that helped people from over 60 countries some traveling thousands of miles and months in time to arrive in the US with sandals a daypack and their hand out. With a promise to vote democrat legally or not. Deport, arrest, and pubic executions.

Solange Silverman

How can the red wave have “fizzled” when we won 219 races, and our enemies only 16? That is misinformation put out by the enemedia.

trust nothing

It fizzled because the 16 lost were rigged along with all of them but many were won by the volume of votes that broke the machine program. 75% of the nation believe Biden and Democrats suck at what they do yet they were re-elected. The lost races is for the controlled demolition of the US republic, just like 2020. Isn’t it interesting how the last few tight races are still being counted? There are no coincidences.


One big AZ round up please.


The time has come, to come out with the truth the white hats have been slow to tell the story. I know, you know, the dems know and the world knows the truth.
Our nation is falling and we, the tax paying middle class is sinking because of thstupidity of the American people. They refuse to get in involved because they are so enamored with themselves and their stuff. Getting it, holding it, loving it, selling it, giving it and all that it is, is stuff. Gone is the thinking, learning or holding what is dear and what matters. Without a God, you lose your hope, without hope you will lose your will, without your will, you will lose your country, and then, what does your family do, when your ground is gone? You will all have nothing, but dispair. Damn phone doesn’t matter, health won’t matter and you won’t matter. Wake up Middle Class. You must take charge of the lost, the least, the forgotton and the best. Humanity is counting on you.


How can you say the red wave fizzled if there is fraud?


“. I can tell you this, if we decide fraud altered the outcome of this election, action will be taken,” How can anyone doubt there was election fraud!? Illegal immigrants voting? People given money to vote for dems?! What are you waiting for? Move on it! There is a direct correlation, in my opinion between the length of time it takes to count the vote and the amount of fraud which can be found therein.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ruth

Real Raw News describes 174 wins and 9 loses as fizzled. Just how many would we have had to have won to declare it a ‘win’ ……… 183 to 0?
Real Raw News ….. your slip is showing.

Last edited 1 year ago by JCLincoln

We don’t have a “Trump problem” we have a Lindsey Graham problem. I am convinced he is a RINO and cannot be trusted. Add Kevin McCarthy. Same-o, same-o! I have already contacted my representative re this and you should too. SPEAK UP! Speak Out!


Not since Jesus the Christ has a person been vilified as Donald Trump has.
When an election is stolen, you can’t say that truthful results were achieved. We all saw the jumps from inserted votes, again the machines were connected to the internet. And the final results are not in in many races.
I question why Oz conceded so quickly. Was that part of the strategy …. to make sure you concede before all the votes are in and actually win the race? As for Walker, every time Walker was about to pass the Fedderman, just enough votes were inserted to put Fedderman back in the lead.
The Red Wave didn’t fizzle, it was nuked. Perhaps it’s time to do a little nuking of our own. Say the word, General Berger.


True be Dat!


“Action will be taken” your source said. Pardon me for being skeptical Mr. Baxter but i’ll believe it when I see it.

And Trump cant be the one to complain.


and nothing will happen once again.


Send in the Military, 10 days of darkness, 120 days to next election in March 2023. Enough said. Keep your oath! Execute plan.


Lol there is no plan buddy, none of this will happen


until it does


Arrest these Traitors, Military Courts Martial, Public Hanging in town Square. SAME DAY.


Get them out of there they have no brain. What I mean by that is they can’t see what is really going on in this country. No thought process at all. But Biden is going to be invested with this Congress.


Americans still have guns intended to execute criminal leaders. We must organize, mobilized … ready, aim, fire!


Ok man you start

Robert James

Voting machines were programmable in 2020, even via the internet! Biden bragged about being the corruption being more potent than ever before! What has changed to prevent a repeat of 2020?


Until JUSTICE ENTHUSIASTICALLY SERVES to UNITED this SPACE (the military acronym JESUS!!!!) and the “RUINOUS POWERS”- WARHAMMER 40k reference, of corruption, deceit, and the ignorant egos of mortals (a different way to say uneducated infant Souls without a clue or guiding SPIRIT). Enjoy the KARMA!!!! Keep Things All Natural-K’TAN. Creators Teach And Nurture-C’TAN. I personally, do not FEAR, GOD, at all, or the LORD. I FEAR, NOTHING, “that blows up and created everything”. Did You All KNOW, ASTROPATHS are real?? No, “they” “be lie ing”, with false “be lie fs”, for soooooooooo long, and forgot 1 critical TRUTH. I’ve lived and “died”, too many “times”, to FEAR me, DEATH. Bat Man and Vader, Osiris and Odin, Prometheus also, the ENGINEER, Alpha Archonian, once pure Sicarian. Arkkadia, the name of The Ark. the old remain behind, the Young are protected. Living, Breathing, Self-Aware Stone, the Philosopher of which, I AM. Respect All-RA. Teach Heal Organize Respect-THOR. Build Organize Respect Guard-BORG. Past, Present, Future, meeting with WAR. Wisdom And Respect-WAR. Without Logic And Wisdom-LAW, weak and retarded war, are breed!!! Common sense. Freedom of Religion, mine is LAW and WAR, backed by Natural Unwavering Respectful Generous Living Entities-NURGLE. I AM the Source, “be lie fe” is not a requirement. MARTYR, MARS TYR, Marines Are Respectful Souls Teaching You Respect. Words, are acronyms. Capitalized words show positive decipher-meaning/intent. Being Disciplined, Unselfish, Mature and Brave, I AM DUMB. Did any of You, Think??? Do You??? My “beginning” was a particle, self duplicating, that was eventually the Planet Pluto. The First Planet, and I’m beyond done, arguing with fucking idiots!!!!
Hold people accountable for their crimes, and fuck You “alien” pieces of lying shit!! This TIGER, eats Deamon!!!!!! I eat Tyranid, Xenos, and any other LOWER density life form that tries to eat me, but I don’t eat cute creatures that make me laugh and giggle, that’s just fucking wrong!!! Knowing, is half the battle!!! Attempting to stop the GREAT AWAKENING, is futile. Assimilation is already done. End this!!! Good bye global idiots!!!! My PLAIN, is FLAT, ASGARD is ALWAYS FAITHFUL👊


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Last edited 1 year ago by barshembar

Should have been a blow out. A total red wave!! You damned right they cheated! I’m so sick of the bullshit! How long can this keep going on? And fuck Ron DeSantis! He is a phony and a fraud!!!


Vast majority of Trump endorsed candidates win!! GOP takes the House!! About to tek the Senate! Democrat fraud exposed everywhere!! Your feet are in your mouth so what the heck is wrong with you??


Really BIG TROUBLE is on its way,
So we better watch out !


Dear Military, THANK YOU for caring enough to watch closely and your willingness to look into the resulting matter with great greater greatest scrutiny. Thank You Mr Baxter for continuing your excellence in reporting these ongoing twists. Your REALRAWNEWS is one of the biggest reasons I have stayed close to the internet connections. I desire TRUTH … truth TRUMPS everything else in this world. ONLY the TRUTH will win, no matter the cost. xoxoxoxo from your neighbour in Canada.
Where you-all go… we all go. I do hope we are fortunate enough to get the whole truth.


They didn’t do anything lol


They stole the election from President Trump in 2020 and that was 3 years ago now. I am so surprised and shocked to find them doing it again! It,s wonderfull the military are watching. But then again, I watched them myself. Maybe once again we can watch them steal the next elections in 2024! When will somebody stop watching, get off their ass and do something? We are turning into venesuela here.

BJ Edwards

I think all is lost – I no longer believe we have a chance – White Hat’s nothing – “I feel SOLD” – We have no free country – time to turn the flag upside down .

Robert James

Now, there’s an idea!! “Action will be taken”!!


Yeah, action will be taken! Why didn’t anything happen two years ago? We’d have believed the military then. Well if they act appropriately this time, I’ll be the first to pop the cork on a bottle of champagne, even though I don’t drink the stuff.


Perhaps the “big announcement” on Nov 15 will not be that Trump is running for the presidency. Everyone already assumes as much. Maybe it will be something really big – such as proof being given by the white hat military about election fraud.


Great I am tired of the cheating of the democrats. They cheated in 2020 and the are cheating now. Throwing out Republican votes is dirty pool but that is the only way Biden can win.

J Bill

it’s easy to cheat. i did it again this year!

David T

Is your boyfriend OK with you cheating on him like that?


They have an open relationship, it’s fine bro

Miss Impatient

Graham is only interested in any leader that can keep him in power. HE is the “colossal disaster”.

Mark Heisler

I’m beginning to think our military are still in diapers, we have all the evidence we caught them all two times in a row, just drop the nukes already and get it over with.


Have you considered that the people on the internet who told you “we have it all” were just totally full of shit?

Choctaw 56

Really??? ARREST THESE CRIMINALS!! How long is this BS going to go on?? THE MILITARY HAS A DUTY TO PROTECT THE CITIZENS!! WHERE ARE THEY?? YOU KEEP SAYING YOU HAVE ALL THE EVIDENCE, THEN FRIGGEN SHOW US!! How long are you going to let a bunch of mask wearing doubles, actors run DC?? THIS IS BS!!

Ron Baker

All of this blaming of Trump and more importantly, Democrats winning everywhere, could be stopped, by bringing to light the real evidence that 2020 was electronically rigged. We have learned on this website and several others, that evidence of electronic manipulation connected to Italy, Germany and perhaps the Vatican that it occurred. We have seen in Italy, a person on trial who admitted being a part of the manipulation. So I am left with two questions. 1) Have we been lied to all this time by Michael Baxter and others? 2) If all the allegations of 2020 being manipulated and Michael Baxter has been a true conduit of ‘real information’, then why have the people (white hats), allowed this country to go further down the tubes of Hell? People are ‘winning elections’ everywhere that have no desire to preserve this country. In fact, a socialist communist country is our future at this point. Makes me sick..

carolyn smith

bullshit they will do nothing just like 2020


Keep reading and sending Mike that donation money though 👍

terry jacks

This “election” doesn’t mean anything when the Insurrection Act of 1807 is is still in effect, which it is. The insurrection is still being put down by the US Military, arrests are on-going, the real president, Trump, is still waiting in the wings, and NESARA is looking more like a mirage as time goes on.
It’s all part of the “movie”. Is the Plan still working? If it is, the action is being hidden from most of us. Hard to know what is really going on. I hope something breaks out before Thanksgiving 2024. This is getting old.

Brenda Hoten

Action will be taken on election fraud? Like the action that was taken in 2020 election fraud? Standing by.

mary pascucci


J Bill

it’s marshall law

David T

Buy a dictionary and use it, DF.

rene labre

Well I am going to chime in. Two there credit,people who vote democratic,know about early voting. no muss no fuss,walk in walk out 15 minutes.Think that one over, eh? the huge Desantis win,Think about who he was running against. Charlie Crist,you could not find a more lame duck than him
To Ron’s credit,he has been a very good strong governor..

David T

Same with Noem in SD. The liberal running against her lost every county in the state. He did not win even on the reservation.


Sick of the bs. I am under daily attack by corrupt police and military. I have the scars to prove it. I have no where to turn until this crap ends.


Vote fraud…..Who would have guessed? Until we stop vote by mail, stop voting machines and move to in-person voting by paper ballots, nothing will change.

Tracy Reinert

These fuckers do not want to let go of power & control, & have zero scruples. They’ve done every crooked thing possible to rig elections, as they have always done. We’ve got to pull the curtain back on all of it. Right. Now.

Carol Sims

This was no Midterms! It was a CHEATING FEST!
That’s it! I am furious with all the time wasted, money spent on the people were called winners when the majority of us knew from the beginning they were losers.


Cope and seethe, Carol

Linda Howerton

They need to check Michigan. I know Whitmer didn’t win Michigan. Too many people hate the way the Governor ran MI. during the covid lockdowns.


She won, cope