Gen. Berger’s Office Confirms Persons Killed by Marines Were Real U.S. Army Soldiers


After Marines under General David H. Berger’s command hosed down six U.S. Army personnel loyal to the criminal Biden regime in a blistering roadside firefight, the general pondered whether the deceased were truly soldiers or, perhaps, Deep State feds who martyred themselves in hopes of igniting a new military civil war.

The dead, though, wore dog tags, the names on which belonged to actual U.S. Army soldiers stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado, a five-minute drive from where the lethal gunfight took place. When the smoke cleared, Marines, who suffered a fatality of their own, transported the bodies to a White Hat safehouse near Vail, a wintertime retreat for avid skiers. There, a forensic dentist x-rayed the decedents’ teeth and crossmatched the results to DOD records. As an aside, the military has an ambiguous approach toward dental hygiene: some servicemembers get x rays upon setting foot inside a Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS,) while others do not, and get a comprehensive dental examination immediately prior to a deployment.

In this case, however, the forensic dentist got positive matches that confirmed the unthinkable; the corpses were once living, breathing soldiers of the 4th Infantry Division, Fort Carson.

General Berger’s office is not releasing the soldiers’ names, ranks, military occupational skill (MOS,) or time in service.

He had, our source said, reached out to 4th Infantry commander Major General David M. Hodne for an explanation.

According to our source, Hodne denied knowledge of the incident but said he is beholden to the one true commander-in-chief, Joseph R. Biden.

“The 4th accounts for about 32,000 active duty. If they’re all loyal to Biden, it represents a threat to our operations,” our source said.

RRN will supply more details as we receive them.

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Did all those thousands of people get picked up yet? Saw there were large number of BlackHawks flying around GITMO recently. Also transports not on rotation schedul. What about other tribunal places?


This army personal were put in a place that did not allow they to survive a truck canon. They started shooting first not in that battle their army leader sent them into a situation they could not win. Sad really not taught to handle a canyon and get out alive. I’m a back of a truck. Reminds me of lone survivor.


Put in the back of a truck. What was wrong with those leaders?


Being ex-military, most soldiers take orders from their commanders and do not hold allegiance to Biden or any president per say.
I never got an order from Clinton and I did not vote for him. When Bush took office I didn’t vote for him and also never got an order from him.
Yes, the president is the commander and chief, but most soldiers could care less who the president is but if told to shot the first person that opens the door that is what they might do if they respect their commander giving them the orders..
If they where told that Biden gave them that order they might question it, and probable wouldn’t shoot if they have no respect for him as a president and or commander and chief.
I still know people in the military and can say if they where told Biden was their true president would laugh about it. They are still good people and they have brains and know the truth. They like anybody out there are just doing whatever job it is they do in the military and are just waiting for the truth to either come out or things to change for the good just like the rest of us.
Not ever soldier is special forces that shoots the first thing that moves. Most are just kids that joined the military for the college money or for the training for whatever job they joined for.
I would be willing to bet that not every soldier at that base is a loyal Biden supporter willing to die for Biden, Milley or Llyod Austin.
I would be willing to bet the majority of them are not and that the only person that is for sure is the general that is in control of the base as we can see by his response while on the phone.
Does anybody really think that when push comes to shove and these soidiers are told to shoot someone in their own family or friends because Biden has declared Marshal law they are going to all open fire on Americans, “think again”.


Man I just saw the v280 helicopter wow it is based on the osprey but boy can it fly. It is going to the army but I think all forces should look at it. It is replacing the Blackhawk helicopter. Basically it looks like the osprey but has changed that will make it easy to put guns on I think but you need to see it. I like it and it faster than the Blackhawk.


Man I just saw the v280 helicopter wow it is based on the osprey but boy can it fly. It is going to the army but I think all forces should look at it. It is replacing the Blackhawk helicopter. Basically it looks like the osprey but has changed that will mak it easy to put guns on I think but you need to see it.


In all fairness to the desceased soldiers and to honor their memory, lets not assume that they were doing it out of personal loyalty to Biden. What happened was tragic and they were no doubt young men being used as cannon fodder. I think they were probably just following orders. Just as the Marines who shot them were also just following orders. I dont even blame General Berger. He has a hard job where he has to react on intel. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Pray for them all war is hell. I understand there is a W.E.F. coming up in Europe it would be an absolute tragedy to allow that many big fish swim around in a barrel together and not do anything about it. If there was ever an opportunity for the rod of God to be used that would be the time and place.

David T

Sometimes it doesn’t even fall off of the tree. Like the Nutty Nancy tree. Her daughter is still hanging on a lower branch.

David T

Only Democrats do that. Reagan specifically said no he will not, and he didn’t.


♥️🇺🇸 If their telling us in this article there is a white hat safe house in vail Colorado you gotta know this incident happen a while back. If their telling us, their telling the deep state also.🇺🇸

David T

I doubt that even 10% of the 4th Infantry is loyal to Biden. These soldiers were likely lied to, to even get them to do this suicide mission.


How brain dead must one be to be loyal to the pretender in chief?

Mark David

What level of morons would ever plan to ambush another unit from inside a trailer that they could not maneuver away from? It sounds like a set-up to instigate more trouble. And don’t tell me that Ft. Carson Commander MG Hadne didn’t know about it. This is such a big deal, Hadne would have had to known about it.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark David

so our military work for the baby-killers and election-riggers, kinda explains why they are doing nothing and turning a blind eye. We no longer have a nation, people, we are corporate property and this is all a psyop, fake fuckery and lies.

David T

One small segment of it that was in that trailer.


I don’t understand why the Milittary that’s in Charge by the Insurrection act of 1807 doesn’t give Berger the military power to arrest Austin and put another in his place that’s fighting for right not wrong

Mark Heisler

By the looks of it is what about Project Looking Glass? What about being a Step ahead? This hole thing is getting to be screwed up, and it’s Best if you End It Now, I don’t think god is going to mind, us the Patriots Been telling you! The longer YOU think you have it under control is like we the Government is here to Help! Lol I think it’s Going to Blow up in a Civil War’ I’m ready for Target Practice. I guess you people will learn the Hard Way, when the Movie takes a S H I T.


Why would soldiers be guarding an empty trailer?


Merry Christmas my marines An all the other military who protect us and give up their Christmas to keep us all safe. We can pray for you and you family that is my Christmas present to you for a year. Signed a thankful patriot. God has a plan for all our lives.


Notice the media never mentioned or honored Dec 7th or those who died? “A day which will live in infamy” – unless the media is filled with commiecrats! (12/9/22)


Hodne’s a goner.

Jim Sandy

This is the reaj war thar berger must fight to win.


What usually happens when the deep state pulls off stunt is to sucker in the participants/volunteers by the telling them one thing when something the opposite is actually going to take place. Lee Harvey Oswald had no idea placing that crap rifle at the top of the Dallas book depository would destroy him as he stood at the ground level entrance watching the Kennedy caravan pass by. Tsarnaev brothers FF set up for the Boston marathon bombing and had no idea they were patsies.


Commiecrat Kristen Sinema NOW claims she’s leaving the Democrats. DO NOT BELIEVE HER!


we will all have to wait and see how she votes.
Will she VOTE for Freedom or communism ?


What are they going to tell their family what happened? Who ever approved of them guarding an empty trailer was nuts. I have not seen a greater mistake. Kinda like making them take the shot. How many people did they kill that way? Now it is all coming out about that shot esp. since the creators of the shot have withdrawn their support of the shot. Has Biden not been listening as well?

Last edited 1 year ago by Katie

Keep in mind that those soldiers fired on Berger’s Marines first. They were prepared for the confrontation so knew it ws a trap for Berger’s men. It appears that there should be charges against Hodne. He just exposed himself. Anyone pick up Austin yet?


“Hodne denied knowledge of the incident but said he is beholden to the one true commander-in-chief, Joseph R. Biden.”

What a coward! What kind of a two star general is this? He does not know what’s going on in his command? Shame on hodne! A disgrace to the United States Army Ans the entire US Military. If he has any drop of integrity left in him he should resign now.

He knew his soldiers were going to face certain death against the United States Marine Corps. He sent them anyway and disregarded his soldiers families. BMWs they won’t be home with their families for Christmas! Yes, I said Christmas and not Holidays.

Hodne clearly committed Treason. He turned against his Commander In Chief Pres. Donald J Trump the duly elected president, turned against the US Constitution, his Oath of Office to defend our country, and his pledge to the US Military. Hang this coward traitor.

Mark David

He turned against the Soldiers in the trailer, leaving them to certain death, trapped in a TRAILER!!! Off with his head.


At least they did not allow themselves to be outgunned this time like when they attempted to raid the Federal Reserve fortress.

Richard Longacre

Thank you White Knight. Every single military person needs to be made aware that an insurrection took place and that Trump signed the Insurrection Act so they can know the truth and make their own decisions. Will they honor their oath and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic? If not then they need to be relieved of duty and probably detained until this military coup is finished.

Very difficult times ahead but this war being carried out in secret is making it much worse. Let the whole world know the truth and lets get this party started.


if they support bidon they are traitors to the marines.


wishing Berger’s office the best, and God’s speed to them,


Joseph Biden is “handled” by Jill Biden who is a mossad asset. This situation is pissing me off. Our founding fathers of this Christian nation forwarned not to allow the Asiatic jews (Babylonian Radhanites) to move to our nation they called them parasites and vampires.
God cut them all off and cursed them 2000 years ago in 2 Esdra 1:24. Since then they have been ran out of 109 countries. God says he who hath not the son hath not the father. Yet they will follow Christians around from country to country like pathetic, parasitic, Caananite, dogs trying to help themselves to every scrap that falls off our table of abundance that God has prepared for Christians. Read 2 Esdra 2.


There is no 2 Esdra in the Bible. The Bible is complete and you are trying to add to it.

Kill ‘em all

You are telling to much TRUTH for the ignorant masses.

Linda Chambers

Hodne is lying while putting our soldiers in grave danger.


..yes….many know.. German rocket engineer-WERHNER MAGNUS VON BRAUN-1912-1977..technical director 1938-1945 at Peenemunde on Baltic coast…creator of V-2..came to US in the -paper clip project- with hundreds of German engineers/scientists….head of George Marshall Space Center in Huntsville(Alabama)..he designed & developed huge SATURN 5 ROCKET which carried the Apollo astronauts to the surface of the 1970 he was appointed as deputy assistant director for planning at NASA.. YES was required for him to be SS officer…in the March 1944 he was briefly imprisoned on suspicion of concentrating on space travel rather than making war weapons. .his dream since teens years always been travel to the Mars…and Adolf did not like that….

Last edited 1 year ago by sejmon
Kill ‘em all

It was thousands of nazis that infiltrated here not hundreds. They basically just transplanted the third reich to the USA.


Just think of the loyalty that could be harnessed if only we could bring the mainstream media down. How do you spell unity? TRUTH


Do you think they will make up some story to explain the deaths of these soldiers? I am sure their family wants to hear from them!! It’s hard to sweep under the rug!!

Rob William

It floats away – with high enough apple tree it is no longer in the earths gravity and simply floats away.

george friend

32,000 active duty? Maybe 1500 support Biden, controlled by 15. Nah. I don’t see the problem.


At best probabilities, they’ll be forced to relinquish their duties to a 2nd in Command and possibly be detained and put in the stockade to clean latrines & peel potatoes – more than likely in that order too – by now you should know how they treat their solders.
If not, and the 2nd is 100% with the Commander, well then – there’s a fight brewing, if the rest of the solders stand with them, and thats a big “if”.
Either way, their “Dr F.” medication might be working on their behalf by now.

David T


Sparky Sr

“Ours not to reason why, ours is to do or die!”
BUT in this instance, They had to be lied to. No one goes into a death trap box w/o questioning or being told a lie.
OR they volunteered for this suicide mission and Major General David M. Hodne is using them as Martyrs to rally the troops under him… With no proof, this will fail.
These soldiers who died, their family’s will be told friendly fire accident.
To lesson Hodne’s control, Berger has to transfer his troops out but also has to replace them. chess
Think here…..


Oh, look Michael, the list of “detained” criminals increases at GITMO! Huzzah!

MILITARY EXECUTIONS IN 2022: Alec Baldwin (hanged), Stéphane Bancel (hanged), Bridget Brink (hanged), Dick Cheney (hanged), Francis Collins (hanged), Shannon Corless (hanged), Jennifer Brigid O’Malley Dillon (firing squad), Michael Donilon (hanged), Anita Dunn (hanged), Anthony Fauci (hanged), Avril Haines (two head-shots), Valerie Jarrett (hanged), Loretta Lynch (hanged), Denis McDonough (two head-shots), Gavin Newsom (hanged), Sonia Sotomayor (hanged), Brian Stelter (hanged), Michael Sussman (firing squad), Thomas Vilsack (hanged). Real Raw News

MILITARY EXECUTIONS IN 2021: Huma Abedin (hanged), Bill Barr (hanged), Joe Biden (firing squad), Hunter Biden (hanged), Deborah Birx (firing squad), John Brennan (hanged), George Bush Sr. (euthanized), George Bush Jr. (hanged), Bill Clinton (suicide), Hilary Clinton (hanged), Chelsea Clinton (hanged), James Comey (guillotine), Andrew Cuomo (hanged), Bill Gates (hanged), Tom Hanks (euthanized), John McCain (two head-shots), Mark Mezvinsky (hanged), John Podesta (firing squad), Colin Powell (suicide), Susan Rice (hanged), Donald Rumsfeld (suicide), Adam Schiff (hanged), Peter Scolari (hanged). Real Raw News

MILITARY DETENTIONS IN 2021–2022: Bill Ayers (life imprisonment at GITMO), David Axelrod (detained), James Baker (detained), Amy Coney Barrett (detained), Maria Barret (detained), Patricia Conrad (detained), Melinda Gates (detained), Nancy Pelosi (detained), Paul Pelosi (life imprisonment at GITMO), Eli Roth (detained), George Soros (detained), Elijah Wood (detained). Real Raw News



David T

Troll turd W0zz Ll0yd B0fa

trust nothing

And the clone clinic is in overdrive.
Most of those people are still doing what they do.
We must believe RRN, no psy-op here.
Trust is something earned, not blindly given.


Not once did RRN say Joe Biden had been executed. He said not long ago that he wasn’t even sure he was still hospitalized. He said he had a doppleganger named Arthur Roberts. If Joe Biden is dead….then no one seems to know. I suspect the evil bastard is still alive and being kept hidden away in his basement. I would love to hear of his arrest though.

David T

Have heard stories that FJB is in a vegetative state at Walter Reed Hospital, and that was some time back.


hopefully soon they all take each other out.


“Beholden to one true commander and chief”? Isn’t the oath a soldier swears to, to the constitution and not the person in office? Also it sounds a bit cultish to say something like that.

Rob William

In MBVerse everyone takes a secret oath to dance to whatever MB plays. All other oaths are derivatives – and MB has the power to change as he likes.


Why would this major General put his men in a canyon with out room to move esp. an empty truck? Only one reason he was told to from high up. Joe you are not getting by with this.


Who is Biden and what is his job in the millitary.


Found this the other day.
US Navy quashes Nancy Pelosi arrest rumor
Natalie Wade, AFP USA
Thu, December 8, 2022 at 2:51 PM·2 min read
In this article:
An article claims the US Navy’s Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Corps arrested House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on charges of “treason and seditious conspiracy.” But the military branch says the allegation is false, and the website that originated the rumor regularly publishes made-up stories under the guise of satire.


Not that I believe anything yahoo news puts out.


believe it more than this site bro. She is not arrested and living free just like the others.

Rob William

She (or her clone/body double/shape shifter – functionally it doesn’t matter) was live on TV a couple of times, even talking about McCarthy’s challenges of becoming speaker of the house.

David T

W0zz Ll0yd B0fa Russe11 et c no one with a functioning brain wants to be your bro, DF.

Richard Longacre

This is not a war of whether our military members believe Trump rightfully won the 2020 election or not. If in fact the Insurrection Act was signed by Trump prior to leaving office the Military now have a responsibility to the Constitution and their oaths to stop this insurrection using military law and restore a constitutional government.

Because this is all being done in secret, most military members have no idea that the Insurrection Act was signed nor do they know their responsibilities under the Insurrection Act. What Berger and Trump are doing now against patriotic and loyal to the Constitution military members is insane and inhumane. These soldiers were just following orders of their commander (as they should) who most likely never told them that the Insurrection Act was signed and that Donald Trump is still their Commander in Chief.

Every military member that took the oath deserves to be told the truth about the signing of the Insurrection Act and of their responsibilities to their oath. We have reached the point where the White Hats (A few Generals, Special Forces Teams, and Marines) are in fact attempting a military coup without justification.

Present the signed Insurrection Act document and brief every single military member of their responsibilities. If they refuse to fulfill their oaths and duties under the Insurrection Act they must be relieved of duty (and probably detained). Only once this is done does anyone like Mike Baxter deserve to call our soldiers traitors.

I am an oath keeper and served for 33 years. My loyalties are to the Constitution and to my oath that I will keep for life. While the evidence that the Insurrection Act was signed is out there for those willing to search for it the document has not been presented and the military members (except for some of the upper leaders) have not been told nor briefed of their duties.

Under the current circumstances, I take great offense of Mike Baxter calling our soldiers traitors. The Truth must be known by all. Present the Insurrection Act.

Richard Longacre

Without the Insurrection Act being signed there is absolutely no justification for the White Hat operations. It must be presented to the nation and the military. 


please provide un-deniable prove that the Insurrection Act was ever signed? I have asked this questions many of times and still awaiting proof. Do not outsmart your common sense and fog your judgement.

Rob William

It was never signed in the RealVerse and an act with such a monumental impact is never signed in secrecy because that will defeat its purpose. Everything at RRN is only valid in MBVerse.




It wasn’t, this place is for entertainment. The American people had their chance to right the wrong on January 6th, crickets except for a few people that got screwed and in prison with no due process 😳.

David T

Please provide proof that it wasn’t. See how that works, DF?

David T

Hey Dick Shortyard, you and all your DF troll turds (2 ppl w/ a dozen names) are laughable at best. You always give it away when RRN is over the target as you turds come out en masse with your spew. Like Friggn clockwork.


Biden and millet sent those solders to their death to guard an empty truck. That was the same thing as putting them into a canyon. Why would the soldiers protect an empty truck? This sounds like Biden. That is why it went so poorly. Also why is Milley not making that offer to you. He needs to go. Austin can not make any offer to you all. Do not trust that offer and why does Milley make that offer to you instead of Austin who is not your commander in chief over there?


I sure hope this is misinformation

Just Me

God please help us, this is not good news. Obango made sure to place as many dirty rats in charge of our military before he left. This is his doing I know, he is the one who told Brandon on who to put in charge so they finish off our military and used them on un us and on our good men. Something has to be done about these traitors!


Fake news, come on people 🙄. Nancy Pelosi was seen yesterday, Bidumm is alive and all these other BS stories are just that. Bull poop 💩.

Sandy Koufax

They are all clones according to Baxter. Pelosi’s cans still look spectacular.

David T

So do the bags on registered Holsteins and Guernseys.

Tracy Reinert

It may be of some slight interest that, when asked in a Y/N Q&A last night, Phil G. said that they were not real military.

Lady Hermann

All that fancy technology and no thought to do a thermal scan and or if they had done a tactical opening of the truck instead of just opening the door? What the heck?


..i do believe PG is good source ….i listen it too…


sorry…reply to tracy reinert….


Final score: Marines 6 … Army 1
Don’t ____ with the Marines.