JAG Arrests Ex-Twitter Lawyer and Dishonored DOJ Stooge James Baker


JAG investigators on Wednesday arrested ex-Twitter lawyer and former FBI General Counsel James Baker on charges of treason, seditious conspiracy, aiding and abetting the enemy, bribery, and blackmail, a JAG source told Real Raw News.

The arrest came a day after Twitter’s new CEO Elon Musk, who calls himself a free speech absolutist, fired Baker for having vetted what Twitter Files—a reference to the company’s efforts to suppress and squash Tweets related to Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop—were shared with journalist Matt Taibbi without first consulting Musk. Musk said Baker was part of Twitter’s “Deep State.”

“Baker is deeper than Deep State,” a JAG source told RRN. “This dude’s the Mariana Trench of the Deep State.”

Investigators had eyes on Baker when two burly Twitter security guards ejected him from the bird’s San Francisco Headquarters, a 480,000 square feet Art Deco building that once belonged to Furniture Mart. They had hoped to grab Baker immediately, but Baker, as he strolled off Twitter’s property, was quickly encircled by the gaggle of spurned Leftist protesters whom Musk had terminated in the aftermath of his historic takeover. The liberal flock sympathized with Baker, and they chanted “unlawful termination. Cancel Elon” in the air.

That evening, investigators followed Baker and two unidentified females across the San Francisco scene: the trio dined at a posh restaurant, visited two bars, stopped in a comedy club, and eventually travelled by UBER to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and booked, presumably, a single room.

JAG sources later said the women wore hip-hugging gowns and appeared to be in their mid-20s.

Since the trio travelled by rideshare, investigators had no car to stake out, so they surveilled the front entrance, sleeping in shifts throughout the night. They were determined to isolate Baker before making an arrest. An opportunity arose 5:30 a.m. Wednesday morning as Baker, sans company, departed the hotel and sauntered toward California Street. He’d travelled only a hundred yards or so before investigators pulled alongside him; one investigator leapt out and, in a blur of motion, quickly subdued, frisked, and cuffed Baker, then pushed him in the rear seat.

“Hopefully Baker had a fun night with his companions at the Ritz-Carlton. He won’t find the amenities at Hotel GITMO so accommodating,” our source said.

He was unwilling to expound on the charges Baker will face when he stands before a military tribunal but said Baker’s arrest was “partly” connected to Twitter’s data dump. Elon Musk, he added, unknowingly helped JAG cement its case against Baker.

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I love these a hole lefty loons, they can dish it out, but they can’t take it. Hahahaha 😁


This guy James Baker was executed several years ago now.
The ” Marianas trench” of the deep state is now taking a dirt nap

Jose Ramirez

Kill this mother fucker. Kill him!!!!!


Donald Trump did win the 2020 election and 2000 mules cd proves it. They have put Katherine in jail because they know they cheated. She helped put that video together. There is a lot more to this story. Why is Katherine in jail unless it was true?


Is James baker Jewish?

Dave Kelly

Should he have the Kosher plate?


I heard they serve strawberry milkshakes at hotel GITMO.


Commiecrat Kristen Sinema NOW suddenly claims she’s leaving the Democrats. DO NOT BELIEVE HER! (12/9/22)


Notice the media never mentioned or honored Dec 7th or those who died? “A day which will live in infamy” – unless the media is filled with commiecrats! (12/9/22)


He has been on the arrested and executed list for over a year. I started watching a year ago and he was on it then.


We may be looking at the same list dated 11/2020 put out by the site AMG. It lists approx. 250 names including royalties among others. Blessings,

April Moore

Very good news indeed. I was SO hoping that guy would receive swift action for his actions… what an arrogant creep, yes? Unbelievable how these snakes carry on – manipulate the public mind and the public dime in their own selfish favor. That’s just the icing on the cake – the cake mind you, is a voluminous mound of rotten, despicable degenerate – and diabolical – actions…sheesh.


When are the trials going to resume? They have plenty of scoundrels to choose from!


Q: The 2017 tribunals were over before it began. We are witnessing the proverbial mop up operation by the military, that is the white hat partition of the military a term coined here. Blessings to you and the staff who are doing an excellent job.

Dave Kelly

Any thing more on the other 7 individuals arrested at T. Perry’s place, on the night they bagged Nasty?


Baker looks so much older in this photo than the old photo they keep showing.

Frederick Carreon

Go somewhere else chump


reminds me of the kendall turncoat K-streeter; actually saw him in person once. stifled some urges.

Lorenz Manner

Very good job. Another pig was collected and hopefully will enjoy a swing in the noose at “Hotel GITMO” very soon.

Sandy Koufax

Baker’s clone will hit the ground running without missing a beat.

Kelly Brown

I constantly have “The Last of the Mohicans” promenotory in my head since 2020.


That’s because these stories are false, repent the kingdom is near. They are building the biggest micro chip plant in the world in Ohio. You’ll be able to get your very own chip, right hand hand or forehead in about 8 to 9 years.

Rob William

People who believe that Trump and Republicans will save them from government control or mandates are mistaken… they want to impose another set of controls using the rationalizations of religious and social morality. It’s a fake promise, just one set of controls replaced by another. Conservatism is not about freedom, it’s about taking away freedom, the similar to what liberalism has become – control sodium content in food, …


oliver…..do you really want as brian johnson-(ac/dc)..mistress for christmas-(the razors edge1990)…. gooooood night

Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

Good Article However I believe we can make these stories better by eliminating the tabloid type banter like the line ” CEO Elon Musk, who calls himself a free speech absolutist ” ! This type of line included in what is supposed to be clear eyed reporting by a White Hat helper ……………… this Is NOT Helpful to the cause of Truth , Liberty & Justice. Elon has proven himself very useful in the pursuit of Truth & Justice. Elon’s data from Twitter legacy files will undoubtedly lead to a quick & efficient prosecution of another Deep Stater ! Now Let Us Remember to treat Mr. Baker as if he’s still at the Ritz . Give him two slices cheese on his baloney sandwich ! Let him Live It Up , While He Can ………… Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195


Your ‘HOWEVER?’ Why bitch Michael? Are U a negative simpleton that does not realize coming here is a breath of fresh air with those creative clever adjectives to brighten up the evil?


Well done, boys!

joe blow

Everything we’re reading happened 4+ years ago.

Last edited 1 year ago by joe blow
Rob William

You got transported back in time. Check the live TV to find the current time and also let us know the future. Thanks.

Tracy Reinert

Baker’s been a piece of work for a good long while now. Good job, White Hats.

Just Me

This is great Jag got two for the price of one, just love it. Jag is doing a great job, thank you and thank you M.B. for reporting good news to us. We no longer have real journalists and we depend on good people such as yourself for real information.


Good Job Marines, Thank you Michael Baxter…Baker has had his nose in the US corp. for way too long.

Evangelina Martinez

Happy Chanakkah and Merry Christmas…..next!


Same to you, too. Happy New Year as well.


I have a question. Was the Newscum Doppleganger installed by the White Hats? One of those people who just couldn’t be allowed to live any more.


That’s a good question. I always assumed it was the DS that created these dopplegangers and clones. I would think in some cases, the WH would have a good reason to use them.


President Trump has at least 6 of them.


100% – Yes he was. There are about 4- 6 Newsom doppelgangers out there today. These men are being paid handsomely in some capacity or another, to impersonate a sitting US Governor. The now very deceased Newsom, was allegedly a horn dog for very young girls,under 8. He had a secret room, let us say, in his mansion, that his wife, 100% knew about and tolerated.

Lady Hermann

Well done.


“Elon Musk unknowingly helped JAG cement its case against Baker”. Really? I know we were cautioned by the military not to trust, for lack of a better word, Elon Musk as yet in an article here approximately two months ago. Lord help us. Blessings,


I am so proud of all that Elon is doing. He could turn on us at any minute but I don’t think he will. I trust him to a degree. I can’t go all in with him like I do the White Hats and DJT, but he is doing a good work.


No argument from me Glenda. Some well sourced truthers suggest that big tech oligarchs in Twitter, Meta/Facebook/Google have capitulated to DJT courtesy of Saudi Prince Ben Salman who’s life was spared through DJT’s efforts. Recall the Las Vegas shooting which was proven to have been a distraction during the attempted assassination of Salman by his brother Al Waleed. Al Waleed was eventually found guilty by the Saudi government and was put to death. Blessings,


Now we are getting somewhere. If Baker the facilitator talks, and there is a good chance he will, what he knows about who did what, why, to whom and when has the potential of being the coup de gras of the D.C. Deep State and the outside influencers.

george friend

Who’s left? Everyone else has already been picked up.


Nope, there are still some more rats to rustle up.


grâce (Gras means fat, as in Mardi gras)


If anyone doubts what’s on REAL RAW NEWS, here’s a checklist of questions for you:
1) Is it credible that TRUMP invoked the Insurrection Act prior to leaving office in Jan. 2021?
There can be no doubt that TRUMP invoked the Act. I mean, seriously, everybody and their mother (i.e. anybody who isn’t a professional DNC liar or an utter moron) knows the 2020 election was stolen. Does any rational human being think that TRUMP would just sit around and mope about it, especially after the U.S. Military gave him evidence of individuals inside and outside of the U.S. interfering in the election on a massive scale on election night? The U.S. Military practically begged TRUMP to invoke the Act based upon their evidence. As for the theory that the Insurrection Act requires a public proclamation prior to being invoked, this falsehood has been thoroughly debunked (“Shall” means “may”. See Cairo & Fulton RR Co v. Hecht, 95 U.S. 168). The trolls still pushing this fallacy are, quite simply, lying sacks of shit.
2) If TRUMP invoked the Act, then is it credible that the U.S. Military would act upon the authority conferred by the Act and begin arresting, trying, convicting and executing Deep State criminals?
3) If Deep State criminals are being systematically exterminated by the U.S. Military, is it credible that the Deep State would use any and all means at their disposal to maintain the illusion of control, including body doubles and CGI/Deep Fake Technology?
4) If REAL RAW NEWS is fake, why is it routinely offline due to DDOS attacks?
5) If REAL RAW NEWS is fake, then why aren’t the military prosecutors who are regularly mentioned by name there (and who are very real career naval officers), as well as the defense attorneys mentioned in the articles, speaking out against REAL RAW NEWS?
Including copycat sites, REAL RAW NEWS articles are getting about 250K unique visitors per day. I can’t imagine the U.S. Military, given their very substantial commitment to cyber warfare, isn’t very well aware of REAL RAW NEWS. The far more likely scenario is that the U.S. Military is actively using REAL RAW NEWS to get the truth out to those willing to believe it.
With respect to the issue of “proof” in the form of photos or videos, the U.S. Military is releasing what they want released, which means no pics or videos for the time being. Why? Because they don’t want millions of leftist fucktards mobilizing to protect Deep State turds from the arrests, prosecutions and executions they so richly deserve. In other words, it’s a lot easier for the White Hats to continue to exterminate Deep State cockroaches if the Bolsheviks are all wallowing in their normalcy bias, thinking “REAL RAW NEWS is just fan-fiction. This isn’t really happening”. Just imagine how much more difficult the arrests would be if leftists were setting up sanctuary cities for Deep State criminals.
Finally, while I can certainly appreciate how difficult it is to resist the powerfully visceral urge to bash their skulls in with a 5-iron, as an alternative PLEASE DON’T FEED THE TROLLS. Troll arguments are picayune, unpersuasive and irrelevant. Never forget: TROLLS LIE. It’s what they do. It’s who they are. There is no truth in them. Their mouths are open sewers of prevarication. They come here to spread disinformation and misinformation; however, considering the quantity of upvotes that well-reasoned posts from patriots receive, as well as the massive numbers of downvotes that troll posts receive, they are failing miserably in their efforts.


I agree wholeheartedly. I believe in RRN and there are many reasons to.


Stellar post, MT… you should have a channel of your own. 💥💥⚡️⚡️


JAMES BAKER,….will now and forever be commonly known as another FBI Rat of the Rat Line of the Satan worshiping Democrats Swampy Cabal of Deep State Rats.
1 by 1
2 by 2
were coming for You!
Nobody escapes – NOBODY!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by goober

Torture would be a much better alternative. That way he’ll squeal like a piggy.


Yep…. skin him alive, add the salt, then the vinegar, bullwhip him 120 lashes, boil him in hog fat, then put him in the cobra tank before throwing him into the shark waters off Gitmo bay. Sonny Shark wants another sit down and he needs to feed his troops.


You are gruesome and horrible


honey..take shower ….


You forgot the wood chipper. Never forget the wood chipper!


Looks like they moved faster than usual, and took this unsub asap.

Linda Hutchison

Deserves every bit of this, just like Sussman. Kudos to Musk for clearing up the matter by releasing the internal mail and discussions at Twitter to help shed a TRUTHFUL light on what happened. More arrests should follow. Perkins Coie seems to be FULL of these bad actors. Isn’t that where Obama’s wingman was a partner, too?


Hopefully they go after L Austin before Dec 22??


did he remain you-mugabe jr ????is he still wear musk/faceshield & surgical gloves ???

Rob William

To be governed by Republicans is to be watched over, inspected, spied on, directed, legislated, regimented, closed in, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, assessed, evaluated, censored, commanded; all by creatures that have neither the right, nor wisdom, nor virtue … To be governed means that at every move, operation, or transaction one is noted, registered, entered in a census, taxed, stamped, priced, assessed, patented, licensed, authorized, recommended, admonished, prevented, reformed, set right, corrected. Government means to be subjected to tribute, trained, ransomed, exploited, monopolized, extorted, pressured, mystified, robbed; all in the name of public utility and the general good. Then, at the first sign of resistance or word of complaint, one is repressed, fined, despised, vexed, pursued, hustled, beaten up, garroted, imprisoned, shot, machine-gunned, judged, sentenced, deported, sacrificed, sold, betrayed, and to cap it all, ridiculed, mocked, outraged, and dishonoured. That is Republican government, that is its justice and its morality!

Michael R Davis

Now tell us the good aspects of your beloved communism. Nothing?
No control mechanisms at all?
Didn’t your Communists lock up the Jan 6th innocents without due process, most without trials, charges?


I think you need to replace “Republicans” with your beloved “Democrats”!! What do you think troll??

Vikki Arcila

For those that want more verification, SG just dumped exactly what Mr Baxter says here, with another hook to it. Do your research, it’s starting to come out heavier and heavier. With even verifying, YES ……..JFK Jr is alive, and many others too including Robin Williams as another………..there are many things we are finding out, it’s there, you just have to open your eyes and look for it. Mr. Baxter has surely been vindicated more over for his information being given to us as truth. I thank him for putting his life on the line to share with us, the first stage of eye-opening info, to wake us up. JFK Jr IS set to be Trump’s VP in 2024. There is an information dumping that is full of info beyond belief. They say it’s starting to come fast and furious the closer the time comes for the head to pop, like a pimple. Really getting exciting, and kinda dangerous at the same time.


Clean and swift is what Q team assured us. With God Almighty on our side, who can be against us.
No argument from me on the JFKjr point. Credible source suggests the crash was just for optics. Blessings,


They had to make Killary Rotten and the DS think he was dead and would not be a threat to the evil blood sucking witch. I hope they show her swinging from the gallows for us one day. Nancy Pelosi is another one I would like to see along with Obama and his Michael creature. Biden…..oh yes, dementia or not, sick or not….screaming all the way to the gallows. Kamala….do you think she will giggle like a demented loon all the way? That might be one time she doesn’t find everything hilarious.


Bush and cheny need to have their day also.


ICYMI, they have been taken care of according to this site approximately a year ago.


If I’m not mistaken, the official report on the JFKjr crash will be declassified sometime between now and 2030. The consensus is that the responsible party aka The Clintons won’t be around during the declass and the reason is well know to all RRN followers. Blessings,


I can’t get too much of this good news. When is Nancy’s tribunal?
I wonder if they paired her with the mister to save space for more.


That didn’t last long.




So did mine.

david simmons

Damn it get Mayorkis, please stop this mad man.


Mariana Trench of the deep state. good one Michael Baxter. You gave me a good laugh and I needed that! Thank you Sir.


Sidney Powell has stated repeatedly that if we don’t fix the 2020 election, it’s over.
That being the case, WHY does Trump want to run for re-election when he can’t possibly win?

And WHY does he persist in these trials when he does not wish to be installed as President?


This post is not from me, the first Christine. It is a different icon. Good grief.


BTW- if they can “clone” me they can “clone” you. Then Oliver would lose all of his fake romances to his clone.


Maybe he doesn’t want to be “installed” as President….because he already IS the president! Get the picture.

Michael R Davis

Trump is blowing smoke at the Deep-State. He is not running in 2024 since he won 2020. That will get straightened out. That also applies to all the Republicans who won 2020, won the 2022 midterms, and were cheated.



Sara Schmidt

I wish I could share it


Thinking of Baker & Comey, 2 peas in a pod colluding while at the FBI makes my blood boil.
I tend to think he needs his head removed from his body, just like Comey… if proven guilty. 
What’s the future of the FBI? I mean that 3-Ltr agency along with the DOJ needs to be gutted & realigned with new safeguards or totally disbanned IMO.




Gut and realign, it is.

Sue Grantham

Hopefully Musk will continue to provide the military with more traitors 🙏♥️👏

Barry Williamz

Pelosi had her last drink.
Baker has his last tryst.
Yeah, ain’t getting any fun at hotel Gitmo.


He will be swinging at Jailhouse Rock