Inside Biden’s Billion Dollar, Drunken Gala Dinner


Thursday night’s liberal lollapalooza at Tyler Perry Studios’ “White House” was a farrago of drunkenness, paranoia, chicanery, pomposity, and alcohol-fueled rage toward Donald Trump and Elon Musk.

As reported yesterday, U.S. military assets apprehended several Deep Staters who attended the illegitimate administration’s dinner honoring French President Emmanuel Macron, two of whom, ostensibly seeking leniency, recounted details of the shindig to military investigators. Sources have yet to name the arrestees—in fact, only Nancy Pelosi has been named thus far—but said one is a Hollywood producer who has garnered many cinema awards over a 20-year-long career, and the other a sniveling politician who wept like a baby when Special Forces arrested him at gunpoint.

If their words are truthful, Pelosi was tipsy when she arrived at the feast and sauntered to an open bar replete with scintillating bottles of pricey liquor–Clase Azul tequila, 50-year-old Appleton Estate Rum, Macallan Sherry Oak whiskey, and, to top it off, Chateau Margaux grand vin. Chilled decanters of 1959 Dom Perignon sat in ice buckets at every dinner table. As guests donned in tuxedos or ballroom gowns funneled inside the imitation White House, Pelosi lingered at the bar, heartily sampling various liquors while the bartender stared at her in dazed bewilderment.

“If what we heard is true, Nancy drinks expensive booze like Homer Simpson guzzles Duff beer,” a source in Gen. David H. Berger’s office told Real Raw News.

Pelosi wasn’t the only ravenous drinker on the premises; drunken merriment abounded. Before dinner, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus of Seinfeld fame, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and Brian Deese, director of the National Economic Council, raised a toast to Klaus Schwab—who was absent—and the World Economic Forum.

“Klaus is wealthy, and therefore wise,” Deese said, eliciting a round of applause.

“Wait. Wealth and wisdom don’t go hand in hand,” Mayorkas reportedly countered. “Just look at Musk and Trump.”

Invoking Trump’s name purportedly made Austin bristle. “Some names aren’t meant to be spoken here tonight. Whether from Florida or his ivory tower in Manhattan, he still disrupts my command,” Austin said.

Meanwhile, Pelosi continued indulging in drink and, therefore, losing her inhibitions. At one point in the evening, she made a comment so cringeworthy that those within earshot feigned deafness or simply distanced themselves. Her speech slurred, she said she had “the best and biggest boobs in the House, better even than,” she added with distaste, “AOCs or MTGs.”

Elsewhere, Biden fawned over French President Emmanuel Macron, praising his pandemic leadership and willingness to integrate “undocumented Muslims” into French society. He called Macron a “true progressive” and encouraged him to one day seek the role of Secretary General of the United Nations.

“If I’m still President of the United States and You’re running the U.N., imagine what we’d accomplish together. Our policies would rule—shape the world,” Biden told him.

Although Biden spoke lucidly early in the evening, his dementia came back with a bang when actress Jennifer Garner asked if he intended to give Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky enough money to finally drive Russian forces off Ukrainian soil. Biden mistook Garner for a different actress, Lindsay Lohan, evidenced by the fact that he referenced her role in the movie Mean Girls, a 2004 teen comedy film in which the protagonist, a disheveled outsider played by Lohan, tries to become a member of the popular, cliquish girls in school.

“You had some…I mean…really pretty and the others in Mean Girls. The…what was it called…the Parent Trap too. You blossomed young, like Ashley,” Biden told Garner.

“That wasn’t me,” Garner reportedly muttered, and walked off.

Later in the evening a splenetic, irascible Biden was overheard saying that “I need my candy,” after which his personal physician, Dr. Kevin O’Conner, escorted him from the banquet hall to a private room. Biden reappeared 20 minutes afterward, rejuvenated and refreshed, and loquaciously touted his “accomplishments” to rapturous applause.

“Candy is Biden’s codeword for Adrenochrome,” our source said. “He was going downhill, so got his shot or infusion, then came back to serenade his sympathetic audience. Well, mostly sympathetic. We’re still trying to figure out why Kevin McCarthy was there.”

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Bill Kaulfield

And yet this ^^^^^^^ is still here.


(Edited) repost of an earlier post I made.


All PC-style hardware is backdoored with a ‘remote management unit’. Truther Brendon O’Connell describes it here

43:07 – 45:40 (or to 47:21)


YouTube video ID T3AmxqIPnd8

It is basically explains the reason behind all the ‘glitchery’ and ‘fvckery’ done by the DS online to stymie/discourage truthers/whitehats online.

Please watch the full clip for the full story. Brendon’s computers were attacked in the manner described in the clip segment above while producing this clip. Thankfully, he was able to finish the full clip and first post it long ago on an earlier channel he had that got scrubbed by YouTube.


Also, Brendon paid money to get YouTube to stop scrubbing his truther channels there. So far it is working and the above YouTube clips is still on YouTube at his latest channel.

As far as I know, this security hole cannot be shut but can be redirected to other unaffected computer hardware that doesn’t have this security hole and a properly configured router that can carefully re-route all the backdoor access to the other computer hardware where such requests are ‘ignored’. A savvy computer user set up a Raspberry PI and his router to stop bad guys/griefers/DS from intruding into his computer network this way. This security hole was deliberate and Brendon explains why it was done in the clip above.

Tracy Reinert

This same f*ckery used to backdoor rig the tabulating voter machines.


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Selling your mother online? What’s she showing off on camera?……..🤮


All I know




if you really believe that,you will believe any thing the satanists throws at you..Trump is for the people Not for the evil asses like your self..




The only place PDJT is going is back into the US Presidency. Get lost, moron.


Operation mockingbird has worked 100 percent on you.
Nowhere on this site has the name Trump been mentioned and Trump full on lives in your brain.
I feel sorry for you and your family, if you still have family that talks to you.
If you can’t read a story without inserting Trump into it you must be miserable to live with.


Jesus Christ administrator. How hard is it to really block his automated spam? I don’t see any attempts at securing this comment section at all.


How did the above spammer slip through the cracks?

Bill Kaulfield

The problem with purging “trolls” is that it’s a legitimate form of debate. Making fun is free speech, too.

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Bill Kaulfield

I see one of my other comments has been purged. It was a valid criticism of the article, but I guess that’s not actually allowed.

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Michael R Davis

I see 7 of your posts, 3 about the champagne.

Bill Kaulfield

Yes, there was another in which I criticized the writing style of the article. It was removed.


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I’m not paid,I’m not a troll,I’m not a spammer…rather,I have a vested interest in all of history from before the beginning into eternity because of my Redeemer Jesus Christ.


Thanks Michael…
Yes, really needed — get rid of those vile bots, shills, idiots and bar$hembar

Just Me

And Julie too, she is too vile she is worse than Buck Fiden.

Lucky Star

Totally agreed


Barshemabar is still here like every 6 comments so their spammer algorithim is evidently not working.

This story is just a fluff peace for me nothing special. I still don’t understand how the french president could have snuck away from this party and not been caught by our special forces in our country, I could see that if he was in his own country.
Anyways just a fluff peace.

Rose Mary Abbott

Thank you.

American Living in Canada

Right On Michael, good to hear!




Thank You. !
Michael Baxter..
We look forward to the Future..

Michael R Davis

Nonsense, paid shills, trolls add nothing to the debate.
One-liners, same garbage over and over, filling a page with characters, is stupid and useless.


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Bill Kaulfield

I guess the moderator starts on Monday….

Just Me


Jane C


Nukkin Futz

Barshitter has identity issues, probably mild retardation due some birth issue complication..,plus I wonder if his mother knows he likes to tell lies…


So be it.

Robert Ford

Maybe you can start by getting rid of barshembar, a spammer.


Yeah if he stays here and any of us get deleted you know there is a bad problem here, lol


Curious Michael… will you ever be providing a “block” function for the comment board??


Hopefully Michael won’t do that. For technical reasons, the block function would tax the resources of RRN and would be abused by the trolls who would block all the non-trolls and continue to spew their garbage here. As a result, RRN would have to block all the non-trolls for them which would increase resources used RRNs database server(s) where the posts are stored and the webservers used to return webpages to the trolls with the content stripped out which also takes time and computer resources to do. What could be done is to block the trolls at the IP address level when they connect to RRN and simply disconnect them. But that might not work because the DS trolls here are using VPN services or ‘secret’ blocks of IP addresses at legitimate ISPs for this dastardly purpose. This puts Michael in a bind–he cannot block those IP addresses because potential non-troll websurfers are on them and may find their way to RRN to read/post here. Michael could use CAPTCHAs but that might drive all the non-troll posters away if they were used.

The best way to get rid of all the paid DS trolls here at RRN is to simply cut off their funding from the ‘upper management’ employing them. They then have no more ‘profit motive’ to post here and will go away. The non-troll (readers/)posters here can help by simply IGNORING the trolls 100% by not posting any direct replies to them. If this is not done, they will still get paid and stay here. If they are trolling here ‘for free’ they are ‘idiots’ as truther Owen Benjamin explains here


2:20:45 – 2:29:25
2:20:45 – 2:36:48 [longer ‘FULL’ version]


Bitchute video ID Aog7TSfHkxGo

This clip is still working but there is a noticeable delay before it starts playing when you first access it (in a while). This delay goes away when you re-access it soon afterward. It could be technical issues at Bitchute or it could be subtle fvckery by the DS done to get people to pass up this important truther clip.


Page 404 again.


Just tried to play Owen’s clip just now (12-04-2022) and it is still working/playing for me. If it 404’ed for you it was one of two things.

1) Genuine malfunction(s) at Bitchute.

2) Fvckery by the DS and the paymasters above them. Sadly, this happened to truther Jim Stone (voterig dawt komm) long ago when he had a pizza business going to help keep his news website online. So the bad guys DELIBERATELY mess with the phone service to his pizza place by ‘gaslighting’ the callers by way of cellphones and GPS. The scam worked like this: If the people were not very close/inside Jim’s pizza place, calling it would never work so they would call some other place for pizza–a lost sale for Jim. Jim wondered why he wasn’t getting any business to his pizza place and investigated and discovered the scam when someone called his pizza place from inside it and the call went through.

He was similarly fvcked with another time when one of his cellphone carriers DELIBERATELY stole paid for internet bandwidth from him. As a result, he traced back online problems he was having at the time to this simple conclusion.

The bad guys own/control the worldwide financial and communications networks. Because of this, they can silence/bankrupt anyone that threatens them. So those people either shut up and admit defeat or press on and tell the world about their evil as Jim is still doing.

Hopefully, the stuff posted here at RRN is true/plausible and this control they have over world is being broken one piece at a time to free the people under its control after a very, very long time.


Wake up to “Gangstalking/CoIntelpro” techniques.


BTW , before Chase closed General Flynn’s account, I had my Chase credit card account closed and was never 30 days late. I had to drive to a different state (2 hours away) to find a Chase Bank to make the payment in person. There was no recourse to their action. I was clueless to the big picture. Meanwhile, remember when Trump’s banks told him to take his business elsewhere when he moved back to Florida. Don’t underestimate the control, similar to Twitter’ fired executives who are back in the news, as Musk is releasing their emails.


Just got censored. Try again. Remember when “Persue Bank” closed General Flynn’s account for no reason? Also, when Trump moved back to Florida, the banks there told him to take his deposits elsewhere. This is the control the Deep State has. Meanwhile, Musk is releasing the three fired Twitter exec’s emails for all to see.


Remember when “Pursue Bank” closed Gl Flynn’s account for no reason. Also remember when Trump moved back to Fla and no bank would take his deposits. This is the Deep State control.


Sorry about your friend. We are at war for sure.


Blocking functions appear to use substantial server resources so, to answer your question, I doubt you’ll see one here anytime soon.


Reminds me of what Twitter, Facebook, and most of all social media and MSM does on their sites.


Not even close.

Substantive rebuttals, using facts, logic and evidence, are always welcome here.

Ad hominem attacks, vulgar sexual references, and repetitive and baseless mockery are not.

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Question for Michael Baxter- Is there an imposter on TruthSocial that goes by Real Raw News moderator?

Tracy Reinert

Excellent article, Baxter.

Bev Kungl

I completely agree. Thanks, Michael.


Is that why my legitimate comment on Lloyd’s comment in the Moderna CEO Bancel Worshipped Demon Baphomet got deleted. Those you have hired don’t know legitimate from spam. It’s plainly obvious because there’s a spam comment as the first on here under yours.

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Thank you!!!


Michael Baxter. So, when will this start because even after what you say here, it seems like some are doubling down and posting more garbage than before.
Michael also would be nice if you curbed the posters on all the filthy language they use. It’s not necessary.

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Free speech is still free speech. We have enough stuff to fight in this war.


In this day and time, you have no choice but to protect your site and your supporters from the Deep Staters and other misguided Leftists! Thank you Michael.


Thank 😊 you maybe they can keep it clean, thanks for the updates. Can’t wait for the rest, even thought some people pick on me for holding faith in this being true, but let them pick. This has been the best news sense January 6, keep up the great work Michael, I am waiting for the next 😀 👍 😊 update!


GOD BLESS YOU Michael…well-named for the battling angel of GOD!




“…We’re still trying to figure out why Kevin McCarthy was there.” McCarthy was there because he is a RINO. Nothing will get done in the House to stop the commiecrats. And McConnell is on the take with the communist Chinese just like Biden.

Jeremy R Feit

do any attendees even believe that’s the same guy who was obama’s vp? do they care?


About that Atlanta “studio” White House, as with last week’s “state dinner,” would that be the intended venue for this year’s Christmas display, along with an (HGTV) video of the setting up and tour as in previous administrations. 🙂

Juliana Nead

I wonder if Julia Louis Dreyfus did her “Elaine dance” for everyone


Julia Louise-Dreyfuss of Seinfield fame?
Really not because she is direct descendant from French nobility and because Macron was there?

Michelle Ryan

My Question is if they had the fake Biden why didn’t they arrest the actor too? Is he part of the movie? To draw these criminals in?


And another thing, did Obiden say “if I’m elected again….” Are they rigging elections in hell these days?


Maybe they can pass out one last bottle of 1959 Dom Perignon as a farewell gesture to Nazi Pelosi and crew, you know, to remember the good ol’ days on the tax payers money.


I think Tyler Perry should be arrested and held at his military tribunal and hung for his Treason to our Nation for allowing The Fake Biden and Obama regime to deceive the American people with his fake White House

Dave Kelly

That works for ME.


Oh Dear Lord please tell me it wasn’t the real Kevin McCarthy just a double spying on them all!


Some of these stories are outlandish
I wish the truth WOULD once and for all be REVEALED

Dave Kelly

Lynn , sometimes TRUTH is relative.


Trump and Musk are both freemasons. The latter faked that space car nonsense and even admitted it (‘you can tell it’s real because it looks so fake’ or something like that).
So does this mean there is division amongst the freemasons now?

Dave Kelly

They are CONFLICTED , and YES , this is a PROBLEM

Robert James

Sounds like they’re all in deep denial. By this time next year, they’ll be forgotten.

Dave Kelly

Yeah but they left ” gifts ” that keep on giving, unfortunately .


It’s sacrilege to use the WH, the People’s House, real or fake, for secret parties. I hate it

Dave Kelly



Sniveling might mean Lindsey Graham? McCarthy must go. Maybe Nancy aged because she drank such old alcohol. Spirits. Booze. Champagne. Wine. From other decades. Jk

Dave Kelly

ALL top shelf for Nasty


Well now lets find out J.W.T.H. the snake Kevin McCarthy was doing there???

Dave Kelly

It’s been reported that Kevin was do’in EVERYONE! He’s the dude with the LUBE.

carolyn smith



If McCarthy was there, that is the person they should have arrested along with Pelosi, instead of wasting men on the French president.

Jerry Miller

It’s unfortunate that everyone at the party didn’t get a ticket to Gitmo

Dave Kelly

REDEMPTION TRAIN A COM’IN , GOTS TO REGISTER TO RIDE. Can we get a HELL YEAH? Yeah that’s just where you head’in, HELL.


Oh man, this sounds like an episode of Mad Men!! Hahahaha 🤣

orange julius

Nancy will be detoxing pretty hard.


GOOD! Then make her clean up the mess she made with all the liquid and semi-liquid emissions from all three openings she made in the process.

Dave Kelly

As I said this would require a HAZMAT TEAM

Dave Kelly

Nasty detoxing will require a HAZMAT TEAM


Thank you for your reporting and hard works. You have really fill us with hope in this hard times. Looking forward to read more stories 😀 😄 of the arrested Deep states.

Elisa Orozco

Hopefully, the next M.B. communication re: Pelosi will disclose her date of execution…….

Lone Ranger

I can’t, keep thinking about Psalm 94. Please read it. These reprobate, these arrogant fools are playing a dangerous game. And it won’t end well. You will not see their downward progress in the msm. I wish , as you do, that we all could go running in there and close them down. It’s frustrating. But when I suggest waiting on the Lord, please do t take that as a sissy way out. This fight is not just physical. Use discernment and wisdom. Yes, there may be a stone that has to be thrown at Goliath. If so may it be suggested by the Lord . Please, courage and wisdom my brothers.

Dave Kelly

We hear you, But the Lord expects his creation to do some work. YES he may assist possibly when needed, but WORK this important, should be performed by His creation. If I was the BOSS, I would expect the Help TO DO THE WORK, EVEN THE DIRTY WORK. It’s OUR JOB, WE NEED TO GET TO IT! If the LORD takes the attitude, ” If you want the JOB done right, you have to do it yourself ” If HE has to do it, we may not be here any more. WAKE UP PEOPLE ,WAKE UP!

Sparky Sr

Ladies & Gentlemen, Since the Reconstruction Act of 1871 that not only violated our Constitution into making the US Corp, BUT also did not tell the People to vote on it as well…
This was all done behind closed doors from the people…
BUT never fear for God & Trump were here…
How do you close down a business in its entirety???
You bankrupt it!!
Pres. Trump Backrupt the US Corp in Oct 2020 and was granted in Jan 7, 2021 in Florida Federal bankrupcy court…
So what happens to a business that didn’t close its doors and continues to operate illegally???
What happens to the 3rd party businesses still doing business with the defunct Corp and knows about it????
What happens to the people running those businesses???
Why do they keep trying to kill Trump at all costs??
Trump signed the Insurrection Act on Nov 4, 2020 and activated on Jan 6, 2021 in his speach outside the WH….
The DS is in TOTAL PANIC MODE – They lost it all and they know it.. So they are going to destroy what they can do before they hang…

Sparky Sr

“… We’re still trying to figure out why Kevin McCarthy was there.”
He’s nothing but a back-stabbing douche…

Dave Kelly

He was there for the ACTION , it was a GayLa, funded by the US TAXPAYER.


Gala dinner was scheduled just before the upcoming Georgia General Run-Off Election. Hmm…

MAGA CountryBabe

Why was Kevin McCarthy there? Hes a freaking RINO.

Dave Kelly

It was a State Dinner, the taxpayer is footing the bill , so McCarthy will NOT be denied. Plus there was the traditional Three – way – circle – jerk going on in the sub – level of the FOE White House so again Kevin was NOT going to miss that action, he is all about the ACTION.


Sounds like the real Biden managed to be released from the hospital undeterred and has the actor on standby.

Anthony Gregory

I’d have hit everything with a thermobaric.


And ruin arresting the main perps? At least we get to hear about the tribunals and executions, those are best ones!

Dave Kelly

Is that some kind of enema?


I bet Macron is with Trudeau right now

Dave Kelly

YES and they both are still at the FOE White House. Someone slipped them a ” mickey ” all right, they were given Krazy Glue instead of Anal Lube. They’re still together, Nuts – to – butts.


We KNOW why Kevin McCarthy was there and it should be made public!




get …pence …coin ?????

Tracy Reinert

Loved seeing the phrase: “Illegitimate Administration.”


When I read the paragraph about Nancy bragging on her boobs I immediately started hearing her slur her words in the voice on The United spot, lol!


Thats what I thought too. We all need to appreciate Untied Spot.


♥️🇺🇸Sounds like this is to start outing McCarthy and others named. ♥️I think they would know they weren’t in D.C. well maybe Nancy’s too drunk to know where she is.


McCarthy is a treasonous bastard. Hang his sorry ass.

Nukkin Futz

The caterers should have been infiltrated by white hats and then slip mickeys to all of the black hats with only one operating toilet, the drunken show would’ve been biblical laffter to the white hats watching all of deep state goons trying to get to the restrooms with soiled skirts and trousers. Oh the joy….and maybe it would’ve leaked out to the press, too…


That would be beyond funny! Perfect idea, if they had done it.


I hope two of the people arrested were Arthur Roberts and Lloyd Austin. Here’s hoping!


Too bad somebody didn’t nuke the place. What a collection of filth and sewage.


That would be a CRIME. I don’t condone committing CRIMES to catch CRIMINALS, but then, that’s just me.


As extremely intelligent and out of this world critical thinker that Elon Musk is… has anyone else (other than myself) considered Elon Musk as being Nicola Telsa’s grandson? Just wondering. I think he is but wanted to see other people’s thoughts.


Nope. Not a chance. Tesla was Serbian and Musk is South African.


No. A noble man wed to his work, NT stated unworthiness of a wife and had no children.


Make that: … stated his unworthiness of having a wife …


I know who AOC is. Who is MTG?

Johnny Lunchbucket

Marjorie Taylor-Greene, republican representative from GA.

Julia M Wescott

Not OK that Kevin Macarthy was there!


MB, I’m assuming Intel gathered for this story came from someone attending this party was either someone arrested or a whistleblower, or even a planted informant? In your story you write; “If their words are truthful, Pelosi was tipsy when she arrived….” leads me to think it was an arrested POS? Just looking for a less obscure identification of the source.


Just imagine her waking up in detox. LOL


Tell me again how Real Raw News can enlist the help of someone in the Trump camp to help purge spammers/trolls/shills … and say this is not real info???
Wakie, Wakie people.


#1 Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sure looks to me like Macron is taking a selfie with the Fake Biden.
#2 When are they going to arrest TYLER PERRY?

Just Me

One Billion is this how much it cost taxpayers? OMG all of these people need to be arrested for robbery of taxpayer’s money. I heard the other day that our taxes were going up again, this is criminals what these crooks are doing to us.

Smokey Stover

That price tag may be a little exaggerated, like the cost of the wine.

Just Me


Smokey Stover

Trump just said, on Truth Social, that its time to suspend the Constitution so he can be reinstated. We finally get to his real plan. So we may finally get that military dictatorship that we’ve all been hoping for


God forbid! Trump would love that! I don[t even want to entertain that thought.

Dave Kelly

The US Constitution and Bill of Rights of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA , the REPUBLIC can NEVER BE SUSPENDED, NEVER. So DJT has been misinformed or he did not say or make the comment.


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Smokey Stover

I’m sure this went down exactly as described. Waiting for the pics and videos from the many guests who would have had a chance to take them and who would delight in posting them.

Michael R Davis

So, you believe there were people who were not Deep-State at a Deep-State event, free to take photos, videos of anything they pleased? You also believe the FAKE Newsmedia, owned by the Deep-State, would go ahead and publish said photos, videos without repercussions?

Common sense, simple deductive reasoning, are not your strong traits, are they?

Dave Kelly

The ” guests ” were all hammered , no doubt could not hold a camera steady enough, Lloyd