Nancy Pelosi, Other Deep Staters Arrested Following Biden’s State Banquet


United States Special Forces and Army Rangers on Thursday arrested Deep Staters—four politicians, two Hollywood actors, and two liberal media personalities–following the criminal Biden regime’s gala extraordinaire banquet, where 300 black-tie guests feasted on taxpayer-funded Maine lobster, Almas caviar, and bottles of Chateau Margaux grand vin—at $200K per bottle.

Contrary to the regime’s narrative, the lavish celebration did not take place at the White House in Washington D.C.; rather, the deception took place at Tyler Perry’s to-scale mockup of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, a precise facsimile of the real thing. Real Raw News and other alternative media have in the past elaborated on how the regime uses Perry’s property to emulate official government functions, so we won’t write a thesis on it today. A cursory Google search yields ample results.

What’s important is that USMC General David H. Berger had obtained a guest list and noticed that several names also appeared on a different list—the registry of sealed indictments President Donald J. Trump had co-authored before leaving Washington for his Mar-a-Lago command center in 2021.

A source in Gen. Berger’s office told Real Raw News that Gen. Berger on Monday contacted 5th Special Forces Group Commander Brent Lindeman and 75th Ranger Regiment Commander Col. J.D. Keirsey, asking for their help in apprehending “high value targets of opportunity” because his Marines were currently entrenched in other operations against Deep State saboteurs. General Berger informed his patriotic allies that agents of the Deep State were expected to attend the regime’s diplomatic Soirée, and he reportedly recited 20 names, including French President Emmanuel Macron and, for reasons unknown, actress Chrissy Teagan.

The White Hat commanders, our source said, considered a few options: either storm the fake White House, arrest everyone, and sort out the guilty from innocent later, or selectively target and arrest active Deep State players as they departed the sumptuous repast. General Berger, who seldom explains his methods or motives to his subordinates, recommended the second choice, saying, “If we storm the gates, security will get tipped off, and the Deep Staters we want might escape into the woodwork. No, we will use some discretion. We’re not giving [Nancy] Pelosi a chance to escape, not this time.”

Col. Keirsey committed a Ranger platoon to the operation, and Col. Lindeman devoted an “unknown” number of Special Forces to the mission. They did their best to photograph every vehicle and person passing through the security gates.

And there they sat, patiently, until the din of the party dwindled to muffled whispers, the lights inside began to wink out, and a procession of pricey vehicles and rented limousines waited in line to exit the grounds.

Special Forces and Rangers formed joint teams, each comprised of 4 men in civilian SUVs. One team spotted a black limousine with diplomatic license plates ferrying Emmanuel Macron from the faux White House to an unknown destination. The fire team followed the limo south on Interstate 75; Macron’s driver seemed to be zipping toward Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The Special Forces/Ranger team intercepted the vehicle a few miles from the airport, but found they’d been duped. The passengers were not Mr. and Mrs. Macron but were life-size silicon replicas of the French president and his wife, Brigette.

Other fire teams had better success. The unit following Nancy Pelosi’s $200K Mercedes AMG SL 63 convertible performed what police call a “pit maneuver,” a pursuit tactic by which a pursuing car can force a fleeing car to turn sideways abruptly, causing the driver to lose control and stop. Pelosi’s chauffer, unable to compensate for the move, spun 360-degrees across Route 166 and came to a dead halt. The Special Forces/Rangers yanked Pelosi and her driver from the disabled vehicle.

“This time it wasn’t a body double or a woman wearing a Pelosi mask. We got the real deal,” our source said.

Our source said the names of the other seven Deep Staters apprehended Thursday night will be made known next week, as well as the charges against them.

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Nancy’s big boobs aren’t going to do anything for her now. She’s not going to need a floating device, when she’s dangling from the gallows! 😉
Can’t wait to find out who the others were who were arrested that night!?


Chrissy Teagan is a huge pedophile. I have seen some of her Twitter posts talking about it.


“Our source said the names of the other seven Deep Staters apprehended Thursday night [Dec. 1] will be made known next week, as well as the charges against them.” It now being Thurs., Dec. 8, am wondering if that’s still on?

Mark David

With a BAC of .47%, Nancy won’t be able to handle a tribunal without staying soused. How that wretch is still alive is a compliment to medical science.

Billy Bob

Macron is on par with Emeril – does a lot of preps (and props).

Billy Bob

Back in time, one of the Russian oligarchs in Moscow Mikhail Khodorkovsky (currently Putin’s enemy), who was then overseeing “Menatep” bank, openly said that KGB wasn’t able to deliver information he needed, so he had to use more capable French services.


Why would Pelosi have her new Mercedes in Atlanta?

Last edited 1 year ago by Teresa

Everybody knows Teagen and Legend are pedos. That’s why. You can’t bet they shoot up adreno AT A MINIMUM with all their cool pedo child-screwing friends in Hollywood.


This is one of those moments when we collectively experience a sigh of relief when someone who is such a traitor is removed from the playing field. Our White Hats military are doing a superb job of taking care of the business at hand!


I hope her driver was a regular and not some poor random person who had an unlucky night.



Julio Antonio Laguna

Definitely is going to be a better Christmas! Hell Yeah!!!


Well, looks like thats it for anybody willing to go to another Uncle Joe’s Parties.

orange julius

Awesome! Nancy can finally see Paul again.

Sparky Sr

Here is a partial list of who attended:
Stephen Colbert and Evelyn McGee-Colbert
Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Charles Hall
John Legend and Chrissy Teigen
Actress Jennifer Garner brought her daughter, Violet Affleck
Jonathan Batiste, his wife Suleika Jaouad, and numerous family members
Academy-Award winner Ariana DeBose and director Baz Luhrmann
House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy, who was asked how he felt about attending a dinner with the president’s son, Hunter Biden, whom Republicans have promised to investigate when they take control of the House next month. He simply noted he was there with his mother.
Nancy Pelosi, also attended the dinner, bringing her daughter, Alexandra. 
Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, 
Secretary of Interior Deb Haaland, 
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Chasten Glezman Buttigieg
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, 
Brian Deese, director of the National Economic Council
Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Macron
Robin Roberts and Gaila Amber Laign
Henry Muñoz III and Ariana DeBose
Christian Louboutin
Anna Wintour and Bazmark Luhrmann
Ashley Biden and Elysia Bevan
Gabriela Hearst and Stephanie Lasnier de Lavalette
Mark Milley and Hollyanne Milley
Rebecca Pringle and Nathan Pringle III
Valerie Biden Owens
Mary Kay Henry and April Verrett
Robert Menendez and Nadine Menendez

Solange Silverman

I thought she’d already been arrested, unless this one is the actor who has been playing her.

Klikhir Tulagin

I expect Teagan would be on the list due to !!allegations!! that she is a major paedophage and a kind of ringleader – for the last few years the SI swimsuit gals have looked really odd. All supposed to be linked to ping-pong-pizza.


So you are more concerned with money than getting the truth out?

mary pascucci

last month Trump said she was already going to a different country what did she do escape?


I wonder if Tyler Perry was a guest with the demons or did he just rent them his White House for the evening? He is a liberal all the way to his bones.


Macron would have been a huge get. If only.


How come there isn’t much racial mixing between white jews and blacks, his-panics, her-panics, asians?

Are jews racists? Are they excluding others? Where is the inclusiveness in only white jews mating with white jews?

Rod Himler Rosenstein would couple nicely with a french muslim.


The old bag got a boob job…you’d have thought she would get some bondo and trowel it on for makeup

question everything

I wasn’t aware that “MonkeyWerks BitChute, RestoredRepublic, Rumble i. e.” were a competitor with RRN. I guess I better not mention “MonkeyWerks BitChute, RestoredRepublic, Rumble i. e.” ever again for FEAR of being PermaBanned for mentioning “MonkeyWerks BitChute, RestoredRepublic, Rumble i. e.”.
Are you celebrating Saturnalia this year?
Whatever you do, don’t mention “MonkeyWerks BitChute, RestoredRepublic, Rumble i. e.” on any of your holiday stationary as it may get you PermaBanned from RRN’s Joyous 2023, oh, my!

question everything

What’s in your stocking?

question everything

We have always been the target.
Ever since Genesis 3…the seed of the woman has been the target.

Last edited 1 year ago by question everything

Sorry about your mom, Oliver. Must have been awful for you.

About time

Considering everyone at that high priced buffet of pricey food and wine knew exactly what was going on, why didn’t the WH’s just send a couple bunker busters in and end the movie with a standing ovation?


Scumbag Apocalypse


Thank you gentlemen.


I see people talking about Shapeshifters. I have read a lot about them, but I just can’t seem to wrap my brain around it. It seems impossible, but I guess that is part of the indoctrination that we have all suffered from birth. I WILL continue to learn, I want to know the whole truth. We all do…….

Rob William

Actually they use ancient organic nano-bots aggregator technology. The organic nano-bots combine together to form any shape “multi-organic-bots” organism, like cells in the body forming multicellular cells organisms.


Thank you ( Col.) Dr. Zachary Smith.


Bye bye Nancy.
You will never be missed!!!

Sue Grantham



Soooo, I’m seeing Tom hanks walking around and making movies and giving much of the proceeds to vets… wasn’t he also suppose to be dead? According to this site.

Rob William

Clones have 10x the qualities of the original ones.

Lorenz Manner

Unspeakable joy to hear this extraordinary piece of news. I hope that the noose is already prepared. With her another piece of trash will be flushed away forever. Very sad that this French piece of dung and his woman couldn’t be caught .. sad .. sad .. sad.

Last edited 1 year ago by Lorenz Manner

More Winning. I Luv It


I would pay 1K if you hang her on Pay Per View. Thanx


Yes, and Trump will be back in office before last year is out. Still writing some good fiction I see.

question everything

If you know the author, the future is certain.
Let it roll, baby, roll!


So is yo mama.


So, then, why keep checking in …


Wish ,It was real.


Waterboard the bitch!

Debate Judge

Tell Nancy, “…and this is what you get for ripping the President’s State of the Union speech, behind his back…”

American Living in Canada

lamestream media messed up and let that one slip thru.

Jose Ramirez

for reasons unknown, actress Chrissy Teagan. I Looked on google and that name did not come out, instead was: Chrissy Teigen
American model…. mmm?

Sue Grantham

She and her husband John Legend are both child monsters and have committed crimes against humanity.
Hang the bitch high

Smokey Stover

and we know this how?


well, her tweets about being into sick pedo shit are probable cause


As usual, Smokestack sounds off without doing any research. All of Tiegan’s pre-Trump tweets have been screenshot for all to see. “They never thought the Hildabeast would lose.”

carolyn smith

yeah right. then why are we still seeing her. since nothing ever comes out ever are your informants just story tellers? I really do not want to be negative but really after all this time some truth should come out, shouldn’t it?


You forgot the narrative. Doubles, clones and cgi. Mikey also swore Trump would be back in office by the end of last year. And let’s not forget the rogue planet Nibiru that he said was going to slam into us years ago. He’s a grifter whonis laughing his butt off at how people buy his bull. Nothing on this site but fiction.


So, then, why keep checking in …


Finally the Nancy D’Allesandro that JFK, Sr., would not hire into government position due to her father being of a mafia persuasion. We got her JFK, Sr., Jr.

Russ C

When Nancy is eventually found guilty, and the appropriate sentence is determined, I would like to see that damn gavel she liked to carry, be the instrument of said sentence.


“Gavel , Hammer, What difference does it make ? ? ?


…what’s gonna happen to all that “ice cream”…


is it in the her WILL ???……..for JB ?????? and dr.Jill ?????


I’m sure her staff will help themselves. The protesters in Sri Lanka did when their corrupt president escaped on a Navy ship.


Crissy Teagen and her husband, John Legend, are reportedly involved in child sex and adrenochrome harvesting and use. I look forward to seeing that smug, better-than-you S.O.B. in chains as well.

John .S

“Two liberal media personalities”.

Place your bets, place your bets; who could they be? Media also encompasses talk show hosts, not solely MSM newscasters.

Before entering choice of names, consider whom are the most stupid media personalities to attend in having treasonous dirt on them.

Two Hollywood personalities? Wild card choices, pedophiles.

Added bonus: pick two apprehended politicos.

Myself handicapping a male & female from media, and two males from Hollywood, and two female politicos.

Place your bets, and post your picks, two choices only from three categories, Media, Hollywood, and Politics.

No prizes, just bragging rights.

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S

John, I saw a list of approximately 100 or so media personalities here and abroad that will be charge with seditious conspiracy and treason. Big names like Stephanoplous, Anderson Cooper, Mike Wallace, Gayle King, Savannah Guthrie, Mike Brezenski and husband, Chris Coumo, Matt Lauer etc.. I wish I had saved it. Blessings,


Will be hard to get body doubles for Nancy pelosi bc of the arthritis in her hands. Everything else cane be duplicated. Sad to hear desantis is DS

Smokey Stover

I want to find out more about this whole body double thing. Where do you apply? Who exactly employs you and what does it pay? How about the hours? Would I get weekends off? Is there a pay differential for nights and holidays? Do I have to stay in character all the time, and what do I do about close friends and family members who will will clearly know I’m not the original. I don’t want some kid screaming in WalMart “That’s not my daddy!” Jonna Mendez, the CIA’s former master of disguise and the developer of those masks, says they won’t stand up to close examination for long. Also, I imagine there would be some major dermatitis from constant contact with latex and adhesives. All in all it sounds like a crappy job but if the pay is right I would consider it.


“Grow a brain, John ! ! !”


hahahaha come on with the bullshit. Post some pictures? There would be tons taken if all this garbage was true? Tunnels, with children being rescued, military invades cia servers and arrests. PICTURES or Bull hockey.


So, then, why keep checking in …


My error. I was misled to think Nancy P. was already arrested and had 2 female US Marshals with her at all times 🤷🏻‍♀️ and she was fired not retired from her post. Glad she’s off the post either way 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Sue Grantham

She was arrested. Your memory is right. However, if they don’t cooperate, they will be taken in.
She gets to go see her husband now 🤣
He’s gonna beg to be hanged🤣


There’s also a photo of Sen Blunt with his hands behind his back escorted by agents. The photo is recircling again.