JAG Charges Nancy Pelosi with Treason, Seditious Conspiracy


The United States Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps on Friday filed formal charges against former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was arrested Thursday night after attending Biden’s lavish State banquet at Tyler Perry’s White House facsimile in the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia.

JAG sources told Real Raw News Saturday morning that Pelosi has been charged with multiple counts of treason and seditious conspiracy—coincidentally, perhaps, the very same charges she told the Department of Justice to level against Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes. A federal jury on Friday convicted Rhodes of seditious conspiracy for plotting to overturn the 2020 election and inciting violence at the Capitol on Jan 6.

“JAG’s charges against Pelosi are concrete, and irrespective of the regime’s unlawful prosecution of innocent people that visited the Capitol. There was no insurrection, no attempted coup. The DOJ is targeting people for supporting Trump. We’re after legitimate criminals—like Pelosi,” our source said.

He added that Nancy Pelosi was flown to Guantanamo Bay hours after Special Forces apprehended her near Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Pelosi, he said, offered no resistance because she was “sloshed and reeked of booze” when Special Forces pulled her from the passenger seat of a Mercedes AMG SL 63. She expressed concern about the condition of her car, and indifference for the state of her driver, who, Real Raw News can now report, died on impact when his head smashed the windshield. Pelosi’s airbag deployed; the driver’s had not.

“I just bought it,” Pelosi had told Special Forces. “Take care of it for me.”

Before hauling her to GITMO, Special Forces drove Pelosi to a “safehouse” to sober up. Her BAC was 0.47%, a potentially life-threatening condition with risk of coma or respiratory arrest. After a while, a somewhat sober Pelosi was shown a military arrest warrant in her name—signed by both President Donald J. Trump and Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall—and told she would be taken to GITMO to face a military tribunal.

A tribunal date will likely be determined early next week, sources said.

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Great news! I’ve been waiting for this day. For her arrest, in particular!! I can’t wait to see punishment meted out to this drunken criminal, who’s an embarrassment to our country! The amount of people she’s caused harm to. I hope she remembers all the Jan. 6th Patriots she’s lied about and set up and taken their rights from and have punished for crimes they not only didn’t commit, but she was responsible for helping to stage the scene!!

Robert James

Michael Baxter is doing us all a great service. Michael, PLEASE have a hyperlink placed by your name that we followers can click on to donate, preferably monthly.

Evelyn B

When is she facing the tribunal?

Frances Rose


Mark David

This is what an 80-something career criminal and alcoholic looks like, being kept alive for years by adrenochrome. I hope she suffers immensely when the adrenochrome wears off, and may she spend weeks in prison suffering before her tribunal begins.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark David

Please share details about Nancy’s spa appointment.

Stinky Perfume

If they can arrest her or others, and fail to put out a clone explanation, or body double explain or get into some more widespread news these people aren’t retired or dead but arrested and hung it’s kinda futile on the truth getting out. Also who/where/how is the cloning and/or body doubles being made?

Stinky Perfume

I’ve heard about the non-human part of everyone running the country, they were born and rooted out early in life for spider or snake, reptilian DNA where they have no empathy gene and they of course would be worried about their car instead of a driver in a crash. I haven’t heard if these types can hold more liquor in their blood. It sounds like Nancy don’t know she’s on the way out. Her condition cannot be fixed with that bad DNA. It would be interesting to heat how much percentage of bad DNA these are composed of.


I would love an update on Nanny and when her execution will take place!! We need to hear!!


All the money in the world can’t buy a soul from eternal damnation…the deep state should surrender asap to the legitimate government military under Trump and repent for their evil for the time is at hand while still alive…no more choices afterwards.


While she was saturated with a flammable the should have lit her up like a tiki torch


What a Traitorous whore hearted Witch you have always been. Now Spend eternity with your daddy satan.


and the other a sniveling politician who wept like a baby when Special Forces arrested him at gunpoint. and who was this?


Well she won’t be using her new Florida home…haha


will be it housing for homeless veterans???????

Mark David

At long last, the witch is going to stand trial for her crimes.

Mark David

The Wicked Witch is (nearly) Dead. Three Cheers. for the US Military

Angela James

They don’t need to get a clone for Nancy because they already used the excuse that she moved out of the country. To the clueless people out there, she will just become out of sight / out of mind like Tom Hanks.


Is she dead yet? I bet her husband is hiding under his bed. HAHA. Bubye witch.


She’s going to hang! She ain’t gonna see 2023 come in.

Juliana Nead

I hope the military has video of her reading that arrest warrant and seeing President Donald Trump’s signature on the warrant… CLASSIC!


Quite sure that our rightful President will be right there at San Fran Nan’s execution.

george friend

Better hurry up with her trial. Anyone who can survive that much alcohol won’t survive without it. Cutting off her booze might kill her before she gets a chance to hang.


When Michael writes, “She expressed concern about the condition of her car, and indifference for the state of her driver, who, Real Raw News can now report, died on impact when his head smashed the windshield. Pelosi’s airbag deployed; the driver’s had not,” does this mean that the Special Forces cause the airbag to deploy? How did the airbag deploy? Or was the driver trying to get away and rammed into something for the airbag to deploy-FOR NANCY and NOT him.

Billy Bob

No doubt she was into accumulating personal wealth, still too dumb to be a USSR asset, like Bill and Hillary, more like China material.

Shena Pineau

About fucking time..


Her execution will most likely be witnessed by DJT! Looking forward to that read.

Jethro Fugbloom

Further evidence proves that Paul Pelosi, Nancy’s husband, hired his attacker as a “hitman” to do away with his wife. The arguments centered on the method of the act. Paul wanted a lot of blood: stabbing or bombing. How the hammer came into play, no one knows. The police officers observed the assault, but did little to prevent the attack.


Thanx for Ripping-Up my SOTU Speech Nancy. For that: “Off With Your Head!” Blah, Ha, Ha….

rene labre

Ok,what we have been waiting for.when it hits you may boast about how ready you are,yeah?,Hope you have the stomach for it,your going to have to see it.Pilgrim.It will be the only thing on the air.Let us start from the top,Donald J..Trump is commander and chief of the military.He has the nuclear codes.The American energy machine can be rigged back up within two weeks,Did you actually vote for Joe Biden? You are a straight up asshole.


Lol,a paid shill,who said that?…RRN Moderator from Truth Social told me to post on the site again…he said you were worried 🤣

just looking

with that being said, I have written a poem.. If I may ? This date I will anticipate , the fate of this one.. truly deep state….Shout from the rooftops…and ring loud the bells… this one may be going… straight to Hell

Last edited 1 year ago by just looking
just looking

Take care of YOUR car ? you mean ‘the tax payers car ‘ … and all the money you made from insider trading ? I don’t know everything , but I heard her net worth was 470 Million $ .. These people are supposed to be spending their time working for us ,, the American People, not spending their time investing, and playing stock market… should be outlawed.. among all the other things she is involved with.. Money laundering of Govt. funds should be one of the charges…


So, how long the embargo?


Can’t wait for the trial!!!

Rob William

Musk will do whatever keeps him in limelight and supports his ego. He earlier supported bill to mandate all vehicles to be electric based on CO2 emissions — electric vehicles make statistically insignificant impact on it. The only reason he is anti Biden is because of his policies to support worker unions.

Dave Strickland

I’ve a nagging thought: Hasn’t the real Pelosi been going around with an ankle bracelet for many months, and shadowed by security details on the good guys side? Just what’s come to me from inside news sources.


They finaly got that demon. I’m so glad.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Chris G

For Michael Baxter: Are the White Hats following Twittergate?

Rob William

Good suggestion. Next story.


Please, Nancy Piglosi is third in line to be President and the military arrests her and she disappears and NO ONE says a word?Clearly this story is pure fiction unless of course you have a picture of her in handcuffs, which we doubt. We’re sure you will her “smiling face” on TV when Congress reconvenes next week. If there are real Whites Hats in the military why haven’t they arrested the traitor His Fraudulency? After all he flies on military operated aircraft and lives most of time in a Delaware beach mansion that would be easy picking for a company of special forces operators to swoop in and arrest him. Better yet, why haven’t these so called good guys arrested all criminals involved in the theft of the blatantly fraudulent Arizona elections last month? Why? Because none of this is true, it’s all fiction!

Rob William

In MBVerse, MB is god and his word is above the MBVerse US constitution.

Angel Askew

Elon Musk has revealed how Twitter was used as an arm of the DNC to throw the 2020 election. The Brazilian Lula election as well. Brazil is forcasted to enter true martial law next week.
Be brave. Win over liberal neighbors with clear conversation and facts based on reality. Support local everything. Attend political meetings. We are being culled.
Those who refuse to see it will remain sheep and are dangerous.
Refuse to use banks crypto system.
Use cash.
Things will get worse before better, folks.
Do not give up your rights.
Americans will win and demand a new government by being good caring neighbors again.
Be safe, trust your gut and God bless.

Rob William

Any bets on your predictions?

David T

I didn’t see Angel make a prediction that you’re a clueless DS troll-turd DF, but if he had, I’d bet the entire farm on that being true.


lol … The getting worse part is the surest bet …


She didn’t try tearing up the military arrest warrant that President Trump signed? Oh, that’a right, she must’ve been handcuffed after being arrested. Wonder how she felt seeing his yuge signature on that document & not being able to do anything about it. Glad she won’t be trying to continue to destroy the country & the world. Hope her entire crime family gets sent to gitmo where they belong, too.

Smokey Stover

Judges sign arrest warrants, just FYI. Not presidents

Rob William

In MBVerse it’s slightly more flexible.

David T

Ok W0zz Ll0yd B0fa Del+a J0son etc etc etc


CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. these efforts will serve as a deterrent, and future persons taking an oath to protect constitution and souls will use honesty and diligence to do their jobs. This is my hope.
I would feel fulfilled if I could actually watch Pelosi HANG’N’DANGLE.

Rob William

So oathkeepers convicted of seditious conspiracy should be given CAPITAL PUNISHMENT?


Recall five paragraphs up from article’s end … That said, the answer would be “no” as “unlawful prosecution of innocent people … There was no insurrection, no attempted coup,” according to rrn source.


There’s that boring new avatar. What’s with that.

Sue Grantham

If any story needs to have details, this is the one I want every single detail of this evil thing.

David Smith

0.47% BAC and still on her feet is impressive! Her most noteworthy accomplishment. No doubt she has been progressively developing a resistance to alcohol through decades of abuse.
A darned shame about the driver, though.

Smokey Stover

You can’t kill her off before January 3, and even after that will be problematic since she is still a sitting member of Congress representing her district. Better start working up a good clone/body double/whatever story to explain how she will be appearing almost daily in front of lots of people including MTG and Ted Cruz and Louis Gohmert. This is a big lift.

Rob William

The most plausible explanation is shapeshifting reptilians taking over Pelosi. CGI doesn’t works for in person contacts, Cloning will need rapid age and knowledge progression, body double are easy to identify.


Delirium Tremens plus adenochrome crash….YIKES, I hope it will available on NETFLIX for next XMAS.

Debate Judge

“A federal jury on Friday convicted Rhodes of seditious conspiracy for plotting to overturn the 2020 election”

I have a problem with the above statement.

I do not have a problem with

“A federal jury on Friday convicted Rhodes of seditious conspiracy for plotting to overturn the 2020 election” that had election volunteers who gave sworn affidavits that there were improprieties, that Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell, D’Souza, and others concluded the election did not meet constitutional standards.

Nancy Pelosi plotted to tear up the President’s State of the Union Address behind his back and she applauded the President with condescension.

A driver was killed when apprehending Pelosi.
What? He didn’t have his seat belts on and drunk Pelosi did?

Rob William

A gentle reminder, you are not in RealVerse but MBVerse.

Miss Impatient

Now THAT is an epic hangover. Just as she lifted her head out of her hands, she is handed a warrant at gitmo. Hehe….


The warrant signed non other than DJT. Imagine that. God is good all,the time. Blessings,

Rob William

MBVerse is more flexible.


So, you’re sayin’ DJT & Berger unwittingly signed all those for nothin’ — dannng.


Make that: Crandall, not Berger.


Doesn’t anybody care about the car. Driving Miss Piglosi, what a dead end job.

carolyn smith

Thought they didn’t need the tribunal anymore based on an article a few weeks back.

John .S

Buzz that local law enforcement upon arrival ticketed Pelosi’s driver for speeding and unsafe lane change, also issued seat belt citation.

Local yokel [Coram Non Judice] Magistrate will conduct traffic hearing via Absentia, no doubt finding driver guilty.

Local tow company suspected as immediate family member of town’s politicos cleared roadway, and took vechile tow yard, charging daily storage fee, anticipate lien place on vechile.

Cinemas Boss Hog and Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane is in our hearts and minds, whereas Nancy Pelosi is no Daisy Duke.


Angel Askew

Ha! Daisy Duke!