JAG Convicts Education Secretary Miguel Cardona


A panel tasked with deciding Education Secretary Miguel Cardona’s fate Monday morning found the pronoun-loving, gender-affirming goon guilty of child endangerment after deliberating only 15 minutes.

As reported previously, Cardona was arrested Thanksgiving Day when U.S. Marines under General David H. Berger’s command paid a surprise visit to the Cardona’s home. The Marines had also taken Cardona’s wife Marissa into custody, ostensibly as an accomplice to her husband’s alleged crimes.

At 10:00 a.m. a pair of muscular Marines escorted a handcuffed Cardona into GITMO’s south courtroom and seated him in an upholstered chair behind a curved oak table, atop which sat a drinking glass and a pitcher of water.  To his right, three Navy officers—the panel—were sitting at a similar but smaller table, thumbing through a stack of papers; in front of him stood Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall, who, dressed in a crisply starched Class-A uniform bristling with ribbons, leered at Cardona from behind his black-rim spectacles.

“Detainee Cardona, you’ve chosen to appear today without the benefit of counsel, is that correct?” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

Cardona raised his voice. “I haven’t chosen anything. I didn’t choose to be here. You dragged me here. Where’s my wife? No, I don’t want a lawyer. You think I don’t know what this is? I know what goes on here, in your little underworld. Defense attorneys here are nothing but props. I can speak for myself.”

“Let’s get to it then,” said Vice Adm. Crandall. “I have a busy week.”

He projected onto a large screen television images of letters Cardona had written and sent to Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Austin Beutner. The text encouraged Beutner to implement gender studies courses across the greater Los Angeles area—to 4th graders. “Modern times mandate transformative education,” Cordova wrote. “Gone is the era of two genders. Fluidity is the future. The [Biden] administration and I are constructing a cohesive plan to introduce gender fluidity courses in elementary schools nationwide. You, an advocate of trangenderism, are in a key position to move this forward. Your participation, needless to say, will advance your career.”

Cardona had sent similar letters to school superintendents in Spokane, Seattle, New York City, Detroit, Chicago, Lansing, San Francisco, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Orleans, and Denver—all asking his underlings to embrace gender affirmation, hormone blockers, and gender reassignment surgery as the “new normal” in a progressive society. One letter to New Orleans Superintendent Dr. Avis Williams mentioned ways children could hide sexual reassignment from their parents.

Vice Admiral Crandall cleared his throat. “New normal. Now there’s a term we’ve heard before, in different context.”

Cardona interjected, “This is absolute absurdity. Forming a curriculum is not a crime, it’s my job—”

“—Your job to corrupt and indoctrinate young children to conform to your ideology,” Vice Admiral Crandall interrupted him. “When I was a kid, I had a Cassio watch with a pushbutton calculator. It’s amazing what kids have today—watches and glasses that take photos and video.”

A video appeared on the large screen TV. It showed Cardona addressing a 4th grade class at Garden Grove Elementary School in Simi Valley, California. In it, Cardona held a pair of scissors, the kind kids use to cut construction paper, snipping it over and over as he told the class “This is how boys become girls” and said that “boys have a God-given right to be girls and girls have a God-given right to be boys.” He explained to the class that puberty blockers, a “safe and effective medication like Covid vaccines,” could inhibit the growth of biological traits until boys and girls decide “who they want to be in life.” He said boys should experiment wearing girls’ clothes, and vice versa, insisting it was the natural order of things.

Vice Admiral Crandall admonished him. “You don’t consider this child endangerment? Treason? This is treason against the Republic and against every child and parent in the United States of America.”

“Hardly,” Cardona said.

The admiral summoned a witness, Cardona’s wife Marissa, to the stand.

“My love,” Cardona shouted. “What is this? My wife cannot be compelled to testify against me.”

“No one’s compelled her to do anything, detainee Cardona. She’s a cooperating witness,” Vice Admiral Crandall said.

“Mrs. Cardona, will you please repeat today what you told us last week,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

“I am not a Cardona. I spit on that name. I am a Perez. Miguel, he was once a good man, really he was. But he changed. When our children were young, he told them to wear each other’s clothes. He made Miguel Jr. wear training bra and pink panties, and Celine men’s briefs. He said he wanted to see what she look like with a penis and put a plantain under her pants. Then he fondles the plantain. I know this was wrong, but scared to say anything. Miguel told me all boys and all girls should be both boys and girls at same time. He told Miguel Jr. he should have a slit where his penis is,” Marissa Perez told the panel.

Cardona objected. “What did you do to her? She’s using mental gymnastics to twist everything.”

“I admit, this is an unusual case for JAG and the Office of Military Commissions. We usually prosecute murderers, pedophiles, Deep Staters guilty of seditious conspiracy. We’re in uncharted territory here, but this man, Miguel Cardona, if set free will continue to do everything humanly possible to corrupt the minds and bodies of our nation’s children. It’s my recommendation the defendant be incarcerated no less than 20 years,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

The panel rejected the treason charge but acceded to the charge of child endangerment, authoring an adjudication that said “Miguel Cardona presents and ongoing threat to children of the United States and to the premise of a nuclear family. Therefore, it is the commission’s opinion that Mr. Cardona be incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay for a period of 20 years, irrespective of existential circumstances.”

Cardona, none too happy, shouted invectives at the court and at his wife as Marines escorted him from the courtroom.

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That lucky bastard! If caught indoctrinating our youth warrants a minimum 20 year sentence, in 21 years he will be back at it! Hang the bastard for crimes against the children!


20 years is not enough time for the offenses – 40 years is a better number


He was fortunate that he didn’t hang. 20 years, sounds about right. As long as someone doesn’t help him along such as Bill Clinton was.


Only 20 years for the harm he has caused to thousands of children. Hopefully his meals don’t set well with him.


He used his position of power and influence to push his sick agenda. People like him don’t change, he is a pedophile, just because he didn’t get caught with that. He can never be trusted around children., The cabal is feeding his monster and giving him instructions to do this. There is no way he would do that on his own.

Kelly Brown

WTF is the obsession with transgender??? Cripes!

Sharon Janice Manning

I thank the Good Lord above that this monster won’t be abusing our children anymore. What is wrong with people?


In the back you hear The Trammps – “Disco Inferno” long version, playing.


Put him in Bubas cell hahahahahaha

Willy 2.0

Bye Felicia !!!


♥️ 🇺🇸 His new pronouns are I”m /fucked.


That monster was spared.
I wouldn’t had mercy on him.
You do evil, your life will end, period.
20 years looks like a little time. How about 500 years?


In the prison world, “other” criminals are generally very intolerant of pedo’s in their ranks. Miggy better watch out. On second thought, I guess he’s going to be in good company since most of the degenerates already detained are just like him. Hmmm, I think I’d just shove a Louisville slugger up his err-err and waterboard him. Pain is the only thing these SOB’s understand.

David M

I expected him to use the “I was just following orders” as his defense….


A pair of muscular marines…………..now that’s good writing.


That’s “Casio”.

Dr. G

Now, he can practice being a female while incarcerated.


Stop and THINK; they are injecting you with vaccines that sterilize men and women. Injecting children to sterilize them. All under the pretense of too many people on Earth, climate change due to the overabundance of men and women. Stop the births, negate God’s creation. Make “artificial womb technology” (search for yourself). Now we can create 100,000s of infants and we can genetically modify them for our own missions [slaves, warriors, killers, adrenochrome donators, sexual pleasure, baby parts for transplants, or ground up for food] and we can control the world and live forever. This is the evil that this man represents and should be tried for Crimes Against Humanity.


These artificial wombs need to be destroyed along with the vaccines. They are an insult to women and to God’s creation. Perhaps these medbeds can cure the infertility problems the Illuminati and WEF have created with their sterilant toxins to stop us from reproducing in the first place.

Stinky Perfume

Would this be another end times MK Ultra “demon possession”? Who benefits and how from spreading all the hyper sex around with endless variety head games? Destabilizing families and people lost their sense of belonging so they go to ball games and bars and another and another sex partner, forever looking to fit in. Impacting the stability and standard expectations on earth. Some of what this is for is the for icators don’t want to admit the did anything wrong. Some can hardly wait for a gay pervert to take the heat over their several hundred+ female notches in the belt.

There is not “more” to be gained out of an insatiable sexual appetite. At that point they can’t afford the prostitutes and they resort to hit and run trickery like a circus always leaving town, or forced compliance and child sex out of impressionable ignorance.

Jose Ramirez

I don’t agree with the 20 years in GITMO. Kill this motherfucker!!!!! The white hats have a soft heart ; please guys you have to understand this is a battle between evil vs good. No mercy. Kill all of them. Mass arrest and mass dead now

Jose Ramirez

I don’t agree with the 20 years in GITMO. Kill this motherfucker!!!!! The white hats have a soft hart ; please guys you have to understand this is a battle between evil vs good. No mercy. Kill all of them. Mass arrest and mass dead now.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jose Ramirez

He is cool with the mutilation of children. He actually goes as far as condoning and defending it. 20 years is certainly not long enough.

Lorenz Manner

All he needs is the noose. Such a criminal is a perilous enemy in the society.

Lorenz Manner

It’s good but not enough. From me as judge he would have gotten the noose. Such a criminal and destroyer of the children and the society and unrepentant as he is would deserve the noose.

Bill Kaulfield

I don’t suppose we’ll ever get to see the video mentioned in this article.

I wonder why not?

Last edited 1 year ago by Bill Kaulfield
Dr John

An interesting thought. Traitors like this are convicted of Treason and HUNG! There is no doubt he did treasonous acts.

Why were the Treason charges dropped?


One known reason: is that he is cooperating and dumping information the White Hats did not know.. additional detail on whose who and who pulls the strings with information on how things are done. Viable evidence on other Deep State individuals that ties them to criminal acts against the nation and its people.

It is one thing to think, assume or in someway believe a person is doing something; that cannot convict. It is another to have irrefutable proof of said crimes.

He will be the cause of even more being uncovered and MORE people hung for Treason.

Since the charge of Treason was dropped, it would not be double jeopardy to try him later for Treason. This is why he now has diarrhea of the mouth. This fits his personality (weasel). No offense to the weasel animal.

John .S

Treason charge is a stretch, though Cardona may offer miniscule info for better accommodations e.g., softer toilet tissue, clean linen etc.

Alleged, Cardona doesn’t have much to offer, as another flunky, could say, small cog in the gear box [small sprocket] taking directives from a go-between handler.

Deep State has many degrees of separation, Cardona is no exception, just another pawn on their chess board.

Myself believe matter of Cardona is closed, and nothing else will become of it, again degree of separation.

Sparky Sr

Another POS… I can’t believe he did it to his own kids… may he rot in hell
BUT what really pisses me off is that his wife allowed it… She should have just picked up the kids and left to a relative’s to be safe and put in a OOP w/divorce papers…
Well at least we have the list of other POS’s around the country to pick up if not already done, but the damage is already done –
Poor kids

Debra Rudolph

Castration used to be part of the sentence.


To protect our little ones, he should hang, clear and simple and not feed him for 20 years.


He is horrible! Locking him up will give him a Chance to think.


I can’t imagine a father subjecting his children to that level of humiliation. Twenty years is not enough. Sick SOB use the scissors on him.


Depopulate the world by getting rid of these evil demonic bastards stealing our taxes, raping, torturing, killing, and eating children.

These animals are satan’s soldiers. We must and we will depopulate them from this world. God Bless America, God Bless the world.

John .S

Have my work cut out for me in disseminating this article via hard copy to all 45 NYC School Superintendents.

Contemplating enveloping article, placing under windshield wiper blades of teachers [placard] automobiles parked directly outside Rockwood Park elementary school where Brian Stelter incident occurred.

Strongly encourage all herein to disseminate this article to their local school administrators via email or other means, myself prefer hard copy.

We the People administer our public servants, not vice versa, after all, this is the Land of the Free – Home of the Brave, often misinterpreted as: Land of the Fee – Home of the Slave, though not on my watch.

Now for the sake of the children, and mankind in itself, again I strongly recommend in disseminating this article to local school officials, and teachers, which is not criminal whatsoever, all part of the Information War.

Providing public employees a WTF moment is duty, in providing them a rude awakening, enlightening them of ramifications of psychological harm inflicted upon children, which strikes at Law of Nature, where undisputably Boys are Boys, and Girls are Girls.

Have at it folks, duty is calling, take action, for the sake of the Children.


Very good idea!


don’t forget to keep him up to date with his covid shots…..and by the way serve him some of that lovely food designed by Gates….I’m sure he’ll be very happy!…..🤣🤣🤣

Robert Tinkham

Perhaps he should have tried the insanity defense. Based on what he did with his children he might have pulled it off.


Successfully Draining the Swamp. One demonic corrupt left wing liberal democrat at a time.

Slowly but surely we, the patriotic White Hats, are depopulating USA and the World getting rid of evil animals.

Then when they’re all gone and depopulated from this world, we stop depopulating and everyone in this world can and will live in peace and harmony. MAGA!

Rose Mary Abbott

I then suggest that those few unvaccinated people of the right age get busy making babies because even if they don’t die they are sterile and can’t make any more.


No argument here. Getting busy is good!


Death penalty would have been a better outcome.


These people are sick!! 20 years?? Lame! But, here’s a question for you Mr. Baxter or maybe a request for General Berger or whomever is in charge. I read an article in the Daily Mail where Harry Windsor, the late Queens grandson is SALUTING AND BEING SALUTED BACK BY OUR NAVY during a Pearl Harbor Rememberance Day. Harry had his military ranks STRIPPED by the late Queen. Not the first time. Another time several months back he boarded a naval vessel with his wife in a hideous red dress at some November event where the band played ” God save the King” instead of our National anthem. He DOES NOT REPRESENT THE CROWN IN ANY CAPACITY OR AS HEAD OF ANY STATE. WHY IS HE ALLOWED TO DO SO?? Hes also been seen with photo ops at AMERICAN SOLDIERS grave sites during our veterans days remembrances. Please tell General Berger to stop letting this British asshole mock our military. FOR CHRISTS SAKE IS NOTHING SACRED??

Mark A Murray

should have hung the dirtbag !!!!

Gary Lee Taylor

Well done his wife for speaking up
Living in fear of that freak
A bullet would be cheaper


Well the Only maybe Good thing is he is 47 years old so in 20 years when he gets out he will be 67 years old. So maybe he will get some treatment or a Med bed to help him cure whatever his Deprevated behavior is it might be cured. We shall see….

Mark David

A bullet would have been much cheaper, and more deserving.
And Cudos to his wife, who spits on the name Cardona. BRAVO!

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark David
Rob William

I agree, either MB has lost his touch or has been replaced..

Bill Kaulfield

Disagree. This is classic MB: florid prose and bad dialogue.

It’s great.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bill Kaulfield

May Bubba force him into a skirt so “he” can be a girl in prison.


They should hang him!!!!!!!


So…do the dominoes fall soon? What about every other sleazebag Marxist in position in our education system? You know, the ones supporting free education for the illegals, pushing this same crap agenda, etc. So many treasonous, sick roaches.


Disagree with the panel. It’s still Treason – weakening/destroying entire generations, causing our nation to be vulnerable to our enemies.


Oh, SHAME on you Vice Adm. Crandell, shame on your sentence of Miguel Cardona! A Secretary of Education is a powerful position to convert MILLIONS of innocent children into mental, biological FREAKS unworthy of any employment and social connection in America’s cultural CIVILIZED society!
RECONSIDER your decision. Cardona’s unworthy intentions to MILLIONS of children deserves EXECUTION BY TWO HEADSHOTS including ALL COMMUNIST SEXUALLY DEPRAVED TEACHERS IN THE U.S.A.!

Kelly Ann

Exactly!!!! This Minnesota woman couldn’t agree more!!!!


Come on, do you actually believe this story is true? Where’s a simple photo of this pervert sitting in custody in handcuffs? Just like the last story about Piglosi being arrested, no proof? Surprised that Berger and Crandall have not come out forcefully against these stories it may cause cost them their jobs considering how evil these criminals are in DC

Rose Mary Abbott

Blah blah blah yackety schmakity. Trolls have no place here.


I don’t see why he didn’t get charged with crimes against humanity, which would have likely meant the death penalty. He was praying on humanity’s most vulnerable and innocent…..children.

Nukkin Futz

Wut’ta dud of a human cork sucker and what he did to his own kids,,,no empathy whatsoever…He needs to share a cell with a Dogman for 5 minutes for Gitmo initiation welcoming party……

Pat N

Therefore, it is the commission’s opinion that Mr. Cardona be incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay for a period of 20 years, irrespective of existential circumstances.”
I looked up this phrase. Still confused.
Do this mean he serves the entire 20 years no matter what?
Any input would be appreciated.

Dr John

Unless they find more incrementing evidence or additional crimes for which he can be tried.

20 years in a military prison, no parole! Likely no visitors and very limited communications with the outside if any. Military prisons are not a nice place to be held. Very tough, no nonsense and Mr. Cardona is not an appreciated individual being a traitor and one that destroys the mindset of children. I would not want to be him.