JAG “Interviews” Former acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf


JAG investigators Saturday morning “interviewed” former acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf, less than 12 hours after journalist Matt Taibbi, via Elon Musk, revealed that Twitter’s ex-Head of Trust & Safety Yoel Roth had colluded with alphabet agencies—including the DHS and FBI—to censor, besmirch, and malign President Trump both before and after Election Day, essentially staging a digital coup against a sitting president.

Wolf helmed the DHS during that contentious phase.

JAG wanted to know if Wolf participated in or had knowledge of the DHS-Twitter conversations.

Wolf, a JAG source told Real Raw News, was neither formally charged nor arrested when investigators arrived at the doorstep of his Virginia home early Saturday morning to “interview” him. Wolf and his wife, Hope, cheerily invited investigators inside, even offering them coffee and croissants. When investigators asked whether Wolf had seen Taibbi’s telling Tweets, Wolf said he had not, and categorically denied involvement in and knowledge of any DHS plot aimed at toppling President Trump.

“If anything like that happened, it happened behind my back. I’ve only said good things about Trump. He’s my friend,” Wolf reportedly said.

Investigators wondered how Wolf, who micromanaged the DHS, could have been oblivious to acts of treason beneath his nose.

“DHS employs somewhere around 150,000 people, but I’m sure you know that. I can’t testify to what 150,000 people did at any moment in time. If you’re implying I had a role in this mess, you’re wrong. Call Trump, ask him. He’ll tell you there’s no way I’m mixed up in whatever is you think is going on,” Wolf said.

“We did call him,” investigators said.

“Admiral Crandall reviewed Matt Taibbi’s Tweets and felt JAG had justification to interview Wolf. Because Wolf and Trump are friends, Admiral Crandall gave Trump advance notice that JAG investigators would be questioning him. Trump gave the admiral carte blanch and said ‘Do what needs to be done. Get to the bottom of this. You have my blessing,’” our source said.

Upon hearing that Trump approved the interview, Wolf for a moment gaped at the investigators in stunned silence, then said, “Like I said, I don’t know a thing, but you’ll have my full cooperation.”

Investigators spent 30 minutes in the Wolf household, asking probing questions but getting no incriminating answers.

The investigators bid them good day, saying they’d probably have additional questions in the near future, to which Wolf replied, “Anytime. I have nothing to hide.” They were about to depart when the lead investigator, hand on the doorknob, pulled a Columbo: “Just one more thing. Right after Trump appointed you, you had three meetings in three days with Kirstjen Nielsen. We know she worked under Bush and for the World Economic Forum—”

“—what’s that have to do with me,” Wolf interjected.

“Probably nothing,” an investigator said. “Trump is anti-WEF, isn’t he?”

“I believe so, and since you’re obviously going to ask, Kirstjen was filling me in on the job. That’s why we met,” Wolf said.

But she wasn’t your immediate predecessor—that would be Kevin McAleenan.”

“McAleenan only filled the role six months. He wasn’t positioned to advise me,” Wolf said.

“Thanks for clearing that up,” the lead investigator said, and with his partner left the Wolf residence.

In closing, Wolf on the surface seems to be the quintessential Republican conservative—unlike others who served under Trump, Wolf has no ties to Democrat administrations. Despite his old role as honcho of the DHS, a criminal agency forged in the fires of 9/11, Wolf garnered high praise among conservatives for his role in helping Trump secure the country’s southern border.

“No one here is saying Wolf’s guilty, but we must turn over every stone. A lot of Trump’s people turned on him. We’d be doing Trump and the United States a disservice by not investigating every lead,” our source said.

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Kelly Brown

Wolf’s got those trusting eyes I believe DeSantis has too no matter how much I don’t trust anyone now.


Chad’s testosterone level is too high to be deep state.

Trenton Rizza

Why was he not arrested?


I think we all know the problem is Nielsen. Anybody linked to WEF is a nut job. They’re sick in the head. It’s a cult. THIS is the right way to handle when investigators come knocking…..invite them in, they can stay as long as they like, you’re available for follow up interviews, etc. You know, do the opposite of what a Democrat (aka criminal) would do. LOL. “How dare you” “Do you know who I am?” and “I’m calling Joe Biden himself”. LOL!!!!!!


Investigate EVERY lead. No stone is to left unturned.


Remember Hagan’s Heroes! I See Nothing, I Know Nothing. Right Schultz!

Richard Longacre

On a different Note: Before anyone celebrates that the COVID (non-vaccine) vaccine is no longer “mandatory” for military members the “Flu Shot” is still “mandatory”. This year’s “Flu Shot” has 10 strands of DNA altering mRNA and is going to be 10 times as deadly and dangerous. The old “Bait-and-switch”.
It should go without saying but, don’t take the flu shot or a CV shot unless your goal is to shorten your life span. 

Rob William

Actually there is no flu shot with mRNA. mRNA medications are extremely difficult to develop, stabilize, transport and deliver. The main goal of mRNA technology is to develop targeted therapy for cancer treatments and not vaccines and it has taken more than 2 decades to reach a breakthrough.


Rob William is a Phama shill #8 on my list of Bots and Shills


As usual your ignorance is overwhelming. I don’t have the energy tonight to destroy everything that you have said. People, disregard his post and do your own research.


It makes me mad that our founding fathers forwarned us not to allow “jews” (babylonian radhinites) to move to our christian nation. They said they were parasites and vampires. President Trump never even got to celebrate his victory. Because all these satanic, communist, sky screaming, unatural hair dying, baby sacrificing, child raping, vile, disgusting, parasites got there marching orders from the cult telling them to engage in anarchy because the tribe isnt getting its way.
Could you imagine getting 109 divorces and then still deluding that it was always the exes fault? Thank God they are about to be erradicated from the earth permanently. Psalm 21:10 There wont be one offspring left amongst them.

Robert James

So when will they interview Jared Kushner, who has committed enormous treason? Or was that permissible for Trump’s son in law?

Rob William

Invanka Trump is the most poised person in Trump family. Jared is calm but advised Trump to commit big mistakes.


I doubt it’s ‘enormous treason’ more like suspected financial irregularities


Changes are afoot in DC. Must be in anticipation of SC Brunson vote. LA still meeting and greeting but the Milliner is not. Replacement already swimming. Buses from DC to Atlanta during runoff all Spanish speaking.

Rob William


Judy Kennedy

Well I’m not convinced that Chad Wolf is telling the truth. Smooth talker, if you ask me. Inviting them in for coffee and cake 🤮 How could someone so high up in the Department not have a clue what’s going on? Work gets out, so even if he wasn’t involved, he sure as he’ll knew about it. And being the CEO should have put a stop to it. Maybe he didn’t want to.

John .S

Well it’s a month short of two years that Biden took office, and haven’t seen traditional Oval Office photo of all the surviving presidents standing together.

Was that photo taken, or did I miss that? Usually there’s blaring MSM coverage of that event; has anyone seen it?

Guess Whitehouse Thanksgiving turkey receiving pardon, could say, stay of execution was priority news, thankfully other turkeys elsewhere didn’t receive pardon.

Always wanted to see president chop head off Whitehouse Turkey, or stretch it’s neck, which is proof positive for me that other necks are being stretched, also head chopped off, James Comey would agree.

Rob William

There some pictures of all presidents except DJT. DJT is not planning to come back to White House as long as Biden is there.

John .S

Oh, thought it was because Clinton, Bush and Biden has animosities towards Trump, deciding not to participate in group photo.

Richard Longacre

The military won’t let Biden into the real White House and Trump would never take that picture with Biden anyways.

Good thing Biden does not even have control of the nuclear football. He would have used it already.

Rob William

That’s the old story. Update to the new version of MBVerse and prepare for 2024 elections.


Just a few more days for Piglosi, I guess.
Do you think they’ll donate her eyebrows to, like a poor liberal who needs one?

John .S

Wonder those executed if their organ donor decree on back of driver’s licence remains valid?

Chelsea & Husband were perfect donors for needy if their driver’s license granted harvest.

Nukkin Futz

I wonder if Mr. Wolf had to change his shorts after the Columbo visit…..


you betcha….


You appoint me of 150,000 deep state entrenched WEC agents and they might slip one by on the new guy. My 11 man maintenance department was able to.

Rob William

What does it mean?


Hey Baxter, ask your JAG contacts when they are going to arrest and interrogate the Senior Executive Service clowns. Every last one of them – then hang them for treason and crimes against humanity.

Richard Longacre

Yep. Those are the unelected DS plants that are truly running our government and Military and think they are untouchable. Drag them all out into the streets and let the public watch.


To doubting Thomas’
SG ANON was asked what he thought of RRNews.
He said it is Good. Likes what Michael Baxster is doing with hisJag contact /s etc and thinks at least 75% of his writing is true.
Personally, I do suspect and I’ve this said before….that dates maybe changed on purpose.

Rob William

Where are the rankings?


No you’re #13


As all those beore you have been removed you are #1


Shill J.Bill. Speak for your own nasty self

About time

Trust but verify.
– RR

joe blow

90% of the questions asked, they already know.

Tracy Reinert

I think it’s safe to assume, starting from scratch with fresh patriotic people, would be a better plan of action going forward. These are the “Know-Nothing” Party. I believe none of their lies. Twitter’s previous owner also claimed the same ‘know nothing’ stance, & now look how much he knew & participated in seditious collusion to control the outcome of a Presidential Election.

John .S


Last edited 1 year ago by John .S
John .S

No, text box was changed, different avatar cartoon figure appeared. Desktop shortcut icon disappeared. Perform test post.

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S
American Living in Canada

That happens over here also. Not sure whats going on with that.

John .S

Text box had new format like micro soft word, reconfigured choice of font style Bold-Italic-Underline, adjoining with different avatar.

Site IP [woops] probably wrong click of mouse, coincidentally when I logged on.

First wrote: Test 1234, then checked edit feature delegating, my designated [usual] avatar remained same.

Jerk-offs in bloggersphere are clueless, unable to decipher a test post or deleted text, in clicking negative icon as epitome of their stupidity, and meager existence achieving orgasmic glee.

Kudos to OWD for inquisitively questioning my post. Herein many encountered Approval Mode and other glitches as the jerk-offs click negative upon both of us, in emphasis of their low IQ and delusional tendencies.


NFL football Sunday !

K Brown

“He” always has DETAILED reports on what happened, right down to the “actual words spoken”…
BAXTER was compromised during his FAKE Alaska “holiday”.
Compare the old posts to the ones since he “returned from holiday”, they’re written by different people.
Also note that previously, Baxter wrote almost exclusively on Guantanamo, now, there’s virtually NOTHING about Guantanamo…

John .S

Everyone knows most journalist have an alternate writer, could say, per diem writer. Newspaper Dear Abby had multiple writers too, Ann Landers also.

As per my linguistic abilities, and proficiency in deciphering vocabulary and grammar, which steers me to believe that Buck Fiden works for RRN as alternate writer.

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S

HRC: What difference does it make. Even SCOTUS Justices have their trusted opinion writers. 😂😂. Blessings,

Rob William

Thanks for the analysis.

Mary Parry

Trump needs to have all of his staff interviewed in the presence of “other world species” who can see into the hearts of humans and are better than lie detectors. There have even too many traitors who have acted against our beloved real President (Donald J. Trump)!

Rob William

Reptilians can smell fear and lies but unfortunately they are on the other side.




Wolf in sheep’s clothing perhaps?


12/11/2022. 11:00. am.



Did the Military Commission EXECUTE nancy yet? When, When, When?


Wait till Wednesday when Day 1 of the Nancy Tribunal starts..

Pat N

Probably crash the internet with people searching for her demise promise.




No need. The info she offers if ever she does, is after the fact. Now you’ve know the rest of the story. Blessings,


Soon..after the tribunal…
We HOPE ! 😼


Probably, be sure NOT to run out of POPCORN !

Pat N

Clintons are old news. They have been dealt with.


only clones and CGI are left. !
and you don’t need to waste time on a tribunal with them
And they hang just as well as the real ones !

Jose Ramirez

Still no mass arrest yet.


But that could mean behind the scenes…a whole. Lot is happening !

Sue Grantham

Excellent. Investigators ACTUALLY investigating. 👍♥️🙏🇺🇸

Rob William

Finally the NZ baby who’s parent refused to get the vaxxed blood had the life saving heart surgery under the temporary guardianship of doctors. Hope the parents won’t “reject” the baby because now he has vaxxed blood. What a shame, risking own baby’s life for the sake of completely wrong belief derived out of conspiracies and religion. Vaccines won’t kill, fraud propaganda against them will surely kill in the ways we won’t even know!


So you’re all good with the state usurping the parent? Is that correct?

Rob William

Yes, in the same they can usurp the will of parents for the unborn children.

Richard Longacre

The babies life was never in danger. The parents had dozens of non-vaccinated blood donors lined up and the hospital refused to allow it because it would draw light to the dangers of the vaccine.

This was simply the DS in NZ making an example out of the parents and trying to intimidate everyone else from challenging their supreme power over the people of NZ.

When you hold up vaccine contaminated blood to non-vaccinated blood it is obvious which is which. The contaminated blood is dark purple or black and has floaties in it like dirt. The pure blood is bright red. This is a conspiracy all right, conspiracy fact.

Richard Longacre

Rob, Please make sure you take your flu shot this year if you are so confident that this is all just a conspiracy theory. This year’s flu shot contains 10 strands of DNA altering mRNA as compared to one strand in the old CV shot. Make sure your will is up to date first.

patrick lux

Merci pour votre travail
On vous invitera en France quand tout sera terminé

Lorenz Manner

If he is not guilty let him live but if you find something against him don’t forget that you bare the sword in your hand.


Honestly…..I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and all that but “wolf” and he don’t look like the average Joe now…. do he?…..👀

Pat N

Looks a lot like DeSantis.


You are exactly right. He does!

Nukkin Futz

I bet he got the willies after JAG paid him a visit….

I wonder if he’s going to pack up all of his shit and get out’ta dodge soon…


I bet that you are Right !


Or maybe if news gets out that he was “interviewed”, who might come out the woodwork to shut him up? I’m sure there are legitimate reasons for this “interview”, everything is by design at this point, at least that’s how I see things, my President is not a stupid man, and neither are the white hats.


Stupid that the so-called investigators tipped their hand.

Pat N

One person may view it as tipping their hand. Another person may view it as setting a trap.


Sign sign everywhere a sign
talking at the scenery,
breaking my mind,
do this
don’t do that
can’t you read the sign. ?


Interviewed or interrogated ?


Redundant Q here: Are the Interrogations and Excecutions being Filmed and Videoot?

Robert Ford

Think about how you would handle it. I suspect every action taken by the Gitmo group is well documented, including audio and video.


A redundant Q here: Are the interrogations being Filmed and Videoot?

Last edited 1 year ago by Fred
Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

This sounds as a logical thread in the web of intrigue surrounding the Traitorous Actions around Commander In Chief Trump. If more threads are found via the cooperation of Mr. Wolf , that’s great , since he indeed may have more info than he’s aware of presently ! Good Hunting Columbo ! Get that jalopy turned up ! Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

Dave Kelly

YES and that is a reality that some folks here will have difficulty comprehending or accepting. DJT is CONFLICTED ,he has DIVIDED LOYALTIES and this is a PROBLEM

Dave Kelly

Like I said, some folks will have difficulty comprehending or accepting DJT is CONFLICTED , he has DIVIDED LOYALTIES , the response demonstrates what I have said.

Charles Smith

@ Michael Baxter

Have you Hurd of the military Auditing our Gold Reserves. Have you Hurd of any plans to do so. I hear if and when Trump returns if the military puts him in place there will be a gold standard. How much gold does the US really own. And will the price really be 20.67 as the Constitution says or will it be millions of dollars. There’s about 700 Trillion in Money Reserves of Currency that’s alot to back up. Where’s more info on the plan.

Rob William

Are you sure? Can you quote some sources?

Rob William

Actually I am serious about metal investment… current economic conditions are highly variable and risky.

Debate Judge

Trump gave the admiral carte blanch
should be
carte blanche.

Rob William

You have very high expectations!

Debra Rudolph



So on the one hand Trump says do what you need to do……on the other hand,it’s claimed that Wolf is a micromanager. I’ve worked under micromanagers, and I can tell you that they find a way to keep their nose into what’s going on beneath them. It’s a wait-and-see game as to who’s telling the truth.

Rob William

Micromanagers are basically insecure and credit stealing people.


Then you make the case that Wolf is lying through his teeth. My statement is totally rhetorical.
Btw,I’m not saying that Trump is lying…..he gave the white hats carte blanche.

Last edited 1 year ago by Pengeezer
Dave Kelly



Not even probable cause to “interview” him? Or were we pulling the same stunt we did to that lady Shannon Corless that led to her voluntarily surrendering to the white military? Blessings,

Dave Kelly

Yes but he took the interview just the same, so what are you talking about probable cause? And these people the White Hats and JAG are going after are not being treated as citizens, they are ENEMY COMBATANTS, they do not have the rights of an AMERICAN CITIZEN, this is why they are held before US Military courts and TRIBUNALS.


Optics are important. Do something right wrong or indifferent as the native would say. Blessings,

John .S

Don’t need probable cause to question anyone, it’s a consensual Knock & Talk.

Investigators knocked [rang door bell] and said: “can we talk” Baker most likely said: “sure, come inside”.

Knock & Talk by law enforcement took many people down. Consent can be rescinded at any time.

Watch, ”’Pot Brothers”” whom esq”s on You Tube, learn their 25 word script.

Note, cannot get into trouble for something you didn’t say, silence is golden.



And silence is the language of love according to scriptures. Blessings,

John .S

Scriptures? Hate when my wife is silent, though not true love.

Silence is when she is calculating evil on me, often sharpening knife she keeps under pillow, kept razor sharp.

Rather hear her yipping and whining then experiencing her silence.

Wife says: “I’m going to cut you three ways: Long – Deep and Continuously.

She’s good at throwing knives too, always keep spackling compound on hand.

Learned never to leave pistol on table, she always aims for the groin, most women do, it’s in their genetics.

When wife points gun at me holding sideways like a gangbanger it’s not good, often blasting the ceiling a few times, getting my undivided attention, again spackling compound.


since the enemy is inside the gates, we are wise to question everybody and everything. i’m not recommending a reign of terror, because we’re not even there yet–we have not won.

Pat N

I think all the government rats that left the country & are running their offices from abroad should have their names removed from the payroll here in the U.S.A. & wanted posters plastered here & abroad. They should not be allowed to head a government office while living in another country.
Do I remember correctly? Were not all those 1,000’s(each containing 99 warrants) of sealed indictments to be opened upon Trump’s return to office? What happens if he runs in 2024 and loses? Even if he wins, that’s kicking the can two years farther down the road.

Dave Kelly

But Trump will not be running in 2024, remember this is what Baxter said I think 2 or 3 stories ago, Go back and search but he said TRUMP will not be running in 2024.

Pat N

DK, I scanned documents back to Oct & did not find said article. I vaguely remember reading that from one of MB’s posts.
However, an article dated 11/16/22, “Trump’s True 2024 Goals” is about Trump announcing he was running in 2024.
President Donald J. Trump last night reentered the political fray, confirming he will seek an official return to power in 2024, even though he has been unofficially working alongside military allies, White Hats in common parlance, to rid the nation of Deep Staters since leaving Washington for his Mar-a-Lago command center in early 2021.
“In order to make America great and glorious again, I am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the United States,” Trump said before an audience of several hundred supporters in a chandeliered ballroom at his Mar-a-Lago club, where he stood flanked by American flags and banners bearing his “Make America Great Again” slogan.
“America’s comeback starts right now,” he said, formally beginning the 2024 Republican primary.
His advisors asked him to wait until after the midterms to make announcement.


Harder to arrest someone running for Pres. Defensive move on the chess board.


I’m suspicious of this guy. Why 3 meetings with the WEF? I don’t buy his excuses. and there’s no way he did not know what was happening.. I’d say 90 percent he’s guilty. 10% he’s not.


I hope and pray they have a wire tap on his phone and internet right now. Contacting someone THREE times who works for the WEF is a little much.

Dave Kelly

This is why JAG payed him a visit , to shake him up. Then JAG will see who he contacts and it goes from there.


He’s playing both sides of the fence! Too clean?!

Dave Kelly

PLAYING BOTH SIDES , Sounds familiar , yeah , just another jew trick.


DK, DJT admitted before he officially entered politics that he donated to both parties. I think that is playing both sides and exactly what the the Rothschilds and Rockefellers did during WWII. Blessings,

Dave Kelly

It is not his donations that concern me about DJT, LOTS of other things , relations with other entities , people etc. this is where the PROBLEMS start. He is CONFLICTED , HE HAS DIVIDED LOYALTIES, and these things become apparent with his actions and lack of action and follow through on things he has started , or have said he started , so many things and when they are added up, the sum does not equate. One thing rings out, early on in his Presidency, he make mention of the ” 5 dancing Muslim terrorists or extremists on the bridge in NYC during the 9-11 2001 Attack ” , he makes a point of this while he pontificates , on 9/11. Well it was not 5 Muslim terrorists or extremists , it was 5 dancing ISRAELIs, this is the FACT, this was even reported by the msm, repeatedly, EVERYONE KNOWS THIS, but yet DJT says Muslim , terrorists / extremists, THIS IS AN OUT RIGHT LIE . So what gives here? WHY DID HE MAKE THIS LIE, TO A HUGE AUDIENCE IN A SPEECH, Broadcasted by the msm. This is just one item , a GLARING ITEM. Then so much more. When you sum it all up, THIS MAN CANNOT BE TRUSTED, I am confounded by the reality that I am voting for an individual that I can not TRUST.


Absolutely, check every lead, we can’t put anything on the back burner, not when our soldiers are dying and traitors are all around us.

Carol Sims

Michael, I am trying to ask you to please get in touch the man the judge gave a weird sentence re: his knowledge of Sandy Hook. I can recall his first name, not his last.
Received my copy of PEOPLE today and there is an article a couple of pages long with one girl who “survived” Sandy Hook. I read every word. I know the school was bulldozed when everyone left. All the families of the children SOLD THEIR HOMES and received megabucks etc., packed up and MOVED AWAY. IMO, It was a well arranged situation that was fabricated in so many ways. More pictures!

All in the name of taking away our guns!

Please contact him. Sincere thanks!

Rob William

Did they take away our legal guns? No! Should the guns be sold to 18 year old psychopaths without any background check? NO!

Dave Kelly

Adam Lanza is David Hogg do a bit of research, he is a crisis actor. David Hogg was allegedly a student at the Parkland High school shooting as turns out he was not a student at the High School either, Hogg is bullshit , his DADDY if an FBI agent , surprise, surprise. This person Carol Sims has gotten her information from her copy of People magazine, this is a controlled msm publication, the information in no way can be trusted , just like all the controlled msm sources. AND YES, the 2nd Amendment still stands because people AMERICANS DO NOT GIVE UP.

Dave Kelly

Check it out see what you think? Some do not see it, I do. These false flag psy -ops are scripted productions , ” events ” and when you see the players, the same players in repeatedly in different events it becomes more than obvious. Then there is the participation of the msm , crisis actors and you watch and catch some of the same shit repeated in these events, meaning these “actors” are obviously following a script , things become all the more apparent. This is Hollywood , with Israeli jews , American – Israeli dual citizens ( all members of the IDF ) participation on so many aspects of these ” events ” along with the msm , zionist jew controlled. Then when you know of the FBI has been entirely infiltrated by the ADL ,SPLC and the ACLU, and there is so much more. And think of this , TRUMP is a showman, an entertainer, along with so many connections with jews, zionist jews, the BANKS being pretty much all zionist jew owned and controlled, then so many jews in his cabinet and jew lawyers as advisors , then his daughter and son-in – law, with really no background in governmental affairs , yet given security clearances to sever as advisors in his White House and once again there is so much more here as well Here is another one for you, President Trump appointee to be the Director of the CDC, a Dr, Redfield is a CRISIS ACTOR , one of his most notable gigs , HE WAS Dr. CARVER, THE CORONER FOR THE SANDY HOOK MASS SHOOTER EVENT, OH yeah go check that one out, but do not forget Dr. Redfield as Director at the CDC, he was there to assist in the narratives for the CORONA -19 VIRUS HOAX , FALSE FLAG PSY-OP AND CORONA VIRUS TASK FORCE, THE FAUCI CRIMINAL EVENT. AND ONE MORE THING to remember Mr./PRESIDENT Trump saying ENJOY THE SHOW!


And it cost Info Wars Alex Jones millions in fines. So sad and not good. It also caused Remington Firearms to go bankrupt after paying $32 million in fines. And the “victims survivors” laughed all the way to the bank. These people are evil. Blessings,