Military Arrests Covid-19 Coordinator Jeff Zients


The White Hat partition of the U.S. military on Monday arrested the criminal Biden regime’s former Covid-19 response coordinator Jeff Zients for treason and murder related to pushing experimental and potentially lethal vaccines on the American public, a JAG source told Real Raw News.

Jeff Zients, a businessman whose resume lacks any medical credentials, succeeded the late Dr. Deborah Birx and served as Chief Coronavirus Response Coordinator from January 2021 to April 2022. He had previously been Hussein Obama’s Deputy Director for Management of the Office of Management and Budget.

The military claims with evidence that Zients was an architect of mandatory vaccination mandates, despite knowing the clot shots were sickening and killing tens of thousands of citizens, primarily senior citizens and the immunocompromised. Zients had mountains of hard evidence showing causality between vaccines and excess deaths, our source said. Nonetheless, Zients argued in favor of getting every American, the sick and the healthy, vaccinated, double vaccinated and boosted.

JAG says proof of Zients’ criminality will be made known when he faces a military tribunal.

Our source said JAG investigators intercepted Zients while he was out for a morning walk near his mansion in the Wesley Heights section of Washington, D.C, an enclave for wealthy Deep Staters like Zients, whose net worth hovers at $160m, thanks in part to clot shot kickbacks. Zients appeared surprised when investigators approached him, our source said, and asked, “Who…who are you?” When shown a military arrest warrant in his name, Zients reportedly uttered “Oh, no!” and tried to run. But the 56-year-old, flabby Zients ran only a few feet before investigators seized and cuffed him, then tossed him in the rear seat of their vehicle.

“I don’t understand what this is about. I didn’t do anything. Believe me, I didn’t’ do anything,” Zients protested.

“I wouldn’t believe you if you said rain is wet,” an investigator retorted. “And if you didn’t do anything, why’d you run?”

“Where are you taking me?” Zients asked.

“GITMO,” an investigator replied.

“Oh, shit,” Zients said.

Zients, our source said, was transported to a holding facility to await a flight to Guantanamo Bay.

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Robert James

Now, that’s a great report!!


It’s amazing what some people will do for filthy lucre $$. I met someone years ago that worked for Nelson Rockefeller and she told me the only people they feared were those who could not be bought for any price!


Only question is, if we all knew since inception not to take these and found out in time just how horrid the jabs are then why did they allow so many to take the shots.


I don’t get it. Did these people think they were going get away with this? What is it about power and money that make some people lose their fricking minds?


These.people murdered my father, an immigrant and career military fighter pilot.He believed his government wouldn’t do this because they weren’t Nazi Germany where he fled.from. No amnesty. Of any kind.


wow, what fun! “Oh shit” is correct! Traitor
Can’t wait for the next installment.

Kelly Brown

Everyone knows the vaccine is deadly at this point.


Hang this treasonous bastard.

Just Me

I know what you mean, I too have family who thinks the news media is scared news and facts, brainwashed to the hilt.

Just Me

Ok, I got it. Meant Sacred, thanks for the correction.

Just Me


Rob William

DeSantis has gone overboard to differentiate himself from Trump and I think that will doom his campaign in the primaries. The DeSantis + Musk duo is going to go down vs Trump in next few months.


Well well well. , it’s Nancy’s big day. !
something most of us have been waiting for…
Praying for a quick TRIBUNAL, a guilty verdict and a SWIFT
EXECUTION…. public and published and EAS

Just Me

I agree Wildcat, this wicked treasonous old bag deserves to be executed. I wish they would bring back the chair, way too many evil treasonous people.

Dr John

It is not the killing of an individual that excites us but the destruction of the evil they perpetuate. There is no doubt that she would continue to thrive on the suffering of others with no remorse.

In this case as with many tried and executed here and at other locations, the mind set of “ME FIRST and a PROMISE TO DO HARM” is not just a mantra, but a cult that seems to be bred into them over years. It may be a form of psychosis, but is certainly a social disorder to the highest level.

People of all ages die at their hands either directly or indirectly through criminal choices they make that benefit them regardless of the damage caused to others. Stealing money, starting wars, taking resources from our country and others. Enslaving the poor and molesting or selling children is just a start in the evil they do. All for the sake of power and money.

We cannot allow these infestations to survive to have the potential to continue such behavior. AND others need to understand it is not condoned and will not be accepted as an open practice or if found out a practice hidden from site.

We can a should celebrate the down fall of evil. We should morn the loss of all those innocent children and those forced into false wars where the lost their lives or those maimed and killed by vaccines, not just COVID.

We should praise good hospitals nurses and doctors and have removed those criminal among them.

It is sad they, the criminal among us, wasted the precious gift of life on greed and gross crimes against humanity, against people, humans just like them minus the evil. They will be remember if at all for the horror they brought the world, instead of in some small way uplifting a small part of the world, no matter how small.

They had an opportunity for greatness, as heroes of mankind, only to gravitate to personal power and wealth… how much they could hold;not what they could share. That is the real pity here; not the loss of their living greed

Just Me

Well said and so true. These power hungry evil people need to be eradicated or they will continue to murder all humanity if allowed.


I agree..

Just Me

Thank you, there is a rat here who feels that criminals who murdered innocent people including children should be allow to live their lives while they destroys the lives of many. He keeps voting us down. He is a fool he might as well be another stupid leftist liberal.


Yes , sure you can.. ☺


woo-hoo, thank you Michael for this report! Every day that rats cannot play is a happy day indeed for humanity!

Above Reproach

Nuremberg Nuremberg Nuremberg Nuremberg Nuremberg Nuremberg Nuremberg Nuremberg Nuremberg Nuremberg Nuremberg need I Freaking say it again ! Get things Rolling, collect the people who are
Behind this ! Leave no stone unturned. Do it publicly Right IN FRONT OF

Jose Ramirez

And now what? 20 years in GITMO? Hope not. No mercy! Kill this motherfucker!


It’s killing more than senior citizens. We have a new unit at my hospital added to the maternity unit, it’s another 8 beds for maternity observation. Isn’t that weird? For 50 years the hospital didn’t need a “maternity observation unit” but now it does?! and what about all the young athletes dropping dead everywhere? we had 13 y.o old unresponsive just last week.. but regardless.. great job boys!


Uh, vaxed …

John .S

Just fell victim to spam block.

Wrote something having multiple paragraphs, went in for edit, decided not to edit, bailed out, and bam, categorized as spam. My writings totally disappeared.

Often when comment awaits approval writings linger, though when spam kicks in writings go into the abyss.


“Oh shit”, that’s probably what you feel like screaming. Patience is virtue my friend. Hang in there and give up giving up. Blessings. 🙏🙏🙏

John .S

I’m not screaming, if so would have wrote in all capital letters, could say, I’m disenchanted.

When any writes a detailed, and or, in depth post, in taking a considerable amount of time, then it gets flagged as spam is discouraging, whereas anyone would snap their pencil too.

Also in putting message out there, not to click edit icon, then close out without making entry, not to exclude going in for third edit, let’s say, in posting an addendum.

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Recapping: matter of fine tuning [recalibrating] spam programing.

Quancidine Hinson-Gribble



His punishment should fit his crime. A clot shot every day. NO AMNESTY!!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Lew

I would bet he was a stinking mess on his way to the holding cell.

John .S

Well it’s Nancy’s day. Anticipate two day tribunal, verdict Thursday, hopefully execution Friday.

It would be appropriate if execution carried out moments after verdict [taken outside, and put down like rabid dog], emphasizing swift justice, and sending message to Deep State

Crandall should allow husband Paul to watch, in stretch offering Paul a cigar.



Last edited 1 year ago by Mondexmomma
Boss Lady

Hopefully this will discourage the remaining vax pushers as now they’re targeting our kids specifically. Everyone out there with small children in the family BEWARE and protect them at all costs.


Pelosi is on twitter. Either from Gitmo so they need to tighten security, or the clones are already active in Washington. So no changes then?

Michael R Davis

Why would you believe that was Pelosi? Blue tic mark?
Could be anybody from her House staff, anybody from her home servants, anybody with access to her Twit account, any Twit staffer. Proves nothing.



Rob William

Today Murdoch was deposed in court in the defamation lawsuit by Dominion Voting system against Fox News. It may mean end of Fox News as it is now. Lies eventually catch up.


LOL!!! “GITMO”………The scariest word that you can say to a deep stater!!!


Praying we hear millions of “oh shits” real soon! Thank you Michael….you are very appreciated.


Obama promised many of these Deep State pawns protection and immunity from prosecution. We know that our JAG White Hats offer the better solution for humanity: investigation, arrest, sentencing, and execution for Treason and genocide hiding behind medicine and profit over people. Too many have died from this bioweapon and justice must be served to everyone involved in this scheme for control and Depopulation. When they disappear one at a time, it’s not so obvious that we, the good guys, are prevailing. Keep bringing them to tribunals!

Dave smith

Hi just checking in with us all using the free tractor supply Wi-Fi rainy and cold here. But this is my only way too keep informed. Glad too see more scum bag going down. Hope they go after that fat Illinois JB pigster next and the mayor of Chicago soon .. God bless us all amen .

Natasha Vidan

I love this…string him up good….


MB, feel free to delete the FIRST of the TWO nearly identical msgs from me intended as replies to Sean W that came approximately a half-hour apart this evening, due to the unexpected delay of the first one being posted. I wasn’t sure if the first had gone through, there was no indication one way or the other. So, now, there’s two; thanks for your consideration for the edit.



David T

“Where are you taking me?” Zients asked.
“GITMO,” an investigator replied.
“Oh, shit,” Zients said.

Sounds like the word is getting around in the DS what happens when you get picked up for a trip to GITMO.

Sojourner Truth

These people are criminals on steroids, with all the damage and suffering they have caused.

American Living in Canada

(I got a line on you, babe)

Now listen
My winter’s almost over, the summer, she’s comin’ on strong

American Living in Canada

Cause we got the right line to make it through these times

American Living in Canada

Well, twiddley dee, twiddley dum
Look out baby cause here I come


Unbelievable, all these jackals living in estates. Fauci had three of them. Crimes against humanity and treason, you lose everything. They found millions in Clinton foundation, uranium one that was sold for 145 million. People robbing Americans dry, we didn’t even realize it until now. Withholding tax has always been unconstitutional , congress knew it , and passed a bill to legalize it.

Anthony Gregory


Lone Ranger


Sparky Sr

“GITMO” – “Oh Shit! ” It seems that he knew…
They all think they are safe in their lil communities of DeepStaters…
It doesn’t matter if he sings like a canary or shuts tighter than a clam, He’s going bye-bye…
I hope with all his flab he doesn’t break the swingset…


Have a dose of your own medicine, you bastard.


synagogue of satan ….the goyim knows…

Rob William

Darlene and 90% people at RRN worship Hitler and hate Jews.

Just Me

We all know this Rob is a joke, but you? I thought you were better than that.

Just Me

As you say, you are better than some and worse then others. Hmm, that rings so true. I only agree when there is truth regardless where it comes from.

Just Me

Please do not make this about race, most of these evil doers happens to be Jews especially those trying to jab everyone on the planet for greed and depopulation. However, not all Jews are evil there was Jacob and Esau for God love Jacob and not Esau. Before that it was Cain and Able, and Cain murdered Able which God vanish him.

I hear Hitler was a Jew himself, these evil doers who are Jews come from the blood line of those who were wicked in the site of God.

Just Me

I doubt they are taking revenge, its more about greed, power and are taking their orders from these Globalists elites who wants to depopulate the world. They believe that there are way too many useless eaters.


Over the span of two decades, the health care companies that Zients controlled, invested in, and helped oversee were forced to pay tens of millions of dollars to settle allegations of Medicare and Medicaid fraud. They have also been accused of surprise-billing practices and even medical malpractice.


It is time to put names and faces of all commie cabal deep state treasonous devils out for the public of our country to see and put bounties on their heads reading dead or alive. In short apocalypse them now.The end is near


Ah haa, another of the Machiavellian, behind the curtain, hands being revealed. Good Job! Now, who was he getting his marching orders from?


And another one bites the dust.

Last edited 1 year ago by Margaret

Since he didn’t say, “GITMO?!?!” he must be aware of the tribunals.

David T

Yep all he said was “oh shit.” He knew what it meant. The word is getting around in those DS circles

Willy 2.0

Flabby !!! Nice One, Mike !!!

American Living in Canada

Today is the United States National Guard Birthday.


A nice stroll through the neighborhood ends at Gitmo! Now give him a few jabs of gorilla glue!

Tracy Reinert

Good job, special forces!

Tom henry

Oh shits…. Sound guilty to me!