JAG: Detainees “Unlikely” to be Clones


“It’s unlikely detainees held at Camp Delta are clones,” a GITMO source asserted to Real Raw News after medical staff examined Nancy Pelosi, Jim Baker, Miguel Cardona, five inmates whose names have not been given to RRN, and the corpse of Jeff Zients for evidence of cloning.

As reported yesterday, a medical team at Womack Army Medical Center, Fort Bragg, having studied unalive clones of Joseph Biden and the late Dr. Anthony Fauci, found abnormalities suggesting the Deep State’s cloning process produces flawed clones. Most notably, neither clone had second molars.

On Friday evening a cantankerous Nancy was pulled from her cage and taken to the medical center for a comprehensive examination. Staff had to sedate her, our source said, because she tried to bite the fingers of the forensic dentist performing the exam. She had her natural teeth, including second molars.

Medical also checked her feet for a condition called flatfoot, which was present on both clones, but Nancy’s arches appeared normal. Lastly, they compared old publicly available images of Pelosi to photographs JAG had taken of her when she arrived at GITMO, since clones do not seem to inherit birthmarks present on the real persons. Finding discrepancies on Nancy’s face, our source said, was practically impossible, for she had undergone numerous cosmetic surgeries.

“She should have asked for a refund,” our source joked. “Based on appearances, it looks like the people we’ve checked aren’t clones.”

When asked exactly how many cells are occupied at Guantanamo Bay, he answered nebulously: “More than you’ve been told and more than you might think.”

He did say, however, that all persons executed at Guantanamo Bay are kept on ice, and that JAG will check the deceased for indicators of cloning.

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NP Patriot

Nancy is just another deep state demon.


………..and here we go with the ‘clone” BS again.


But are they reptilians?

Trenton Rizza

I wonder how Nancy would behave when offered some whiskey similar to rats and cheese. The rats still might behave better.

Mark David

I have but one question: Is she dead yet?

Mark Heisler

Now they’re worried about clones watch them all of them be clones and all of them escaped lol you better check the island out they might be over there.


Pelosi has full dentures.


♥️🇺🇸Shit, kept on ice. Interesting.🇺🇸


I’m so curious about cloning. Specifically, what about personalities, behavior, memories, education. Would a clone be a blank mental slate?

Mark David

Only the blondes.


They need to check the ear lobes, too. Project Camelot interview addressed the current state of cloning synthetics with one of the experts before he died. He talked about the Boys from Brazil in addition to how rapidly a clone can be grown.


Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.
As for as clones go they claim they’er not perfect to the original physical what about mentality. That should be a big indicator and flash red lights. So white Hat military should use that as discerning who may be cloned even in their ranks.

Robert Thompson

I agree that Nancy should have asked for a refund because that has got to be the worst plastic surgeon ever 😂


The Winter of 1776… 4 days before Christmas

Are you one of us?
The password was ‘Victory or Death’
Either we win this battle today or we die trying
but we’re not backin’ down.
Virtually no one got injured in the entire attack.
Talk about the Divine Protection



Seems over 70,000 people a day read MB’s RRNs articles and comments, even if they only read, it’s OK.
So, I feel we awake peeps, may be instrumental to help wake up those unsure of how to think of this biggest ever spiritual war; World War III.

The White hats are so bravely fighting this war all over the world. But we will win. But not before we arrive at the final brink–similar to a near death experience for a few.

We need to experience the brink and accept fully why soulless non-humans must NEVER AGAIN be tolerated doing their destructive, diabolical & egregiousness magick killing cult. It has grown larger and much worse than Hitler’s army of Nazi Kazarian Mafia Satanists/ Luciferians.

To know more indepth– follow Jessie Czebotah who is helping legally, the white hat team to take down this SWAMP.

/roserambles DOT org/2022/10/24/jessie-czebotar-interview-1-oct-24-2022/


Thanks for correction….but maybe all this info of clones may raise the #s over the holidays. 50K is still huge

trust nothing

Big city newspapers have millions of readers daily. Sorry to say the word isn’t getting out fast enough. No offense to MB. Perhaps it’s the subject matter he writes about. Or, unproven misinformation to most readers. Not main stream.
I ask many people to read these articles. They think I’m nuts.
So I guess I will continue to embarrass myself by repeating these stories with a smile on my face and don’t argue an unproven story.


Do clones have fingerprints the same as the original shithead politician?


Bless your inner soul and be prepared for what is to come. It is of love and forgiveness. Compassion vs fear. No human is superior to us. Absolute divine intervention is happening now.

Sandy Koufax

It’s incomprehensible to me that the medical team did not examine Pelosi’s cans.


What if ,we truly believe what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross an rose again. That’s by taking all Satan authority or keys to Death, Hell, And the Grave . Plus, taking all authority or keys to everything Adam lost in the Garden after sinning. So, not only can we be Children of God, Our Heavenly Father in Heaven. But, become joint heirs with Jesus Christ an have all authority through his name for anything we ask for . After all Jesus Christ said we can do everything he did an greater works than him by believing who he is , what he did for us , live as he did by loving our neighbors as ourselves , then speak life not death into all God’s creations. For all our needs according to his will in Heaven here on earth. But, that would mean we would have to read his word, meditate on it , pray about it for his will in our lives. Basically everything the Lord’s Prayer says . Especially, the part of praising him ,being thankful ,for everything! (Hallow be his name) be grateful in it all! Love on your Heavenly Father with your words ! ( always remember to read John 3:16, Lord’s Prayer, Ten Commandments, revelation! ) Read, meditate, Pray, trust him in everything . And only fear God who has the power to send you to hell. That’s if you choose not to forgive others ,an yourself for any sins you or they had against you ! Forgive an Forget, love an not Hate plus, keep his Ten Commandments. And anything you ask according to his will in Heaven! He will do for you if you ask. Trust God’s for everything! Nothing is impossible for him that believes his word . As Jesus said do everything he did and greater works than him with his name Jesus Christ ! Our Brother an joint heirs to Our, Heavenly Father the King of Kings an we are his kids ! Just trust an believe that’s simple!

Last edited 1 year ago by Mikee

Remember, Satan is the author of lies an will try to make you think you can’t be forgiven . Or, do whatever Jesus Christ said you can do by asking an believing! But, we know Our, Heavenly Father is the author of Truth an not lies like Satan is ! So , speak life ,not death ! Speak truth an not lies ! Trust God in everything! Spend more time loving on your Heavenly Father with being Thankful in all things an watch God do his work in your life as he shows his love on you for all your needs! Being he already new what you needed before you ask . God’s got it , love him with your words an spend time in his word an with prayer 🙏🙏🙏🤔






Merry Christmas y’all !!


Have a VERY MERRY Christmas, Michael and your entire team! You are very much appreciated I pray the New Year brings more clarity and closure! Blessings to All!


Clones. Always existed although not planetary on our Earth. Simulation, exploitation, illusionary, separation and FEAR. We the people are seeking the truth. The truth is setting us free. The illusion of separateness… I’m wealthy, great health, purple crowns, beautiful lawns, love your hair and lips now dissolving before your eyes. GITMO is REAL. So is karma.


GITMO. CLONES, CGI, MKULTRA, ADRENOCHROME,PEDO, CANNABILISM, SATAN,LUCIFER , pizza, enhanced flavors, the Hollows. Eat it and don’t know you’re doing it. Enough! I choose not to live in this matrix any longer. AND… don’t wait for your savior. We the people stand now….because the LIGHT has won. Just wait. NESARA will will soon be announced.

American Living in Canada

“I like living easy I like being free
Living free and easy brings out the best in me”


Need to pipe in speeches of Trump into Nansy’s room.

American Living in Canada

This confirms for me that President Trump and the trusted Military crossed all the tee’s and dotted all the eyes.

American Living in Canada

God Bless President Trump, all his Family, Friends and God Bless the Trusted Military.


Trump considers all–unlike some he is no pessimist.

American Living in Canada

For you Zee..

“May the road rise to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
The rains fall soft upon your fields
And until we meet again
May God hold you in the palm of his hand”


Thank You–Such Kind Beautiful Words

American Living in Canada

“Old Hickory said we could take ’em by surprise
If we didn’t fire our muskets till we looked ’em in the eye
We held our fire ’till we seed their faces well
Then we opened up the squirrel guns and really gave em
Well we

Fired our guns and the British kept a-comin’
There wasn’t nigh as many as there was a while ago
We fired once more and they began to runnin’
On down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico

Yeah they ran through the briars and they ran through the brambles
And they ran through the bushes where a rabbit couldn’t go
They ran so fast that the hounds couldn’t catch ’em
On down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico”


Maybe, this Christmas we’ll see the best gift ever! That would be Jesus Christ ,Our, Lord An Savior return to rapture us out of this Hell on earth that we see now days! Dear God, that’s all I want to see is Jesus Christ returning to earth. Then, hear well done ,good an faithful servant enter in ! 🙏🙏🙏 Merry Christmas to one an all ! Love you Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Father , an all my brothers an sisters through Christ. I’m very Thankful an Grateful for everyday , everything, everyone in my life! Love all of y’all! Until we talk or see each other again in Heaven hopefully sooner than later. 🙏🙏🙏


Negative troll….writes an instead of and in every email like some kind of code


Doesn’t matter if there are clones at Gitmo – once they are executed the real people’s will have trouble keeping the game up without giving the game away


There’s a few ways to read this….explain


I don’t think we’ll hear anyone talk much about it ! But, I would love to hear someone talk about the Bilderburg Group . Who plans every war an disaster for the one world government . With the CIA who oversees their Satanic plans an enforced ,carry out their orders . That’s with the Multi Trillion Dollar Worldwide Drug Cartels funding an criminal assassin organization thugs to do whatever they tell them to do. All for a One world government an their satanic One world religion called Chrislam. Hopefully, I will hear they was taken off to prison for their criminal activity, along with the Nuremberg trials for crimes against humanity from Covid shots an other crimes that people did like Doctors, political, law enforcement did . But, I guess that’s on my long wish list of wants an personal needs to see justice served for once .🤔🙏


About 6 times you write ‘an’ instead of ‘and’ and others do this also. Is this a spell checker problem?

orange julius

Are we sure that’s Nancy and not Golem.


Michael some bot/s shill/s or troll/s are down voting many well well known good guys

Judy Kennedy

Bloody Hell!! Excuse my ignorance about clones, but do they have blood? And would the blood type be the same as the original? This is a nightmare 😰


yes….think Dolly the sheep….idea is for food. Yes to blood

david simmons

Hey Baxter, if I don’t give you money you reject my comments? Great not a problem


Denial of service happens too often here–and bots & shills do dirty work. I am sure MB would not do that if you’re a good guy


If anyone doesn’t know by now Bill Gates ,an his company Microsoft has two usa patients concerning things in Covid shots. One is for Crypto Currency (wo:2020060606),an One for robotic mental control ,of a person. Both work together to relay information out to a third party for storing information an control. Some people may call it a spike protein, some say it’s the Graffine Oxide metal material others say it’s both . Either way in my opinion the world super computer, world super collider, world electrical magnetic power plan in France , World One World Religious UN law about how it’s a world crime to say Jesus Christ is the only way to Our, Heavenly Father , One World Religion called Chrislam, isn’t all just nothing! It’s something an soon we will find out why they still have enough body bags for basically everyone, Guillitines, FEMA prison camps. Except the mark of the beast or die . Think about it 🤔

Last edited 1 year ago by Mikee

I think ,I could be right by saying the movies an tv are preparing us for what’s coming next. As we all know Satan was the ruler of the air an my guess we will see satanic demonic aliens an spaceship next. With magical, intelligent things, that they have learned from God’s Creations namely us from years of observation. Satan is a lier an all about deception ! The question is who will believe his lies ? Just look at all of the people who put on mask that you could blow smoke through or smell something through it . An if Covid is actual real with it not being the flu or pneumonia as reported . Then the fine particles are considered smaller then smoke or anything you could smell. With that said a mask would only trap your carbon dioxide an created stress on the lungs for a panic attack situation. Plus, after civilian an military personnel was forced to take a experimental sterilization clot death shot. That the creators of that poison was told they didn’t have to take it an they didn’t take it. Maybe, because all their testing animals died after taking it . So, they didn’t want to become sterile or die from their clot shots with probably bill gates robotic graffine oxide in it .( The biggest question is why did the military allow citizens an military personnel take it after knowing the people who made that poison wouldn’t take their own poison an was exempt from taking it . ) Think about it all. 🤔

Last edited 1 year ago by Mikee

3rd time, you write ‘an’ instead of ‘and’ are you ignorant as well as a troll?


Again, you write ‘an’ instead of ‘and’ are you ignorant as well as a troll?


Negative troll….writes “an” instead of “and” in every email like some kind of code


I think all clones need finishing off adjustments like implanted teeth. & Gitmo is not discussing finger prints ?????

(see RRNews here) The chinese clone protector for VP Pence while on the run and found by military had implanted teeth and no finger prints so he could not be identified.

Need more detailed scientific info…we can find more on the decent areas of the internet


Look at Elon’s work — hooking up the brain for possible transfers either way ?. His work on the brain freaks me out –gone too far. Too many animals suffered and died


I am VERY surprised all that booze Nasty Nancy forces down her gullet didn’t rot out her teeth!! Awesome reporting as always Mr. Baxter!! Happy Holidays!


Pelosi must of had a full set of implalned teeth –costing thousands $s They should have xrayed her Jaw. Her problem seems to be she was loosing bone in the lower jaw and that’s why she kept playing with her loose bottom teeth


Dentists use a special powder to help strengthen the jaw structure so loose teeth stay in and do not fall out.


Does not work on too much lost bone…period Implants won’t hold.


Most Probably Bone Building Minerals: Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Fluoride


Take the fluoride out and the rest can stay.


I’d really like to know more about these clones. For instance, in the case of Fauci, do his clones have a memory of what the real Fauci said and did? When Fauci’s clone responded 174 times that he didn’t recall, when questioned, could it be that he really had no memory of what he was being interrogated about?


They must have to finish and prepare clones for show time with implants etc….full teeth i.e. They have to stay on script or they go really weird maybe short circuit.




In early 1980’s the head of UN . Told everyone present representing the world countries that was present at a meeting. Discussing world peace for a One World Government an One World Religion with One Ruler for the Whole World. From that meeting he said how they would get USA that stands for freedom. To go for a One World Government an One World Religion all from breaking their ties to History, Religion, Family, Financial . By what they do at local, state, government , Schools, Tv, radio, advertising ,movies, theater, video games, news , to break their ties connected for Family, Religion, History, Financial. Obviously, they have pretty much accomplished it over a period of time. Just look at the churches after Covid an before. Then look at the family structure. How they are deleting parts of history an rewriting some of it . Not to include how you no longer use currency instead everything is electronic. After considering all of that . Then think how easily they brainwashed you to believe lies ,from deception . Go to a movie or watch Tv you will see Homosexual so called family, Sorcery, Witchcraft, Demonic Alien beings 👽, tattoo, crazy hair colors , strange ,dark ,evil , whore looking clothing , drugs, getting drunk , is the new normal, if it’s bad then it’s considered good and opposed if your good then it’s bad . After hearing all that go read the One World Government mockery Ten Commandments laws from Georgia Guide stone that was put up in 1980’s . Especially, number 1 law that says over 90% of the world’s population must die for easier control. Then think about the Covid shots an what’s in them . ( Are you awake yet! )🤔


Again, you write ‘an’ instead of ‘and’ are you ignorant as well as a troll?


They keep all the dead bodies on ice????


I think I might be a clone. My feet are flat.

Lady Hermann

I would have loved to jab Pelosi…



Evangelina Martinez

Flat feet shouldn’t be a big indicator. My son has flat feet and believe me he is no clone.


“On Friday evening a cantankerous Nancy was pulled from her cage and taken to the medical center for a comprehensive examination. Staff had to sedate her, our source said, because she tried to bite the fingers of the forensic dentist performing the exam.”

I knew Nancy had attitude! She probably cursed Paulie our for 47 hours!!

Great work, Michael. Keep doing it. Feliz Navidad!


Merry Christmas MB ! Your work is appreciated.




Merry Christmas Patriots and 🙏 for a revealing 2023!

April Moore

Well yeah – it’s another wrinkle in the larger undertaking, but worth the understanding, i think… I’m still tripping that we could be walking around with these things – right under our noses, as it were…


I agree with trump- he said only bother with the known clones. But I don’t think they are making too many clones –not like the Chinese super soldiers that all look the same and I am sure those are not flat footed. Individual clones need more work and handlers.


OWD… Nancy’s mouth quivering had nothing to do with molars. She was going through alcohol withdrawal. The tongue, lips and even the nose twitches when the the addicted body goes too long without ETOH ethanol. The central nervous system goes haywire. If you look closely on videos you can also see finger trembling. Obvious alcohol withdrawal.


OWD… I can see clearly now the rain is gone. Nash wasn’t a clone. Pure frequency.


TD is a side effect of antipsychotic meds like haloperidol or olanzapine/zyprexa.Perhaps TD sx. However ETOH withdrawal evident.


Thanks. 369

voice of one

Sometimes “Biden” has two hanging ear lobes. Sometimes, only the left one.


clone vs masked actor


This the actor


And one body double of Hillary has the tag of her left ear peeling off. Literally.


I hope they stripped that family of every cent they stole


It was mentioned that evil pigolosi kept her few trillions in the Vatican


Figures why she went to the Vatican with Paulie to get communion — they wanted a few bricks of cash, too.

Michael R Davis

Vatican has already been stripped of all stolen plunder, books, art treasures, Cardinals and P Francis prosecuted and executed.


So we have here Trillions $s now…..I am waiting for the newly missing Vatican library history books to be publish so we can find out who the real Avatar whom they called Jesus. The Piso family Bible writers changed the names on the request / ideas of Emp. Constantin and his wife AD 323 AD. All I know is this Avatar did not die on a cross. That’s all astronomical talk for the Vernal Equinos then named ‘ Easter ‘ (Esther). And SUN of God not Son of God.


Nancy doesn’t know that…or did she? Maybe that’s why she was screeching and cursing and writhing like a bat in a cage!

Country Girl

I would think there would be scaring from all Nancy’s face lifts, etc. Ears lobes are usually shortened, and scars hidden in folds, behind jaw bones, under the hairline, etc.


Clones or no clones, somebody needs to get on with it. Over two years have passed and the mid terms have questionable results and nothing has been done. Numerous vaccine mandates still in place and piles of Cash being given to Zelenskyy so nothing has changed. So let’s do something where there is a visible change for the little people. Oh yeah and congress is recommending Trump gets prosecuted and the list goes on and on. So who is in charge or where is this going?




Agreed ..

david simmons

Please just share with me how the knowledge of that cloned person is installed and brought up to speed. Like what is your Mothers’ maiden name? Come on, please. Seriously when does the Holy Ghost just show up and install the Soul? Surprise x 3 the Holy Ghost works for the Lord not Satan, the Father of Lies. Please let us cut to the quick.


Look at Elon’s work — hooking up the brain for possible transfers either way ?. His work on the brain freaks me out –gone too far. Too many animals suffered and died


This would have been downloaded in the life of the original onto a computer interface under the skin attached to the brain…Neuralink is an example of this technology which is not only in development but in actual use.


Thanks Gina….I was hoping someone would fill in my missing dots


Clones do not have souls!!