Report: Clones Are Imperfect and Detectable


Physicians at Womack Army Medical Center, Fort Bragg, said on Friday that clones of illegitimate president Joseph R. Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci are imperfect and, had they left their cloning cylinders alive, would have been detectable under rigorous scrutiny.

As reported previously, U.S. Special Forces found and destroyed a Deep State cloning laboratory in the Missouri Ozarks. Before collapsing the structure, they took evidence, including lifeless clones of Joseph Biden and Dr. Anthony S. Fauci.

The dead clones were sent at once to Fort Bragg, a White Hat stronghold, for analysis. There, medical staff studied the Fauci clone’s epidermis and compared its skin to photographs GITMO staff had taken of Fauci when he first arrived at Guantanamo Bay.  All GITMO detainees are photographed nude head to toe, and have their blood drawn. The blood is checked for evidence of clot shot vaccinations—since most Deep Staters claim to be vaccinated but are not—and Adrenochrome.

The Fauci who went to GITMO in April had a 1” circular birth mark on his left thigh, whereas the clone did not. He also had a birthmark on his right shoulder blade, but the clone did not. Both clones’ adult teeth had not fully developed–they were missing both upper and lower second molars; medical staff found no signs of extractions. Moreover, the Biden and Fauci clones had flatfeet, a condition in which the arches on the inside of the feet flatten when pressure is put on them. They had normal genitalia, a source in General David H. Berger’s office told Real Raw News.

“This is from a preliminary report. They haven’t been dissected yet. Obviously, these are subtle abnormalities, and a person would really need to know what to look for to tell the difference between the clone and the real Mckoy. We’re hoping to learn more soon,” our source said.

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I am a little confused, Pence had left D.C. and the military had his plane turn around. His call sign went from AF2 to sam 239 the new younger and tanned pence. I took that to mean he was replaced with a clone . They have been cloning since the 30s why is Trump being so coy with General Berger?

Pamela Meagher

Is it possible to make Fauci’s execution painful like the children and beagles suffered when he killed them in his experiments ? Maybe have the people decide his form of death. Maybe have a lottery where the winner chooses, how he dies ?


♥️🇺🇸That’s so funny. I would love to see pictures of those clone’s.💪🏻

Above Reproach

How disgusting is that ? Just try to imagine countless blubbering idiot’s like Biden And Anthony F- face walking around years after real life expectancy. Would they still be SEX PERVERTs sniffing little girls and abusing little boys. Probably I guess. We don’t need anymore sick bastards in this world .
Were full up of them as it is. One life is way to long for the likes of them.


Hang ALL the Clones…for impersonation of a politician..
Pelosi is NOT in the house,…her AZZ IS in GITMO..and WILL HANG FOR TREASON on TUESDAY the 27th of December !

Joseph Swanton

All bullshit. No clones and no white hats exist. Just endless WEF smokescreens! Our nation is dead and Trump was it’s final executioner!


So show us the clones! We have a right to see them!


In due TIME !
meanwhile Merry Christmas everyone !


Prosecute the clones as accessories if, in fact, these things have ever become living humans. Maybe in the next couple articles I see have been posted.


Thank you Michael for all your hard work this year.

orange julius

Clones don’t have earlobes. Also, that type of clone doesn’t last more than a few years.


exactly there are different types of clones
mashed potato brains Biden has a real dumb clone..
those clones are an embarrassment to the Clone union !

Lady Hermann

Here’s hoping there is at least a chemical difference in their make-up.


Clones lack the higher faculty of intuition. They only have use of lower (2+2=4) brain functionings. Lacking intuition clones have to calculate things such as walking down a flight of steps whereas a real person could look at the steps (all even) and after a few steps downward would no longer need to look at the steps and could quick step his way downward without looking. They have a hard time getting out of a room if the lights have been turned off. Clones have a vibrational difference which super hi tech devices used by nefarious secret space programs to detect “visitors” on the planet from other planets. GITMO level has none of these as there is a big gap between military special forces and upper level secret space programs. Very high level clairvoyants can detect clones but there are very few of these with this capability and they would not work for any present government anywhere.


clones are just the meat covered skeleton
like a cyborg
they will be rounded up and executed
It’s just a matter of time

star fleet

This is good. Finally preparing the public to understand cloning. My hope is the white hats are way in front of the curve in having control over the cloning industry and now is the time to inform the public. Excellent. Expose everything that the dark forces do. Expose everything that the Light forces do too. Let the public, collective mind, mature and move on to a much higher society. Amen!

"Timothy Daniel F." (EA-1475)

From the Ozarks, SSpfd., Mo., again Thanks for the update & Please extend this to ALL White Hats.
Anyway, just was thinking that maybe the discrepancies of the clones hadn’t yet formed, because I read RRNs’ previous article’s which stated that the fakes were not fully mature. Just a thought.
Have a Great Day & Happy Holidays!

Julia M Wescott

Over the past several years I have seen differences in Biden, Fauci, Gates & Hillary (among others) when they’re giving a speech or just photos of them ….I won’t accept that they are not clones or dopplegangers, etc. This has been going on for a long time~


Easy. Hang them all, clone and the real person.

Voice of One

The Biden clones do not have hanging ear lobes.

Rose Mary Abbott

How do they tell the difference between the original and the clone of the original? Outside of birthmarks that is?



Last edited 1 year ago by sejmon

They do not have a soul which is given to you my God.


How do you know they don’t?

Sandy Thomas

Will that even kill the clone They’re not human in the first place. I think you have to blow them up or burn them.


Clone , body double, or the real one . . . Just hang them all.

Sandy Thomas

Will that even kill the clone They’re not human in the first place. I think you have to blow them up or burn them.


That way you will be able to distinguish the original Trump, if you have certain particular signs of the original, from the current Trump clone.
You will also find the reserve clone close to ripening, in a short time.

John .S

Will agree with that, myself dabble with embalming, seen wild stuff on prep table, case in point – ah, won’t go there.

Robert Thompson

What does that mean at the end of the sentence and adrenochrome? I know what adrenochrome is and it’s a horrible evil practice. But it’s almost like the sentence was never finished and kind of left us hanging? What does adrenochromeHave to do with the clones?

Sandy Thomas

Do the clones ever have normal blood plasma? What about Dna? Wouldn’t That distinguish them?

Larry C

I hope they find differences in the DNA of the original versus the Clone. This would make differentiation much easier!

Sue Grantham

The skin is the give way.
Pelosi is 20 years old than me and looks 20 years younger than me
Think about having to view Pelosi completely naked- 🤢

Last edited 1 year ago by Sue Grantham
Jan D Hunsinger

Good grief. Valuable information, however.


Something interesting I watch years ago about robotic human replacement . From a documentary on how highly intelligent people from all fields of technology got together for that idea to become reality. Wild part was they claimed it is possible to download your memory /thoughts an emotion into a computer circuit for a life like robot for replacing humans . The big downside is the had fake emotions an couldn’t feel pain , happy, sad , angry, emotions . So, you would be a robot without fundamental life feeling from real emotions. Crazy part rich intelligent people was all for it . My guess ,a clone would have a original copy/ human connected to a computer system for that downloading. If not how would they think an act like them. 🤔

Strike 17

Its on The invisible war on DUMBS and UNDERGROUND channel. The title: Ancient Cloning Factories: Amazons / Foundlings & Incubators , Test-Tube Babies.— on Rumble

Strike 17

If you have Rumble and a man on there showing paintings of long ago depicting cloning way back then I heard they was cloning before Christ was born.


THANKS! make all fauci’s and Brandons strip! Not to mention the other ones. Newscum for instance. That witch Whitmer… I hope she goes to GITMO, all of them.


Clones to the left of me
Clowns to the right
Here I am
stuck in the middle with them.

April Moore

Yeah, this is the creepy science fiction part of the movie – slightly sickening, but deliciously terrifying, and more over, I now find myself contemplating exactly how many clones/ cloning facilities actually exist out there… could one of us passed one on the street, oblivious to the fact that it was an ungodly abomination born of psychotic endeavors? Mayhap – that’s the scary part – mayhap.

Rob William

Dehumanizing clones is same as dehumanizing test tube babies. These are real people with the real rights. Try soul argument in court and let’s see what they say.


They don’t live and don’t last very long before they start deteriorating mentally & decomposing their flesh (remember a lot of people said Hillary smelled like literal death when they stood close to her, and then weeks later she would collapse in front of a van and even gap out on a stage – hence the Adrenochrome jabs) and die anyway, so by all means, lets let them live out their lives as frauds & clones for 6-8 months, they’re like puppies and deer in headlights lost without their Handlers, and educated beyond your imagination, brain fed a thought process only for a certain agenda (like political), via neurologically linked subliminal messaging as their brains develop all while in their birthing pods borned & bred for certain purposes that are temporary, but first,… lets tattoo the mark of the beast (666) across their foreheads as we capture them. Just so “WE” know who & what they really are. This way people can use their proper judgment when needing to deal with them.
Once they have the brains, or knowledge of their father (body snatcher) they then become physical hosts, like a symbiote without soul, …you know, just like in Stargate kinda sorta.
Another thing, have any blood tests done lately, just wondering if you know whether or not your bloods been transcoded & patented yet.

Sandy Thomas

Ok you’re mixing up clones with adrenochrome-taker Hrc. Where did you mix this up?

Last edited 1 year ago by Sandy Thomas
Rose Mary Abbott

Try proving that you really exist as you portray yourself to and see how far you get with that. Trolls are not considered to be human either. You could be a computer program as many trolls have been proven to be. Blah blah blah, yackety schmackety.


Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Rose Mary Abbott

Merry Christmas to you too Goober!


Merry Christmas.


Blade Runners.


I Must agree,
sounds like when diagnosed, that individual won’t be able to function in society !


I am looking forward to learning more about the clones as
The autopsies. Are performed.
Stay safe !


Merry Christmas to you and your family as well.


Michael Baxter
I guess you’re showing us the clone of Fauci? Real Fauci had a smaller nose?


Thanks for the intrigues.The border’s more wide open than ever, the Marxist Statist Dems and Rino’s are still deeply ensconced in full command of almost all key levers of power and are moving successfully with full speed toward their plans of destruction,demolition,and transformationally revolutionizing and recreating the country in their own Statist Marxist ideal image.Just look at all the Exo’s along with the legislation and policy both sides of the aisles have signed and rammed up our national rear ends.Point is they still haven’t been neutralized,deposed from their criminally obtained coup d’etat powers and are unimpressed and undeterred.

Last edited 1 year ago by Alex379

Look up Jessie Czebotar. She reveals the horrible truth you don’t know

Mark David

If I kill a Clone, is it murder, or just destruction of property?


its both.


Clones don’t have a SOUL, so they don’t have any rights..
But they might be Property that is registered to a company..

Sandy Thomas

Destruction of property.

Bill Kaulfield

Sure, if you can see them naked and compare birthmarks or get a good look at their feet or teeth then you can tell.

Easy peasy.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bill Kaulfield
Rose Mary Abbott

I have even seen someone consider them as a food resource! I don’t think I have seen anything in the Bible about thou shall not kill a clone.


Hang them all, including clones or body doubles


They are all traitors


we know that the person running around trying to be hilda beast clinton is clinto as shes already been hung and this one playing her you can tell her cheek bones too big,mouth to small and the fake one already admitted that she is NOT human..


WOW!!!!which Fauci was executed,the real one or the clone,did they get the real nancy pelosi this time,she too has a clone so does kamala harris..guess they all have to look for the real ones to see the difference like fauci..we know biden is a about schumer??? gates has a another clone out there as he was blocked from going to ted talks after the first clone got hung.Oct 1 2021 .the real bill and melinda were hung in india by the indian people in 2013
Melinda is played by Kevin Klien sure looks like him with a wig.. that one is in Gitmo


And Fauci’s ugly mother or father was Mother ‘demon saint’ Teresa in International child trafficking.

See documentary called HELL’S ANGEL — MOTHER TERESA

trust nothing

The Deep State are masters in illusions, distractions, deceptions and lies.
They say you can’t tell the difference unless you know where the original has birth marks or flaws.
If these arrests and executions were publicized as fact internationally supported with video evidence there would be no need for a clone.

Sandy Thomas

The time of great deception –Even the elect will be (is being) deceived.


oh dear.

reminds me of what Atlantis had done.

right before they were wiped by zeus and the greek gods cause of: “science” they called it the great preparations before being wiped.

this is what happens when you deny myths for so long, lol.


another Kharzarian ghoul