White Hats Proactively Head to Storm-Stricken Louisiana to Prevent FEMA Misdeeds


General David H. Berger Wednesday morning sent two Marine platoons to Union Parish, Louisiana, where twisters last night decimated homes and left at least three people dead, as well as dozens wounded. The Marines won’t be there to comfort the walking wounded or to provide shelter. Rather, the general hopes their presence will make marauding FEMA agents think twice before taunting, robbing, and torturing displaced residents, as they had in Florida last October, and in Metairie, Louisiana, in September 2021. In the latter case, FEMA withheld emergency provisions until citizens agreed to get Covid shots.

A source in the general’s office told Real Raw News that Gen. Berger won’t allow repeat performances, that he aims to protect the citizenry from an agency that refuses to police its own.

“If FEMA won’t deal with their criminal element, we’ll do it for them,” our source said. “We are sworn to defend the nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Two platoons of the 247th Marine Corps, Camp Lejeune, headed south for Louisiana early Wednesday morning. The Marines, our source added, are carrying enough firepower to repel a FEMA invasion, though that’s not their goal.

“No one here’s looking for a firefight. We hope our presence will keep FEMA on best behavior. They know from earlier altercations that we’ll act, if necessary, to defend the lives and properties of people in the area. Bloodshed is not what we’re looking for,” our source said.

Nonetheless, Marines pride themselves on preparedness—the ability to improvise, adapt, and overcome, and know FEMA has a history of bringing weapons, locked and loaded, to so-called disaster relief missions. FEMA’s propensity has been to carry automatic weapons and crates of ammunition instead of food, bottled water, and temporary shelter.

Last October, southwest Florida residents whose lives got uprooted in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian were offered N-95 masks and Covid boosters instead of food and water.

Marines, our source said, left Camp Lejeune with spare MREs, but only enough to feed a few dozen people for a week.

“We have limited resources. We’ll do what we can. But our job is to keep FEMA in check. We hope our forces arrive in Union Parish before the bulk of FEMA does,” our source said.

Last night, FEMA spokesperson Alexandra Travis said the Federal Emergency Management Agency was sending personnel to Louisiana to evaluate storm damage. She made an identical statement in October, after which cash, gold, and guns began disappearing from damaged homes in Naples, Florida.

Note: Please do not flood the comment section with “What about Nancy.” Her tribunal is underway as of this morning. I will not have a report until the conclusion, and that may or may not be today. Thank you.

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Robert James

We wish we’d had our Marines here in Florida. FEMA thugs kicked people when they were down.

Strike 17

Any FEMA get kicked out, or showed up to do bad things?


i would like to thank our great military and apologize for any injustices that youve had to endure under this criminal admin. Just my opinion. i come from military family my father being army ranger and gpa in WW2. Plus other family that served as well. None of humanity should ever be fearful of so called agencies meant to help the people. God bless you and Merry Christmas. Thankyou for your service.


Why has FEMAs Contract been revoked since they have proven themselves to be enemies domestic? Better yet why would any national contracts be awarded to foreignors? Conflict of interest.


White Hats need to worry about being proactive, or we are going to have to worry about nuclear plants, electrical substations, oil factories, railroads and the millions of miles of tracks, bus stations, airports, and etc….. Really, move on “FASTER”!

Carol Sims

I know I will be banned, but it’s high time for everyone to learn the TRUTH! This site is now OUTED TO BE FAKE! The Internet has many sites if you want to check it out. The “trials” are not true. Neither were the dialogues true.

Make your choice to either remain with what we foolishly believed to be the real thing or get off while you can.



hey berger, when are you guys gonna do your job and end this evil, instead of dragging your feet looking like cowards.?

Vince Sly

He’s a 4 Star General with over 40 years of service. Trust the plan and that the man knows what he’s doing.


He’s too busy buying up Trump NFTs. These things are gonna skyrocket in value, I’m telling you


They rock, I’m buying 45 of them

Vince Sly

https://collecttrumpcards.com/ Get them quick before they sell out! You can win amazing prizes too.



Jan D Hunsinger

I know you will report when you can. God I want some good news.


I agree
I would like any NEW article.
I am waiting Patiently…


Are you saying that Trump announcing his new NFT collection wasn’t good news? 😂


What about Nancy?

John .S

As per MB:
“Note: Please do not flood the comment section with “What about Nancy.” Her tribunal is underway as of this morning. I will not have a report until the conclusion, and that may or may not be today. Thank you.”

John .S

Myself personally flunked 8 out of 10 engineering students on a 20 question multiple choice exam.

Said: use of calculators are prohibited as per instructions, scrap paper been provided.

Instructions also said: only answer questions 5-10-15 & 20, and upon completion silently exit class room.

Eight test takers racked their brains, scribbling mathematics on scrap paper, hilarious to watch.

Lesson learned in reading script and following instructions.


Only thing is, for a LONG time I have written and sent emails, sent questions to radio stations and civilians that live in and around , places commented on by REAL RAW NEWS. if they heard or seen anything around their areas. Never once did anyone say they saw or heard explosions etc etc.

Rob William

But you live in RealVerse, not MBVerse. You need to teleport to MBVerse where everything MB writes is true.


Was that a Pelosi doppelganger then at the unveiling of her portrait the other day? Since the real Pelosi was sent to gitmo?

Rose Mary Abbott

Probably. They do everything they can to make us look insane. Not that many people know the things that we know about. This site is heavily censored 🤬 on Facebook where all the “normies” are. Well, Twitter is reaching a lot of them now. So there is still hope. In fact, hope is growing by the second now. Soon they will know what happened.


And when the “normies” hear the truth, 99% will end up in the hospital, not the general general mind you BUT the asylum. And that is per Q. So sad and not good for them. Blessings 🙏🙏🙏


Let the see everything. EVERYTHING. No more lies. they’ll recover soon enough. We have had to do some recovering ourselves.


You can probably consider none of the political elites are the “real” people. They are masked actors or CGI.


Or Clones…

Rob William

Shape shifting reptilian.

Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

I Love Marines ! They Hold The Territory Anywhere we need a solid presence & there’s Nothing More Solid Than A Marine Defending His Position ! Best bring a big bag lunch if you’re planning to overrun their position ……….. Maybe a few centuries of provisions . I was privileged to take a group of Marines to San Diego via The Palmer House Hotel in Chicago. Finance office was a bit upset with me when we reported for Boot Camp as we had one heck of a party night before reporting for Boot Camp , March of 1972. My Marines were worth the chewing out that I received. Keep It Going Marines ! Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

Rob William

As you are vet, do you question what are final objectives of Marine [for example: reinstating Trump, formation of new laws etc] and what has been achieved till now? In a military operation, the objectives are very clear, split into smaller objectives achievable in a time bound manner and are not all over the place, isn’t it? Otherwise you spread too thin, soldiers with vague directions don’t achieve much and the operation doesn’t succeed.


Today the StL newspaper reports that Georgia Sec of State Brad Ratts-n-Berger urged the state to end election run-offs. With all of the country’s eyes on GA, it made it extremely difficult to manipulate the ballots, I am sure. Again, sources on the ground reported DC buses to Atlanta and no one spoke English on the buses. Gee, wonder why they were all headed to GA, before the election. I must be specific to low-IQ trolls.


Why don’t you buy Hunter’s paintings. They can hang in your pedo gallery at home, along with portraits of your crack whores.


In fact I saved both conversations on a screen shot.


Come on RNN, your last note above about awaiting info on Piglosi’s trial is such a joke. Why don’t you finally admit this sight is nothing but made up stories- Pure Fiction. Nancy was alive and well in Washington yesterday unveiling her portrait in Capitol as Speaker standing with that other RINO criminal, John Boehner. Don’t bother us with any nonsense about masks or body doubles, because without pictures and proof they don’t exist. It’s amazing people still believe in the stories described on this site.

Rob William

Oh don’t you believe in Shapeshifting reptilians?


All I can think about is why don’t the white hats stop the govt control of our weather and the Chem trails. I heard the military is in charge of these pilots spreading this stuff, so if true, heaven help us if we end up with martial law. But stop the madness and we won’t need fema!

Dr John

States invite FEMA into their states so that they can get Federal funding for the emergency. However, States can establish laws against insurgent activity in their states by entities that are operating as military units withing the boundaries of their state.

They can in that law stipulate FEMA is an illegal military operation without approval by the state which means they are not allowed to bring military weapons of any kind into the state. Nor are they to issue mandates that place demands on citizens so that citizens can receive food, water or other supplies provided by the Federal government from dollars supplied by the state.

Any FEMA agent can be subject to one year in jail for each occurance of withholding food, water or other supplies or the act of providing medical shots or having possession of vaccines that are not approved by the state. These acts are outside the approved purview of the intent of FEMA as was the initial design.

FEMA while in the state has no legal right to control citizens including their freedom of movement. That is the role of the military or police as deemed necessary.

FEMA is not allowed to roam freely in disrupted areas where damage has occurred, They must gain approval/permits by local officials of the state, county or city to set up distribution centers in parking lots, open fields or available buildings.

This can be done and is a states right and privilege. FEMA has under illegal authority of Congress gained powers far beyond the intent of an emergency response system. These laws are at the Federal level and can be ignored by states if deemed illegal or corrupt.

We all need to send letters to our state government representatives to voice our disapproval of arming FEMA, IRS and Homeland Security. We have military units that can be called out as needed. Arming these groups creates a dangerous armed enemy within the United States that has demonstrated behavior that is illegal and unconstitutional. They have shown allegiance to politicians and not the US Constitution.

Take political action and speak out about these abuses. If enough states get onboard and our new Congress acts on our behalf these troubling organizations can be disarmed and disband. States should have contigent funds for emergencies not the Federal government.

Viet Vet Spc Ops, still fighting for our country

Rob William

Trumpgirl try sending those letters and let us know the response. It will be extremely hilarious.


not related…according to PG..NP and Paul,schummer.mitch mcconnel,schiff ,paul ryan and several others (real or “masked”)CON gresssman & senators been transported in cargo military plane last week to GITMO….

Dr John

CON gressman… I LIKE IT!




Also Russ who turned my name into a disgusting insult… the whole point of the hour I spent writing was to share some relevant health info and to ask Russ to read what I wrote. My comment very clearly was about people WHO VOLUNTEERED .
I am not judging even those people however right now I am sicker ..now – with the flu than I have EVER been in my life (and I am the full health extremist eat nearly 100% organic food as my health insurance policy
yet I KNOW the reason I am sicker than I ever remember being is because over Thanksgiving I could not resist the hugs of people I love or the long conversations one on one…

, and I am loaded with spike proteins from shedding and now have to begin extreme protocols to evict them as much as possible from my body.
Look.. this thing is hurting us in the heart of what we hold MOST dear…our crazy irreplaceable precious famillies. I don’t want them hurt. And I pray that neither they or anyone else be harmed by this evil agenda. I have been studying alternative health for years… I had kept my familywell with excellent formulas over the years… but when it came to this… it is like I was suddenly “invalid” I don’t even know where they were getting their script from but it amounted to
“I don’t trust your “sources” It sounds very C I A propaganda to me but my kids went for it like bees to honey. I
Also my stupid name is the result of Michael Baxter rejecting every comment I wrote for months and months and I thought he didn’t like the names I was choosing… really they AND THE COMMENTS were as good as everything else on here that has been found acceptable. This stupid name is the first one that MB posted my comments with.

Rob William

You don’t need to flush out spike proteins like that, they have already been flushed but before that they have changed your immune system irreversibly. In some very rare people, the stabilizing agent in the mRNA vaccine causes longer term inflammation in the body – it’s just bad luck.


Very few people have never been sick through this Covid ordeal. However, once you get sick, you have natural immunity for life(unlike the vaxed). There are remedies to avoid getting sick(use immediately after being in a group) and remedies to help you heal once you get sick. Thank God that you are now protected against future variants. If exposed again you will heal quicker. BTW, Covid tests now say “Covid, Influenza A and Influenza B”. One big soup.


My whole elaborate response to Mr Russ whatever took me more than an hour to write and when I tried to edit a spelling error the entire comment disappeared replaced by “comment awaiting approval: spam
I would really appreciate the return of my comment although it appears that MB’s website protocal just eliminated it entirely
I thought we were past all of this -every comment suspended awaiting approval which never happens… Why I am once again under suspicioun really does not add up.


Screen shot your comment as soon as you write it or before editing just in case it disappears.

Dana Benetz

It’s not just Nancy Pelosi that went to GITMO! Per Phil Godlewski’s LIVE tonight and major intel drop, last week when the plane headed to GITMO, there were more political prisoners on it! These are the names he was able to read from the hand written list he had been given:

Jerry Nadler
Adam Schiff
Nancy Pelosi
Paul Pelosi
Mitch McConnell
Chuck Schummer
Katie Hobbs
Doug Ducey
Paul Ryan
Andrew Cuomo
Gretchen Whitmer
Stacy Abrams
Brian Kemp
Lindsey Graham

There were a few unrecognizable names. But these names say a lot! Democrats and Rhinos! Good riddance! All an evil bunch! Let God have them and be their judge on Judgement Day!


Saw the clip. It may have been Franklin Graham and not Lindsey Graham, considering only the last name was given and not specifying either the senator or the preacher.

Dana Benetz

Anything is possible but considering Lindsey Graham is a Rhino then that’s why I said him.

Dr John

I tried to post a message tonight with valuable information on natural health options people could use to stay healthy and avoid medical toxins. I am not selling anything nor asking for any donations. This is my way of giving back to the society.

Michael Baxter, however does not feel you need better options or health. He evidently feels you do not need to fight the corrupt medical field or criminal Deep State Big Pharma.

All of the solutions I have uncovered in 30 years of research are tested and proven to work and have no side effects. They are inexpensive and can be bought anywhere from natural products like food, vitamins and minerals, etc.

Time and again Michael Baxter has censored information that can make a real difference in readers health and our ability to fight back.

Thanks Michael for being so considerate of your readers. Maybe you would like to explain what a traitor to our nation is from your personal experience, because you are certainly not trying to help us survive or fight back.

Maybe you are afraid to post such truthful information… That is what is called a coward.

I fought real wars with real guns a long time ago. I am fighting this war for our nation as I promised so long ago.

I am calling you out for what you appear to be and welcome your explanation for censoring information that could dramatically help your readers. Censoring me is the same as censoring on Twitter or any other Deep State operation. You are taking away my constitutional rights of FREE of SPEECH, without a valid reason and as mentioned to the detriment of your readers.

You can and likely will delete this message as well, but that just makes what I am saying fact. You are a traitor and coward by your actions.



Viet Vet Spc Ops


Sometimes our posts buffer and cannot be sent because the system gets flooded and other times they go though just fine, there’s No censorship here. Next time before you press the button to send mess., copy it and if it don’t work the first time around, refresh the entire page and repost via pasting it.

Dr John

If that is the case and it is a mechanical error, my apologies are offered. I will do as you suggest and see if it works. It is frustrating from this end not being able to share things that can benefit your readers, our nation and the world. We need all the help we can get to get out from under the Deep State where ever possible.

They are targeting us from multiple angels. It is not just COVID 19 or the Clot Shot, that is only a small part of the story..

Again I apologize for my prior comment. You may remove it if you wish and I will not be offended.

Rob William

Can you kindly also post your “natural heath options” again? I am really interested in knowing them. If it’s triggering some keywords, try misspelling them or splitting them into 2 words. It’s always good to know natural remedies.


Rob is aligned with Big Pharma. He wants to know your remedies so that Pharma can take them off of the shelves. The Menthol in cigarettes binds the spike so of course they have fazed out menthol cigs with the excuse of getting rid of flavored cigarettes. Also citronella is a powerful spike binder and Canada at the start of Covid banned citronella. Note that Trudeau owns the rights to the Lipo-particle that encases the MRNA in the vax. It is a devilish money game.

Rob William

Can you kindly let Dr John write, unless you are Dr John.


“Satan, get thee behind me!” Mark 8:33.


The White Hats basically said if FEMA won’t control their people, then the good guys will do it. It made me laugh because all the criminal behavior being done by members of FEMA was most certainly being done with the blessing of FEMA’s highest officials…..GUARANTEED!!!!

Dixie Gardner

Why has FEMA not been dissolved?


I wish I could see the White Hat troops heading to Washington DC Proactively…..


Deepstate auto spell got me on first comment. I said I hope he wakes up


Can anyone figure out why David Nino The famous boxer on YouTube denies the tribunals at Gitmo are true. He has a great show with so many famous folks but I can’t conceive how he is so awake yet so asleep. Is someone feeding him disinformation? His show revolves around WW3 is coming folks I’m telling ya, we are losing to the DS.
I just hope he wakes up.
Deepstate auto spell got me on first comment.


Can anyone figure out why David Nino The famous boxer on YouTube denies the tribunals at Gitmo are true. He has a great show with so many famous folks but I can’t conceive how he is so awake yet so asleep. Is someone feeding him disinformation? His show revolves around WW3 is coming folks I’m telling ya, we are losing to the DS.
I just hope he wishes up.

Rob William

Actually his skepticism comes from the fact that there is NO video or picture evidence that has ever been presented of arrests or GITMO tribunals. Moreover, all those dead people are still seen in the public life, so it’s even harder to believe.

Vikki Arcila

Thank you, Mr. Baxter

Matt Chaney

I’m reasonably certain its fair to shoot looters. That said, if they deal with the dickhead looters (who may or may not work for any federal agency) now then unnecessary to deal with them at a later time.


LIVE STREAMERS are front row center.


Stretch her neck.


And thank you for the update on NP. Very good to know that too.


Yes, thank you for the update. This is always my first preferred news site over the others. It’s “real raw news”. It’s so real.
I’m super excited the marines are going to do that.
Displaced people from a storm. They offer them kill shots? Unbelievable. And loot them too? With automatics?
So glad for the USMC.
Thank you General Berger.


If the Special Forces already have Nancy in custody, that gives us a clue that Joe is not far behind.


Yeah sure why not


Oh to be a fly on the wall at San Fran Nan’s tribunal! Just the thought that the wicked witch of the west is finally incarcerated, is music to the soul here in California. We know Newsom and Paul are no longer free men, but to hear that she is also in custody now too, is very, very excellent news. I attribute her incarceration to our commander in chief, DJT & his military forces.

Last edited 1 year ago by Joanna

Thank you Michael … the names on the EXECUTION LIST is increasing and that gives Americans and other nations great comfort!

MILITARY EXECUTIONS IN 2022: Alec Baldwin (hanged), Stéphane Bancel (hanged), Bridget Brink (hanged), Dick Cheney (hanged), Francis Collins (hanged), Shannon Corless (hanged), Jennifer Brigid O’Malley Dillon (firing squad), Michael Donilon (hanged), Anita Dunn (hanged), Anthony Fauci (hanged), Avril Haines (two head-shots), Valerie Jarrett (hanged), Loretta Lynch (hanged), Denis McDonough (two head-shots), Gavin Newsom (hanged), Sonia Sotomayor (hanged), Brian Stelter (hanged), Michael Sussman (firing squad), Thomas Vilsack (hanged). Real Raw News

MILITARY EXECUTIONS IN 2021: Huma Abedin (hanged), Bill Barr (hanged), Joe Biden (firing squad), Hunter Biden (hanged), Deborah Birx (firing squad), John Brennan (hanged), George Bush Sr. (euthanized), George Bush Jr. (hanged), Bill Clinton (suicide), Hilary Clinton (hanged), Chelsea Clinton (hanged), James Comey (guillotine), Andrew Cuomo (hanged), Bill Gates (hanged), Tom Hanks (euthanized), John McCain (two head-shots), Mark Mezvinsky (hanged), John Podesta (firing squad), Colin Powell (suicide), Susan Rice (hanged), Donald Rumsfeld (suicide), Adam Schiff (hanged), Peter Scolari (hanged). Real Raw News

MILITARY DETENTIONS IN 2021–2022: Bill Ayers (life imprisonment at GITMO), David Axelrod (detained), James Baker (detained), Amy Coney Barrett (detained), Maria Barret (detained), Patricia Conrad (detained), Melinda Gates (detained), Nancy Pelosi (detained), Paul Pelosi (life imprisonment at GITMO), Eli Roth (detained), George Soros (detained), Elijah Wood (detained), Jeff Zients (detained). Real Raw News


And those are the ones MB reports. A separate list was put out by a well sourced truther showing 260 names that have been arrested, arrested and executed, arrested and in GITMO and, awaiting tribunal. CHeck out AMG news.com. Blessings, 🙏🙏🙏


Those listed here and on AMG are only the tip of the iceberg.

Rob William

It will be so kind of you if you can also present an excel sheet with all the significant events and their dates with a short summary.

Rob William

It will be so kind of you if you can also present an excel sheet with all the significant events and their dates with a short summary..


fire dog is done a excellent job on the list !


Thank you.
excellent job. !

joe blow

FEMA messes with the wrong Cajun’s, they’re in for a war.


We have a camp house on Lake D’Arbonne too. Tornado missed it. Friend of ours filmed another area where tornado hit. They had a direct hit and was able to walk away (with bumps and bruises). Our families are good friends. They were both retired and built a two-story mansion on the lake. House is unrecognizable. 😢



Thank you Michael Baxter. !


Wow, so happy that white hats will expose and stop Femi’s evil……..yay


Lol who’s Femi

Rob William

Deep State FEMA is planning to come prepared with an army of unbeatable reptilians. I will like to see how it goes down. MB> Can we have some videos of the fights and action?

Rob William

Wade in the water
Wade in the water children
Wade in the water
Don’t you know that
God’s gonna trouble the water
Don’t you know that
God’s gonna trouble the water


What would happen to our Fed and the Biden regime if, “We The People” all decided to Not pay them their Tax this next year?
Do you think they’ll come to collect?
It was said that its optional & voluntary to pay Tax, Not required, yet they have an army of IRS Agents.
If they don’t have any way to print cash anymore, how can they afford to come to your home to collect?
China’s people did it, and still haven’t paid their tax.


Don’t pay your taxes and find out man


Taxes are voluntary. Do some serious research.
When you do, you will realize the Truth …

Rob William

They are not. Sales tax gets added when you pay the bill, income taxes are deducted from the paycheck. Government imposes too much “administrative cost” to govern the real work.


This is the kind of hilarious satire we all need.

Rob William

Yes, and the most hilarious part is that some people consider it to be gospel truth.



Anthony Gregory

Well done Marines.


bitchute dot com/video/0XAdY39pkV4X/

Lets see if their Sheriffs make a stand and are Constitutionalists.

John .S

Yeah baby, just watched, thanks for posting, whereas ungrateful’s, and trolling shills post negative as creatures of habit, dwelling in their meager existence, achieving orgasmic glee.

Lock & Load, next wave of tyrannical pandemic lockdowns imminent, message needs to be sent, especially in NYC.

Assemble your resistance group now, with hard pipe hitting Mofo’s, Tally-ho and God Speed.

God Bless America.

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S