Nancy Pelosi Military Tribunal, Part I


(Due to the length of this article, I am separating it into parts. I will try to get the 2nd part published this evening.)

Thirteen hours over two days is how long it took Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall of the United States Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps to present evidence against former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whom a 3-officer panel found guilty of treason, seditious conspiracy, and conspiracy to commit murder late Thursday afternoon.

In an opening statement, the admiral said JAG and the Office of Military Commissions had copious evidence linking Pelosi to crimes dating back to 1987 but, for time’s sake, would focus only on her most recent and egregious offenses, starting with a 2016 murder-for-hire plot to assassinate then-presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. He said JAG was aware of many nefarious schemes to end Trump’s life–all of which were bungled or foiled–and had incontrovertible evidence tying Pelosi to four.  Moreover, Adm. Crandall told the panel he would prove beyond reasonable doubt that Pelosi in 2018 hatched a plot to kidnap Barron Trump to force Donald Trump’s resignation, so Pence would be the new president. Pelosi, Vice Adm. Crandall said, had even considered having Melania or Ivanka murdered in hopes of forcing a tormented Trump from office.

Furthermore, he said Pelosi shared responsibility with the late Gavin Newsom in locking down California and enforcing draconian vaccine mandates that sickened or killed countless residents of the Golden State. Pelosi’s “Covid crimes,” he intoned, violated the Constitution of the United States; they affronted the very people she had sworn to serve. But as persons withered and died—not from Covid but from the clot shot —and families grieved, Pelosi grew in wealth and power, immeasurably so. When she wasn’t wielding an iron fist, she was clutching the bottle, Vice Adm. Crandall said, and informed the panel witness statements and Pelosi’s own documents would give credence to JAG’s allegations.

“This woman isn’t even vaccinated,” Vice Adm. Crandall said, pointing at Pelosi. “We know this because we pulled her blood, and we can test. She eschewed her own mandates. Why? Because she knew the vaccines were dangerous, and we’ll prove that.”

When offered a chance to give her own opening statement, Pelosi, appearing sans counsel, pursed her lips and kept quiet. She was disheveled and seemed distraught, her shriveled, bony fingers visibly trembling as bloodshot eyes scanned the court.

Vice Admiral Crandall introduced a witness, a 29-year-old Latin male named Xavier Ramirez, who, having been sworn in, described himself as Pelosi’s former gigolo and “boy toy.” He testified under oath that he had regularly “entertained” Pelosi between April and July of 2016, usually at upscale hotels in the San Francisco area. Mr. Ramirez said he hadn’t documented each meeting, but guessed he saw Pelosi 15 times.

“I hope you were paid well, Mr. Ramirez,” Vice Adm. Crandall quipped.

“Very well,” the witness replied.

“I’ve never seen this man before in my life,” Pelosi shouted at the top of her lungs, her voice gravelly and hoarse.

The admiral reprimanded her outburst, saying she could either exercise decorum or be physically restrained.

“Mr. Ramirez, when we first spoke, you mentioned a specific meeting on a certain date. If you would, would you please repeat what you said, to the best of your recollection,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

“It was July 21, 2016. Nancy was in a bad way because Mr. Donald Trump just accepted the Republican nomination. Trump this, Trump that was all she talked about. She paid me, so I listened. She was drinking, of course. Nancy likes to drink. She is a big drinker, a habitual drinker, to say it in a nice way. So, the more she drinks, the more she talks—”

“—While we appreciate your colorful tale, could you please be briefer, come to the point,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

“The point, yes; she said she wanted to kill Donald Trump,” the witness said.

“Kill or have killed?”

“Well, have killed; she certainly wasn’t doing it herself. Nancy asked me do I know someone, because I am Cuban, I must know someone, she told me. And there I am thinking to myself why I should know a hitman just because I’m Cuban. I thought maybe she joked and asked if she was kidding, but, no, Nancy was dead serious. She offered me $25k cash in advance to find someone. Nancy said if I did, and it got done, I’d get $225K more and the person who kill Trump get $250K. Then she laughs and says to me if Trump has too much protection, she can do the daughter—you know, tall, pretty blonde, Ivanka.”

Vice Admiral asked if Mr. Ramirez had seen or handled the $25,000.

“I saw it come out of her purse. Banded stacks $1000 each. I saw it, I touched it, but I did not take. I told her, ‘You’re Nancy Pelosi, you must have powerful friends. I want nothing to do with this,’ and she tells me, and this I remember very well, ‘This time it has to be an outside party.’ I tell her flatly that’s not why I am here,” Mr. Ramirez explained.

“And I assume, Mr. Ramirez, the ‘services’ you performed for the defendant didn’t cost 25 grand,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

Mr. Ramirez laughed. “No, I wish, but much less, and she paid me in advance.”

“Did you bring your concerns to the Secret Service, to the police?”

“Are you crazy? No. If she could kill Trump, I could get killed like a fly on the wall. When I left, it was last time I saw her,” Mr. Ramirez said.

“Yet the defendant claims she’s never seen you before today. But we know that’s untrue,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

He projected onto a large screen television digital images he had obtained from the witness. One clearly showed Pelosi and Mr. Ramirez hugging in a hotel room; another showed them standing side-by-side, smiling at a camera. “These are ‘selfies’ you took in the defendant’s company, is that correct?”

“That’s correct,” Mr. Ramirez said.

“Why did you take them?”

“Bragging rights.”

Vice Adm. Crandall snorted. “I really don’t think that’s something to brag about, Mr. Ramirez. You’re excused.”

The admiral addressed the panel: “This alone is solicitation for murder, which in traditional courts carries up to a 20-year sentence. In this case, we’re talking about a presidential candidate. And we’re by no means done.”

Note: I will post Part II ASAP.

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So our top military officials are holding people accountable for the clot shot BUT forced our troops 🤦🏼‍♀️ This does not align


Dear Jesus, let all of this be more than satire. This nasty woman is despicable. The image of her ripping up Trump’s State of the Union speech is seared in my brain forever. She should have hung then.


They say this woman isn’t even vaccinated !
Absolutely shocking isn’t it. ?

Pat N

No disrespect intended here to you Wildcat.
Not shocking at all. They “know” what is in the jabs. The jab is their tool, all about depopulation, control & of course money. Do you think they are going to subject themselves voluntarily to death or disability & them losing control of the populace, plus give up raking in the money for covering for big Pharma? Making laws to protect big Pharma from prosecution. No, that’s how they got filthy rich off “we the people’s”(taxpayer’s) backs.They think taxpayer money is their private piggy bank to do with as they please. They consider themselves gods and we are the trash beneath their feet, sheeple.
Don’t forget the 1,000’s of $$ the hospitals gained for each documented C-death. They were intubating & giving Remdesivir shots to healthy people to gain the $$ for C-deaths. Money means more than the Hippocratic oath to some. To be fair to the doctors & nurses, some were being threatened & blackmailed & many walked off their jobs, refusing to be the Cabal’s grim reaper.
Keep the taxpayer in debt so both parents have to work to try to make ends meet while they dissolve the nuclear family.
They are up to 72 “genders” they are pushing on our kids.
The list goes on, but I’ll get off my soapbox for now.

Pat N

In 2021, a local hospital nurse told me every death was attributed to C to get the $$ associated with it. A motorcycle fatality, was C. An animal mauling death was a C death, etc. NOW they are trying to hide C-deaths, because the deaths are from the jabs, not a virus.

Stinky Perfume

If it’s your first time hearing about it, yeah it’s shocking. As far as I hear on RRN, Gavin Newsom was getting placebos and he claimed Nancy ordered him dead with the real shot. Some of these do what they do for seems like different reasons. Nancy seems like a walking wrong person that could use a lot of prison time to think about things but all these stooges are maybe MK Ultra trained and chipped and nothing can help them maybe past a certain age at this stage of the game of age for surface dwellers. She don’t seem as far gone into non-human as Zuckerberg.

It’s way more shocking that she’s arrested at all. And what about the vax promoting Trump. Will his blood show up a lot of clots and graphene oxide? If Trump got the jab like he said then did he get detoxed from it or what? Maybe he wound up with the placebo or a hydroxychloroquine shot like some people are claiming.

There’s possible words being put into a DJT mouth by CGI and he don’t want to negate it for some reason.

I don’t know what’s going on and just guessed the killers are not at a level we can see, like the jab creators, I don’t think this is humans. it’s genetic engineers from Draco underworlds is my guess. The NAZI’s were said to be in with them, so this kinda deadly business reminds me of that.


There isn’t enough Viagra on the planet for me to hose that old bag Mr Ramirez you sir must have a stomach like a goat


His theory is he never met a woman that he couldn’t get it up for unless the price was right.

David T

Good to see this information at long last.

mary pascucci


Evelyn B

If the White Hats military has the Laptop of Nancy….why did they not free the innocent J6 prisoners and exposed it to the public that it was all planned by Nancy and mayor Browser and with the help of the FBI ,Antifa and other domestic terrorists group? They, grandmothers, patriots ,Christ believers had to suffer until now? Just leave those Antifas….I think…this is not too much to ask the White hats military to free and save them now…they have all suffered a lot for locking them there for so long without trials or for being there in the house of congress which the peoples paid for….or being there to expressed their opinion that the election in 2020 was rigged…it was rigged because…on the timeline…you can see that thousands were deducted in 5 minutes from trumps votes to add it to biden….in a flip of a second…it happened here too,in Newsom recall votes… instead of addition…the Republican candidates got deductions by 20-50thousands. And that deductions will appear on the democratic candidates? Pathetic…Treason…So please tell the white hats military to free those J6 prisoners…except the Antifas or BLM…Please…they have it ALL the laptop of Nancy and the communications before and after J6.


How do you live in that dirtball state?


It’s horrendous how the innocent patriots suffered, including the one who supposedly took his own life, & another who lost an eye. Their treatment is evil beyond belief & it must stop! God, help them & all patriots! 🙏❤️🇺🇲🌲

Dave Kelly

Yes , God Help them because Trump sure fuck has not. And the White Hats , have not heard they have done shit either. It may come down to the PEOPLE, Although they have been told all along to watch the fucking show, this has turned out to nothing but disrespectful and insulting. I can only imagine the betrayal the incarcerated Patriots and their families must feel yet Trump reaps 4.5 MILLION DOLLARS from the NFT SCAM.


Part II? Tomorrow works to. Thanx MB

Dave smith

Hi I hope they checker her property good. I’ve seen where they have made the kitchen island a freezer a place to hide body parts and other things hidden within them. God bless us all amen and people of south Florida please send some heat to the upper mid west. Thank you. Jill and Tom

Julio Antonio Laguna

The devil in person has finally been caught! Wow!


Peace loving God fearing loyal Patriots are patiently waiting for Part 2, and Part 3 if it goes that far. This is our country, not theirs. Let’s take it back and run it. MAGA!


In the meantime, a B-2 Spirit (Stealth) Bomber touched down and set fire on Dec 10 at Whiteman AFB in Missouri. The 20 year old Bomber costs 2.15B in 2022 dollars. Another B-2 met the same fate (at Whiteman) 09/14/2021. It is still under repair. Note: Missouri is the North-American HQ of the Sinaloa (#1) Drug Cartel (NY Times). Just sayin.


As this info simmers into your brain, who can we thank for allowing the enemy to overrun our walls? None other than The Clintons, The Bush’s, The Pelosi’s and The Biden’s.

Dave Kelly

yeah those two Bombers are a FACTION of the cost compared to the FUCKING BILLIONS being spent on the FAILED ENTERPRISE , zionist satanist jew expedition fomenting marxist communist insanity attempting the expansion of their degenerate deranged criminal trafficking of human/child sex -slavery ,PEDOPHILIA , ADRENCHROME HARVESTING, and BIO WEAPONS ATTACKS AGAINST Russians and Global humanity. FUCK NATO, FUCK DEEP STATE and US POLITICIANS, FBI , USDOJ and DHS. FUCK ISRAEL , FUCK ZIONISTS , SATANISTS and PARASITIC JEWS, FUCK THEM ALL!

Dave Kelly


george friend

Just the tip of the iceberg for this bitch. You think she’s evil? That’s an understatement. Part 2 should make us all puke.


I’m looking forward to the next part. And I am thinking that Nancy didn’t come up with this plan on her own. I wonder who else she planned this deed with. She knew she could not ask HRC.


Mr Baxter,.. you have a security connection issue with your website. I’m not sure if you are presently aware of it or there is an attempted “hack” of your site!


How could you know that? Curious

Dave Kelly



The only thing I find weird about this story is that this isn’t much for an arrest. If they arrested everyone that said they wanted Trump assassinated or dead, they would have to arrest half the country.
Talking to her boy toy about killing Trump while intoxicated is something a lot of people might have done. “the intoxicated part not the boy toy”.
I would have thought they could have brought up something a little bigger on the hit list is all. Something where people actually where killed and or dead.
The covid lock-downs and jabs that have killed and or injured Millions is a bigger arrest to me. The DC fake insurrection hurt and or got at least 2 people killed. I’m thinking some of the police that died right after might not have been suicides.
Where is all this hard core evidence they have on all these people.
Her talking drunk to a hustler isn’t big news to me is all I’m saying. I’m sure she said and tried way worse with Trump, we all know she and every Democrat hated Trump. I think if we got any Democrat alone in a room they all would have asked “how do we kill Trump”?
Hope they have better stuff on day 2.


Well said.


Trying to give someone $25,000 to kill a President is something most people do?? Are you on crack?


what a bad woman!!! the devil is a breast baby next to her!! there is no punishment on earth that can pay so much evil for this witch, daughter of a great bitch. She and Fauci are of the same ilk, and other Senate Democrats follow suit. I pray to God that this happens soon and hang everyone

Sojourner Truth

Such a sinister “lady”. The fact that she didn’t take the vaccine says volumes. We need to test each vaccine pusher, to see if they took the shot themselves. Maybe that would even awaken a few democrats. I hope she really is taken off the streets and held accountable.
What she has wrought on the American people has reverberated around the world and is predatory. She’s truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing and rather than being a public servant, she is a breathing Cruella Deville.


Sounds like fiction though

Charlotte Cain

What happened to part 2?????

John .S

Don’t rush it, much painstaking work. It’s not easy publishing anything, especially being precise and concise.

Much brain-racking perseverance, which includes multiple sit-down writing sessions for one article. Much work behind it.

Get yourself some good Italian Pasta [ravioli] put up a pot of sauce [from scratch, not out of jar], and sit back for news.

Can’t rush anything especially a pot of sauce with short ribs & meatballs. BTW: it’s called sauce – not gravy.

Bon appetit.


Yes, the sauce is the boss….. Grew up having spaghetti and meatballs, with Italian sausages, Italian salad and riccis Italian bread every Sunday… I’m 1 of 11 and my parents had to have 2 long tables to fit everyone and their spouses and kids….I sure miss those days…. Waking up to the smell of meatballs and sausages frying in the kitchen…. The smell of fresh Tomato sauce cooking…mmmm mmm mmmm…. Those were good times for sure. Sure, I still make it like my mother did but not nearly as often and my kids don’t come over for Sunday dinner…. It’s just not the same

Dave Kelly


David M

Patience my friend….patience.

Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

As I said before …… I have looked in vain for something good to say about Nancy , ever since I saw her great set of legs swing out from the Burgundy colored Jeep Cherokee she was getting out of during her early years of Office. I thought she’d get a ticket in Restricted Red Zone parking at The Federal Building San Francisco , then I found out , those Betty Grable’s belonged to Nancy ! I haven’t found another good thing about Nancy , since that 1st time I saw her so many years ago. Please tell her that I thought she had a great set a gams …………… Long , long Time Ago ……. Then press the button ………... Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195


She really knows how to paint those eye brows on…… Just kidding she looks like a freak clown

Dave Kelly

like a tranny wannabe

Dave Kelly

U must have been seriously hard-up, LoL


I’m still waiting for the really big fish to be taken down…..and it made public. Then…..and only then…..until “then”…consider me agnostic on this whole matter. As for my LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST…..I see plenty evidence of HIM.


We know Nancy and all of Washington DC were arrested and given a chance to play a role in exchange for keeping their legacy intact. We know Nancy was one who agreed and we have seen the “boot” they all wore while under arrest and being monitored. For those who agreed they didn’t need to find a body double, Nancy was one of them. AFAIK she broke the terms of her agreement so now all of her rotten, illegal, and traitorous activities will be laid bare for all to see.

Did I miss anything?

I wonder if they executed her already.

John .S

For me it’s Sunday morning approx 7am EST, making fresh tortellini for dinner.

No doubt Pelosi news as anti-pasta course before fine dining at 2pm.

PS: Kitchen Aid stand mixer with pasta roller attachment is key for fresh pasta.

45 4Ever

Speechless. Been waiting for this. FINALLY!!!
thank you Michael and for more coming! (I hope you’re doing okay since you had doctor appts.)

John .S

The litany of charges against Nancy are immense, and were entered upon tribunal record.

JAG has option to apply discretion not to systematically attack each and every charge, could say, carving the meat, not touching the potatoes.

Suspect Nancy ripping-up documents at Trump’s State of Union Address not litigated, though entered into the record. Would be surprised if Crandall makes mention of that.

If every charge was addressed suspect tribunal would take at least a week.

Someone else herein referenced Nancy’s laptop, whereas possible evidence may exist to exonerate Jan. 6th political prisoners, or implicate others, it’s a wait and see.

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S
Dave Kelly

Nasty is an ENEMY COMBATANT, wasting TOO MUCH TIME AND EFFORT on this TREASONOUS CUNT and PEDOPHILE. 20 MINUTES TOPS for this degenerate deranged CUNT, take her out side and EXECUTE this waste product , but thats JAG for you , slow playing this to no END. This is BULLSHIT. THIS NATION AND IT’S PEOPLE ARE AT WAR, does this RESONATE with you people?

Charles Smith

I’m not the only one that can tell Nancy is a Demon possessed you know what, am I. I really cant wait till the day she’s Executed. I can tell the difference between her and the creep pretending to be her. This new person eyes looks in a different way and had motion is different. I know the difference keep an eye out for doubles, their everywhere. When do the doubles go away? I can’t wait till they do.

Wayne Hatton

She and the rest should be slowly hanged by wire, like they did at Plotzensee.

Dave Kelly

just EXECUTE the CUNT, on to the next ENEMY COMBATANT


UNBELIEVABLE!! What an Evil Disgusting Nasty Decrepid Sick Minded
Soul less Corrupt & Wicked Old Nasty Witch.. And the whole time President Trump was 1000 steps ahead of this old evil cow!! The rest of the world needs to awaken and find out everything about this Disgusting Evil Witch Pelosi and all the rest of these filthy demon scum… involved.. whether in Congress,
Hollywood , The Fraud Fake Biden and his corrupt / criminal regime…etc…Obama, Big Ugly Tranny Mike and the filthy murdering scumbag Clintons, and on & on…


LOTS of flights leaving Ft. Lauderdale and arriving in Cuba recently!!! And THIS coincides with it perfectly!!! Can you confirm this Mr. Baxter?

David M

Also from Jacksonville and Norfolk, VA (among other places). Virtually daily. Just check the website/app FlightAware.

Dave Kelly

GREAT GOLF at Subic Bay Naval Base this time of year.


Wayment, Wayment, Wayment, hold up. Hold up! Did this dude was messing with Moonshine Betty? And bragging about it! WTH?! 😳😖🤢🤮


Yep, he has the selfies to show for it.

Natasha Vidan

Ohhh WOWW!!!! I knew she was evil but evil to the core is another matter and how many more are there like her up in the ‘swamp”, around the Country, and the world??? Hell is almost too good for her but it’s a great start for her and it will go on for eternity…

Dave Kelly

yeah , well with all this fucking around , HELL will freeze over before she ever gets there, then what?


My best guess is that you should never include personal details however anonymous or say anything that offends MB in any way (however unpredictable) because I am now being blocked again without evident cause. I see all the usual characters, some spam, people who do not appear to ever be in comment jail… but I am for no apparent reason, rarely tolerated to speak on this board.


Of the four comments I posted which all immediately went to “waiting for approval” only my complaint is shared with the board. The other comments were pertinent and timely but it’s all very arbitrary. Point from MB being? Hmmm – maybe an unspoken…”haven’t seen your name on the donation roster yet”
Well, if that was the case… I would much more respect a straightforward pay for play criteria established up front.


doesn’t it look like Nancy Pelosi’s picture has her contemplating shape shifting. ?

David M

They ALL will shapeshift before, during and after execution…


Go to hell, mother fuckin bitch.


Hang this Bitch! Hang this Bitch! Hang this Bitch!


The world will be a much better place without her and people like her!


I have heard that some of the Jan 6 Trump supporters who were arrested are STILL in jail and being tortured and held in solitary confinement by her command simply for being Trump supporters–Why Trump has not released them yet I cannot understand—THIS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED!

Dave Kelly

DJT is CONFLICTED, he has DIVIDED LOYALTIES and MORE NFTs to conjure up and make MILLIONS of DOLLARS, so he can’t be bothered by TRIVIAL MATTERS, ……and YES you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT, this should not be allowed, FUCKING RIGHT!


Wow, we have heard so many assassination attempts on Trump, I knew Nancy is up to something, she is deeply evil, what a demon 😈 😳

Dave Kelly

yes , there were many assassination attempts on Fidel Castro , 23 known attempts by the CIA , and funny thing, Fidel LIVED TO A RIPE OLD AGE, Strange how that works out.


Her brain is definitely pickled! Anyone who is devoted to their Catholic faith should be outraged with her arrogant attitude. Imagine her outrage if someone behaved towards her the way she’s behaved towards Trump – attempting to have him or his son/wife/daughter killed. Can you imagine how she’d react if he did that to her or a family member of hers? He’s not going to lower himself to that level. He’s more concerned about the US and her citizens. She can’t be put in God’s hands fast enough to suit me.


God will come down hard on her because of the children she had aborted, trafficked, raped, incested, killed, organ-harvested and exsanguinated for adrenochrome to her fellow witches. She is too deeply hated, she went after President Trump and his family members numerous times, no less. She will never be forgiven for the crimes she has committed. The world will never forget her crimes. She partners up with paedophiles, terrorista, MS-13 gangs, rapists, traitors, assassins, satanic child sex traffickers for money and prays with WEF/NWO/Luciferians on a daily basis. Tell me that’s not evil.

American Living in Canada

Isn’t interesting up here the lamestream information radio stations are harping on some guy that a misunderstanding with his hunting license.

That’s the hot topic lead in criminal act of the day… hmmm.

American Living in Canada

What the heck is going on with the edit button?

American Living in Canada

The fog was gone the seventh day and they saw the morning sun
Ten hours away from homeland the Bismarck made its run
The Admiral of the British fleet said turn those bows around
We found that German battleship and we’re gonna cut her down

The British guns were aimed and the shells were coming fast
The first shell hit the Bismarck they knew she couldn’t last
That mighty German battleship is just a memory
“Sink the Bismarck!” was the battle cry that shook the seven seas

We found the German battleship ’twas makin’ such a fuss
We had to sink the Bismarck cause the world depends on us
We hit the deck a runnin’ and we and spun those guns around
Yeah we found the mighty Bismarck and then we cut her down

American Living in Canada

Well now I don’t read that daily news
‘Cause it ain’t hard to figure where people get the blues
They can’t dig what they can’t use
If they stick to themselves they’d be much less abused

Say I know a little
Lord, I do know a little about it
I know a little
I know a little about it
I know a little about love
And baby, I can guess the rest


I was trying to remember how many attempts we’ve all seen. There’s no doubt more that we never heard about. Two near-head-on collisions with the presidential motorcade. I saw video of one and heard about another. Video is still up on YouTube.
Missile over Whidbey.
Laser dots appearing on him while he spoke from behind a protective screen.

Possibly these three: Hawaii (blind nuclear missile/alert) and Las Vegas (massacre with MBS in the building); and the vaguest one – some sort of action blocked by our military – over the Atlantic near where Trump was in Florida…picked up inadvertently by MonkeyWerx.

Michael R Davis

The same Deep-State submarine that launched the missile at Hawaii, also launched a missile (nuclear?) at Air Force One with Trump aboard in the northwest US, both missiles destroyed by Aegis missile cruisers hundreds of miles away.

That submarine was later tracked to a sub pen under Ketron Island near Tacoma, Washington and destroyed by ground penetration missiles from 2 fighters allegedly tracking a hijacked Sky King commuter aircraft which crashed into the island. Now there is a Sky King Memorial on the island at the site of the sub pen.

Allegedly there was a child trafficking tunnel from the island to a globalist DuPont community several miles south. Easy to research and verify.

Diana Paris

What about her buddy Schumer?


I have heard he’s in custody at gitmo also. !

Last edited 1 year ago by Wildcat
Dave Kelly

yes he is between GITMO and fine dining restaurants in DC, funny thing about that TREASONOUS jew


Man, they would have to execute her at least a dozen times in order to make her pay for all her crimes during her political career.


This is why we need the ESB loop showing all the crimes and the executions.

Dave Kelly

ESB , Trump requested that the White Hats ,NOT use the EBS.

Dave Kelly

ESB or whatever

Dave Kelly

Well she has not been EXECUTE ONCE thus far


Because of her age….like Clinton and her husband, will probably get LIFE!!! This is much better, make her suffer every day, until she gets into HELL!!!!!


Torture the bitches


Nope, Hillary, Marc and Chelsea all got executed for their crimes, but WJC got murdered after getting sentenced to life. Still no word on the perp in the kitchen who poisoned his food.


whoever poisoned him is a hero not a perp

trust nothing

That’s what RRN has written.
People reading these stories as if they were facts have lost critical thinking ability. Punishment without public knowledge is like getting a new car but not being able to show it off. Can’t drive it. Can’t show it, but you can tell people about how awesome it is. It’s a secret.

Dave Kelly

yeah this way Nasty can still get Booze and ice cream deliveries to her cell from Grub Hub


At long last the wicked, wicked witch will be dead…. so much crime, cruelty… depravity….it’s sobering to contemplate what is in store for her, after life here…
The Drinker of the house loves attention, so I think Instead of using clones or a double to cover her being gone due to execution, a ‘die suddenly’ scenario…and a nice big splashy goodbye so everyone in the world will see


This is gruesome & needs to stop… NEVERMIND, if proven guilty then off with her head. Has her husband Paul been dispatched yet? A double hanging or guillotine of her & him would be justified.


Paedo Paulie is in jail for life, no execution. Now Presidential family assassin Nancy, OTOH, needs it in the worst way.

Dave Kelly

He was hit in the head by a hammer at his condo in San Francisco.

Dave Kelly

No he was hit in the head with a hammer by some waco in Frisco at his condo, he nust have been out on a weekend pass from GITMO

question everything

Text of Article 3, Section 3:
Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.

That means Congress decides how to punish treason. Not the military, not the whitehats, not RRN commentators.


You’re way behind on what is going on. Keep researching. All of Congress is corrupt and have all failed to honor their oath of office. Do you really think they are going to prosecute their fellow criminals?


Exactly right.. There is a LONG FREAKING Line waiting to be exec

question everything

I know what is going on. I was showing what the law says. I know Congress(and nearly all other forms of govt and authority in this land) is corrupt as hell itself, and they wouldn’t punish themselves any more than they would vote for term limits on themselves.
But does this mean that you all have given up on the rule of law? The Constitution? The Bill of Rights? Are we now ruled by the tyrant behind the curtain? Will you make Q or Trump or the Berger replacement your new fuhrer? How far will you take this tyranny in the name of “justice”?

Dave Kelly

Name of justice ? Are you fucking kidding, there has NOT been JUSTICE in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA in too many DECADES. Holy shit, you must have come out of a very long coma. In the USA there is NO justice SYSTEM NO RULE OF LAW, it is JUSTICE RACKETS , and the RULE OF RACKETS , PLIED AND GAMED BY RACKETEERS, and this is FACT. WELCOME MY SON , WELCOME TO THE MACHINE.

Dave Kelly

Weel , Nasty being Speaker of the House will just have to decide on how to punish herself

Donna Miller

I know this sounds terrible, they should give the vaccinated blood that also has the boosters in it and let her go slow like they are doing to those in the military that haven’t had the vaccine and require a blood transfusion… Let me tell you a little story, March of this year my dear husband had to have open heart surgery even tho he tested negative at two hospitals. The hospital he had the surgery at while he was in his regular room after being thru ICU and all that, a Nurse comes in while he is a sleep and sticks with a needle him which wakes him up and he says, “What was they for?” She tells him it was the Vaccine that everyone is getting, you know for the Covid… He tells her, I didn’t want that”. Her remark was that everyone is getting it… So I ask a lawyer about taking away his Constitutional Rights. We live in WV, at that point our Senate had already passed a law that no one can file Law suites against anything dealing with the Covid… That right there should tell you everything…


That’s depraved. indifference!! Sue for misconduct, FEDERAL! There has to be a way.

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Ok, this thing is really a piece of work…