Special Forces Destroy Deep State Cloning Lab

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United States Special Forces on Tuesday found and destroyed what White Hats had thought to be a myth: a Deep State cloning facility in a hollowed-out limestone cave in the Missouri Ozarks, sources in General H. Berger’s office told Real Raw News.

The general, he said, conferred with 5th Special Forces Group commander Col. Brent Lindeman after receiving a tip from an intelligence source claiming to have GPS coordinates to a colossal cloning lab near Stanton, Missouri. It was, sources added, the fourth such tip Gen. Berger had heard of in 2022, all of which originated from independent, unrelated persons who work or had worked in the intelligence community. General Berger had dismissed the earlier tips as rubbish because they didn’t include coordinates and because most intelligence operatives, retired or not, are cojoined to the Deep State. He felt investigating unsubstantiated tips would be a waste of manpower and resources, and a possible trap. Moreover, the general had a tough time believing such technology existed; when rumors of clones surfaced now and then, he considered them science fiction, once having said cloning tech could not possibly exist without his knowing about it.

The latest tip, our source said, came from a man the general had once trusted.

“At this point, Gen. Berger still didn’t believe the story, but thought there might be something out there the guy wanted him to look at. Without the coordinates he would have said forget it. There’re 7,000 caves in the Ozarks, and he sure as hell wouldn’t use our limited assets to scour them all. And if it was a trap, he wanted to trap the trappers,” our source said.

On Sunday evening, Gen. Berger and Col. Lindemen discussed whether to send a modest reconnaissance squad or a sizable search-and-destroy force to Missouri, just in case soldiers found something unnatural in the caves. After a brief confab, they decided on two 12-man Alpha Detachments, one to establish a mobile command center, the other to find the alleged target, along with appropriate firepower and demolitions.

“The tipster didn’t mention if the place was guarded,” our source said.

They launched the mission early Tuesday morning. Two UH-60s fitted with long-range fuel tanks and flown by pilots of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment—the Nightstalkers—carried Special Forces from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, to a remote quarry southwest of Miramiguoa State Park, home to Missouri’s vast labyrinth of limestone caves.

With the command post established and manned, one detachment set out on foot, traversing the craggy terrain, and occasionally using night vision goggles to augment their own keenly honed night vision. They stealthily maneuvered among the rocky outcrops, stopping within 500 meters of the GPS coordinates. They saw no opposition and no cave entrance, just an elevated limestone ledge supported by pillars of rock. Beneath the ledge, though, one Special Forces operator heard what he took to be a “humming” noise emanating from inside the rock wall. When he touched a section of the wall, his hand passed through it as if it weren’t there, and that’s because it wasn’t.

A holographic projection concealed an opening large enough to fit an SUV. Locked and loaded, the detachment walked through the projection and found themselves standing in a tunnel that descended 100’ to the earth below. The tunnel had been bored smooth, as if by a laser. One operator would later call it polished stone. They found the source of the hologram: a square device about the size and shape of an old Kodak slide projector hung from the ceiling, its lens aimed at the cavemouth. A single wire ran through a hole someone had drilled in the ceiling.

The tunnel opened into a massive cavern that also had been bored smooth, but the floor was metal that fitted perfectly to the cavern’s dimensions, as if someone had poured molten steel. Behind banks of operating computer terminals were 36 maturation chambers, 7’ tall cylindrical tubes filled with a translucent liquid. Suspended in the liquid were what can be described only as clones of prominent Deep State personalities in various stages of development. Affixed to each tube were stickers noting the subject’s name, date of inception, and maturation date.

Twelve of the 36 tubes held clones. They were suspended motionless, and how they breathed while submerged in liquid is unknown. One was a carbon copy of what Hillary Clinton looked like in her mid-thirties. Another was a prepubescent Chuck Schumer. A third held a 20-something Gavin Newsom. And a fourth held a fully matured replica of Joseph Biden. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was also there, as were two clones of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Special Forces noted that the entire floor hummed and vibrated beneath their feet. Since they saw no visible power source, they assumed whatever powered the ungodly facility was subterranean and causing the floor to oscillate.

The detachment, our source said, was momentarily struck dumb, having found itself in a situation that transcended known reality. Whoever designed the lab had conquered an intractable issue: how to accelerate the natural biological growth cycle.

The detachment commander, a captain, ordered the communications sergeant to radio the command post to send men with enough explosives to collapse the cavern. He first took evidence, including the holographic projector and three laptops. The unit rigged the cavern with C4, molding chunks of the malleable ordnance to sections of the wall and ceiling, as well as the outside stone pillars that supported the ledge above the cave entrance.

They smashed and shot the plexiglass cylinders and the clones slumped to the floor, surrounded now by puddles of viscous liquid.

“We’re taking a Fauci and a Biden, we don’t have room for more, leave the rest. Get samples of the liquid too,” the detachment commander reportedly told his men.

They exited the cavern and retreated a safe distance, then remotely blew the cavern. It collapsed in on itself, the entrance sealed by gigantic pieces of broken rock. The detachments disassembled the command center, boarded the choppers, and headed back to Ft. Campbell just as the morning sun peeked above the horizon.

“Naturally, this find changes things,” our source said. “By now the Deep State must know what’s happened. Even if that sickening place wasn’t staffed round the clock, someone was checking on the clones. Special Forces saw footprints in the area. We still don’t know what powered the place, or if that power source is still going. Our biggest concern now is, how many of these labs does the Deep State have? This whole ordeal has sent Gen. Berger for a loop. Science fiction has become science reality.”

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Thank you Michael Baxter and Merry Christmas to you


Yes, Michael, Merry Christmas to you, and all there rest of the people on here.


merry christmas to you too and happy new year..and it will be as soon as all these luntics are no more …


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Please don’t ban me as a spammer or troll because I’m not.I just disagree with the sausage grinding speed these people are operating at while talking about trying to avoid a national effusion of blood.After all,what would you call fifty years of sanctioned murder invoked by SCOTUS in “so ordering” it? That’s a sixty million murder victim effusion of blood- and you just know that’s far from all the incalculable damage they’ve deliberately done.These people should’ve been neutralized decades ago.They chose to become subhuman.Now they have to leave the earth so we might yet survive.


YUP, State-Sanctioned Murder Came Back, Thanks to Scotus:rollingstoneDOTcom/culture/culture-news/supreme-court-death-penalty-state-sanctioned-murder-daniel-lewis-lee-1028702/


Alex U. R. OK…=
U R Not on my 88 some naughty list…he he he


Hopefully they will be able to distinguish the spammers … and just because the trumpers calls some trolls don’t mean they are.

The Light Forces reported taking out a huge deep state pit under DC in early December that was shaped in a spider like formation which roughly followed the subway system …They have managed to clear the vast majority of the pit, including the cloning facilities for politicians, MILAB facilities under the Pentagon, the “Clinton morgue” and the “Hillary’s shapeshifter chamber”. Don’t even ask me about that … they didn’t clarify … the rabbit hole is extremely deep. I can’t believe Berger didn’t know about this. It’s about time they stop this.


#1 Who or what are the Light Forces? #2 Do youu think Milley was aware of this?I understand shape-shifting. It’s Demonic. Elizabeth II was a shape-shifter, Lizard per something Putin said many years ago. I think it relates to the Illuminati in some way. I first heard about this maybe 30 years ago, then read about it in an autobiography written by an M.D. I believe it can and does happen.

Stinky Perfume

The light forces I think don’t use technology at all.


Yes they do.


The Light Force is the Galactic Federation a group of the good ET’s working to liberate the planet from evil ET’s that have been in control of this planet for over 26,000 years. The bad ET’s control the deep state. Milley may be aware since he is part of the deep state.

If you want more information do a search for Cobra The Portal … then you will have to play catch up.


You know, I always believed the stories about the DUMBS and Cloning as there are thousands of photos but show me ONE photo of a genuine ET and not a man made gray bio-mechanical created slave.

Michael R Davis

Demons, Nephilim, fallen angels pretending they are extraterrestrials. That has always been their plan to fool the people.

question everything

“That has always been their plan to fool the people.”

Exactly. There is good reason why the Bible uses terms like ‘the great deceiver’ and ‘the great deception’ and the Messiah himself speaking about that great deceiver saying “He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”


Yes. Some exorcists have spoken of this. This is a spiritual battle. The word Apocalypse means “to unveil” and we are now being shown the truths by the Holy Spirit.


Genuine Ets look like you and me. Many walk amongst us


snap the picture yourself. Do some remote viewing. Or do a hypnotic regression where the assistant asks your questions to your soul, and records it for your conscious lower mind.

Stinky Perfume

The AI and whatever underground is controlling watching everyone on some kind of cameras, isn’t clear but this guy “Ray” on Jason Shurka’s site said any pic of.DUMBS online or anything underground that’s real, they know you had ability to take such a pic? They would be killed immediately. He said with all we see there is no pic online that real that shows it.


Cobra is saying that only 2000 people will ascend in the first wave of ascension. Hmmm. Seems a very small number to bother with. I wonder if he’s legit.

question everything

LOL….I wonder how legit someone can be that names themselves after a snake….discernment, man!

Nukkin Futz

The light forces are the Galactic Federation that are helping taking down the black hats, or Niburians from the planet Nibiru and they are not the lizards either. Nibirians or Anunnaki’s are here on earth to mine resource metals that they need on their planet, which is mineral deficient, so they allied themselves with other nefarious bad guys and formed NATO and the deep state to setup and infiltrate countries with puppet state actors as leaders and then mine the minerals. The little people have been told that Nato is to protect them against godless commies and the 99%’ers ate that up with a ladel. Now it’s time to rid these parasitic goons from earth, after 1800 years of wars and terror. Their is allot of spaceship sightings imbedded in clouds and flooding out many dumbs that these shit heads have their labs in and the show rolls on….


Oh Paleeeze!


You need to hit the books and RESEARCH….you will find so much overwhelming proof….Do this NOW, so you don’t lose it by the time it outs on a wider scale. Get a head start.

From a researcher/practitioner/scientist of 40 years.


ya, a lot of normies will lose it…and won’t believe it and will be way behind on all the news.. Lorinda is just the tip of what is coming. Wait till all the normies find out what they’ve been doing to the children. They will lose it…I did, I had to have some time to absorb it…and I couldn’t talk about it to people because they would not believe it…now most of it has come out and more people know about it, but there are still many, many that don’t. And then there’s the ones that took the jab, and when they find out it was to kill them…some are gonna lose their mind, knowing that they and/or their loved ones have take the poison…and then there are the ones that have lost loved ones because of it…or were kept from seeing their loved ones before they passed…
“There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”. I tried to warn many people but they got the jab anyways

Rob William

You may be correct. Also, lizard people/reptilians and shapeshifters have described in so many ancient books written by well respected writers with illustrations and sometimes photos but still people have trouble believing in them.


Lightworkers I think. They allow their body to be used by what they think are aliens when in fact they’re demons. There are videos on “why I stopped being a lightworker” It’s shear evil.


What do you mean by “Lightworkers”? and allowing their body to be used”. I am gonna try and find out info on that..???

Mary Wells

You’re absolutely correct! Anyone who sends you “light” …..inform them of their misunderstanding of what they’re actually sending you. If they raise one eyebrow in dissent, cut them loose.


I also am very shocked that Berger had trouble believing in Cloning and Cloning Labs when so many came saying the same thing. WOW what a shock

Stinky Perfume

It’s not like any of us had proof on hand either. We just think it stands to reason because of movies, and disclosure and people saying so. I could ask a lot like how long they live and what is animating them? I’ve seen spaceships and had Christian’s bark at me, those is all demons and they have the power to look like a spaceship.

What’s missing is Gen Berger said if clones were real someone would have told him by now. Well I guess that’s exactly why circumstances put him so close to Trump.

Are clones demons? Clones are I heard not knowing they are clones, and I heard they can be animated from remote places and just heard lot’s of things I can’t put to a test.


Cloning was probably one of the reasons God had to destroy everything in a flood. The Bible tells us the only warning about the end times is “as in the days of Noah”. We are at that point now.


Which makes me wonder just how much the white hats are in control if they don’t have knowledge of this.

Victoria Flood

Who said the white hats don’t have knowledge of clones? If their mission is to find their laboratories and destroy them, it would make sense to pretend to know nothing about their existence, thus not alerting the enemy.


Berger is second in command in charge of the white hats. He OUGHT to know !

By the way, Berger has now resigned / retired. General Eric Smith has taken over from him.




Im more in line to think that after finding this cave, instead of immediately destroying it, they could have stepped away from it and monitored who was going in and out as well as track where else they go to in order to find more of them. Then take out as many as they can all in one go.

Boo Boo

Oh they know —don’t believe everything you hear or read. But it was probably shocking to see that.


Military minds do not favor hearsay, rumors or non-verified reports. We rely on verifiable intelligence that can be actioned on or surveiled. Also military commmanders are all different. One might be an expert in space theater operations and another an expert on special forces operations. That’s why they have large staffs to round out the information coming at them. Add in most humans never think, much less believe, that they can clone an adult human in weeks. We all thought it was a sheep that took months to be born a lamb.


Compartmentalization? There are reasons for that too.


He must have forgot about the 5 billion spent in underground military training too.


General Berger’s fiction is now a slap in the face fact. Every one he looks at or is close to him, that nagging question will always be in his mind (and that of his entire command structure), Is this a man or a clone?
Is there a way to prove this body before him is Human and not a clone? This question must be answered Immediately for security’s sake as infiltration by a clone is now a reality and IF they find a test or method to differentiate Hunans from clones, every one in the military, especially Officers, must be tested and certified to be Human. One clone could doom the entire White Hat movement, This the military knows very well, now!

question everything

“Is there a way to prove this body before him is Human and not a clone?”
I don’t know, but if I had to find out, I would start with the blood, as in a blood test. It wouldn’t shock me to find something like a triple strand DNA in clones instead of the human double strand.
Did you know that there are 72,000 pairs of DNA molecules in the DNA of a human? Being pairs, that make 144,000, which is an interesting number. Also, 3 stranded DNA, like what the clot-shots create, is a total of 216,000 molecules, which is also an interesting number. 600X60X6=216,000.


If you follow Real Gene Decode,
You will know armies can be clones, and not just Human clones.
And the Greys brought cloning technology to earth in WW2. And worked with, The Nazi’s.

Stinky Perfume

Easily but they and that Taino guy just dictate and love thanks and all positive comments. Comments requesting proof I sent got threats of me being a security issue. Geez! All I did was say people vastly want more proof. They want to say what they want to say and nothing else.

It’s obvious there’s millions and billions of years which means there’s nothing new. It seems new to someone with birth amnesia. That happens I believe from taking too much from someone, somewhere out there.


The Galactics would have a method of determining which are real and which are clones. They would have passed this knowledge to the white hats.

Stinky Perfume

Something happened to Berger because he registers some kind of injustice on information about clones. He could maybe be replaced same as Trump. There’s also memory wipers some higher beings are known for using like Bob Lazar said of when he worked at Area 51 building spaceships “I got tired of having my memory wiped every day after work”.

question everything

“SADHGURU teaches to embrace the things we do not know.”

Just maybe embracing what we don’t know might not be such a great idea:
“When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it. Then the eyes of both of them were opened…” Genesis 3:6-7a


And if she didn’t choose to eat of the fruit and stay in the garden we wouldn’t have been born. Ya, they make her out to be so bad when Adam and Eve, our first parents gave up a lot to give birth to us.

question everything

“our first parents gave up a lot to give birth to us”
It would be a bit naive to suggest they were deceived by the serpent on purpose so that they could have children, don’t ya think?

question everything

Maybe it would be wiser to embrace the Creator instead of the serpent.

Stinky Perfume

They keep track of anyone’s every thought if it has power possibilities. There’s higher beings that somehow want to do this and I can’t tell if they are good or evil other than they are very positive to me. I realize it can be tricky. I know this because.

I got picked up by some spaceship marked AF that created a communication time. Someone said that would be MILABS. They just have some interactive other world thing happen that’s easily interpreted as a vivid interactive dream that feels like another world.

Well they were observing some guy I knew, that had a very large soul and show him to me as asleep in bed.

I wondered why he’s sleeping in the room of several of us awake standing.

A lady took the time to tell me “we’re monitoring every thought in his head and storing it way underground in a giant super computer”.

That left me speechless and without time to ponder questions to ask. What we know is thoughts move matter but we don’t know the math to it, the perfect proper thoughts, or who will agree and make stuff happen collectively. I gathered that big soul was a threat to someone so deliberately kept “asleep”.

Whoever these spaceship level beings are I hear it’s only 4th density and the 5th has no use for technology. So clones not gonna be any issue some say as earth is about to make a jump to the 5th. The 4th is just a quick pass, they say we ascend in odd numbers up. Thoughts remain an issue, the thoughts are how things happen.


Also find it hard to believe that the troops in that detachment were shocked when they discovered the clone cylinders. Why would they be – when they would have encountered them many times before when clearing out the other D.U.M.B.S. ?

Rose Mary Abbott

I respect the living daylights out of General Berger, but it is time to make a bit of a change to someone ready for the real live version of Star Trek. It inspired both evil and good people apparently. ETs or blasphemous angels who knows except that they are evil and they have to be irradicated.


You know what ever they do in Hollywood movies actually comes to life. Think about the moves that had cloning in them.
Also, do you remember Dick Tracy in the 50’s, the newspaper comic that was a private eye. He had the first communicating device worn on his wrist. Where did those writers get their ideas?

Rob William

Smart people in Hollywood think without boundaries and are able to conceive things much ahead of when they are actually realized.

Jane C

Watch a film called Cloned from around 1997 with Elizabeth Perkins in it. It’s on YT. Lots of truth in plain sight in that.


I too am less and less impressed by the Alliance forces. Matthew Messages, the top channel in the world, said not long ago that DJT was interfacing with our star family, either directly or thru reps it didn’t say. If true, this might explain why T sometimes does things unilaterally, taking everyone by surprise, and misinterpreted as a discord between Berger & T. Who knows really.

Meanwhile, the FOL and Blossom Goodchild the other top channel, say that there will be a major announcement followed by many others accompanied by another GLOBAL lockdown due to a fabricated deadly FUNGUS….all coordinated to trap evading remaining DP operatives and to secure the public safety in the event the remaining factions go berserk….

So there is DEFINATELY a very advanced higher force overseeing the kids in the sandbox, so we don’t injure ourselves. And thank goodness for that, bc without such intervention we are putty in the hands of the DP underground forces, or whatever is left of their tattered armies.

Rob William


Rob William

You are correct.

Rose Mary Abbott

I can’t believe with all the trouble that Michael Baxter has gone through to get rid of trolls that YOU are still here.

Rob William

You are troll times infinity. I don’t use VPN or proxies.


I can’t believe he didn’t know either. It has been obvious for years.


Not a Geek so I have no clue what a proxy/ VPN blocker is.


Merry Christmas Michael to you and your family. I love your work and check your site at a minimum 2x a day! I appreciate all that you do!


Thank you ,Michael for championing our protection from these bad actors on your site!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸 Merry Christmas and may God protect you and your family,friends and support staff and bless you with great financial prosperity!
Loraine Thompson🕊🕊🕊🎄🎄☃️🎄

American Living in Canada

Merry Christmas Michael:)


This is totally Understandable. For You have gone thru a lot, it’s Not Over !
Your best is yet to come.
Blessing’s be Upon You Michael.

Good Work People, You are ALL B L E S S E D ~


MB is the best on the net -‘cos no one has a site like this –Thanks Again Michael


this is the MOST UNCENSORED sight on the web.. even CFP deletes my posts.. THANKS Michael! You truly are 1st Amendment HERO!!




almost threw up tonight wating MS Nutty Bitches & Kunts… drooling over their fake Jan 6 800 page bullshit witchunt on Trump.. Lawrence and two Kazarian dudes… Gold Man and Wise Man.. truly vile.. with Lawren bags under his eyes like he knows what is goin’ down and Gitmo and fears he’s next.. He hasn’t SLEPT in MONTHS!! these scumbag Trump haters getting their Propagnda Slime on Prime Time.. Sick EVIL Fkx


Kanye says 300 of these control America.. starting to believe him..How many in Congress/Senate and Administration have DUAL Citizenship from this Middle East country the size of NJ??

Rob William

Also he is crystal focused on his base and is able to maneuver his storyline fast to match their expectations.

Sharon Janice Manning

Every release brings us closer to freedom. Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas to you, too.


We will be taken to the very brink..that’s the plan.. I keep thinking we’ve reach this brink. Alas. lt seems still far away. When / where is the damn BRINK ?????

Andi Kay

Agreed. I remember Q saying “The end will not be for everyone.”

Stinky Perfume

They will maybe take down the Hollywood sign as part of symbolism of end times. That whole area where the sign is, looks like a scrubby dirt hill for the master control centers of Hollywood and Getty, etc….Disguise as Nature and Art Museums. But it’s all occupied and manned with satellites and cameras by the thousands watching the area from underground there. Smart but nothing as powerful as an angel it seems.


Merry Christmas to you and yours Michael. Stay safe, and thanks for all of our precious information.


This article really tore my ❤️ today, sir. Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 to your home, sir.


Merry Christmas ,to you an yours . Hopefully, the rapture gets us out of this sick world ,an real soon . I’m tired an have lost a lot in the past few years. But, I gain a lot with my faith in Our, Lord an Savior Jesus Christ. The true gift for every season. To everyone who now finds they have no one in life ! Always remember we still have more than others if we keep Jesus Christ as center of Our Life’s . ( John 3:16) After all ,we’re all brothers an sisters through Jesus Christ! Love everyone an wish everyone the Best Christmas ever .🙏

Pastor Kevin

Well said, brother Mikee – well said indeed 🙂 God bless you, your family, and all you do, amen thank you, Jesus


Revelation 3:10


If you implement VPN blockers, this will be my last post. I’ll still come her to read though.


If you block VPN’s, this is my last post. I will not turn the VPN off for any reason as there are to many eyes watching; Traitors collecting data. However, I will continue to read the articles and comments.

Last edited 1 year ago by ShadowGhost

Ditto, I am being sent heavy nasties daily

Andi Kay

You will be missed, Zee.


What exactly are you scared of?


Stupid question…..

question everything

Research China’s social credit score and it might give you a clue why people have concerns about who is seeing their data. Especially if you can see how close we are to implementing something similar. Let me attempt an example…with a similar system in place here, a person could be denied access to grocery stores because of a comment they made on the internet, or be denied housing, or access to their banking account. And although that system isn’t being used yet, does not mean that it isn’t already in place, or that they aren’t already storing every comment you ever make, even in your emails and text messages. I understand that some think ‘I am doing nothing wrong so this won’t effect me”, but we must remember things like what the FBI is calling ‘domestic terrorism’ these days, like disagreeing with the government about medical mandates, lockdowns, etc., or disagreeing with the local school board about teaching children to have themselves mutilated for life.
It is slightly possible that there is nothing to be “scared of”, but it might not be foolish to be careful of where it looks like things may be headed.


How can you read the articles if you continue to use a VPN ? Michael just told you that won’t be possible.

Pastor Kevin

Your comment, Michael has changed my perspective a tad; although I love all judge none, your words “the immutable fact that God is good – if the rapture happened today, I wouldn’t be disappointed,” separates you from the crowd, one who strives to do his best to deliver truth as humanly possible.
Amen … thank you, and a Merry Christmas also, with blessings, favor, and angelic protection over you, your family, and all you are doing here – thank you, Jesus!


I listen regularly to the man known as SGAnon, and not long ago, he gave you an endorsement. He said he could confirm that most, 80%, I think, of your information as true. He did not say the rest was not true, just that he had not confirmed it. That’s good enough for me. I’m not sure I could confirm that 80% of what I say is true. I do my best to cross-check and confirm my tales, but sometimes, I believe it but cannot provide firm confirmation. Anyway, I appreciate what you provide, and I think this story of the cloning lab confirms the fact that it is, indeed, possible to clone humans.


Never forget the #1 rule of government acquisitions.

If you’re going to build one, why not build 2, or 3 cloning operations?

question everything

I can confirm one thing from my own personal experience of being there, and that is that there definitely are underground facilities in that area. Here is a link to where I was:


This isn’t for spammers, it’s a form of censorship. I asked several pointed questions a month or 2 ago and now I can’t post unless I use a VPN. You’re a liar.


You are confused it seems


Because of your behavior.. You will have to be PUNISHED
GO sit in the corner


Merry Xmas my brother. you have ended this year with a grade of A++. Great reporting sir, 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Frederick Carreon

No apology needed. It’s god’s way of what ‘s letting it slides.


What is a proxy/VPN blocker? Will it prevent our reading at this site?

American Living in Canada

Good question.. anyone out there can shed some light?

Or will it open up some sort of door of tracking down who all of us are?


VPN’s provide a fake address for your real ISP address. It re-routes your data through filters to make it look as though you’re viewing a site from a country other than your own.

They’re often used to bypass internet restrictions ( censorship ) in tyrannical countries like North Korea and China. Also enables you to watch movies e.t.c. for free. Though this is illegal, many do it anyway.

A blocker would deny access to the RRN site.


“A blocker would deny access to the RRN site,” except to read. N’est-ce pas?

question everything

“will it open up some sort of door of tracking down who all of us are?”
Actually, when you post a comment here, you give your email address, and that links you to every other place that email has been used, including any other email you might use, your bank acct, your employment data, your purchasing history, other social media accts and comments and posts there, and I could go on but I think you get the point…You are already tracked down and they know exactly who you are. And if they attach their ‘social credit score’ system to your stored data, they can freeze or fine your bank accts based on your comments and posts, they can deny you access to grocery stores or online purchasing…reminds me of something I read once(or a thousand times..lol) without the mark or name or number of the beast you can’t buy or sell, yet so many think that a 2000 year old book can’t possibly have anything worthwhile for the ‘modern man’. But maybe there is a good reason that book says “My people perish for lack of knowledge”.


Merry Christmas Mr. Baxter, Semper Fi


Merry Christmas.

Just Me

Merry Christmas to you too Michael Baxter and thank you for the information you provide us with. We can not depend on the corrupted news media to give us any news.

Stinky Perfume

Where does the corrupted news media plan on functioning in the future? They all probably know clones quite well, in Hollywood, etc. Some people can find a movie star I guess and go to their location and find clones, like Brittany Spears or whoever they can find.

It must be way different if someone kills a clone compared to killing a real person with a spirit. That is if you could even get near one and nobody is watching it remotely that can affect the scene. This is so heavily talked about and in the media, movies, and on google images there must be people out there that won’t come forward to explain, and intelligence out there that has this thought through it all.

The non humans. Non Persons. No spirit at home in the body. Where are the people that know this stuff and what can be done?


Grace be unto you and Peace, from God our Father and from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Yes, God is good! And His mercy endureth forever. I pray that He strengthens you and gives you the ability to rest in His arms. Blessings be upon you AND YOUR FAMILY.


God’s blessing on you & all this information. Thank you so much. Have a Merry Christmas with your family & God Bless our military for all the challenges they face.
God bless President Trump and the USA. Thanks again, Michael.


Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2023 Michael Baxter and Family

Happy Chanakkah and Merry Christmas Michael Baxter to you and your family.

Bev Kungl

All the very best for 2023 Michael to your family and you and I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. One more thing…thanks for everything because, without you, we would never know the truth.

Bev Kungl

All the very best for 2023 Michael to your family and you and I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. One more thing…thanks for everything because, without you, we would never know the truth.


Thank you for all your excellent articles!
Merry Christmas and Happy Nee Year!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
❤️ ✝️




Thank you and Merry Christmas to you!


Rapture is false doctrine. Don’t fall for a Christian lie.
John 17:15, KJV: I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil one.


Out of context. The tribulation is God pouring out His wrath. That is why we will be caught up together to meet our Lord in the air, otherwise known as the rapture. We have been saved from His wrath.


Partly, yes; partly, viewed through “rose-colored glasses” — not unlike Peter’s two-pronged statement, which is half wrong and half misapplied text. The Church misunderstood the concept and thus erroneously rejected it out of hand. Your terse analysis, however, is excessively merciful; He wouldn’t be Perfect if He weren’t also Just. As all have sinned, the concept doesn’t come into play until further into the trib than most sects would like to believe.

Michael R Davis

Rapture doctrine is falsehood spread by the tens of thousands of Baal priests, Amalek preachers, ministers of satan, filling the judeo-christian pulpits of America. Christians do not belong with the enemies of GOD.

Do not be yoked together with those who do not believe. For what partnership is there between righteousness and lawlessness? Or what fellowship does light have with darkness?” 2 Corinthians 6:14

“What harmony can there be between Christ and Belial (Satan)? Or what does a believer have in common with an unbeliever?” 2 Corinthians 6:15

We are Christian soldiers, putting on our full Armor of God, fighting for GOD, going nowhere. In the Parable of the Tares, we are staying, the wicked are leaving, ripped up, thrown into the Lake of Fire by His angels. You do not want to be a Tare. (weed)


On the contrary, the Church misunderstood the so-called rapture concept and thus erroneously rejected it out of hand. Your terse opening analysis is misinformed and misguided, while the cited texts and your closing statement are misapplied. He wouldn’t be Perfect if He weren’t also Just:
As ALL have sinned, the rapture concept doesn’t come into play until much further into the great trib, much further than most sects would like to believe.


I agree

Lorenz Manner

Michael thank you for everything. Your info is heavy and gives hope. The Rapture will happen very soon in the near future and we have to prepare to be found worthy to meet the Lord in the air –
1 Thessalonians 4:17.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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Charity French

Amen! Merry Christmas to you too!


I use Proton VPN and am a regular reader.

Linda Chambers

Thessalonians 2:1-3
Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him,
That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand.
Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;


Guest4579 and American Living in Canada basically asked in posts below:

“What is a proxy/VPN blocker? Will it prevent our reading at this site?”

Michael’s IT staff have 2 ways to implement the proxy/VPN blocker.

1) Get a hold of a list of ALL known proxy/VPN IP ranges and disconnect them upon connection. This will keep them and anybody else using them out. The problem with this is that it is basically ‘whack a mole’ when new unlisted proxy/VPN IP ranges pop up that are not on the list. On top of that, such lists are either payware or free, outdated lists.

2) If an incoming IP connection is not coming from a legitimate ISP and is not a known proxy/VPN IP then the only alternative is to test the IP to see if it is a proxy/VPN at the protocol level from another server. This will increase the load on RRN ‘hanging’ the suspect incoming connection to verify it is not a proxy/VPN before letting it through to RRN if it is not a proxy/VPN IP. Unfortunately, the DS counter at the ISP level is to have bad apples in their employ at them to ‘reserve’ a few IP addresses for use as a kind of proxy for their griefers/trolls to use to harass RRN. If Michael blocks these IP ranges to stop a few trolls, the result is A LOT of collateral damage–legitimate websurfers at these ISPs can’t visit RRN because of ‘a few blocked trolls coming from there’.

Even using both ways above to help protect RRN, there is still the deliberate security hole in all PC hardware since 2006 that truther Brendon O’Connell described in a YouTube video. For more information, see my post number 371410 at the RRN story “Inside Biden’s Billion Dollar, Drunken Gala Dinner”. Hopefully Michael and his IT staff will look at this post and Brendon’s clip to be informed of this deliberate security hole and a known workaround using additional hardware to ‘close up’ this security hole. Until this is done, any griefers/trolls still showing up here at RRN after the proxy/VPN protections are put in place are using this security hole to get through to RRN.
And in the unlikely event the above measures are put in place and the griefers/trolls STILL get through means there are bad apples at the webhosting company where RRN resides and is served from. In this case, the last resort is ‘self-hosting’ RRN for maximum security, but it will be expensive for proper webserver-level internet connectivity, the server hardware, and paying at least 3 trusted people to ‘babysit’ it in 8-hour shifts around the clock 24/7/365.2425

And if the DS still want to fvck RRN over after all this effort, they can in an ‘upstream fashion’ through various means like ‘internet/power outages’ and ‘lost packets’ that flow through internet routers they still control or simply ‘playing games’ with their funding (sources) which is what Bitchute is currently going through as of this post (12-23-2022) or ‘billing errors’ or outright theft of prepaid service which is what happened to truther Jim Stone (voterig on the commercial domain) one time long ago.


Thank you for all you do for us. Merry Christmas 🎄

Rose Mary Abbott

You are truly awesome Mr. Baxter. It’s like a scene straight out of “Judge Dredd”. Maybe they have gone so far into science fiction world that General Berger needs to be replaced by someone younger that will be able to understand what is really happening. I’m 67 and a former avid movie watcher and I can hardly believe it already exists. The future of Star Trek has become the history of today without the ability to use warp drive yet. We have created it though.

Rose Mary Abbott

Oh yeah! I almost forgot about it being Christmas! Merry Christmas to one and all! May God bless us all with the return of freedom to the entire world. Amen.

Karen Leonhardt

Thank You Michael For All You Do For Us All, You & Your Family Have a Wonderful Christmas, & Lets All Pray The Coming New Year Will Be A WHOLE Lot Better Than The Previous Couple Of Yrs, God Is Watching Over Us, & They ALL Have To Answer To Him In The End, God Bless You & Be SAFE!!!

Keith Theriault

Merry Christmas to you Michael, & team and folks here Keep up the great works!!

S. A.

Thanks Michael and Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to you too and all at RRN.

Robert Dziok

If cloning is real then it would only produce the body/machine that the Eternal Self uses the relatively short time we are here in this life. How would that be done and who would use it?


Merry Christmas, to you as well. In this info war you must do what you must do, have no regrets.


Merry Christmas to you. Thank you for all you do. (I pray every day that the Good Lord will come and take us away from this crazy world)

Sandi Fassbinder

Looks similar to the big caves in Kansas. Where government archives are stored it’s massive. This is awesome they found that cave clone lab

Barry Dember

Clearly, This is the Spiritual Warfare we are currently experiencing that the apostle Paul, was talking about while he was preaching and ministering the Gospel Salvation of the Lord Yeshua HaMashiach, to the Church of Ephesus.
“For we do not wrestle against Flesh and Blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this age, against spiritual host of wickedness in the heavenly places”. Ephesians 6:12





YEARS ago,a MAN was on the internet telling everyone about the government cloning,AND HE TOLD everyone who was doing it and where they all were,GENERAL BERGER,can’t be that smart if he didn’t know about cloning,ITS BEEN GOING ON SINCE THE 1930’s,IN 1943 my dad was told about one in new mexco,and theres dozens of others in america,THEY told my dad most world leaders are Clones..but gen.berger didn’t know that huh???AND what about the ones in other countries???ALL ran by americans…


Kari Lake lost.. WTF??? Hobbs is SOROS slut


I heard that these horror stories also occur at Area 51.


♥️🇺🇸Oh crap. People may be stumbling upon those things for years to come. ♥️🇺🇸


Merry Christmas Michael and thank you for all your tireless work.


Merry Christmas, Mike! You are a gift! Thank you for everything that you do. Have a wonderful Christmas


I want to know what’s up with that projector. Specifically, how does it know where to make the light stop so that a rock wall looks like a rock wall?? So intriguing!

Robert James

I wish that Seal commanding officer had just called for back up and not blown up all the advanced technology. It likely would have been very important to advance our medical treatments. Growing spinal cords, legs, and other organs.


Merry Christmas Michael, may God bless you and yours❣️. Merry Christmas to All freedom fighters.! ❣️


Cloning is pretty farfetched, but it appears it is (sadly) a reality. Below (briefly) is what I know about this topic via past (‘meatspace’) knowledge and lots of online research in (roughly) chronological order for others who want to look into this matter for themselves:

Ancient magick (not sleight-of-hand/’prestodigitation’) practice of making ‘golems’ and animating them to do the bidding of others.

Dolly the sheep from the 1970s (I think).

The old 1970s thriller THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL. Found out recently online that the ‘cloning stuff’ shown in that film is said to be ‘95% accurate’.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger actioner THE SIXTH DAY (2000). I heard (online?) somewhere long ago that Re-Pet (in the movie) became a reality and people have had their pets cloned in ‘the real world’.

The ‘cloneworld’ scenes with Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) in, ironically enough, ATTACK OF THE CLONES (2002).

The testimony of truther Donald Marshall. Brace yourself, his story is eye-opening and hair-rasing.

Cloning used as story elements in THE VENTURE BROS. (2003 – 2018).

The Brintney Spears music video BREAK THE ICE (2009)

On a related note, ‘test tube babies’ may be a part of this. See also

The opening of LOGAN’S RUN (1976) where Logan (Michael York) and Francis (Richard Jordan) visit the nursery at the beginning of the film. Were the babies shown in this scene (in-universe) freshly de-canted test tube babies?

Via past (online) research, in-vitro insemination is a thing so ‘test tube’ human babies are likely ‘a thing’ but is (currently) kept ‘hush hush’ because it is considered by many to be taboo.

Recent ‘stumbled upon’ online clips of artificial womb technology including one creepy ad/clip showing (what I found out later is said to be) an aborted fetus in a fluid filled bag inside a see-through plastic case used as a ‘prop’ in the clip.


If this is true then it’s very serious. We don’t know who anybody is and those that have been prisoned can reappear. Needs urgent action.


im glad berger is out! he sounds like a joke and he did not trust the plan or info and he is not aware.


How could Berger not know of clones.?

Lone Ranger

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Sir. Thanks for your work. Have a blessed holiday .


I’ve always questioned the feasibility of human cloning because 0ur life experiences and emotions is was makes us human. If technology is available to download our memories and knowledge and implant them into another organism that is amazing yet terrifying as well. Merry Christmas to all and may you have a blessed time Mr.Baxter with those you love.


The White Hats might also want to look into Denver, Co. specifically under the airport. I read about this long ago and it is BIG… Huge would be a better word and don’t be surprised if you discover Aliens, including Reptillians, human abductions, etc. A few troops won’t suffice … it’s very deep state. You might also want to look into restricted areas of the Grand Canyon. FYI: Know this that form requires vibration to maintain its material form … the higher the vibration the higher the consciousness. Reptillians (in human form) require meat to sustain them. They are extremely powerful and have killed many soldiers in the past. Not all science fiction movies are fictional!!! We are not alone. We were invaded long ago and they think Earth belongs to them. Take heart though as God said ,”Heaven is my throne and Earth is my footstool. For sure they most likely have more places where cloning takes place. Let us all pray for the protection of the White Hats and their future operations, may God go before you and pave the way!!


Thank you Michael for keeping us in the loop…I knew there was a cloning facility in OKC and long ago I thought we in the Ozarks were likely far away from this deep state bs. A little over 3hrs is pretty scary. Is it any wonder we have the UN the state parks after the war. Grrr. Thankful for our loyal military for takin’ out the trash!!! Merry Christmas Michael and everyone!

above Reproach

Hay I’ve got a Great Idea ! Why don’t someone simply ask the White hats
to video tape our military doing what they are doing ? Then leak it out on social media of the actual destruction of biological weapons labs and clowning labs and such. Totally REALLY PISS OF THE DEEP STATE
DEMOCRATS and expose the TRUTH To The PEOPLE OF the WORLD..

Miguel Briseño

First time reader. Kudos to the author. Excellent attention to detail. It feels like it was real… unless it really was?


That’s ONE entrance… surely there are others…


Merry Christmas to you also.

Wake Up but do not be naïve

Do you really think the ODA would not investigate to insure they destroyed all of the technology? A hum from underneath? They would report this to higher and would be told to further investigate. Then if it was not possible another recon would be sent along with overhead thermal imaging, heat signatures and whatever real technology exists. I believe we are giving mankind too much credit. I do not think DNA even exists. Nuclear weapons do not exist. Space travel and moon landings are fake and gay. They are all control and secret communication mechanisms. Are viruses real? Is cancer real? Was COVID real? Or are they all bacteria caused and manufactured? Fear of the unseeable is their way. Oh yah they can see inside an atom and know exactly what it looks like. It looks just like their pedophile swirling galaxies and solar systems and look like hurricanes. Remember when Trump said drop a nuclear bomb on a hurricane? Hint, Hint! they are somehow fake and gay scare tactics used to reach their means. Sure their are high winds and flooding. But how are they caused? The article is probably just telling us that Fauci is not Fauci. Fake Biden is not Biden etc and that they have discontinued the DS’s ability to create or allow the use of doppelgangers. So watch for people to start disappearing? Wouldn’t this tell us if they stopped it?


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I always enjoy your articles and info.


This Clone lab is right out of weird science-fiction. The tech is probably alien tech.
There are probably hundreds of these clone labs around the world. Like one in every country so they can fake all the leaders.
I know that Nancy Pelosi is in Gitmo right now but I still see her in Congress.
They have the elected officials murdered and then clone them. They can probably grow a clone in just a few days.


Hard to believe that White Hat Generals had no idea of this cloning tech that has been going on for a very long time. I do not buy it, cause us normies have heard about this long ago

Air man

Off subject but more and more information is coming out that BHO is behind most of what’s going on today. Time for him to go on a permanent vacation.

Julio Antonio Laguna

Awesome article, Mr. Baxter. Thanks for everything you, and Merry Christmas to you and all the good folks here!

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Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

Does Not surprise me in the least , to hear this ! It seems more than coincidental that the clone chambers were appx 7 foot long , and the brown uniformed Officer that charged at me like a bull was appx 7 ft tall in my estimation. I hope that the video of him charging at me at intersection of Spawar , San Diego PCH main entrance has the recording of what happened that day. The event was unreal & would prove invisible angel saved my royal behind ! I Hope & pray that no men were injured during te operation & some fruitful knowledge will emerge from this event you have just concluded. Thank You All for continuing to serve at all times & responding to many situations in the most responsible way & very Efficiently. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195


Thank you for sharing this vital information to us.


Not scientifically possible. They cannot survive within a liquid medium.

Rob William

How do you know?


I saw that photo of the cloned Chinese army a few yrs back, all looking exactly the same. Could have been photoshopped, but then again, they are always telling us what they are doing in the movies. “Kyle XY” comes to mind & “the Island”


these pics are still out there.. and yes ALL identical… so much for DEI in China.. most Ethnically Homogenous population on earth.


anybody else watch MS Nutty Bitches and K*nts and hope to see their names listed here REAL SOON.. anchors and guests ALL equally revolting and vomit worthy.


Wa state here.. scary as FCK that Tiffany and Joe didn’t win.. big gun grab coming.. open borders.. now giving free healthcare to all these illegals flooding here ’cause they know they get free shit in Sanctuary hellhole State of Wa.. Foreigners EVERYWHERE.. nobody speaks English.. JACK up property taxes on us old timers to pay for their communist free for all shithole.. Car thefts rampant.. drugs everywhere.. trash and homeless all over.. I used to enjoy Pike’s Place Market in Seattle.. since 1990.. good ole days.. Wouldn’t STEP FOOT in downtown Seattle now.. Never the same .. The radical liberal communists and mail in voting FRAUDS have RUINED this state.. So sad..


tucker calling out dude in congress lookin’ like manager of strip club beggin for dollars… Cracks me up.. he paints the perfect PICTURE… question.. why does MAGA j. Jordan support this insanity.. billion dollar HEIST!! Seriously M. McKnL wh o the hell voted for him.. if this DOESN”T SCREAM VOTER FRAUD.. I DON”T KNOW WHAT DOES!!! ALL CHEATIN’ MFers.. SENATORS and commies DEM Congress… how many NOT BORN IN AMERICA.. seems a “growing TREND”.. Bramhims and Mxlm’s… and Mexicans… further white erasure.. we are So. AFRICA.. We need to BAN affirmatv Xctn.. destroying our Cities with these radical Scumbags DEI Ruining our COUNTRY!!!

Dana Benetz

Glad to hear this clone lab was destroyed! I would bet money there are more in the Ozark mountains. I live in Arkansas and am very aware of the caves and mountains of Arkansas but the Ozarks are in Missouri and Oklahoma too. This lab can’t be the only one. But God’s taking over now. He’s sent a whooper of a freezing snow storm. And He will destroy any labs left! Nothing will survive! These mountains weren’t made for evil! And God’s not going to continue to let evil stand! There are many cave systems in these mountains that are so beautiful! They were made for people to enjoy not evil to inhabit! But God will take them out by His will not ours! In Jesus Name. Amen.


It seems Gen. Berger wasn’t at least open-minded to the possibility that this technology exists. I would think someone in that position would consider out of this world stuff like that to be a possibility until it could be proven if it exists or not.


To Michael Baxter

Thank you for your hard work and trust that you and your family are safe. May you and yours have a Merry Christmas. If the rapture should take place, I’ll look you up to say thank you in person. God bless you!


Whats to be expected next, other than time travel.
Set coordinance, beam me down scotty!

Lorenz Manner

Wow that’s heavy stuff. Interesting but scary.


Merry Christmas and have a very peaceful new year i hope..i read this and i always new these deep staters were making clones and i can tell whos real and whos not as we all know fauci,clintons,obummers, and gates are clones.. as they already been executed..gates [twice] 2013 and 2021..they have almost cloned the demonrats..military has to blow up the rest of the cloning centers like that one in bc canada,,cloneaid..blow them all up and seize all the assets from all these idiots like kissinger,rothchild,rockefellers,duponts,collins,li,cavendish,schwab,trudeau[clone]
morgans,russels,freeman, and the rest of the illuminati,pilgrims, they work for the vrils[lizard people]rothchild being the biggest vril-pindar

wish the all swing from their rope in gitmo…


They were trying to clone humans? I know you can’t clone humans. We have a soul how to you clone a soul?


The clones are without a soul, but did you also know that they can download all of your memories as well? And your knowledge? They just upload that to the clone, even though the clone has no soul.

Eve Bright

We should cut their electricity coming from ground surface.

Evelyn B

Merry Christmas Michael, thank for your reporting! God Bless You and your loveones!


I am still in shock at the ignorance of Jag not believing in Cloning labs…..
The largest Lab belonged to Queen Lizzie….see images here and info

joe blow

Just about every Sci-Fi movie was a real concept. In this case ‘The Island’




Awesome find and article, White Hat & K-9 Warriors !!

Merry Christmas !!


Btw.. Christ was born in 9/11!! Dec 25th is a pagan holiday that celebrates Nimrod ( Baal and Sheol). Although we all know why we celebrate Xmas, it’s so cabal-like to have us think we have the dates right!


This is true. The most accurate research pinpoints Jesus’ birth as occurring on Sept. 11, 3BC.