Military Briefs President Trump on Clone Crisis


President Donald J. Trump seemed unsurprised Thursday morning when General David H. Berger briefed him on the White Hat’s latest find—a Deep State cloning lab in the Ozarks, a source in the general’s office told Real Raw News.

“Why am I not surprised it’s something like this? They [the Deep State] have their hands in everything,” Trump reportedly told Gen. Berger.

The general, our source said, asked whether President Trump had knowledge of human cloning, and if so, why he hadn’t shared intel that would have greatly affected how White Hats carried out Deep State arrests. He expressed concern that his men, his Marines, may have spent the last few years fighting and apprehending clones instead of the original articles.

While Trump admitted that papers had “crossed his desk,” he briefly downplayed the severity, saying he’d seen no proof of a successful cloning operation and that the cost of such a program would be so prohibitive that the Deep State could field only a finite number of clones. If other cloning laboratories existed, Trump said, they were surely limited in number and reserved for the Deep State’s most crucial players—not widespread. Nonetheless, he said the general and his replacement, Marine Corps General Eric M. Smith, ought to employ available resources toward learning if additional labs were scattered about the country and destroying them.

“Sir, if the Deep State’s cloning only its kingpins, why Gretchen Whitmer? Fauci and Biden I get, but Whitmer,” General Berger asked.

“She’s an ugly person,” Trump said, “and was a main lockdown enforcer. We don’t’ know what plans they have for her.”

The general then informed Trump that the Fauci and Biden specimens had been shipped to Womack Army Medical Facility, Fort Bragg, where clinical pathologists and geneticists would probe the clones for genetic flaws that might differentiate them from the real deal.

“Sir, is it worth it? I mean, assuming they’re out there, in office, is it worth pursuing them until we know for sure we’re picking up real Deep Staters and not clones?” Gen. Berger asked.

Trump said ridding the world of clones was just as important as ridding it of the real Deep Staters.

“We’ll endeavor to do our best, Mr. President,” the general said and closed the call.

In closing, our source again said the clone reveal knocked Gen. Berger for a loop.

“The general is a Christian. He called cloning an affront to the Republic and to God,” our source said.

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I would hate to be a clone


If they’re clones, are they conscious? do they Act like the “real” individual? or are they just like bastards, created askew by unaccountable authorities who then go find them when they’re in their teens or 20s and promise them power/money if they OBEY, and they do, because what other anchor do the clones have?

no more than bastards have. And bastards are often created to be USED by the seeming authority. Its why they obey because they know they have nothing without that anchor. Its a weird psychological means of taking advantage!


Emery Smith is an expert on identifying clones.
He is one of the whistleblowers on the Deep State’s Secret Space Programs, including clones.He currently is hosting “Cosmic Disclosure” program on

Above Reproach

In no way should anyone be cloned. God is in charge of the living !
When it’s your time! God takes you and decides your after life.

Canada calling

Gretchen Whitmer’s clone, my thought on that is it was to be used as a false flag. The plan has already been in place for months, the Deep State pretends to kidnap the clone and really do some nasty’s to it while tapeing then get CNN to air the tape showing the pain and disfigurement done to it by Trumps Military,……… just my thought.

Natasha Vidan

I’ve been mulling over the fact that General Berger “acted” like he was somewhat in the dark concerning clones. That actually bothers me as I too am a strong Christian, I hope, and yet, me, a civilian, along with many many other Christians have been hearing about clones for the past several years. The General and the WH’s are supposed to know more that us civilians, aren’t they?????


Donna Miller

These people who are part of the Cabal they do not worship God… They could also be of the “Fallen Angels” linage… Gene Decode has said that out of 7 to 10 Billion people on Earth, 70% are Hybrids and 30% are Human… This is why Q has always said it is going to be Biblical… This is how far this goes back and why it has taken so long to fight to rid the earth of these entities… We much pray for all those brave men and women who are in this fight each and every day to liberate our Country and the World… Merry Christmas to all and to all your Families as well and may this next year be the Best for all of us…

Natasha Vidan

The cloning is evil and demonic. Gen. Berger is correct. Just look at biden’s eyes. They, at times, are so hollow and dead. The entire thing creeps me out.

Lady Hermann

Nice to see General Berger eat a bit of crow. Why did anyone think, one, scientists would follow the law and two, stop cloning after Lucy?

A director

Destroy it ALL

Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

The General is a great man & sees the cloning operation as a real insult to Creator God’s Creation of Man ! I do not see them as a threat to Humans since they have no soul & can be distinguished by the lack of light within their eyes when they try to act as if they were real humans. I am certain that the being that attacked me with a bull charge in front of SpaWar was definitely a clone. No sense of Humanity when you look directly into their eyes with intent. I am sure that the current reigning Master of Masters would be able to give some further clues as to how to detect the clones. The Ancient Master whom I last saw going to the starboard steering gear room to deal with our saboteur , that Master surely left a new Master to be his sucessor and If the new Master is not guarding Commander Trump then he should be assigned as a battalion in service. He’s almost inhuman in his great abilities. Have A Merry Christmas General ! Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

Roger Harris

I saw a video of Trump who was the handler of the Pence clone. At a table with a few people. Everything Trump did with his water bottle the Pence clone mimicked. I would have to hard pressed to believe now that this is all new to them. But the masses need to be brought around to this idea slowly so they can wrap their heads around it. Please release more data about these types of events. The people are hungry for truth. As lies have been all they’ve ever been dealt. The matrix needs to be exposed. The masses need the truth. The truth is the one thing that can set humanity free of the mental enslavement we’ve had all our lives. Keep the info coming.


I agree with General Berger on the cloning but remember they were not alive they have not been able to clone a human they would not have a soul. Sheep do not have a soul to under stand good from evil.

Debra Rudolph

Clone, real deal, or a person in a mask and makeup it is still Treason.

Jerry Miller

I’m waiting for a physical invasion from a foreign entity (China. Korea?). Americans are very weak…physically and mentally. I fear this is too little too late. Pot, booze, porn, commie brainwashing, race mixing, no GOD, fake shootings being used to disarm us all- I hope the white hats have this nation wired “for scuttle” should we be overtaken. It would be far better to leave this planet than be around for what “THEY” would do to us.

Sue Grantham

The general is right. It’s an absolute affront to God


Looks like they have been arresting clones and the real ones are still here. Knew it! This will be the excuse they will use

April Moore

He’s right – cloning IS an abomination before God.i would think especially for the purpose that these were created… yes, indeed – a real affront to God.


It occurs to me that the word scientist has become a dirty word.


General Patton underestimated his enemy.


Well, If a Deep Stater is arrested, charged, tried, convicted, and executed, then EVERY “copy” of EVERYONE executed that they happen to come across later, should be immediately terminated on sight!!


I am surprised this White Hat general knew nothing about the cloning labs when we peons out here know about them. Juan O’Savin talked about it years ago. Britney Spears sang about them, did videos about them, was scared that they were going to replace her with a clone. Yet, General Berger is only now finding out about them? I got a bridge to sell you.


I’m not sure why the General is surprised by this cloning. They have been talking about it for years. They have no integrity. If they are able to do it they will and there is a high incentive for them to do just that.


The Anons have known about cloning centers for years, and they got it from Q. How could Trump or the Military not be aware of this?


Ridding the world of clones is more important than ridding the world of the originals. They have no soul or God Connection whatsoever. They have everything to lose if they die, because they have no soul to continue on with, and they have everything to gain if they live and can continue on for a time. They will stop at nothing. Demons hop right into them! They are vacant vessels ripe for the taking….Trump is right when he says ridding the world of clones is just as important as ridding the world of the original copy. So, this is just how far the DS has been ALLOWED to progress technologically while we eat our popcorn. This must be the real Trump talking and not the skin suit pretending to be him that is doing and saying ridiculous and dangerous things. Surreal.


and that picture of Trump you have posted looks like his double.


Why is General Berger acting surprised about clones when it has reported here that they have clones and that Trump even called the Chinese one time and told him that Nancy Pelosi in the plane was a clone! WTF is going on? There are clones mentioned a number of time in these articles. Why are they acting surprised about clones? SMH

Stinky Perfume

Some Missouri near surface level cloning center only 100 feet down, not far. The down under levels are said to be down to 400 miles where Lucifer lives. What if this place is just a Deep State Recruitment Operations for Washington DC, etc with some clone proof looking things to get people signed in. And maybe it’s used for some movie filming also.

I do not know these clones seen in the 12 cylinders are being born and animated, because what they said here is sketchy. They can serve just as they are as proof that’s not really proof but people fall for it, so get involved. Can the scientists have a video platform and show what they think and do? Where’s clone experts? People always talking and making movies so there must be experts.

I would like to hear the scientists questions that have to look at the clones. They have to prove it to themselves unless they are part of the lies in which case they have to make up stories like spaceships being weather balloons.

Kelly Brown

Clones are proof consciousness is outside the body.

Julio c vidal

this does not make any sense if we have been assisting by the space force and galactic forces how come this general in charge of such mission have not been briefed about the existence of cloning anyone in the secret space program knows this like drinking a glass of water but him? can anyone forward this comment to him please

Judy Kennedy

I’m really surprised that General Berger had no idea that clones existed. I’m far removed from military information, but I’ve known they’ve existed, a couple of years ago. The exact time I found out was after Hanks was executed, when Hanks was still being interviewed and making films. Firstly I doubted he was dead, and expressed my doubt on Twitter. Well, I received an influx of data and photos, in response. How come a General, in the most important mission in existence, DID NOT KNOW?
That worries me🤔

Harry Beest

Whitmer? Probably because they are running her for POTUS in 2024. It makes me wonder…does the real person get killed and then replaced with the clone? This would make the clone completely controllable.

Current Biden is probably a clone too. With all the nonsense he says, it seems like he needs a software reboot…or is/was about to be upgraded.


The General is right…it is an affront to God. They can never make a clone that is truly human. God is helping the White Hats destroy these DS demons and their crafty sneaky demonic plans. They should be able to tell a clone from the real person. They will find out in the lab all the facts!! Love the White Hats and Donald Trump!! God bless you as you continue his work!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Glenda

You can tell by the absence of belly buttons.


the right hand (trump) never tells the left hand (everyone else) what they are doing. is anyone surprised that one person knows things but does not share them with the people that need to know. Maybe with some movement this really bad movie will be over and maybe we get the truth about what is really going on.

Air man

Off subject: The U.S. is a dictatorship now. Confirmed on what happened with the $1.7 trillion bill that just passed the House. There is provision in the bill hidden of course that allows the feds to take firearms from anyone for no reason. No due-process either. Republicans are now the controlled opposition.
White hats have to step up the pressure and start mass arrests.

  • The clones do not have souls
orange julius

All celebrities are involved in cloning. It is also very widespread. Donald Marshall said clones are cheap to make once they have the equipment.


Below is a verbatim repost of an earlier post I made at the RRN story ‘Special Forces Destroy Deep State Cloning Lab’. I do this not to spam/waste Michael’s server space but to let others know about my earlier post at this related post–It appears to be important and should be reposted with this disclaimer in an effort to inform others about this grave topic.


Cloning is pretty farfetched, but it appears it is (sadly) a reality. Below (briefly) is what I know about this topic via past (‘meatspace’) knowledge and lots of online research in (roughly) chronological order for others who want to look into this matter for themselves:

Ancient magick (not sleight-of-hand/’prestodigitation’) practice of making ‘golems’ and animating them to do the bidding of others.

Dolly the sheep from the 1970s (I think).

The old 1970s thriller THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL. Found out recently online that the ‘cloning stuff’ shown in that film is said to be ‘95% accurate’.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger actioner THE SIXTH DAY (2000). I heard (online?) somewhere long ago that Re-Pet (in the movie) became a reality and people have had their pets cloned in ‘the real world’.

The ‘cloneworld’ scenes with Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) in, ironically enough, ATTACK OF THE CLONES (2002).

The testimony of truther Donald Marshall. Brace yourself, his story is eye-opening and hair-rasing.

Cloning used as story elements in THE VENTURE BROS. (2003 – 2018).

The Brintney Spears music video BREAK THE ICE (2009)

On a related note, ‘test tube babies’ may be a part of this. See also

The opening of LOGAN’S RUN (1976) where Logan (Michael York) and Francis (Richard Jordan) visit the nursery at the beginning of the film. Were the babies shown in this scene (in-universe) freshly de-canted test tube babies?

Via past (online) research, in-vitro insemination is a thing so ‘test tube’ human babies are likely ‘a thing’ but is (currently) kept ‘hush hush’ because it is considered by many to be taboo.

Recent ‘stumbled upon’ online clips of artificial womb technology including one creepy ad/clip showing (what I found out later is said to be) an aborted fetus in a fluid filled bag inside a see-through plastic case used as a ‘prop’ in the clip.


Monday morning quarterbacks and whiners not welcome in the patriot line. Some folks were a little busy while we were all scrolling on the internet looking for breadcrumbs.


Cloning is done by the Nazis from Hitler’s time.
G. Busch senior was a real Nazi, and he had the mission to establish the CIA. Do you know that in the American Communist Republic of 2022 there is a CIA building in the form of a Nazi swastika? Watch the movie “Boys from Brazil” and there you will see that in 1972 everything was known about cloning. Those who don’t believe that Mr. Trump is a clone should look on You Tube for images of Mr. Trump until October 1989, and images of his clone appeared in October 1989: younger, blonder and with green eyes. For this reason, Ivana divorced by D. Trump, because he was a clone and not the original father of her children.
Tiffany and Baron are cildrens of clones that change once every two years. The clone changed and Tiffany’s mother divorced.
Melania seems to be of the reptilian race too, by the shape of her eyes, but I’m not sure. Anyway, they don’t sleep in the same bedroom: he probably didn’t want to sleep with the clones that followed after Baron’s father disappeared. We will all find out the truth soon.


If we all suspected clones, chatter all over internet then how could military not at least have it on their radar. And yes all must be destroyed clones actors too!! They know what they are doing.


Did you send a Christmas gift to Michael?

Dr. Dick

This story really is shallow. Trump knows about clones since he has at least 3 clones himself for security purposes. All heads of State have clones for security purposes. So, we are reading a bad screenplay here.

Rob William

BTW clones and body doubles are different. Many head of states may be have body doubles but not clones.


Are you talking about clones or body doubles? Clones are a very different issue.


““Sir, if the Deep State’s cloning only its kingpins, why Gretchen Whitmer? Fauci and Biden I get, but Whitmer,” General Berger asked.
“She’s an ugly person,” Trump said, “and was a main lockdown enforcer. We don’t’ know what plans they have for her.””
Trump said ridding the world of clones was just as important as ridding it of the real Deep Staters.”

Thank you, President Trump! GET WHITMER!!!

Excellent report, Michael. Keep it up!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!


Sometimes they put these stories out to see how much we the people know, by observing the comments, same with the MSM.

Tom henry

Only god can created us as if it coming from his body/likeness with his blessing but an man created a god with science’s which goes against the principal of life. Now God is angry as we now can see in tv, phone as witness to prove that if you fuck around with God, you’ll see the consequences of his almighty powers. I pray for his forgiven on us as the clones is running amok confusion upon all of us🙏🏻🖕🏻




The vax was ‘voluntary’ contrary to what you’ve heard; that’s why a lot of ppl have never been vaxxed. As unfortunate as it is that ppl are dying from it – the real truth is they ‘chose’ to be injected with an untested drug.




Baffling to me: how numerous deep state criminals/celebrities are reported here at RRN of supposedly being convicted (& often put to death) at Gitmo, but then continuing to appear on the public scene, yet alleged white hat generals et al are clueless about the possibility of clones, etc. How can this be while expecting us to buy into any of this “sit back / enjoy the movie / trust the plan” conflicting crap?


Am hoping Someone (MB or auxillary White Hats) are gleaning comments from this thread to pass on to MilOps. DJT mentioned he thought only ‘high ups’ were being cloned; please review the many tapes of TV news anchors, etc caught on camera malfunctioning. Don Marshall’s videos also show KanYe West has a clone so DJT should beware who he’s dealing with there.