White Hats Upset at Trump’s Comments on the Constitution


President Donald J. Trump’s oft-bumpy relationship with White Hats he appointed to uphold the Constitution hit another snag last week after he on Truth Social suggested nullifying certain articles of the U.S. Constitution. His screed followed Elon Musk’s Twitter data dump, which expounded on how the Biden campaign colluded with the social media giant’s ex-leadership to censor the New York Post’s scoop on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

White Hat commanders performed a collective face palm in response to Trump’s irresponsible idea, a source in General David H. Berger’s office told Real Raw News.

General Berger, who has helmed the White Hat partition of the U.S. military since January 2021, had cautionary words for President Trump when the two men spoke Saturday evening. The general told Trump he was treading a very slippery slope by even intimating sections of the Constitution—authored by the Founding Fathers to protect the citizenry from government overreach—should be carved out and whimsically trashed.

“Mr. President, with the utmost respect, the Constitution is set in stone. It’s the Deep State that runs afoul of it, not us. We here are upholding our oath, and doing our duty to the best of our ability. There’s a consensus here, President Trump, that your commentary risks dividing the MAGA base, which you rely on. I believe DeSantis is controlled opposition, but some under my command feel otherwise. You’ve chosen, sir, to opt for reelection as opposed to reinstallation. I respect your decision, but, please, be wary of the actions your words might cause,” Gen. Berger reportedly told Trump.

The source who overheard Gen. Berger’s words said the call was not on speakerphone, so he could not hear Trump’s responses to Gen. Berger’s concerns. He said, though, that Gen. Berger grimaced now and then, as if Trump were chewing him out.

“General Berger doesn’t dictate to Trump, but he can advise him,” our source said. “Whether Trump heeds advice or not is up to him. General Berger is thoroughly concerned about our country’s future. When people say the pen is mightier than the sword, it’s often true. Anything posted to social media is forever.”

According to our source, the Trump-Berger phone call lasted about ten minutes and ended with Gen. Berger emitting a sigh of disappointment.

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Whats up with DJT, is he aware of the damage caused by his comments? That is going to complicate things… deep state loves this.


The general is correct, Biden, his cabinet, anyone affiliated in his campaign, congress and senate have all committed TREASON. There is no way either President Trump, or anyone else can concede the 2020 election without becoming complicit to treason. If you give credence to what occur in the 2020 election, then you give treason a precedence. And that is traitorous to the constitution, and you surrendered your sovereignty to in this case a foreign power in which Washington D.C. is foreign soil. Now readily controlled by China through proxy using this fictitious Joe Biden. Frankly, I can’t believe over 81 million people could be this stupid an actually of voting for an avatar who campaign out of a basement for president of the United States, while barely being able to intelligently speak. It was preposterous then, and even more so now. I still ask this question, what happen to CIA Director Gina Haspel after Nov. 2020? Not a peep, just disappeared! I know what happen, just like I know what happen in Mariupol, Ukraine the day before this pre-rehearse inauguration of this Joe Biden character. Which in and of itself violated the constitution, let alone Jan. 3, 4, 5, and 6 because procedure was not followed. So everyone in attendance there also complicit to treason to purposely send the message that the constitution has been usurp. And that has been codified by these ridiculous illegitimate EO’s signed without merit. And that, is an “act of war” against a sovereign nation, with a constitution, bill of rights, and a rule of law. It is overdue time to drop the curtain on all this B.S.. This is a laboring attempt to impose this NWO agenda on the United States. Now the “elephant in the room has been addressed”.

david simmons

Please General you were sold to die, a Soldier, go out and execute some of the mob that call themselves Democrats. We the People don’t need them, we need you. We need to preserve our Republic.


Like our founding fathers could have anticipated election fraud with cyberwarfare, insider trading and public sevants going on to be lobbyists for the highest bidder. I actually like Trump but until someone takes out Jared and Ivanka I dont think he can be trusted. Im suspecting he may have been mind control programmed whilst in the military acadamy making him a manchurian candidate and Ivanka his handler and if Jared took Ivanka out Then Jared would be that dybbuk in a golems handler, and if melania took out Jared then Henry Kissinger (Rockefeller) may have become his “handler”. One thing I know is everyone in the Rockefeller sphere of influence needs to go. They are evil. Genetic Haplo Group all of them.


I think this is about Trump flushing out false patriots from the military so that they emerge into plain view for better scrutiny. This looks like a “Gideon’s Army” moment to me.


Considering Trump has taught the Constitution and we haven’t been under our actual Constitution for a very long time I don’t think the Military has anything to worry about with Trump and his comments on the Constitution He wasn’t talking about our REAL Constitution.


Well all I can say is “While they are fighting like little children” our Country is be stolen right from UNDER our Feet! Maybe they even Trump should keep to the promises. You posted an article June 2, 2022 captioned “White Hats will monitor Midterm Elections!” Well they did a bad job at it! PA was stolen, AZ was stolen, GA Stolen and more and “NOTHING” is being done about it. But they have time to fight like Child just WEAK!


Trump is an ineffective executive. He did not drain the swamp. Prior to leaving office he did nothing for J6. He did not build the wall. He did not clean house. And now this. DeSantis is efficient, decisive, effective, well spoken, articulate and wildly popular and you postulate he is controlled opposition? Many think the bumbling abd blustering Trump is.


What an ingrate you are.


How do you know he is wrong? Remember the constitution came from the continental congress by passing the whole thing maybe the did not pass the whole thing in side of the first writing of that document. What articles are questioned.


Investigate his statement. Prove he is wrong. Which articles is he talking about?


If it’s true that Trump “opted for re-election rather than reinstatement”, we are completely screwed. We, as a country, will NOT survive until 2024. We may not even survive another six months of this hell on earth because it will just get worse and worse. And since no one has even bothered to try to do anything about the Dominion machines, mail in ballots, etc, what makes him think he will even get elected? He didn’t in 2020 and he won’t in 2024. The deep state will make sure they perfect all their cheating techniques. I’m sick of this shit show and they need to just end it already. If there are even any white hats out there – I’m beginning to doubt it, as are many others. They are losing patriots almost as fas as gaining sleepers.

Dixie Gardner

Reinstallation would have been better for all who are in dire straights right now. No offense meant but it appears at times that the glory is more important to Pres. Trump than resolving this for the people. Again, no offense intended. Just an observation.

David Demchak

Their are 2 Constitutions: the Real on and the fake one we’ve been living under.

unlabeled quality

Does no one in government read the US Constitution anymore>
Article I, section 9:
‘The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.’

Our government was overthrown on November 3rd, 2020 by enemies foreign, and domestic, with ties to unelected evil agencies hellbent on destroying our country.
For people who are supposed to be upholding their oath to defend our Constitution, they’re coming across as ignorant fools.


Yeah, wtf


FAKE NEWS putting words in Trump’s mouth !!

Michelle Armstrong

WOW this is BS cuz Trump NEVER EVER said he was gnna run instead of reinstated!!!😡

Last edited 1 year ago by Michelle Armstrong

Yes he did. I listened to it with my own little ears


So did the white hats finally figure out that is not what he said. The news media has a great way of twisting things. Very much like a snake.


So the current constitution is not the original one. Let that sink in. It is a constitution of the corporation and not the one made by the founding fathers. Seriously, you think Berger didn’t know this? Come on you guys, your movie plot is weak with this point. Step it up will ya?

Jose Ramirez

Oh well. We know Biden stole the 2020 election and nobody did nothing. The military is the only option and they do nothing . So welcome to the fireworks of the shithole in America.


“So with the revelation of MASSIVE & WIDESPREAD FRAUD & DECEPTION in working closely with Big Tech Companies, the DNC, & the Democrat Party, do you throw the Presidential Election Results of 2020 OUT and declare the RIGHTFUL WINNER, or do you have a NEW ELECTION? A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution. Our great “Founders” did not want, and would not condone, False & Fraudulent Elections!”

did anyone really read what trump said exactly because he said any “fraudulent election” laws etc should be terminated including in the constitution regarding fraud not that he said “screw the constitution” either the white hats jumped the gun like everyone else or they can’t read. I just posted exactly what trump said in truth social


Installation vs reelection think about that. What would happen if 45 were to be installed without the backing of the Supreme Court? The military can only support the move not implemented otherwise the DS and rest of the world would scream dictatorship.
I’m hoping that the Brunson brother’s case dismantles Congress and SCOTUS ushers in a new era. 45 has to play the game, he can’t come out and reveals his cards so he has to dangle the carrot of return to keep the pressure on the DS show the world he has not been beaten and appease the masses. Not easy to pull off and yes the Constitution must be revamped could it be to revert to the 1781 version as many have commented or allow Presidents three terms in office since a precedence was set by FDR. Who knows all of these comments are speculation including mine. Time will tell and may God Bless America.


TYPO: Constitution ratified June 21, 1788 not 1781


What information do you have to prove Donald Trump is wrong?

Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

Unless actual action against The Constitution is implemented by Commander In Chief Trump , then we must remain in faithful service since it is He That Creator God Chose to bear the Cross at this era of time. C.I.C. Trump may be testing the waters concerning the Election possibility & If he finds that there are still too many fair weather ninnies in his following ; then I believe his only logical option would be to insist on Immediate ReInstatement. A FULL 4 year term Minimum would be the only Just Resolution plus he must be made whole both in The Presidency compensation funds & the due judgments against the foolish companies & States Attorney Generals that chose to prosecute a citizen unjustly as THEY Served only as political pawns for Deep State. No contemplation of disloyalty towards Commander Trump will be justified while his actions do not specifically go against The Constitution. He Serves The Eternal Sovereign from which we all gain our lawful Chain of Command ! This is all as Creator originally told me when HE Told Me That DJT Was His Choice & I had to start chirping up about january 1974 incident . I had been silent from Jan 74′ until told to chirp up on the new FB account as I Supported trump for election . C.I.C. must be supported Unequivocally at this juncture. May The Winds of Time Fill Your Sails ………… Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195


False prophesy being spewed by these so called “truthers”. RRN knows nothing more than any of the other false prophets out there spewing “division”. They all claim to have the same ‘military’ connectivity. RRN is obviously, anti-TRUMP! You remember Trump people, the guy who brought the republican party where it is today, (not fooking desantis, fools), the guy who MADE America Great Again by keeping his promises! How easily y’all can be swayed from your so called loyalty to our duly elected and legitimate president, Donald John Trump. Trump HAS been right about EVERYTHING. What is it going to take for conservatives to remain loyal?!? Such division among the republican party is being caused by these “divide the people” channels.

Scott V. Smith

WHICH Constitution? The original or the revised one from 1871? The 1871 rewrite is a phony just like the Bidan and should be trashed. I don’t believe for a minute that it was TRUMP who made the decision to run instead of being reinstated. I’ve heard it’s the other way around, that it’s the white hats choosing this path to teach Americans a lesson because WE voted these crooks into office. But with Dominion DID WE really? NO!!

The white hats want to see Americans do what the Brazilians are doing. That’s from “King David” on Charlie Ward’s show. He was supposedly the civilian head of the Armed Forces. So what is it? Get involved but when 2 million show up in DC and walk through the Capitol building, THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE, at the invitation of the Capitol Security Guards, they are still rotting in a DC gulag and I don’t see the white hats doing ANYTHING to free those American POW’s being held on foreign occupied territory. Why? Because they want to be more popular? “80% PLUS” (according to Juan OSavin) who will approve of them intervening? All due respect to General Berger but because they REFUSE to do anything in the open how are we supposed to know what they are sacrificing down in the DUMB’s…or not? We all look like lunatics to our relatives because they are so stealth about everything then they wonder WHY more aren’t waking up? They have tunnel vision and do not understand civilians.

They are choosing this path b/c they have an attitude that We voted these crooks in but they KNOW that isn’t the case because they have the fancy equipment and the resources to monitor the elections and they have the arms to forcibly remove the criminals from office. WE provide them with the funds and entrusted THEM to protect the Constitution. That’s the deal. For them to throw it back as our responsibility is a confusing message to say the least. THAT’S THEIR JOB!! All we can be is an armed mob. Is that what they want? What will it take? Our country has been STOLEN by enemies foreign and domestic and we don’t see the military doing anything and they won’t show us ANYTHING, just circulate rumors. I’ve heard Derek Johnson. I get it. My family will never get it at this rate.Is this a Scripted Movie that the white hats are writing or that the Cabal is writing? Q never said which.

They want us to Trust The Plan? Well quit punishing us with this ridiculous masked actor horror movie, shut down the MSM, show us the evidence in ALL IT’S HORROR and let the people decide like ADULTS. Stop punishing US while you continue to draw a paycheck and we struggle and die still caught in the Matrix. I’ll go into the DUMB’s with them to get those kids out and fight every demon in hell to do so, so quit blaming The People for this mess. We’re ALL complicit and the White Hats have no moral high ground upon the people of America. We all let it happen. 

General Berger, I pray for you but it’s a confusing prayer because I don’t know for sure if you guys are doing ANYTHING at all because we don’t see footage of the battles. We’re told you can’t reveal anything so don’t expect people to wake up with NO EVIDENCE of what they are supposed to “TRUST”. Do SOMETHING in the open so that people can have something to believe IN. MacArthur, Patton and Ike understood this. Why don’t you?

Take a battalion into that prison in DC and FREE every citizen who is being held unconstitutionally without any further delay. THAT, would give us reason to hope and wake up the masses. Show us the DUMB’s and the kids. THAT would wake people up. The prisoners don’t have time to keep this scripted movie going into Act 16, another “sting election”. DO SOMETHING OBVIOUS. “The Plan” is deeply flawed and if you can’t see that you are blind and it will result in tragic consequences. I have a feeling that this is what Trump was saying on the other end of that phone call.

Last edited 1 year ago by Scott V. Smith

I agree with POTUS Trump. The Democrat Party founded in 1821 to destroy the US Constitutional Republic. Repeal all unconstitutional laws. Let’s begin with those before the Civil War and afterwards … NO FOUNDATIONS … NO CENTRAL BANKS … NO FOREIGNERS. There’s a good starting point to stop evil behaviors!


Trump said this is DISINFORMATION.

Joseph Swanton

Trump was merely being piquishly sarcastic, for Christs sake! Some don’t have the intellectual depth of a nematode!


I think President Trump would like Americans to become familiar with the constitution. As in reading and understanding.



uscode DOT house.gov/static/constitution.pdf


I thought Trump is a double according to the truther babblers. Thats the trouble with the whole sh**show, nobody’s knows who’s who. Maybe next time they should substitute special forces guys dressed up as limo drivers.😎


You do realize Berger is Deep State don’t you?

Mark David



Sup Losers? –


Hey Earl….sup….


Trump was referencing the election fraud breaking rules, regulations, and articles which is central to this discussion. Trump respects the Constitution and the Rule of Law. Media and people parroting media are confusing the issue, it’s not about nullifying the Constitution, but rather the election that needs to be nullified and a new election held… Maybe it would help to settle down the confusion if we went through Trump’s words one sentence at a time. There is no conflict between Trump and White Hat military when we do that!


Trump is complicit on all the bullshit happening, that why he wants to do away with some of the constitution. Trump has no say so. military has a higher clearance then Trump. Both sides of the house should be fired for all the child trafficking. and Pedophilia that has been going on for decades ask Pence how many kids he raped and killed, no news here.

Debate Judge

You’ve chosen, sir, to opt for reelection as opposed to reinstallation.

When exactly did that happen?

Rob William

DJT will burn the stage if he is not declared the winner of the primaries. With all the lawsuits and possible contenders closing in, DJT has started playing a very stakes game, which will definitely leave a lot of destruction. He is creating a demon which is 100x the size of 6/1 and our future unpredictable unless Republican Party stands up to DJT and tames him – May be a compromise of saving him from jail time if he stands down and fades away from public life.

Mark David

All the election talk on DJT is BS. Trump never stopped being the president. He is still the president, and will be the president when the Insurrection Act of 1807 is completed and the US Military gives control back to DJT..




Quite frankly I think Trump is baiting the baddies. That statement of his worried me not at all. If these men don’t trust President Trump, I don’t know what the hell they’re even doing.

Mark David

DJT is working the US Military Plan with the Military. Maybe DJT is trolling for other weak players ready to jump ship.

Rob William

Refuse everything, get nothing.


The Lizard Cheney responded that “Trump is an enemy of the Constitution”. Meanwhile in 2008, Obama said that the “Constitution reflected the fundamental flaw of this Country that continues today”. Trump was trolling these idiots.

Rob William

Cheney is a reptilian?


No she is a half breed. Dick was 100% putrid reptile.


Unrelated to this article, but important!
Please look up the Brunson Brothers Supreme Court case now wending its way through the system. It’s lengthy, but there is a distilled explanation of it on americanthinker and welovetrump sites. If it goes as planned, we will have reason to celebrate mightily. 🇺🇲🇺🇲

There IS hope……


People need to do their homework on this. Pete Santilli episode 3224(11/30/22) features Loy Brunson explaining the case. The “two witnesses” who belong to a family of “four trumpeters” hold the key to destroying the Deep State. The Solicitor General forwarded their case to the Supreme Court. Congress violated the 1st Amendment by not allowing a “Redress of Grievances”. 100 members of Congress requested the ten day pause after DNI had found evidence of foreign election interference. By going ahead and ignoring the grievance they violated the Constitution. This story is the Big Enchilada. This is what we have all been waiting for. The vote will be on Jan 06, 2023 ! ! ! It only needs 4 votes to pass and will make Congress guilty of treason. They are surmising, faced with the evidence, that it will be a unanimous YES vote.


PS. A 4 person YES vote reinstates the person who was President at the time of the violation, ie, TRUMP!

Bill Kaulfield

Total. Bullshit.


GOD works in mysterious Ways!

Bill Kaulfield

You’re not God.


I don’t think Trump is stupid to think that in 2024 the Deep State will suddenly stop their massive election fraud and allow him win.

Something does not sound right. So why has not General Berger act on the left that he throw the Constitution out of the window. Trump posted on his Telegram page and ” I am the Constitution”.

They whole story is a lie fabricated by the Fake Media, all of a sudden the left and the media suddenly care about the Constitution.


Michael. Has Trump become a little too comfortable? Please send the word back uphill that WE DON’T WANT TO WAIT ANOTHER TWO YEARS! IT’S NOT HIS CHOICE.
Thank you.

Tracy Reinert

We will likely be returning to the 1776 version of The Constitution. Trump was trying to say that the leftists have all but destroyed The Constitution as it presently stands. He is further noting that “Fraud Vitiates Everything,” meaning, we have every right to Restore & Bolster our Constitution, & not let their precedents make a dent in it. He spoke emotionally, & was perhaps not as clear as these words, tho’ clearly to me, they were his intent.


Trump did not say anything bad about the constitution, the Media made the story up just like the bleach moment.


First course on the constitution is free from hillsdale college. Go learn about the constitution you are up holding.


Trump NEVER says anything that isn’t well thought out and with purpose, whether WE or the Military know at the time or not… stay the course Patriots!

Rob William

He wants to showcase his power and possible chaos if he is convicted or arrested.


He can’t change the constitution
as President even if he wanted to learn about the constitution and what you would need to do to change it? Hillsdale university has great courses on the constitution. Learn what one person can do to change the constitution. Maybe you are looking at his state
ment wrong. Learn about the constitution and what you as a person and what it takes to change. Look at this as a learning moment.


Don’t let a person control you because you don’t know what he is talking about. Learn about the constitution. It is a great subject.

Mark Heisler

Just part of the plan right? What to believe and not! all this is bull shit and taking way to long and stories that don’t do any of us any good, its for their own Purpose for the repeat Movie, I haven’t seen anything done about the Labtop? Yet what’s the Rush right?
I herd that people are starting to leave Trump mega repeat chant get together about the same thing over and over how the deep state is bad, where is the 10days of darkness? So people will really wake up, I don’t know about you but everyone I see every day are not waking up they think it bull crap, what’s the # still at 73%, awake, doesn’t seem we are up anymore than 8 month ago.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark Heisler
Julian Metter

Drama. This is disinformation designed to keep the black hats looking in the wrong direction. Ditto for the DeSantis Trump conflict. If this is what they need to carry out the plan I’m fine with it.


So wait, this reelection bid is legit? I thought the military was going to come in and arrest them all, show proof the election was stolen, etc. WTF?????? No closure? No announcements? No truth? About 2020? What is this crap? I hope this is carefully planted disinfo. I’m so done with this all.