Lloyd Austin to White Hats: Surrender or Else


Officers in the White Hat community have been receiving letters authored by the criminal regime’s Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, which hold an ominous ultimatum: relinquish command in exchange for possible amnesty, or prepare to face the music, according to documents reviewed by Real Raw News and sources familiar with the issue.

At least 65 officers across all branches of the armed forces have received letters accusing them of “treason,” and demanding they “voluntarily terminate command and surrender to proper authority.” The proper authority is Lloyd Austin.

A source in Gen. David H. Berger’s office said that Austin sent Gen. Berger a personalized note with instructions to publicly condemn President Donald J. Trump, to overtly recognize Joseph R. Biden as the lawfully elected president of the United States, to order his forces to at once “cease and desist all unconstitutional paramilitary action against elected and appointed officials,” and to surrender no later than December 22, 2022.

Members of General Berger’s council, including Major Gen. Richard E. Angle and Col. J.D. Keirsey, got similar correspondence, with a twist. The letters demanded they renounce Gen. Berger and hinted at possible exoneration if they stated in writing that Gen. Berger had coerced, wheedled, or tricked them into acting in contravention of the U.S. Constitution. The letters also required they write a statement of contrition, admitting that their “lawless and unconstitutional malfeasance” had grievously fractured the country and was inimical to the tenets of the Constitution.

Third tier officers—primarily warrant officers, lieutenants, and captains—were told to author a formal apology saying imprudent behavior and poor judgment had led them astray. “We understand General Berger and his ‘council’ may have inveigled your cooperation in his scheme to destabilize the United States. His transgressions against the United States and President Joseph R. Biden are unforgivable, however, we also understand extenuating circumstances may have caused unblemished officers to follow his lead…While we cannot guarantee your continued service in the United States military, and you will likely receive a dishonorable discharge, you will not face a court martial if you stipulate to the terms of this official document,” part of a letter read.

General Berger, our source said, was quick to quote Admiral Akbar: “It’s a trap!”

“Gen. Berger shredded his letter and encouraged his men to do likewise. He thinks it’s a snare. As far as he knows, everyone who got Austin’s letter tore it up. Their desperate to put us out of business, willing to do anything, and I’m surprised they haven’t threatened our families,” our source said.

As an aside, RRN on November 9 reported that three White Hat officers surrendered to the Deep State because they were disappointed with the midterm election results. Those officers, sources said, have literally vanished from the face of the planet.

“They’re probably dead,” our source said. “Their apologies to Lloyd Austin didn’t make a difference and emboldened him to start his letter writing campaign, I’d guess.”

“If they come for us, we’re more than ready,” he said in closing.


Vice Admiral Darse E. Crandall of the United States Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps, too, received a threatening letter written by Austin. The letter ordered Adm. Crandall to immediately free GITMO detainees, cease all unlawful prosecutions, and turn himself in.

In response, Adm. Crandall wrote back, “I have a better idea. You turn yourself in, Lloyd. We have a seat reserved for you.”

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Seven more days….


A secretary of Defense is threatening the US Military? He is pissed that Nancy is also behind Patriot bars, now.


He looks so stupid pretending to be defense secretary when he knows well biden lost the election by a historical landslide. Idiot!!!!


lol Loyd Austin so scared he’s wetting his pants.


austin is an “Enemy of the State”, a Traitor, a Treasonist GITMO bound no doubt.

Military leaders who sympathize and listen and follows this fake, hoax, illegitimate secdef of a fake, hoax, illegitimate criminal biden regime is gonna follow in austin’s footsteps – GITMO then Gallows.


austin is an “Enemy of the State”, a Trsitor no doubt, a Treasonist GITMO bound no doubt.

Any military who sympathizes and listens and follies with this fake, hoax, illegitimate secdef of a fake, hoax, illegitimate criminal biden regime is gonna follow in austin’s footsteps – GITMO then Gallows.

Above Reproach

Just another asshole talking Shit ! WTFAY? UR = 2 Like fly Shit on a abandoned farm house window,


austin is Powerless. Definitely GITMO bound, gallows bound, hell bound.


This dude pocketed at least $25 million when he was deployed to Afghanistan / Iraq. Another left wing crooked corrupt SOB. Hang him!


Why is this POS still NOT in GITMO?

Arthena Rubin

Oh Yes they got a envelope just like the traders at Bush funeral

Arthena Rubin

Many will be Called Few Will Answer

Robert James

The Benjamin Fulford Report of 12/05/2022 says our White Hat military has not made the final massive move because it would disrupt their monthly pay. Now what?

Robert James

Obama’s corpse smells by now, I suspect.


Anyone who give in to the demands of Deep State stooges does not deserve to be forgiven. Those that disappeared are likely in an underground bunker somewhere where they will live out the rest of their natural lives – or they are dead. Either way they were neutralized and can no longer help us in the fight for humanity’s survival.


We’re back to embargoes?


This discussion is not fit for soffties. I am going to run to the next page…..


I sincerely believe this long drawn out movie is about to end folks. Trump will return to his rightful place as POTUS on Jan. 20, 2023. If the SCOTUS does not act on the recent Brunson case before the court the military will in their way. Its all good, we win.


What a limp dick move, sending a letter. It shows you that they are NOT in control of the full military. OBVIOUSLY. Why hasn’t Austin been arrested?????? Why is “Biden” still in front of the camera? Meanwhile Brazil’s military might actually do SOMETHING tangible that everybody can see.

Just Me

You have a good question and it makes a whole lot of sense, however, my theory is that our white hats do not want to give these criminals a heads-up for them to leave the country and hide. At least this way the element of surprise works well and they can be captured. Remember the swamp is deep, this way many of these evil doers are exposing themselves.


Need to take this guy out.


After what I’ve heard today this sounds funny. They can run but they can’t hide.

David wolfer

Need more help I am a vet and ready it is time


May you all remain strong and safe. Never surrender 🇺🇸 We support you all in your mission.


😆🤣 This is almost laughable it’s so absurd!! Not only is Austin [probably] deader n’ dog poop, but the SecDef is NOT an operational commander, only a PR flunkie for the admin.

His replacement is likely non-existent at this point, just statements put out by the white hats to get the normies onboard.


Resign Moron! You are not secdef.


Hang this dude! He’s a traitor! Treasonist!

Just Me

Hang? I like to see them put his fat Ass in the electric chair. They need to bring back the chair.


F . ing idiot. He’s not secdef, does he even know that?

Nukkin Futz

I believe desperation of the Biden’s goons has set in and they are shaking in their cesspool of corruption and are being hunted…,a terrible feeling to worry about, because you have to look behind your back, plus some confidant might blow the whistle on you for a buck……no where to run, nowhere to hide, suicide might be a better option…..


Or else what?! Last time I heard, Trump is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces!


Yes, he signed the warrant of arrest for Pelosi. Proof positive imho. Blessings,

Lady Hermann

As I sit here looking at yet another election stolen, inflation due to get deeper, our money taken away and our children in pain all over the world I am counting on the military. Hell, I will join the military again if they need help. “The Military Is The Only Way”.


This dude is an IDIOT! The US Army must be so embarrassed with this moron retired four star general. How the hell did he make four stars? oh yeah, obama – another idiot.


F U austin. You should know better. You are NOT secdef. Shut the hell up. You know very well the Commander in Chief is President Trump who was re-elected overwhelmingly and by a historical landslide.

The corrupt evil fake biden regime is illegitimate. So hang up your kid gloves and go home while you still can.

The Supreme Court has overturned the 2020 Presidential election and has ruled DJT as the rightful constitutionally elected President.

Dennis Huff

Or else what. Gas is going to cost more, food all gone. Theft, murder, money laundering. I just don’t see the threat here. You’re already in league with Satan. Deepstate owns you and your soul.


I guess none of this will reach the mainstream news

trust nothing

Of course not. It’s a secret-classified and heavily redacted.
Russian disinformation


Just like the ambush in Colorado. I contributor on this site who lives near the site of the ambush claims he did hear anything from The Lying Legacy Media. Blessings,


? ,,, book’em Dano.


Ripping up the letters and, “having a seat reserved for (Austin) you” were priceless!
Keep the faith, remain calm and stay the course! We are winning!

Just Me

So just because 3 white hats lost their courage and apologized to this commie nig and now have disappeared is quite telling. This has embolden this loser to harass the white hats, Jag needs to get on this ASAP and arrest this commie nig and sent his Ass to Gitmo along with the residence’s actor or clone. whatever it is. Get the doubles and clones too.


Way to go general and white hats, the blessings comes after the storm. Isreal was in Egypt, pharoah would not release the people of God, but when all said and done, when God was finished with pharoah, he was glad to let the people go. Stand, after you have done that stand therefore. Hurrah whitehats !!!!!

Sue Grantham

Admiral Crandall is an awesome badass!♥️♥️♥️

Mark David

Here’s my response to Austin: F U, you traitorous POS.

Just Me

I second that.


This fat bitch austin needs to be publicly hanged by the neck on national TV!!


As despicable as this traitorous scumbag appears, it’s almost TOO convenient…instead of cancelling the ‘vax’ by claiming he recently learned about new downsides that were withheld from him (and might actually save his bacon), he forces the issue. Makes no sense.

Seems very likely this guy could be an Austin double designed by the white hats to further enrage the patriots and wake up more normies. All he’s doing is speeding up the timeline. Similar to the way the the Byedone actors have done with the real JB, who was 86’d in late ‘17.


Kudos to Adm. Crandall for his answer! Time to pick up Austin !

Billy Bob

DeSantis already scanned the facility. Not clear though if he had demolition or Trump’s accommodation ideations.

David T

R0b Wi11iam you changed your name. Again.

Vince Sly

If you have reviewed the documents can you please share copies of these so those of us with family in the military can share this with them?

Billy Bob

HAARP, MOAB or Lolita? Either one is more comprehensive than sending spies to poison Sleek Willy.

Anthony Gregory

This is what comes for delaying things.


It has to be this way, we need them to expose themselves (and they are) – there’s more than we ever knew.
And, they’re ALL in on it together.

Mark David

DJT and the US Military are in full control of the situation These scumbags are busy exposing themselves to the American public, before they are removed from office and sent to Gitmo with a one way ticket.


Why was an empty cargo hold protected by six men? Maybe they had not yet picked up the ordinances.


It was a trap, now we need to find the loudmouthed traitor who talked and set them up.

David T

Good point. They couldn’t all fit in the cab at the same time, that’s for sure. Will be interesting to find out if they were legit and ID’d, or if they were imposters.


Very proud and profoundly grateful to Admiral Crandall and General Berger. Thank you so much for your Service. I am sorry about all the American soldiers, especially those forced to fight on the dark side by the likes of Austin under the feckless pretend President Bidan. May God protect and help you with Angel power.

Solange Silverman

They must truly be desperate. We must not lose hope or quit before the miracle happens.


If they give into this fat Rat, then their modern day “Bolshevik revolution” against white people begins.