NC Residents Cry “Martial Law” over County-Imposed Curfew


Residents of Moore County, North Carolina, cried “Martial Law” Sunday evening after county officials issued an Emergency Declaration Order in response to widespread power outages and mandated a dusk-to-dawn curfew for the duration of the order.

Police said unknown gunmen fired on two electricity substations, and the damage plunged 40,000 homes into darkness. Sheriff Ronnie Fields said the shootings were unlike anything he had seen in his 40 years of law enforcement. They were “targeted” attacks, he said, carried out by an individual or individuals who “knew exactly what they were doing.” The curfew, he added, was meant to safeguard civilian lives.

Residents of the Republican-dominated county, however, are having mixed feelings about the curfew, with some accusing local leaders of exaggerating the problem and forcing residents to abide Martial Law.

Forty-five-year-old Richard Jarrett, a security guard, was walking home from his job when a police cruiser with lights flashing and sirens blasting pulled alongside him. Two cops started interrogating him, asking why he violated curfew.

“I told them I just got off work and was heading home. I live a half-mile from my job; it’s easier to walk then drive. Them cops said it was piss poor excuse. Bastards said they could take me to jail. When I asked if I was being detained or free to leave, they said they were investigating me, kept me there 20 minutes running my I.D. I’m a hardworking Christian. I ain’t no criminal. They let me go, but had no good reason to stop me,” Mr. Jarrett told Real Raw News.

Elsewhere in Moore County, 26-year-old Janet Pike, a stay-at-home mom, was outside past curfew with the family dog when cops pulled into her driveway.

“I knew about the curfew but was on the curb, 15 feet from the front door. I explained I was only going to be out long enough for Baron [the dog] to do his business. He snarled as they got out of the car, so they demanded I put him inside and come back outside so they could talk to me. So, I asked if I could just stay inside and let this ordeal end, and they said no because they hadn’t established my identity,” Mrs. Pike said.

Mrs. Pike, who describes herself as a law-abiding citizen, obeyed police instructions.

“Then they checked my license and said I was breaking the law,” she said. “They said they were doing me a favor by only giving me a citation. This is overreach, this is Martial Law. I was out there with them, against my will, in my bathrobe and slippers for 15 minutes before told I could leave. If my husband was home, it could have gone another way.”

Real Raw News is investigating additional claims of police harassment in Moore County.

Real Raw News has reached out to both the Moore County Sheriff’s Office and Moore County Congressman Richard Hudson. We will update this story if we receive a response.

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I understand a curfew to protect citizens but I agree that both these things were overreaching.

Afshin Nejat

Clearly this attack is being used as an excuse to infringe on people’s rights.


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Zohar Zisapel of RAD group could shut off any electrical grid in America. So it was the people oppossed to him or it was him false flagging with some guns as a red herring.

Susan Banks

I would Sue the damn shot out of Moore County!! You can’t walk your damn dog!! Such bullshit! Go take your time that your wasting and find who did this! I guarantee it’s not the people living in the damn dark!!! I live in this forsaken State!

Robert James

Where is General Patton? Attack, attack, attack!

Julia M Wescott

Annie, get your gun~


The more eyes out and about looking out makes sense. Remote or even on site personnel security makes more sense. This curfew thing does not make sense, IF, they want to identify the shooters and apprehend them.

Mark A Murray

the communist need to get the fuck out of this country !!!!


Anything to do with the post on CFP entitled…”NASCAR spurs luxury boom in North Carolina… Check the photos…”


Mark David

There are some little deep staters out there trying to cause trouble, and that includes some mayors, cops and the like. Threatening the Citizens won’t cut it. The person declaring the Curfew better explain to his Cop-buddies how to treat Citizens with respect, because it could get ugly early and many people have nothing to lose.

Solange Silverman

Test run? Although, I don’t think the Alliance would behave that way toward citizens. Something is afoot for sure.🤔


NC residents have guns, right?
Are they trucking ballots / illegals in or something?

Last edited 1 year ago by YLK

Isn’t there a General Runoff Election for U.S. Senate Georgia tomorrow? Hmm…

Nukkin Futz

I read about this on another site. The conservative leaning county was going to allow a tranny show in town and the town folk objected to that sort of wonkey human behavior, so somebody deliberately shot out a electrical switching device to knock out electricity to the town, and they knew exactly what to shoot out, so that the queer show would be cancelled, due to no juice. It’s not a deep state trick either. The DS would’nt be that smart anyway, because they tend to operate with a lower IQ level of 70-90 levels and especially the vaxxed ding dongs..

Tracy Reinert

I’m guessing that North Carolina has some deep state issues.

Mark David

Lots of liberals and leftists in NC. Univ of NC is a good example.

Tracy Reinert

I, for one, trust the military far more than our present Resident’s government.


she was dumb to go back outside… they tried this BS in Los Angeles after the riots 30 years ago… everyone told the cops to FO


We should all be upset with Trump and his remarks no consistent with or Constitution of which he made an oath and pledged his allegiance!

Mark David

Maybe DJT is trolling, looking for some more bites on the hook. There are still a lot of treasonous aholes that need a good execution.


You might be right.


And this is EXACTLY how deep state operatives are softening up Patriot / Libertarian / Republican strongholds in counties around the country. With an installed democrat stooge Governor, the skids are greased for additional compliance measures.

Johnny Lunchbucket

Nothing worse than an overzealous pig.

joe blow

Military Op? If so, be thankful


Police harassment…that’s a first. Lol! I put up with in Bartlesville Oklahoma for almost 40 years. I will refrain from stating what I should have done one by one…


“Give em an inch”….. Everyone wants to be a little dictator.

Mark David



I lived in Moore County in 1996 due to my assignment to the adjoining Fort Bragg area. The newspaper reported that for 1996 there were 63 births at the county hospital. Only two of the births were to American families. You do the math on the others in a migrant heavy area.

Lady Hermann

Sounds like these people have a “police (policy enforcer) issue not a Curfew. First guy, yes, they had a right to stop him under curfew, and lady, you could have walked your dog in the backyard.


The back end story to this “terrorist” action started as a civil protest. The city of Southern Pines gave permission for a Drag Show in a gay bar during the opening weekend of the city’s Christmas celebrations. The SP police cordoned off the area, shoved the protestors across the street away from the bar area and posted multiple officers on rooftops throughout the area that could be perceived as potential snipers.

Whoever commited this act, I won’t call it a crime yet, had to drive to at least two, maybe three, electric substations and fired rounds into the equipment closing power down to Southern Pines, a very wealthy predominately northern transplant occupied golfing community. Suddenly the city requested help from the FBI for this “domestic terrorism”. After the FBI got involved the curfew fiasco started. IMO this is totaly being FBI driven and at most should only have the North Carolina Burea of Investigation.

They are programming Americans for chinese style lockdowns and gun confiscations.


There testing, what will citizens do.


Rule #1 only the military can declare a zone martial law only with the Governors approval and it must be occupied by said military, in this case the North Carolina National Guard.
Rule #2 the police have no authority in a martial law zone unless the military “allows” them to assist the military. Believe me, that military request will be in writing listing the specific assistance requested. It will not be a blanket authority for the police.
Rule #3 in a legit curfew you can be anywhere on your private property under multiple clauses in the Constitution.

At least receiving a citation she has the officers name(s) if she needed it later for any reason. Plus on a citation they must list the charges to include the infraction title, Federal, State, Municipal or Motor Vehicle Code you violated. It can’t just say you broke curfew. For any one receiving a citation make it be a court appearance, don’t mail in your fine. Your penalties won’t be any higher for an initial court appearance and during your initial hearing you can request a full jury trial which for minor infractions most municipalities will not convene a jury and all its expenses for a minor charge. The county must pay each juror a daily fee plus mileage both ways from their residence. That adds up really quickly to more than the penalties will be plus it ties up the court system and charging police officers for at least a day or more.

Last edited 1 year ago by Rodnryl

They are testing the water for what’s coming down the pike.

george friend

I’m just super curious how a gun can take out a sub station? Everything in there is might as well be armor plated. Systems in place to monitor everything. I don’t buy this story.


You can take out one of those cylinder pole transformers with a 22. An electric company here had to replace a couple due to some drunk hunters “target practicing”. Some of the smaller substations do not have complete armored equipment or you could just shoot a few wires and/or the insulators supporting them to short it to ground. I’d advise being inside a vehicle just in case the voltage travels underground for a ways.

6 to 60 thousand volts will spread out around the ground point due to the moisture in the dirt, one of our construction inspectors told me during his training they saw pictures from a job that the backhoe hit a major live undeground line. The voltage killed the entire crew except the two flaggers who were a couple of hundred feet away from the line.

David T

You’re a DF if you don’t know how. Common high caliber rifle like a 30-06 takes out insulators, power buss bars, shoot holes in transformers, control panels, etc. Steel jacket bullets will shoot through an engine block like through a block of cheese so shooting up a substation would be very feasible for a rifle such as this.

Dr. Dick

Have not seen a follow up on the Federal Reserve Raid?

Charles Smith

Bad sherff in this town, thankfully I’ve meet the sherff in Mount Airy where I am, he won’t enforce this Emergency Powers crap, at least he said he wouldn’t at a concerned citizens meeting. These people when they see the judge need to express there concerns to the judge and appeal if needed. Have the bill of rights in your hands when you go to court.


All cops belong to “fraternal orders” of satanic clubs. They are all pedophiles which is why child sex crimes go unpunished.


AND THE GOOD COPS WHO WANT TO SAVE THE KIDS ARE PUNISHED FOR IT. People in Scotland Yard who wanted to investigate paedophilia in the higher ranks connected with Lord Louis Mountbatten’s paedophile friends were warned off the cases.

orange julius

Huge overreach.

About time

….and so it begins. There will be bloodshed


You poke a sleeping Bear what do you expect


IDKAY, but We the People have been poked enough. Russia got poked too much by NATO’s OBAMA-PROTECTED LGBTQ SUPPORT OF THE AZOV/BANDERITE/NEONAZI REGINE, AND VLADDY FOUGHT BACK. CAN YOU BLAME HIM? Even patient people have their limits. Trump and Putin back down to nobody.


Welcome to PedoJoe world

trust nothing

When “authorities” stop you for questioning can you ask them the exact questions?
Do you need to answer the questions? Are they allowed to do this? After you are arrested you can remain silent, what happens if you don’t answer or ignore them during their questions?
CRAP! I was fined $100.00 for asking the landscapers at our HOA if they had a green card! And they were going to fine me $500 for video recording him 3 months later. So illegals are protected but citizens must conform to totalitarian rules.


Cops acting like dicks will get the side of the population that does support them to start making it tuff on them. They are not pillars of the community any more, they are just people who need a job and are pissed like everyone else.

Ron Peete



I have always said the police will be like a bunch of tyrants if they are given the authority. The curfew is fine but there are exceptions….like someone working or letting a dog outside. These are strong arm tactics being used on law-abiding citizens instead of going after criminals. This could really get ugly. This is the kind of thing the demons want to happen to us. I agree with these citizens…..this is martial law at it’s worst. These cops are trying to make criminals out of good people. I guess it gives them a rush to act like tyrants over people who had nothing to do with the power outage. This county better have a talk with it’s law enforcement. We are always asked (and we do) to back the men in uniform but sometimes they make it hard for us to do so. This is not the first time they have used strong arm tactics against law abiding citizens. A little power goes to their heads.


Those officers that have seen action in Iraq & Afganistan , many having PTSD, have not had enough ‘exit’ therapy to be able to work safely with the public.


If/ when you experience real marshall your tone when / if confronted.


Eat shit….we have guns to….if you think I’m laying down for anybody cops or military or FBI or all your other bullshit you’re highly mistaken pal

trust nothing

Take the uniform off these cops and they’re just people.


Clown Authority. They are really trying to get a civil war started between citizens and the beefed up wannabe military police. The seated Authority better check their idiocy before that happens, tho it does seem to be whats next up on the docket of engineered events.


seems the communist plans are backfiring, lol.

Carol Sims

And is being replaced with Socialism which usually comes prior to Communism. Those who are still sleeping need to wake up!


Are we making enough noise to wake the woke? Or, are we too passive about the situation to bother screaming them awake with facts of reality.
Time to shock ‘n awe them awake out of their drunken drug filled state.j


Safeguard the civilians? More like – Keep Them In The Dark!!!
I smell FBI Terrorism running amuck.
Its Another Distraction!!! (now what are they up to?)
Isn’t it peculiar that one news outlet makes an absurd accusation that the attack was possibly done because of a drag queen show.
How interesting & timely.


So now the FBI/CIA is resorting to shooting up our power stations?


Weird, same sort of attack 12 years ago in San Jose, CA…


Wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if blowing up power generators was done by a spook from one of the Federal alphabet agencies. We went from bomb threats and school shooting threats with lockdowns and now to shooting out power generators…and no one ever knows who is behind these threats. Notice a pattern?

Right before the holidays. These people are sick.


You all don’t understand Martial Law. It can contain different kinds of rules according to what is needed. Don’t get hysterical over steps to try to keep you safe. Maybe they had threats toward the people. You just don’t know yet.

Carol Sims

What I do know is when Martial Law is declared, the Police in your area will not be allowed to go to work as they usual. You will not be able to call them for help.

Last edited 1 year ago by Carol Sims

except emergency call facility will be supplied


Agree with ya


Martial law can be very dangerous. Countries like Poland, already under Soviet domination. endured martial law. There were people literally shot and killed on the streets during that time and people arrested during that time. Everybody suffered.
Solidarity was a movement that became known around the world. But the military crushed it.
On 13 December 1981, Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski announced the introduction of martial law. There was an extraconstitutional military junta put in place and even tanks were deployed on the streets to demoralize demonstrators, begin regular patrols, control strategic enterprises, and maintain curfew. Intercity travelling without a permit was forbidden, food shortages intensified, and censorship was placed on all media and correspondence. The secret services wiretapped phones in public booths and state institutions. Thousands of opposition activists were imprisoned without trial, and although martial law was lifted in 1983, many political prisoners were not released until a general amnesty in 1986. The crackdown on the opposition led the Reagan Administration to introduce economic sanctions against Poland and the neighbouring Soviet Union, further worsening the former’s economy.
Many things under martial law can be abused. What few freedoms people had under communism were stopped during that time.
We don’t want that to happen to America. We love our freedoms too much to not fight back. People spilled their blood in 1776 for us to be free, not give it up to the traitors. We the People and President Trump and Gen. Berger can fight back without martial law being necessary. JMO.


Could this have been a dress rehearsal for the EBS going off and shutting down the whole country for 10 days while the transition occurs and the Deep State taken out of Washington, DC and Pres Trump reinstated?

Linda Hutchison

OR, there could be some extra beds available at Gitmo, and there are PLENTY of traitors who need to be tried by the military tribunals! Justice has come to town!!!

James McCandless Jr

Deep state Public servants turned dictators .

“Imposition of Martial Law violating Constitutional rights and Privacy! (” It is also confined to the locality of actual war.”)! Martial Law: The Court stated what is almost painfully obvious: “Martial law … destroys every guarantee of the Constitution.” The Court reminded the reader that such actions were taken by the King of Great Britain, which caused, in part, the Revolution. “Civil liberty and this kind of martial law cannot endure together; the antagonism is irreconcilable; and in the conflict, one or the other must perish.” Martial rule can never exist where the courts are open, and in the proper and uno7bstructed exercise of their jurisdiction. (” It is also confined to the locality of actual war.”)! We the People,” the Constitution is immediately emphasizing the significance of the people and is also ensuring an understanding that the people are the ones giving power to the Government. This is also a critical element to the American Constitution, in that the

Last edited 1 year ago by James McCandless Jr
Dave Kelly

This when courts are not criminally corrupt and compromised and thusly not operating as RACKETS PLIED BY RACKETEERS.