Deep Stater Arrested for Sabotaging Nation’s Food Supply


While the nation watched continuous news coverage of the Idaho killer and a divided House squabbling over the next Speaker, the White Hat partition of the United States military executed an arrest warrant on an obscure Deep Stater responsible for sabotaging the nation’s food chain and, thus, manufacturing inflation. That criminal is Brian Deese, the regime’s director of the National Economic Council and former servant to Deep State overlord Barack Hussein Obama.

The offices of Marine Corps General Eric M. Smith told Real Raw News that U.S. Marines grabbed Deese at his Massachusetts home early Thursday morning—the culmination of a 3-month probe into allegations that he participated in or oversaw a government scheme to bankrupt poultry farmers and artificially inflate the price of household staples such as eggs and chicken meat. Marines, our source said, circumvented Deese’s home security and entered the home at 3:00 a.m., hoping to catch him sleeping. But their presence frightened a house cat, which knocked over a bedside lamp, and the commotion woke a drowsy Deese, who suddenly found himself encircled by a half-dozen armed Marines. Deese panicked, shouting, “Oh God, no, not me,” and was Tazed so Marines could quietly escort him off the premises.

Deese is the second Deep Stater charged with disrupting the country’s critical food chain. In April 2022, the U.S. Military arrested, and later hanged to death, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack after proving beyond reasonable doubt that he had orchestrated the destruction of several food distribution warehouses.

In a probable cause affidavit reviewed by Real Raw News, the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps alleges that Deese and Vilsack conspired to cripple the food supply because “Joe thinks Americans have it too easy and aren’t paying enough for food,” in Deese’s words. Their evidence reportedly includes electronic correspondence—emails and text messages—as well as telephone conversations that began in mid-2021. The most compelling evidence, the smoking gun, is a call that took place on January 5, 2022. On it, Deese suggested that Department of Agriculture agents visit poultry farms under the pretense of “routine inspections” and randomly test fowl for bird flu. When Vilsack replied, “It’s not a bad idea but we’re unlikely to find cases of bird flu,” Deese said, “Of course we will. He wants us to.”

Between March-November 2022, agents of the Food Safety & Inspection Service, a subsidiary of the Dept. of Agriculture, visited 16 commercial poultry farms in Iowa Nebraska, and predictably chickens on those farms tested positive for avian influenza. Owners were told their birds would have to be destroyed to limit the spread of disease, and were promised the federal government would compensate them financially.

At one Nebraska egg-laying farm, FSIS destroyed 140,000 hens. Their method for accomplishing this is rather grotesque: suffocation. They either fill barns with fire-fighting foam, cutting off the animals’ air supply, or pump in carbon monoxide.

At the time of this writing, the feds have slaughtered 50m birds in 46 states; the price of poultry increased between 17-25% in 2022; and the cost of eggs jumped 49%.

To substantiate JAG’s claims, Real Raw News spoke to an Iowa poultry farmer whose entire flock the Dept. of Agriculture destroyed in October 2022. He spoke under condition of anonymity for fear of federal retaliation.

“It never sounded right but what are you supposed to do when 50 FSIC show up. They told me samples taken from my hens had the bird sickness. I’d never seen these guys before, and was thinking to myself ‘when and how did you test them.’ They murdered all my birds; told me I’d get a check to cover my losses. I haven’t seen a dime yet, and when I call them, they never call me back. Now I’m in bankruptcy and me and family can’t even afford to eat. People in my business, we’re a close knit, we talk, and, man, this shit has happened all over, and we’re all going broke,” he said.

In closing, JAG sources told RRN that Vilsack never named Deese as a co-conspirator, but the later nonetheless will face a military tribunal for having betrayed his oath of office and committed treason against the United States of America.

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Dave Kelly

IT is not enough to just take out this Deese cock -sucker. US Special Forces . US SPECIAL OPERATIONS Units , Marine Corps Units need ti KILL and EXECUTE the henchmen in this case Dept. of Agriculture agents. Set up operations for these Agriculture agents to go to these poultry Farms for another Bird Flu false flag, when the Agra agents pull their crime ,stop them before they start culling the farmer’s chickens. Then take these criminal animal murdering agriculture agent henchmen, out inot the farm field and EXECUTE THEM, KILLEVERY FUCKING ONE OF THEM RIGHT THERE IN THE FIELD, ONCE AGAIN KILLING ENEMY COMBATANTS IN THE FIELD OF BATTEL. When the Special Forces or White Hat operators perform these humanitarian missions dozens of times the Dept of Agriculture will be out of henchmen and this bullshit stops. THIS IS HOW TO FIGHT WAR, BY EXECUTING AND KILLING THE ENEMY. NOT by taking out one asshole at a time, FUCK JAG, they have been SLOW-PLAYING THIS SHIT , SO HAS BERGER AND TRUMP, ENOUGH OF THEIR BULLSHIT. THERE IS NO DOUBT WHY BERGER IS MISSING. WAKE UP PEOPLE, QUIT MAKING EXCUSES FOR CORRUPT ASSHOLES. DJT and BERGER ARE DECEIVERS. GET OVER THE HERO AND IDOL WORSHIP. YOU ,WE HAVE BEEN DECEIVED AND DUPED, GET OVER IT , MOVE ON AND KILL THE ENEMY COMBATANTS.

Dave Kelly



I think these executions should be on live TV and viewable by the public. The only reason these people were this emboldened to do this to our nation is because of all the criminals who have been in power since JFK was murdered by ghwb/CIA. Now anybody who is NOT personally vetted by CIA will encounter the full force of the Deep State, like Trump. I’m sick of being owned.


If Obama is involved it is going to get bad.


“What are you supposed to do when 50 FSIC show up? People in my business, we’re a close knit, we talk.” You talk and spread the word amongst the farmers and when one of your neighbors call you all go out there with cameras and take photos. You and your neighbors WITNESS for one another.

Robert James

Gee, I wonder who “Joe” is? I hope the “in absentia” trials are well underway. The military can just shoot them on the spot.

Last edited 1 year ago by Robert James

They are getting ready to talk about Covid shots on tucker


Hei is on January 9 now on Tucker’s news program as soon as comercial are over. Now on.

Last edited 1 year ago by Katie
Barry Dember

None of these Deep State Cowards will escape their final judgement fate. I only wish the white hats would take them down much sooner on a global scale. They should start with the very top of our fake U.S. Administration.

F. Swemson

The price of eggs at my market went from $1.78 to $5.65. Thats a hell of a lot more than a 49% price increase!


All alphabet agencies need to be abolished. All agency employees need to rounded up and vetted. If found guilty hanged immediately.


bitchute DOT com/video/seVXsS52Wh8W/
Looks like the Ewe’s are at it again. They do this from time to time just to rile up the Muslims,…. all the while blaming white skinned people.
The Muslims will eventually figure it out in their own time and have their own Great Awakening. Their Mass Media is probably also owned by the Synagogue of Satan and don’t even know it yet.


Me and my …. In a narcissistic society, i guess that is new normal. It tips me off immediately as to who they are and whomever it is immediately gets put on ignore

Above Reproach

So the bastard destroyed our food supply, Thousands of people will go hungry, possibly die . I’m sure the Government was behind this, and they will more than likely tell people to eat BUGS 🐜. NY has okay the composting Of human bodies just recently. ( isn’t that special ) !
I could think of a thousand ways to dispatch the sick bastard.
But nothing would be more appropriate than Starvation.The rope is to good for the likes of him. I’LL Bet after the first week of nothing to eat, he Sings like a Bird as to who instructed him to do what he did. Let his belly do the talking. Just think of The Who , or Them, that could come forward out of his mouth. Tell him when you’re hungry enough to talk let us know.
What he did was extremely drastic. We should be just as drastic getting answers.

Fair fairy

I don’t live in US. but that Brian Deese is so awful and evil that he is now cursed by me.


Those poor chickens! Those poor farmers! Seriously! These people are NOT normal, they are NOT human. They can’t be. I am sure the evidence they have will be sufficient to prove treason. Despicable acts.


So what we are now seeing is that the farmers are losing their businesses anyway despite the white hat movie playing out. How is this helping the We The People at all? We should not have to lose our farms and lives from generations just because people have to “wake up” to the corruption. They weren’t compensated and now will lose everything and there are many of them this happened to. At what point is the people in charge of this “PLAN” going to be responsible to the We The People? If we can’t trust government and we can’t trust “The Plan” then what have we got left?

trust nothing

“The Plan” was no plan at all. I agree with you completely. The People need to stand armed and united against this corrupt and criminal organization that we have let take over our country. There is a 10 x 10-mile area in the United States, that is not a state, controlled by foreign countries and make laws for 50 states. “We The People” have become so passive we continue to pay these criminals to perform more corruption in countries throughout the world. Military onesy-twosy arrests is letting us know it’s real, if true. Trump and politicians won’t save us, military won’t save us- we won’t know if it’s loyal Biden or white hat. They like keeping us in the dark. There needs to be millions upon millions of real patriots to stand together at the same time and place saying we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.
Unfortunately, there are too many people that are uninformed and indoctrinated. They’re fine with whatever happens because they’re pre-programmed, passive and just don’t care.


how big is this operation?
how many millions of missions have been completed?
how many people are there left to wake up?
Unfortunately, people wake up when it affects them directly.
Instead of thinking small, think big, then this will make perfect sense.
This has to play out so they:

  1. catch all the perps
  2. wake the people up so they can reclaim their sovereignty

Expecting others to do this for you is exactly the kind of thinking that got us here in the first place.

Focus on your corner of the world and what you can do to find solutions to issues that affect you and those you love and always try to wake others up.
I know people are suffering, but the alternative if this is not done right, is far, far worse. Act local and support each other.


OH GOD ,NOT ME? Those are the words of someone who knows he’s guilty. An innocent man would have said something more like WHAT”S GOING ON? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? Remember Avril Haines? When they came for her, she said OH SHIT!, and went for a gun. She knew she was guilty of some bad stuff.


He most likely read REAL RAW NEWS & discovered his friends were all rounded up
and executed.


Yep. i knew that bird flu thing was bullshit


The Bird flu flew. Next time we may as well call it for what it is, the jewflu.


Read God’s word again in Genesis 12:3. He DID say He will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. Take it into context.
And for the record, not all Jews are evil. The Khazarians are evil, but normal Jewish believers who follow the Laws of God are not evil. The evil ones, God will punish, not the righteous ones, Jesus spoke in Revelation 2:9 and 2:9 about the false Jews who belong to the synagogue of Satan, not the righteous ones who follow Him. He called out the Pharisees who followed the devil, not the righteous ones the Pharisees were lying to and falsely teaching. Jesus himself was a Jews and He never hated his fellow believers, but He always pointed them to the Father. He sought the lost sheep of Israel; if He hated them, He would not do that.

Pat N

Judy Byington of Restored Republic posted this article in its entirety by RRN & referenced the one about Sec of Ag Tom Vilsack arrested & later hanged on her Update as of 1/7/2023. Under Global Food, Fuel & Goods Shortages.


I am sorry but I think Obama is doing the work under Biden to get the third term he wanted.

Last edited 1 year ago by Katie

Best of all, when are people going to put up 24/7 surveillance at their homes and work? At least then he would have the proof!


WELL, GOOD! We’ve got to stop being so gullible to all these stupid traps the deep state tries to ensnare us with. We Must Demand Proof & Accountability from these morons who hate humanity, Rise Up, Unite, & Stand against them. God Bless All Our Brave Military & Special Opp Forces. THANK YOU.

Lorenz Manner

Very good catch. This bastard destroyed the food and budget of American people lying and being dishonest. Now he has to face the consequences and eventually the noose. Payday came and no mercy.

mary pascucci


Brenda Hoten

The poultry farms should have fought loud and hard to save their birds. Shameful.

trust nothing

They just accepted and complied.

Esther Kim

It has been their practice all over the world bankcrupting farms in an attempt to illiminate the small ones and fattening the big farms of the globalists.


Yup, Monsanto strangle-hold


The holodomor, Rothschild-style.


He suffocated millions of chickens? Stick him in a gas chamber and suffocate this demonic SOB.

Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

Creator God Holds People in Authority To A Much Higher Standard than a person on low end of the totem pole. It is only Just ; to do God’s Work & see That These Traitors To Humanity & Traitors To Oaths of Allegiance to The Constitution Pay The Price that is due when one commits acts against God & His Children ……….. Perhaps these Traitors will be useful as fertlizer to make the beautiful flowers grow ? Let us continue to be efficient in taking out the trash . Military pay and civilian sanitation worker pay should be combined …….. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195


It is now legal to compost human remains in six states.


A fav site (UPLMatters) just lost their credibility. They claim McCarthy is a White Hat because he mentioned the Durham Boat in his speech(original Q post). This is BS. McCarthy wearing his big blue and yellow flag pin is Biden 2.0 – coding to the Cabal that All is Well. Anyone can insert a Q mantra in their speech. Don’t let these false jacks fool you, esp since he hails from the Land of Piglosi.

Last edited 1 year ago by Christine

To clarify- they are False and Jacks. JO, JA, Jacobus etc as exemplified by the One-Eyed Jack who had his face in the camera all last night.

Jose Ramirez

Kill him!!! No Mercy!!!


I am sorry for your loss <3

John .S

Watching Fox News yesterday, seen doppelganger Chuck Schumer, others that watched agreed that wasn’t Chuck.


How much are eggs in your state? They’re $10-12/dozen in California.


Oh my Goodness!!!! I thought we were bad here in Mich with $4.00!!

trust nothing

Sam’s club in Fountain Valley, Ca. was out of eggs today.


Hang the murderous,rotten sumbitch!!!!

Michael R Davis

Truth is always hidden by governments from the people they intend to enslave. The ‘conspiracy theories’ (CIA term) over just the last 100 years are all the proof we need, proving true over time. We were called the nutcases, but we held firm until proven. FAKE News with their lies will never help us.

Waco, JFK, RFK, WTC 93, WTC 911, the list goes on and on, all proven true. Government lies, poisons us by the millions, kidnaps, traffics, rapes, tortures, sacrifices, bleeds, murders, our children.

This is a military operation with Trump commander-in-chief. Since it is a military operation, DC Corporation is out-of-business, the civilian, Fed Judiciary has no jurisdiction, has no authority over military matters, and can do nothing. That is why the JAG courts prosecuting these monsters are all on military bases in foreign nations such as Diego Garcia, Tierra del Fuego, Opa Loca, XPL Honduras, Naval Base Guam. This will remain a military operation until the 9 National Emergencies declared by President Trump are no longer a problem. Only a legitimate elected President can dissolve the National Emergencies. At that time, Trump will be eligible to serve 8 years if he so chooses.

Resident Biden signed and extended all 9 National Emergency Executive Orders, also signed President Trump’s Executive Order 13912, of March 27, 2020, federalizing 1 million National Guardsmen to active-duty, extending them to 2024, ensuring they receive full active duty pay, including full benefits for their families.
(even though the Resident’s signature is not worth beans)


No argument from me Michael D especially on the subject of the resident extending the 9 National Emergency EO originally signed by Q+. Imho, Q+ is the handler of the resident, who is either a clone or double. Q+ dictates the resident to do things that are for the good of the country and, do things that are to detriment of the D party. Lord help,us. Blessings, 🙏

Jerry Miller

When will those promoting the clot shot be rounded up? How about the M.D.s that killed 100’s of thousands via the drug Veklury (Remdesivir) be rounded up?


Horrifying what they did to those poor birds. Hanging’s too good for ’em. I think the gas chamber would be more appropriate here. and what about all the order following numbskulls that participated and enabled this ghastly mess? They need to answer for their crimes too.


F’ing murders! This is why eggs are $10 a dozen. Glad I have my own very well cared for chickens. These bastards need to be put in a room and slowly suffocated to death. Let the punishment fit the crime! I love my birds and this is a crime against humanity, and chickens. Get a rope!


Ku Klux Khazarians have a website?

John .S

Here’s a WTF video referencing Elon Musk & Tractor Supply sponsoring drag queen story telling sessions with children, WTF.


Mr. Baxter! Please enable your archive to be reachable in full! Those who joined later are eager to read it all! Thank you!


Glad they got this slimy fucker.. couldn’t stand seeing his ugly face on the news.. total SCUMBAG!!! Obomer’s demon club


McCarthy & the Establishment Spent $4.5 Million to Defeat Joe Kent


How much do you think they paid for all those Republican votes?
RINO’s & DINO’s never lose, ever wonder why? Its because their Elections are rigged Selections and they need to protect that with all they have but they’ll play along and play the game until you get to close to winning, so there will never be any accountability from now on.
Almost every single Republican is a Deep State Paid Rat in Congress, it was just proved to us before our very eye’s. This is why nothing has ever gone the way of the citizens, its completely rigged because they sold us out.
The FED only cares about the FED, as though they think we owe them a favor, we owe them nothing, they paid themselves, and as a matter of fact now that Congress has found a House Speaker, they’ll be giving themselves a raise because they worked so hard for it.


Demo’ and Rhino’s – FTX SOROS infested RATS!!! cOMMIES.. OPEN BORDERS, diversity is our strength is CODE for ANTI WHITE.. massive flood of 3rd world Africans, Mexicans, East Indians, Chinese and Middle Eastern.. Afgan Disaspora, etc.. MULTICULTURISM IS A BIG LIE>. LOOK AT KURDS IN PARIS.. DESTROYING that lovely Parisian CITY.. Look at UK.. Look at DEARBORN MIChiGAN.. MINNESOTA.. That is what Diversity brings ya!

CoC Lover

As an impartial observer who has now viewed the evidence, I say he deserves the death penalty.

Mark David

The Deep State should be executed whenever they are found. What a huge, massive genocidal plan that grew and grew right under our noses. Who knew? Patriots in the US Military knew, and now they are putting these devils into the ground as fast as they can execute them. Whatever it takes to rid the world of them all. And I would like to eventually see some of the executions on video, just to confirm all the great work by the US Military against our mortal enemies.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark David

Plenty of people knew. You mocked them as ‘conspiracy kooks’ for fifty years straight rather than listen to them, remember? Fifty years of desperately trying to get people to look at publicly available, official documents where all this was planned in detail. “Why, you wingnut! That can’t possibly be true! if it was, the New York Times and MSNBC would tell me, lol! I think I’ll trust the media rather than a wingnut… I mean, you’re not even an expert!”

I remember all this personally. Years and years and years of it. I’ve grown old listening to this idiocy.

Fair fairy

How dispecable cruel! Poor birds and farmers😭!

Mark David

We are following the Law. Torturing someone before or during execution is not part of the execution process. The difference between us and the evil ones is we are preserving humanity, while they are trying to destroy it. If there is a Hell, then let them be tortured in Hell for eternity. Doing Hell’s work is not our job.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark David

We The People don’t want to torture them any at all, we never did, our job is to make sure they reach a prearranged appointment before God.


So disgusting they slaughtered chickens because of a lie.


Look at it this way, in Finland they raided all the Mink farms and slaughtered all of them by the millions because “they said they had covid” lol. In the USA over the years, the price of Mink hides were down because the Ewe’s stole the market from the Italians, and then come along the Chinese who bought 80% of all the Mink farms in the US and when covid hit there (so they say) the Chinese never slaughtered any of their Mink because of it, neither did they slaughter their Chickens.

Anthony Gregory

The white hats should anounce to other nations they will be next.

trust nothing

Time to raid the CD gulag and free the political prisoners from the boogus arrests.


Yeah that should be next on Gen. Smith’s agenda! Bust in the gulags and free the innocent J6ers. My God Obiden went and freed Britney Greir from a Russian prison and left the Marine there!! On second thought swing by the Kremlin too Marines! Oohyah!