General Berger, Wounded But Recovering


Marine Corps Gen. David H. Berger remains at an undisclosed White Hat hospital as he recovers from grievous wounds sustained during his brush with CIA kidnappers, a source in Gen. Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

The general, he said, endured the following wounds during his week in captivity:

Lacerations to the face

Blunt force trauma to the torso, arms, and legs

A shattered kneecap

Multiple contusions

Three broken ribs

The kidnappers had strapped him to bed while beating him black and blue. His left eye was swollen shut. His right ear looked like a cauliflower and his face mashed potatoes. Miraculously, CT and MRI scans showed no sign of brain damage or internal injuries. The sadistic agents, our source said, seemed skilled at attenuating use-of-force to torture and cripple the general without rupturing his kidneys or spleen or collapsing his lungs. Nonetheless, he spent several days in such excruciating pain that even a self-administered morphine drip gave him only moments of relief.

He has already undergone surgery to repair his broken kneecap, and his ribs will mend with time.

“A lesser man would’ve prayed for death,” our source said, “but not Gen. Berger. He’s been conscious and has been debriefed. He said his abductors never interrogated him, never asked him a single question, just beat the living shit out of him for fun. They also kept him sedated so he couldn’t break free. According to the surviving CIA goon, they were waiting for Secretary of State Lloyd Austin’s people to pick him up.”

As reported, the surviving spook told NCIS investigators that he and his posse were “off the reservation” and operating without Langley’s approval when they abducted Gen. Berger. He insisted that Lloyd Austin had issued a bulletin calling for the general’s arrest and promised a sizable reward if they captured Berger alive and intact. He said the bounty was $2,000,000, which they had planned to split. He denied partaking in the beating of Gen. Berger and said he had tried to dissuade his comrades from pummeling the general half to death, as they risked accidentally killing him and compromising their chances of getting the reward.

NCIS thus far has been unable to prove or disprove his claim, but Generals Berger and Smith are confident Lloyd Austin had a hand in the operation. When Smith told a weary but Lucid Berger about the surviving spook’s assertions, Gen. Berger recounted Austin’s Dec. 6 ultimatum that all senior White Hat officers surrender by Dec. 22 or face the consequences.

Gen. Berger admonished himself and said he’d been sloppy. “I should’ve been more careful,” he said when Gen. Smith visited him at the hospital. “They’ll be watching you too now. When able, I want to see the bastard you caught.”

Gen. Smith, our source said, told Berger it was “payback time.”

“It’ll take a while, but General Berger is expected to recover fully. He isn’t happy. If Austin and CIA Director Burns coordinated this, they’d be hell to account,” our source said.

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Allison Tappan

Dear, Gen. Beger. I send my Love out to you and your family. I pray you recover fast. God bless you Sir. God Bless America.
Allison Tappan


Wounded soldiers and rescued children are being treated in the med beds, why has Berger not been healed in one?

Stinky Perfume

Med beds like the arm stabs are not tested trustworthy. If I was a vampire I would be making clones and med beds to a vampire advantage.

Julio Antonio Laguna

So glad General Berger is on the mend!


That’s it! No holds barred White Hats. Get the sonofabitches who did this to Gen Berger. I am grateful he’s going to be alright.

Eve Bright

Arrest all the criminals within the government and tried them for treason at GITMO.

Tracy Reinert

Our three-letter agencies are 100% rogue agents. There is no difference. The burden of proof that they are not involved, is presently on them. They are the very definition of deep state cabal. An organization that would take out JFK, as a sitting President, is capable of any atrocity. These lizard~draco~monsters are sadists for loosh. They thrive from evil, & are dangerous spiritually if kept alive, from what i have recently researched. Get it done, fellas. Quickly. Good job.


Nailed it.


It doesn’t change the out come it made it worse. Austin is stupid just like Biden.


They’re only taking orders from their Masters who are barking & growling in their ears. They’re all confused right now until the WEF gets them back into the groove of screwing us all over again.


Thank you God and the White Hats saving Genera Burger. Let General Smith loose and get these Traitorous Evil Bastards
Prayers for recovery and healing from General Burgers horric ordeal I ask in Jesus’name Amen.


Tonight on newsmax the day that america is not ready for war. I bet we have no weapons for Biden has not been preparing “. New alarming report drops on Us military. Basically we are not prepared for war? But does that mean we don’t have enough weapons? What does that mean?


It means: don’t believe anything you read and only half of what you see.


Be careful going off half cocked. Make sure you can prove they are guilty. The knee will take a while for it to heal. I broke mine but it took a while to get my muscle back in that leg. I was put in rehab which helped. I walk dogs every work day to build up my muscle. They are my cousin’s dog and his daughter’s dog. They are small dogs.


Prayers for General Berger’s recovery.


Tom cotton was his name your x marine.

Charles Smith

I think when we catch the people who did this, give them the covid vaccine from arrival in GITMO before their trial. Then put them to death. Give them a taste of their own medicine. This should be for all of their trials. I’d love to hear how they responded to it. I wish they were doing that.

Charles Smith

I’m also glad The General is OK, and I pray for his speedy recovery.


So glad you got rescued, General Berger!! God speed your full recovery & continued safety & protection! Praying for your health & well-being, Sir!


‘They’ did unto others (Berger) as ‘they’ would have him (Berger) do unto ‘Them’!! Two Dead & One Praying. It’s for sure they don’t know the Ten Commandments.

David Boettcher
Jose Ramirez

Our hero is back. Let’s organize a painful payback action. Yes, no mercy.


Like I’ve been saying, the full might of the Marine Corps should descend on these bastards. If POTUS Trump had activated the public, none of this would have happened. We could have already been out the other side of this thing.

Everyone was concerned about a Civil War! Cowards, all. The same amount of people died regardless, weather it was vaccine injury/death or plandemic fatalities. At least we would have had the option, and today we’d all be celebrating the new year with the knowledge that WE THE PEOPLE truly have a country of our own.

Wrong president, wrong course of action, and we’re still under the boot of communists.


The payback is b**ch..!!! Those who put bounty on General’s Berger – must be punished..! Along with greedy bastards from safe house.

Nukkin Futz

Berger should of been packing a short barrel AR-SMG, like all of the helo & jet pilots were given in ‘Nam. Most officers pack these SBR-AR’s with a 30 rd mag. The Berreta 9mm pistol is a mid level popgun that he was using, with not much knock down force…..


Praying a miraculous healing for our Gen. Berger……I have had cracked ribs and it hurt and hurt, every time I talked or inhaled …….praying that God touches him in such a wonderful way that he heals faster than any person can understand……I thank God that Austin and Burns will pay the full price…..



Strike 17

Go get the a holes that planned the taking and holding and beating of General Berger and may General Berger mend and heal very fast and may God protect him always!!!!


Get’em!! And get’em good!

Sandy Koufax

Berger was retired on active duty (ROAD) and then went AWOL before the Deep State’s version of Zed and Maynard abducted him and and turned him into their Gimp. Smitty should bust Berger down a couple of pay grades and send him to correctional custody for all the trouble he caused, so Berger can get his mind right.

David T

Austin’s clone hit the ground running and didn’t miss a beat, right DF?



Pat N

The first time detainee/spook was questioned, he said Austin put a $10M bounty on Gen. Berger’s head. In today’s post, it says he said $2M. Sounds like he does not know anything but lies, or could be wrong info passed to MB, or a simple typo.
What say you, MB?


It’s hard to remember details like this when you’re just making a story up as you go

Jim Joans

There were 5 of them, 4 dead?

Sandy Koufax

No doubt Berger sang like a canary.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sandy Koufax
David T

You wouldn’t know shit from a poor grade of peanut butter.


These SHILLS & TROLLS down check us


TROLL #116

Victoria Flood

In my opinion:
1) The white hats planned this and lured the deep state into a trap.
2) The WHs created a general Berger clone for this mission.
3) General Berger was elsewhere while this spy vs. Spy operation was going on.
4) Davos was happening at the time and the globalists we’re all together in Switzerland making their evil plans and deals.
5) While their attention was focused on themselves, the WHs conducted a secret operation to attack the CIA.
6) The globalist’s headquarters in Switzerland is deep underneath Lake Geneva.
7) The WH special forces Marines are the ones who breach underground tunnels and DUMBS to destroy them

Isn’t it possible that General Burger was commanding a secret operation to take out the head of the snake, CIA headquarters in Geneva?

Sharon Janice Manning

You’d be a great spy story writer. I like your hypothesis. Who knows?

David Hoffer

no wonder your kids think you’re insane

John Grae

It looks like Austin and Burns both have a noose with their names on them. Bring it on.


Thanks Michael for keeping us updated and tell (them) thank you for everything…if this happened, which I believe it did, every WH are definitely having an internal cyclone 🌀 fixin’ to disrupt and destroy treason at the root of it all…something mighty is brewing, bidding its time, waiting for that right moment to strike, precise exact moment, then…


For those who have been deceived: Patton was murdered because he knew.Research.

David Hoffer

he knew research? wow!


Shit head dumb twit shill–do more research



David Hoffer



Austin is dishonorable and traitorous. I never liked he, Milley or Pompeo. They all need arrested hauled to Gitmo and executed.

David T

I think Mattis is DS also. As opposed to all the troll turds on here who are DF’s.

Judy Kennedy

Thank God he’s on the mend and wasn’t killed.
It puzzles me though, how and why he left the base unaccompanied by Military Security. If there is anyone who should know the dangers out there, it should be the top brass. It’s unfavourable to me how this could have happened.


simple, he said ‘sloppy’ he took a sloppy chance


May GOD speed his recovery an may Austin receive the same punishment before he hangs .


Then Austin can cool and soothe his wounds in nice cold water — in the krait tank.

Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

The being on Earth that is closest to being an actual Superman , is The Master of Masters . I still hope & pray that White Hat Forces have the new Master ( I am sure the ancient one , whom knocked me out , is already passed due to age ) is working right along The Generals & Commander In Chief Trump ! I am sure that he can accomplish what a battalion ordinarily would be asked to do . If Marines & SOF do not have him available than I can only ASSume that he is working for the company. /// In any case , please heal quickly General Berger & kick some ……. for me ! If you have The Master alongside ; I will expect things to proceed much quicker …………. God Bless All That Are Engaged In This Pursuit of Justice ! Remember to feed the fish ……….. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

Lady Hermann

With all due respect General Berger, “THIS was never a game.” You also, have to wake up and understand this is war. May you heal quickly, we NEED you.


Our children are waiting. And waiting.

Doc Holiday

White hats need to make Austin and all involved sorry they were ever born !!


Don’t make them sorry they were ever born, they didn’t ask to be born; make them sorry they turned so depraved. Depravity is a choice just as much as righteousness is a choice. They have free will and they will reap the fruits of that will.

Last edited 1 year ago by Xena
Vikki Arcila

Yesssssssssssss General Berger should have been more cautious…….that was my very first thought, why was he alone, knowing he was in charge at Gitmo, and that Austin threatened all white hats. My radar was at high alert. I’m not trained………just an old lady who was a mom.

johnny galt

The method of execution for these Cabalists, including sub-human Austin, should be purification by flame-thrower. The gallows are really too humane for them.


Cabalists not quite correct… learn –they’re KHAZARIANS … I know it’s heavy complicated research


Thanks Michael. I wanted to share a bit of info that I read on Telegram (I believe). Some guy commented about his brother or his BIL has been stationed at Gitmo. His claim was that it’s being used as an ICE detention center. He gave some website that was a dot gov, it looked like an information clearing house, unfortunately I wasn’t able to navigate through it. operator malfunction.


Could they be collecting the many criminals that are satanic child traffickers and fentanyl mules from the mexican border?


They might be. if so, those criminals will face justice for life!


Speedy recovery Sir! Thank you God for our military!

Brenda Johnson

The people who did this to General Burger are not human, they are animals and need to be destoried. I am praying for his full recovery.


Bring hell to them General Smith!


Thank you Michael!! Now we know what interventions are needed … daily prayer!


Thanks Michael
Buy still very upsetting to read how much pain this not so young guy took. Praying for good quick healing

Mary Parry

Why was Gen Berger not able to be healed by the Med Bed?

David Hoffer

because he had hooters in his face


Are you an adolescent? I peg you for about 12 or 13. That is the age group your comments reflect. You are here to bring down the vibe and ruin the only place we can get even a crumb of truth. Fuck off David Hoffer

American Living in Canada

This is why the EBS/EAS or something very similar has to happen, Goofs like this.


Yeah, the EBS has to happen. It has to come first and then everyone will see that we have to get on with the business of saving our children and fixing our countries….and shutting up the dummies.

David Hoffer

and yet…nothing has happened. but the white hats have control and can turn it on at anytime!!!


And waking up the normies, they will need e BIIIIGGGG cup of java.

David Hoffer

the white hats have the ebs station. they could turn it on anytime soon

David Hoffer

why do you want to peg me? quit being gay


Maybe that info is not meant for us to know jusy yet.


Pardon me but his first name is not “Lucid.”
“When Smith told a weary but Lucid Berger about the surviving spook’s assertions…”


ignorant ! Berger while in terrible pain had a mind that was still lucid.


You will see ATM machines not sputtering out fiat. Your bank account will freeze. The grocery stores will only accept dollars. For get those chips. In the mean time have rice/beans and and diabetics please take stock of your metformin/ insulin.

David Hoffer

this will definitely happen soon!


It’s happening now.

David Hoffer

is it?

David Hoffer

an FBI agent taking money from the Russian oligarch who was paying Manafort seems pretty sus


Do you believe everything you read?

David Hoffer

i do


Then you very well might be one of the unfortunates

David Hoffer

i believe you’re an idiot, so you have that going for you which is nice

Son of Ethan Allen

Who’s next?