White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain Arrested


White Hats on Saturday arrested White House chief of Staff Ron Klain shortly after he announced he’d be leaving the illegitimate administration in a few weeks for personal reasons, a source in Gen. Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

Klain, a high-value target, had worked under globalists Al Gore and Barack Hussein Obama before joining the Biden campaign in late 2019. Throughout 2020, he worked as a senior advisor to Biden’s presidential campaign and was given the chief of staff position after Biden had successfully stolen the 2020 election.

White Hats assert that Klain was a crucial player in masterminding the 2020 steal. They say Klain in early 2020 told Biden he had a foolproof plan to defeat President Trump even if Trump captured many electoral votes early on election night. Klain was a member of an advisory group that put forth the ideas of rigging voting machines and hiring “mules” to perform last-minute ballot dumps, our source said.

“If you’re winning, great. If you’re losing, we’ll make you win. Either way, you win, and Trump loses,” Klain reportedly said in a June 2020 text message to Biden.

Klain helped Biden seal the steal. Without Klain’s input, Trump would’ve crushed Biden just as he had battered the witch Hillary Clinton in 2016, our source added, saying, too, that although White Hats had been surveilling Klain, they opted to wait until he was alone and isolated before making an arrest.

His announced impetus for stepping down—personal reasons—was a smokescreen; Klain discovered White Hats were on his tail and, fearing for his life, prepared to flee the United States immediately. White Hats believe Klain was tipped off because he was holding a one-way ticket to Warsaw, Poland, when U.S. Special Forces disguised as Maryland State Police stopped Klain’s vehicle near his home in Chevy Chase, Maryland, a Deep State enclave.

When Klain demanded why he’d been pulled over, asking, “Do you know who I am?” the Special Forces lead replied, “I sure do,” and yanked him from the car. The airline ticket in his breast pocket had a departure date for the following day.

“We’re pretty sure Klain would’ve flown to Warsaw and headed to Ukraine for safety. That’s where many Deep Staters go these days, especially if they figure out they are targets of a military arrest. This guy was a major player, and we got him. We have a ton of evidence to use against him at a military tribunal,” our source said.

In closing, he said it was Klain’s ingenious idea to use Tyler Perry Studios White House facsimile after the U.S. military denied Biden entry to the actual White House in January 2021.

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How is it that no journalist has exposed the fact that they aren’t reporting from the white house? There must be at least one honest one there??


No one at Fox?

Charlotte Cain

I pray our military finds the spider hole all of these monsters are hiding in Ukraine and spray it.

David T

Nate Trela, of USA Today, writes around 2 PM Eastern time today Jan 31 2023, “FACT CHECK: Ron Klainn continues serving as chief of staff” and goes on to make fun of RRN. The real humor is if you do a DDG search for “Biden’s new chief of staff” that you’ll see Nate’s “article” and you’ll see a bunch of other headlines from today and even a few days back announcing Jeff Zients as Biden’s new chief of staff. Hey Nate, pull your head out. The other outlets seem to have a clue while you’re too busy trolling on RRN.


Military Arrests Covid-19 Coordinator Jeff Zients & Biden WH claims he was hired as the chief of staff.
I was under the impression that this man jeff Zients was found in his cell dead
now they have Rob Klain and he is now a guest @ the GITMO hotel


So they actually caught Joe Biden’s testicle washer … ron klain Soon to be a guest @ GITMO ( free orange jumpsuit / free last meal request / free rides on the Rope Swing of Death
They were saying they hired Another testicle washer but, How is that possible when that new hire Is currently a GITMO hotel guest

Debate Judge

Warp Speed Was a Total Lie.
Bitchute dot com
Channel: Wil Paranormal


Confusion with in. Berger white or Grey? Who will tell us the truth? Remember Patton was was murdered because he knew the truth. The real one.

Debate Judge

See, the White Hats, according to this “satire”, know the election affidavits were true, Sydney Powell, Giuliani, Mike Lindell, and D’Souza had correct conclusions.

But leave Biden-Harris on the stage of the U.S. Presidency. I’d rather clean the swamp this way rather than deal with the red tape of a captured Congress and a captured Justice Department.

The military industrial complex and the media does not facilitate public justice, so we will do it this way.

Same thing with foreign relations. The swamp extends to John McCain’s legacy in Ukraine? Now we’ve seen labs and adrenochrome in Ukraine. Clean that up too.

We are just now seeing that. Good thing the war lasted this long for Russia to expose this, too!

Daryll Collins

I doubt he’s still sporting that shit eating grin @ Gitmo.


You can always tell when one of Michael’s articles rattles the Deep State: the shills try to disrupt the comment section so new readers will think he’s nuts.

Rob William

Whereas MB is super wise and knowledgeable, always telling the truth. Check his other website full of truth: twistedtruth . net

David T

And as if on cue, troll-turd Bob Billy pipes up trying to disrupt the comment section above.

Just Me

I’m happy to hear this corrupted treasonous pig got arrested, he is mainly responsible for the shape that this country is in. Hang his fat Ass.


Anyone seen the new Tom Hanks movie “A Man Called Otto”? maybe it was filmed @ GITMO?


He’s alive and well making movies. He was never arrested and hung. If he was hung please show us picture of it as proof. This site can’t show you that picture because it never happened just like the rest of.the stuff reported on this site.


Interesting to see the connection to Ukraine as a safe haven for DS hacks!


Mr. Baxter do you know when this picture might have been taken. The sign in this photo under Biden says VP. I’m assuming this is a stock pic from years ago if not interesting mistake or not.


Michael uses all stock pictures because that is what is available to him.

Lorenz Manner

Traitor. His end will be the same as we already know, the NOOSE. Let him swing for a while and take the consequences. No mercy for this kind of bastards.


Warning, we have at least 115 Disinformation agents commenting — do not engage them. Paid Shills, Low Life Trolls and Bots. I keep the list incase it makes it easier for MB. These twits will neg down tick the many good commenters.


Thanks. Zee.

trust nothing

You are obsessed with this. It is quite obvious if you don’t agree with MB and his “stories”, you comment won’t be posted. What you have here is a military psyop that keeps this site running so real patriots stay calm and don’t take matters into their own hands as the constitution states.

Rob William

It’s a big dose of hopium.

Charles Smith

Question who is the man Bill Gates that’s at the WEF. One I thought he was executed in 1994. His double last year or in 2021. A clone perhaps. Need to get him. I ain’t eating bugs for dinner. And I’m not doing alot of other things these crooks want. Plus no jab for me. (JAB, Joined All Bullsh!t)


I think had to be mindlessly stupid ‘cos WEF members seemed to be all clones/ doubles.
Have they all been quietly arrested?
‘Cos stated Nov 14, 2021 Klaus Schwab was arrested … He was apparently arrested Friday on “numerous counts of fraud”. Reports don’t say much but may have something to do with pandemic to kill 90% of the world’s population


Klaus is at the WEF in Davos, Switzerland, either him or his body double is there, if the arrest report is true.


Klaus is dead.We are all seeing holograms. So is Soros and Elon.They are gone. Do not let yourself be deceived. Even the first Putin is kaput. It’s the control which we all have been deceived by. BUT NOLONGER fellow Earthlings


Kazarian Mafia enemy of the people


This movie just keeps on getting more interesting.


Biden who?

rene labre

well today in the rose garden,and on the live film nothing.crickets.

rene labre

honestly i need a break,since DJT left the white house has been off limits to anyone other than military.construction people,ect. in truth it is in horrible disrepair. I see the alt media media going along with it,I am going to dump you.That thing in Georgia is a movie set.A prop. Not a functional living space. A sound stage. A Washington guy has a third floor apt and is filming it live 24/7.

David Hoffer

touch grass

Stinky Perfume

Pic of Klain and Biden is what year? 2009, 2010…? Are there young one’s the plan ahead deep state has out there now in the wings, or is it mostly rhinos taken out? I’m hearing they are hybrid-reptilians with demons possessing them all. If demons can possess then so can angels.

What stops the institutions from stabbing, swabbing and people wearing masks. This is ongoing daily as of 2/22/23. Employees of institutions, are harassing patients, inmates, and visitors, etc….to comply with swabs and stabs.

David Hoffer

“This is ongoing daily as of 2/22/23”

dude’s a time traveler

Bill Kaulfield

Demon possessed hybrid reptilians.

Yes, that makes sense. 🙄

Rob William

I want to meet one.

John .S

No you don’t, they’re dangerous I know first hand, I married one.

My wife shapeshifts turning into a demon possessed three headed hydra when I come home after being out with my gumad.

The lingering essence of gumad’s perfume and lipstick on my shirt collar triggers transformation.

Wife’s neck becomes swollen, head starts vibrating, body completely trembles, then alakazam reptile appears, OMG.

Again, don’t want to meet one, none the less, inadvertently marry one, they’re extremely dangerous.


you want to meet one? You are repto anyway. Why ,Why, Why? Bless your snake soul. Keep slithering out. Remember I see you and Bill.


Oh, this is great good news; thank you Michael. Any word yet of General Berger’s condition?

David Hoffer

he’s at hooters

joe blow

Ease him down on the rope.


Go I am glad we got the stealer of elections.


By the way if you need proof get the movie 2000 mules and while they thought they voted they were not careful with the ballots and you will see a ballot go under the box and they did not notice it.

David Hoffer

still crying about the election? you’re worse than a hillary voter


This is proof, i believe, that an eventual arrest of Fake BYEDON is inevitable. I just hope it is sooner rather than later.


Thank you, Michael. It sounds like we’re getting closer to the bullseye. 🙏❤️🇺🇲


Praise God. Snakes , evil Snakes. So thankful these people will be dealt with!

April Moore

Hm. Panic in DC? This could set it off – if it hasn’t already!


Such a guy!


I wondered who chose the venue.

Natasha Vidan

I pray that the WH;s get a lot of info from Ronny…give his truth serum or whatever it is to force him to sing away..
Congratulations W.H.s. great work..


Truth Drugs

Lone Ranger



Bravo, White Hats. Well done. Thank you, Michael.

Charles Smith

Great news, I can’t wait till they get the guy playing Bill Gates, saw a video on Rumble where he plans to inject meat with the covid vaccines. Go to Rumble.com for that News. 😠


Per JAG and RRN, Bill Gates is gone. See the RRN story ‘Bill Gates Hanged at GITMO Ahead of Schedule’ for details. Since then, the DS has used masked stand-ins, Computer Generated Images, and clones. Search ‘clones’ on RRN to see several stories on this topic. I believe these stories are true/plausible including the stories/testimony of cloning from truther Donald Marshall I heard about online long ago. The DS is using these 3 methods plus pre-recorded/archive footage to convince ‘the masses’ through the Main Stream Media that their DS assets are still alive. It was proven by online truthers (long ago) in the past that the DS was using the fourth method to convince people via their controlled MSM that SCJ Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Anthony Fauci were(/are) still alive.




No person will save us. We the people stand for our sovereignty as GOD is within us all…each and every living soul on this planet .For those who are forlorn your time has come.


wndnewscenter dot org slash watch-did-jen-psaki-just-admit-she-works-for-president-obama slash


Way to go White Hats!!! Keep ’em coming. I’ll look forward to his trail.


HANG. They will ALL be evaporated from pure evil.The 3D frequencies no longer exist (separation and hatred…opposite of love do not serve us any longer.) Shake in your pants for those who do not and never have loved it’s YOUR TIME. Watch your fiat accounts.

Bill Kaulfield

Yes, the 3D frequencies. Very important.


Last edited 1 year ago by Bill Kaulfield

So quick Bill. I am not deceived.


I know who you are and what you represent, Tell me more about your journey.

Bill Kaulfield

Please, do tell. I want to hear more.

Rob William

What are 3D frequencies? Does it means 3D vector function where each component repeats with a different frequency w.r.t. a scalar parameter?


You know exactly how the dimensional shift happens


5D much more important. That’s when the evil can’t talk and will no longer exist. Sorry Bill

David Hoffer

6D is even better


YOU’RE SHILL 3d…sorry you’ll never make it–you’ll and other sould selling shills will not be able to sustain the higher joice… Bi Bi Good riddence to khazarian boot lickers.

Last edited 1 year ago by zee
Bill Kaulfield


Learn to spell.


—You and other soul selling SHILLS will not be able to sustain the higher juice of 5D—
You’ll be recycled to somewhere else.

Rob William

Can you be a root of polynomial with rational coefficients?

Rob William

You are shill times infinity.

Bill Kaulfield


You think your integer dimensions can contain me? I am pi dimensional! I am the square root of two!



Dumb ass SHILL hasn’t a clue — that he’s ripe for recycle


No clue that recycling is real.


I am the GOD with in this vessel. Perhaps somewhere some how you will find peace.I pray and meditate for the lost souls to see the light and not agonize with their demise. Our Creator does not work with pi square roots.


expose-news dot com slash 2022 slash 04 slash 30 slash obama-is-the-real-president-of-usa slash


He was only a puppet– handled and paid for by Soros who also paid Killary Clinton


oh, hell yes, I would like to see the military come into congress and start calling out names that need to go and the ones that has been booted, now that would be a joyful day for all Americans. I am happy that Klain was arrested before he got to the plane, and what about his family?

Tom henry

Who cares, they are no difference from what he did…remember sicario movies it’s time to meet god!?

Jerry Miller

Hang em high- after you seize all his eartly wealth and his friends-

Lady Hermann

Lord, I hope you know where all the #Deepstate are hiding in Ukraine….


Look at countries helping Ukraine


Exactly in the nature of the lawless regime’s response that I said was going to happen in my first comment concerning them still being in power and continuing in their victory and destruction against the USA just occurred in that a double or clone or CGI Zients was slid into position where Klain was situated and I got at least one negative thumbs down already.People don’t like what I say but I’m telling you the truth that you can’t defeat these people without a combination of massive moves that can’t avoid being public.In the Second World War, THERE HAD TO BE A NORMANDY INVASION TO WIN THE EUROPEAN THEATER AS WELL AS AN ATOMIC BOMB IN THE PACIFIC THEATRE(MASSIVE MOVES AGAINST THESE LOCUSTS HAVE TO BE MADE SIMULTANEOUSLY IS WHAT I’M SAYING).You can’t beat these people with a clandestine surgical war.

Last edited 1 year ago by Alex379
Rob William

Wow, what a senseless rant!


More great news! Excellent work men and thank you.


Funny, how the first thing all these DS’s say is: “Do you know who I am?” Like they wield this power over everyone!

Sue Ann

LOL!!! Yes, I love hearing the details and conversations when these Deep Staters get caught!


Yes, like Cheney did. Sorry, loser!!


Praise God, this was an excellent catch!
Heavenly Father assist special 🙏 military forces always to cath these rats.


First off, it needs to be stated that anyone who believes that biden is Biden is by definition a normie. The former VP was 86d for Treason in early ‘18 after the Storm commenced. It follows that anyone in proximity the Biden actor is also on the same payroll, and is also playing a role in the charade. Same goes for the white hats who arrested Klain. Hopefully this nonsense wraps up soon.

Rob William

So MB is a normie?


How 3 dimensional are you? Just curious.

David Hoffer

mike is at least BK dimensions. beeeeee kay, have it your way!

Cindy W.

‪According to the irrepressible CNN, the Washington Compost and others reporting today, “Jeff Zients to replace Ron Klain as White House chief of staff” … apparently now they can bring these evil doers back from the dead. NOT.‬ And the plot thickens.

Cindy W.

See RRN’s report of December 21, 2022 for the details of Zients death in custody.

David Hoffer

and yet….here he is