Marines Rescue General Berger from CIA Captors


United States Marines on Friday rescued General David H. Berger from a Central Intelligence Agency “safehouse” in northeast California, sources in Gen. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

As reported previously, Gen. Berger went missing on January 6 after leaving Camp Pendleton at 6:30 p.m. His disappearance alarmed White Hats because Gen. Berger characteristically informed persons in the White Hat chain-of-command if he planned to embark on extended sabbaticals. After 36 hours had elapsed without hearing from him, Marines systematically searched the Camp Pendleton area and nearby towns and wooded terrain for signs of him or his vehicle. Their efforts, though, proved futile. Camp Pendleton staff monitored law enforcement frequencies for any mention of a decorated Marine Corps officer crashing his car or showing up at local hospitals. Meanwhile, U.S. Army Cyber Command and Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command scrutinized Deep State chatter in hopes of gleaning some insight into the general’s whereabouts, in case he had been abducted, but their efforts were in vain.

They caught a break late in evening on Friday, Jan. 13.

According to our source, an ex-CIA spook contacted Gen. Smith’s office with a disturbing message: Gen. Berger had been abducted and was being held prisoner at a CIA safehouse near Cedarville, California, about 600 miles from Camp Pendleton and 10 miles from the Nevada border. The agent, our source said, gave a skeptical Gen. Smith a layout of the safehouse and details on its security measures—it wasn’t the monolithic, windowless, brick and mortar structures often depicted in movies, but rather a humble and somewhat dilapidated farmhouse on 10 acres of windswept land.

The agent said the farmhouse had shatterproof windows, a keypad entry system, and between 4-6 CIA operatives on premises. He claimed he did not know the entry code.

“When Gen. Smith asked him why he wanted to help, the guy said a few people at the agency were trying to do the right thing. He couldn’t or wouldn’t give info on how and where the kidnapping happened, but he insisted General Berger was there and still alive, but maybe not for long. He said General Berger could be moved or eliminated,” our source said.

Though suspicious of traps, General Smith at once dispatched a Recon platoon to get eyes on the farmhouse. As time was of the essence, the Marines were flown aboard a V-22 Osprey to a desert clearing a few kilometers southeast of the farmhouse. They then travelled on foot, stopping once close enough to surveil the target without getting spotted themselves.

A single sentry dressed in black tactical gear walked the perimeter.

He was lighting a cigarette when a Marine ambushed him and held the blade of a K-bar against the sentry’s throat, our source said. When threatened, the cowardly sentry input the door code, giving Marines access to the interior.

“They gagged him, told him to take them to the general,” our source said.

The captive sentry first led them to a kitchen where two men in dark suits were sitting at a table and drinking coffee. Marines shot them dead using silenced sidearms. Two spooks napping on sofas met a similar fate.

They found a semi-conscious Gen. Berger in an upstairs bedroom. His left eye was black and blue, swollen shut, and lacerations covered his face. Someone had immobilized him by fastening him to the bed with ratchet straps. He tried to speak, but his words came out slow and odd, as if drugged.

The strongest Marine lifted Gen. Berger using a Fireman’s Carry and humped the 2km with the general slung across his shoulders. The surviving CIA agent was taken into custody as a prisoner of war.

General Berger, our source said, has been transported to a secure location for wound treatment.

“He was beaten, tortured, and drugged, and is recovering,” he said.

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Praying for a complete recovery! So glad they found him in time!

Dave Smith

I’m glad they have Rescued the General. Now too go get the traders that order this … and get that Trader Illinois Governor Pigster. A lot of county sheriff’s are not going too enforce his ban of weapons on the good people of Illinois. It’s time for that fat bastard too go too Gitmo in my opinion. God bless us all Amen.

Natasha Vidan

Thank God General Berger has been rescued and now is recovering. I just hate the thought of any of the good guys being hurt or suffering. Of course God desires that no human should perish but the dp are so evil and I pray that if God sees any hope of them receiving Salvation that it would happen..The rest of the evil doers will have to tough it out in hell for an eternity.


Anyone else find it strange and sorta funny that when articles like this are released, the DDOS attacks on the site become more apparent…? Makes you say hmmmm.

Paula Whiting

Praise God!

Kelly Brown

I hope this is true.


I’ve followed Q since it first came out. I’m now 100% convinced all this is BS. From elections safeguarded, tunnel kids, arrests, dead celebrities, nesara, JFK Jr, Kracken, Durham, boom days, boom weeks, etc, etc, etc. If someone here can post even 1 bit of actual, credible evidence that any of this stuff is true, I’ll completely reconsider my beliefs. Actual evidence. Not some kook on a podcast, not some obscure website.

David Hoffer

yeah it’s all garbage psyop shit


Nobody even cares what you believe or think…so GTFOH
Find some where else to complain.
.you might as well just join the CABAL.
Do your own research !
And find your own sources too !
Troll. 😕


So, as expected, you can’t provide even one little shred of proof. lol.


C’mon people. Do you not see the satire in all this? This is some made-for-tv type sh!t that didn’t really happened. I pray most of you use discernment and see through this filth.

David Hoffer

no! this is real!!!!!




Canada airspace, Philippines to. Satire site like this is hilarious reading you sheeples comments 🤣 😂. Very entertaining, believing 🤣 this BS 🤣 😄.


How is General Berger doing?

Robert James

Once they cleared the area, why not have the V22 pick them up? Not to be a Monday morning quarterback.

How about the hundreds of traitors in Congress? Even the shill imposter President?


Isn’t funny under this president government agencies are corrupt with the shot and other examples.

David Hoffer

and other examples

Bruce McCluskey

Shows the incompetence of the captor’s. He was left alive. In war you kill your enemies and let the good lord almighty sort them out.


It’s true, our enemies are stupid. Probably the dumbest people to ever exist.

David Hoffer

looking at the rrn donation list…yeah

Bill Kaulfield

Yes, the story does show signs of incompetence.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bill Kaulfield

You are an IDIOT, and have no standing here on RRN.

Nancy Thompson

Thank you Lord Jesus for answered prayers! I will continue to pray for the General’s and his family’s safety.

Charlotte Cain

Will you continue to give us updates on Gen Berger? Let us know how he is doing? Praying for him.

David Hoffer


David T


David Hoffer



You are a DF…..david T is correct about you..TROLL

John .S

Suspect Hahn’s departure postponed, federal holiday.

David T

I’m guessing they went ahead and had their little necktie ceremony for him yesterday. Justice and the delivery of justice, does not recognize holidays!


I don’t recognize that day either,.
Just hang his sorry self and be done with it !


I bet he went out like Adam Schiff. “like a bitch”


I think that he whined like a pussey….


I hope the Vril worm did not make its way into his eye and attach itself. That would make him compromised. Black eye is usually a sign of this unless he was punched etc physically

Last edited 1 year ago by Maxwell
Smokey Stover

So you think that’s a real thing?

Michael R Davis

Story seems preposterous doesn’t it? The original story reporting him missing was preposterous enough on its own. If both stories are true, not deliberate wartime disinformation, then General Berger is compromised, needs to be put out to pasture, retired, unfit to command, the white hats needing to reevaluate their security measures protecting their own high level targets. Are these stories true?

If yes, the CIA has very powerful mind altering drugs and torture methods, so now Berger would be a danger to the white hats. However, it seems these are wartime disinformation, Michael Baxter given the stories the white hats wanted him to run with. For the past 5 years, the white hats and military operation have showed great competence in their war with the Globalist Deep-State, and it seems quite unbelieveable that they have now lost that competence. So what did this op during the massive January 11th ground stop nationwide, with 52 refueling tankers, hundreds of fighters in the air, intend to accomplish?

Truth is always hidden by governments from the people they intend to enslave, often hidden from the people during wartime. The ‘conspiracy theories’ (CIA term) over just the last 100 years are all the proof we need, proving true over time. We were called the nutcases, but we held firm until proven. FAKE News with their lies will never help us.

Mark Heisler

Y’all better check he could be a clone now spying for them

April Moore

I’m so thankful he’s safe – but I am also pissed that he’s suffered a rough up. I do not take this indignity lightly – and I’m certain our finest doesn’t either…

Dave Kelly

Whats so fascinating about this adventure , Gen. Berger leaves the Marine Base on Jan, 6th ,2023 at 6:30 pm or 1830 hrs, and the General is recovered on FRIDAY, Jan. 13th ,2023. with a black and blue left eye. This is really something , so much symbolism going on here. Whats to make of all this symbolism ?

David Hoffer

tits. that’s the symbolism. dude just wanted to drink some beer and see some tits

Dave Kelly

NO pussy, that’s what makes this whole adventure so UNBELIEVABLE. Unless of course he was looking for DICK! No those symbols do not equate to tities, pussy or DICK. …….SOMETHING ELSE.


Thats good to hear the great man is a live , hope he hasnt been injured to much and can get his revenge on these evil bastards .


I was right !

Trump is a clone and he was probably already arrested by those from Guantanamo, when her came to see Pelosi hanging on the rope. That would have been normal.

I hope that Pelosi is still alive and gives statements about her accomplices and bosses.
That’s how it should have happened. After she was declared dead, no one wanted to save her so that she wouldn’t talk about the others. She can spend a few more months in the investigation and then, being officially already dead, she can be hanged.

“Joe Biden” will be replaced as US President by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Pentagon and MI6 sources say.

What we do know is that the entire Hitler/Rockefeller branch of the ruling class has lost power. This means that the descendants of Adolph Hitler and John Rockefeller I, including Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, David Rockefeller Jr., etc., will be stripped of all power and titles, MI6 sources say.

To confirm if this is true, we need to see the public removal of the Rockefeller Avatar, “President Joe Biden”, along with the fake Pope Francis wearing a rubber mask.
The Supreme Court rejected the Brunson case to overturn the 2020 election because it would have installed Donald Trump as president. The reason is that Donald Trump, who has been in public since January 2020, is a vaccine-promoting fake… This means that if the Supreme Court had reinstated Trump, then the Rockefeller-ordered Joe Biden avatar , was allegedly replaced by to Trump avatar who took orders from the Rothschilds.

So, some serious horse-trading took place in the 15 rounds of votes needed for Kevin McCarthy to be Speaker of the House. McCarthy was forced, among other things, to promise to hold hearings on how the FBI had been turned into a malign force suppressing American patriots.

The latest information we have is that Joe Biden will be ousted along with Kamala Harris, second in line for the presidency. This would make McCarthy president, but only as an interim figure who would oversee new and real elections…”

Lorenz Manner

What a nonsensical thinking 🤔

Bill Kaulfield

Welcome to RRN!


You are NOT welcome

Smokey Stover

Copy and paste from patriotsDOTwin


Here’s another one. The general is a mole and needed to get the heat off. So they stage an abduction and rough him up a bit to make it look legit 🤔. Then leak the location. Remember that the little man (the guards 💂‍♀️) are expendable. Military intelligence (if there is such a thing) would consider this possibility.


God Bless the Marines and all who have fought so valiantly for our republic and you too Michael for what you do in keeping so many patriots informed! You are America’s Quiet Heros!

Strike 17

Did Hahn get the ax yesterday

Strike 17

Or should say yesterday

Strike 17

Did Hass get the ax today?

Tracy Reinert

Truly grateful he has been safely rescued. Be careful now. Add security detail.


Ya know, with the announcement of stuff being essentially run from Mar A Lago by Speaker of the House, and the implication that has doing so on behalf of Trump, I think the troll-tards can put their tard shit to bed.

Smokey Stover

Donnie spends most of his time playing golf. Seven days a week. Ask the locals about his motorcade heading out to his course which is, fittingly, right next to the Palm Beach County jail. He also eats lunch and hangs around the Mar-A-Lago restaurant so people can clap at him.

Marta Martinez

Blessed be the Name of All Mighty God.
Thank God he has been rescue. I pray that he will be fine toguether with his family.


Thank God!

On my way to Vegas this past Friday _ mid day around noon

When I actually saw > 2 F16 fighters … flying low (Recon) 

Crossed the freeway right in front of me … I even said out loud “I sure hope they’re on their way to get General Berger”

David Hoffer

and everyone around you stood up and clapped


May the LORD Jesus Christ bring swift healing.

Son of Ethan Allen

Jeremiah 51:46 and after that in another year shall come a rumour, and violence in the land, ruler against ruler.”

Lady Hermann

May General Berger work WITH General Smith and they will be a force to fear.


If this is true I sure would not publish it. It makes the white hats and the good general look like fools. The boot lickers that slober all over the general would not know a competent military man if they tripped over one.

Sandy Koufax

Berger was retired on active duty, ROAD, and then went AWOL. He probably sang like a canary.


BITE your TROLL Tongue OFF… Lying Bitch !

Sandy Koufax

Berger ordered the abduction of numerous degenerate figure heads which had no discernable impact on the manner the US Government operates.

Mr Bill

From the comments we are getting now, it’s evident that the scumbags are getting more and more desperate to establish doubt in the minds of patriots!

Sandy Koufax

Berger abducted numerous degenerate figure heads which had no discernable impact on the manner the US Government operates.


Men are so impressive. Could you imagine being able to carry a grown man across your shoulders for 2 kilometers? Im a woman I could never imagine being able to do that. We western women are the luckiest of the lucky.


It’s a nonsense fake story soooooo.


Not only he was 10 miles from the Nevada border, but he was 3 hours ways from the Oregon border. So basically the CIA ambushed and kidnapped the General, flew him upstate California, beat him and drugged him for what? Thats the question that needs a good answer! Hey Mike. Ask your contact why they did that to General Berger? Cause this Navy Veteran needs some answers. If they can get a hold of General Berger and do what they did to him, its only a matter of time with the rest of us soldiers. I refused to go down like that!

Mr Bill

I’m sure our people took blood samples to find out exactly what drug he was drugged with, and go from there.


No such thing as ex-spook. Once a spook always a spook. Like, once a Marine always a Marine. The good general has learned his lesson hopefully and won’t venture out with proper protection in future. I wonder how much info they got out of him with their truth serum. I’d worry about that.


I bet it was because Berger called out FEMA taking advantage of their own geoengineered national disasters to cull the herd and fleece American citizens of their valuables.


And, of course, a speedy recovery to Gen. Berger, the country needs him and his kind. Thank God the guy called….thank you sir for bravery!!! I bet the W.H.s are all so pissed and I bet that this will put a fire under everyone to get these bastards caught quicker

Jonathan Ray Carmona

Incredible; both that he was “allowed” to be taken like this and that he was found no thanks to an American patriot within the agency.

I trust the White Hats will take better care of all the rest of their personnel from now on. I am somewhat surprised that some high tech was not already in operation/in place to keep a protective eye on General Berger.

Guess he’s earner himself a Purple Heart now… if he didn’t already have one.


I thought the CIA was not suppose to work inside USA borders, only forgein contries….oh my how things have things changed and it is all for for the worst….all upside down!! AND IT MUST STOP!!!


Once they killed JFK, they started working indoors.


So grateful for the update. It is such a shame that such a remarkable patriot had to go through such an ordeal. Thanks to those dedicated military who put their lives on the line to rescue General Berger. We owe much to those individuals that are doing all in their power to illuminate the evil around us. Thanks Michael for all of your reporting.

David Hoffer

the ordeal of going to hooters? smh


What happened to the F.D.A. head man.. Today was his day.

Debate Judge

I look forward to the report explaining why he left by himself without protection.



David Hoffer

hooters bait

Elisa Orozco


Rondelle Cagwin

Did General Berger get that black eye by getting Virilled?

Last edited 1 year ago by Rondelle Cagwin
David Hoffer

a tit hit him in the eye at hooters

Smokey Stover

Vril is a made-up term for controlled energy found in an 1871 science fiction novel written by an Englishman. It’s not real, despite what you see on YouTube