NEC Director Brian Deese Hanged at GITMO


The illegitimate administration’s director of the National Economic Council, Brian Deese, was hanged Wednesday afternoon after a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay convicted him of treason for sabotaging the nation’s food supply.

As reported earlier this month, U.S. Marines on Jan 5 arrested Deese following a 3-month probe that showed he had intentionally manufactured a food crisis that inflated the cost of poultry and eggs. A sworn statement of probable cause alleged Deese instructed the Food Safety & Inspection Service (FSIS), which oversees the poultry industry, to kill tens of millions of hens under the pretext of curbing avian influenza.

On Wednesday, a handcuffed Deese, wearing an orange jumpsuit, invoked his 5th Amendment Right to remain silent after reiterating his innocence and telling Vice Adm. Crandall that history would vindicate “any actions I may or may not have taken to preserve the sanctity of the United States of America.” His pomposity and smugness did not impress the admiral.

“Think what you wish,” Vice Adm. Crandall said. “Here, you are an enemy combatant.”

He called the prosecution’s first and only witness, Paul Kiecker, deputy administrator of the FSIS. Kiecker appeared over a Zoom call and was wearing a white jumpsuit while sitting in what looked like a Camp Delta detention cell—an armed Marine lurked behind him. It’s unclear why he was not physically in court.

Kiecker testified that he and Deese conspired to artificially inflate egg prices to the point where grocery shoppers would either pay unreasonable prices or go without.

“Eggs are a staple. We knew that people would still buy, regardless the cost. And knew that would worsen a shortage. And that shortage would drive prices higher still. Don’t think it’s just about eggs and poultry—there’s an ongoing administration effort to deprive people of food and create Venezuela-like inflation right here,” Kiecker said.

“Let’s focus on what’s in your wheelhouse,” Vice Adm. Crandall said. “So, did you approach Deese, or was it the other way around?”

Kiecker blamed Deese; he said Deese had already devised a plan when he approached him in early 2022.

“He needed FSIS for it to work. The gist of it is, we, meaning FSIS, went to some of the largest egg-laying farms for routine inspections. We told owners we’d found evidence of avian flu and that we’d have to cull entire flocks. Depending on the size of the farm, which meant thousands or even tens of thousands of birds. The owners were told the Dept. of Agriculture would reimburse them, but I don’t know if that happened or not,” Kiecker said.

“So, you, your people, lied to egg and poultry farmers, deceiving them into believing their flocks were sick, destroying their foul an essentially bankrupting them out of business,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

“Basically, that’s it.”

“And FSIS inspectors just willingly went along with this agenda?” Vice Adm. Crandall asked.

“We handpicked ones we knew would, and they got a healthy bonus,” Kiecker replied.

“While we appreciate your cooperation today, so far you’ve only incriminated yourself. Besides your word, do you have any evidence tying Deese to the conspiracy?”

While the admiral spoke, Deese sat quietly and expressionless at the defense table.

“Only the documents I already gave you,” Kiecker said.

Vice Adm. Crandall showed the panel text messages Deese had sent Kiecker in June 2022. “They’re getting smarter, and we have to. They’re hiring independent testers. I have an idea and you must work with me on this. We’ll start infecting fowl,” one message said.

Kiecker said FSIS inspectors surreptitiously injected live avian influenza into chickens at egg-laying farms in Nebraska. The inspectors would then give the virus time to incubate and spread before making a follow-up inspection, by which time avian flu had infected flocks, giving FSIS legitimate cause to destroy thousands of birds.

“Why did you go along with Deese’s plan? What motivated you?” the admiral asked Kiecker.

“Brian [Deese] told me I was expected to follow orders. And I was given $5,000,000. I take responsibility for my actions, and deeply regret what I’ve done,” Kiecker said.

The admiral excused the witness.

He then played audio of conversation between Deese and the late Sec. of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, whom the military executed in May for ordering the destruction of food processing centers. On a January 5, 2022, Deese suggested that Department of Agriculture agents visit poultry farms under the pretense of “routine inspections” and randomly test fowl for bird flu. When Vilsack replied, “It’s not a bad idea but we’re unlikely to find cases of bird flu,” Deese said, “Of course we will. He wants us to.”

In a later conversation Deese told Vilsack he had found a way to double the price of eggs by 2023. “Who cares if people starve or go broke—we won’t,” Deese said.

Vice Admiral Crandall asked the panel to weigh the evidence, and the 3 offices who comprised the panel returned a guilty verdict without hesitation. They recommended that Deese be hanged for treason. When the admiral said gallows was ready and Deese could be hanged in three hours, Deese broke silence, shouting, “That’s not enough time for me to file an appeal.”

“Your appeal was denied the moment you betrayed the Republic,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

Three hours later Deese was dangling from a rope. A Navy physician pronounced him dead at 3:14 p.m. EST, January 25, 2023.

Paul Kiecker’s tribunal is scheduled for February 7.

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above Reproach

I’ve got a great idea, the military should have a preemptive approach to the country’s food industry, A installation of military security personnel at all the key food proses establishments 24 – 7 . Basically a new branch of the
Military. Kind of like the Homeland Security program, only one that protects
our nations food supply. Nothing to do with FEMA, The New branch should have the right to Kill anyone who could or would be a threat to the quality of
our nations food supply. The FDA is a joke. They are in bed with Farma.
and are sick in the head with the decisions they make to say what people should eat. Frosted mini wheats is NOT GOOD FOR ANYONE. It’s almost like saying eat Shit to the American people. Bye the way, eating Bugs
is Another one of There disgusting ideas. Fact ( Bugs have Parasites, and
are Absolutely NOT A FOOD source for HUMAN CONSUMPTION.)
People will Die from eating bugs. Just like people dying from Lime disease. Spirochetes Like worms eating your brains. Freaking wake up people. Meat being grown in a laboratory can be made to make you Sick and die. Just like what Covid 19 was created to do. Killing people is what
Socialism is all about. In order for them to win they must kill the strong.

Ken T.

Another evil sneaky snake doing the work of his father the devil.


Attn: Michael Baxter

Deese HANGED ?? Hahahahahahaha….. BULLSHIT !! He appeared this morning in a news conference with Joe Biden. Either tell the TRUTH with your news reporting….or, admit that all your news “stories” are nothing but PARODY,
for amusement only.
Your site is quickly losing credibility…printing bullshit stories- that are made up for our personal entertainment. That is what happened to your competition, “Dark Outpost”- which for months were claiming that Hillary was executed at GITMO.
They have lost half of their followers because of their bullshit stories.
>> You are about to do the same, Michael.


Good. Traitors, Treason, & Crimes against humanity must be dealt with most severely. Justice must be accomplished by Law; Military Law.

Dave Smith

Humphrey dumpty deep state great fall
Please Don’t forget about Illinois Governors Pigster..and Chicago Mayor Beatle juice Light foot. They need too have a great fall too . Thank you for this platform for for us too be heard .God bless us all Amen. Be the change for the better world and universe amen. God help us all Amen. 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚


Another chicken farm burned down today. Posted today 1/29/23 on the Fox News website…then it was taken down. So Brian Deese was only the tip of the iceberg.
Lets hope the story of the Deese hanging is TRUE….and not parody.

Stinky Perfume

Culling entire flocks seems to mean burning the bird barns down according to how many burnt down in 2022.


They have been messing with the chicken feed. Hens were not laying eggs for a long time. People got together and found the feed has been the problem. Stopped feeding them the name brands and made their own feed and free ranged and all of a sudden they are laying eggs galore! Nothing is safe anymore!


The Deep State Operative, Charles McGonigal, who previously worked as the counterintelligence director in the FBI’s New York field office, was arrested for violating U.S. sanctions against Russia over his work with Oleg Deripaska, a sanctioned Russian Oligarch.

While that sounds great on the surface, the only way these “Treasonous Bastards” will get the justice they deserve is Via, Military Tribunal….White Hat Operatives are going to have to pick up the pace and scope of their arrests and Tribunals accordingly to be effective….Our Federal Judicial System is totally Compromised, Controlled and Broken….Escalate the Snatch and Grab Operations of the White Hats.


So you are reporting this was planned and executed in 2022. But the reports I have seen online show culling of entire flocks in the thousands begain in late 2020 and continued through 2021. What is your explanation for this? Your reporting is only on this section of discovery. Who ordered and carried out the bird culls of the previous two years prior to 2022? There is a gap in your reporting here, Michael. Time to dig this up.


It is justice to punish unrepentant wicked souls by the method they used upon righteous souls. As Jesus commanded, ALL THAT YOU SAY, AND DO, SHALL COME BACK TO YOU. Yes, the 360 degree circle.

JAB the doctors, nurses, and aids with all varieties of COVID19 toxins, and then, leave the wicked souls unattended to suffer in solitary confinement at GITMO until dead.


If I’ve missed anyone, send me a message.

MILITARY EXECUTIONS IN 2023: Brian Deese (hanged), Stephen Hahn (hanged).
MILITARY EXECUTIONS IN 2022. Alec Baldwin (hanged), Stéphane Bancel (hanged), Bridget Brink (hanged), Dick Cheney (hanged), Francis Collins (hanged), Shannon Corless (hanged), Jennifer Brigid O’Malley Dillon (firing squad), Michael Donilon (hanged), Anita Dunn (hanged), Anthony Fauci (hanged), Avril Haines (two head-shots), Valerie Jarrett (hanged), Loretta Lynch (hanged), Denis McDonough (two head-shots), Gavin Newsom (hanged), Nancy Pelosi (hanged), Sonia Sotomayor (hanged), Brian Stelter (hanged), Michael Sussman (firing squad), Thomas Vilsack (hanged). Real Raw News
MILITARY EXECUTIONS IN 2021. Huma Abedin (hanged), Bill Barr (hanged), Joe Biden (firing squad), Hunter Biden (hanged), Deborah Birx (firing squad), John Brennan (hanged), George Bush Sr. (euthanized), George Bush Jr. (hanged), Bill Clinton (homicide), Hillary Clinton (hanged), Chelsea Clinton (hanged), James Comey (guillotine), Andrew Cuomo (hanged), Bill Gates (hanged), Tom Hanks (euthanized), John McCain (two head-shots), Mark Mezvinsky (hanged), John Podesta (firing squad), Colin Powell (suicide), Susan Rice (hanged), Donald Rumsfeld (suicide), Adam Schiff (hanged), Peter Scolari (hanged). Real Raw News
MILITARY DETENTIONS IN 2021–2023. Jerome Adams (detained), Bill Ayers (life imprisonment at GITMO), David Axelrod (detained), James Baker (detained), Miguel Cardona (20 years imprisonment at GITMO), “cloning scientist” (detained), Amy Coney Barrett (detained), Maria Barret (detained), Patricia Conrad (detained), Melinda Gates (detained), Ron Klain (detained), Michael Malanoski (detained), Paul Pelosi (life imprisonment at GITMO), Eli Roth (detained), George Soros (detained), Elijah Wood (detained), Jeff Zients (autopsy underway). Real Raw News


Thank you for this info. I had tried to find out about Avril Haines. I knew she had been arrested but couldn’t find any info on her execution. Treason is written on these people for eternity. Frightening.

Eric S

Good for him gave him no times he set there in silence but once he realizes he’d be gone the same day he wanna have everything to say.

Angela James

One of the main goals of the Deep State was depopulation. Every time that rope swings, they are achieving that goal!🙂


Bad haircut, cheap suit, funky tie. I’m starting to think they Pulled this guy off the street just be the fall guy.


He sure went chicken after staying silent , ha ha


GITMO shouldn’t have hung Deese. They should’ve thrown him into a cell and let him starve to death.


And that is a very painful death.


Don’t tell me the Biden administration is a White Hat operation. It couldn’t be.


One more “foul” chicken shit gone

orange julius

Deese caught Gitmo flu. Bad stuff. No survivors. Also tested positive for being a piece of crap.


What a horrible person; where do they find these creatures? They’re not even embarassed at their shameful cowardly behavior.


Creatures is a good description, too. So arrogant & sure no one will ever find out.

About time

Another feels good story. Need more, faster. These POS assholes need to pay with their lives


Too bad they couldn’t do about 30 of these trials a week. We would have a new country in no time. 😁

Robert James

One down, many to go. So I hope the rate improves a lot. Like General Jones said.


Trump did say in one of his speeches they would be having quick trials!!! No kidding. Verdict, then 3 hours later hanging from a rope.

Andi Ahmad

Good flaming riddance.




Those in the media need to be address. Lieing to the public about everything.




Love the part about 3 hrs and boom he is gone. that is what I call swift action lets hope it keeps up. kill them where they stand.


They cant cry fowl about that hanging.


Three hours later he was dangling from a rope.
Finally express lane justice.


This tribunal illustrates the progress made in finding these dirt and and ending this insanity. Our food supply needs to be sacrosanct and trusted to be safe from these schemes. DARPA put AI tech in our food and water systems that also must be addressed as soon as possible. Whistleblower Dr. Bill Weld needs to testify before they silence him.


I am glad this was done right away. Maybe others will think again. The problem with criminals is they always think they can “get away with it” that they won’t get caught. And when they are caught they are surprised.


Just found a video about Tractor supply selling tainted chicken feed, they say it’s linked to WEF


Evil stupid greedy Deep State idiots such money hungry bastards… look at how they are all ending up…None of them thought they would have to pay for their wicked crimes… GOOD RIDDANCE! KARMA IS A REAL NASTY BITCH AND IT IS ALIVE AND WELL!

Last edited 1 year ago by JEM
above Reproach

And it’s coming for each and every one of them ! God speed to Karma !


Please substantiate / prove the executions. We would like to see actual video footage of everything you post. Thank you Michael.

Egg crap

Now, the internet is claiming eggs cause blood clots! Such bull! No, these bioweapon shots cause them! Gave my dad 2 brain clots!

above Reproach

Sorry to hear that. They are trying to cover their Asses. Constantly coming up with bull Shit to evade the reality of what they did. Emergency use authorization was the way they were able to sneak this crap onto the American people. People can’t go after farma with lawsuits. Should have been the best reason to NEVER use anything they make. Hear ya go ! Good luck with your new anti virus vaccine that knocks your own ability to fight infection out of your body . The man who created MRNA Quote: MRNA Should NEVER be USED IN HUMANS ) End Quote. Now the truth comes out that, they are actually creating strands of Covid so they can manufacture more Vaccines for Profit. Isn’t that special !


Nattokinase is something you can look into. Supposed to be a natural blood thinner, that helps the brain stay clear as well…bless your Dad 🙏

Eve Bright

Sir, wow a classic “over easy” execution of the JAG. Indeed, eggcellent reporting!


They should get the FSIS inspectors who deliberately infected the flocks. Just as evil. Maybe they should be imprisoned in chicken coops and made to wear masks


The end of the Diabolical Chicken Murderer. It sounds like an early 70s issue of Spider Man.


There is always another to step in those shoes, I heard 40 chicken barns burned last week..Gosh to see just one of those we have heard about actually hang, my .hope for humanity would go to a zillion percent🙏


Another hoe bites the dust.

Patti B

Mr. Baxter, with so many of these enemy combatants ending up on the gallows,
do you know if anyone is available to lead these misguided people to Jesus? God is not willing that any should perish. No matter what someone has done, I wouldn’t wish hell on anyone.


This is no yoke we need to stop them from running and get hard on them so they roll over easy.


How can men be so AGAINST the people of America? It’s so WRONG but he got what he deserved. YaY!!

Barry Williamz

Nice and quick. That’s great


crypto joo goes away

Kelly Brown

Sabotage Deez


Mess with our chickens and you will be Kentucky fried.


Lucky we have local farmers who are not tied to DS government. If they had their way ,would ban us from growing anything. Fuck them and their democracy of a socialist Communist order!


Let’s hope this story is TRUE….and not just a parody for our own amusement. Let’s hope that ALL the posted stories on this site are *TRUE*. Another site had a story that Hillary Clinton was hung at GITMO….but, they have since lost their credibility. Let’s hope that what is posted here is TRUE .