Marines and Corrupt FBI Clash at Camp Pendleton


U.S. Marines nearly got into a blazing firefight with corrupt federal agents Thursday afternoon when four FBI desperados arrived at Camp Pendleton’s gates claiming to have arrest warrants for two Marines who had peacefully visited the Capitol on January 6.

The feds’ unwanted appearance marks the second time this week Merrick Garland’s Gestapo came hunting for active-duty Marines whose only motives for visiting Washington were to protest the stolen election and render aid to injured persons.

FBI agents on Tuesday unlawfully arrested three Marines: Micah Coomer, stationed at Camp Pendleton; Joshua Abate, Fort Meade; and Dodge Dale Hellonen, Camp Lejeune. All three were arrested off post and charged with misdemeanors. After their arrest, the feds tried to sow discord and paranoia within the Corps, claiming without evidence that “fellow Marines” aided their investigation and helped identify the suspects.

A source in General Eric M. Smith’s office refuted that assertion.

“No loyal Marine would help the criminal DOJ. The Marines taken into custody are good Marines. Yes, they were at the Capitol, but they entered the building after they saw people getting trampled, to give medical help. Their only so-called crime was putting a MAGA hat on a statue. These Marines saved lives,” our source said.

Following their arrest, Gen. Smith’s office issued a bulletin warning all active-duty Marines that the DOJ was engaged in a witch hunt to find any Marine who may have been in or near D.C. on January 6. The office also notified retired Marines for whom it had addresses or phone numbers. The notice cautioned Marines to be wary of their surroundings while off post because malevolent federal agents were likely surveilling bars, nightclubs, and shopping centers. It also suggested the feds might use “attractive women making advances” to entrap Marines. “The FBI is probably skulking in towns and cities near our institutions, but less probable the cowards will have the audacity to show their faces at our home,” the bulletin said.

Gen. Smith’s office got the second part of that sentence wrong.

Thursday afternoon two black Lincoln Navigators pulled up to Camp Pendleton’s San Luis Rey gate, one of eight guarded access points. The occupants approached the Marine sentries and identified themselves as FBI agents, saying they had a federal arrest warrant for two Marines on base.

Gen. Smith’s office asked RRN to withhold the Marines’ names, but we can say one is a Master Gunnery Sergeant, the other a 2nd lieutenant.

The four aggressive feds gave the sentries an ultimatum: deliver the Marines, or they’d enter Camp Pendleton to find them.

“Marines don’t take kindly to threats, especially from a criminal FBI,” our source said. “The gate guards gave their warning, told the feds they could turn around and leave or take their best shot at getting inside.”

One fed reportedly told the lead sentry that Merrick Garland had given him the authority to arrest the two Marines “by any means necessary” and moved his hand toward the holstered sidearm on his right hip.

He found himself staring at the business end of the guard’s rifle.

The sentries, our source said, reminded the FBI that Camp Pendleton housed 42,000 fed-hating Marines.

“Gen. Smith became aware of the unfolding crisis. He has a strong irreverence for the feds, and the gate guards were told we wouldn’t surrender anyone to their custody. The feds didn’t like that and got highly agitated, causing a standoff that lasted fifteen minutes,” our source said.

The sentries kept their weapons trained on the FBI agents.

“You’re advised to deescalate, get in your vehicles, and leave,” a sentry reportedly told the FBI.

Finally, the feds caved in; although they climbed aboard their SUVs and left, one fed shouted through an open window, “We’ll be back.”

“And we’ll be here waiting,” a gate guard said.

In closing, our source said that any feds caught arresting Marines will be treated as enemy combatants.

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Thank You.
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Rose Mary Abbott

Too bad you didn’t lose DH. Great piece of writing. Thank you for being there and for being vigilant. God bless you Michael Baxter.

American Living in Canada

Cheers Michael.


Thank You Michael. It is undoubtedly a constant struggle to maintain user availability, under the constant threat of hackers. We sincerely appreciate your diligent efforts. God Bless You.


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I, for one, would love to see marines shoot some rotten feds.

Terry Milligan

The Marines should have shot the feds dead with the gratitude of the American people.


Garlands Gestapo for sure! What will happen to the three Marines who were illegally arrested off base? This needs to stop! The Enemy Combatants of this corrupt administration must be captured.
This is a War, unlike which we have never seen before.


I love the Marines!!! God be with you, at all times, no matter where you are, and protect you and keep you safe!!!

Tracy Reinert

I think at some point we need to Do Not Comply with any corrupt & rogue three~letter agency. I believe we are there now.


I am proud that the base guards did not allow them on the base. Why did they need to arrest those men for the bases have their own military police they came on base and demanded they let them in. You don’t do that that way if the men are really guilty. I agree with the guard something fishy going on here they need to show what the crime is then go though the process of working with the military police which most people would do. No one charges a base no matter who they are. The guard was right. I give the guard two pats on the back for a job well done. No one charges a base if they really had a case. I know better why didn’t the FBI know better? They have military police on base why are they not working with them? Unless there is no crime in the first place.

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If this is about the January 6 issue the what is the case to arrest there men remember that is the people’s house. They caused no harm so what is the charge. Then the police that shot that military vet should be arrested as well. Something wrong with this picture. There is something wrong with charging the base in the first place and not asking the military police for help. Have to follow procedures with the military. They have their own police. Assuming the military might have done something while in the people’s house is no proof at all. They were helping people prove otherwise. Which is why the were not arrested in the first place. Sorry you have not proved you case to us.


The American people.

Nukkin Futz

The camp gate needs to add two Bradley fighting vehicles parked behind the guard shack for an additional weapon complement show of force to dissuade the corrupted Fuctup Biden Idiots, to disengage the whole illegal attempt at trying to arrest 2 marines on trumped up phony charges…The black hats are getting very desperate and worried that plans aren’t going the way that they were promised by the ruling Rockefukker crime family….

Michael R Davis

We are winning this war for our very survival.
Stay tuned. Deese was hanged 3 hours after his JAG trial convicted him of treason.
“Condemned NEC Director Brian Deese broke silence, shouting, “That’s not enough time for me to file an appeal.”

“Your appeal was denied the moment you betrayed the Republic,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.”

Love it. Constitutional US Military Justice for enemy combatants.
We the People thank you.

“Our US Military is Constitutionally mandated to war against this enemy or enemies, defend the people, conduct this war against the enemy until they are destroyed and the people no longer under attack.

After 911, Congress passed the Authorization of Use of Military Force, War on Terrorism, on September 14, 2001, became law on September 18, 2001. (Law of Armed Conflict) (still in effect)

American citizens who collaborate with the enemy can be considered “enemy combatants”. (Johnson vs Eisenstrager (339 US 763 1950))

There is no constitutional right to collaborate with the enemy against the American government, and American citizens can be prosecuted by the US Military as “enemy combatants”. (Hamdi vs Rumsfeld (03-6696 6-28-2004))”

https ://www .youtube .com/watch?v=nfEO48_cvMY

Son of Ethan Allen

Put all gate sentries in body armor.


So much appreciation for our Marines who hold the line against our enemies, both foreign and domestic. may God bless all our couragious Marines and the families.


What these


Trump to speak today (1/28/23) at 4 pm (est).

Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

It is very happy news that Federal Agents volunteer to participate in Marines Target Practice ! When Someone needs an express package ; show them you care & send it Express Delivery ! I will send the flowers later ? ? Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

John .S

Oh Rochelle, did you check in at RRN today?

BTW, good morning Fredo, know you’re having morning coffee with RRN, getting the Gitmo scoop on news, for discussion with your MSM deep state comrades.

Hey Fredo, have anyone else you can toss under bus as a confidential informant?

Hey Fredo, how does it feel to sell your soul?


David Hoffer is clearly a pedophile

Dr John

Are you AWAKE, why yes you WOKE me. It seemed you were AWAKE when I aWOKE you. I know who I am, but not sure what I am. Awake use to be the present tense a woke was the past tense. Like so many words that brought me comfort, simple easy to spell, with no real drama have been hi-jacked. for confusing reasons.

Dare I say I WOKE earlier with a headache, or after I woke I tended to the animals? I am AWAKE in many ways more than most, but is that because I was WOKE up earlier than others or that I was awake all along.

You may thing that is BAD, but honestly it is good, but it is really cool to think about so maybe it is BAD.

At my age I have enough trouble with To, Too and Two. It is confused further by the gender re-identification. An example;

Dick and Jane ran up the hill and she fell down before him. Who is him and who is she?

Remember when the only confusion was when to say I or me. Its not me went to the store, but I went to the store. Jeb, Frank and I visited for hours. Can’t you tell me what to do. That is if you under stood two as a number, too as also and to as a contraction what ever that is.

So many simple things have been corupted, if it is bad for us adults, immagine what it is doing to the children. I remember helping my kids with NEW MATH, one of the most ridiculous advents in education. Here I was studying Quantium Physics, Fractals and Abstract math among other advanced concepts and I could not get through the blatant stupidity of NEW MATH. My Abacus could not handle it and I did not have enough fingers and toes to calculate it.

I am no longer sure what is up or down. I am down with that.. I think? Where the hell did we leave normal and is normal the right word? I am sorry, I meant word, not Word Dude.

Do you Get Me Man? There is ME, Man and GET three words I no longer understand. Should it be: With what we have spoken in our dyadic communication thus, dust thou apprehend the nature of said discourse?

And now with the potential alien invasions at our Southern border, what language to do we speak and where will the park their space ships.

I would like to call someone and talk about this, but it is socially improper to call someone without texting for permission first. After alI calling is so personal, its like wearing someone else’s underwear while they are still in them.

And finally and most troubling is those nice ladies you can call on 1-800 numbers. Am I supposed to text them first?

Bill Kaulfield

You know, there are treatments for dementia now. You should ask someone to look into it for you.

Dr John

I defer to Schrödinger’s cat which is a thought experiment that illustrates a paradox of quantum superposition. In the thought experiment, a hypothetical cat may be considered simultaneously both alive and dead, while it is unobserved in a closed box, as a result of its fate being linked to a random subatomic event that may or may not occur. We will never know until the box is opened.

If I am troubled with dementia than all of this may be fantasy. If I go for help they may get me back on line where I may realize it was not dementia, but all too true.

Your guidance has brought me relief in what I am experiencing may be only in my mind. Your recommendation to seek help may unravel the the fragile hope I have it is all an illusion of my new found condition.

You have brought me both hope and to the brink of my troubles; should I stand with the woke lacking all comprehension or the those awake drumming their fingers at the snail like pace we must endure as no child is left behind.

Dave Smith

January 31st is Quantum Financial Resets Day anyone hear this ? The start of NESRA AND GESRA


Oh please. That has been announced over and over and they keep pushing the date out.




Why do Liberals get on a site just to post IGNORANT and HATEFUL messages. People that invest their time in HATEFUL type conduct are typically people with LOW SELF CONFIDENCE and need to make others feel bad so they don’t have to LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!

Jerry Miller

When is George Soros going to meet his fate?

John .S

George is more then likely already dead, suspect A-crome withdrawals and captivity triggered heart attack.

George’s death will never to be announced, assuring longevity of the boogeyman to haunt the minds of people, also providing MSM fodder of networks that dares to mention his name. BTW, George’s apprehension was never announced.

CGI will make sure George lives forever same with Henry Kissinger that allegedly made Davos appearance with verbal and cognitive faculties intact.

Maxim: he who be deceived, let them.

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S
Michael R Davis

Son Alexander Soros, his two brothers and sister, are now keeping up George’s legacy of being a Nazi piece of shit. Soon, they too will face an early death.


As soon as he stops funding NAMBLA $20,000,000.00+ to legalize paedopilia. He’s working with Biden and the Black woman Justice and the crazycrats to get it decriminalized.


I saw of Fox news that at least one of the gates is closed due to a “driver” tried to gain access.
Just a driver no other details, or maybe the FBI or some other nefarious character.

The people all went to the hospital, they say they will update, but we know they won’t.
My next question would be, what is to happen with the people the FBI was after in this story? Are they important people to anything other than the J6 event?
I thought this J6 thing was over. The commity is gone, Liz Cheney was fired, and now gets to retire on her golden Parachute retirement package. Life is good for politicians.
The other guy, Crying Kissinger gets to move on over to his new big gig at CNN.

Anyways I was just wondering who these people are and if they where of any importance?

God Bless everyone…..

Dr John

While this is arresting news, take a look at what 1949 history says about vaccines. COVID scares and shots are not new, but a rerun over the last 100 years. They just use a different “virus.”

We are not fighting JUST Covid Clot shots, but all the vaccines ever made. They are ALL criminal!!!

The more you read the more you know.

The Drug Story – 1949, Morris Bealle

“Bringing the subject down almost to date, the rawest publicity stunt pulled
by public relations firms for the biologicals manufacturing business was in
New York City in Feb. and March of 1947.On Feb. 25, Eugene LeBar, a Mexico City importer took a bus to New York
City. On March 10th he died in one of the city hospitals. The diagnosis was
“hemorrhagic bronchitis”. Somewhere between that date and April 10th, the
Rockefeller public relations firm, recently assigned to the American Medical
Association because the upward spiral of drug trust profits wasn’t spiraling
upward fast enough, had a brilliant idea.

Senor LeBar, they reasoned, during his long trip had been in the same
atmosphere with thousands of people from El Paso to New York. Why not drum
up a SMALLPOX SCARE all over the United States and make ten million more
dollars filling the nation’s blood stream with cow pus and horse filth.
With New York’s publicity-loving Mayer, Wm. O’Dwyer, as the spearhead, this
is exactly what they did. The bronchitis diagnosis was changed to one of
smallpox 30 days after Senor LeBar’s demise. Mayor O’Dwyer ordered everyone
in New York vaccinated, although HE HAD NO MORE POWER TO DO THIS than
Mahatma Gandhi had.

The associated Press put the story on its wires in a big way, its “science”
editor going all out to exploit this latest in “science”. Of course, that
didn’t make AP Director Arthur Hays Sulzberger of the Rockefeller foundation
mad with his editors.

All the dopes and dupes in New York formed long lines in front of every
police station and every doctor’s office and had five years lopped off the
other end of their lives. Newspapers and health departments all over the
country, following the O’Dwyer publicity spread the serum HOAX and exhorted
their own dupes to “get vaccinated”. Thousands upon thousands of them did.
One public relations firm for the drug trust planted a fake story that Pres.
Truman had himself vaccinated before coming to New York to address a
newspaper convention. Although this was denied by the White House, the
denial, as usual, never caught up with the lie.

The police station vaccinations cost the taxpayers of New York City $850,000
(remember this is 1947) and those who went to private doctors, even more.
The Drug Trust undoubtedly added ten to fifteen million dollars to its 1947

“To quote Dr. Harry R. Bybee, of Norfolk, Va., pres. of the National
Chiropractic Asoc., he said: “My honest opinion is that vaccination is the
cause of more disease and suffering than anything I could name. I believe
that such diseases as cancer, syphillis, cold sores and many other disease
conditions are the direct results of vaccination Yet, in the state of
Virginia and many other states, parents are compelled to submit their
children to this procedure while the medical pofession not only receives its
pay for this unwanted service, but makes splendid and profitable patients
for the future.

Dr. Herbert Snow, the senior surgeon of the Cancer Hospital in London said:
“Of recent years many men and women in the prime of life have dropped dead
suddenly, often after attending a wedding feast or banquet. I am convinced
that some 80% of these deaths are caused by the inoculations or vaccinations
they have undergone. These are well known to cause grave and permanent
disease to the heart. The coroner always hushes it up with “Natural Causes”.
Dr. W. B. Clarke of Indianapolis: “Cancer was practically unknown until
cowpox vaccination began to be introduced. I have had to do with at least
200 cases of cancer, and I NEVER SAW A CASE OF CANCER IN AN

Dr. J.M. Peebles of San Diego , at the turn of the century, said in his
book, “The vaccination practice, pushed to the front on all occasions by the
medical profession and through political connivance made compulsory by the
state, has not only become the chief menace and greatest danger to the
health of the rising generation, but likewise the crowning outrage upon the
personal liberty of the American citizen. The fee-hunting doctors are
incessantly hounding the legislatures for more stringent compulsory
enactments by which they will be enable to inflict and repeat this degrading
rite upon defenseless people for the enhancement of their revenues.
Compulsory vaccination, poisoning the crimson currents of the human system
with brute-extracted lymph under the strange infatuation that it would
prevent smallpox, was one of the darkest blots that disfigured the last
century. The majority of doctors are behind the times. They may have
diplomas, but they are laggards. They are not students. Many of them prefer
the golf course to the postgraduate course, the clubroom to the medical
laboratory, the cigar to the clinic.”

It seems they, the Deep State is playing against our interest in finding the true through in-depth research. If we stay uneducated in the field of medicine and prescription drugs, they can play this routine over and over.

Read the book it is FREE online. You will be shocked at how we have been played for decades and beyond.

Spread the word to others. This should be common knowledge to all house holds.

Dr. John

Dave Kelly

Great post, this heinous shit started in 1918, Spanish flu caused by vaccinated WWII Soldiers ,The AMA is also a Rockefeller creation with their best interests in mind. ALL heinous,evil fucking lowlifes.


It started much earlier as eugenics by giving the small pox blankets to Native Americans Tribes.




Their only so-called crime was putting a MAGA hat on a statue. These Marines saved lives,” our source said.

Ann Marie


God bless the Marines 🙏🏼💐✝️🎉

John .S

FBI should have tried their usual approach via No Knock tactic in serving a warrant, that would of went over well.

If warrant was issued on everyday people then expect status quo flash-bang grenades tossed threw front window landing on couch where child sleeping, dog shot, occupants beaten and home ransacked all under guise of officer safety.

Never hear a firefighter yelp: they’re in fear of their life when entering a burning building, though law enforcement yelp that all the time.

Van helsing

It’s time for the military to take out these assholes and be done with it.


Any “agent” of the FBI who follows the unlawful order of their ‘superiors’ must be treated the same as their ‘superiors’ as they are just as guilty of TREASON as those ‘superiors’ …… boots on the ground agents should uphold their Sworn Oath and ARREST their ‘superiors’ who issue such UNLAWFUL ORDERS.

Sandy Koufax

The sentries should have gut shot the FBI agents and turned them over to a team of hard pipe hitting Isis warriors with instructions to go to work on the Holmes’ with a pair of pliers and a blow torch. As a professional courtesy, Smitty would have contacted Attorney General Merrick Garland to inform him that the Marines were not done with the FBI agents yet. Not by a darn sight.

John .S

Hmm, gut shot requiring full blown abdominal trauma care, knee capped would surfice.

joe blow

Next time, shoot the Feds and let it be known any Fed supporting this bull shit order will be shot!

Sandy Koufax

Right on!

james godsey



Well done Marines 🇺🇸 prayers for continued clarity and safety.

Anthony Gregory



Finally the criminal fbi is getting a bright light shined upon their pointy little heads. I hope more comes of this. They are traitors to the USA. They belong in other countries, not ours.
Thank you Michael.

Michael Tiner

Hopefully the Feds won’t bring a military or high-tech weapons with them when & if they return. The Marines need to take the offensive and deactivate the Fed entirely by any means necessary.

Michael Tiner

Hopefully the Feds won’t bring a military or high-tech weapons with them when & if they return. The Marines need to take the offensive and deactivate the Fed entirely by any means necessary.


It truly is our 2nd Civil War starting.



Ruby Kennard

Biden & his criminal cabinet members aren’t happy with peaceful citizens. Anything they can do to whip up some chaos on patriotic Citizens, they’re gung ho to try. Maybe it’s just me but I’m inclined to believe they should think this out before challenging the US Marine Corps to a ‘pissing contest’.


Remarkable restraint on the part of the marines. They may have been praying for provocation on the part of the FBI agents. It’s sad to think of what has become of the FBI, CIA, IRS, FEMA, etc. I hope that the loyal, patriotic members of those agencies will rise up in revolt against the leftist thugs that have taken over!


Next time they show up making demands, make them pay the ultimate price.
Semper Fi.


The corrupt feral bureau of iniquity will come back with their own troops, APCs and tanks (if they can get some back from Ukraine). So be ready. They cannot give up now – their own lives are on the line.


Holy Shit!


I really wish that the Marines would have arrested these 4 agents to send a message back to FBI headquarters!


that would have been the lawful arrest


No it wouldn’t have been

orange julius

Crawl back to your hole.


perhaps flick a cig-but at their feet for a chance to unload after flinch with browning 308 when they are back


42000 fed hating marines, i now have great respect for the united states marine corps way to go guys give em hell, and if a war does erupt then the cleansing can begin..

Dwayne Snow

How come every time I post a comment it gets deleted, or never gets approved? Same people post comments on every article.

Rose Mary Abbott

We have a new troll. Please ignore him so as to keep him poor and lonely. We can do this! DH are the initials.


We’ve listed him now for some time
David Hoffer #109

American Living in Canada

Couple of paragraphs of what you don’t hear from the fake news here in Canada.. Truckers Freedom Convoy.. 1 year later.

“But when police came in to end the protest after the Emergencies Act was invoked, Olson said he saw actions he didn’t think Canadian law enforcement would ever take in confronting the protesters.
Olson, who witnessed demonstrators get trampled on by mounted police on Feb. 18, 2022, said police later grabbed protesters, filed them into paddy wagons, and dropped them off a 30-minute drive from Ottawa, leaving them to find their own way back in the freezing weather. He was also arrested on Feb. 19.”

American Living in Canada

Keep on truck’in Patriots..

American Living in Canada

“During Fox Nation’s “Tucker Carlson Today,” Carlson referenced the arrests last year of anti-vax truckers in Canada. The demonstrators …… …..won over extremists with their traffic-tying protests of COVID-19 safety measures. At the time, Carlson said the country had become a dictatorship because the government took action.
And now he suggested he’d like to do something about it.
“I’m completely in favor of a bay of pigs operation to liberate that country,” Carlson said. “Why should we stand back and let our biggest trading partner … why should we let it become Cuba? Like, why don’t we liberate it? We’re spending all this money to liberate Ukraine from the Russians. Why are we not sending an armed force north to liberate Canada from Trudeau? And I mean it.”



Sounds real good to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

American Living in Canada

You never can tell..


I watched it all live, for hours. Many people were jailed. The person the RCMP trampled, among others, on purpose, was a little old lady with a walker. I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. She was on the ground with big horse hoofs trampling right over her. By the Grace of God she is still alive. The truckers blocked up four borders and held Ottawa immobile for weeks. They would have blocked Toronto too, but the TTC drivers used their buses to block the passage of the truckers into the city. We have opposition parties, but they get picked up by the cops and hassled to the ninth degree (and not just one). The Turd has all Canadians under surveillance, there is no truth to be had anywhere, and people’s money and homes are being stolen right out from under them. All of us have tried here. I can’t see that we can try any harder. I wish the military would listen to Tucker!! The Turd is hated by all here. There are so many illegals here there is nowhere for Canadians to live…they get all the services and money… goes on and on……

Michael R Davis

That trampled elderly lady is a Mohawk Elder and grandmother Candice Sero on her mobility schooter. She has since spoken out publicly against Trudeau. After being knocked down and trampled by an Ottawa police horse, she said a cop kicked her, as several cops dragged her away by her coat. She received severe leg bruising, a fractured collarbone, sore ribs.

Elisa Orozco

Those FBI agents were demented to think that they were going to arrest active duty Marines at a Marine Base!! I’m glad the situation didn’t escalate.

John .S

Question is: does FBI have Subject Matter Jurisdiction over the Dept. of Defence?

Build Back Boomier

This is actually a battle I would like to see play out. Couple A10 warthogs ought to end any FBI incursions pretty quick. The FBI has no jurisdiction outside of DC and federal enclaves and are predated by the greatest war fighting forces on earth. The FBI was supposed to search the federal government for traitors and major criminals, but they became the criminals when they started calling We the People terrorists.