Putin Destroys Adrenochrome Lab in Ukraine

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Russian Special Forces on Tuesday raided and destroyed an “Adrenochrome farm” near the Ukrainian city of Shostka, where sinister forces tortured abducted Russian children to harvest fluid from their adrenal glands, said a Mar-a-Lago source who claims Russian President Vladimir Putin informed President Trump of the operation after Spetznas had rescued 50 young kids from the ghastly laboratory.

As reported early last year, Trump and Putin kept an open conduit of communication after the latter began his “special military operation” in Ukraine. Putin had assured Trump that his true impetus for deploying troops was to rid Eastern Europe of Western pestilence, meaning Deep State-controlled bioweapon facilities and child trafficking rings, both of which, Putin said at the time, threatened Russian sovereignty. As time passed, their conversations became less frequent, but Putin has periodically updated Trump on progress, our source said.

The maligned Russian president told Trump that the FSB, Russia’s Federal Security Service, had heard of the lab’s existence and whereabouts only a few days before he greenlit a mission to infiltrate the laboratory, collect evidence, save any children within, and utterly destroy the facility.

Fifty Children were in a medically induced coma when Spetznas breached the lab and shot dead eight “technicians” who had been milling about or inserting long needles into the kidney area of comatose children. Each child was fastened to a metal gurney.

Putin reportedly said he believed that the abductees were Russian children who had been kidnapped from cities and towns that straddle the Russia-Ukraine border. He also said two of the eight “technicians” were from the West—one an American immunologist with ties to the NIH; the other a Brit who had worked at the UK Health Security Agency. Medical paraphernalia—beakers, tubing, syringes, microscopes, centrifuges, autoclaves, etc.—had come from supply companies in the United States.

“Putin inferred a theory: that the Deep State, with Volodymyr Zelensky’s blessing, moved some or all its adrenochrome refinement to Ukraine, because they’re afraid to do it in the states cause the Constitutionalist faction of the U.S. military, or White Hats, are hunting them down. Then the refined product is shipped to the U.S. or picked up by Deep Staters visiting Ukraine,” our source said.

Putin, he added, told Trump the Deep State is irrepressible and, therefore, must be “crushed,” and boasted about “crushing” dozens of traitors within his own government. “Traitors sometimes have accidental fall out window,” he said.

He described the Deep State as a universal malevolent entity bent on enslaving the planet and subjugating humanity to its capricious whims.

“We’re fighting the same enemy,” Trump said to him. “But I need to be very careful what I say here, especially now. I’m glad you saved the defenseless children. Adrenochrome’s been a huge problem here for a very long time.”

Putin said his forces turned the Adrenochrome lab “to dust” and reassured Trump that any stories of him being gravely sick or dead were CIA propaganda.

“The evil ones that do this to our children, President Trump, they are vampires,” Putin said.

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I thought Putin was finished destroying the Adrenochrome labs in Ukraine. Hopefully, this was the last one in existence. I believe Putin is a White Hat

Victoria Ingram

I posted this on facebook and it was tagged by the facebook mafia as “not true”.

Above reproach

If diplomats are traveling back and forth to the Ukrainian, it should be quite easy to have someone greet them at the airport upon arrival !
Just saying. If I were running this type of campaign, there footsteps would be very few.


That is very hard to do on foreign uncooperative soil.


Ukraine is one of the largest pedo countries in the entire world. zelensky IS the black hat and his country is being used to launder money that is filtered into the coffers of the new party commies.

Howie Phuksyosnitch

test, Has there been a Buck Fiden sighting in a while? I miss his comments. Hope all is well with him


” accidental fall out window,” I like that.

Natasha Vidan

I’m so glad that Putin is okay and that he is still doing housecleaning. I also would love to see all of the pure evil end..The poor children…
Thank you WH’s around the world and may God richly bless and protect all the true WH’s…in the Name of Jesus AMEN..


Thanks, Donnie and Vladdy.

Mark Heisler

Like to still believe this stuff but! It’s been going on for 5 yrs now and I’m starting to believe everyone is Behind it, nonsense- saving kids people/Chemtrails in the sky, Controlling the weather not having control of Harrp like they say, killing more people/kids and look kill kill again what do you know.


Someone should tell Celine Dion she won’t be getting her Adrina chrome anytime soon.


Our founding fathers forwarned not to allow jews (Babylonian Radhanites/ Kenites) to move to America our Christian Nation. They said Jews were parasites and vampires (adrenochrome) (greek adrenochrome “ambrosia”, vedic indian adrenochrome “soma”) do you ever wonder why these evil enemies of God have been ran out of 109 countries? It is not because they are victims its because they are villians.


Dang, I was wondering about Putin’s health thinking ill health reports were fake news.

Thanks Mr Baxter.

Effing C*I*A.


Michael, please put an END to the “Comments” section. These people are immature idiots with nothing of value to contribute and a waste of everyone’s time. Thank you for your great reporting.

American Living in Canada

That’s what the bad guys want, they want to silence the good guys.


Only a waste of your time. Not ours.


Uh, no, we all still have our right to free speech in the comment section so we will keep it. … even if the trolls cannot appreciate it. Ignore them, they can go to North Korea and comment there, plus, they have to learn Korean and bow down before fat boy Kim and his ancestors.


How About trading Soros for anybody?


No words can describe this heroic action, …. pure emotions are running through me with grattitude and horror at the same time, thanks God for The White Hats ALL AROUND THE WORLD. May God heal theese children.

Smokey Stover

Isn’t today the day the Supreme Court reinstates Trump as president? Anyone know what time?

Smokey Stover

I’m not serious

Russ C

I never thought I’d be saying this but, way to go FSB and Spetsnaz!

Air man

Great work!!

Off subject: Everyone get David Horowitz’s new book: “Final Battle. The Next Election Could Be The Last”.

Dr John

COVID VAX cure? 

Is it possible? Posted today is a lengthy, but very informative video on the CLOT Shot.

It appears there are NO SPIKE protein in the shot, but venom protein from a variety of poisonous animals including snakes and sea creatures.

The lied to us… what’s new!

The video explains all of this and goes on to document a number of CURES that have been tested or validated in a number of ways.

The cures are inexpensive, safe and easy to administer.

This is a worthwhile watch and is better than doing nothing.

Its time to get to work, let’s spread the word so that victims may get relief that is desperately needed. SHARE EVERYWHERE

If you don’t agree or know of something better SPEAK UP

Watch the video here:


Here is a the list of cures I documented from the video:
Vitamin C
Citric Acid (a form of vitamin C)
Vitamin D

In-fared light therapy
Nicotine (not a fan)
Ivermectin (includes vitamin D)
Hydroxychloroquine a derivative of Chlorine (similar to CD/CDS)
Blood oximeter to determine oxygen level in blood (should be over 95 and definitely over 92)

Cholorine (DO NOT take orally, but it being in your drinking water is a good thing)
CD/CDS (not mentioned in the video, but I have used internally on bacteria with excellent results)
Glutathione (L-Glutathione)
Melatonan (L-Melatonan)
Cystine Acid (L-Cystine)
EDTA given by shot. Lugol’s Iodide is safer and rids you of heavy metals

IT is worth a try, we have to do something. It is possible this can save lives and health before they are destroyed. Let’s take a chance and share where ever possible.

We ALL are in this together and we have people in desperate need of help. Don’t let the EVIL just take them. WE HAVE TO FIGHT BACK

Dr. John
Viet Vet Spec Ops still fighting for our country and freedom

Smokey Stover

You gotta catch up on your conspiracies. This is years old. And it’s “infrared.”

Dr John

Strange Covid 19 and the CLOT shot only appeared in 2020. With 2020 and 2021 being more shock that help. How many years are you thinking this came out 24?

It is a new video that shares explanations of why these should work with real examples of it working in a few cases. The venoms they discuss is in detail, again this is new, not just a theory of snake venom, but facts to back it up.

I have been considered a conspiracy theorist many times by the WOKE. That’s fine. But I have also been on the right track more then not. I asked at the top of the POST, “VAX Cure?? signalling I am not 100% on board.with the process.

But I am fully aware of some of these recommendations and am confident they can be helpful.

If it can be of some benefit… IT IS BETTER THAN NONE!

What solution do you recommend?

And if you are more worried about how I spell a word than the content you need to get a grip.

In the mean time you are interfering with the message for no other reason than to prove you may have operating brain cells. Good for you.



Gary Lee Taylor

Force the media to report it


That’s why Dracula is a love story, desirable to be a vampire young forever with strength. Just like the Purge movies it’s all conditioning.

John .S

“…accidental fall out window.” e.g., Abe Reles aka, Kid Twist.

Strike 17

Why my post not sticking


Trying seeing in a refreshed browser


Way to go Vlad, thank you for what you did to save those children and destroy that evil place! I hope they turned it to dust!

Sandy Koufax

For the masses, only pharmaceuticals can keep us heathy, but for the elite the naturally occurring adrenochrome is the key to health.


Pharmaceuticals don’t keep us very healthy. Good diet and right living keep us health.


The evil & wickedness that has prevailed for so long thru it’s cunning deceptive souless feeding off Humanity is at an end. There will be NO Quarter given. Prepare as best you can, the Course is straight and True


Not the same just the same MO dif. place –dif children–all Russian.


What I have read about before on A-chrome contradicts what this article says. It is a horrible thing to even think about but I read that the children have to be in a state of total abject fear in order to make the A-chrome potent and it is extracted from them while in this frenzied state.
This article says they are comatose during extraction. For obvious reasons the latter method would be more humane.
Come quickly Lord Jesus, thats all I can say. This insanity has to end.


From what I have heard that these children to get the max oxygen in the adrenaline blood they use torture the children. skined alive and other horrible methods.
But the fucking people of America are so caught up not being able to kill their unborn babies claiming its their constitutional right. The constitution only guaranteed the right of LIFE ,LIBERTY AND HAPPINESS.
And the media claims the SCOTUS granted the right and now takes it away. Bullshit that’s not their job. They can’t grant SHIT!


Sorry I’m so fuck tired of the fucking madness of the DS and stupity of my fellow citizens.


And Hoebag Harris deliberately left out the word “life” in her speech about the Declaration f independence. She knows Life pertains to unborn babies, too and she cannot admit hat because it ruins her pro-abortion arguments together with China Joe.

joe blow

Take no prisoners !

Robert James

Satanists involved in this should all be hung. So when does the new general lower the hammer on them? Dozens or hundreds of arrests per day are required!!


we’re at war..it’s all being done quietly.Has to be this way



Michael Ford

When I was young and going to Church with my family and on Communion Sundays I never questioned it. Drinking the Blood of Christ and eating the body of Christ is what the bread and wine is supposed to represent. Now that I know so much more I find it kinda hard to believe that Jesus would say that. The Catholic Church controlled what was preached and it wouldn’t surprise me that he they rewrote the Bible to say it. The Catholic Church or I should say the Vatican is an evil place. I believe you don’t need to drink or eat anything for the forgiveness of Sin. Just my opinion.


Your right on Thank You well said. The bible was written by the Caesar Piso Family in the 4th century –they were NOT Christian but followed the pagan blood rituals of the Khazarains. Read about the Piso Family Bible writers and how they changed the names and wrote some fiction.

.–From: Thomas Paine 1794 ‘The Age of Reason’
“All national institutions of religion appear to me no other than human inventions,
set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and to monopolise power and profit.”–
–“What is that we have learned, from this pretending thing called religion?
Nothing that is useful to man and everything that is dishonouring to his Creator” —

Smokey Stover

The Piso’s from Bologna? I though they just ran a pizzeria.



Son of Ethan Allen

“Traitors sometimes have accidental fall out window,” Ya gottta love that Putin.
I don’t how they meet the Lord as long as they meet him.

Anthony Gregory



“Traitors sometimes have accidental fall out window,” he said.
This is classic Putin! lololololol 🤣🤣 He don’t play with no DS rats!! Exterminate ’em all Putty!


He gets to go home to his wife and over time back to the military which he loves.


“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when adults are afraid of the light.” –Plato

Bill Kaulfield

Plato never said that. It’s a famous misquotation.


Paid Shill, I guess this saying hit ya weakness –you’re in the dark shadows


I have been wondering what has been going on with the Ukraine/Russian war. Putin said last we heard he was there to destroy the bioweapon and Adrenochrome labs. He assured Pres. Trump he would be out of Ukraine as soon as he finished. I have been wondering what has taken him so long. Now I know. Is there THAT many labs? I wonder how much longer?!


More Tunnels and RAFFICKED Children used for many evil things have still to be found and saved. The children from Ukraine and some other countries still have to be flushed out.

Bill Kaulfield

What’s a rafficked child?




Vampires that use syringes and computers, not teeth of a snake and cunningness


Khazarian Vampires Eat Flesh…i.e Killery Klinton…need TEETH !!!! They are the real vampires. Maybe people will believe in Vampires now when the reveal happens in the summer. Do not underestimate what Satanism is.

Bill Kaulfield

Oh man, you are going to be so disappointed this summer.


Wait until you find yourseld stuck in 3rd D / 4the D


Yikes, VAMPIRES among humankind! Vampires are called HEATHENS / DEMONS / DEVILS in the Holy Bible.


In the bible don’t forget Satan was MOLECH/ Molock as in WARLOCK, Meloch who demanded babies be thown into the fire.


Mr. Baxter, how dare you let the likes of sicko David Hoffer comment on this site. At least forward his comments to the Military


This is NOT free speech.. This is now quite painful to put up with David Hoffe a souless Shill / Troll.
It is very upsetting especially when today’s blog was very sensitive which made me cry for the first time on RRN. Then when I saw David Hoffer’s nasty BS comments– I wanted to scheme.

Bill Kaulfield

What scheme did you come up with?


Scream in horrow as well as my #listing scheme to help you know the shills & trolls.

Bill Kaulfield

In horrow?




Your a sad prick.

Your obsession with Trump and putin too much.

Bill Kaulfield

Forward his comment to the military? Exactly what do you think that will accomplish?

orange julius

Many thanks to all involved in that mission.


None of the pics are specific to the scene on RRN, so at first I thought this war zone pic of explosions were too close to some apts for adrenochrome mfg. Maybe children in coma, don’t scream, but what’s the details and recipe on this mfg process? How many scientists or anybody doing this are caught red handed or even known about with names and locations?

Kidnapping is some kind of financial war zone or regular war zone to generate orphans out of poverty that goes to CPS. Adrenochrome is why we have war. We have financial competition so people disdain each other, and get enough separation isolation so they can snatch children.

I heard on Gene Decodes “chromachrome is thousands of times stronger than adrenochrome and how it’s the reason these vampires can make a shapeshift happen. Details again missing.

Even if a draco walked across the city by itself, 10 ft tall and built like Hulk, they got normies thinking this is a costume or body building trick. Later a mind wipe perhaps to make people think a memory is just a dream. Shapeshifter is another trick in the bag. If you touch it does your hand go through it? How did they fix the cameras so you can’t catch one in courtrooms? Is it similar to the old days when a vampire didn’t show up on photographs?

The stab seems to get people farther away from children, they can get them when you died suddenly. People who didn’t want their own children were often men that just wanted to have sex for many years and settle down at 48 with an 18 yr old to make a family for them, and existed as normies back in 1900. The women obviously had to give away the babies for being out of wedlock. This must have fed a lot of adrenochrome to the sneakies underground on supercomputers or Draco’s, whatever IDK, those using spaceships, grey alien fast walkers, etc for ages.

Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

President Putin has good reasons to sweep Ukraine The visits of Senator No Name & Barry to Ukraine were to help the criminals there , the Nazi’s. I am happy that Putin does what apparently we cannot do although I would not be shocked if in future ; our great Heroes were shown to have worked behind the scenes. I wondered where inside my being , the question came from , that I asked The Membership Chairman of The Illuminati came from . It’s a Spiritual War & has been for all of time. The energy placed against the evil one & his associates is well spent Let’s keep the intensity up as much as possible. I am so grateful that there are still Heroes placing themselves in the dangerous battle Everyday. Wish I was still young to join the ones with Big Brass Ones . Now , let’s roll up this show & show general public all the evidence that’s hidden from most of them . We need all hands on deck , you cannot recruit if they think all is fun & games ………….. Please pray for Dan Bongino , seems like he has real worries recently about heart issues . Stay Frosty , Pray Constantly & Fervently Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195


Awesome sauce! I wonder how many of the megalomaniac people that attend Davos, are addicted to adrenochrome. They certainly aren’t working with logical minds.

American Living in Canada

Check out Rebel News:

MUST WATCH: Greta Thunberg as you’ve never seen her before!

And a side note at the end of the must watch video.. 50 people gathered awaiting for Greta, no one even notice non John Kerry.


And Al Gore tried to upstage Greta and was booed royally. So sad. 🙏🙏

American Living in Canada

Did you notice the msm stooges roughly bumping into the Rebel Reporters?

American Living in Canada

There has also been numerous physical assaults on many Rebel News Reporters for just asking real important questions..


“Traitors sometimes have accidental fall out window,”… I love Putin’s style!


Yeah he is reminding someone that he needs to purge his ranks!


You should be grateful someone like me even visits let alone posts comments to this picayune site.


Lol no one cares dummy


Ron Kippur!

Sparky Sr

For all here who are old enough to remember…
And for those who are to young…
The song, “Turn! Turn! Turn!” by the Byrds (I’ll skip the refrane)

To everything turn, turn, turn
There is a season turn, turn, turn
And a time to every purpose under Heaven

A time to be born, a time to die
A time to plant, a time to reap
A time to kill, a time to heal
A time to laugh, a time to weep
A time to buid up, a time to break down
A time to dance, a time to mourn
A time to cast away stones
A time to gather stones together
A time of love, a time of hate
A time of war, a time of peace
A time you may embrace
A time to refrain from embracing
A time to gain, a time to lose
A time to rain, a time of sow
A time for love, a time for hate
A time for peace, I swear it’s not too late

So we are in the season(s)
For the DS, they reap what they sow as we see in GITMO
We are at war with the DS
A time to kill them all, and cast away the stones…
We do not love the DS, but we do pray for their soul


Wow it’s almost like he’s not actually a professional


Take some blue pills.

Sparky Sr

I agree with Putin…
A good pat on the back by a high open window works for me…
These DS people are pure evil.