Special Forces Raid Biden Beach House


Not long after a story about classified documents being found at an old D.C. office used by then-Vice President Joseph Biden hit the news, U.S. Special Forces raided one of three Delaware properties owned by the illegitimate president and his wife, Jill, sources in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

The house was dark and appeared vacant when Special Forces at 2:30 a.m. approached the multimillion-dollar estate from the beachfront side of the property. They disabled a wireless alarm and used glass cutters to remove windows on the lower floor to gain entry, our source added. Having tactically cleared the residence room-by-room to ensure no threats were present, the team began rifling through belongings in search of not only illicitly kept documents, but also proof the Bidens had used the home as a “love nest” to sexually groom, molest, and rape underage children.

“We had sufficient cause to believe unspeakable things happened to children in that home, recently. I can’t elaborate on probable cause now,” our source said.

Although Special Forces found no visible evidence of child sex crimes, they did find a closet full of clothes “a 10-year-old might wear.” The unworn shirts and shorts hung on hangers and still had price and size stickers affixed. The mishmash of kaleidoscopic apparel appeared contemporary, ruling out the possibility that Joe and Jill had years ago bought them for Ashley, Bo, or Hunter. Several pair of child-size sneakers lay on the closet floor, as well as boxed toys like Legos and board games, all unopened, sealed in shrink wrap.

Special Forces seized electronic devices—cell phones, laptops, and an iPad—from the master bedroom. In a night table drawer, they discovered several handwritten journals Jill Biden had authored; the dated entries stretched from July 2012 – September 2022. While leafing through one, the Special Forces officer-in-command came across a perplexing memoir she had penned on April 15, 2021. It was a eulogy—to her husband.

“Sometimes I miss you, but not often anymore. You’re gone but still here, physical manifestations plaguing my dreams and haunting me when I’m awake. So, this is my price, costly. Only death, when it arrives, will finally free me,” part of it read.

A day later she wrote, “One day I’m going to tell the world about him. One of these days I’ll tell the world who O. really is.”

Special Forces, our source said, spent an hour scouring the home, taking what they deemed crucial evidence, before egressing the area. Our source would not share operational details such as how they arrived at or left the beach, and he refused to entertain our speculation. Nor would he say weather the raid was a direct response to yesterday’s news of Biden’s irresponsible handling of classified documents that should have been surrendered to the National Archives years ago.

Unlike President Trump, then-Vice President Biden had no authority to declassify documents of national importance. That power resides in only the President of the United States.

Our source said U.S. Army Cyber Command will review the seized laptops, and that he’ll provide updates when appropriate.

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horse hay cost


Trying to find the cost of horse hay.


This is a super hot topic now 1/17/23. It’s not going away and I can’t wait to hear more here beause I really feel we can trust MB.


I would love to watch this guy swing!!! I bet it will be quite the fight to get him on the platform. Good luck in HELL !!!


Careful with any potential Encryption this time around on those Devices.


Michael, quick question: Are the classified docs coming out that “Biden” has in his possession a result of the military raid? It’s hilarious that the MSM is painting the picture of his lawyers doing the honorable thing & reporting they’ve been found!


Can’t Biden be arrested for any crimes he has committed? He certainly can be impeached, except that isn’t really Biden. This is a double. What are the laws regarding someone pretending to be the President or Vice President?


There aren’t any. The state would have to confirm their existence, make it public information.
That ain’t going to happen.

Even Stalin has 12 body doubles.

It blows me away that it’s not common knowledge already, but, the people are retarded.


Jill Biden is Joes Mossad “Handler” The fact that she is still alive after they found an underground labrynthe of child sex slaves under his compound in Ukraine is proof that the white hats are led by the Haavara coin Nazis.


We all know “O” is the devil incarnate. Hussein.


You really believe that?

If you do then you probably believe his ‘opposite’ is also on planet.

How about that?


Biden’s Injustice Dept just appointed Hur, a chinese, to oversee the classified documents Biden gave to the communist Chinese! Hur said he plans to “conduct the assigned investigation with fair, impartial, and dispassionate judgment.” What a joke, what arrogance.


Only going to be another cover up


Sean Hannity: Classified docs found at Biden office bought and paid for by China
Biden is a traitor to the country. He should be arrested, tried, and hung as a traitor publicly.


“Sometimes I miss you, but not often anymore. You’re gone but still here, physical manifestations plaguing my dreams and haunting me when I’m awake. So, this is my price, costly. Only death, when it arrives, will finally free me,” part of it read.
A day later she wrote, “One day I’m going to tell the world about him. One of these days I’ll tell the world who O. really is.” I have been trying to make sense of these statements since I read them. You’re gone but still here…..does that mean the pedophile is on life support being kept alive by the DS goons? She can physically see the dog, but there is really nothing there. Is she speaking of his “death” freeing her or her own death? To me, there is no doubt that she is talking about Obama in that last sentence. Apparently, she knows who and what he really is and we were all right about him all along. Lord let all of this evil keep coming to light.


Funny that these people raided PedoJoes beach house and now they found a 2nd batch of classified documents….hmmmm….. Maybe all this isn’t fake after all


I am hurting.


The only truth, We the American People, learned is how the desperate communist deep state fakes the American people out by use of a collection of cloned and hired human actor doppelgangers.


Remember when President Trump said that “Joe’s shot?”
Remember when Hunter had that illegal gun?
Wonder if the two are connected?


Good question. Problem is, Hunter was hanged.


That entry in Jill’s diary is a duh moment for most of us, isn’t it? Why doesn’t the military not know that ain’t teh real Joe out there lying his ass off & looking like a fool every day?


It’s heartening to know that the White Hats have the fake Prez, Joe exactly where the want him, under their prying eyes.

Jose Ramirez

Kill him!!!!! He is not the president, he is a criminal . Trump 2023.


Another laptop.


Did anyone notice Jill Biden said in a eulogy to her husband?“Sometimes I miss you, but not often anymore. You’re gone but still here, physical manifestations plaguing my dreams and haunting me when I’m awake. So, this is my price, costly. Only death, when it arrives, will finally free me,” part of it read. So why would she write something like that if the real Joe Biden were here? Perhaps she is sad that his clone is here and he is not the real president.

Michael R Davis

The actor or double playing Resident Biden is probably a very irritating personalty to her. Clones are nonsense. To be an actor with a mask or a double with a similar face, the physique, the height, weight, voice, eyes, ears, skull must be similar. Arnold Swarzennegger with a Biden mask would not be very convincing.


Biden is so busted, thanks be to God.

voice of one

“O” (bama)???


ron desantis is a RINO.




Without any question.


This dude is a useless worthless know nothing do nothing corrupt evil SOB. A Treasonist ready to be executed, hang this SOB now! Whether he’s the real biden or a body double. Hang them anyway.


…….AND DR.JILL ????


She’s a hoe.

Michael R Davis

Jill does not look like the real Jill. Maybe she had a facelift for the role of 1st lady. The diary is probably the real Jill. The current Jill may have never visited the raided home.


Masked actor or CGI.


Just an old hoe.


An old hoe would never cheat on Gropey Joe. He will never allow that. He can molest, sexually penetrate and abuse any underage female he wants, but he will never allow his wife to cheat on him with another man. Some people get the mentality, “I am the only one allowed to be the cheater in this family and nobody else.” How arrogant of him.


Post Dispatch 01/11/22: The Pentagon dropped its Covid vax mandate Tuesday but a memo by Austin gives discretion on deployment of vax/not vax troops. He said the Pentagon will continue to promote and encourage Covid-19 shots.

Dave Smith

Hi I was just thinking that maybe that people that have been in the hospital for what ever procedure. That may have been given the vaccine shot with out there knowledge or consent. Maybe they where put under
.and family was not allowed in. I’m asking for some kinda test too see if they had been vaccinated with out there permission. If anyone knows of this test they could share this information with us all .Thank you and God bless us all Amen.

Sue Grantham

excellent news. Thank you Michael


Obviously Joe is a masterful & very cunning child pervert, we all know that. We have to consider that these child items found scattered all over the home could be their grand kids’ stuff. Joe & Jill have 7 grandchildren.


His beach house backs up to the Lewes / Rehoboth Canal…

John .S

Alleged Q-drop posted:


Buzz, Air traffic halted, alleged FAA glitch.

John .S

Currently at JFK mail facility 11430, not a jet in the sky [unusual sight].

Jets always scream over Rockaway Blvd, and Conduit Ave, in 5 minute intervals, as of now [8:40] nothing.

NYC news radio says: FAA down untill 9am.


I live near the N Charleston SC airport. There were jets landing almost all night. Never heard so much before. The airport last flights are usually around 11 or 12 pm. Something big about to happen? The airport shut down this morning was probably a test of some sort. Just guessing.

David Hoffer

back to normal again. jim watkins snubbed as q once more

Michael R Davis

Every flight across US grounded due to computer system glitch
The Federal Aviation Administration said it was working to restore its Notice to Air Missions system which alerts pilots of potential hazards along a flight route. Some 4,948 flights within, into or out of the US have been delayed, according to a flight tracking website, and 868 cancelled.

All outbound flights were grounded until around 9am Eastern Time (2pm GMT) as the Federal Aviation Administration worked to restore its Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) system, which alerts pilots of potential hazards along a flight route.

As of 3pm GMT 4,948 flights within, into or out of the US have been delayed, according to flight tracker FlightAware.com, while 868 have been cancelled. Most delays were concentrated along the East Coast.

“Normal air traffic operations are resuming gradually across the US following an overnight outage to the Notice to Air Missions system that provides safety info to flight crews,” the FAA said.

“The ground stop has been lifted. We continue to look into the cause of the initial problem.” SkyNews

Michelle Armstrong

In case ypu dont know all drugs have 2 names. One is the generic version so Remdesivere ( hwvr its spelled) has another name & I cant recall the name at the moment. Just want everybody to be aware cuz theyve been using the generic now maybe cuz so much heat is on the Remdesivere.

Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

The diary entry by ” DR. ” Jill , I would guess , as speaking to the Original Creepy Sleepy Hair Sniffer Serial Groper Basement Dweller Big Guy Hairy Legs Joe ! Jill , DOCTOR , would probably not even bother to write to the clone now posing as the former husband of DR. Jill ……Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195


brain twisting fuckery

FTX and the Curious History of Farmington State Bank

Lorenz Manner

According to what we read here and is written by Jill the illegitimate Biden is no more. He is just a shadow of the real one that was executed long ago. The clue given by Jill is to pay attention to. Very soon something unexpected will happen.

Steve East

How do you blow your nose … when you are wearing a hollywood mask?

Sharon Janice Manning

Good grief! I hadn’t thought of that. I did wonder how he scratches an itch.


All of western civilization has been dominated by American lunatics for decades and decades. Europe has no independent countries. It’s all being run from the USA seemingly, or rather from DC and New York. You can’t expect independent action from slaves.


Chris Salcedo quote “i believe the whole democratic party is compromised”.. VERY TRUE.. they want OPEN BORDERS!! THEY ARE all communists, globalists.. HOW MANY ARE BORN IN FOREIGN COMPANIES AND WORKING FOR ???? THEY ARE INVADERS AND ANTI AMERICANS!!! all of THEM!! FTX/SOROS INSTALLED SLUGS!!!


I will forever be with my military -1776, constitutional law. Our military is WE THE PEOPLE Of THE Constitution . Thank you to all of the forces who serve humanity..Believe me, you will NEVER be forgotten,


Demons walking around. Oh, yes. Turn to the left. Turn to the right. You probably saw one.


Now I would not want to play around with NESARA GESARA. Not even DJT knows when it will be executed. There are highers of the highers and we don’t know their names.Where do they live?


Some of it is happening now. Payouts have begun. Eliminating the IRS and Fed Taxes is part of it The fall of governments is a big part.

Samantha Whitson

Would be interested to know exactly why it was used, or who ( I do realize M.Baxter was quoting a source) used the term “love nest” to describe a location where children have been “sexually groomed, molested, and raped”. Such heinous crimes against our most innocent, defenseless humans surely has NOTHING to with the words “love” or “nest”.
House of horrors or perhaps CRIME SCENE, at the very least, would have been appropriate. Language is important, imho.
Consider how the enemy has been using language all along to desensitize people to the sick & wrong idea that children having sexual relations with ANYONE AT ALL is somehow natural/positive/helpful to their development, etc. Nothing could be further from the truth! We need only take a cursory look at the NAMBLA website to observe the pathetic, vile attempt at normalizing the sexualization of our children. May God have mercy, as the saying goes- we surely will NOT.


What I notice is that any kind of gentle humanitarian comments are so swiftly acknowledged with negativity and hostility.

Bill Kaulfield

Fuck you.




Let’s play the game of love


Reverse engineering.


That wasn’t nice Bill


Please Bill


What do you want,Bill?


Gay sex?




Are you going too respond?

Bill Kaulfield



He can’t talk with his mouth full.


Fuck you too!


Don’t see much from the “squad” any more. Where is Maxine the angry gorilla? I think so many have been arrested and we’re not being told.


I pray and hope Diamond is still alive somewhere, it is hard to accept she passed 🙏
Maybe she enter a witness protection. In this movement so much is happening we don’t know, and it creates lot of distrust and despair.

Last edited 1 year ago by Success
Dave Smith

Who are you talking about? Can anybody ahead some light on this..thank you


We have seen “deaths” like this for a few years now. My first reaction was this story was a cover of her entering Witness Protection by the White Hats. I hope I am right.Those we think are dead … many are alive. Those we think are alive … many are dead.


I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. I cant understand how people cant see that the man most people think is Joe Biden is not him. Im talking about prominent conservative figures like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carleson and Mark Levin.
All you need to do is compare older pics of him and look at the ears and the eyes. The fake we have now has an attached earlobe. Real Biden had a normal ear. Also real Bidens head was broader.
Clearly not the same man. When will the truth come out finally? Im getting impatient.


check out our local Kent Reporter “crime blotter” in Wa state.. just a sampling” carjackings, home invasions, gas station robberies, shootings, drug raids, etc..
No amount of policing seems to deter these ongoing crimes.. Maybe a “pause” in flooding us with illegals/refugees? immigrants?? when our local community is in dire social unrest and breakdown of law and order. BUT NO,.. drop AFGAN diaspora, sanctuary city allows NO DEPORTATIONS, and the garbage, drugs, riff raff continues to DESTROY this once sleep suburb of Seattle.. It is like a third world GHETTO.. United Nations REFUGEE camp DROPPED in our lap. and we live in FEAR!! they will continue to TARGET white, middle class and easy prey older folks. I am mid 50’s white woman and afraid to go for a walk down the street. I am a minority in my own COUNTRY!! thanks to UNITED NATIONS NGO”s UNLIMITED FLOOD of 3rd WORLD POVERTY folks pouring in.


Like I said earlier there is only one person who can delete a post, and he deleted mine but kept delavics who is nothing but a spammer. This is the third time my posts have been deleted, and there was nothing offensive or vulgar about them. You can see the deletion points where they were. Micheal Baxter why don’t you fix your second rate site before you start ragging on an innocent poster.

Michael R Davis

Have you checked in reverse using ‘newest’? Some of my posts take up to several hours to appear, especially when RRN is under heavy Deep-State attack. When they do appear, sometimes they already have dislikes or likes, so obviously others see them before I do.


Seattle.. Open borders. sanctuary city.. illegals get driver’s licenses, refugees and asylym seekers are proliferating at rapid pace… So much for Diversity is Our Strength.. ANOTHER COMMUNIST LIE!

Mohamed Yusuf, 20, faces charges of vehicular homicide and felony hit-and-run for the July 15 crash that killed 63-year-old Robert ‘Robb’ Mason near the West Seattle Bridge.


Remember the crash in the 1920’s when people jumped to their deaths? That’s how I feel but I wouldn’t do it that way. I’m very close.Wish I had a friend.


Oh grow up and stop the Drama Queen act.


Live in my shoes

Dave Smith

You need too call a hotline as soon as possible..
Or find a family member or friends too talk too. Or just post your email or phone number here soo you can get some help

All lives matter equally. Please seek out some help.


Thank you my dear friend.


My sentiments exactly!

American Living in Canada

Same here.