Biden’s CIA Responsible for Brazil Riots


The Biden regime’s Central Intelligence Agency is responsible for instigating protests that rocked Brasília in the aftermath of a contentious election between the incumbent, conservative Jair Bolsonaro, and his opponent, liberal Leftist Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who emerged victorious. Purported pro-Bolsonaro supporters stormed Congress, the Supreme Court and presidential palace Sunday, protesting what they deemed a crooked election. The demonstrators bypassed security barricades, climbed on roofs, smashed windows, and invaded all three buildings, which were believed to be largely vacant on the weekend. Some of the demonstrators called for a military intervention to either restore Bolsonaro to power or oust Lula from the presidency.

Lula in a news conference accused Bolsonaro of using his “fascist fanatics” to destabilize the government.

Sound familiar?

White Hats at U.S. Army Cyber Command, Fort Gordon, told Real Raw News that the criminal CIA put “hundreds of assets” in Brazil ahead of the election with the intent of sowing discord among the country’s conservative voters. Their goals included fomenting distrust in Brazil’s election process and convincing the world that a timid Bolsonaro had fled Brazil for shelter at President Donald J. Trump’s Florida Mar-a-Lago estate, an allegation our sources there have refuted.

Our source said Cyber Command began intercepting CIA chatter months before the election. High-ranking CIA personnel discussed sending agent provocateurs to Brazil before Lula defeated Bolsonaro, suggesting the agency lacked foreknowledge of the outcome. Nonetheless, the agency strengthened its presence in Brazil—a costly operation—in anticipation of Bolsonaro’s defeat. Agents, our source said, were tasked with insinuating themselves into Brazil’s conservative base to “stir shit up,” to convince people that if Bolsonaro lost, Luna must have cheated his way to victory.

“From what we know, the CIA sent 500 agents to Brazil. Just to be upfront here, we don’t know if the election was rigged, and that’s not our concern. What we do know is that if Bolsonaro lost, the CIA was very interested in creating a Jan 6-style event in Brasilia and tangentially linking it to President Trump,” our source said.

Shortly after Lula declared himself the victor and Bolsonaro said he’d skip his opponent’s inauguration, the CIA began feeding disinformation to its MSM co-conspirators, saying a fearful Bolsonaro caught the first flight to Florida to pal around with President Trump. They’ve also said he’s hiding somewhere in Orlando.

“The CIA, at the bequest of Biden, wants the MSM to believe that Trump and Bolsonaro worked together to stage a revolt in Brazil. The CIA’s goal isn’t to reinstall Bolsonaro—the fake administration hates him—but to further malign President Trump by insinuating that he’s meddling in foreign affairs. That’s how desperate the Deep State is to get Trump out of the picture. They’ll stop at nothing,” our source said.

Irrespective of Bolsonaro’s whereabouts, Democrats on Sunday called on Joseph Biden to extradite him back to Brazil to stand trial for “inciting an insurrection.” Biden responded by calling Bolsonaro an enemy of democracy and saying he looked forward to working with Brazil’s new progressive government.

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There is a replica of Solomons temple in Sao paulo, Brazil under it is a base that could hold 5,000 Nazis. (Fake jews like haavara coin nazis)

Robert James

It sounds like the CIA finally went too far. The Deep State shot itself in foot, again.


What more proof does the country need that the physical removal of Joe Biden from any power position, needs to be facilitated and soon.

Afshin Nejat

Is this the mileage one gets out of Marine boots on the ground in Langley? Like the rest of the swamp Trump installed, there has been no serious change in the power architecture. It has even continued its operations in other countries even as it does so here. “Do you see a pattern”? Do you? Edward Bernays mean anything to you? Sigmund Frued? Psychotronics? MK-ULTRA? Hollywood and NASA? Mass Media-driven social engineering augmented and operated by means of and as inspired by the forementioned? As far as I’m concerned your entire strategy and results are “MIA”.

Stinky Perfume

So the Indians were not real Indians at the Boston Tea Party. The old impersonation thing. They go out dressed up like who they want to blame and make trouble for. They have enough mafia connections to get out of jail soon after while innocents get locked up just for being the opposition.

Watch who stays locked up the longest because there’s a pattern there along with repeat murder offenders they let out that shouldn’t have got out, and some who never get caught maybe because they were funded.

Political opposition involves prison. Prison was created in such a way that communication with prisoners is very difficult. The phones are limited on minutes allowed. People can’t have a pen, just a pencil and stamps and envelopes can be difficult to get.

They kind of lock people up and throw away the key to outside communication. It’s bottlenecked in the law and people are herded through the system. It’s too expensive for a court date and it’s set up where only richer people are doing law. So they own or find a way to control all the lawyers, like they control the jab stabbers and migrants. They pay and tempt and corral them.

We have an evil system which is being said to boil down to reptilians getting let on earth by the demons on earth. The greys are said to be all robots that work for the reptilians. All this is going to have to get explained and sorted out including spaceships because surely at the spaceship level they don’t need to lie unless desperately living as predators on human blood. So they can’t talk like we have a surface dweller only game anymore because of devils, demons, vampires, clones, Annunaki…and swamp creatures. MSM controlling all tv and news media due to ownership by certain kinds of jews, Ashkenazi or Kharzian….The list goes long with secret entities, secret groups.

Laws. Who can get into these Brazilian jails and track all these names and people

Lady Hermann

I keep hearing, “Patriots need to stand up and protest” yet when we do we can look forward to CIA and FBI trying to take us out. #Alliance… time to state the plan, not just let it run for honestly you do not look like you know what you are doing.

Peter Lewis

I am so ashamed of the country that I served 6 years in the Navy during Vietnam for. The rest of the world now hates my country and I understand why. Americans are complacent and lazy. We are just fine with having our elections stolen and being lied to on a daily basis. All we do, just like Trump, is complain and never do anything positive to take our country back.

Bev Kungl

The corrupt Biden government needs to keep their big fat noses out of other countries business.

David Hoffer

Diamond took the jab!


When I tried to login yesterday both the Opera & the Safari browsers said they could not connect to the server. Normally when I get that message I just keep refreshing the browser & after a couple tries it let me in. But not yesterday.

I guess they were pretty serious about preventing this particular story from getting out.

However when I walked over to my windows computer I was able to get in through both Chrome & Opera on the windows machine on the first try.

Therefore Apple themselves are in on blocking this site – when the only way I can get into this site is by switching to a windows system. Today I’m on my Mac Studio & got in on the first try with an artificially slow load time
(not uncommon loading slow on this site when they are blocking it but when they are not the load time is instant)
but I still got in so it looks like their DDOS attack has failed but they’re still messing with routing diversions & obstructions to slow people down.

But that all seems to be coming from Apple’s network because I’m not getting that from my windows machine but am logging into the same data provider. That’s pretty conclusive that Apple is filtering & blocking traffic & reporting that it “can’t find the server”.

Michael if you’re reading this you may have a case against Apple because this is a pretty conclusive test with the only variable being the OS I’m using to log in. Also Democrats are almost entirely apple users.

I’ve never met one that doesn’t prefer apple. I’m guessing (with very good evidence for probably cause) that Apple is involved in the attacks preventing people from accessing RRN. (this may be why a percentage of Apple users seem to be in a cult of some sort should you ever criticize Apple in their presence)

Being a long time, but retired IT professional & troubleshooter extrordianare I’d take a serious look at this because, you’ve got 3 years to sue them if they haven’t violated the constitution & longer if they have. Also others may actually find the evidence & if you’ve already collected yours you’ll have no problem leveraging the success of others who are also identifying the espionage they are committing against our businesses & storing the evidence for potential future use.

The environment for suing right now is pretty rough but if you spend a little bit of time gathering evidence & proving what’s being done & especially by who, you may have a slam dunk case by the time this is over. If patriots win – which I believe they will – you my be in a place for a massive legal victory down the road when the dust clears.

It’s cheap to be ready in case there’s an opportunity to jump into a class action suit or champion your own. I seriously hope they are reading this & begin to consider how many thousands of businesses that they have been, and are, cheating out of traffic they both deserve & have a right to its unhindered transmission.

We are being forced to overcome our enemies in the courts – which are beginning to straighten out nicely with almost *485* confirmed Trump appointed justices on the various benches – 234 of them being article III judgeships, 54 federal judges, 174 district court justices including 3 Supreme Court judges, & 20 other judgeships in various courts. Trump really had his priorities straight when it came to deciding what was most important during his highly opposed & obstructed presidency.

David Hoffer

“Being a long time, but retired IT professional & troubleshooter extrordianare”

“Apple network”

lmao. you know nothing jon snow


Amazing find. Thanks!


Did you all notice the Masonic 3 everywhere since the NFL ritual?


Dear Lord, expose every bit of this wicked plot and may the MSM speak the truth in spite of themselves! Please save BRASILIA in Jesus Name, Amen




Don’t let them get by with this. I am very disappointed in our cia.

Mark David

NESARA directs the entire government to step down, and for new elections to be held within 120 days of its start . We are already in that 120-day window. The politicians are, as part of the US Military’s Plan, simply displaying their treachery to the American People (whether they want to or not). I would like to see the next phase be fully released to help all Americans. I DO trust the Plan. Thank You President Trump and US Military for all you have done, and are still doing, for all of US.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark David
robin earl redwine

so what is the end date so i can laugh at you and call you a grifter when nothing happens. 120 days and we are aready started. lets call today day 1. so 119 days from now this will be over….

you wanta bet?

Smokey Stover

NESARA has been “coming” for more than two years now and every week it’s delayed for a few more days or weeks for some bullshit reason. It’s a scam. Charlie Ward is a con man. You’ve been had. Let it go.


If you don’t think that the same playbook was used in Brazil as in DC, you deserve to be ignorant and if clot shot to the hilt one doctor said 5-7 years will see deaths and severe and permanent affects of the shots
Can’t stand the sheep le anymore

Desert Rat

And of course, Biden’s CIA had nothing to do with January 6th, 2021! Per MSM that is beyond consideration. The White Hats will soon mop up this mess, one way or another.

robin earl redwine

# shoon #2weeks # thesame people who allowed 2/3 the population to be murdered are gonnA save us # VERY SHOON.


There is a replica Solomons Temple in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Below it is an underground labrynth that will house 50,000 NAZIs (fake jews)


Barbara Lernor Spectre will proudly tell you who is behind the border crises. It is no secret that Lucifer/Antichrist desires to reign from Israel. Israel is desperately trying to destroy America so that it can become the worlds super power. (2 Esdra 11, Hosea 11 say they wont be sucessful)
Israel has been trying for the longest to get practicing American Jews to make Aliyah to Israel. Problem is none of them want to. So Israel & Talpiot Unit 8200 are trying to depreciate America in every conceivable to make the American Jews to Israel. The Jews in New York moved to Florida instead. The Jews in California moved to Texas instead. Their are enemies foreign and domestic. Why are Russians in Russia “BAD” but Russians in Israel and Living in America and running the Talpiot program “GOOD” such hypocrisy.

Martin Kohler

This website is getting stranger and stranger.

Linda Chambers


Smokey Stover

You ain’t kidding. A little scary too. These people are loose in society

Sandy Koufax

White Hats at U.S. Army Cyber Command, Fort Gordon, told Real Raw News, that, Just to be upfront here, we don’t know if the election in Brazil was rigged, and that’s not our concern. Really? Not your concern? It obviously wasn’t the White Hats concern in the USA either.

David Hoffer

we didn’t tell him that

Robert Ford

Using the model of Jan 6, all the CIA has to do is copy and paste a few documents, rinse, and repeat. They’ll probably get away with it down there also.


Do you realize that those who follow RRN are the 3 letter agencies and are following you also?


The announcement which we are all awaiting for to save foreclosure, debt and hunger is but a dream. You can make it happen. NESARA is real. We can make it happen!

David Hoffer


robin earl redwine

lying to decent folks makes you an evil grifter

Smokey Stover

No it isn’t.

American Living in Canada

Wonder what the signal is going to be when the switch is going to be flipped? We diffidently can’t have a “missed it by that much” moment.

David Hoffer



There will be a time when NESARA GESARA will be announced. Of course we can’t let the darks know when…oops

David Hoffer


robin earl redwine

who specifically is going to announce that? the same people that just allowed 2/3 the population to be potentially murdered?

v.t.rodriguez, st

When are Fake Joe Biden and Obama, going to be picked up and sent to GITMO TO STAND TRIAL???? Cut the Head of the snakes, problems solved.

Sharon Janice Manning

They aren’t really the heads. They are being controlled.

Sandy Koufax

Nobody’s irreplaceable. It’s been reported that the White Hats have abducted and executed numerous individuals and, from my perspective, there is no discernable difference in how the government functions.

David Hoffer

source at fort gordon tell me you’re gay


Good luck!


The dark only wants you to see darkness. In reality it is the light that is all available for you now..The fake world is dissipating. ALL government is corrupt. All that you thought was the truth is inverted. So reverse engineer it…then the truth will become known.


The dark want to get our” loosh” Which is perpetuated by fear, anger, hopelessness, etc. That’s where they get their energy. Also, by using adrenochrome they try to get our energy from our GOD… certainly not their fabricated one. Yep, they have lost the battle BUT will continue to feed off the ones who remain ignorant.

David Hoffer

” loosh” 

robin earl redwine

so 2 weeks? its a shame that 2/3 the population wont be here to see this great awakening bc drump killed them them


The CIA even brought in another shaman wearing horns, this one wearing the colours of Brazil instead of the USA. How obvious can it get.


The C.I.A. uniform for protests, lol. Too obvious!

David T

No kidding?! Probably the same goon with a costume update.

Michael Tiner

Looking more & more like a big con game to drive the Patriots into starting a Civil war. If white hats are in control, why is the deep state getting their way in practically everything… Supreme court rejects the Brunson case.. etc. Taking extensive time to get them all is getting very old!!!!!! Time to put up or shut up!

Last edited 1 year ago by Michael Tiner
Hold The Light

They’ll argue that it’s all “Part of the Plan” to expose the corruption. Meanwhile millions are suffering, dying, losing their homes, jobs… at the cost of their “Plan”. I really don’t care that they’ve “caught them all” and that we’re watching a movie. Tell that to the people who are losing their homes and loved ones. “Hey, it’s all just a movie! Want some popcorn?”

I’m sure the swamp goes deep but I don’t see the key players being taken down publicly. Their clones keep the shit show going. Trust me when I say that this is NOT waking anybody up. At some point every single “White Hat” will have to justify sacrificing millions of people for the sake of “The Plan”.

robin earl redwine

accurate post.. except there are no white hats.

if they havt spoken the truth publicly about 9/11 or vaccines they arent on your side.

Hold The Light

That’s a logical conclusion from a subjective standpoint (and one I tend to agree with) but given how much information has been withheld from the population about almost everything for centuries, who really knows what’s happening behind the scenes? It would not surprise me one bit if the “White Hats” had their own agenda and it wasn’t for the highest good of humanity.

Which is why I keep saying that it’s up to each and every one of us to stand up against the corruption and tyranny and do our part in this war. I’m not talking about violence. I’m talking about non-compliance in a quiet and determined way. We the people outnumber the DS and the military. People need to stop being cowards and stand up for themselves. Rewards are given to those who have earned it, not to those who sit back and wait for someone else to save them.

If we the people were to show them all that we’re willing to step up and do our part in making this a better world, maybe that’s exactly what would get whatever good guys are left in the military to step in. They could be waiting for *us* for all we know!

45 4Ever

I guess evil protects evil!! But I’m hopeful God has a purpose and a plan.. God please continue to protect us, your children! 🙏🏼 🇺🇸

David Hoffer


robin earl redwine

i guess god forget about the children being raped tortured and eaten in the dumbs or the 2/3 population that just took drumps death jab.

did they not pray hard enough?

Ruby Kennard

Of course Biden supports Lula in Brazile. He’s another ‘selected’ leader such as Biden, Chavez, Zelensky, and others to lead the world into the One World Order. This won’t stop until the CIA & WEF are dismantled and lose power. This is the confrontation between good and evil. There’s nothing new under the sun. We’re reliving Biblical history which is a new era of reality. Almighty God is in control of this war and HE will win. We’re transitioning from the ‘Church age’ into the ‘Kingdom’ age. It is written that God will separate His sheep nations from the goat nations. God didn’t bring us this far to abandon us, now. We cannot serve two masters. We must walk by faith NOT by sight. Almighty God will deliver HIS children in HIS time. Abba-God, strengthen our faith that we may endure this battle to occupy our place in His kingdom, soon to come. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

David Hoffer



Why is *anyone* in the CommunistIA, FBInstigation and Injustice Dept still walking around free?? Why?

Are the white hats in any form of control whatsoever?

Also, Trump aint gettin any younger..

David Hoffer

trump has the diabeetus


Bolsonaro is in the US he’s in a hospital in FL due to problems with a blockage caused by a knife wound he received in 2018:
Reuters: Bolsonaro has been hospitalized multiple times in recent years with gut blockages after being stabbed while campaigning for the presidency in 2018.

David Hoffer

or, heidi’s cooking!

Eric S

I’m truly sick of all these games being played with people life.


You do not storm buildings to make politicians listen to you. You ignore them.


Agens of Provocation. Ever heard of them? They are everywhere working for one boss.


Agents I meant, lol.

robin earl redwine

lmao… yeah ignoring them has worked well in the past. try ignoring the irs or fema. they will put a bullet in your head or lock you in a cage.


Lofgren and Leahy Introduce Bicameral Refugee Protection Act of 2022Open Borders Communists FLOODING US WITH REFUGEES.. they don’t give a SHIT about Americans.. they are catering to foreigners.. GLOBALIST FCKS!!!


SHUT THE FUCKING DOORS!! NO MORE RANDOMS FROM 3rd WORLD who eventually RUN FOR OFFICE AND TURN INTO ANTI AMERICAN COMMUNISTS WHO HATE AMERICANS AND AMERICA!!! ALA democratic party.. look how many are BORN IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES!! invaders using our system to game us INTO destruction!! replacing us with foreigners who are anti American… LOOK AT DEARBORN MICHIGAN>. COMING TO A TOWN NEAR YOU!!! they are WHITE FLIGHTING US OUT OF OUR OWN COUNTRY!!!


So true. It is happening in Canada as well. With Dominion voting machines we cannot change the playbook. So illegals come in. I believe they will take up arms against citizens in both countries. They are getting all the hand-outs while the homeless get nothing and low-income families get nothing. It is a recipe for civil war, divide and conquer.

Smokey Stover

Jesus, calm down.


I am going to throw up. We have no government. All these people and names are insignificant as to what is REALLY taking place.


Does Ray Epps speak Spanish? The SAME exact playbook they used on Jan. 6th!!! How original. And yet the brainwashed MSM viewers are blind.

Sandy Thomas



Brazilian Portuguese. My apologies. Is Ray Epps fluent in Brazilian Portuguese?


1917 Russia :
Operation – Trust

2023 U.S.A. :
Operation – Trust The Plan

White Hats = Animal Farm ?
Q = Stand Down Psy-Op ?
SCOTUS/Brunson = Demoralization Op ?

Last edited 1 year ago by Pialee
robin earl redwine

of course and the vaccine injured retards here are literally too stupid to see it.


Troll / Shill

robin earl redwine

fake name coward. cunt. im not the one hiding behind an alias


“Speaker” McCarthy’s income is a million bucks a month. WOWEE he’s as smart an investor as McConnell, Pelosi, Feinstein and and and…… 98% of congress!!! President Trump, “It’s called Insider Trading” Has anyone got a photo of Kevin’s ankle monitor? …Nancy Drew Telegram



Smokey Stover

The court refused to grant certiorari, which means they won’t hear it and the case is effectively dead. End of story.


why arent the fake biden and his admin arrested and his cia..get rid of the fraudulant government, have the white hats arrest them all.

been there

A Twitta Post has him in Orlando with a Crowd

Lux aeterna

You meant to say, at the behest of Biden, not at the bequest if Biden.

Country Girl

Never forget McCarthy attended Biden’s bash, when Nancy was arrested. Of course, they say he’s easy to oust if need be, with the new rules.

Debra Rudolph

Ah, Lula must have been Hitlers friend.


Why would the powers that be want to discredit the riots in Brazil. Are they concerned it will happen in America as the people start to see that the white hats are vapor.


FJB & Zelenskyyyyyy & Ukraine


If the White Hats from the U.S. Army Cyber Command, Fort Gordon have known about this maneuver for a long time, why didn’t the Trump Clone, who knew what was coming, react in time?
Answer: because again this production victimized the beloved and esteemed Trump the Clone,
and raised his score so that gullible Americans would vote for him again.
  Question for the Gray Straw Hats: if the Trump Clone was in Guantanamo to see the drunk whore Pelosi, why didn’t they check him to see if he was a clone or a HUMAN, based on the clues they now know?
Because the Gray Straw Hats are also part of the controlled Opposition without the soldiers who risk their lives knowing this. Only the commanders who send them to death know it.
If he had checked it then, now the Trump Clone should be in Guantanamo tortured until he tells the truth, but he is not there because everything is a show of bad taste for the gullible.
  The Supreme Court voted 5 to 4 to cancel the elections in the Communist Republic of America in 2020. Where is the Trump Clone going to take over the presidency?
Did he also hide in Zug, Switzerland with the Rockefeller and Rothschild reptiles?
Lies for suckers!!! Fried Fish Hats…
  In Europe, the celebration of the end of the Kabbalah EXTERMINATION of the reptiles and the Khazarian Mafia has begun, against the will of the Trump Clones.
What is happening with the Trump Clone, the Cabal, NATO, the CIA, and other satanic organizations specific to the USA, Babylon, is no longer relevant.

Until the Americans start the inevitable civil war, V. Putin will finish the EXTERMINATION of the Jiivines who fled from the USA, etc. and are hidden in their Jiivine caves. Edgar Cayse was perfectly right: America will disappear under the water.


Are you saying Trump has been cloned? What happened to the real Trump?


You are new on our street…
He was killed in October 1989 and replaced by clones every two years.

robin earl redwine

i dont if thats true or not…. i know hes not the same ” person who railed against vaccines in 2014.

robin earl redwine

way way too much truth and logic for trust the plan retards. they are so stupid they actually think someone who allowed 2/3 of the planet to be murdered is going to save the planet.