Biden Promises Zelenskyy a “Stake in the United States”


Illegitimate President Joseph R. Biden has promised Volodymyr Zelenskyy “a stake in the United States” as a reward for “staying the course,” according to audio Russia’s Federal Service Bureau (FSB) obtained shortly after Biden’s fake Air Force One landed in Kyiv Monday morning. The unannounced 5-hour stopover took place immediately after the criminal president and his entourage visited Poland.

While criminals Biden and Zelenskyy toured the gold-domed St. Michael’s Cathedral, President Trump in Florida received an urgent call from none other than Vladimir Putin, who said undercover intelligence agents in Kyiv had recorded a “dire” snippet of conversation that Trump had to hear at once, a Mar-a-Lago source told Real Raw News. On it, a man sounding like Biden said, “You know, pal, if we win, you’re getting a stake in the U.S. It’s all about staying the course, and we’ll do our part to make that happen,” to which Zelenskyy replied through a translator, “I’d expect nothing less.”

In a second conversational fragment, Biden said, “I’ve talked to [German Chancellor Olaf] Scholz and [French President Emmanuel] Macron. Any aid sent your way is yours to keep. Just don’t forget to keep making that ‘candy,’ friend.”

Candy is Biden’s codeword for adrenochrome, a pharmaceutical amalgam of adrenal fluid siphoned from frightened children and synthetic opiates such as fentanyl and oxycodone and a staple product among Deep State elites who claim it extends life, invigorates the senses, and enhances sexual prowess. Putin has been waging war against adrenochrome manufacturers in Ukraine.

Trump asked Putin why his men didn’t arrest or “deal with” Zelenskyy and Biden on the spot, killing two birds with one stone. Putin said his 2-man surveillance team was no match for Biden and Zelenskyy’s joint security force, which, Putin added, included at least 50 heavily armed American mercenaries.

“President Trump, we share much in common; you love your country and I love mine. These demons want to globalize both of our nations. Their only allegiance is to the pedophiles and the highest bidders. The evil one, Barack Hussein Obama, sold much of your country to China, and his slave now wants to sell the rest. If they come to Russia, they will fail. We will crush them,” Putin told Trump.

Trump acknowledged the concern, replying, “I understand, and we’re working hard here, very, very hard to fix all the damage, and it was a lot of damage, the likes of which no country has ever seen. You know I must be careful what I say.”

Fixing the damage was a reference to Deep State arrests and executions, our source later said.

“I admire the many tall buildings in the United States and yours in New York City. It would be a shame if Biden fell out of one,” Putin said, alluding to a spate of anti-Putin pedophiles who mysteriously fell from rooftops or windows. “We deal with these things differently.”

In closing, our source said Putin sent Trump a copy of the audio, which has been forwarded to U.S. Army Cyber Command for authentication.


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Michael R Davis

Bravo. Prayers answered. Well done fellow patriot.

Andi Kay



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mia moriarty

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Excellent! All these clowns do is muck it up.


So, you’re on OnlyFans?

mia moriarty

bidung could promise not to wet his pants but he still would


Bravo MB!!!!!!

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Darin Lee Menssen

Thank you Michael!


What a relief it will be. We will be able to speak properly to each other! Whew! Glad I made the cut! LOL


Thank you Mr. Baxter. I believe you are much loved. We appreciate you very much. God bless.

Marina Elena no entiendo porque

Exacto Sr. Saque toda.que solo basura opinan,UD,siga con valioso trabajo que hace.


Fair enough. However, idiocy is subjective and open to interpretation.

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David T

I have a question about Buck Fiden. It’s your call certainly. Did he just go away on his own volition or was he banned?


I miss Old Buck Fiden as he was pure genius!


That Duck Bufoon was a racist pig and good ridden


He was mainly trying to be snarky. Very few people are good at that, so I’d have given him a B for good effort.

You do know that accusing people of being *Raciis* is a worn SJW tactic, and Buck was aware of that tactic used by DS and virtue-signalers. Example: Buck was Jewish and his biggest thing was making fun of other Jews, so do I believe he was serious? No, not really,


He kept us going that’s for sure! lol🤣

Andi Kay

I miss him, too. I hope all is well with him.


When Buck was here before, he once mentioned having to spend a certain amount of time in a Half-Way house. I didn’t think he was joking. I also saw someone going by Buck as a commenter on The Unz Review articles for a couple months after he stopped posting here.


Maybe,,, He had to move,,, quick.


He most likely morphed into another name. We will know soon enough as he had a unique online personality.

Marina Elena no entiendo porque

Cierto .está en su derecho.

mia moriarty

here’s hoping you continue to”give many people a lot of rope”There is vehemence in many hearts on this site

CONservative DEMocrat

Minus for you. Are you foolishly operating under a false assumption, that MB needs you to break down subjective/objective? Epic eye roll.

Soldier of Love

I’ve been following your reports for the past 3Years Michael.
Thanks for all You’ve done Patriot!
God bless you and God bless America ❤️

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Well said…

Lawrence Gregory

I couldn’t appreciate this movement more, thanks, MB


Please consider enhancing your banning criteria with the following additional polices:

Instant banning on sight of post:

Make Money Fast posts. These are as old as the ‘modern’ internet (1993 – ) and could lead to identity theft, stolen money, malware, or worse.Posts using redirection links to ‘hide’ the landing page. This could be used by (paid) trolls to lead readers to sites talked about here: https ://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Shock_site Somehow, you will have to get a ‘complete’ DNS/IP address list of redirectors. In the past, I’ve seen ‘legit’ domains like Google (I think) that had a redirection service. I hope they and other reputable ‘big name’ sites don’t have these anymore to avoid trouble and besmirching their brand.Posts that attack the parent poster AND NOT the parent poster’s ideas in a proper debate fashion. If the reply poster doesn’t offer true/plausible counterarguments at all in their reply post, consider banning them so they don’t waste server space by being ‘repeat offenders’.Conditional banning:

Off-topic posts. If these posts are not tenuously connected into the whitehat/intel/truther movements in some form or fashion, consider banning them. For example, a post containing the latest Hollywood gossip would be a waste of time and space to post here on RRN. The exception to this would be posts about people who work there who have run afoul of the law–some of which who have been detained and/or dealt with by JAG as reported by RRN.Politics/Religion posts. This is a touchy subject. The best course of action would be ‘anything goes’ until a poster would be subject to banning when they start to attack other posters instead of the other poster’s ideas, wherever they come from without offering true/plausible counterarguments of their own wherever they come from. (Paid) trolls can downvote such posts anonymously and ‘get away’ so you must weigh the option of asking posters to not make politically/religiously charged posts here on RRN or disabling the upvote/downvote system as you have temporarily in the past when you changed the website format.That is all I can think of for now. There could be more.

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Soldier of Love


Bill Goode

Yes, absolutely ban those who post in attempts to make money for themselves off of Michael Baxter’s efforts. Michael is the website owner & creator and is thereby the only one who should use this website to make any money.

I also wholeheartedly endorse removal of off-topic posts. They are a waste of other people’s time, as they scan comments looking for viewpoints pertinent to the article.


We love you mr.baxter keep on keeping on sir I send you lots of respect and admiration.please keep up the good fight I truly believe that God is on your side semper fi


Your work will be remembered in 500 years, MB!


No worries, Michael. You are doing an awesome job of running this site and it is obvious it is a labour of love. I would protect it too if I were you.. Also, I think by giving us some truth here you are doing God’s work. Blessings to you.


Statistics show people that swear are more likely to tell the truth than hiding their bullshit behind their fancy words

CONservative DEMocrat

Even though I’m a 66 yr old granny non organized religion Christian, I cuss like a sailor and make zero apologies for it.
Just called Whitehouse: said Biden is a mother fucker, Obama is a treasonous sack of Kenyan monkey shit and they are deserving of a traitor’s firing squad or gallows. It’s cathartic.


Agree on all points except the idiocy part. We’re all idiots until we stop being idiots. Or don’t stop. I mean, that’s just a personal choice everyone has to make. To me, idiots are what the downvote button is for.


Keep on doing what you are meant to do at this time n History. 45 says in future televised executions would be a deterrent. God let it be true to see Demonic pedos, mass murderers of Covid and Haters of We The People . God keep you safe Michael.

David T

Oops I just asked the same question above. Wonder if Buck is literally in jail somewhere.


Or mom took his electronics off of him!

thomas j cahill

I like the way you say “vanished”, I get the warm fuzzies.


That guy duck was a pig


He did say at one point that he was in an institution, and if he wasn’t behaving they would confiscate his laptop. Although he had a detestable foul mouth, he didn’t seem like a liar.

mia moriarty

when you remove someone ,mr baxter Do you let them know or give a warning before you take action? My posts yesterday did not show up


MB, you’re doing a fantastic job at keeping us abreast of what’s REALLY going on behind the scenes. I tell my conservative (as well as lefty sheeple) about your site; some believe others…well ya know.🫠 Keep doing what you do for us, it’s much appreciated!😃


Me too!


It was lately he just flipped. I feel bad for sticking up for him now, however briefly.


Don’t feel bad for sticking up for him, you did what you thought was best. Somebody got to him and offered him something to flip. People don’t flip for nothing.


You’re right Xena. Thanks Hunny


You’re welcome.

Tracy Reinert

Yep, i do swear! Yet still here.


Thank You, Michael Baxter for that, and for everything You’ve done for the effort!


Thank You


Well done, MB, it will be so much easier to communicate.

Rose Mary Abbott

Extreme thank you to the man of the era who has the courage to continue to bring the TRUTH to the people!


If there ever was a true American Patriot, it is you Michael. Proud of you.


Hallelujah! Good job. Too bad we can’t ask Vlad to “remove” them for us. He would discourage further incursions by such vermin.


Yeah!!!! Keep going Michael and many thanks…


Excellent, thank you.

David T

I have noticed that the forum on here has been much more enjoyable to read, and have also noticed the absence of a couple of them or prolific troll turds. Thank you, Mr. Baxter!

David T

The more prolific


Keep on Trump’n!


Thank you, MB….. The news coming out of Ukraine is $HIZZLING!

American Living in Canada

Good news, they weren’t bringing anything to the table anyways.


Thanks so much!


Are “shills” people who don’t believe these stories? Are you seeking an echo chamber of child-like readers of your comic series?


If you don’t believe them, why are you here? Just to mock patriots? I would say, Yes, you are a shill.


If you’re so sure about these stories why do you care who doesn’t believe them?
You choose to live in a dream world here, which is tantamount to a child building a pillow fort.
Face reality. Not one of the stories on this site is true. Not one of them.
You can’t refute that because you can not cite a shred of evidence. You can pretend there are holograms and CGI people and clones all over the place but when daylight shines on that it ruins your “pillow kingdom” and you don’t like it.

Make use of your downvote, but whining and wanting people you deem “shills” removed is communist and childish.


No one said you can’t disagree. And no one outside the MSM wants an echo chamber. We just don’t want to have to wade through thousands of posts saying the same stupid/rude thing over and over again. My experience with the old “conspiracy” groups and the Q/Trump resistance now is that people welcome -even relish – discussions. Almost to a fault. We’re just all utterly sick and tired of shills and bots disrupting adult conversation. That’s why they are there, you know. To silence the sane people. That’s why 75% of everyone on Twitter were bots before Musk bought it. Not real people, just algos flooding the site to create a false perception of public sentiment. That’s what happens to your website if you don’t monitor and remove bots.


Removing bots is great. Calling people who don’t believe anything written here “shills” is completely different.
That’s not debate or discussion.

Tracy Reinert

You gotta know yer doing a damn good job, & right over the target, when you get heavily trolled.


We love hearing this MB. Your reporting keeps many of us going. Thank goodness the Trump Rally’s are starting again. Gives us more Hopium & may take a bit of pressure off of you.



Sharon Janice Manning

Thanks a lot! They didn’t keep me away, but I did NOT enjoy having to be exposed to all that b.s.


Mike…did you remove-Jason ???

Andi Kay

Sure looks like it. That troll was here under many names, but his writing vocabulary and diction always gave it away.
Edited for spelling.

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Jason IS 💀, MAN! THEE man is T0A$T!


Wonderful! Thank you.


Even Putin is calling the white hats cowardly pusses


Can you please remove DELAVIC? And anyone else on here who’s pitching their money-making schemes. Thanks.


The problem is there are 2 Devavics, one is a shill and the other legit.



Julio Antonio Laguna



Thank you Michael Baxter. You are indeed an Earth Angel!

CONservative DEMocrat

There was one female name that was just too goody twoshoes. She didn’t sit well with my spidey senses. Always behaving like the monitor. I went looking for her name, through.old posts,no sign of her anywhere, like she was never here. She wasn’t rude or profane, just annoying. I hope she’s gone.


That’s good. We don’t need negativity. Just good hearted patriots! God bless the Restored Republic!!


Earlier today (Feb. 21, 2023), I came across a new RRN report, dated Feb. 21, 2023, on Gitmo shooting down a French transport plane that had taken off from Venezuela. Somehow, that report is no longer available at RRN. Does it mean that the relevant info is inaccurate?


Strangely, the said report is available again. Sorry about the fuss. Maybe, my computer is not working properly.


Sometimes the link icons disappear for a while.
I have seen this happen before.


Where We Go One We Go All


Yes, very, very nice. The comment section is looking much better and less cluttered with desperate trolls selling things. It’s a pleasure. Thank you for your hard work to get it done.


The pages refresh so much quicker now. It’s a noticeable improvement. Thank you for your hard work.


Seven is a lucky #. Good job!

Robert James

Attaboy, Mike!


It seem as announced on the news tonight that the military believes that China will attack us first and leave Thaiwan alone while then attack us first.


I am very thankful that Putin and Trump are fighting this Evil. Now if they could just take out Obama, Biden and the rest of the satanic crew, I would be so thankful. God Bless our Marines and White Hats and all the others fighting this covert war. God please keep them safe!! In Jesus name, Amen!!

William Butterfield

have to ask is Maxine Waters on the take?


Biden is the only one on the planet that likes and schmoozes with Zelenskyy, so that should tell us all we need to know about Joe.


They have Biden on hidden audio practically the entire day. Awesome. Imagine promising the biggest child trafficking moron on the planet, aka, Zelenskyy a “stake in the United States”. Horrific to say the least. Prepare that Gitmo cell for the fake joe, the real one is already gone. .


First, thank YOU Mr. Baxter for removing a handful of annoying, tedious trolls! That being said, Putin’s comment about his admiration of all the tall buildings in NYC, and it would “be a shame if biden fell out of one,” made me literally LOL. I couldn’t agree with Putin more. He is doing such wonderful work finding & destroying numerous adrenochrome factories in Ukraine. Zelensky and “biden” are 2 VERY sick, demented individuals.


Great story exposing the Biden /Zelenskyy criminal brigade. Old Joe is pretty desperate if he hooks his dying, fading star to yet another dying, fading star, the int’l criminal, Mr. Z, and he surely has.


I don’t know why but when I closed my eyes, I imagined the candy turning into poison for those that may be partaking is such candy. Help me make it so.


dave kelly has been missing. Was he actually de satan?


How about a 7X9 foot cell for starters.


Well that sounds like Treason, arrest him, set a Tribunal, and an execution date


Candy? If Biden is taking that candy it is not doing him any good! In fact, that probably explains why he can’t walk a flight of steps and why his mind is goine.


Excuse me, but who does Biden think he is? He’s not God! The guy is really slipping now! He thinks we will be paying for Ukraine’s pension and sorry but the people will not agree to that. I’m wondering when the people will finally throw out the traitor government that we have?

Last edited 1 year ago by Shelzy

There is no way that they could take them out well in Ukraine it would look very bad against Russia personally I believe he needs to be charged in a court of law but I do hope the puppet proxy of Ukraine gets taken out over there I think it’s the only way to be able to talk peace But it needs to be where he actually gets replaced because if he dies and hes replaced it could be with someone that is not such a drug addict in such an idiot


If and when that happens, Zellensky will have a “stake”,. Drivin thru his heart…that rat bastard. !


Can’t give away the United States not even the president for it does not belong to him. If it was real it would have to go through congress.


How is Biden offering them more money without Congress Make sure we get ahold of all of our representatives and tell them if one more pin it goes to them 1 more bullet that they should be impeached or charged I don’t know with something this is pure insanity


Sorry I had some voice activation mess UPS I need to reread before I hit send

mary pascucci


Pepe Penname

Dumb and dumbest


A wooden stake in the heart.

That is what Z needs.


He’s decimating America, yet we don’t get any sympathy for the mess he’s created at home….everything he touches is a total disaster….shameful!!!!!


Not going to happen Biden…..You need to worry about the American Disaster you’ve created with your filthy Communist Agenda….Not for long……

Last edited 1 year ago by randy

He can’t give away the United States Tera firma.


Game On! The dynamic duo is kicking ass and dropping bad guys left and right! Praise God and pass the ammunition, lock and load! Keep em coming Michael I love good news!

Billy Bob

Hilarious how Big Daddy Don wants to know Vladi’s secrets. Good luck. Even the essence of the whole military operation still remains secret, unspoken. Oh well, I can say it – Rothschilds.


Thank you for keeping us informed. The problem I have is that I’m seeing too many actors, clones, masked, and holographs that it’s getting ridiculous. I have patience to wait if they are saving a child. We know these clowns are gone. I want our soldiers safe. I’m running out of popcorn here….. I’ve gone through your archives. Can we have an update on what has already happen there without giving out to many secrets? Is your hotel full? How many courtrooms? The list and information on charges? How many other places are holding tribunals? The people that are awake would like accurate information if at all possible. Thank you and the Great Service people there! God Bless

Billy Bob

Russian sleeper agent Zelya felt like things were cooling off with supplies and attention, so he hinted to expose Papo Joe’s dealings (corruption) in ukie land, unless he gets additional $$$BBB (part of build back better, aka 666). So Papo gasped, dropped everything and rushed across the ocean to pacify. Angry ukie mamas demand Zelya to leave the country. After spending a couple of months in a dark bunker/dungeon, it possibly crossed his mind. Just wondering if he was doing some power exchange, a BDSM thing. “What a son of a bitch”, thought Papo Joe.


All I can say is get the lead out PresidentTrump! The idiot Biden has declared war on Russia. Better to get them over there while they’re there.


Now , There is a picture of Dumb and Dumber !


Are we absolutely certain Biden didn’t offer Zelensky a Steak in the U.S.? Transliteration can be tricky.


That would be funny if it wasn’t such a serious situation!!


I’m beginning therapy Friday for childhood trauma, abuse, neglect, and PTSD. Pray for me. Everything going on in this world feels exactly like the narcissistic abuse I suffered by my family.

Barry Williamz

I like the fact that Trump and Putin talk regularly.


President T-shirt and fake president Sniff, sitting in a tree…


The Storm may be ‘upon us,’ in that the Q posts came true, via arrests and executions – that’s great. However, this thing is going waaay too slow, and we suspect not operationally large enough, to resolve the problem in a way that’s going to translate to the world righting itself anytime soon, or, without mass bloodshed in the streets at some point. That said, this fact doesn’t really bother some of us, as it’s obvious, just from watching MSM and Twitter, that America is indeed worthy, and begging, for a spanking. We’re over the top Sodom and Gomorrah, wicked, beyond the pale. Only the alter of freedom being sprinkled with blood can resolve that. Righteous military generals and officers fulfilling and upholding their oaths is good, but it can’t solve everything on the plate.

Last edited 1 year ago by EdBob
Jose Ramirez

Today, Russia are the good guys.


Russia has been ‘good’ since the mid 90’s, when a vast revival began to flow like a mighty river there. The nation was ripe for revival, after having had suffered through the USSR nightmare for so long. Meanwhile, the MSM and demoncrats/CIA/FBI targeted them and Putin, the same way they did Trump. The righteous are always smeared by the wicked. So, next time one of you jumps to throw at rock at Putin, Russia, or Trump, watch your big fool mouth – The Lord is listening.

Charity French

This is truly unbelievable. Ugh. God please intervene. And thank you Michael for your service to the public!


“Criminal illegitimate body double biden Promises zelensky a “Stake in the United States”

A Stake in the US? Really?

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha LOL!!!

zelensky must understand the stake that the Fake biden is referring to is GITMO.

When zelensky steps on US soil, straight to GITMO zelensky goes. Gallows awaits him.

BTW, the real biden was executed a few years ago for Treason, Pedophilia, Corruption, Rape, crimes against humanity, etc etc etc.

Last edited 1 year ago by 45-GreatestEver.GOD’sBlessingToUSA.
mia moriarty

in the picture zelensky’s expression looks tense , tight lipped ,troubled and bidung’s grin looks maniacal ,like he just got out of ECT


Zelinski has already came to DC to see Biden and beg for money & more military stuff. No arrest. If someone would shoot Z, maybe it would be over?


Michael, assuming this article is true, His Fraudulency promising a share of America to the criminal Zelensky is an act of sedition and treason against the US. This should be every reason for the “White Hats” to move decisively against him and his criminal regime and remove it from office. Since this is not happening it lends credence to the belief the White Hats don’t exist. Please show us how this opinion is incorrect? We see no evidence that the White Hats control anything. Chemical attacks were made on the people of Ohio, food processing plants are burned to the ground and the January 6th prisoners still rot in jail Based upon these observations its hard to believe any of these White Hat stories are true.


Just take over the mainstream media post all their crimes for us all to see and put up wanted Dead or alive posters on every one of these criminal’s…open hunting season…


That is a great idea!!


I agree we need the Jan 6 people out of jail. I’m going to express another idea. Are they truly in jail or hidden? I pray they are hidden. We don’t know what is true. The George Floyd has controversy, the people coming in our nation are here but the same people are on the news, look at the wrist bands! we have clones and holograms… what is truly real. I was on a telegram site and found out it wasn’t the person I thought it was when they asked to donate money. Why ask me… they have the money! I knew it was fake. Something is going on Telegram because you can’t get the videos. It’s frustrating and my popcorn is low…

mia moriarty

” January 6th prisoners rot in jail”/ THOUSANDS of veterans sleeping on concrete Bidung and the many scams FOUR BILLION PER MONTH TO the bottomless pit WHY the slow roll


Biden send US money to Zelensky….where 10% is funneled back to the “Big Guy”. It’s nothing more than a money laundering scheme. Biden probably has a Swiss bank account.


I’m just going to throw this out. If the QFS has been running along side with the system for two years and they supposedly ready to roll out…they would know where the funds went if they did go anywhere. This is a chest game and we are not in on it.

Virginia McCann

Thank You, Michael.
My first GO-TO when I wake up.
I enjoy reading about, evil people who are eliminated from this world with God’s Grace, and President Donald Trump, Our White-Hat-Hero-Military, And Thousands Of U.S. CONSTITUTIONAL PATRIOTS IN AMERICA! 🙏

I have believed and have faith that God’s Hands Are LEADING America, where HE WANTS this Country READY; for HIS Ultimate Battle.

I’m sick & damn tired of WARS GOING ON &
We Are Brothers & Sisters In God’s Loving Family. 💘

mia moriarty

“thousands of US CONSTITUTIONAL PATRIOTS in america” I think it might be millions not just thousands

Rene Labre

Wow! so much of the alt right conservative media has gone off the rails. a lot of fear mongering going on.Many of them dissing Micheal Baxter and his site.Not all mind you,several have picked up on him.On this affair President Putin was quickly in touch with President Trump.that ought to tell you something.That was a.a flat out dope run for Biden.the Russian forces intercepted and destroyed his delivery to Delaware.That is how bad they have to have it. Just how dry the supply is getting.People just don’t see to get it,thousands of children have been set free from horrible slavery. that was another promise President Trump made.I don’t think he is a God,he is just a man,,a very intelligent man,he has held up his end of the deal. God help him.many patriot impatient with what they consider the slowness of the military,they don’t understand freeing these children is a worldwide operation with many militaries involved, including Russia. Yes the criminals are also being rounded up,tried and executed.more than know at this point. May God continue to bless them.r…..

American Living in Canada

Agree, keep on truck ‘in.


First we all know Boden is gone and Actor Biden doesn’t have authority to do anything that this is all moves to wake up sheep….just like articles like these. I was sucked in 2.5 yrs ago to RRN but have come to learn it’s a used format to put out fake info with occasionally some small truths. The articles all read as a mystery novel. 50 armed forces around two actors playing the parts of leaders????


Blessing’s be to the Visionary’s ~


Ty**** this was like a Prayer being answered.

Blessing’s be within these Worker’s of LIGHT & T R U T H

Babylon is fallin g, Babylon is fal ling

God’s LoVe, Blessing’s, & Speed ~



This conversation between Zelensky and Biden is just sickening.


Bad acting


I sure hope this “movie” ends soon. I just don’t know if i am going to be able to make it to the end before I explode with rage! I want so bad to take a machete and baseball bat to all these deep State PEDO traitors!


Please, don’t bother to soil yourself any further than with Knowledge that “their” Justice is Shadowing “them” already.
JUSTICE soon to LIGHT “them”.

tic,,, tic,,, tic,,,


That is why Biden wants to destroy GITMO!! He knows that is where he is going, if he doesn’t die first!!


Vengeance is not yours. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord.

Our role, as legit *Chrisitan* (not 501c3 churchy-church like big mouth preacher woman Ruth) fathers, husbands and patriots, is to be wise as a serpent, innocent, as a dove.

Meanwhile, stay as far away as you can from the wicked.

Move to Florida, Montana, South Dakota, and get the hell away from the black demographic in your cities that is out of control aggressive shee-boon/pit bull.

The action will be wonderful – change everything. Remain in Chicago/Atlanta/Philly, aka SS Berlin, you’ll be very sad as the train hauls you and your children to the gulags/the nigga cuts your wife’s finger off with a wire cutter to hock her diamond ring for a 100 dollas..


EdBob always speaks 100%, full, unvarnished TRUTH.

Who else does that for ya?


In today’s Ben Fulford report he is citing the Italian P3 freemasons and Mossad as saying that Zelensky was recently killed on orders from the Italian P3 freemasons.


Much is happening ,,, and fasterrrrrrr.

Light Dancing

The only “stake/steak” Zelenskyy will ever get from the U.S. Gov. will be his last meal at GITMO before his EXECUTION! 😆😆😆

Andi Kay

Oh, yeah!


][t wouldn’t surprise that he(z) will be impaled on one.

mia moriarty

“last meal “should be dirt no exceptions

Wayne Hatton

I’d like to give that crypto jew a stake.


The only steak those jokers deserve is a chicken-fried one, or better yet, the vampire kind!


I really hope you are right. I struggle to maintain peace within.


You are MORE than You Know.
You have done much ]]-[[arder before,
You are One of Our BEST.
Blessing’s are within You
Ty**** for being here & now ~

mia moriarty

patriots are one in spirit PRAYER IS OUR POWER peace and assurance is the GIFT from ALMIGHTY GOD