Delta Force Arrests Suspicious “Tourists” Near Mar-a-Lago


Two men eavesdropping on President Donald J. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate were apprehended by Delta Force operators Saturday night, a Mar-a-Lago source told Real Raw News.

According to him, Trump’s Delta protection detail spotted a “suspicious” van parked on South Ocean Boulevard, which runs parallel to the club and is a frequent stop for Trump’s supporters and detractors—fans and haters who fly banners as they cruise the beachside road.

However, it was uncommon for a Ford E Transit cargo van without license plates to be parked near the president’s estate at 10:30 p.m., especially one with a parabolic microphone sticking out an open window.

Delta Force, our source said, moved on the van after alerting Trump to the possible intrusion. They flanked the van, yanked open its doors, and hurled the driver and passenger to the pavement.

The occupants claimed to be tourists from New Hampshire on a road trip through Florida and said they’d paused at Mar-a-Lago to see if it was as luxurious in reality as it appeared on television and in pictures. Delta, though, doubted their story for several reasons:

  • No license plates
  • No identification
  • The long-range dish microphone
  • Two DJI Mavic 3 Thermal drones in the truck

The suspects were unarmed, and no weapons were found in the vehicle.

“Odd time of the day for sightseeing,” one of the Delta reportedly told the suspects, both of whom were males who looked to be in their mid-40s.

Delta Force arrested the suspects on “suspicion of espionage” and brought them to a JAG office in south Florida.

“The Deep State usually isn’t so obvious, but we need to identify these guys, figure out who they are and who they work for,” our source said.

Real Raw News will provide a follow-up once we receive more info.

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Victoria Flood

Oh look! Bevis and Butthead go to Mar a Lago! Oh look! The Biden actor meets with the Zalinsky actor during a CGI drug deal! Oh look! There’s a big balloon! Oh look! There is another one!

Uh oh! Don’t look at the Ohio train chemical disaster! Uh oh! Don’t look at at France’s Foreign Legion plane getting shot down by GITMO! Uh oh! Don’t look at massive arrests of deep state globalists! Uh oh! Don’t look at tunnels, bases, bunkers and adrenochrome factories being blown up!

Folks, the deep state is LOOSING!

Their carefully built and laboriously constructed dirty world is being destroyed and is collapsing before their eyes.

We the People will have God’s will be done and God’s kingdom come on Earth as it is in heaven. We WILL WIN!


No plates,a dish? Why couldn’t they have said they were from Maine? Our Governor is in his 40’s. RINO about 5’7″initials CS?

Julio Antonio Laguna

Hell of a chess game!

Vikki Arcila

WOW………….smoking gun here you come. AND down came Humpty Dumpty and all his men………and could not put Humty Dumty back together again. They’re going to have to add on to the gallo’s


Cage these two, execute them, and more crawl out from under another rock.


Interrogate these swampies hard……


And if they’re innocent it’s ok to throw open doors and rustle people to ground? 10:30 isn’t exactly late at night.


How did they get there without plates??? WAKE UP




Squeeze and sweat them for all their worth. We must get more names.


Pres Trump to make a speech today, 2-20-23, at 4:00 pm (est).

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And I’m sure it will be scrubbed from the net too.


Could have been a diversion so be careful!


Please update the further adventures of Beevis and Butthead go to Mar-a-Lago.

Ann Ononomous



matt gaetz and mccarthy?


You meant Brandon & Obammy – the two Butt Buddies.


Dumb and dumber have been sent to Guam.
From there , they will be processed….


Maybe they really were Tourists.
I would have to say their story didn’t seem very well planned out. It probable sounded funny in their head, and they thought they would just walk away since they where probable on public property.
People record everything these days with their cell phones and such. They had a very professional sound recording device, and evidently weren’t trained on how to use it without drawing a ton of attention.
Maybe they wanted to get captured so they can see what happens to people that get captured. They might have swallowed a tracking and listening device so other people can see where they are taken.
I would like to hear more about these Vaccine scientist.


It is the law in NH that all vehicles are registered, inspected and have valid license plate.


I was just messing around, Everyone with half a brain would know they weren’t tourist.
Not having a license plate is stupid in the first place. Regular police will pull you over for that stupid blunder.
Being obvious as to everyone with a pair of eyes is also stupid, like they wanted to get caught.
To me this day in age there had to be a reason, they wanted to get caught is all I’m saying.



  • Brunson v. Adams sought to remove Biden from the White House and reinstate Trump claiming lawmakers violated their oaths of office to support the Constitution by failing to investigate foreign intervention in the 2020 presidential race which rigged the election against Trump.
  • The case claims that defendants Biden, Harris, Pence and members of Congress voted to certify the 2020 election after 154 members of Congress called to investigate.
  • If the Supreme Court Judges decided to pick up the case and ruled in favor of the petition, it would dissolve the Biden Administration and all of Congress.
  • The petition essentially said that the Biden Administration and Congress committed Treason by not investigating allegations of foreign intervention and Election Fraud in the 2020 Election.
  • “A rigged election is equivalent to war since both put into power a victor,” argued the Plaintiff, “and therefore allegations of a rigged election must be investigated.”
  • The petition asserted that if the Supreme Court Judges had been alerted to Acts of Treason (as they were by the filing of this Brunson Petition), and if they didn’t do anything about it, then those Supreme Court members, too, could be considered part of that Treason and therefore would be subjected to the resultant penalty for Treason – Death by Hanging.

  • IF SCOTUS Rules to hear the case it leads to military intervention and proves their was Foreign interference in the US elections and foreign occupation in the United States that has captured the government at the highest levels.
  • IF SCOTUS does not rule or take the case… It still leads to military intervention and proves there was Foreign Interference in the US elections and Foreign Occupation in the US that has captured the government at the highest levels. Either way, it’s going Military.

I hope you’re right. I’ve thought for a long time that this lawsuit had merit, no matter what Tracy Beans says. Wonder why she’s so vocal about this suit being DOA & having NO Merit? Very interesting I’d say.


The Brunson bros expected the first verdict and told us it was usual and to hang in there. So it’ll be interesting to hear what happens next. And Tracy? She doesn’t have a law degree that I know of.


Because she’s controlled oops….paid Flynn commie.


these demons are fighting against the American People:

These efforts are well-coordinated and well-funded, with the group 65 Project launching in March of 2022 ethics complaints against 10 lawyers who worked on election lawsuits following the 2020 presidential election

mia moriarty

no exaggeration I have zero faith in OUR legal system


ma r k E LIE ASS is public enemy number one!!! weaponizing lawyers against Americans and Honest elections..


Probably Trump.


Mr. Baxter, please follow up on this. 😊

Sue Grantham

Apparently the evil is running low on the quality of minions 🤣


mike’s killed off quite a few so the quality remaining will be pretty poor


‘President ‘Biden’ makes unannounced visit to Zelensky’s Ukraine’.
Yeah, so he can bring back a-chrome on AF-1!
SloeJoe is going to throw down ANOTHER half a billion of our US Taxpayer dollars (only worth about 125 million or so in 1980 dollars, because of inflation, both pre and during Biden) mostly in weapons, most likely to attempt to cajole Zelensky into strengthening the supply chain.
What a jackwagon.
Keep hittin’ ‘em White Hats!


do you need a refill? Biden’s bringing back a huge restock so I can get you some


No, thank you.
I understand you have first dibs on the half hidin’ Biden’s not gonna use.

Michael R Davis

Take them out Mr Putin if you can find them. Constitutional military law, the UCMG, rules of warfare, the Genocide Code, proven enemy combatants, have already proven them guilty remotely, just awaiting arrest, conviction, execution. Both ‘Biden’ and Zelenskyy have unlawfully waged war against Russian citizens since 2014, under the orders of executed war criminal Hussein Obama. Putin has every right to take them out. But CGI Biden is in his basement, not over in the warzone Ukraine, nor is Zelenskyy in Ukraine. Might be unwise to hit Delaware with cruise missiles.

Michael R Davis

Heard the Resident’s rent-a-wreck Air Force One might break down, and the Resident VP’s rent-a-wreck already broke down.


Well, brain-dead Biden thinks giving USA tax payers monies for AD labs in Ukraine rather then rescue all the towns hit with explosions, and deep state earthquakes, and attacks on sub-stations.



can’t wait for the follow up!

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Lorenz Manner

Take them to GITMO, put them each in a cell, identify them, interrogate them and if they are Deep State give them life at GITMO and no mercy.

Alan Hardy

And if they don’t talk hang them.


According to Mike Gill New Hampshire is a hotbed for criminal activity.

Tracy Reinert

So proud of you. Good job.

Nukkin Futz

The deep state operatives are not known for their IQ levels, because of rampant inbreeding and other low intelligence challenged problems. Looks like these two fellers might have been card carrying members to “The Dumb Fukkers Club” of New Hampshire, or some other deep state shithole….


Whoever they are, they will likely be proven to be more tentacles of the vast Deep State/Cabal.


I’d bet they’ll eventually be found out to be FBI or CIA.

Tracy Reinert

Were they wearing khaki pants? Yep. F.B.I..


And not from NH either….


If no one claims these drones , I hope they can be tagged & we find out who employs them. If no progress quickly then I think they need swimming lessons. Piranhas need company while swimming …………. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195


Trump is receiving lessons no microphone can pick up.


Correct,…Trump has a SCIF at Mar a Logo !


I would say Cheech & Chong.

Eve Bright

What happened to Dr. Deborah Birx? Is she executed in GITMO if I may ask?

Eve Bright

Thank you Mr. Baxter for replying! Waiting for your new next articles. Keep safe coz they may target you exposing all these evil people abusing the people they govern. Perhaps they are not even a real human coz I couldn’t even fathom how they hurt innocent children in the most horrific way!


She’s busy pushing up daisies now.


Dr Deborah Birx AKA The Scarf Lady was shot after being found guilty of treason, crimes against humanity & other things as well. She was executed at GUAM a while ago.

Last edited 1 year ago by GLADALLOVER
mary pascucci



You could just type her name in the search above.


she works at the bush center… mike wishes he could find any bush that would let him in

mia moriarty

birx was no doctor


Any details about McCain in 2018?


he’s dead.


Executed in 2018 during the Trump administration b military tribunal (cover story: brain cancer), for treason and other crimes against the United States of America despite being a military officer and a senator a d two-time presidential candidate who betrayed his country multiple times by godfathering Al Nusra and al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Golden Age

We live in Ohio. It would be great if you could give us some insight into what the heck is going on with this TRAIN DERAILMENT that would be wonderful! I remember you saying you haven’t had any good intel yet or something similar. Still nothing? From what I’ve been hearing it has something to do with Nickel oxide and the NEW light rail smart system train the new world order wants installed. I heard they were trying to get everyone to get the new MY ID, which is a wearable fob 2 weeks prior to this disaster! Any response would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you Michael for all your hard work!

Golden Age

Thank you


Thank you.


Doctor Lee Merritt of Iowa, “The Medical Rebel,” has done a recent deep dive on this. The precis is that there’s not much to worry about. She breaks it all down chemically. By the way, I’m on her CL 02 regimen now for 4 weeks and all is well. Her site is dr lee merritt dot com and she is also on rum ble. Mr. Baxter will not allow the actual link. Check it out, highly recommend.


She, Andreas Kalcker, and Jim Humble each make convincing cases for a new way of thinking about disease, particularly cancer. I am tolerating Chlorine Dioxide (the one our hero President was ridiculed over through an intentional twisting of the CL component) and have had the predictable positive reactions. In my case, prophylaxis only, thank God. Interesting that the Cabal pushed anti-oxidants so hard when it turns out that oxidation with a low voltage (0.74V is nice to normal cells but mean on cancer) will put Bio-pharmas back into 10-digit revenue companies. I’d give you the link but your software would put the message into moderation. I’d like to see a Q & A on here between you and Kerry Cassidy. You might be poised to do great things. We are very restless. wwg1wga


Very interesting indeed.

mia moriarty

Why do you suppose Kerry Cassidy attends and is a bilderberger ?I guess because she is charming and pretty/plays both sides perhaps

mia moriarty

why do you suppose kerry Cassidy is a Bilderberger?


the water now has graphene. thanks fauci!


Boil and filter your water whenever possible. at the very least boil it and let it cool prior to drinkng.
Throw sone basil leave or lettuce leaves into the water to purify it.
If you can find charcoal tablets to filter your water, do it.

mia moriarty

we were told “watch the water”

mia moriarty



I hear that its, worse than they are telling you, www dot youtube dot com/@ThePatriotNurse… its killing animals and very deadly…that people should not stay close to where this happened and don’t drink the water, it will NEVER be the same. Even 10 miles away people are starting to feel sick and that this will be the worst in history to have happened in the US. www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=oV3K0JOJowE

Elisa Orozco

Go to Billie Beene’s videos (2) that she did on 2/22/23. She talks about the bracelets that were suggested to the populace of East Palestine, Ohio and the local fire departments that distributed them.

mia moriarty

truth by billie bean she has had several removed I love billie bean

mia moriarty

peter left his trafficked infants to finally make an appearance there Locals have asked him to resign but he remains defiant


real peace comes from a path of RIGHTIOUS unity that has been sown in HOLY righteousness and cleared by blood sweat and tears, lives of honorable men and women built by honorable people our nations foundation has been and is built on lies. but truth honor and holy righteousness are its future the only path to true freedom is enlightenment to the truth and a righteous path AND A NATION WILLING to walk it. IT’S TIME WE start a new foundation. Built upon Jesus Christ THE BEST FOUNDATION A NATION CAN HAVE. for a nation to stand strong it needs JESUS CHRIST AT IT’S CORE AT IT ROOTS AND real intelligent RIGHTIOUS education, and a free nationally open market unrestricted and unbiased to be self-sufficient if our nation does not come out of this completely self-sufficient not just nationally but individually then we will be no different than WE ARE now, a nation of dependents looking for handouts just to have our necessities we were a nation of self-sufficient people warriors frontiersmen adventurers, inventers explorers. but now we are a nation that has been held back forced down choked out, wall upon wall has been built to block slow down and stop us from prospering everything you can imagine has been done to us to dumb us down miss direct us and stop us from prospering and being holy. they have been blinding us numbing us making us evil and cold hearted dark stony hearted divided. sometimes the poisonous trees and tares have to be cut down and plucked up dug up and burned to save all that is good. sometimes in a nation’s history the righteous have to rise up against the evil who have become so greatly evil that all that is good is and will be completely destroyed. THE STRONG STAND FOR THE INOCCENT THE WEAK, TO HAVE A TRULY RIGHTIOUS NATION THE EVIL MUST BE REMOVED STOMPED OUT PLUCKED UP AND REMOVED SO THE INOCCENT CAN LIVE FREE IN SAFTY. I FOR ONE AM TIRED OF LIVING IN A NATION TO WERE Its PEOPLE ARE LIVING UNDER THE ILLUSION OF FREEDOM AND SAFTY BUT TRULY ARE LIVING CONTINUALLY IN DANGER AT ALL TIMES, I LONG FOR THE TIMES WHEN PARENTS COULD LET THERE KIDS PLAY IN THE YARD AND AMERICANS COULD LEAVE THERE HOMES DOOR AND WINDOWS OPEN AND UNLOCKED AND KNOW THAT NO ONE WILL TOUCH ANYTHING INFACT THE NABOURS WOULD LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER CARE FOR EACH OTHER LOVE EACH OTHER HELP EACH OTHER . WE WALKED AND LIVED IN UNITY PEACE AND FREEDOM AND LOVE .


White Knight
I remember those days well and miss them so much.


I’m for Putin’s way of handling this–shoot ’em on the spot.


Did you hear about the man in Russia who murdered a pedophile who assaulted his daughter? The autopsy said he had 38 stab wounds and they listed the cause of death as “suicide”. THAT’S Putin’s Russia. 👏🤗


Was Putin the coroner?

mia moriarty

push them out of a high rise window ,seems effective


I can’t help but wonder if this was a diversion for something we are not aware of yet. No one can be that stupid and still walk the streets in the US and be alive. This sounds like the Keystone Kops. These imbeciles were begging to be caught. This is beyond being amateurish. The FBI would cover their tracks. Being caught was their objective to distract us from some other event.

Susan Sloate

Or an upcoming assassination attempt on Trump… there have already been multiple unsuccessful ones.


at least 65x.


No, more like 15 times according to someone who should know


I don’t know, but Deep State has lost access to some things they had before—access to satellites, for instance. Also, we don’t know whether there may be personnel changes at the agency where they don’t have people willing to take certain risks anymore. Don’t give too much credit for intelligence when you have to be very foolish to join the deep state.


Don’t worry, we will answer their begging.


“…and in print” – what an odd thing to say.

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David M

Watch ’em use the “we were just following orders” excuse when it’s revealed that they were working to undermine Trump and the Patriotic Americans.


The Nazis used the same excuses at Nuremberg.
Adolf Eichmann said the same thing at his trial in Jerusalem.
Gestapo officer Eric Priebke said the same thing 50 years after WW2 when he was interviewed by Sam Donaldson of ABC News.
The SAS officer who created the plan to assassinate Princess Diana, who was pregnant with Dodi-al-Fayed’s child and Mohammed al-Fayed’s grandchild, said the same thing on his deathbed when he confessed to the entire affair.
The doctors and nurses force-jabbing everybody with the mRNA shots are saying the same thing now.
Hitler was guilty as hell, but his underlings following his orders were guilty as well.
The CIA/FBI/Mafia/Cubans/LBJ/secret societies were guilty as hell in the assassination of President Kennedy, but the shooters (White, Wallace, Ferrie, etc) were guilty as well.
Prince Philip and Prince Charles were guilty as hell when they issued to the order to the SAS officer to have Princess Diana killed in Paris and their Illuminati friend Edmond de Rothschild entered the stopped ambulance in the tunnel to remove her unborn baby from her body, but the operators manipulating the hacked crashed vehicle and the medics driving the dead princess to the hospital at a snails pace were guilty as well.
How has that changed today?
The doctors and nurses force-jabbing everybody with the mRNA shots are taking orders from Big Pharma/Rothschilds/deep state/Illuminati/secret societies to depopulate the planet, and they are guilty as hell, and they saying the same thing now — but they are not guilty as well?
How does following orders make the underlings less guilty than the top dogs issuing the orders? Please, somebody explain that to me.

Last edited 1 year ago by Xena

HAHA That’s funny. What idiots.


New Hampshire 🤔 wow what’s the chances … just learning about how big DS corruptions .. New Hampshire is big central point of nefarious k-mafia crimes/control – Most are owned by DS even many locals, $$$ pit/laundering, drugs, weapons, human trafficking, alien/hit men border crossings, etc… sure sounds like more to this1 – could be really big – just saying !!!
🤔Where did they fine (after year) Ms G.Maxwell (house bought/hiding/captured) comfortably, when arrested – New Hampshire 🤔


I wonder if the sudden and regular appearance in the skies of circling tankers and military helicopters over central NH has a significance. We have rarely seen them before.


Fuck it hang em.. Lmao. Fuck around and find out.

American Living in Canada

“But that story I’m not buying cause it’s all over but the crying
It’s all over but the crying I never would have thought you were lying”

What happened to Hank Williams JR?


Motivated by commentators and for the record, I’ll restate an axiom that I had stitched together during the first of the squabbles about RRN during the Autumn of 2021: Real Raw News is true or is as true as Q allows it to be. A world in which Real Raw News is fiction would be too bitter to contemplate.


Best comment…, you put into words what I haven’t been able to, “As true as Q allows it”..

Robin redwine

Q? Lmao.

Yeah that’s what we need an AI program speaking riddles and codes to 1 percent of the population.

That’s really gonna wake the masses up

Q tards are absolutely worthless.

mia moriarty

depp’s red wine cost 30K per month was supposedly Ad Chr,allegedly

mia moriarty

“as true as Q allows” good perception


They must have traveled with swim suits if they came to vacation in FLA. Waterboarding anyone?


Thanks for this Michael Baxter. I appreciate all your reports. So, on this one I found it odd that the “spies” were so blatant about it. Well now we will find out soon enough why that is.


I can’t wait to hear who these wannabe spies are!! It sounds like they were obvious in their amateurish attempt!! They may never see “New Hampshire” again!! They have vanished. Not having license plates is a big red flag. Messing with our President is not allowed idiots!! Go spy on the fake Biden. Prayers for the continued protection of DJT and the White Hats!!


I tell ya, if they’re really spies, they’re the dumbest two men I’ve ever heard of.


Worse than joe and kamala?

mia moriarty

good thing chertoff is long gone

Hal Brown

Run their finger prints, Waterboard them. If they have no ID they are FBI.

American Living in Canada

Look over here, not over there.

American Living in Canada


Mark David

They could be testing alertness and response of Mar-A-Lago security. Probing, or distracting. No license plates is amateurish.


Listen and be shocked out of your shoes. No, it’s not William Cooper Behold a Pale Horse. It is “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” and it is the original program for the 1954 initial Bilderberg Group meeting:
Behold a Pale Horse by Milton William Cooper – Audio book (

Last edited 1 year ago by james

Behold a Pale Horse can never be read too many times. It is my prayerbook. This audio jumps over Cooper’s “foreward” and that is a shame as it is quite charming. Cooper was a very decent man and Mr. Kennedy, Jr. is very lucky to have known him. Good work, James. Delenda Est Coniurati. wwg1wga


Delendi sunt coniurati OR
Coniuratio delenda est


Agreed, but I wish to maintain literary continuity with Cato the Elder. Et sine qua non.


Didn’t Cato oppose Hellenization? That’s what the Greeks did to dominate Israel, but Israel got dominated by the Romans, anyway.

Sparky Sr

LMAO – tourists from New Hampshire….
Jag will know who they are soon enough.

mia moriarty

they are already known to Jag


Long way to go with no ID.

Ken T.

And a long way to go with no license plate which is all in the open..

Anthony Gregory

I love yo visit.
However I’d be demanding T n Jammy Dodgers 🫖🍪—–👀 see

Debra Rudolph

Decoys for the real intruders?