CDC Deputy Director Arrested for Covid Crimes


United States Marines on Tuesday arrested CDC Deputy Director Tom Shimabukuro on treason charges after obtaining a military arrest warrant attesting that U.S. Army Cyber Command had intercepted a phone call on which he admitted Covid-19 vaccines were still sickening and killing American citizens.

A source in Gen. Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News that Cyber Command tapped Shimabukuro’s phones last November after CDC Director Rochelle Walensky avoided arrest by fleeing the U.S. for Brussels. White Hats, he added, were confident a despotic Walensky would assert control over the agency from afar and keep in touch with her right-hand man.

“She’s an authoritarian. She wasn’t about to cede control of a criminal agency she helped build into what it is today. To do that, she’d have to stay in contact with Atlanta,” our source said of Walensky.

Cyber Command used “unconventional” means to tap lines in the CDC’s Atlanta headquarters and three personal telephone numbers registered to Shimabukuro. They also “trapped” his known email addresses.

The digital surveillance, however, was meant to monitor Walensky, not Shimabukuro—White Hats had hoped to learn whether Walensky was slipping in and out of the U.S. undetected and, if so, devise a plan to catch her. Until last week, the most damning evidence against Shimabukuro, who heads the Immunization Safety Office, was his part in the ubiquitous censoring of medical professionals who challenged the CDC narrative.

According to our source, Cyber Command intercepted several coded emails and voice calls between the despicable pair. They communicated in indecipherable, unintelligent gibberish, often discussing favorite pets, the weather, preferred soft drinks and candy bars, and other nonsensical topics, ostensibly to hide the true nature of their dialogues.

“They guys at Cyber Command are damn good at cracking ciphers, but in this case, they were stymied. In January, their calls got a bit more frequent. And Shimabukuro sounded more and more nervous. Something was off. No one sounds frightened talking about how they like Coca-Cola and not Pepsi,” our source said.

On a January 8 call, a noticeably agitated Shimabukuro seemed to have difficulty comprehending whatever Walensky, speaking in code, was trying to convey to him and at one point in the call forwent the coded gibberish.

“Why can’t I come to you? It’s getting warm here,” he said, prompting Walensky to end the call.

“He was having problems understanding her gobbledygook, like he forgot how to interpret it or they hadn’t rehearsed it enough,” our source said.

On a January 18 call, Shimabukuro went full meltdown, saying in English, “…The House is going to know that we know vaccines have caused irreparable harm to over 500,000 people. When they find out, I’m fu**** while you’re safe. You promised we’d be protected, that I’d be protected.”

“You idiot,” Walensky replied and hung up.

Cyber Command sent Shimabukuro’s admission of guilt to both Gen. Smith and Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall, who agreed the confession constituted an act of treason, for it contradicted the regime’s claims that vaccines cause side effects in only 0.0028% of vaccinated people. Moreover, it proved that Walensky and Shimabukuro partook in a robust conspiracy to deceive the American public into believing vaccines were safe and effective.

Vice Adm. Crandall signed an arrest warrant, and Marines under Gen. Smith’s command began shadowing Shimabukuro, learning his habits and daily routines.

On January 31, Marines arrested Shimabukuro near his Atlanta home, as he was driving to CDC headquarters.

“Shimabukuro didn’t resist, didn’t protest. In fact, he almost seemed relieved. I don’t know what he told investigators, but he seems the kind of guy who’ll try to strike a deal, if one is offered to him. We want Walensky, but he’s a good start,” our source said.

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There is a pop up here that will tell you where to donate. I see it often

Stinky Perfume

I want a place to report all these little hospitals where they are being paid for nasal swabs testing for a non existent covid as usual. People are reporting bloody noses and rectums in all these institutions. Visitors can’t get past the front door and 3 yrs ago Putin wouldn’t take a nasal swab because he said he didn’t want China to get his DNA. Also why if they were scared can’t you spit in a cup instead of getting something up in your body?

I can go to the grocery store all this time without a nasal swab. Each swab might pay I guess is the reason for the hysteria because I was leaving after dropping off packages at the front door, and a lady chased me out in the parking lot hollering “I have to take your temperature” in one of these places.

People are covid hysterical at any institution or prison. The other employees report suffering from “the rules” to this swabbing and temperature taking of visitors and delivery people.

When can they get official notice to stop this insanity and harassment and selling DNA to China, or other covid pay?

View Heights Convalescent Hospital 
12619 South Avalon Boulevard 
Los Angeles, CA 90061

Billy Bob

New batch of hunters is on the rise. Thailand’s best of the best “good fellars” from martial arts underworld (similar to Russian Zaslon?) are coming for Pfizer, after their Princess got three jabs and fell into a coma. Hopefully, with a courtesy pick-up for Welensky in New Zealand or wherever she is.

Jose Ramirez

Kill him too!

Tracy Reinert

Good job, Marines!! Please stop these terrible shots right now!!!


Squeal piggy! Reminds me of the time that Khan, somebody or other, lit the enemy horses on fire.


Poor horses.


Biden bitch slaps Big Mike!!!!
bitchute DOT com/video/enVdOvi0FUxZ/


someone said this earlier,,
Lucky Star
Use of egg Yorks to block multiple covid 19 variant.- I would agree with this . thats why, the war on chicken and there eggs.

Mark David

In case you haven’t read it yet, the Covid 19 death jabs are putting SNAKE VENOM into the victims. When you see the term ‘Spike Protein’, replace the ‘PI’ with ‘NA’ and you have SNAKE. The word Spike Protein is really Snake Protein, usually from King Cobras and Krait snakes. (Snake Venom produces the same symptoms we are seeing- blood clots, heart failure, internal bleeding, dizziness, brain cancer and other cancers, blurred or double vision, unsteady gait, collapse, unusual tiredness., etc.)The antidote is NAC, N-Acetyl Cysteine. Start taking NAC everyday. There are some other things you can take as well to counter-act the death Jabs. Start the NAC asap.


i thought it was graphene? and people who got the jab should’ve died two years ago within weeks?

David M

These criminals can run, but can’t hide. As they say of the Borg collective, “they will be found, it’s inevitable.” Enjoy your pathetic freedom while you can.


boomer jokes


That Bitch Walensky needs to be hung slowly with piano wire, or executed by a guillotine with a dull blade that is so dull, that 4 or 5 strikes are needed…. and the time needed between each strike is 4 or 5 minutes!!!

Stinky Perfume

I’m wondering about the human part after hearing the deep staters are not human beings, just look like it but born this way for deep state purposes.

Debate Judge

Biden was inaugurated 1/20/21.
Two years and (no more) counting.

Debate Judge

The White Cats cannot redeliver America.




They got the weakest link in the chain and all they have to do now is break it? Good going folks! Time to go fishing for the lunkers!

Sandy Koufax

Plenty of clones in the bullpen.


that’s ironic from your account


” ,,, no stone unturned.”


Thank you MB for all you do. You are in my prayers


When does a bird sing??


6 weeks from now !!!!some birds in gitmo sing already almost as ANDREA B……

Last edited 1 year ago by sejmon

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The Trump rushed and Trump endorsed genocide vaccines. What Trump did is unforgiveable

Stinky Perfume

You can listen to go down to the 1/27/23 video where he states very near the beginning that Trump has a deep state planted body double which has been the whole source of his promoting warp speed. He said the real Trump is under Cheyenne Mountain Colorado for safety and work with military.

For some reason they don’t yet want to tell people which is annoying and curious. Trump in other videos has been reported to have time travel involvement with Nikola Tesla his uncles associate. They claim disputes with the deep state and saved most of Tesla’s docs but robbed somewhat. Tesla for some reason died off in poverty so possible that was even a clone.

Gary Lee Taylor

Promised to be protected
By who?


Now you all hear the truth about vaccines But what I don’t understand is why Biden wanted the military to get the shot. That would damage the solder. I will be as glad when he is done being president.


Biden wanted the military to get the jab because he wanted to deliberately decimate the military, just like his Simian handler, Obombya, stipulated.


Same as Hillary anted as well. There was a 16-year plan to destroy America between Obama and Hillary.


Yup. Once the military is compromised the people are screwed, and that was their intention. Push the good military out over-seas and leave the rest of the decimated military, what is left of it, home. Then, it is open season on the people…


Baal & molach worshippers (the less than 1% of the world population that own more than 99% of everything) that have run the world for two thousand years, would rather blow up the world and start over, than loose any of the control they have.
Claus Schwab is a frontman for them. Anyone that can be identified by sight is by definition not ‘behind the scenes’.

Dave Kelly

Because Pedo -joe wants to decimate and kill the ranks of the US Military because Pedo- joe is pimping for the NWO , ZIONIST SATANIST JEWS, MARIXIST COMMUNISTS as HE IS A FUCKING PEDOPHILE TREASONOUS LOWLIFE DEGENERATE DERANGED COCK-SUCKING FUCKHEAD.


You forgot poopy-head.

Michael R Davis

The actor playing the Resident can never be President. Neither can the fake VP.

Louie Louie

Assuming this story is correct, Mr. Shimabukuro has been “interviewed” and Ms. Wolenski is already under surveillance (assuming she didn’t “split” before the WH’s got the data and intel resources into place.).


You need to read all these. RW is gone. In Brussels.


sooooooooooo…she is in country of her forefathers…??? if not she is not smart cookie…

Michael R Davis

Dr Tom Shimabukura (remove 2 spaces)
Shimabukura is a US Army veteran served in Iraqi Freedom III in 2005.
It will likely give the Army great pleasure to strip his medals and execute the traitor.
Imagine this murderous son of a bitch as a Preventive Medicine Officer for the 42nd Infantry Division, US Army.

https ://www

Biographical Sketch:
Dr. Tom Shimabukuro is the Deputy Director of the H1N1 Vaccine Task Force at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The H1N1 Vaccine Task Force is responsible for coordinating CDC’s vaccine response for the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic. He is also the Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Coordinator in the Immunization Services Division at CDC. Dr. Shimabukuro received his M.D. degree from New York University. He did his internship at Emory University and Preventive Medicine residency at Johns Hopkins. After completing his preventive medicine residency, Dr. Shimabukuro served as an Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). He also served as a Preventive Medicine Officer for the 42nd Infantry Division, U.S. Army, during Operation Iraqi Freedom III in 2005. He has an M.P.H. and an M.B.A in finance both from Johns Hopkins and is board certified in Public Health and General Preventive Medicine.

https ://cdc.confex .com/cdc/nic2010/webprogram/Person23997.html

Dave Kelly

I would say the striping of his Medals is the least of his concerns.

joe blow

Singing birds are a good resource then when they are no longer needed, . . .


Belgium had previously been a sanctuary country for many international pedophiles.

Sandy Koufax

Shimabukuro’s clone will hit the ground running without missing a beat and there will be no discernable difference in how the US government operates.

David T

Bot auto-reply

Sandy Koufax

No different than replying 4 to 2+2 and 1+3. Your behavior is reminiscent of Agent O’Brian of the Thought Police in 1984.


If the right-DS don’t get him then the left-DS will. Either way he is a dead man.


The fact Walensky said ‘You idiot’ puts her in trouble too since she just admitted that he was telling the truth – I hope they catch her and haul her to jail too…

Wayne Hatton

They need to round up Walensky’s yid cabalist ass soon as well. This is all getting too old.


My guess is that they already have the goods on Walensky or they’d not be posting this. He’s probably already cooperated. The last thing they want is to warn her that they’ve got him – unless it would make no difference.


Can’t wait to get Mattis. Great job guys!

Strike 17

They need to put the ones that get away to other countries to avoid prosecution put on the most wanted list broadcast it to the country they think they ran to and the surrounding countries that way all law enforcement over there can track and arrest and depot back to the US to stand tribunal.


Yes, just put a bounty on their heads.


as VVP PUT BOUNTY ON NEW TANKS from NATO????…$ 65,000.00


It seems that not everybody who has been jabbed dies, so my thinking is that only certain batches of the vaccine are purposely bad like 10%. However those people get heart attacks and hell major problems . This way it would not be so obvious that the vaccine pushers are trying to kill everyone and they can illuminate the rest of the population with subsequent jabs?


Per lots of online research, in the end, if the jabbed DID NOT get placebo/saline, the experts say they will ALL be dead within five years max if not before FULL STOP! Sometimes they ‘die suddenly’ within ONE MINUTE of getting the kill shot. I saw a clip of a little boy who passed out and collapsed off camera to the floor immediately after he was shown getting the jab. The needle may have still been in his arm when it came out when the boy collapsed. He probably died. I saw another clip of a father/relative grieving loudly over the body of a young boy lying on the floor on top of a blanket or something similar while another person gently pulled him away to sit on a nearby bench–it was heartbreaking! 🙁

Last edited 1 year ago by IsThisFairUse2

he didn’t resist?

if that’s the case.

he’s probably was being forced. now hes no longer in there control.

he felt a weight off of his shoulders.


Newsflash! More than just the House knows about your death shot!


About time…his turn to swing!


Waterboard for every last bit of info!


GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD LUCK… to get her…she think she is safe in state of her forefathers..


You mean Israel, the “vaccine”-ravaged puppet state of the empire?


That’s something I don’t understand. Some people were bought off, but don’t blame the entire Jewish community for the actions of a few. Dr. Zelenko was also Jewish as are many others who bring good to the world. Your comment sounds like something the ne’er-do-well Dave Kelly would write.


The vaccines are a distraction from cloning.

There are so many clones (millions) that the world requires to consumption of human orag flesh, or, adrenochrome.

These monsters have more in queue….they intend to kill everyone on earth and replace them with obedient clones who do what they are told without hesitation.

Jeffrey Dahmer was pursuing the VERY SAME THING, albeit he wanted to pioneer a means of transforming a healthy human being into a sex toy by insertting acid into the frontal lobes of his victims.

A sculpture of one of Dahmer’s ‘posed victims’ was hanging over the Stairs in Podesta’s home.

david simmons

I think some big announcements are synchronized with the 2024 election. I would just love to see it happen. The next President Donald Trump will get over 90% of the votes, if this is done correctly. I believe he will be able to run again in 2028


Dominion & Smartmatic will change those votes for the wong guy.


he PDJT will be 82 in the 2028…hmm… but medical beds can work miracle…


Until we return to paper ballots for elections things will be run by evil. Elections are a farce. Trump is out there campaigning for 2024 already. I heard part of his platform yesterday. He knows the dominion machines will do it again. Are we just being played until then and the next evil puppet gets installed? If the ballots are not paper then there is no point in going to the polls. Oh, here in Canada if you phone in to Elections Canada, they say they use paper ballots. BUT, they insert them into Dominion tabulators they say. So NOW they get away with the Dominion voting machines here in Canada, but at the same time they can say they are using paper ballots. Tricky, eh? I’m sick to death of it all.

About time

Pump and dump. Pump him for info and dump him down the hole in the floor of the gallo …with a nice hemp tie of course


Then feed him to the sharks.

Willy 2.0

Who’s up for a game of waterboard ????
What say you, Dr. Shitbungo ??


Yep! I would love to hear of wackosky arrest. The witch should be Burnt at the stack. But hanging will do. There’s a 9 page document in small fonts floating around on telegram of adverse reaction
Damn. Supposedly CDC in UK says the jab is lethal and fatal so your double dead. I know it’s not funny! I have several folks pass from this madness..

Anthony Gregory

Meanwhile the Rothschild political regime are living it up.


Rothschilds are trying to destroy the Habsburg Empire (Nazis funded by King of Liechtenstein…).

Rothschild does not want to kill slaves (people who pay into the Fed); slaves who who are convinced they are something other than a slave (I am one of them but I know my role in this economy).

I recommend you watch Hungary, Liechtenstein and South Afrika – you are witnessing the end of 900 years of monsters (Habsburg Austro-Hungarian Empire….from Austria. slovenia and Liechtenstein.

“Operation Paperclip” – read it. We lost WW2…

Dave Kelly

You got the WWII part right, the NAZIs won WWII, ALLIES AND THE AXIS LOST.


Don’t know why you got 3 down clicks because you are correct. For those that don’t believe read ”Operation Paperclip” Annie Jacobsen and “Hitler in Argentina” by Harry Cooper. I took care of of a retired Army Major who was a proud Hitler Youth years ago he came to the US shortly after the war. The war ended but we did not really win over 35,000 Germans were brought to the Americas with the help of the Vatican. Guess who created our space program the Nazi’s BTY I’m a recovering Roman Catholic.


to your last sentence …..very talented german rocket engineer..whose dream since high school years been get man to the MARS…Wernher von Braun(1912-1977) he design engine for 1969 APOLLO ….


You can’t even find images of this guy on the net. Is he even a real person? Where did he live? who is he? where did he come from? who did he work for?

This guy is a ghost. The picture at the top of this article is a portrait of Tom Shimabukuro. That is because there are no pictures of this guy, that make a positive easy to say yes that’s him.

Dave Kelly

HE could be a crisis actor hired for his CDC position, this may be why his photo is difficult to get at this point , his likeness is being scrubbed so the general public does not recognize him and start to raise hell, saying on know this M-Fer, how did he …….. The CDC Director appointed by DJT , Robert R Redfield is a CRISIS ACTOR, he was also Dr. H.Wayne Carver II, Coroner of the Sandy Hook false flag Psy-op. this fuck has had other roles as well, Interesting name for a coroner, Dr. CARVER. Not sure if DJT knew CDC Redfield is a CRISIS ACTOR, but it needs to be addressed. Oh and Dr. Carver died on or about Dec.27th 2019 at 67 years of age, pretty convenient so Dr. Redfield could continue without interruption.


Good catch.


Lives in Decatur Georgia, right next to Atlanta.


Hopefully he can lead them to Walensky. That would be a big catch. What a witch.

Dave Kelly

Walensky is jewitch, this should be a hint


Of your small-mindedness and ignorance for sure.


He probably feels guilty, so that’s why he’s relieved. Hope he tells the truth. Is there anything we can do to help our loved ones who took these shots? 🙏❤️

Dave Kelly

PRAY and make funeral arrangements , help them get their affairs in order, and really help them get SOME REAL SERIOUS PAY-BACK and REVENGE.

Lucky Star

Use egg York to block multiple covid 19 variant


i heard N-acetyl Cysteine…


You erroneously allowed them to take the reins and levers of power though you knew they’d seized them via multiple means illegally.They’re not going to give them back ever without being deposed and having their lives forfeit via Military Tribunal.They’ve got the internet connectable and vote switching employing Dominion Election Systems which both parties greenlighted leavened throughout the USA,”2000 Mules” systems galore,an owned and more than willing entire media,the courts,the schools,unelected controlling entities,and so on.This is beyond fourth stage cancer.Our ship’s been scuttled and we’re in the deep.In conclusion within the body of these articles there seems to be an insufficient contingent will in destroying the enemy as exists in the enemy themselves who display zealous commitment to our being destroyed and revolutionized.

Dave Kelly

ENEMY COMBATANTS CAN BE KILLED AND EXECUTED ON THE BATTLE FIELD, THEY DO NOT HAVE TO BE GIVEN US MILITARY TRIBUNALS, so why the fuck there is all this bullshit, makes ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING SENSE. This is lawyers, JAG S L O W P L A Y I N G and buying time for more DS ENEMY COMBATANTS TO ESCAPE AND FLEE. AT SOME POINT SOMEONE , White Hats or whomever will figure this out.


But JAG is not a Jew?

Dave Kelly

I did not say JAG is a jew, where did that come from, what is your problem Hymie? you are all hung up on jew, get over yourself. It is not ALL ABOUT YOU Hymie.


Nor is it all about you, thankfully, so get over yourself. Why does another person’s religion matter to you? We are all over the place, and G-d is coming after you. Watch out,


We are indeed in the deep. We need help of some kind. What is being done is admirable, but still extremely insufficient to the proportion and level of threat involved. Woefully insufficient. They could lock down the borders but they don’t Wouldn’t that be the first thing a military, a good military, would do? Lock the f–king borders down for STARTERS. Airports and Seaports as well. It is not rocket science, so what is it???


Down the rabbit hole we go…deeper and deeper by the day. Smoke ’em out good. Run rabbits, run.


Nice work! Can only surmise that him just spilling the beans like that meant he wanted to get caught to get some relief. the hunters become the hunted.

Last edited 1 year ago by oshi
Dave Kelly

His relief will be in GITMO, her relief is in TRUMP HEIGHTS in Israel. She gets away KIKE FREE.


Another brilliant statement from the neighborhood genius.


no leniency or pardon to any of these criminals. They have created a genocide of unheard of proportions. None of them got the jab

Dave Kelly


Sandy Thomas

So immediately subsequent to the arrests of Hahn, Surgeon General Adams, and DHAgent Malinowski, all vaccine related, he told Walensky things ‘were getting warm’ (ya think?) And she immediately ended the call.

Sandy Thomas

Another 10 days later things were getting hotter than warm–later in the day of Hahn’s execution he told Walensky he was fucked while she was safe and she ended the call. Another 8 days later he’s ‘spilling the beans’ on tiktok as oshi expressed it. Another 5 days later he’s relieved to get arrested.
Sequence of events is like watching a slow-motion trainwreck.

Dave Kelly

A satanist kike , letting the goy take the rap. And the kike has the CASH, WAKE -UP PEOPLE, WAKE UP!


Satan is not a component of Judaism of any kind Except “Messianicos” (christians pretending to be Rabbinic Jews).

If you witness people, whom you claim to be Jews, discussin satan as part of their “beliefs” then you are in the presence of a “Messianico”.

In Hebrew, a Jinn (a deceiving earth-bound man) is the proper term…we don’t harbor the concept of “spiritual possession – in 5778 years we have never seen a “Demon-controlled human”.. Narcissists, socipaths, on other dysfunctional characters are what you seek – and those conditions are not unique to Jews alone.

Conversely, if you do n0t know if they are Rabbinic Jews, then perhaps you can take a moment and consider the fact that you are wrong about Rabbinic Jews….

The monsters you want are the Messianicos who helped elect DJT (DJT is compromised since 1989).

Dave Kelly



You’re full of it. The only lies are those coming from you.