DeSantis Denied Access to GITMO


Florida Governor and presumptive 2024 presidential candidate Ron DeSantis was denied access to Guantanamo Bay after a spokesperson at his bequest informed Vice Adm. Crandall that DeSantis wanted to witness Ron Klain’s military tribunal, which is scheduled for Friday, February 3, an adjunct to Admiral Crandall told Real Raw News.

DeSantis’ spokesperson Christina Pushaw Wednesday afternoon informed JAG that DeSantis would arrive at GITMO early Friday morning to view the tribunal and, if time permitted, conduct a routine inspection of the base to ensure security protocols met his expectations. But JAG’s special assistant for strategic planning denied the request, saying GITMO was not currently accepting tourists or politicians, including State governors.

The snub reportedly angered Pushaw because DeSantis had been allowed to tour the base during an unannounced visit last August. DeSantis walked the base on that visit with Admirals Crandall and David Wilson, who listened to DeSantis reminisce about his days as a Navy JAG officer at GITMO in 2006. Neither Vice Adm. Crandall nor base commander General Lance A. Okamura objected to DeSantis’ presence at the time.

Afterward, Gen. David H. Berger spoke to Adm. Crandall and said allowing DeSantis to visit GITMO was like “letting a fox in the coop.” Berger, who has largely recovered from wounds sustained at the hands of his abductors, had long voiced a palpable dislike for DeSantis, and on more than one occasion labeled him a Deep State sympathizer.

According to our source, Berger and Crandall had a tiff last September when the latter said he and his staff, not Camp Pendleton, governed access to Guantanamo Bay. “We each have unique responsibilities,” Crandall said, to which Berger replied, “We have a symbiotic relationship, you and I. I’m not trying to step on your toes—just giving friendly advice.” A few days later, Crandall received a call from none other than President Trump, who encouraged him to forbid unauthorized personnel from setting foot on GITMO but stopped short of issuing a direct order. Trump, who this week called DeSantis a globalist RINO, warned Crandall that DeSantis had questionable allegiances.

“President Trump apparently feels GITMO may have been infiltrated. I think he communicated that to Adm. Crandall. I think when Adm. Crandall entertained Gov. DeSantis in August, it was a courtesy, one Navy officer to another. DeSantis was displeased at hearing he wouldn’t be allowed back. He could be heard in the background muttering unkind words while the admiral’s assistant was talking to Ms. Pushaw,” our source said.

Asked whether Adm. Crandall conferred with Trump before refusing DeSantis’ request, our source added, “I don’t know. But he’s persona non-gratis around here right now.”

As an aside, Ron Klain’s military tribunal will begin at 10:00 a.m. Friday. Real Raw News will supply a report as speedily as possible.

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Bro. Andrew

De-Saint-US ? No thanks, no one can take away our US freedom and US Constitution.


DeSantis is Deep State….wouldn’t trust him any further than I could see him….and yes….he’s shown his True Colors on many occasions. One of the commenters describes him best as getting creepy vibes from DeSantis….He has no official reason or authority for visiting GITMO….period….


I do not get all the hoopla over DeSantis. He seems to be ok at the governor level, but forget the US Presidency. He does not have the personality it takes to be a President and easily gets in a snit if people disagree with him.

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MAGA CountryBabe

Why is he being treated so bad? He has been good to Florida.


I don’t understand why he wants to be there why? What is the purpose for watching that trial? What does he want down there? He is still a governor so he needs to take care of Florida right now.


Two faced? Don’t trust him, just my gut instinct. I have learned to trust my gut instinct. I saw several places last week where Gen Mattis was supposedly going to do some kind of call in or Q & A? I’ll see if I can find it.


DeSantis is not “lovable”. He frowns too much. It is his way or the highway in every case.


Thank You for denying DeSantis “Visit” to GITMO. He clearly does NOT have any authority to conduct inspections of the facility! Smart move by President Trump & Vice Admiral Crandall. Thank You!

Mark David

In the film Ronin (1998), I still remember the excellent quote about a persons integrity. “Whenever there is any doubt, there is no doubt.”
This applies to DeSantis very much, and politicians in general.

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You shouldn’t have ignored the President (Trump) when he said don’t let FEMA into FL during the hurricane!!! Even hung up on him and would take any more calls. WHO THE HELL DOES HE THINK HE IS???


DeSantisis letting power go to his head. They should not let anyone in. They are doing their job.


they need to invite all the governors to Guantanamo Bay during tribunals and executions so they can get the real picture of what they’re facing especially Gretchen whitmer


Behest, not bequest. Be glad to do some proof-reading.


I keep thinking about the DS attack at Gitmo recently. Why would DeSantis want to visit, AGAIN, just to see Klain’s tribunal?, and if time, “conduct a routine inspection of the base to ensure security protocols met his expectations?” What authority does DeS have to check out the base?Sounds rather fishy to me. Is he looking to report things to the DS if they try an attack again….or was the attack just to try to rescue NPelosi? His constant great approval from the msm seems like a plan, also, to build up his base.

Mark David

De Santis getting pissed when told he couldn’t do another “visit” tells me that he has an Agenda to go there.

Mark David

De Santis isn’t far removed from De Satan.

Mark David

Maybe DeSantis will be allowed back to Gitmo in the future, as a detainee for his own Military Tribunal.

Mark David

I hope DeSantis gets everything he deserves.

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Mark David

DeSantis gives me bad vibes.

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Mark David

I just pray everyday that all of this is a movie, and that the US Republic is really back.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark David

,,,, smell the C((__))FFee, tho the Toast is burning.


The biggest question is, how did DeSantis even know about the tribunal? Where does he get the authority to demand to attend? I can’t believe he thought he’d get away with it.


Keep’im, or paint him.

On another totally separate note, donations.
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Great Wor//< Buddyyy.

Blessing’s of Ti(\/)e, Peace & F R E E D O M to Come ~


So he thinks he can visit anytime to see if security protocols meet HIS expectations? Who does he think he is? President???


This is the next DS puppet that they will install, no matter how anyone votes. So, he knows he is in…why else would he be so presumptious? This would be why DS would have allowed him to do a FEW good things in his state…for optics. Meanwhile he allows Fema to shoot and loot his own constituents. Disgusting piece of work he is….


This is the next DS puppet that they will install, no matter how anyone votes. So, he knows he is in…why else would he be so presumptious? This would be why DS would have allowed him to do a FEW good things in his state…for optics. Meanwhile he allows Fema to shoot and loot his own constituents. Disgusting piece of work he is…


Why would someone like DeSantis be a Deep State sympathizer? So many confusion and doubts. Q says Patriots are in control, but does not look like. I hope for the best, no matter what.

Billy Bob

Analyze the video of his brief strange surveil visit before the attack.


He wanted to see if security protocols met his expectations??? Who does he think he is? Tell him he will be back a Gitmo, but not as a guest!


It is interesting that Biden has stated that Ron Klain is leaving his job in the government. Interesting isn’t it?


Klain got another offer at GITMO.


And its going to be a life changing experience for him!!


HAHAHAHAHA. Rino persona non grata. Definition says he could even be arrested. I think that means if he steps foot in their space.That pompas a$$ DeSantis just got schooled. I tell the truth about him every chance I get. I’ll never forget him letting the horrid fema in to terrorize the citizens of FL.


Yeah, he is just a Fema blow-boy.

Debra Rudolph

LOL I loved ” GITMO isn’t currently accepting tourists or politicians” LOL And it looks like Crandall needs to be investigated!


Sounds like it.


So I guess If DeSantis wasnt on the white Hat’s radar before he is now.

American Living in Canada



Just when you thought all the swamp scum was exposed…

Country Girl

If the fake media loves someone, then you know that person is not for the good of our nation.

Sandy Thomas

What did they do with Malinowski?


Klain is a treasonous bastard. HANG HIM.

Kelly Ann

DeSatan is a FAT POS TRAITOR! End of discussion!!!


“DeSantis wanted to witness Ron Klain’s military tribunal”

Question: how did DeSantis know Ron Klain was a detainee at Gitmo, and scheduled for tribunal on February 3. Where did he get that information?

We know this information is tightly controlled.

DeSantis must be privy to briefings from somewhere, in order to know a military tribunal was scheduled.

We can only speculate and assume that he also reads Real Raw News.

just looking

Information from here is shared on other sites , telegram , facebook , youtube.. I know because I have seen it / shared it there.. so, it is getting around


Ron Desantis is a groomed Pilgrims Society puppet. His allegiance is to the crown and the privy council not to America. Thats why it appears that he does the right things. He is allowed to so he can curry favor with American citizens and Aipac. That doesnt mean he will continue to if he hypothetically becomes President. Trump became a threat to them when he threatened to shut down the Federal Reserve Board and the I.R.S. tax money goes to a blind trust is Puerto Rico.
Who represents us in Puerto Rico?
First thing Joe did was cutoff the Keystone pipeline. The Rockefellers would financially benefit from that. Now they are trying to lead us into a fight with Russia. They want to undercut him and sale oil and gas to Europe. The military needs to round up the Rockefeller family. They are a threat to our National Secuity.

Jose Ramirez

Good keep this guy out. Excellent decision. Yes!


No reason for Desantis to be allowed access to Gitmo. Good call General.


Wow why is everyone we think we can trust DS? Ron DeSantis has the entire country fooled if he is indeed an enemy!! It makes me sick thinking about it!! However, I have learned to trust no one!! Glad to hear Gen. Berger is recovering well. God bless DJT and the White Hats!!

just looking

I don’t live in florida , but heard many there say he is great . Doing a good job for florida , but several things we did’nt know about him have surfaced.. I trust in God , not men.. a question mark ( ? )from me..


Yes, I find it very confusing about DeSantis. You are right, our trust should always be in God and never in man!!

just looking

Agree about Gen.Berger… Hope he is doing well..


We have seen that deSantis is a “friend” of FEMA. I don’t trust him further than I can spit, and never have. He has done a lot of good for Florida, but I suspect he is Deep State and not the squeaky clean boy he pretends to be.

Nukkin Futz

He’s a fence walker, ready to buddy up to what side is in the lead, which is known as a one eyed jack…..

Mark David

Politicians are great at sucking whatever needs to be sucked. Most are untrustworthy and self-serving.

Nukkin Futz

Your absolutely god dammed right!!

Elisa Orozco

It is well known that he was Skull & Bones while at university and I have read online that his wife used to work for Black Water.

Nukkin Futz

He has the credentials as a absolutely, real nitty griddy, genuine deep state spook, plus he looks like a flip-flopping fink and I don’t think he’s a tranny either…but who knows…?


And when did attack happen at Gitmo? Before or after his visit?




It never happened.

John .S

Alaska Cloning Lab.

Although the cylinders housed no Clinton clones, they did contain clones of several Deep Staters who had only recently risen to prominence; DeSantis?

Elisa Orozco

Anything is possible in these strange times. It’s worth considering……..

Chris G

If there’s proof beyond a reasonable doubt that DeSantis has aided the Deep State (treason), why not quietly invite him in to GITMO and then arrest him now? Let’s see a Ron DeSantis clone in the public eye, if the D.S. can still fabricate one.

Elisa Orozco

There are many who say that DeSantis was locked up and replaced by a clone/double on the day he toured GITMO last August. Just sayin’…………….

Tracy Reinert

Good call.


Why would Trump be persona non grata? 🤔

Robert Dziok

He’s talking about DeSantis being so and not President Trump.


Desantis is a groomed Pilgrim Society puppet. His loyalty is to the crown/Pilgrim Society not to America.
The only reason it appears that he does right things is because he is allowed to. If he was for America he would be attacked by everyone the way trump was, the way the Catholic Church is.


Are you defending the Catholic ‘church’ with their known pedophile priests? They same ‘church’ that uses a corrupt version of the Bible? It is a satanic cult.

Mark David

True dat.

Mark David

The Catholic church is one of the biggest reasons child trafficking exists. Do away with that contrived religion that steals everything from everyone. Case in point: The devil worshipers in the basement of the Vatican wear pedophilic symbols on their smocks, robes, etc. while doing services The Vatican deserves a Rod of God strike.

Tracy Reinert



LESLIE… you still did not sober up ..MB talk about de santis ???

Elisa Orozco

Read the article again, Leslie. You just misinterpreted it. You’ll see. It will be quite clear the second time you read it!! 😉

Lorenz Manner

Read attentively. It’s about DeSantis who is persona-non grata.

Ruby Kennard

It’s more than likely that the DS are determined to ‘take over Gitmo’, stop the tribunals, and save the criminals from execution. They’re running out of clones and have no more supply source. Hallelujah!.


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There is so much positive media being flung lately about DeSantis, that it is easy for me to believe that he is being positioned by the DS to be the republican candidate for the presidency. If this happens, they can allow him to win without forcing the now-typical, blatant Cheat. The normies will be pacified for another election cycle until the extermination is complete.

Mark David

When Fake News says something politically, the opposite is usually true.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark David

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Hope you are giving mommy some rent money! Its about time you get out of her house like most adults do.

John .S

There’s always redundancy. Gitmo as convenience as 90 mile hop-skip & jump. Guam & elsewhere dispensing justice.


It was a Google balloon = the ones the CIA uses to spy n US Citizens.

why are you all upset about China surveiling you when CIA is guilty of Treason?

John .S

Myself return post in referencing “”redundancy”” to Ruby’s comment of: “”DS are determined to ‘take over Gitmo’, stop the tribunals'”.

Myself made no mention of Google, China nor CIA, neither did Ruby.

Sadly the peanut gallery makes its presence known via clicking positive icon to your post having no relevance to Ruby’s comment, neither mine.

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S

he’s a snake in the grass. spoke favoarably about FEMA and camps.


We need FEMA camps there are 400 control files on pedophiles and child murderers alone. (Communists)


They would love that wouldn’t they. Not going to happen. DeSantis can just sit in a corner and pout.


Too many dumbed down moronic baseless accusations sans any evidence whatsoever. Malicious calumny. Nothing less than a smear campaign Nancy style.


Why do people tear down any one who is promising. DeSantis has been exceptional for Florida and all conservatives. Stop spreading rumors.

45 4Ever

De Santis is a globalist! Never America First! He thinks he know it all! Demonrats has no one to go agains Trump so they’re using ding Dong Ron! Ryan, Rove, Jeb Bush are hiding in the background pushing him. If he’s real smart he will completely abandoned the DS support Trump and the MAGA movement then he might have a chance in 2028. But no he prefers to be a stupid ass globalist!!