Jerome Adams Hanged at GITMO


On Monday, his head in a noose, former Surgeon General Jerome Adams had final words for Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall and the smattering of officers who had arrived at Guantanamo Bay to witness his execution. An impassioned Adams delivered a lengthy soliloquy, saying the only reason he had betrayed Trump and the American populace was that the Deep State had threatened to harm his family if he didn’t concede to their demands.

“What would you have done, Adm. Crandall? They threatened my wife, children, relatives I haven’t seen in 15 years. I was scared for them. Imagine living your life under the specter of death, knowing they’d come for you if they even thought you’d act against them. I did what I did to safeguard the lives of my family, Admiral.”

The Admiral replied, “If true, why didn’t you open your mouth about it before? This is the first time we’re hearing about it. Who threatened your family? And why did you accept payment?”

“I was scared,” Adams said slowly, giving each word space. “And I had to take that money. If I refused it, they’d suspect me.”

“Who’s they?” Adm. Crandall asked.

“Doesn’t matter anymore; you’ve dealt with them,” Adams said. “But the others, they are everywhere. And what you’re about to do, Admiral Crandall, will leave a wife without a husband, three children without a father.”

“Don’t put this on me. You could’ve gone to President Trump. He would’ve protected you. He would’ve protected your family,” the Admiral said.

Beside Adams stood a soldier whose uniform bore no rank or insignia. His index finger hovered near the button that would open the hinged door beneath Adams’ feet, and beside him a Navy Chaplin whose right palm lay on Adams’ shoulder.

“Officer to officer, Vice Adm. Crandall, what would you have done?”

The question made Crandall wince as if in pain. “You call yourself an officer. Some nerve.”

The surgeon general is a commissioned officer in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, one of the eight uniformed services of the United States, and by law holds the rank of vice admiral, though the rank is mainly honorary.

“I would have honored my oath; that’s what I would’ve done,” Vice Adm. Crandall said. “As I will do now.”

Adams shut his eyes and began to recite Psalm 23:4: “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me….”

Admiral Crandall drew a deep breath and motioned at the soldier atop the platform to push the button.

A Navy physician recorded the time of death: 10:40 a.m. EST., Monday, February 13.

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🇺🇸♥️He lies like a rug, even with a rope around his neck.♥️


Why didn’t he mention who when asked, at that point he had nothing to lose. 🤔


May the souls of those who died rest in peace now and my the “they” that blackmail, bribe and murder those who stand for righteousness burn in eternal fire. Thank God that He made a hell that last for eternity because that is what monsters deserve.

Jeremy R Feit

he was well hung


Mike Pence would know, but it could have been the other way around??!


If these stories of executed and hanged persons are not true, why are the individuals and the families of those mentioned not screaming hell on every alphabet television station to dispute it, and court cases to remove the story.

Thank you MB for your works.

Jeremy R Feit

because this site is listed as “satire” although it may just be saying that


Yes, thank you, Michael, for letting us know about the people who’ve been arrested as it brings closure when we know about their executions. Most of us had a lot of angst after the fraudulent elections, covid, some(not all) of the military that joined up with biden and the politicians that betrayed us. It makes us feel a little bit safer knowing these predators cannot hurt anyone else. So many traitors, so little time to get rid of them. Sigh.

Brigid Bardont

Dat’s grape news!


IT always amazes me THESE DEVILS never have a list of the people they know who are commiting TREASON,MURDER AND EVIL,they go to their death in silence..THAT needs to change,I’am sure the marines could help them remember who all they knew that were in on their crimes..DO LIKE FEMA does,chop off a few fingers or maybe bring their family to gitmo to watch their execution if they won’t talk.AND NAME,NAMES..FEMAS favorite TRICK is throwning their children over the fence at their prison camps and the parents get to see their little ones being eaten by their guard dogs…


Patriot Americans who honor their oath are NOT lowlife street thugs, but follow the rule of law in this case military law based on pure evidence of treason.

Such conduct you are describing is that of despicable cowards and tyrants who can’t get their own way.

JA was a coward and a loser who could care less for all the lives lost and permanently harmed especially children because of his betrayal of office.

Trump would have taken quick action to protect him and his family if he had come to him in all humility and honesty.

May God have mercy on his soul.

Last edited 1 year ago by Soulscry

Really sad.


Admiral Crandall, you know you are doing the right thing when none of them break down and cry and beg for forgiveness for hurting so many and how sorry they are and appreciate that they will now be free of their conscience and how they will use this time to get right with God. Rest easy Adm. Crandall and thank you for your service 🙏


Like a true sociopath, he tries blaming the Admiral and does not take responsibility for his actions, even believing his lies. No guilt, no remorse. Its someone else’s fault. Always blame someone else.


My comments are all deleted. ??????


No i can see your reply to oshi


He still had a choice, If true, I feel for him I really do. But you don’t sacrifice an entire nation for one’s own family. How many Biblical figures died for the masses? Including Jesus himself.

  1. If true…no one with a conscious could kill millions over being scared for his family. If your a good person you go to Trump and talk it out. I really believe that Trump gives these evil demon to many to,do the right thing. His calls to officials and governors after election fraud have him asking them over and over if they were sure nothing was going on. Look at AG Barr, Trump should’ve outed him to American people nut never did, same with Pence, NE still covers for fake Pence. 2.5 yrs later this is really getting old. I feel for those in the thick of this war.

Like Admiral Crandall told him… He should have gone to President Trump.. and revealed to him that he was being blackmailed and forced to go against President Trump and change his narrative about the Scamdemic and jabs… He would still be alive and his entire family would be safe and secure.

Stupid is as stupid does.. Just like Satanist Pedo Monster.. Tom Hanks!!

mia moriarty

president Trump has zero tolerance for child rapes /torture and murder .so, NO he would not have been protected He and mike are guilty of child atrocities in Indiana and president Trump knows that they are satanic and not worth spit Hanging was too good for this monster

Sharon Keith

Better OUT than IN!

Hal Brown

The evil butt boy deserves far, far worse than just a quick snap of the neck, given all the pain and suffering and death he aided, abetted, and in no small part is responsible for. Further, his family had to know something fishy was going on when he suddenly has money, and yet there is no indication they attempted to do what was right. The consolation is that Lucifer will take care of him. In the scripture, which he quoted from, it is written that “to whom much is given, much is required”. He obviously had been trained in the Word as he was able to quote from it, so much was required, for which he failed miserably.

Last edited 1 year ago by Hal Brown

Yes, he failed miserably. Even at the end he still wouldn’t give up any names.

mia moriarty

They need to stop the hangings
wood chippers work way better

mia moriarty

should have been a wood chipper instead of a hanging


My comments get deleted for no reason.


Contact the admin and ask them why. Sometimes my comments appear in a day or two, very rarely, but it did happen to me as well on this website a few times. Check the very bottom of the comments often to see if your comment eventually appears. I believe it is accidental, not intentional.


I don’t think his recited verse from the bible will save him. He is not heartfully sorry. He said it to comfort himself…and only himself.


And wanting to have sexual relations with men should have given you a clue you weren’t a real man anyway.

mia moriarty

depraved and evil /raped little trafficked boys


No you couldn’t get away with killing all those people even though you had black skin. Donald Trump is not a racist and does not deserve to be responsible for you getting to live a lie to the American people or for your innocent family either if they are. Actions are supposed to have consequences. That is how we are all supposed to learn to live and grow to live in truth in the world together.

Jim Joans

The despicable homo got far less than he deserved. Millions of people have been greatly harmed or even killed because he did not honor his oath and “his family was threatened”. I have numerous friends who have been harmed by the vax and I have been to a few funerals of heart attack victims who were perfectly healthy before getting the vax. Unfortunately none of them came to me for advice. How did I know it was poison and they didn’t? Poor fools, all of them. JEROME GOT far less than he deserved. As for his family they had to have known something was up with his new found wealth and they are complicit.

mia moriarty

he’s lucky he didn’t get the wood chipper /got off easy
In the mix /he murdered and raped little helpless trafficked boys ,that part of his Indiana depravity ,with mike was kept secret

John .S

Suspect wife sold her soul signing NDA for Family Gov’t Medical Insurance.

Wonder what kind of a cockamamie story wife told kids ‘why their daddy is not coming home’?

No doubt Adams kids will eventually find out, suspect in school cause kids are cruel, that their father was executed at Gitmo for Crimes Against Humanity.

John .S

Attention Parents, have your “”highschool”” kids place RRN link on their cell phones, they’re instrumental in spreading the word.

RRN articles e.g., Brian Stelter will cause a ruckus upon leftist indoctrinating teachers that groom our kids.

UFT utilize our children as tools, key is flipping the script in having our kids spreed the word, fighting fire with fire.

Have to make RRN as everyday common talk amongst highschool students.

The power is in the children [high schoolers] bringing it into college.

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S

He lies to himself even at his execution. These monsters are so removed from true reality, they make easy prey for the darkness.


We have just been told in AUSTRALIA our Military are doing training on how to control the civilians of AUSTRALIA WITH FORCE hows that for a pack of TRAITORS if you are a CHRISTIAN HERE WE ARE CLASSED AS TERRORIST so our Police Commissioners are telling the fake media over hear to broardcast and to dob in anyone that goes against there narrative .


I have friends over there, where is this happening? Do you have a link to an article I can send them?


The communists could not shove communism down our throats so now they are on to socialism. It’s all one and the same disease for human beings.

Elisa Orozco

Wishing the highest good to the Patriots of Australia. May God protect you and lead you to victory over the those who would harm you. Love and Prayers…….

Tracy Reinert

This rat~bastard didn’t mind harming my only child, in his twenties still. I pray he lives. I want every damn one of these arrogant, narcissistic, selfish bastards taken out. We will never be free with them in charge. They gotta go. Period. All of them. Thank you, Special Forces.


Interesting how they bring out scripture when it suits them. If he trusted the LORD he would of not had fear of the Deep State evil and would of done the right thing. President Trump has helped many people get Protection. JFKJR, Princess Diana and many others.


He sure did and he decided to be scared? Why did you joined the military to begin with if you’re so scared?

mia moriarty

he was too obsessed and possessed to care about anyone but his depravity with pence /birds of a feather ,pence was a bonafide monster with little ones, as Mike was demonic,,adams must’ve been too ,not just raping little boys in Indiana but WORSE


At the time of initial interrogation and during tribunal, if he had confessed everything and given all the information he could, and expressed remorse, and said ‘I ask the court to give me the punishment that you see fit’…. if he had done all of this, maybe he would have gotten a lesser sentence.

mia moriarty

what he did was never revealed ,He deserved far more than just to swing for the diabolical life he lead ,torturing little ones ,even to their death is what depraved mike did in Indiana and I bet he did the same evil


Another Lying Traitor cannot even stop lying to himself & the ones around him at the time of his transition to the other side of the veil of life ! Officers are supposed to have some awareness of their own foundation & reality. It is beyond belief to expect anyone to believe this so-called Health Officer was , in the very least , concerned about anyone other than himself. He truly died alone since no one could have possibly identified with his corrupt core ! I am sure that this Justified Action of Imposing Justice upon a greedy evil murderous being will only be remembered now ; in this written history & the beings name will never be noted nor remembered. Only beings whom would consider turning to have a close relationship with Lucifer will consider the words of the ” Health Officer ” and then perhaps decide to turn away from evil rather than embracing it & being forgotten as a Traitor to Humanity & a wart on society’s posterior . I am glad that we are taking out the trash although we should get extra pay from sanitation depts ……. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195


He was definitely lying and all he got was 1 million dollars. Not only he was a lying traitor, but played himself. He could have went to Trump like Vice Admiral said and he and his family would have gotten the protection, plus would have been still alive. He sold us out and withheld information from our CIC, what did you think was going to happen?
Christina, DaRadiant1, BU-H100

mia moriarty

I believe president trump’s intelligence informed him about these two and the evil they were involved in with little ones I don’t think either one would ever have been protected They both sold their souls ,long long time ago in indiana and did despicable things ,raped /tortured /even murdered little ones A hanging was too good for this evil pile of ……


He should’ve went public on any media that would let him.

mia moriarty

no fixing evil He got off easy

Joe Blow

No excuses. He could have told and they would have relocated his family and himself from danger.


BULL! The whole government is corrupt. Don’t be stupid. He would have been killed along with his family. Just the cost of being a public servant in a satanic government. Also a shout out to Donald Trump for warning the nation about the death shot. 😳

mia moriarty

I doubt that His history with Pence in Indiana was pure evil

Frederick Carreon

Good Riddance ✌️


Not even close to enough or a proper beginning.No quarter or mercy to ANY of them! Arrest,Tribunal,and execute the Marxist Statist dems and Rinos by whatever hundreds and thousands are necessary and restore Trump immediately because with the election rigging mechanisms securely remaining in place he’ll never be able to open the People’s House via Federal Election(s) again that’s certain.Both sides have agreed and seen to that.

Michelle Armstrong

70 million is how big the Deep State is & why its taken so long

Tracy Reinert

3,000-7,000 major players. 70,000 minor players. 70 million to get ’em. 7.7 BILLION OF US.

mia moriarty

his only reason for being ,was allegiance to satan A meeting with a Wood chipper ,should have been his sentence


He brought that upon himself AND his family.

mia moriarty

sold his soul

Mark David

Jerome is part of the Deep State Plan to murder hundreds of millions of Americans, yet he asks to be spared. No mercy for him.


Thank you Michael for putting it in print. I think it’s important.


It is SUPER important.





https ://operationdisclosureofficial. com/2023/02/17/reader-lurch-the-other-half-of-the-kill-shot/


(Reader: Lurch) The Other Half of the Kill Shot

This may not be good news, but someone in the medical field needs to check this out;

THIS IS IMPORTANT, because It has never been mentioned, that I know of. The Cabal’s plan was evil and brilliant.

The MNRA vax changes/alters the victims DNA permanently to an unhealthy state.

If two adults have sex and produce a child, is it not a product of their altered DNA?

Therefore, all subsequent offspring will produce a generation of vaxed people without` ever having to take the shot.


I honestly hadn’t thought of this (but should have). Shedding due to the death jabs can possibly do the same thing to those affected by it.

It’s what the satanists want–‘everybody else’ on Earth dead except themselves and about 500,000,000 slaves to serve and amuse them in their NWO dystopia like the now destroyed Georgia Guidestones used to say.

https ://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Georgia_Guidestones

This insidious, genocidal plan was hatched/in the works since at least 1981. See

https ://www. thebernician. net/globalist-banker-predicted-scamdemic-genocide-of-the-useless/

mia moriarty

henry Makow


He forgot to mention the Children left without a Father after he got jabbed. Made his choice.

Tracy Reinert

The thing about narcissists is that they have a great deal of empathy toward themselves. Only toward their stuff.

mia moriarty



i see many of you are finally realizing your mistake to be soft on criminals.

rule of the old warrior race: never be soft on criminals and corrupt leaders no matter the side. both sides can eb corrupted. but, you still want Russia to take over europe and eradicate them.

so i continue to wait tell you all wake up to reality.


And Germany was never an empire, right?


did i say that? lol.

funny, how you think russia has the right to be ussr 2.0. you think russia wills top at ukraine once taken? they take poland and have a warsaw 2.0,k then take romania though thats dracula homeland, they take others small countries around there too. then will have to takeout russia again in another 74 yrs.

stop letting russia take over multiple times. its a continue cycle.

both sides have there own goal.

wake up to reality there is no peace.


The only peace man can have is personal acceptance of the Son of God as his Savior. All other forms of peace are only temporal.

Elio Paul

Putin is going after US deep state bioweapon labs, and hopefully the deep state laundromat, in the Ukraine. I think he will stop there.

Tracy Reinert

Putin has a powerfully revealing
speech coming.

Michelle Armstrong

Absolutely not !! This war against the DS will be won cuz of Putins help!

mia moriarty


mia moriarty

yep you are right we are all wrong Azovs don’t exist NO biolabs in Ukraine sticky red manufacturing is good /money laundering child torture and trafficking …all good Russia bad Here’s your opportunity ..go lock lips with joe /great guy /your type ,not far from where you live …live it up


you have one side on europe and then one side in russia. you know russia and ccp are taking over?

why do you want all languages to be destroyed for only 3? which mind you they are the hardest languages to learn.

back in ww2 nazis would kill anybody who don’t speak it properly. in russia and china do the same.

so i should get thrown in jail cause im not perfect like your false god is?

should all people with autism die off cause they aint human to your eyes?

cant you see your being played by both sides?

mia moriarty

Here’s a recommendation
go on bended knee
say the following out loud Jesus, for all that I have done ,knowingly and unknowingly that has been displeasing to you ,forgive me
come into my heart ,fill me with the holy spirit , and show me truth ,cover me with your blood ,Christ ‘s consciousness Your strength and your will be upon me and I thank you that my soul that was lost has been saved by your grace ,in the name of Jesus
second Corinthians 6/17
” if anyone is in Christ ,he is a new creation;old things have passed away ,all things have become new ”
love and blessings to you

mia moriarty

R U trying to be a TOKYO ROSE

mia moriarty

talion ,I’m losing patience with your absurd anti Russian propaganda / sympathy for the devil nonsense If anyone needs to get a ” reality ” wake up ” ,It is YOU


He got the job because he ‘would’ roll out the vaccines. That’s enough for me.


So did Trump! Donald Trump has more blood on his hands than all the tyrants combined.

Anthony Gregory

Alls well that ends well.


This man was a traitor pure and simple!! they all do, tried to justify his actions!! He knew he was murdering people and he said nothing. Good bye Adams you have received the reward for your “work”. You could have been loyal to President Trump and you would not have been hung!! Your family is better off without you!!


who says you have to be loyal? thats a mistake. how many times do you have to be told no?


so people are downvoting. yet, they want to keep the downvoting system, lol.

being loyal is why we are here in this situation in the first place. many were innocent before being told to stay loyal or die. they took the bait and killed millions.


Why are you here??! What you are doing is not only stupid backing the evil criminal Worldwide Deep State, but it is totally Futile on your part so do something worthwhile & go to CNN or PMSLSD AKA MSNBC to peddle your Radical Far Leftist Misinformation where all of us here with half a brain totally dismiss as idiocy!

mia moriarty

I interpreted it differently
the virus was the deep state the jab was our own decision so was the stupid mask that even today people are wearing We were deceived We always have been deceived
My strength and guidance is from Jesus Christ I was thrown out of popeye’s by a manager who looked like he was twelve because I NEVER wore a mask I left quietly,,saying ” Do I look like a dog?”
“I don’t wear muzzles or masks” The nation went under a spell and obeyed and lived in fear
My husband and I were followed around by nasty karen mask enforcers in many stores ,at fast speeds It became fun to do
Gulag deaths were one to two million No one of those ,rounded up ,resisted /united They just went along isn’t it better to die ,putting up a fight than to go /starve /be worked to death /freeze to death?
I wrote to Tate Reeves daily ,abusively stating ” the highest law in the land is the constitution and a mandate is not a law you are deceiving the people and you are guilty of treason and a former corrupt banker pile of ….etc One day the governor writes back ,asking me to vote for DJT


Interesting as he recited Psalm 23:4. However, did he ever repent for his numerous sins? He is responsible for countless deaths! Only he and our Lord will know for certain! Bring back Nuremberg!

Linda G.

In my opinion, if he was truly sorry he would have apologized to the American people and Pres. Trump instead of making excuses. They all say they HAD to do the dirty deed. Pres. Trump would have protected him and his family. As always I pray for each one. The only one I am sure repented is Loretta Lynch. PTL!


your soft


as is your cock bird


ouch, im so hurt, lol;.


Loretta Lynch?! Dream on; she only repented that she got caught.

mia moriarty

wasn’t SHE a HE ,oconman’s stud whenever big mike wasn’t beating him up he turned to loretta


That lynched traitor is the only one who acted like she did. She had nothing but demonic hatred for the American people.


Hello. How/by what are you sure that Ms, Lynch repented?

mia moriarty

I don’t pray for them OR the devil


Yes, Loretta Lynch. Odd isn’t it? No one repents!


He was Pence’s gay lover, can you repent for also being a pedovore… I really dont think so


I was wondering the same thing…He recited scripture, yet in the same breath tried to justify his wrong doings. If he had truly repented, he would have accepted his fate , not made any excuses and grieved for all the people he helped murder…

mia moriarty

he and pence murdered little ones /little boys /rape victims /special place in hell for both of them

mia moriarty

it’s hard for a satanist to repent? i’m not sure they are even allowed to I’d imagine they come back as a maggot and start all over again for the next few billion years working on cleaning up their soul ( I watch NDE videos )


This is why homosexuals were not allowed to serve in government or the military, they would be blackmailed and exposed and careers would be ruined. Anybody can be a traitor and it’s a very evil thing to betray, no matter the motivation be it money or sex or power. But that transsexual, what was his name, Bradley Manning, who changed from a man into a woman, who betrayed our country by exposing all those documents, is a prime example of that.
Homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals, paedophiles, child sex traffickers, incest aggressors and child pornographers should no longer be allowed into high-levels of government, military, teh churches, the synagogues or education of our sons and daughters.
No wonder America is teetering on it’s legs and hated by the rest of the world, because it’s been gutted by people like that. America is a laughing stock economically and militarily because of Obama and Biden homosexualizing the government and our wonderful culture pushing gay marriage and gay parenting and sex changes and puberty blockers for 8-year-olds.
But because President Trump wisely stopped the recruitment of homosexuals and transsexuals in the military, they crucify him for not only saving money but saving our national security, violations of which carry a very heavy death penalty. And some of those violations have been proven to have been committed by gays and lesbians in the military ever since the cabal repealed “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and pushed for gay marriage and destruction of the DOMAs that President Clinton signed into law in 1996.
Homosexuality is wrong. NO IFS, ANDS OR BUTS ABOUT IT.
Men should not be having sex with men, women should not be having sex with women, and adults should not be having sex with children. This is according to Romans 1:20-32 and Genesis chapters 18-19.
Transsexual/nonbinary/LGBTQ adults should not be raising children to be non-binary, nameless, sexless beings because they themselves hate having to state on their kids’ birth certificates, health insurance, Social Security cards, school registrations, state IDs and passports that they are born a boy or a girl and they refuse to be listed as the mother or the father but demand that they be listed as the opposite-sex parents. This is not only being done by D.C. residents Ahanu and Petrona on 9 Months, who are raising a nameless, sexless, nonbinary child, this is being done in countries like Spain, the UK, Argentina, Ireland and other countries that tolerate same-sex marriage and same-sex parenting.
Children should not be sexualized or forced to engage in sex or incest with adults. Leviticus 18:6-18, Genesis chapters 18-19, Judges 19, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, 1 Timothy 1:9-11, Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, Mark 9:42, Matthew 18:6 and Luke 17:2
But this is what the global cabal is forcing us to accept, and they punish us if we say no, if we say conjugal marriage is right and gay marriage is wrong, if we say kids need both a mother and father to raise them.
We have standards as free human beings to say no to same-sex relationships without being bashed and attacked and shamed and have our families torn apart for it. We have religious freedom to worship God and say no to the illegal sex. Jerome Adams was a homosexual who betrayed his wife and kids and violated his marriage bed. Mike Pence is a homosexual and a child sex abuser who also betrayed his wife and kids and violated his marriage bed.
But we as a moral people are being forced to accept it like our friends in Canada are being forced to accept it, or they lose their kids and get incarcerated for speaking their minds, and God help you if you say no.
Homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals, paedophiles, child sex traffickers, incest aggressors and child pornographers should no longer be allowed into high-levels of government, military, the churches, the synagogues or education of our sons and daughters.

American Living in Canada

Could never understand why two homosexual males could have the right legally to adopt a young lad.

Doesn’t take an Einstein mind to figure out what is wrong with that type of sick in the head scenario.

American Living in Canada

But, now we know why.


And two gay men were arrested for sexually abusing their adopted son and pimping him out to other paedophiles. It made the headlines a couple of weeks ago. This is why homosexuals and lesbians and transsexuals are not fit to be parents. Only straight men and women can and should bear kids or adopt, preferably the married ones. Kids need both moms and dads, not corruption and depravity by same-sex parents or transsexual parents.
Only God knows if Mike Pence also sexually abused his own kids like Joe Biden sexually abused his kids. We don’t hear too much about Mike’s kids except for his sons flying F-18s and F-35s. And Senator Graham had the audacity to threaten Mike’s kids if he didn’t certify the stolen election on live TV and declare Biden and Harris the winners. TRAITORS!!.

Last edited 1 year ago by Xena
mia moriarty

mike raped other little kids to a point where many died VERY EVIL .his wife ,just as bad

mia moriarty

butthieg /anderson coopher john roberts/william g hates /traffickers/pedos/satanists

mia moriarty

,happens all the time and NEVER AN ARREST

mia moriarty

mike raped /murdered /tortured small boys like scalia did at bushites’boys ranch ,so did adams /birds of a feather satanists


Poor kids. .

American Living in Canada

When Emanuel Jaques was brutally tortured and murdered up here, I’m pretty sure some good samaritans started up to do the neighbor watch thing.. that this was a large no no…. it won’t be tolerated.


It won’t be tolerated. That poor kid.

mia moriarty

when we lived in Ecuador for 6 years none of that went on The people always got together and in a mob would go out and kill the perv with machetes no courts , no law suits ,too corrupt and too costly no questions asked there One day we saw a couple out on the street man and wife /I assumed ,fighting each other with a machete I had to admire some of their

mia moriarty

well butt gieg ,was probably trafficking babies

mia moriarty

You sound Glaswegian ” lad”


I recently watched a short tiktok video where an ex-trans now Christian lady spoke about a vision that God gave her. When she was trans she couldn’t understand why God would never give her dreams or visions. She prayed to Jesus often, but never seemed to be given a reply. Then one day she was shown the mother-of-all-visions and was shown a couple who had children, and their line went on and on down for generations. God said to her, “these people will all be given the chance to come to know God through knowing Jesus.”
Then she was shown two homosexual and lesbian couples who wouldn’t have children, and their generational line did not continue. So no children would be born who would ever be given a chance to come to know God. She then understood why being trans wasn’t going to work for her and so she gave up the idea and reverted back to being female. Her visions and dreams started to develop and her relationship with Jesus developed more deeply after that point as well.
Same sex relationships are Satan’s way of cutting off humanity’s chance to know Jesus.


your weird.


So, then you are a Satanic Worshipper & God knows what else too??

mia moriarty

please talion /pipe down


yeah right


Very true. You nailed that one.


Thats a colorful way of Putin it,

Tracy Reinert

Conservative Christians are far more likely to have children than any other persuasion as well.

Will Smith

Thank you Xena for telling it as it is and listed many times in the Holy Bible. America and our constitution is heart and soul of this world. Thank God President Trump was chosen to lead this rebellion against the evil globalist, elites, the nwo (who, wef,eu, central banks,) all the sick superrich families , corrupt governments, royals, homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals, pedophiles, child sex traffickers, incest aggressors, child pornographers, big pharma, big tech, Obama, Biden, Clintons, Sorro, and rest of the filth are finally being taken down. Why is it taking so long, because the whole world is engaged in eliminating ALL OF THEM!!
Thank you Michael for this website to get the info that is very important to us. The truth hurts, but we need to hear it, see it and read it.


You’re welcome. Thanks for being so understanding.

mia moriarty

I don’t think anyone posting here would disagree with everything you posted …well maybe talion or jason




Also the Monarchies of Europe, that essentially owned the USA UnTil late 1999.
Many shocks too emerge yet.

American Living in Canada

I was shocked when I heard about that sh!t. It was a WTF moment for me big time.

mia moriarty



Don’t forget the Borgias. It’s been said that one of the popes had a daughter and they did some pretty sick things, beside Lucretia being a criminally inventive perpetrator.

mia moriarty

her brother cesare banged her …so there was incest going on in satan’s church


You are 100% right. !



mia moriarty

lucrezia’s and ,Cesare’s/INCESTmay be speculative

mary pascucci


mia moriarty

well look at the two pervs buttgieg /did he get trafficked babies?same with john roberts and bill gates’kids WERE THEY ALL trafficked

Country Girl

If he was so concerned about his family, why was he having an affair with Pence?? Forget that lie, he wanted the money, never dreaming he’d be caught. He may have been threatened about outing him and Pence, but his wife and family were definitely not his first thoughts. Sorry he turned out to be such be so rotten, I really thought he was for the people.

Linda G.

I revise my previous comment. If he truly repented he would have apologized to his wife and kids too. I forgot about the thing with Pence.


He’s not the only one.

American Living in Canada



“What would you have done, Adm. Crandall? They threatened my wife, children, relatives I haven’t seen in 15 years. I was scared for them. Imagine living your life under the specter of death, knowing they’d come for you if they even thought you’d act against them. I did what I did to safeguard the lives of my family, Admiral.”
““Doesn’t matter anymore; you’ve dealt with them,” Adams said. “But the others, they are everywhere. And what you’re about to do, Admiral Crandall, will leave a wife without a husband, three children without a father.”
“Don’t put this on me. You could’ve gone to President Trump. He would’ve protected you. He would’ve protected your family,” the Admiral said.”

President Trump definitely would haver protected him and his family from the deep state. Too late now.

Thank you, Michael. Excellent work, Please continue.

Tracy Reinert

To emphasize the point of his ‘fatherhood’ being basically ‘in absentia.’

mia moriarty

president Trump has zero tolerance for satanic child molesters like mike and jerome


Enjoy these updates. May the Deep State fall.


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Conversely, those who do not fear God, will fear those who are only able to take the body and not the soul! This man choose to live under the fear of man. Reminds us of Saul in antiquity as he confessed that he feared the “voice of the people” when asked by Samuel why he failed in his duties….. We may lose our lives in this war, but as long as we remain faithful to Christ, He will guard our souls into eternity!


bitchute DOT com/video/IWm72W8m1494/

Here it go’s, its getting more obvious their intentions.


They need to be caught and shot on the spot doing this crap!!!!! People should be out in force to protect our resources ASAP because these assholes don’t sleep.

trust nothing

These stories really need to on MSM to wake sheeple up.
Public executions.

He did show remorse for God, but too late for us.


Ya, but they’re in on it too, a 100%. They’re in on everything the DeepState is doing.


Too late for his own family members.

Charles Smith

@ Michael Baxter

We’re there any executions during the Trump administration? For example wasn’t George H.W Bush executed? Where are those examples and stories. Here it goes as far back as April 2021 and Huma Abedine. Is there a website for at least a list of those other executions?


That and Noname’s execution.


And Clinton too.


The one execution I can definitely CONFIRM was John McCain. McCain did NOT die from cancer….he was *EXECUTED* for treason….and for helping to establish ISIS in the Middle East. I also heard that George H.W. Bush was executed.


Noname was also involved in child sex trafficking for marriages to wealthy men in the Middle east and set up and protected a paedophile pad for Joe and Hunter to enjoy their sick lusts.
McStain also protected child sex traffickers coming over the border into his state and his other BFF Senator Jeff Flake, helped him do it.
It has also been reported that McShame sex-trafficked children at his home.
Graham, who defends Biden, is the money manager for these paedo sex trafficking groups — connect that dots to see why he travels to the Middle East and the Ukraine so often. He gets paid very well for that, managing sex trafficking groups, even if he never touched a child. He has a lot of secrets to upchuck, never forget that,

Virginia McCann

It seems as though, ( ” most ” Actors, Actresses, Music Artists, Politicians, etc. ) Can Depend upon their cash-flow from Child-Sex Trafficking BETTER than they are at their demonically-given “craft ” of Entertaining The Masses Of People In This Country.


Or their natural talents for that matter. It’s not called financial avarice for nothing.

mia moriarty

There was a long list of the hollywood pervs who were executed or sentenced to life on Alice down the rabbit hole, three years ago and it disappeared Senor boots said it was BS He is buddies with Rosanne and i saw Rosanne doing the devils horns satanic sign and laughing about it

mia moriarty

netanyahoo ,same thing

mia moriarty

“even if he never touched a child” another of the many monsters fits his description Is there even one of the D/C parasites not in the red shoe black eye club of satan


Doctors try to kill diseases before it spreads. Treason is a disease that no country can allow.
They ran into massive walls of lead, they charged, and killed men, that most cannot utter, loved ones were slaughtered by the millions, THY WERE SOLDIERS who NEVER floundered, who NEVER backed down, who NEVER took money to surrender their flag.
We are in the worse and most horrifically war mankind has ever seen. Sorry, but this treason disease needs to be snuffed out by all means necessary by Dr. Admiral Crandall’s’ and staff! This disease went well over 80 percent and if we don’t take drastic steps necessary to wipe this disease out, then it will eliminate the whole human race.
Was it 1871, when president grant sold us out and the cancer began it’s death march?


It goes back before the 1860 when this began. There was a clause in the 13th amendment that forbid lawyers from holding government office that was illegally remove from the constitution. this clause was ratified by the several states. The implication of this is enormous for example Lincoln was a lawyer so was he an early deep stater? Was he friends with Karl Marks? The civil war was states rights not slavery as the media would have you believe.


Then why was the Emancipation Proclamation issued by President Lincoln to free the slaves? 4,000,000 men plus millions or women and children were set free because of that. Slavery was and still is a real thing, not a mass media stunt or fabrication.
The Holocaust victims were forced into save labor when they weren’t being gassed or raped or shot at Majdanek, Dachau, Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Treblinka and Sobibor by the Nazis. Even Joseph Goebbels didn’t deny that the final solution was a falsehood, Eichmann and Goering and Hitler and Himmler all set up the mass slaughter of anti-Nazi opponents,
The Jews were slaves under Pharaoh and liberated by Moss in the Book of Exodus. Thery have never forgotten their oral history or their torah history, either. The chariotys and whels of the pharaoh and his armies chasing down the Israelites were found at teh bottom ofthe red sea for Ron Wyatt and his sons to see for themselves. That was no fake event.

mia moriarty

There was also per diem and none of the perks and obscene salaries