Putin Decimates Another Adrenochrome Warehouse in Ukraine

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Russian Forces on Friday “decommissioned” an adrenochrome factory in western Ukraine, this time hammering it with cruise missiles launched from a frigate in the North Sea, Russian FSB agent Andrei Zakharov told Real Raw News.

News of the factory’s destruction comes weeks after Spetznas intercepted an adrenochrome-laden tractor-trailer headed for Poland.

Vladimir Putin, Zakharov said, has spared no expense investigating reports of scores of adrenochrome farms popping up across an embattled Ukraine and committed “many, many soldiers” to destroy a pharmaceutical cocktail Putin has called “the devil’s elixir.”

Last week, FSB learned that an industrial warehouse in the Ukrainian city of Khmelnytskiy was being retrofitted into what seemed like an adrenochrome harvesting facility. Satellite imagery showed the building being emptied of grain and filled with medical equipment used in the adrenochrome trade—hospital gurneys, centrifuges, medical freezers and refrigerators, anesthesia machines, sterilizers, lights, and electrosurgical units.

“These items can be in any hospital, but there is perfectly good hospital less than 1km away. And it’s empty hospital. Your Western media tells lies of Ukrainian victims filling hospitals. We saw this warehouse very suspicious,” Zakharov said.

Putin, however, was unwilling to obliterate the building without first putting boots on the ground to confirm that the warehouse would be used to siphon blood and adrenal fluid from kidnapped Russian children. Undercover FSB, Zakharov said, slipped undetected into western Ukraine and put eyes on the warehouse. They spent two days surveilling it and saw ‘smoking guns’ suggesting the warehouse was no ordinary wartime triage center. First, they spotted a man named Eldric Spitz, a biotechnologist attached to the German pharmaceutical company Fresenius Kabi, entering the warehouse at noon and leaving it at 2:00 a.m., an odd work hour. Spitz had been on Putin’s radar since last month, when Spetznas destroyed an adrenochrome harvesting center in Shostka, Ukraine. Spitz’s name appeared in documents found on a laptop Spetznas had seized before torching the facility.

Moreover, the FSB surveillance team noticed a truck dropping off boxes of stuffed animal toys at the warehouse.

“These filth kidnappers, they use toys to calm children into a false sense of security before draining them,” Zakharov said. “Our men used thermal optics to see heat signatures inside. Never more than four. This made Putin think children were not yet taken to it. President Putin courageously made a decision to destroy it before it was operational.”

On Friday, a Russian Navy frigate launched a salvo of Kalibr high-precision ship-based land-attack cruise missiles on the warehouse, which, Zakharov said, was laid waste until the only trace of its existence was a pile of smoldering rubble.

“We decommissioned it,” he said.

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By any chance was the above named, Eldric Spitz inside the carnage? Curious.


Spitz is now Splattz


That’s one way to put it. LOL


LOL!! Very funny!


That deserves an award. 😂


Hello. Don’t tell me you earn $10 an hour wiping somebody’s arse. Yes we got it. It was kind of amusing at first but maybe get a new line now.


haha, made me laugh out loud.


Well placed wit!


That’s okay. He was only in for two hours.


“NOON” until 2:00 a.m. is 14 HOURS.

Stinky Perfume

I wonder if he was high on was high on Adrenochrome or Jerome Adam’s was high on it. This is newest news for us, adrenochrome has fentanyl in it. Meaning they rely heavily on addiction to this mixed with super strength or anti aging effects of adrenochrome.


I’m thinking you may be high on ur stinky perfume! Is it Skunk juice?

question everything

…or maybe 38


14 hours……noon till 2 AM


Thanks,. Sorry about that.


noon until 2am is 14 hrs

carolyn smith

good what other evil bastards were in there?


A lot, I’m sure.


Max 4 reported by surveillance. This is not your best comment day. It happens. Cheers!


Will you write up a correction and also about Adams being hanged?

Chris G

Were any children inside? Or was the warehouse still in the process of being prepped for production?

Laura Hoey

It mentioned that there were no children there yet, but all the equipment and stuffed toys were there which would be used for harvesting.

S. A.

Do you know what happened to the intended victims, i.e. the children? Were they saved?


More like splitter splatter


So is Russia winning the battle? The media keeps talking about how they are running out of ammunition and soldiers and equipment. They say Russia has been beaten by Ukrainian and all the weapons sent by the military black hats


Have you not learned by now that the govt lies 24/7/365??? They are not stopping and will never stop until they are completely defeated. Because they are as smart as satan, doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. That don’t happen in a world of sanity and I refuse tp believe in insanity


Russia has no problem with resources They have allies that are helping with supplies as they join to the goal of destroying the evil beings whom harvest adrenochrome . It is not too difficult to find allies in that environment as many people love children & the other usually young victims that are used in that evil process.


Good question!


Who is Eldric Spitz? I haven’t heard of this name before.


maybe but another site down, prices still haven’t dropped. womp womp


when is mike buying me bbq and bourbon next week? don’t delete the comments lol

Above Reproach

So the question is, how many laboratories have been blown to smithereens? And how many are still to go ? I’ll bet money it’s being done right here in America, probably under the White House or Washington DC.
Hit them as HARD AS HELL !


You might want to do a story on the Spetznas in the US. I expect they are behind the train derailments and other acts of sabotage in the US.

CoC Lover

God Bless Putin and his War on Pedophiles and Pedovores.

Above Reproach

Russia doesn’t have a Problem with America ! Russia has a Problem with
the Chumps pretending to be in charge.


Two thumbs up on that one Mr. Putin! Timing was perfect before it went online! Like agent Smith said, “find them and destroy them!”


The more articles he writes, the more placated the americans feel. No need to take action when trump and the WH’s are going to save us!

Michael R Davis

Is Air Force One being used as an Adrenochrome cargo hauler?
We all know that Arthur Roberts is Resident Biden following a script, probably written by white hats since it resembles a Laurel and Hardy comedy. I think that Putin already took out Zelenskyy, or maybe the Azov Nazis took him out which they threatened to do when Zelenskyy demanded they stop attacking the Donbas and eastern Russian populations and angering Putin more. This is the 2nd or 3rd Zelenskyy, although he is usually CGI, maybe always. He was obviously CGI with Pelosi who did not travel to warzone Ukraine, now with Biden, who did not fly to Poland nor take a train to warzone Kyiv where any person with a gun could take them out. Maybe he just sent the rent-a-wreck AF1 to pick up a load of Adrenochrome for suffering, aging Deep-Staters, since Resident VP Harris’s rent-a-wreck apparently broke down or was sabotaged.

My question, is the Zelenskyy double also working for the white hats? With the banksters’ hundreds of billions traveling back and forth between the US crooked politicians and Ukraine laundromats, I cannot visualize where the Globalist NWO Deep-State is gaining anything nor winning this war. They seem to be spinning their wheels in total defeat.


So they removed one tenth of it? What about the other nine tenths?


Remember Zbigniew Brzezsinki, Mika Brzezinski’s dad, hated Russia with a passion and tried to start wars that would decimate Russia. Why do you think he started al_Qaeda to start the Soviet-Afghanistan war in 1979? He knew the Afghans wouldn’t tolerate the provocation so he gambled Soviet Russia would be in ruins. Obama and NoName didn’t start Al Qaeda, the deep state before them did in 1979
And the Russia hate continues today against Vladimir Putin, who is only doing his job denazifying Ukraine so he can decimate the New World Order before they decimate us. He is our ally, not our enemy. He is working with President Trump to save the kids, while paedophilic vampires like Biden and Zelensky are killing children to drink their blood and use and abuse their bodies sexually for their sick lusts


One million thumbs up President Putin.

Above Reproach

The latest news is Russia is siding with China to fight for the removal of the sick bastards destroying America. Look China needs the USA or they run completely out of food in 5 years, why the hell do ya think they are buying farm land ? Certainly not to Nuke it ! The Cabal is the proprietors of the COVID 19 , A,F, is the shit eating A 🕳 that flipped the switch on this whole thing. The One word order Crap will never work, They are trying to push the
people into it by destroying our freedom. Don’t let them, get your buts off the couch and get out there and start new business. Get back to work.. Back the blue 100%, Make your community’s safe, start neighborhood watch patrols. Our sovereignty begins with your town ships. Reject illegal’s. Sign up to be Voting observer’s . If you know the people who live around you, it will be easier to spot illegal activity. ONLY AMERICAN CITIZENS CAN VOTE IN OUR ELECTIONS.


God Bless Putin and the Russian soliders for saving the CHILDREN and 86ing the devil’s elixer for the $atanic lo$er$ who run the WEF!

Anthony Gregory

Putin has forced the US to send a Biden doppelganger to go get a shipment of adrenachrome 20 Feb 2023.


President Putin definitely respects The Navy ! Decommissioning the adrenochrome facility with the participation of his Navy is appropriate since Navy always values life & will gladly dispatch anyone that dares to harm Innocents especially children ! Thank You President Putin ! You are doing Gods Work in Protecting The Innocents & I am impressed with the efficiency ! Cordially , Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195


Putin seems to be a hero in the world of folks who follow the truth. The world of adrenochrome is filled with monsters. Kudos to Putin.

Rose Mary Abbott

The reason I like President Donald J Trump is because he told us the truth about what we have done and how evil our country has been under the New World Order presidents. He showed us that Bush was the destroyer of the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001, not Osama Ben Laden. The Arabs are right to hate us. The entertainers and members of OUR government are the ones kidnapping our children and torturing them and killing them for their adrenaline. He showed us the truth about the evil that our government has become. He showed us the TRUTH about what Hollywood is made out of. All of it is disgusting and putrid. No one else has told us the truth about it. Only President Trump. You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.


How true!


One can only imagine how sick these F’s are. Getting kids scared to death, in cages, then taking out their scared blood. Who the F could do this to a child, sick as sick gets. We can only imagine this sickness. Oh Lord toss all of them into the flames of hell. Bind them all in the Name of Jesus. Lets not mess around and beat around the bush. Take them all out now!




Russia is now the hero. SAVE the children and get rid of the adrenochrome drug addict $atanic elite$.

Rose Mary Abbott

I never thought I would see the day when the head of Russia would be a hero in my eyes. This world is only predictable to God.

Michael norman

So they’re still taking kids??

American Living in Canada

I hope the’re not letting pride get into the mix.


They are.

Robin redwine

Russia kills more satanists while the drumper sits in his dumb and eats Cheetos while being scared of the satanic media.

Dave Smith

Wish they could get their President..

Pastor Kevin

Thank you, Jesus – with ongoing blessings, favor and angelic protection, with direction, over President Putin and his adrenochrome destroying teams, amen and amen!

Rose Mary Abbott

AMEN! I’ll give you the power of agreement! So be it! In Jesus name!


Since it’s sunday, let’s start off with a little prayer…

I am Satan
I breed and foment conflict wherever I can
It is so easy to persuade people to allow me to twist their minds!
I know scripture better than you do, for I was there; you were not.

Rose Mary Abbott

And yet you are still too stupid to understand that you are the loser in the story of Creation. God wanted someone who is in His own image to be His family members. Not you. Especially not you.


All of my posts get erased. What’s up?

Chris G

I can see this post fwiw


Not only that the “Democrats” made Russia Great Again (post Cold War) but they also made Putin looks like the world leader! (Idiocracy LIVE.) While continue disparaging and corrupting American Leadership via #NATO.
Make #GITMO Great Again!

david simmons

I just read seconds ago the “Black Hats” have run out of missiles to supply Ukraine
Wow Posted 7:40 AM 2/19/2023

Laura Hoey

That would be amazing if it’s true. And even more so if they can’t replace the supply.


Slava Russia
God’s Blessing’s & Speed ~


Putin, one of the white hats and I tip my hat to him for seeing right through any real evil before him. Only the evil ones call him a bad guy, but now we see him as the best person for the job, well done!

John .S

Sunday Plan:
[1] go to bakery, fresh pork lard bread.
[2] go to church, lite candle.
[3[ braze short ribs and broccoli.
[4] put up pasta sauce.
[5[ have wife iron guinea t-shirt.
[6] go to car wash.
[7] go to Harbor Freight for 6500kw generator at 25% off, catching sale.
[8] await Jerome Adams article.
[9] go to liquor store for bottle of wine.
[10] eat then crash on couch.

Lorenz Manner

Very good Putin, Zacharov and Russia. I hope that Eldric Spitz is already in custody and will never return home. He has a lot to tell and he will sing like a canary very soon. No mercy!


See T-Bone above.


Fresenius is also dialysis clinics in the states

Ken T.

Michael, My bad. I had never seen the Newest and Oldest button to find my post later. I would post and read some below and then move on but had not come back to check my post. It is there. I am sorry I may have bothered you when I know you are busy. I thought maybe I had made a mistake or the site was messing up but it was me. Yes, I would bend over so you could kick me in the behind if you needed to and why would I do that, because I was wrong. Otherwise I don’t bend over or kneel down before anyone but my God. Thank you so much for your service.

Michael R Davis

You can often see your posts sooner by using the ‘refresh’ at the top of your browser which forces the website to catch up.

Ken T.

Michael, My bad. I had never seen the Newest and Oldest button to find my post later. I would post and read some below and then move on but had not come back to check my post. It is there. I am sorry I may have bothered you when I know you are busy. I thought maybe I had made a mistake or the site was messing up but it was me. Yes, I would bend over so you could kick me in the behind if you needed to and why would I do that, because I was wrong. Otherwise I don’t bend over or kneel down before anyone but my God. Thank you so much for your service.


This has nothing to do with Trump! Seems people like you have a problem with him!


I’ll say.


Agree, “What’s Trump got do,got do with it” to the beat of Tina Turner’s “Whats Love got to Do with it”

Robin redwine

You’re actually correct..drump is too busy sitting in his dumb eating Cheetos to actually fight the satanists.

He leaves that to Putin..while he hides in a bunker and eats Cheetos.

Ken T.

Michael, I’m trying to figure out why if I post I can come back later and my post is gone. Did I do something wrong? I love this site and just would like to know. I send people to this site all the time. I have Long Hauler Covid right now so it effects my brain and I do make a lot of mistakes. Some days are better than others. If I did wrong I’m sorry.


Glad it is gone.

Pepe Penname

Just to be sure, ALL WAREHOUSES whether empty or occupied in Ukraine should be pulverized.


The American, and other, media is conducting the most intensive propaganda campaign in history, painting Russia as the bad guy. Today, Kamala Harris, or the double playing her, told Andrea Mitchell that Russia is guilty of crimes against humanity and will be punished accordingly. They have no proof, of course, and the proof will actually show that Ukraine is the guilty party. Whoever this Kamala is, she is absolutely the dumbest woman on the planet. And Andrea Mitchell is the world’s biggest liar.


I believe the evidence leads to the US DOD and the DNC. They always accuse the other side of what they themselves are doing.


They were, and are, both despicable.


she is a he and dumb as can be


I hope Mr. Putin keeps up his attacks on the dirty, filthy Nazi miscreants, the dregs of human society. They don’t belong on our world. Thanks to Mr. Putin, and thanks to M.B. for this good news.


ScottyMar10 posted on Truth Social that he is no longer making videos (after doing so for 5 years). For his last video he posted a message from fraudster Phil G. Commenters are left sad and upset.

Kelly Ann

Real Men fighting evil is a beautiful thing!!!!
Father God must be proud seeing HIS warriors destroying the evil used to harm HIS children.


All of my posts get erased. What’s up?

Sandy Koufax

Tin soldiers and Biden coming,
We’re finally on our own.
This winter I hear the drumming,
How many dead in Ohio.

Gotta get down to it
FBI agents are cutting us down
Should have been done long ago.
What if you knew her
And found her dead on the ground
How can you run when you know?

Gotta get down to it
CIA agents are cutting us down
Should have been done long ago.
What if you knew her
And found her dead on the ground
How can you run when you know?

Tin soldiers and Biden coming,
We’re finally on our own.
This summer I hear the drumming,
How many dead in Ohio.
How many dead in Ohio (How many dead)
How many dead in Ohio (How many )
How many dead in Ohio (How many?)
How many dead in Ohio (How many more?)
How many dead in Ohio (Why?)
How many dead in Ohio (Oh!)
How many dead in Ohio (Four)
How many dead in Ohio (Why?)
How many dead in Ohio (Why?)



John .S

Who was Sandy Scheuer?

Scheuer v. Rhodes, 416 U.S. 232

question everything

EAST PALESTINE, OH — In a powerful display of solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community, Norfolk Southern dumped thousands of gallons of toxic chemicals into the Ohio River to create beautiful rainbow-colored water.
“Wow! So pretty! Look at all those colors!” said CEO Alan H. Shaw. “We hope our valued members of the LGBTQQIP2SAA+++ community feel seen and valued by our loving gesture of support.”
“Don’t drink it though,” he warned.
Activists and allies around the country celebrated the beautiful shimmering display at a time when many believe corporations are just going through the motions with their LGBTQ+ support. “While other multi-billion-dollar companies simply change their logos for a month, Norfolk Southern went the extra mile,” said local queer activist and preschool teacher Xen Minxie. “So inspiring. Now can someone please look at this strange growth on my neck?”
Norfolk Southern confirmed there are more pride-themed surprises on the way, starting with rainbow-colored acid rain next week.

question everything

NEW YORK, NY — With the results of a recent poll indicating 74% of Americans no longer trust the mainstream media, analysts were greatly troubled by the fact that an alarming 26% of people still trust what the media tells them.
“It really is frightening,” said Micah Schmidt, lead research analyst for Gallup. “It beggars belief that one out of four Americans still trust the journalists who have done nothing but tear the country apart with a steady diet of lies and hatred. We are either far dumber – or far crazier – than anyone could have imagined.”
To push the envelope even further, Schmidt said the team also polled a sample of the American public on a variety of other topics. “In addition to 26% of people in this country still believing the media, we subsequently found out that a similar number — 24% — believe that the Easter Bunny is not only real but that he is a lead advisor to President Biden. We also found that 28% of Americans still believe weapons of mass destruction will be found in Iraq, some two decades after the war. Most frighteningly, a whopping 72% of American women find Adam Driver attractive, which chills me to the bone.”
These findings have led Schmidt and other analysts to call for greater urgency in starting World War III with Russia. “If these numbers are any indication,” Schmidt said, “it’s best to just end the world as we know it.”
At publishing time, Schmidt was conducting one last poll to find out how many Americans actually think The Hangover is funny.


I have a friend, and former co-worker, whom I thought was a smart guy, but he is absolutely asleep, and has no comprehension of what is going on. I’ve given up trying to enlighten him, it just ain’t possible. They say ignorance is bliss, and he must be delighted.

klikhir tulagin

Ignorance IS bliss – up to a point.


Some just can’t be rescued.


I have a couole relatives like that. One said pont blank “I don’t want to know.”


Good job president Putin, the infidels received hot justice.


M.Baxter, Urgent to white hat command!!!!! Air tankers equipped with ozone needs to be heavily sprayed on affected areas(E.P. train derailment) to neutralize toxic effects of Dioxins released from burning vinyl chloride, this is the largest Dioxin plume in history. All innocent population, farms, livestock will otherwise suffer needlessly. Don’t let cabal direct narrative, take action now!!@SAP/EBS Needed


Is this an actual remedy? Could it be used to neutralize the other recent chemical releases and fires?

Jonathan Ray Carmona

Awesome!!! I love reading about the total destruction of Deep State infrastructure.

Stinky Perfume

What’s going to happen, maybe that we can even see to people not getting adrenochrome fixes? Do they go for fresh live under GETTY Museum in LA still? Aren’t lot’s of police MK Ultra and on that stuff?

How many are left to go? Who is left? What’s left in Hollywood and Brentwood the richest neighborhood? Who is going to police the hospitals? I met an old black engineer that built one hospital out underground 14 levels. At Harbor UCLA Torrance, California hospital. It’s easy to see they are under all the hospitals. Is fresh live blood from an injured person out of a car crash or a born baby, better than nothing?


The hospitals in Toronto are all connected underground. My sister was sickened with a severe mould and fungus attack and she actually was whisked underground from one hospital to another. It freaked her out.




That’s awful. I’m sorry that happened. Wait, didn’t she have two hemos left inside her, or am I mistaken?


University of Pittsburgh Medical Center or know world wide as UPMC operation is world wide..why? Organ trafficking. Operates ALL Children s Hospitals wprld wide. Why? ADRENACHROME AND CHILD TRAFFICKING.
UPMC Or locally known as PITT. Yes..that PITT (pit) the city of Pittsburgh is called the Golden Triangle..hmm. The state of Pennsylvania is named the KEYSTONE .there are NO COINCIDENCE S.P.S. GOD EVERLASTING WINS ALWAYS IN ALL WAYS.


There was a story a year ago about some sick experiments revealed, using embryos . I cant remember the details though


Yes that was University of Pittsburgh, they were experimenting with embryos and fetal body parts since 1952.

trust nothing

Looks like it has come to Putin taking care of things that the US has been involved in for a long time. The US built those labs one way or another, with taxes stolen from citizens. For all you people giving money labeled as tax to keep this government going so they can corrupt other countries and bribe politicians and make deadly toxins to kill people and the earth then force you to pay more, think outside the box. Stop paying them. If you had a tech that came out to fix your machine and it kept failing the same way after they left, would you keep paying them?


how else am i getting this shit? from mexico? oh, maybe mikey should do an article on that…


Has Soros been executed???