JAG Convicts Operation Warp Speed Architect


On Thursday, the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps convicted Operation Warp Speed architect Moncef Slaoui on charges of treason and mass murder and sentenced him to hang by the neck until dead.

In an opening statement, Slaoui’s attorney, Omar Akbar of a prestigious D.C. law firm, demanded that JAG dismiss without prejudice all charges against his client because, he said, JAG was running an “illegal, secessionist judicial system” and had no authority over civilians. Evidence against Slaoui, he shouted, ought to be deemed inadmissible “poisonous fruit” and discarded. He described Slaoui as an upstanding member of the scientific community whose achievements and accolades over decades of public service saved countless lives. Moreover, he threatened JAG with a class action lawsuit, saying it would pay dearly for incarcerating or “murdering” innocent people like Moncef Slaoui and accusing JAG of taking instructions from President Trump. He called Vice Admiral Darse E. Crandall “corrupt,” “fraudulent,” and “shady” and said the admiral would face retribution for his crimes “in this life or the next.”

It should be noted that Akbar had visited GITMO in the past. In 2007, he defended David Hicks, an Australian who attended al-Qaeda’s Al Farouq training camp in Afghanistan, and met with Osama bin Laden in 2001. Hicks consented to a plea bargain in which he pleaded guilty to charges of providing material support for terrorism by the United States Guantanamo military commission under the Military Commissions Act of 2006. Hicks received a suspended sentence and returned to Australia. The conviction was overturned by the U.S. Court of Military Commission Review in February 2015, per Barack Hussein Obama’s instructions.

“You, Admiral Crandall, should be on trial,” Akbar said.

“We know who you are, counsel, and you should know that Obama no longer holds sway over JAG or the Office of Military Commissions. I’ve seen theatrics greater than yours, and evidence will be shown here today, so please sit beside your client,” Adm. Crandall said.

Akbar patted Slaoui on the shoulder. “I’ll handle this,” he said. “Admiral, we will not be bullied. My client has rights.”

“Your client is a detainee who stands accused of treason. He has no rights unless acquitted. You can either respect this tribunal, or we will remove you,” Adm. Crandall said.

The admiral showed the three officers impaneled to weigh JAG’s evidence documents Slaoui authored in June 2020, a month after President Trump announced the Warp Speed initiative. “We have Mr. Trump where we want him. He is endorsing and promoting Operation Warp Speed. He doesn’t know anything about the vaccines and will listen to us as long as we stick together,” Slaoui wrote in an email to Michael Pence and then-HHS Director Alex Azar.

In another email, Slaoui wrote to the now-dead Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins, “Good job getting Mr. Trump to embrace Operation Warp Speed. We have him in the dark.”

The admiral showed the panel a document of attestation in which both U.S. Army Cyber Command and Marine Corps Cyberspace Command verified that the emails originated from Slaoui’s personal Gmail account.

Admiral Crandall said Slaoui had a balanced relationship with the Deep State and vaccine manufacturers. Slaoui touted the clot shots, which, in turn, drove massive profits into the pockets of pharmaceutical manufacturers who kicked back cash to him and other devious doctors that peddled the Deep State’s poison.

“They worked in unison,” the admiral told the panel. “Detainee Slaoui was paid millions for his role, at least $56m that we know of, even though he had access to trial data proving the vaccines, and it pains me to call them that, sickened, blinded, and killed trial participants, guinea pigs.”

Admiral Crandall displayed financial statements showing that Slaoui got paid a ton of money between April-December 2020–$17m in 12 payouts courtesy of Moderna; $22m in 16 payments from Pfizer; and $17m from Johnson & Johnson. The admiral also presented incriminating documents U.S. Army Cyber Command had siphoned from Slaoui’s electronic devices.

“So you understand what you’re looking at here,” he addressed the panel, “these are Moderna’s internal reports on side effects the human guinea pigs suffered in June 2020 as Moderna ramped up Phase II trials. Six hundred vaxxed, 34 dead. Detainee Slaoui received these data in July of that year. He knew unequivocally that vaccines were unsafe, but that didn’t stop him from going full steam ahead with Warp Speed. He had a legal and ethical obligation to disseminate the truth to President Trump, to the public.”

Akbar objected, saying his client’s monies were “consulting fees” and that Slaoui had never seen the adverse side effect report.

“Paid $56m for consultations? Never saw the report pulled off his laptop. Is that what you expect this panel to believe?” the admiral asked.

“Frankly, neither I nor my client care what you and your panel believe. This is a circus, and you are the clowns,” Akbar said.

Admiral Crandall asked the panel to judiciously weigh JAG’s evidence against Slaoui, and five seconds later, it returned a unanimous verdict: guilty.

Akbar got to his feet, accosting the admiral: “We do not recognize the authority of this court or you, Admiral Crandall. The very nature of these proceedings precludes the possibility of a fair trial. You and your panel are corrupt.”

His recusancy irritated Admiral Crandall. “The verdict stands. And, Mr. Akbar, I strongly advise you to avoid showing up here again. The next time you do, it might not be as a lawyer.”

As the admiral spoke, Akbar told Slaoui not to fret because he intended to file an appeal.

“I don’t know who you’ll appeal to,” Admiral Crandall said, “but you better snap to it—your client hangs on Monday.”

He set the date of execution for Monday, March 27.


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Another SCUMMER Bites the Dust! Keep ’em coming!!! It’s sure gonna get crowded in HELL!!!

Mark David

Is he hanged yet? Today is Tuesday, March 28, 2023, and he was supposed to be hanged yesterday. Inquiring Patriots want to know.


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Pastor Kevin

Although not a common place for me to add a comment … I can say after personally researching the internet from 1996 to 2012, knowing something was seriously wrong, discovering the internet to be 100% bogus … under the control of google, today known to be owned by the Cabal, I know you and this money-making scheme to be a lie … you’re a liar like the devil you serve, and you know it.
And considering you know you are not welcome here, yet continue to post your lie, I will leave the last word to God.

Proverbs 26:11″As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly.”


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Today is Monday. This POS TRAITOR is reaping his just reward.


Some Bible verses come to mind.
” YOU shall reap what you sowed “.
” Every sin shall seak you out”
Pray for humanity to repent.
To turn from their sinful way…

As a closing thought..
Have you ever given thought to:

“How are you going to return to Heaven, from wence you came from?”

You maynot see this question until it’s to late. God had a plan for the forgiveness of sin. It was his only son! He sent his son Jesus to die for ALL HUMANITY OF THEIR SINS! John 3:16 says: For God so Loved the world, that he sent his only begotten son, that whom ever believeith upon him, shall not perish, but have ever lasting life! Amen 🙏Amen 🙏 Amen 🙏 ❤️

You can’t get back to Heaven on your own good deeds alone because you are a sinner. ” Repent of all your sinful ways to Christ Jesus!” Jesus is your only way back into heaven,; from whence you came from. Jesus is all humanity’s “Way maker!”

When there doesn’t seem to be a way, call out to Jesus Christ to save me! He will come to you then if your heart is right away from sin. Sin separates us all from entering the “Gates of Heaven!” Give your heart, soul, mind and all of your strength to live your life for Jesus Christ your Savior and your Lord! Repent your sins, make a account. Ask for help to not sinning against Jesus! Again he is our way maker. The Holy Spirit will live within you ✨️ ❤️ Love fills your heart for the lost sheep!

Finally my brothers and sisters, pray for the lost sheep 🐑 🙏 ❤️ Pray 💕 that Hell is Plundered and Heaven is populated unto the “Saving Grace of Jesus Christ!” Keeping Jesus FIRST IN YOUR LIFE; for All ETERNITY 🙏!”

Amen 🙏 ❤️

Ronald Nussbeck

The vaccine geneticists are dug in deep in the fabric of DC and Academia, they all gladly took money and watched their fellow man die a painful death and million more are falling now and soon. I pray to God to bless all of our men and women of the White Hat Military for your work in saving not only America but the World. Blessed is he who would strike down the devils agent who is committed to killing the innocent. God bless you all, He is watching and sends his love.


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Just Me

I have family members who took serval clot shots after I had begged them not to. I was told I was a brainwashed. These evil people played the fear card and many believe them including me. I used to walked around disinfecting everything I touch but thank God I had the sense not to take this clot shot. My God given intuition told me do not take it. I am proud to be 100% percent pure blood and I plan on staying that way.

I hear the D.S are working on a new Plandemic since the first one worked so well. I hope people wake up to the truth and for God’s sake stop listening to the corrupted news media.

Just Me

From where I am the time is 10:20 AM, I believe this sick POS is being hung. Welcome to Hell and the demons will greet you in. Good job Jag.


“From Pillar to Post will they be driven, and in the constant change, we will implement our agenda.” – Criminals pretending to be at odds for the national publics enter-trainment.


56M $ for one person, no wonder they keep bushing this pioson. No deal, no mercy for traitor. His laywer is an arrogant bastard.

Ann Ononomous

My sentiments exactly as Admiral Crandall. His atty. also needs to get a room at Gitmo.

Just Me

I second that, his atty. should be jail in Gitmo.


Can’t be soon enough to rid the world of people, and there are many, it seems, surrounding the Covid program, like this one. GFR!

Sparky Sr

Another one bites the dust…
1+1+1+1+1………. adds up to many
Thanks Michael to these reports…


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Rose Mary Abbott

Let me try a different subject since my first post is still “Awaiting for approval”. The Middle Eastern Muslims have a damned good reason to hate us. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were the masterminds of 9/11, not Osama bin Laden. All of the wars we have been involved with since the 1990s have been unjustified. The Bushes put us in a bunch of wars just to kill us off. I see it as waaaaaaaaaay past time to quit vilifying the Muslims over something that WE were guilty of. The Bush family is purely of the devil. I will NEVER forget the look on Jeb’s! face when he read his Daddy’s last letter at his Dads funeral. He looked just like he was hit by a Mack truck. I think I saw the video of it on Rumble. Believe me when I tell you that it is worth the effort to look it up! Hope this one makes it through.

American Living in Canada

So, there is no bad guys in Islam?

Just Me

Well question, I too believe the Bush family are evil but I also believe that there are bad guys from this religion who wants us dead.

Sparky Sr

You forgot the Contras etc… they have been in control since WW1 and they use the cia to topple gov’ts and install who they want just like here – all rigged.

Dave Strickland

For those who don’t yet know, Daddy’s last letter simply said (from my memory) “They know everything, Sorry”, signed George H W Bush.


That’s great. I also love the details written. It shows just how much he deserves to hang from his crimes. This one is more detailed that some. Great job Mr Baxter


Praying it’s true. I’m visualizing that every single evil individual involved in Holocaust II is hanged by the neck, gone from this earth.

Lorenz Manner

Wow, that’s a very good news. On Monday the garbage will swing in the noose. That’s wonderful because he has to take the consequences of his crimes and lies. Good riddance, you stupid and disgusting piece trash.

John .S

Lock & Load folks.

Arab extremists will soon jump-out of their halal sidewalk food carts with machete, decapitating and hacking up Americans at a moments notice.

They’re well organized, all it takes is one group text to let loose.

Stay vigilant and carry a gun, keep firepower in your vehicles.

Myself have sawed-off [two-shot] 12ga., discreetly tucked over sun visor. Don’t even know it’s there. Have other firepower too.

My 12 ga. is just a two word opening hello, other statements will follow in making Swiss cheese.

Lock and Load.

Dave Strickland

Puts the Deep State in a dilemma, as the MSM aren’t going to want to report it




Another excellent article complete with new vocabulary words for me to look up! I Love It! I’ll want to know if the lawyer shows up for the hanging on Monday!


Thank you Michael, and thank you Admiral Crandall and Military. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Immigration Reform Act of 1965 are the instruments used to DISPLACE WHITE FAMILY from their nation for FIVE NON-WHITE FAMILIES that the Founding Fathers ruled cannot enter America, including JEW, CATHOLIC, MUSLIM, because these groups are HISTORICALLY known misfits of ANARCHY since antiquity!


So HE said, and so the expulsion shall be done, because Father Jesus is a PROMISE KEEPER!



Got that appeal yet????🤔🤔🤔🤔
Its Sunday…….😱😱
Slaoui forgot to have Akbar sign his check!!!


I don’t know Admiral Crandall, but I love him. He is doing Gods work!!!
Luke 19:27 But these enemies of mine who would not have me be King over them bring them here, and kill them in front of me.

Last edited 1 year ago by aimee

I must have missed the report of Slaoui’s arrest.

Omar Akbar cries too much methinks.

This Operation Warpspeed architect is one evil MF! Congrats, and thank you JAG/white hats!

Last edited 1 year ago by Kitty

These people always think about the money they’re making doing all this rotten stuff but they never consider they’ll never be able to spend it. That $56 million needs to be confiscated and used to help the people they’ve injured or the survivors of the people they’ve killed. $56 million should not stay in the families of the mass murderers.


You are so right!


It is reported that ALL people convicted of crimes against We the People and the United States of America lose all tangible and intangible wealth that is submitted to the U.S. Treasury, whereas stolen wealth from other nations is returned to foreign treasuries.

david simmons

And they are also dreaming of all their power and money after the Synagogue of Satan gets total control over America. Since 1913 they have controlled our money. Bunch of non elected powerful people need to go to their death for Treason, real soon. Thank the Lord God Almighty for the Marines. You know we would be like the other Countries without our Marines. We don’t need blood in the streets, our Marines got it.

Rose Mary Abbott

The Kazarian so-called Jews are not representative of the Jewish faith. They for the most part are not Jews at all. All they are is a bunch of greedy dirt bags that from my observations no authentic Jews want to have anything to do with. Racism itself is of the devil. John 3:16 “For God so loved the WORLD He gave His only begotten son that WHOSOEVER believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life.” Those words were spoken by Jesus Christ Himself. He also said in the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew chapters 5-7 that without forgiveness you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Plus, never forget that as you judge others so you will also be judged in the very same way.


Anyone involved in procuring monies from evil will have everything taken from them. It is a Trump Executive Order.


And another bites the dust!

Rene Labre

Go to bitchute, so many posts,if you are not afraid now you should be,By my t-shirt to save your self.there are still jewels there. Very few in my opinion.Man.y trying to make a name for themselves and make money.Nothing wrong with making money.,until that becomes the goal.When this is over and we become victorious,it is not going to be pie in the sky.a lot of damage has been done to us as a society, It is not going to be the good old days.It is going to be a brand new thing.a brave new world.

Rose Mary Abbott

God will have to be put first place in this brave new world or it will fail. We MUST HAVE GOD in the forefront!

Rene Labre

The maggot faces the hangman not me.

Rene Labre

Eating crawfish properly is an art form.That junk is messy also bet on that bring a towel.It is a funky thing to nave for dinner.A mud bug, a delicacy.I will share with you,you want the biggest one,They are ugly..Never mind that,they are tasty.You are going to straight out that curly tail,get a good hold on front and back and give a little twist,separate the head from the body,when you pull out you pull out everything from the head.Just a gentl twist,and pull,you get the tail and head meat, Give a suck on the head to get al the juice out.the rue.Now you toss the head and hold the tail.The goal is to empty the tail.Leave a totally empty shell.Myt preferred method is to break the first two rings of the very hard shell on the tail,Give a squeeze on the tail and lift out the meat.All of it deep in that tail is the red ring antaxithin which is what you want. If you don’t do it right you get half of the tail.A Louisiana fisherman is much faster,What is the rush?


Hey, KID, who sent cha?

Rose Mary Abbott

Maybe it’s because I live close to the Gulf of Mexico, but I find this post to be absolutely truthful! I LOVE crawfish!


Is it just me or does Moncef Slaoui look like Morocco Mole from the old 60s cartoon “Secret Squirrel?” – lol…

Rene Labre

Enjoy and savor our victories here.appreciate them.There will probably be some defeats also.Don’t get panic stricken.How are we going to do anything if we fear everything? I know y’all better than that.Oops,I slipped that word is racist,We need more laws.I live way down south y’all, am a citezen of the south…My last meal hopefully crawfish daddy-o.If not ,beans and cornbread will be fine.

Rose Mary Abbott

I don’t understand why you are getting so many negative responses to your post. Being from the South is not a bad thing. I’m from Texas and next to Texas cuisine Louisiana is the best! There is definitely awesome food here in the South.


Well done, Michael. After the blood bank article we really needed a piece to boost us back up. One step back & three steps forward. I do love how the Admiral told Akbar to get his appeals in soon bc this P.O.S will be hung on Monday. We need more pieces like this & if possible more on the cloning labs, How our Military victims of the corrupt jailed from J6 are doing, along with our kidnapped (forgot his name) out of Camp Pendleton, California Marine is doing and if not to much to ask, how are the rescues of the children out of D.U.M.B.S going? If you can ask your source, we would appreciate it. Thanks so much, Michael for all you bring to the light.

Michelle Armstrong

Yes!! Michael please try to get info about the D.U.M.B.S 🙏 That is what got me started on this awakening…the children😪


We all love and care about the children and we WILL rescue them all. President Trump and President Putin are marshalling the forces needed to bring the traffickers and satanic paedophiles to justice, and God is getting His judgment roster ready.

Rene Labre

Me go to Russia,i can’t really,I would.Wow,that would be old Tom Sawyer man.If you want to dare me and put up the money I would go. i would have a wonderful time also,bring my Gibson,so would they.i would love them,they would love me. If you visit there you are an honored guest.And are treated as such.Yet,if your looking to get silly,not obey their laws,your fanny is in deep shit.They will lock you up you sorry bastard.I don’t speak Russian,after a week I would speak much of it pretty well.Int the meantime,we could use something,some Spanish,French, German. The goal would be to speak Russian,Since I am in Russia. I do have an advantage in that i am naturally Crazy. A good guitar player and singer.




I absolutely love General Crandall…. He is my hero

Rene Labre

Yes,Inthe comments you see The Patriots getting on point. not the silly infighting..of a short time ago.Now the trolls and infiltrators are ignored.if anything we laugh at them.We are not the big shots.we are everyday people..We are good people.We hate traitors.As much as the Russians do. They rose from the ashes of a horrible communist regime. “this is not what we want, This is not who we are.”.


Hey, ALIEN, dig a hole, jump into it, stay there.

Big Johnson


Big Johnson


Carol B.

amen, this man thinks he can be a boss lawyer and do any-which way………show him something…..


Lawyering isn’t the cause of arrogance, however, LUCIFERIANISM is the false god belief that drives HATE and DIVISION from MUSLIMS to humankind.

Father Jesus is a promise keeper. GOODBYE MUSLIMS! ENJOY BEING RECTUM BUGGERED AND SLAVED FOR AN ETERNITY BY RENEGADE ANGELS ALIAS JEWS and EVIL HUMANS that Father Jesus said HE created to keep HIS obedient humankind mindful and safe with HIM.

Carol B.

As I was reading this and seeing just how evident the wrong is in Mr.Slaoui, I then thought, I bet there is lots of wrong going on in Mr.Akbar’s life too, that he might deserve to be there with his own tribunal……………and I cannot keep thinking about this too……..there was so very much money flashing all around and so many taking this money, BUT, the Big Pharma made so much till they were able to flash money everywhere to keep this evil going on……….I have always wondered if Big Pharma would ever pay back to folks they have cheated and hurt……….not to mention Fauci and others like him …..so glad he was tried…….


Big Pharma compensates no one for GOOD. If you’re not Satan’s bugger girl or bugger boy, you’re eaten and pooped.

trust nothing

I find it fascinating the stories here always designates Trump as the victim, like he never knew anything. Even years later. 5G chess.
I wonder what happens to Slaoui’s accumulated wealth? Stays with the family?
Money, Power, Control appears to be the common denominator.


it’s all consficatated, don’t you read what happens? it goes back to the nesara gesara, people of the united states.

Big Johnson

So it goes nowhere. Got it


Do you even know what Nesara Gesara is 


No, “Big Johnson” does not possess a Johnson whatsoever … “IT” is an “alien” FREAK.

Rose Mary Abbott

Just like your big johnson.

trust nothing

Sure it does. And it’s all accounted for…
Stop paying taxes.
All government programs can be done with private enterprises

Rose Mary Abbott

GESARA goes back to people of the globe or world. Nesara for the people of this nation.

Big Johnson

Trump is always the victim and eats chess pieces while others play chess


Truth hurt when you woke up to discover MOMMY dropped you on your head at birth…..

Don Reed

In the end, their unbridled arrogance & the Lord’s Divine Justice becomes their undoing !!!!


Looks to me like atty akbar should be joining Slaoui in an orange suit and jail cell !

“We will file an appeal……”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣




wow….akbar the city if London lawyer does not know laws and orders military tribunal of this Republic…you can tell he is a foreigner knowing nothing about America, he is going to find out the hard way I bet….isn’t it something, this person who was included to the task team with Pence and they all setup POTUS with open lies and their heart intent was to poison bio-weapon to all American people of all ages, a genocides…if God didn’t intervened the way He did, most of us would be dead…thank you King Jesus. President Trump trusted the people who he worked with to do what was right….

Rose Mary Abbott

A military tribunal is a totally different situation than a civilian court. He actually got pretty far when Obama was in office because Obama is Muslim I guess. In other words I don’t know 🤷‍♀️. He is getting absolutely nowhere this time around. I can just feel the churning in Slaoui’s gut while he prays to a god that doesn’t exist for an appeal that will never happen. Do you know what has been turning the hearts of Muslims to Jesus lately? It’s because He responds to them and allah doesn’t respond to them. He is actually coming into their homes and making Himself known to them. They know for a fact that Jesus is the real deal. They will gladly die for Him.

Last edited 1 year ago by Rose Mary Abbott

Abkar shouldnt even have been there! This is a military tribunal , not the circus courts that are in the general public! Such as the Supreme Court on down! He thinks he can appeal???Whos the clown???!! Good job, guys!!

Carol B.

Amen, TerryAT…….I totally agree with you, this is a military tribunal and others do not go there with mad, mean lawyers trying to stop a military tribunal…….

Sandy Koufax

Anyone with half a brain can google Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson and read about the billions of dollars in criminal and civil penalties that these scumbags have paid for the injuries and deaths their pharmaceuticals have caused. Pfizer had an FDA approved drug pulled off the market because it was found to be unsafe. Moderna was never able to have a drug approved by the FDA. Gilead had their toxic Remdesivir pulled from the market because it killed more people than the Ebola virus it was supposed to cure. I don’t believe that Trump was not aware of these facts which should have been enough for him to condemn the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA and the CDC.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sandy Koufax
Carol B.

Just think – if the big Pharma was condemned, we would have to pay attention to natural things….cures

Carol B.

I got excited when I read where you said that Gilead had their toxic Remdesivir pulled……..I searched and searched and can’t find that…….I hate Remdesivir…….when I go to the hospital they ask me what I am alergic to and I say “Remdesivir” and they make fun of me, so I tell them I do not trust it, that it kills folks and that I am able to remember the name cause it sounds like, “RUN, DEATH IS NEAR” …………..which is true….


“RUN, DEATH IS NEAR” LOL!! Thanks I’ll remember that one! :-}

Big Johnson

Ok, gaybill


I think the only people who took it were the intellectually challenged. I dont think smart people would. I never took a shot, nor wore a mask.


well done!


My dad just died from Moderna. Zero sympathy. NEXT. These people are worse than Nazis because they pretend to be the opposite of what they actually are. Sickening. My dad died like a dog after a lifetime of service to others, and now my diabetic daughters is sick with the spike proteins that took over his body. Our bags are packed. If not soon, we can’t afford another “help” from the government in the form of forced/pimped vaccinations. I begged my dad. He did not listen. I will not risk my kid.

Carol B.


Carol B.

I have zero sympathy for Moderna and also all the others, it is one thing if you are having a needed surgery and they put you to sleep, but another thing just to rush around poisoning you so you will not get the next pandemic poison the make……then it does not stop anything, IT KILLS YOU TOO…..

Big Johnson

My dad just died from Moderna. Zero sympathy. NEXT.

lmao. Trump’s latest video talking about passing down farms in the families is even more hilarious after reading this.


YOU are an ALIEN BUM. YOU will vanish with the billions of ALIEN BUMS that invaded America. You’ll leave only with the clothes on your back. All tangible and non-tangible wealth distributed to the U.S. Treasury that authenticated AMERICANS will enjoy. GET OUT, WORTHLESS ALIEN BUM.