Of Biden and Adrenochrome, A Secret Service Agent’s Story


A Secret Service agent assigned to protect the exterior of Joseph Biden’s Delaware home stopped in his tracks as an unspeakable cry, the wailing sound of death, emanated from within the house. He spoke into a concealed microphone in a cufflink: “Celtic in trouble, entering the house.” A moment later, a voice crackled in his ear. “Do not enter the bedroom. The situation is stable.”

But it was too late. The agent had drawn his weapon and charged in, his face going pale as he crossed the threshold. A pungent scent assailed his nostrils. On the bed lay the withered shell of a man who both resembled and didn’t resemble Biden, a bare torso pressed against a mattress, arms spread like wings, a guttural, gurgling sound escaping parched lips. A polyethylene tube ran from a withered arm to an I.V. bag beside a bank of diagnostic machines that monitored Biden’s vital signs. A clump of hair, brittle and grey, lay on the pillow upon which his head rested, canted slightly to one side. The shape on the bed looked emaciated and dehydrated—almost desiccated—like a dried prune. Its hollowed cheeks fluttered as the mouth let out a barely perceptible whisper: “Candy.”

The Secret Service agent was dumbstruck. His jaw dropped, and his eyes widened. He had been tasked with guarding the President of the United States—a high honor within the Secret Service—who was supposed to be poised, stoic, regal, dignified, articulate, resolute, and healthy—but saw only a scrawny, sick frame that couldn’t even lift itself out of bed; it could hardly speak, and when it did, it repeated the same word: Candy. The feeble frame’s sorrowful, sunken eyes beheld the agent, its mouth muttering “candy” thrice before another Secret Service Agent, accompanied by Jill Biden and a physician, barreled into the bedroom, admonishing the agent present for disobeying instructions to not enter the household.

“I don’t understand what’s going on here,” the agent said. “I came into the room before I got the message not to. Can someone tell me what’s going on?” the agent, Andrew Cunningham, asked.


The date was April 5, 2021, and Covid-mania had gripped the country. Forty-two states and territories had issued mandatory stay-at-home orders, shuttering businesses and bringing life, as we knew it, to an abrupt halt. Pervasive mask and vaccine mandates had rolled like a firestorm across the country, and persons eschewing the government’s unconstitutional mandates were treated as if they had leprosy, shunned by the vaccinated lunatics who embraced the regime’s narrative. The economy was failing, people feared stepping outdoors, and Biden had retreated to the bedroom of his Delaware home.

Agent Andrew Cunningham had been in the Secret Service for eight years. After high school, he attended Arizona State University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Upon graduating, he applied for a job at the Secret Service and passed the Top-Secret security clearance checks needed for employment. Most people would call him a wholesome guy, a man with conservative values with a wife and one child, with another on the way, a home, a mortgage, and a dog—he believed in democracy and wanted to serve his country.

He entered the Secret Service a GS-7, the government’s starting pay grade, and excelled in practical leadership and marksmanship, earning the envy of his peers. A year after graduating from the Secret Service’s intense four-month training school at the Federal Law Enforcement Center, Cunningham was promoted to GS-9 and began protecting foreign dignitaries visiting the United States. In March 2019, he was part of a detail guarding Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who had come to the U.S. to see President Trump in D.C. He got to shake their hands, and he would later say shaking hands with President Trump was an immeasurable honor and that the President projected an unbreakable, shimmering aura of righteousness and strength.

When the Plandemic hit and the world started collapsing in on itself, Cunningham spent more time at a desk than escorting heads of state, twiddling thumbs and sifting through meaningless paperwork. He missed fieldwork.

A presidential election came and went. Much of the country went bonkers over a few thousand Trump supporters peacefully protesting a stolen election. And Cunningham would soon represent a man he despised, a decrepit beast so entrenched in the Deep State, so surrounded by coffers of infinite dirty cash, that his phony victory over Trump was practically a foregone conclusion. Although Cunningham loathed Biden, his station forbade him from publicly disparaging the President, even a fake one. Paperwork suddenly seemed preferable to laying eyes on a man he detested beyond his ability to articulate.

On April 4, 2021, Cunningham received a call he dreaded. He was made part of a four-man team sent to guard the President and the First Lady at their Wilmington, Delaware, home. Unlike the other agents, who had access to the home’s interior, Cunningham was told to patrol the exterior and to stop any vehicles encroaching on the alcove of the Biden residence. He was told Biden had isolated himself for fear of catching Covid, as administration members with whom Biden had close contact had tested positive for the virus. Only Biden, Jill, and two “approved” agents could enter and leave the house. He didn’t understand why he was relegated to yard duty while less experienced agents could freely enter the home, but he was compelled to obey orders.

A day later, Cunningham was patrolling the yard of the Biden home when he heard an unearthly moan and cry for help originating from a window to the fake President’s bedroom. He keyed his microphone, saying, “something might be wrong with Celtic,” but heard no reply. Celtic—the Secret Service’s codename for Biden—was in danger, he said as he drew his sidearm and entered the domicile, peering around corners and clearing the house. He paused at the door to Biden’s bedchamber. He glanced about, hoping to see the other agents or Jill rushing to Joe’s bedside. Cunningham wanted none of it. When no one showed up, he entered the bedroom and saw the unimaginable.

Jill Biden and the second Secret Service agent rebuked Cunningham for stepping in the household sans permission. Cunningham gawked in stunned silence as Biden’s physician, Dr. Kevin O’Conner, charged into the bedroom carrying a syringe of viscous liquid, which he inserted into the I.V. tube dripping fluid to Biden’s arm. “Candy,” Biden said, a smile crossing his face as the concoction dripped into his veins. He suddenly sat up straight, pulling the I.V. from his arm and saying, “I’m better now.”

Minutes later Cunningham got a phone call from Secret Service Director James Murray. “Now that you know, you keep your fuc**** mouth shut,” Murray told him, even though Cunningham didn’t comprehend the scope of what had happened until another agent revealed to him that Biden had been addicted to a pharmaceutical cocktail called Adrenochrome since 2009.

Cunningham heard that Biden’s addiction to Adrenochrome had become so acute that he needed an infusion every few days to avoid falling into madness. Without it, he shriveled into a ball of incomprehensible insanity. Through research Cunningham learned that Adrenochrome was made of adrenal fluid harvested from the adrenal glands of tortured children and synthetic opiates.

He resigned from the Secret Service a week later, saying the job and raising a family were incompatible. James Murray threatened him plainly to keep quiet about what he had seen at Biden’s Delaware home. A month later, Cunningham moved his family to Switzerland.

Cunningham says he’s still in disbelief. He saw a man with one foot in the grave suddenly stand up and dance a jig after getting an Adrenochrome poke. After witnessing what he had, he said he could not work for the government. He and his family won’t return to the United States until Biden is gone and President Donald J. Trump restores complete order to the Republic.

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These stories are becoming much to much laughable.
At first I bought into MB reports but common sense goes a very long way here people.
MB wont Hollywood hire you?


How safe does he think he is, in Switzerland?

Victoria Flood

Extremely disturbing and disgustingly perverted. We the People MUST put an end to this wickedness NOW. This is NOT what this great nation will tolerate! TODAY this monster’s soul is required before the judgement seat of JAHOVAH GOD.


Earth people have to accept that human bodies have expiration dates. Adrenochrome will not extend the # of years the Creator has deemed you will exist on this planet. It is already pre-arranged.


If Joe was taking adrenochrome, he would look much younger than he currently does. Am of the belief the real Biden is already dead and gone.


Does anyone know if Disney still has a cloning lab? I guess they clone their stars for the Disney Channel. If we got two Hillary clones out of commission, how come there’s another Hillary she was in India and they’re claiming she’s running for president in 2024? 🤔


Biden and his son gone way before 2021. Biden clone.



Surf Nazare

How is HAARP doing—just asking—-And that is offensive compared to Impala—–good one—-are we having fun yet—–


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Chris G

Do the White Hats possess the means to create a Donald Trump clone? (RE: reported pending arrest – let the clone be the one that’s arrested)

Stinky Perfume

Maybe white hats at the supersoldier level and above but I don’t see them talking about RRN except James Rink at his site supersoldiertalk.com said RRN is only part true. No one will elaborate. Maybe elaboration is not allowed for national security.

RRN was created and Baxter’s site twistedtruth dot net was abandoned for further non human creatures coming through portals to war kind of news.

I guess because RRN was needed more during the phase where they were first pushing the hell out of the arm stabs. Warp Speed slowed down the other alien-annunaki whatever creatures from the underground war rollout.

By then Trump had already made his exit announcement saying “I’m leaving…I’ll be back in some form” so I’m going to say he’s a white hat and is working with body doubles of his own and there is a deep state body double of Trump in addition to white hat body doubles.

My guess is Trump we can see will be a body double always and the whole game stays in 3rd density not to go to 5th density. Trump was originally deep state and switched sides to white hats. Quitting the deep state made Trump in top danger. Usually the only way to quit is death. I wonder because if the deep state can’t control all Trump body doubles, there’s a problem. Both sides have to fool everybody. Clearly the military isn’t leaving clones and body doubles out for proof.

I’m guessing the military must expect people to need to identify clones with these details on RRN. Body doubles need just to have the masks ripped off unless it’s some kind of a doppleganger twin.

The military themselves after learning the hard way, like anybody else, wanted after these arm stabbing agenda creeps BAD. Now it sounds like they are more interested in going after clones as Baxter reports. It’s annoying we can’t call the military like local police on these arm stabbers everywhere. It’s disappointing we can’t get local military help if some kind of clone or MK Ultra is hanging out on our blocks. If clones really are a bigger epidemic than the arm stab agenda, our neighborhoods have no organized white hat small level local leaders that we can contact.

For example Trump hasn’t made the arm stab illegal and arm stabbers might be demons or clones. It’s a choice thing so maybe they need more ongoing death of ignorance to keep people increasingly interested in not trusting WHO and all that medical science.


You would imagine they have several clones made/stashed for each US President, or human body doubles at least.

Surf Nazare

Geez unbelievable—You can be sure of all the good press you will be getting from me—-no big deal for sure but that stick you got up your rear end is a big one—-you e-mailed me that my post was approved—–I guess I need to say thanks because maybe you are keeping me from getting in trouble !!!


What a sad story; for all of us, really.


Wow, creepy! Nice to have a witness to that, good job for sharing Andrew. Now we can all be equally horrified! 🙁 But the truth is needed if people are to wake up. Adrenochrome is beyond evil.

Speaking of blood, are people aware that only 20% of the blood collected by the Red Cross goes to help others? The remaining 80% is SOLD to pharmaceuticals where they use the plasma to make drugs so they can make trillions of dollars. Highly lucrative… Aren’t we suckers? Evil taking advantage of our humanity, again.


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Surf Nazare

When Biden as VP in the last year he visited Ukraine 12/13 times in one year—–Adrenochrome—-And Putin has been destroying production and it is said even took out a trailer load of it not to mention the top German Dr. in producing it.
Now you see them going after Putin for taking the children to Russi—-Guess where they would get the Adrenochrome from—-the children and then sell the organs—-
Funny how many US big shots go to Ukraine—geeze, can’t figure out why—-


And a French article focused on organ trafficking from the Ukraine as well.


How many Illegal Aliens have been resettled and repopulated within our national interiors during the last two years of this regime’s coup d’etat criminality and all out war on the USA and it’s legal citizens(more than ten million)? Have the extremely interesting and hopeful events in these articles lessened the enemy’s position of power,activities,and destructive capabilities?


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Nevermind, I found them finally. My apologies.

Last edited 1 year ago by OnlyInAmerica

Looks like my comments from yesterday got deleted.

Proudly Unaffiliated

Much of the country went bonkers over a few thousand Trump supporters peacefully protesting a stolen election.

MB take note: more like few _hundred_ thousand Trump supporters…

American Living in Canada

The radio stations up here have reached a stupid ridiculous level of playing all the sick twisted fack’in whack jobs songs..

To me that means… it’s go’in down.




I am able to create $200/h to complete few jobs on home computer. w2 Ive never thought that its even achievable but my closest mate earning $25k only within five weeks simply working this leading project & she had convinced me to join Discover extra details by going following link….. http://usajobs5.blogspot.com

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Oh my goodness…..that nasty old pedophile dog of a man is totally insane and the only thing keeping his skinny rear-end alive is the blood of children. This Satanic thing should be allowed to totally withdraw and die a horrible death. He is absolutely useless and I guess that is what Jill Biden meant when she said only death would free her. Lord help us…..these DS demons are all hooked on adrenochrome….those poor little children are being murdered to keep the likes of Joe Biden, Obama, etc. alive. This emaciated demon no doubt never leaves his bedroom and what we see is his doppleganger….whichever one is the double of the day. I am so happy Cunningham took his family and moved to Switzerland because it was only a matter of time before the DS took him out. I pray they will remain safe and I am happy that he did tell someone about this. Lord please bring more of this awful demonic stuff to the light so our White Hats and President Trump can deal with it. They don’t want to just let old Biden go because they don’t want Kamala (their poster demon) to be president because they have discovered she is dumber than a bag of hammers.

I just saw an article from NBC news a minute ago that said: Trump said that “illegal leaks” have indicated that he will be arrested Tuesday on possible criminal charges in New York relating to a hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels. Who wants to bet that won’t happen? Prayers to our amazing President…Donald J. Trump…

Sandy Koufax

This article asserts that Biden was in his Delaware home in April 2021, but a Previous article asserts otherwise.

“As reported previously, it is RRN’s contention that the real Joseph R. Biden has not been seen in public since shortly after the 2020 presidential election. The reason is that, in early February, he suffered a massive stroke that left him brain dead and hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where he has lain comatose ever since.”

Surf Nazare

If you reread this article the agent even says he was told not to disparage him—-even if he was a fake—-and that was the agents thoughts—-a fake—-


The whole deep state One World Order agenda is devil worshiping trans and they want to convert all of us to the same–They are starting young and pushing it on our young children in schools already–This a battle between good and evil Which side are you on? The good news is–We win!! God is on our side and Trump’s!


This story of the Secret Service agent going to Switzerland reminds me of the three agents who witnessed the recovery of the JFK Jr’s remains after the “crash” who were reassigned and never to be heard again. Q+ has pledged to declassify the JFK Files, hopefully for both incidents, when he returns. Let us pray, Lord we trust in you alone, Amen. Blessings, 🙏🙏🙏

Susan Banks

We will definitely hear about them. The real truth is coming!!


He needs hiz C A N D Y
Inject him with 20gal. of Hi-TEST.


Nah, inject him with sodium pentothal.


But I thought the real Biden died in March of 2019?


That was never reported by Michael. That was just a rumor someone started. Apparently he is alive but only because he is getting his “candy”. I pray that Putin will stop every drop of blood from those abused and murdered children from getting to that horrible bastard.


But he did report that he suffered a stroke in 2020 and was brain dead. I guess he can’t keep his stories straight

Johnny Lunchbucket

Sounds about right. Good for Andrew for exposing the POS 2.0 or whatever iteration they are up to now for the evilness that these demons conjure up.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Lunchbucket
Diana Paris

I think Switzerland is a decoy. I doubt he would tell them where his family is and Switzerland is deep state central.


I thought the same thing!! If they go looking for him there, they won’t find him!! The DS trolls report back to their head demons what they read here!!

Chris G

Who is really running The Biden Show? Clearly not Biden/Jeffries. Is Obama still the Deep State Shadow President? And who does Obama answer to.


WHO is actually running the country ?? Dumb question. If you have half a brain in your head….you know who…. the “Head Nigger” Barack Obama. I have already explained this many times before (on this site). That piece of shit GAY NIGGER….
Barack Obama…aka. Barry Soetoro. The same Nigger who is married to a MAN.
Obama takes his orders from 3 people…. George Soros….Bill Gates…and Jew Boy Mark Zuckerberg. These are his *main donors*, who also PAID for his 3 new homes. And….they also pay his property taxes. That mother fucking NIGGER is the biggest mooch there is. Him…..and his goddam NIGGER TRANNY “wife” Michael. Everything that Obama has….was given to him FREE….by Soros…Gates…and Zuckerberg. So…he does exactly what they tell him to do. And….Obama then gives those ORDERS to Joe Biden. Biden speaks to Obama almost every day….and does EXACTLY what Obama tells him to do. The OPEN Southern Border is all Obama’s idea….to bring in new Democrat voters. Do not be so fucking stupid.

Johnny Lunchbucket

Although crude, I concur with everything you say.

John David Beale

thought according to realrawnew Obama’s are dead. Shot twice in the back of the head by military at GITMO.


Agree. Michael/Michelle was poisoned by the Gitmo kitchen. Barry is the one who took two shots to the back of the head, is what I thought RRN reported. In any event, they are both gone.


You sound like a simple-minded child. Which is why it’s been so easy for the Pharoanic Satanists to destroy everything around you while you run your trap about their lower-level employees running it all.

Susan Banks

You’re so wrong!! Trump is running the Country and has been since most of the bad Countries Capitulated their country back to Trump!! He’s running both sides.


Yes –His boss is the deep state cronies


This is not Biden but an actor. So what you talking about? the actor addiction.


NO actor….but, a CLONE. And….from what’s been reported on this site…the White Hats discovered a cloning center underground with Biden clones being made. So if this Biden DIES….they can replace him with another clone.


If this isn’t the real Biden, then he needs to be arrested, tried and hung for impersonating the President of the United States.

Somebody …. ANYBODY that can get close enough …. get some DNA …. any way you can. Maybe a glass or napkin at a restaurant. Maybe a hair from his hairbrush. ANYTHING? Let’s stop this charade right now.

Michael R Davis

The real Biden, assuming that was who ran against Trump in the 2020 election, is the Resident, not the President. He lost the landslide election. Stealing the election is unconstitutional, not allowed, which is why the military is in charge, not the Resident in his studio pretend White House. When WW3 is won, Trump will return to his elected position. There will be no 2024 election, despite the rhetoric and incessant disinformation. Arthur Roberts is impersonating a powerless Resident.


Take The Shots, splatter him in Public.
Clones and all, before “they” detonate him among Children.
He’s just programmed meat.

Justice denied, is Justice delayed.

John David Beale

you are watching to many movies.

Rene Labre

So,Micheal Baxteris a lair and these articles are false.I beg to differ,strongly..Speaking an adrenachrome,Mainlining human blood,with some added cocaine and opiates.Highly addictive,totally life consuming,expensive.Favored by the elite for thousands of years.The beautiful people.Until they can’t get a fix.”Not good for Tonto.” Thus with the report of this agent we see how it really is. The nitty gritty.This is to prepare and wake us up to the coming of EBS. Once they are arrested by the military,no more fix. Then you see them totally dissipated.aging 20 years in a few days..


God’s Speed


Nope I think that was the real Biden and shortly after this event he was arrested and taken to Gitmo–a firing squad-The real Jill got it too—If you look at a picture of Jill Biden then and now–look different. So Trump was right again he is shot!–What we have now is an actor in a mask was told it is Arthur Roberts-The world will soon find out-I would think that actor will go down too for fraud

Last edited 1 year ago by mkjo

Wasn’t biden already dead on inauguration day?


He was at Walter Reed Medical Ctr. in a coma for awhile there. Believe he has recovered. He must have at least 6 clones.


Complicity to Conspiracy/Treason.
Justice delayed, is Justice denied.


100% and Teresa Barnes, Hilldog’s main doppelganger still impersonates her at NY events, even though Hilldog was killed at Gitmo going on three years now.


Thank you Michael…

Joe Blow

Like Trump already said many times when talking about Joe, “He’s shot”. I take this statement literally.

Hang traitors by the nalls

On about 20 percent story believe rate but come on bro lol

Hang traitors by the nalls

Your worst story yet, not getting enough donations lol ?

David T

W0zz, long time no troll. Can’t say I missed your troll-turd ass.


][‘d be embarrassed to acknowledge “them” the pleasure of My response to “their” stupidity. “They’ll” always have a wealth of that.

mary pascucci



Why is a double addicted to adrenachrome?


apparently the DNA used to make the clone has the adrenochrome traces in it already. Otherwise, it wouldn’t need it.


If it is Arthur Roberts the actor, what better way to get him to comply than get him addicted to his candy. The cost of the drug is insignificant. I’m constantly checking the earlobes when able. The real Biden years ago had earlobes.

Big Johnson

I’m a junkie on Russian Adrenochrome. That shit is dope


You are as sick as they are then!


Since February 2019 I have not seen Biden anymore, this would be his double.

Big Johnson


Sparky Sr

“On the bed lay the withered shell of a man who both resembled and didn’t resemble Biden…”
Would you believe the agent saw Arthur Roberts??

I know that our military must be watching for these Adrenochrome drugs. They have already destroyed a few warehouses & trucking shipments.
Once the ‘candy’ is in high demand, they will be coming out of the wood-works and making huge mistakes…

Ukraine & Poland are the main hubs… and we know President Putin is on top of that there in Ukraine only..

The EU is another source and problem of this as well.


Thank you Michael, great news coverage!

Big Johnson


Jessie B. DeBerry

When does it stop. When do the kids stop being tortured to death. When does the Good finally defeat the evil? When do the White Hats move? When does our tears turn to joy.

Psalms 126


It doesn’t seem to be the kind of problem that anyone wants to address. It has become difficult to read or listen to the news lately. Avoiding it is also impossible. Joe wont be with us much longer. He will be pulled out of office one way or another.

Last edited 1 year ago by dianecee
Big Johnson





Agreed. I ask that every day.
How much are good Americans supposed to take?
This debacle has got to stop.

Sandy Thomas

So he feels his family is safe in Switzerland, why?

just looking

good question.. don’t think they ( the govt. ) like Trump..or America

Big Johnson



Big Johnson

Yes. His family is safe there. duh. iS ReADinG dIfFiCulT?


Is typing difficult?

Mark David

You should be home kissing your mother.


Don’t believe it. He is also into the 5th Generation Info warfare just like a smart secret service agent man. Besides why go to “the den of thieves” aka CIA headquarters as some suggest. Let us pray, St. Joseph terror of demons, pray for us. Blessings, 🙏🙏🙏


Source protection to this agent, family, friends, and pets.

Van Helsing

This story is bogus. Real Joe Biden has been dead coming up on four years now.

Van Helsing

His last public appearance was in 2018 at H.W. Bushes funeral when they all received mysterious letters. Jeb and Laura Bush looked like they were gonna puke.

just looking

I heard the letters were a summons to a Military Tribunal..

Dave Strickland

The words inside the cards read “They know everything. I’m sorry.”, and signed George H.W.Bush.

Sparky Sr

It’s possible – think here for a sec… Could you believe the agent saw Arthur Roberts??
On the bed lay the withered shell of a man who both resembled and didn’t resemble Biden…”

We know the truth…


That’s who it was.


Why would they use an adrenachrome junkie as a double?


We know that! That’s the body double!


We all knew and suspected. Of course USSS agents hid it all and have known for years.