“A” Antony Blinken Executed During Secret Visit to China


“A” Antony Blinken was executed by the People’s Liberation Army during an unannounced visit to Beijing last week, but White Hats are uncertain whether the deceased is the authentic Blinken or a body double or clone, a Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command source told Real Raw News.

On Monday, Cyberspace Command intercepted correspondence between Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Daniel Kritenbrink and Lloyd Austin detailing the circumstances of Blinken’s death.

Cyberspace Command learned that a State Department plane carrying Blinken, Kritenbrink, and an unknown number of Deep Staters requested permission to land at Beijing Capital International Airport at 15:13 UTC on June 3. The tower denied clearance to land, saying no flight plan had been filed and that Blinken had been banned from entering China.

In February, the regime canceled Blinken’s previously scheduled trip to China after a United States Air Force F-22 Raptor shot down an alleged Chinese spy balloon that had soared unimpeded from Alaska to the Atlantic Coast. Cyberspace Command said that’s partly fake news; the truth is Xi Jinping declared Blinken persona non grata and cautioned him to avoid China or face the consequences.

A schism has recently formed between the regime and Beijing. As reported last month, Xi Jinping called Biden a fake president, and Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu refused to meet Lloyd Austin last week at a defense summit in Singapore.

Apparently, Blinken ignored the warning, even as air traffic controllers at Beijing International Airport demanded his plane depart Chinese airspace. The pilot retorted that Blinken was on a mission of “international importance” and had to speak with Vice-Premier Ding Xuexiang to personally deliver a communique from Joseph Biden.

Meanwhile, two J-10 fighter aircraft intercepted Blinken’s plane. The fighter pilots, who spoke English, instructed Blinken’s aircraft to follow them to a final approach path for runway 18L, then land and await an escort.

Cyberspace Command does not know why the J-10s allowed the plane to land instead of shooting it down.

A bevy of military vehicles teeming with armed soldiers met Blinken’s plane on the runway. Only Blinken and Kritenbrink, under armed guard, were allowed to disembark. Blinken blew a fuse. He verbally accosted an unknown Chinese dignitary who, via an interpreter, said he had arranged for Vice-Premier Ding to meet with Blinken at an office in the airport terminal. Blinken lost his cool; he lambasted the dignitary for intercepting his plane, calling it a transparent act of aggression.

There was no sign of Vice-Premier Ding at the office, only three uniformed soldiers whose hands hovered near the sidearms on their hips.

“What is this?” Blinken reportedly blurted. “Where is Vice-Premier Ding Xuexiang? I am the Secreta—”

A bullet struck his face midsentence.

“You go home now and tell your people what happened here,” the dignitary told a shaken Kritenbrink. “You are not welcome here. We bring the body to the plane.”

Cyberspace Command said they have a tough time believing that the regime would send one of its most precious and beloved assets on a potentially hazardous assignment.

“Blinken is the Deep State,” our source said. “He’s a key figure in everything they do. We’d really like to look at that corpse. Until we do, we’ll run under the assumption it was a convincing body double or a clone.”

There was no mention of doppelgangers or clones in Krittenbrink’s conversation with Austin.

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with greetings from an as divided Holland


Secretary of State Anthony Blinken didn’t get the memo that he was killed in China 2 weeks before he visited China. All of these reports are fake and not verifiable.

Jeffrey B Prystupa

Don’t they clone and kill the original – so that this ‘kind of thing’ – showing up after being ‘dead’ – doesn’t happen?

Mark Heisler

Jun 18 updated Antony Blinken, who arrived in Beijing on Sunday, is the highest-ranking member of President Joe Biden’s administration to visit China, like 1 minute it’s one story and next it’s another but yet we’re supposed to believe he’s dead, what a joke when all your going to say is it’s a clone lol joke this Movie is, I bet Trump is Dead a he’s also a Clone and all Patriots are being played by the Military. Joke everything is a clone anymore.

Robert Gregory Boensch

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Robert g Boensch
Robert Gregory Boensch


I find it hysterical that some of these characters of the DS are pretty much an enigma to most of the populace until they suddenly disappear, then Shazam! And BINGO! They are all over the news like Blinken. This mornings’ headline June 18, 2023: Blinken Kicks Off Meetings in Beijing on Trip to Manage Tensions With CCP.

Mark Heisler

Yep I posted he’s still moving around, I wish I had a clone to fake my death.

Billie Kozloff

Hooray for our side!!

Just keep up the good work!

Robert James

LOL! “You are not welcome here.” While Blinken has a hole in his head. Kritenbrink was shaken. Wow. “Hubris cometh before a fall”. They shoot the US Secretary of State dead in his tracks. Another first for the Cabal!!. .

John David Beale

Today June 15, Antony Blinken is heading to China for top level meetings with Chines officials. So I guess REAL RAW NEWS IS FULL OF BULL SHIT. I saw Blinken on NEWSMAX. I don’t think NEWSMAX puts out faults’ news, but for sure REALRAWNEW does put out bullshit. How can we believe any news from these people any more. I even go all the way back to Hillary – is she really hanged, same thing for Bushes, Obamas, Walensky, Now some truthers are putting out the Maryl Monroe supposedly is not dead and is back. How can this be, its been 62 years. Again, bullshit.

Robert James

Or you’re gullible. Or a paid shill.

Billie Kozloff

Haven’t you heard of the clones or the body doubles or the deep fakes??

And didn’t you learn how to spell in elementary school or did you drop out?

Mark Heisler

I think 50% of these stories anymore is Bull, I used to get on here almost every other day now I only get on here about two times a month because the stories are just disappointing, if there is not an election and Biden gets out of there then I believe most of these stories, they could have let him be shot in real life and just left it alone cuz we all know that biden isn’t going to do anything, that was blinking’s fault for being there.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark Heisler

Michael is full of shit. My turds are smarter than Mike. Somebody from the swamp is feeding him these bullshit unverifiable stories.


MB, this RRN report on blinken being executed in china was published before this:

‘US Secretary of State to visit Beijing after China tells US to ‘show respect’


Robert James

Certainly, Blinken showed no respect. Hubris got him a hole in his head. Or his clone or an impersonator of some sort.

William R Nicholson

Just a quick thought here . Dem-Rino Commie Socialist Black Soul Activists have always admired Communist China’s ” Efficiencies” ….. Barack even said so ! I never fully realized how Right THEY were ! Maybe we could start sponsorship of free tourist trips , so those Dem-Rino Commie Socialist Black Soul Activists could have a real exciting vacation in China ….. Maybe Catch An Opera in The Walled City ? Before having that Fat Lady Sing & have The Final Curtain Fall. ? ? Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST -1195

William R Nicholson

Those details of how to spot a clone look to be essential to knowing whether this was perhaps an arranged diversion by Cabal or maybe Chinese leader authorizing action against known Traitors to The United States Republic ! I hope this is the real Blinken since maybe a few more Black Hat assets will decide to abandon their sinking ship & give us all more Intel on their web . Happy hunting , the Fox is loose ……. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST -1195


“You go home now and tell your people what happened here,” You no come here eat all you want and stay all day, you eat you go home!
No more wonton for You!

Dave Kelly

This is EXACTLY how the White Hats should have been dealing with Deep State ASSHOLES all along. WE are at WAR , when at WAR , you do not serve your ENEMY arrest warrants , you KILL the ENEMY or you take them into custody if they surrender. This fucking charade that JAG and Trump have been engaged in is TOTAL BULLSHIT , pandering to the legal establishment and their law fair scams and RACKETS. Whether the Deep State suspect/enemy is a clone or human being, they should EXECUTE the fucking LOWLIFE on sight. Enough of JAG and Trump’s pandering BS to the zionist satanist jew controlled legal establishment RACKETS, FUCK ALL OF THEM .


When the British showed up and asked the Colonists to turn over their weapons, George Washington did not engage them in dialog. He shot them!


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Last edited 1 year ago by Delavic

Why is the letter A in quotation marks?


And shouldn’t it read “AN Anthony Blinken?”

Alan Hardy

I got a news report that the Blinking Sec of State was meeting MBS in Saudi Arabia then you see the photo and notice that the bi-lateral meeting had no USA stars and stripes behind him – and then it says the Saudi government did not comment on the meeting… Well, well. 2 pointers to a fake story.




Next time Biden should be sent to China

Robert James

Oh, YES! I like that. Put him to work in rice paddies. He’d wish he’d been shot.


Right on Xi Jinping!!! He is Pro-Trump and his good buddy.


Chinese government had warned Blinken not to enter into China, but he ignored the warning, so he sought a suicide. Blinken was the main force to push the war between Ukraine and Russia, same as Victoria Nuland. Why the military Tribunal has not arrested Victoria Nuland? These Jews tried to destroy the American with Nuclear weapon, even the dirty bomb. I feel that soon, we will see those dirty bomb being used by Ukraine to against Russia.


The worst thing the white hats can do to fatty Newland is put her in jail at Gitmo and quarantine her from her daily routine of a half dozen Mickey D’s Big Macs, with a Diet Coke!


..jack sullivan -is a main person who ran ukr. shitshow…..

Keith White

Why won’t the news pick up this story?

Dave Strickland

In 8 words I’ve figured you’re new here.


the eternal fire which must burn the wicked is then the regenerative fire that purifies them, and through these painful, but necessary, transformations, makes them serve for the general utility of the good, and eternally renders them to the good which must triumph.
God, they say, is absolute good, and there can only be two absolutes: evil is the error which will be absorbed by the truth; it is the bark that, whether putrefied or burned, returns to the sap, and contributes anew to universal life.”

~ Eliphas Michael Levi Wert

John Grae

I am surprised Cyberspace Command is not ware of the rules of being Persona non grata. Blinken could not be dealt with while he is in the air and not on the ground, and at that point the only person on the plane who was persona non grata was Blinken, to kill all the others would be murder. Being designated persona non grata has no legality while on he is in the air and in some cases airborne to another destination. However when the person descends to the ground he is then breaking the law and can be dealt with. In Blinken’s case, he had been warned and by flouting that warning be paid the ultimate price, and rightly so!


It must have been a clone. He is still in the news doing what he normally does stirring up trouble with the world community.


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Last edited 1 year ago by Delavic
Robert James

Our Satanic enemies once again failed to understand their situation. So it probably was the real Secretary of State. Normally, that would an act of war. I am waiting to see how their press reports this, LOL



It was a clone!! Or maybe the guy we now see in the news is the real clone??

William R Nicholson

I doubt it would ever be considered an act of war. Any nation can decide to classify a person as Persona non grata , just as Blinken was ! If Blinken wanted a meeting with any official in China , he could arrange secure Zoom call at any time. I’d never enter China after being told that I had been classified as Persona Non Grata ! That was suicide mission for him & would’ve proved he was not aware of normal manners & customs traditionally embraced by long term civilizations . Didn’t Blinken realize that many Messengers from foreign states were routinely murdered when delivering bad news ? If it’s true he pulled a Deep State hissy fit then he got exactly what he deserved. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST -1195 Zoom calls cannot transfer deadly objects into crania ! !


I wonder how many WHs quietly smiled? I know I am. 🙂

Above Reproach

Just Blink-en he’ll be gone.

Bro. Andrew

AMEN! We need more deep $tater$ taken out, so the world knows how wicked and $ick these elite are. They all NOT above the law of the US Constitution, that many died for on the altar of FREEDOM! F’ the damn WEF and UN Bull Schiff!


aka dishonest ABlinken.


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Last edited 1 year ago by Delavic
Bro. Andrew

BS lying salesmen are dime a dozen.

Hal Brown

I wonder if Admiral Crandall contacted the Chinese and requested they dispatch Blinkin?


Was not a fair fight: blinken should have tried a cohen chokehold! Just like those DS rascals to bring a weak choke to a gunfight!


Julie…anthony blinken…should -blink- upfront of chinesse security…innstead they make him- blank……


Blinken the Freaken
Got his brains leaken



Julie D

What? Just read in Times of Israel that he’s in Jeddah! I know he’s PLANNING on a China trip but we’re they early in “sending in the Clones”?




Hi, Michael! So glad to hear good news lately! I didn’t see a follow-up on Valerie Jaret, whose trial was 5/18/22. Is she gone? Keep up the good work; it gives us hope. I’m also glad you gave your donation site, a few weeks ago we tried to find it but couldn’t.


Hope, like faith, might as well be belief without evidence.

Last edited 1 year ago by jimbo

Is there a link to tonight’s show


Oh nuts. What’s for lunch?


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Last edited 1 year ago by Delavic



We should round up all of our bad guys that are left and put them on a plane to China and let China take care of them for us and we they could do the same with their bad people send them to America


Yes, with “quick trials” like this, we could save alot of money and time! 😁


Either that or let Putin do it. I like his kind of justice; one shot between the eyes ensuring you don’t waste any more ammunition.


along with all the illegal CCP military aged aliens sent to the U.S.

Rene Labre

DJT probably on the phone with Xi! The back office,he was going to be detained or cut to the chase.Or
Blow his grape up.


Anyone notice the disclaimer is gone?
Awesome. Now when people say Michael Baxters work is fake or parody bs, we can them off




Disclaimer still present.

Bro. Andrew

The “disclaimer” is too get sued less. No worries they will not go to court and lose, they will avoid that like the plague.


Really! Thanks for that Kelly. You get the RRN MVP award today.

Will Caulfield

She gets the RRN MVP award for making shit up?

Sounds about right, actually.

David Mulloy

So… Is Blinkin Dead or isn’t he??
How do We Know for Sure!!
The Bidenista’s sure ain’t gonna tell us the Truth!!



Hal Brown

Blink’n is like Schrodenger’s cat,
Both dead and alive, fancy that.
Until at last, a measurement is done,
And then we see, he can only be one.

just looking

It’s got us all thinken…it just may be blinken…but if it’s not the real blinken…then we’ll have to keep thinkin…it must be that stinkin …… joe


Biden himself is a clone. It’s really a clonista regime that Biden is heading up in DC now.


Since the US wouldn’t get rid of him the Chinese did it for us but would this be an act of war?!?!?

Lucky star

Bring it on if you want!!


an act of mercy toward the American people, AND humanity!!


Don’t you think – killing the representative of USA’s Government would strike the military actions from the USA toward China..?!? Personally, I’m doubtful that this “News” are truthful…?!? Sounds like B.S. Only idiots would believe in that kind of information..




There is a worldwide alliance of good global leaders who are working together with our good military to rid us of the corrupt and to free the children being trafficked.

Believe what you want but I caution you to dig a Little Deeper before closing your mind shut.

Contempt prior to investigation is an immature way to handle news of this nature


I haven’t received any hint of success from this alleged group in over three years.


You have to first take the blinders off, and turn your TV off!!

Mike Huntsucker

Every thing on this site is 100% accurate or my name isn’t Mike Huntsucker….


Unless they know you’re an illegitimate Gubberment Official acting in the capacity of fraud.
But “ok”, whatever you say – go back to sleep plz.


See, War and Peace? You were right


Bottom line, the USA Inc is bankrupt and fake. This is how China can accuse the admin as being “fake.”. Too bad more Americans don’t know! Mr. T is the Commander in Chief of United States, the Republic, no foul here!


Please go back to Andy Koop and Wolfie and get your synthetic news, please!!

Next, it will be an inflatable play toy!!


How do we know it’s NOT BS?

Xi sent a bill to Biden for the cost of the bullet used to render justice!!


Thanks, next time shoot the plane down saves us on time and ROPE




No, please don’t. We the People own the plane. The plane is valuable, Blinken isn’t. I’d like to save as much money as possible.



Robert James

I hope President Trump calls their Premier and thanks him for executing Blinkey!


Sometimes its Not neccessary to thank somebody for acting out their part in your behalf when the opportunity arises especially at the rate the Deep State Rats project & deflect their guilt.

Sparky Sr

Good morning People. It is the morning of June 7,2023.
After reading some of the comments here, I noticed a few things allot lately.

1. Some love Blinken’s bye bye
2. Some ranted, how can China do this to our guy
3. Was it the real or clone?
4. Changed the subject

From this list you can apply a few tactics that gov’ts use to the above.
The 3D’s
“Distract” your attention
“Divert” your attention & thinking somewhere else
“Divide” you among your peers.

From this thinking you can tell who are patriots, trolls, bots, deepstaters, or emotional.
Please stick to the main subject!
If you are emotional, take a deep breath, lower your stress a bit, and think for yourself before you comment. Remove your emotions. This way logical thinking will endure & carry on.

Remember the famous quote Spock used, “If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” (Sherlock Holmes)

“Evil does seek to maintain power by suppressing the truth.”

You know, there are some words I’ve known since I was a schoolboy: “With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably.” Those words were uttered by Judge Aaron Satie, as wisdom and warning. The first time any man’s freedom is trodden on, we’re all damaged. (Capt. Picard)


🇺🇸Agree. Well said.♥️

Robert James

Good advice

Kerry Benthall

Well someone that looked like Blinken just met with the Crown Prince in SA. So they must have either killed a double/clone or they had a standby lookalike on the plane.


They have a bunch of them in the baggage space. All boxed up and ready to go


you got it !!!!!


If the now dead Blinken does not have male genatalia, then he is indeed a clone. Clones do not have genitals. I believe they arrested the real human him.

Last edited 1 year ago by Joanna

blinken did not have male genitalia to begin with


no balls…

Robert James

LOL, really

Ann Ononomous

Really? This is the first I’ve heard about their genitalia. I thought they don’t know they’re clones because they keep their memories? If they had no genitalia, wouldn’t they realize something’s wrong with them (besides the given fact that they’re @ss holes)?


Maybe just maybe, this illegal Joe regime in DC is finally getting a clue that Trump is still in charge and running the US military with perfection & precision. Blinken was a very good catch for the White Hats. Kudos.

Last edited 1 year ago by Joanna