Military and Trump Thwart Deep State Memorial Day Blackout


The White Hat partition of the United States military thwarted the Deep State’s attempt to cripple the U.S. power grid and cause mass chaos over Memorial Day Weekend, sources in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

Ahead of the holiday, the general’s office received “credible intelligence” that the Deep State was planning a multi-pronged attack against two of the country’s synchronous grids, the Eastern and the Western Interconnections, which collectively power tens of millions of homes. The Eastern Interconnection reaches from central Canada to the Atlantic Coast, south to Florida, and back to the foot of the Rockies. The Western Interconnection stretches from western Canada, south to Baja, California, reaching eastward over the Rockies to the great plains. Texas, which has independent transmission lines disconnected from the national grid, was not included in the attack plan.

According to our source, a CIA whistleblower on May 19 arrived at Camp Pendleton with a dire warning, saying the criminal Biden regime had put in motion an intricate mission to hack the grid and throw the country into turmoil. He reportedly had digital documents, approved by CIA Director William Burns, outlining the Deep State’s methods and motives for wanting to plunge the U.S. into darkness.

At 9:00 p.m. EST, May 26, the Deep State would activate the virus, the whistleblower said.

By May 10, the CIA had hired “foreign actors” to man “remote intrusion centers” in Colorado and Georgia with the hardware necessary to deliver virus into the mainframes of American Electric Power and other major electric companies. The documents said the persons hired to man the intrusion centers were among the world’s most skilled cybersecurity experts.

The virus would systematically collapse the grid from coast to coast, and power companies’ engineers, whose job is to monitor the reliability of energy transmission, would be powerless to mitigate or immediately purge the virus. The CIA’s documents projected 48 hours of darkness, after which the virus would “self-extinguish,” and transmission providers would resolve the issue and gradually restore service.

By then, the CIA calculated the country would be a tempestuous wreck.

Had darkness stricken the land, FEMA insurrectionists, looters, and, yes, rapists would have run amok across the country, inciting civil disobedience and mayhem. They were to pillage homes and businesses and shoot any resistance wantonly. Meanwhile, Feds embedded in national militia groups would instigate members to take up arms, telling their troops the Deep State was taking over.

From a replica of the Oval Office, Biden would blame the crisis on Chinese saboteurs and promise Americans that his administration was doing everything possible to restore power and order.

As the nation descended into madness, Biden would tell the world that MAGA adherents were slaughtering Democrat lawmakers—torch and pitchfork style—from California to New York. He would unleash the Department of Justice on patriots stirred to action by government informants masquerading as patriots.

Worse, the CIA assessment seemed more interested in provoking patriots and “testing Americans’ resolve” than addressing the catastrophic collateral damage and loss of life associated with their “exercise.” Aircraft departures nationwide would halt, and planes in flight would race to land or divert before airport backup generators failed and runways went dark. The chances of a significant incident were high. On the ground, railway switches could fail, intensifying the odds of collisions and derailments. The number of potential cataclysms is endless.

After two days of darkness, the regime would magically restore power and applaud itself for quickly resolving the unpreventable outage. Biden would recant the story of Chinese saboteurs and apologize to Xi Jinping for making unforgivable errors. Instead, he would blame Vladimir Putin for the blackout and call for increased funding for Ukraine.

The scenario mentioned above might have played out had White Hats not interceded.

Our source said Gen. Smith allowed the spook on base because he had in the past supplied credible tips. FBI and CIA “5th Columnists” have proven instrumental in aiding the White Hats’ war against the Deep State.

The whistleblower, however, didn’t know where in Colorado and Georgia the Deep State had set up intrusion centers. He told Gen. Smith he’d endeavor to learn the locations, and the general mustered an untold number of White Hats to action, ordering them to call in every favor owed in hopes of gleaning the whereabouts of the Deep State’s cyber infiltration facilities.

They had less than a week to solve the dilemma.

Gen. Smith appraised President Trump of the situation and asked whether it was time to trigger the EBS, which White hats seized in March 2022 during an assault on FEMA’s Mount Weather stronghold. Trump told the general to hold off on the EBS while he, too, ruminated over the looming crisis and called in “huge favors people owe me.” Triggering the EBS too early, Trump said, might spark patriots into taking up arms, an act that would give the Deep State practical reason to retaliate against patriotic Americans truly.

Over the next two days, U.S. Army Rangers, Special Forces, and Delta Force hit dead ends in Augusta, Georgia and Colorado Springs, Colorado. Acting on tips, they had breached two warehouses but found them empty, devoid of computers and internet connections.

Our source said White Hats stormed several more empty structures and were losing hope when President Trump phoned Gen. Smith with tips that had verisimilitude. President Trump would not reveal the identity of his source and said the Deep State’s bunkers were near Pueblo, Colorado and Athens, Georgia. He even had GPS coordinates.

Special Forces went at once to Colorado, while Delta left for Georgia.

In Pueblo, Special Forces surveyed an automotive repair shop with a “closed until further notice” sign hanging above the office door. The two bay doors were closed, and the parking area was empty. From a distance they glassed the building and through a window saw computers atop two desks, but no people and no tools endemic to a vehicle repair shop.

As Special Forces monitored the Pueblo shop, Delta Force in Athens had eyes on what should have been a laundromat. But the interior had several computer terminals instead of washers and dryers and tables for folding clothes.

“There was no question we found the right places,” our source said. “Then came the decision to either shut them down on the spot or wait until the 23rd to see who showed up. “Gen. Smith chose to wait; he wanted to catch and identify the criminals–or kill them. He knew we’d be playing it close.”

At 6:00 p.m. EST, May 26, a white Ford Econoline van pulled into the parking lot at the Pueblo automotive shop. Three men of undistinguishable origin, each packing a Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun, exited the vehicle and walked to the entrance. The lead target was fumbling with a keyring when a bullet hit him between the eyes. He fell dead. Another round dropped the second perpetrator, leaving only one villain left. He raised his rifle and fired blindly into the air, emptying the magazine, then dashed for the van. Six Special Forces arose from the shadows and subdued him.

They used him as a shield to open the door in case the inside had booby traps. The pungent scent of gasoline assailed their nostrils when they set foot inside. No traps. But Ziplock bags filled with gas had been taped to the walls, ostensibly to put the place ablaze after the would-be cyber terrorists had finished their work. Special Forces confiscated the computers; they loaded their prisoner and the corpses into unmarked vehicles parked a few blocks away.

Delta Force met with a similar scenario in Georgia. This time, though, no shots were fired. A yellow Hummer with four occupants had parked behind the laundromat. No sooner had they opened the doors than Delta operators pulled them from the vehicle and incapacitated them. After gagging and zip-tying the prisoners, they removed the hardware from the ‘laundromat.’

President Trump was immediately given an assessment, our source said.

“Thanks to brave men and President Trump, a disaster has been averted. We want CIA Director Burns, but he’s left the reservation. I haven’t been given a sitrep on the prisoners’ interrogations. America should breathe a sigh of relief,” our source said.

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Robert Gregory Boensch

The Arenac county Cabal
They Threw me in jail to many times
A State Agency Did and Audit Looking for my criminal record.
a couple of years Ago.
Guess what No Record’s Found
When the Arenac County law enforcement and the State Police and the lawyers and Judges almost Get Caught.
All of their Criminal Maneuvers Records Disappear in their war
Against Robert Gregory Boensch
Because I am a federal witness of their Game that has Blood Shed Death of Many People.
When they Finally Murder Me they All will receive the death penalty
General Smith
you can investigate these Issues When My Blood is still flowing in my veins
Or have Fun When My Blood is Cold and Dry
And then Do the Big Roundup. snatch Them And Hang Them
Question and Facts
The Arenac county Cabal
They Threw me in jail to many times
Trying to distract the fact I had witness and evidence .
That they Murdered Witnesses?
STANDISH – By order of the Michigan Supreme Court, the Honorable Richard E. Vollbach Jr. is the new chief judge of the courts in Alcona, Arenac, Iosco and Oscoda counties.
He was appointed on Dec. 14 and will serve the remainder of the term vacated by Judge Allen C. Yenior, which ends Dec. 31, 2017.
Allen Yenior Worked with Vollbach in the set up that killed the 16 year old BOY 1993 along with the help of others
And Judge Allen C. Yenior, never made it to having 20 years in being a judge
Did he have a visitor that demanded Him to surrender his robe in 24 hours
or this person would be back and would remove it from Him.?
“I think of myself as a straight shooter, fair and conscientious. I hope those principles will serve me well as chief,” he said.
In 1993 He was involved in an action in which A 16 year old Boy Was Shot in The Back With a Shot Gun.
I am a Witness?
So after being Judge and havening Me arrested .
And In Court He would not let me respond to his Questions and threat’s
And Said I Was in contempt of court for not following his orders on such a date.
And Kept on with his rants Trying to get me upset.
After this long rant and getting me ready to be put in jail again.
He asked me what my thoughts were
I clearly Stated that the Date He was using in this court action Was Two Weeks in the Future.
So Just like all of his other court actions even with other people.
This Person is A Bully
and One With a A mental disorder
, also referred to as a mental illness or psychiatric disorder
, is a behavioral or mental pattern that causes significant distress or impairment of personal functioning. A mental disorder is also characterized by a clinically significant disturbance in an individual’s cognition, .
This is what happens When these people Murder people and GET AWAY WITH It
By order of the Michigan Supreme Court,
The Crime Boss in the State of Michigan
Robert g Boensch
Robert Gregory Boensch


Last night the Emergency Alert System was tested on tv in Michigan. At first I thought it was gonna be the real deal for setting off the EAS. Glad it was only
a test. It was about 7:15ish PM


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Ok I think we all need to be willing to forgive some of the spooks and FBi agents. I thought all the good guys had been weeded out but I’m willing to accept we had good guys in deep cover.

May God Bless and Save America.
May we ever be the shining city on the hill

This will forever be know as
The greatest story ever told.
Wwg1wga 🐸


There is no doubt this all is happening in real time and there are multiple sources to corroborate what is happening , I recently discovered Marilyn Williams, who has a refreshing angle on what all this means, to.the doubters, be more like Mary and the Lord and Thomas , believe it and once he did he could not deny i., It’s God’s plan All in Gods time not mans, pray for patience

E. Grogan

How do I find Marilyn Williams? Does she have a website?


Co. is supposedly NWO headquarters. Their airport is the epitome of creepy. The murals are disgusting.


Texas, which has independent transmission lines disconnected from the national grid, was not included in the attack plan.”

Go Texas. Hopefully the clowns who put the nat gas pumps on electric drive have restored the nat gas pumps that were run on nat gas.


Omg, I live in Athens. I had a huge feeling this was a deep state city!!

E. Grogan

Thank the Lord you are OK!

Frances Scarlata

That shows you biden and the democrats are our worst enemy.

Robert Gregory Boensch

This Country is Ours and Our Children’s future
Jason Wentworth Michigan Speaker of the House
A Remonstrance Being filed and to be acted on for the Common People of Michigan;
They failed to respond; It’s law Now;
In law, acquiescence
The doctrine infers a form of “permission” that results from silence or passiveness over an extended
period of time.
Estoppel is a judicial device in and when used affirmatively by a plaintiff it is sometimes called a
MICHIGAN a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations;
And We the People of Michigan have full control Today;
Robert Gregory Boensch 2022-09-04
Image of the date they received certified Mail
April 6, 2022 at 11:58 am
To The Michigan House of Representatives
101st Legislature
I Robert Gregory Boensch Am Formerly presenting this Document as a Remonstrance
A Remonstrance Being filed and to be acted on for the Common People of Michigan
Drafted by Robert Gregory Boensch
I am a common man and this document is for all the people of this state. It is for our children who have
not fully learned what a State is and how government works they don’t know they have (that operation
is by omission and deceit).This information is also for our Elderly and people that are challenged that
are unaware of why events happens in this world around us. And its also for all the people that are not
interested or too scared to get involved in Governmental affairs. And, for the ones in power that have
usurped power as impersonators abusing their false powers against the common good for the people.
And this remonstrance is to be restricted to our God given Rights and everything that is disclosed and
referenced. And not to be expanded upon or altered in any way unless agree upon by the Author and
creator Robert Gregory Boensch.
It is with this Knowledge that I present this Document to you today. This Document is drafted my
myself today with the interest in the well being of all of the people in this Great State of Michigan.
And with full knowledge and hope that the other State and territories of this Great nation will take note
of what is enclosed and alter and adapt any part of the elements that are to be disclose herein for the

benefit of their own land.
Remonstrant were used in this state and this is not a new concept but a very hidden one, and now we
will go to some history for the founding of this state and how it was created.
You need to down load the PDF and click the links through out this document to see all.
Find the documents on this click here 1835 CONSTITUTION OF MICHIGAN
in 1836 after the constitution a remonstrance was used 5 times as noted in the
1835-1836 Journal of the Senate
Part one Evidence being presented
Part two what redress is being sought.
Page 1of 9
Part one Evidence being presented
President Donald Trump says this Inauguration Day marks the transfer of power back to the People.
Trump: We are transferring power from DC back to people
President Donald Trump says this Inauguration Day marks the transfer of power back to the People
President Trump Proclaims The People of America are Sovereign
Fourteenth Amendment
Section 1
All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens
of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which
shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive
any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its
jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
The three Day Congress
117th United States Congress January 3, 2021 – January 6, 2021.
People on January 6 2021 Did President Trump Shut Down The United States Congress before the
Electoral collage votes were certified???

President Trump Speaks to the crowd this.
254. Proclamation to disperse
Whenever the President considers it necessary to use the militia or the armed forces under this chapter,
he shall, by proclamation, immediately order the insurgents to disperse and retire peaceably to their
abodes within a limited time.
Video Evidence 2021-1-06
Our President of The Unites States of America Proclamation to disperse (while in office).
Donald Trump tells supporters to ‘go home’ after they storm Capitol
Donald Trump tells supporters to ‘go home’ after they storm Capitol Archive backup
page 2 of 9
Written in Law
Office of the Law Revision Counsel United States Code
10 USC 254: Proclamation to disperse
254. Proclamation to disperse.
Whenever the President considers it necessary to use the militia or the armed forces under this chapter,
he shall, by proclamation, immediately order the insurgents to disperse and retire peaceably to their
abodes within a limited time.
+ Article 4 of the constitution concerns the state
+Section 1:mandates that all states will honor the laws off all other states;
this ensures, that for example, if a couple is married in Florida is also considered married in Arizona, or
that someone convicted of a crime in Virginia is consider guilty by Wyoming.
+Section 2 guarantees that citizens of one state be treated equally and fairly like all citizens of another.
It also says that if a person is accused of a crime in one other state flees to another, they will be
returned to the state they fled from. This section also has a clause dealing with fugitive slaves that no
longer applies.
+ Section 3: concerns the admittance of new states and the control of federal lands.
+ Section 4: Ensures a republican form of government (representative democracy”
and both of which are opposed to a monarchical or aristocratic scheme-the states derives its power from
the people, not from a king or gentry, and guarantees that the federal government will protect the

states against invasion and insurrection.
Page 3 of 9
In January 2021, like in most presidential inauguration years, the United States Marshal’s Service
deputized thousands of law enforcement officers and Army National Guardsmen.
A Deputation Story 2021
Written in Law
Department of Defense Law of war Manual 2016
1236 pages
As part of its emergency regulations, a State may establish special
or emergency courts for cases involving unprivileged belligerents or other persons suspected of
committing offenses related to the non-international armed conflict.
Such courts must be regularly constituted and afford all the judicial guarantees that are
recognized as indispensable by civilized peoples.84 Such courts may distinguish based on
nationality.85 The procedures of such courts may deviate from those applicable during ordinary
Proclamation of martial law was the only provision in case of disturbances endangering the security of
the state. It would have entailed handing over all powers to the military authority and suspending
private and public liberties.
Government and Parliament considered this step too extreme. Hence they devised a new contingency,
the so-called ‘state of emergency,’
The government in turn gave authority to regulate movements of persons and goods, assign places of
residence, create forbidden zones, order searches, ban meetings, control the press, dissolve
associations, collect reparations for willful damage and for aid given to the rebels, suspend or transfer
civil servants, deprive elected representatives of their seats, postpone by-elections, and delegate certain
civil powers to the military.
(“No country which relies on the law of the land to regulate the lives of its citizens can afford to see
that law flouted by its own government, even in an insurgency situation. In other words everything
done by a government and its agents in combating insurgency must be legal. But this does not mean

that the government must work within exactly the same set of laws during an insurgency as existed
beforehand, because it is a function of a government when necessary. It does not mean that the law
must be administered in exactly the same way during an uprising as it was in more peaceful times,
because once again a government has the power to modify the way in which the law is administered if
necessary, for the well being of the people, although the exercise of such power is usually – and rightly
– subject to considerable constitutional restraint.”).
Page 4 of 9
Written in Law
Constitution of the United States Fourteenth Amendment Section 3
section 3
No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President,
or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously
taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any
State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the
United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort
to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such
Written in Law
Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election Executive
Order 13848 of September 12, 2018.
Written in Law
“All Legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall
consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.”
“The people have a right in an Orderly and peaceable manner, to assemble and consult upon the
common good, give instructions to their representatives; and to request of the legislative body, by way
of petition or remonstrance, redress of the wrongs done them, and of the grievances they suffer.”

Part two what redress is being sought.
And here by request that this State of Michigan To Review and investigate all of the Above elements
presented and other elements of crimes that have be waged upon myself and others That are known
publicly or to be brought forward by Robert Gregory Boensch to be included in this Document at a
later day.
and use the law as required to do the following and to expand the breath of these requests to include
any and all others laws that are applicable to cover all actions that were carried out and include
all the party’s involved even those that are not stated in this documents.
I am also demanding to make every Court in Michigan a Common Law Court. And the abolishment of
this State’s bar association and demand that no member of said bar or any other states bar to participate
in any legal mater in the State of Michigan. And fore the Abandonment of all statutory laws in this
state of Michigan for the history and use of many of these laws are to hurt and eat off the substance of
the common people of Michigan by those in Power and it has been proven time and time again by my
personal experience of the actions that were carried against Me and others that I am a witness To.
Page 5 of 9
please redress and declare that this state will act as a Republic form of Government.
Article IV Section 4, shall be incorporated into our state constitution, For This will benefit all people by
placing the power where it belongs -To We the People of the State of Michigan
Question was there Arrest made after the Insurrection act was proclaimed January 6 2021
Per the Article 4 of the Constitution and who was arrested.
I am asking for These Special or Emergency Courts to be created for carrying out justice for the people
of Michigan.
As part of its emergency regulations, a State may establish special or emergency courts for cases
involving unprivileged belligerents or other persons suspected of committing offenses related to the
non-international armed conflict.

Impeach any and all the people in the state of Michigan that took and oath of office to the
constitution of the State of Michigan and or The United States of America and remove them from
office that committed crimes against any of this states common people and include all others being in
To Impeach all of the members of the United States Congress that are from my State and
All of the Members of This States Senate and House of Representatives including any one else holding
an office in Michigan and remove them and their staff from office!” That were an influencing member
and or voting member that participated In any one or more of the following acts
The 2021 election Insurrection
The First impeachment of President Donald John Trump.
And-Or The Second impeachment of President Donald J Trump
And-Or That also voted for the Electoral collage votes to Joe Biden.
And expunge from the record in this state these impeachment records of President Donald John Trump
and plea with the United States Congress to do the Same.
And in my State Your are requested to do the following.
Remove all of the electoral collage votes that were pledged for Joe Biden under fraud.
and audit all of my states vote polling places by September 1 2022
To end this the militia or the armed forces control under the 2020 election fraud
To remove and bar SERCO and other Operators, Controllers, Partner’s and Ownership Ship completely
from all strategic Businesses and government entities in Michigan from foreign countries.
Page 6 of 9
And I Robert Gregory Boensch Reserve the Right to add any and All
Evidence elements and or Documents that I have or will receive about any and all crimes.
That I have been a witness to or been a victim of For the fact many Witness are at risk today.
And request these crimes be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest of the Law.
Furthermore be it dully noted that the complexity of the crimes that were commented Against
Me personally and my Family and others are So complex and as they become forth.
I am Requesting For these retribution to be address as addendum’s to this Remonstrance.
Questions to Answer
Who are the People and Countries that interfered in our 2020 Election.
Was Congress suspended after President Trump Spoke these Words on Jan 6 2021.
Was one of the above Laws Violated on or around Nov 3 2020 or January 6 to 20 2021.
Was certifying the 2020 Presidential Electoral College a Crime.
Question Did congress to do and illegal Vote on the Electoral College.
Question would this nullifies all of the Electoral collage votes to Joe Biden under fraud etc.
And makes the claim of voter fraud in 2020 open for investigation in each state.
Constitution for the United States Fourteenth Amendment Section 3.
Question Every member of congress that voted to accept the electoral collage votes for Joe
Was a willing Member of this November 3 2020 President election Insurrection
And shall be removed from office By the Military?
Every member of congress that voted for the articles of impeachment of
President Trump.
and Every Member of the Senate that Voted for Impeachment of President Trump.
Did so as an Act of rebellion against the same
And shall be removed from office By the Military?
For any body in The United State congress Or in Each State’s Senate and House of
Representatives.” that participated in these crimes. Should they be allowed to vote?
Page 7 of 9
But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.?
I think Not
If you commented a crime in this country in any court of law
can you demand to sit on the jury that is hearing your case
any congress member guilty can not sit in the jury!!!
To Those in My State that accepted the electoral collage votes for Joe Biden
You can not participate in voting for such relief in this remonstrance.
And what kind of Retribution do we need for our injuries and financial losses.
And please address the Harm to the United States Citizens that such action has caused and Give
retribution to such Victims in a just way as they seem fit.
This Insurrection
That was carried out against the People of These States on November 3 2020.
This Was declared By President Trump on Jan 6 2021
By proclamation.
A Declaration By Robert Gregory Boensch
Everything that is in this Document was investigated By Me and Found to be True
to the extent that the elements presented to me are authentic and true.
From a Common Sovereign Man
Robert Gregory Boensch
________________________ ____________
“notice to principal is notice to agent, notice to agent is notice principal”
the requirement for a 30 day notice for response.
To Jason Wentworth Speaker of the House
164 Capitol Building
P.O. Box 30014
Lansing, MI 48909-7514
Phone: (517) 373-8962 Email:
Page 8 of 9
House Clerk’s Office
House of Representatives
PO Box 30014
Lansing, MI 48909-7514
Secretary of the Senate
Michigan State Senate |PO Box 30036 |
Lansing, MI 48909-7536
Arenac County Clerks Office Nancy Selle, County Clerk
P O Box 747
120 N Grove Street
Standish, MI 48658
From a Common Sovereign Man
Robert Gregory Boensch
309 N Delano Rd
Au Gres Mi 48703
Page 9 of 9

Robert G Boensch
Robert Gregory Boensch


Well written, Robert, and most excellent information and it is very specific. Did Jason Wentworth respond to this? It would be interesting to find out. They think they can run roughshod over the people of Michigan without any repercussions. Justice for the people of Michigan.


It reminds me of that John Lennon song: Power to the people.Power to the people. Power to the people. Right on. LOLOLOLOL


Well, Whitmer is finding out that the military is:
Power to the people of Michigan. All thanks to
President Donald J. Trump.

Stinky Perfume

They are being out the president issue to the gunpoint. All those troops going to Mir A Lago. Supersoldier talk said the clone gets hurt and they put in the real Trump. I saw news about more CGI putting words in politicians mouths. Stew Peters is calling out Trump on his warp speed that Benjamin Fulford sais was just the clone. I posted on Stew Peters telegram and it was deleted before the post went through. Stew Peters surely knows what clones and body doubles are.

The post seems used to sort out who loves Trump and who doesn’t over the warp speed issue without mention of clones because Trump did get tricked and outpowered on warp speed. It’s admitted to on RRN.

Another video posts with Trump calling for people to love HRC and Bill as “great people” and asks everyone at the speech to stand up and clap respect to the Clintons, while Trump claps himself leading the clapping. It appears Trump didn’t see things critical until fairly recently but when he did find out he immediately humbled down to take on the mistake and clear out the whole deep state down inside the earth.

With underground bases being cleared there’s some alien sightings. Where are they going to go if their base is wiped out and they have a spaceship or using portals? It’s homeless aliens or agenda driven to work war zone moves on the surface. They are alive and landing in the backyard in Las Vegas, parks, anywhere safe to land and hit the ground running. They have survival agenda at the bitter end of this kind of end times wars and it’s all happened before on earth, except the last times they didn’t have special weapons to kill the demons and reptilians, they just got contained and broke out. Area 51 might be exposed before Getty Museum. IDK the plan. It’s obvious casinos are all deep state. Trump was casino connected himself. It appears to me Trump used to be deep state without knowing much about the depths of the monsters underground in 3D body form, and all those powers controlling the deep state, and switched sides back before he won the 2016 election. That’s WHY he won 2016 is white hats had a plan.

Robert Gregory Boensch

 It’s obvious casinos are all deep state. Trump was casino connected himself. It appears to me Trump used to be deep state without knowing much about the depths of the monsters

Up date
President Trump took out the 5 Families running The USA
cabal when he was building his Trump tower in the 1980’s
just look it up

Trump was casino connected himself.
Under cover getting the Goods

All for todays Game

E. Grogan

Exactly! i’ve watched Trump for 45 yrs, he was always warning us about the deep state and on the side of saving America. Thank you for all your info and what you’ve done for Michigan, Robert, much appreciated.

Stinky Perfume

That’s understandably put and explains why the deep state haven’t wanted to have Trump in the top position since before 2016.


Due to all the fake news none of us knew what the politicians were up to as we went to work everyday & trusted (wrongly)
them to do the job we thought, mistakenly, they were voted in
for. Lololol. Shows how naive we were. Look up the prophet from Canada,his name is Barry Wunsch on Elijah Streams.
Very interesting info.

Robert Gregory Boensch

My Understanding

A message from His Head Office Aid.

They are All set to A long one Way Trip and A Short Stay

Well lets just Say Above Ground


Praise the LORD!


Thank you to all our brave Patriotic forces and the real true president Trump

Muriel Vargo

“Triggering the EBS too early, Trump said, might spark patriots into taking up arms, an act that would give the Deep State practical reason to retaliate against patriotic Americans truly.” ,,,,This report is disheartening to me. It appears from this that the EBS (EAS) is not going to happen any time soon…..Intel lately has been hinting that we were looking at June possibly July…now it appears President Trump is kicking that can down the road again….meanwhile our country is being utterly destroyed. People who took the jab are dying-coming down with stage four cancers and heart and clot problems, etc. Borders are open to God knows who coming across…crime is on the increase, grocery and utility bills are through the roof. Children held prisoner by demonics involved in satanic ritual abuse and murder and sex trafficking are suffering untold horror. For those of us that have been trying to wake friends and relatives up-we look like complete crazy nuts at this point. “The boy that cried wolf-just too many times”….Very sadden by this report Michael. I know you are merely reporting what your intel source tells thank you for doing that. I enjoy your articles. Especially the ones that inform us of justice being served. Hope you are feeling better!


You are bringing all this stress on yourself by absorbing and believing this fan fiction. It’s not healthy. None of these dire predictions are real. Have you ever seen a child “rescued “ by the White Hats? If that was really happening it be the biggest story of the last 50 years. It would be everywhere. But not a word. Millions of kids, we are told, and not a single sighting.

The people who pitch these tales are making money off them. They lack the skill, talent or character to find a real job, and so they scam vulnerable people by keeping them in a constant state of fear. Don’t fall for it


What’s more amusing is that you believe the MSM would report on anything that their owners and shareholders are participating in and providing financial support for. I can tell you that the rescue operations are a FACT. There is not mention of them and MANY, MANY, MANY other horrific things on MSM because they are all involved. The punks sitting at the desks say what they are told. There is no journalistic integrity on tv, radio or paper, anymore. You are another simp that just cannot wake up.


Lisala , although I am eagerly awaiting the “plan” to evolve into some kind of a beginning and an ultimate conclusion, he does have a point that we are getting beyond the point of diminishing returns. At what time do they say enough has been destroyed and enough have been killed or maimed, and enough children are dying or have been trafficked to justify using the EBS to wake up the idiots?! I think we are far beyond that point, assuming there is a white hat movement that exists! We have no proof! If we are doing things by the book to show cause, then why not share the evidence via EBS to keep things in check?! There will be violence either way. Antifa and BLM will create problems either way! Patriots need to be shown real life happenings, not fairy tales that buy more “time”, something of which we have very little left! Why destroy something to save it… I mean patriots and their homes, businesses, and families?! Kind of a stupid “plan”, if it exists?! Control the media, you control all thought! The CIA figured this out so long ago, but it appears the white hats forgot it’s importance!! People will not take the time or make the effort to discern a damn clue or Q blip after working 50 hours a week for the Fed Reserve! Just not going to gain major traction. Is something happening, yes I think so. What it is.. none of us know, so let’s dispense with the fairy tales and grow up Americans quite a bit! Sounds like a “plan”!


I’m not saying patriots will not rally when the time comes, but MORAL is huge in any conflict and the white hats are destroying it thinking they are doing the average patriot a favor by avoiding a conflict. It’s coming either way. Why wait on the inevitable… use the EBS and tell them exactly what they need to do?! Americans are Sheeple and will do it! There will always be the troublemakers.. they are opportunistic and have no moral fiber or standing.. then just live off your fear like the cabal! Ears are mainly fought between the ears!


Speaking of moral fiber, sounds like you know how to be a troublemaker. You take the opportunity to slam the only ones
with a backbone to rally right now.

E. Grogan

Bob, I think Trump knows more about this than any of us. Trust the plan, he knows what he’s doing and has brought us this far.

E. Grogan
there’s your proof of white hats. Trump declared insurrection in U.S. on 1/20/21 and was inaugurated by military with 4 cannon shots, meaning he was inaugurated as president. 3 cannon shots were fired, which means a president has died and that was for Biden. The Law of War was initiated and that only happens when there is an insurrection and we are occupied, which is exactly what has happened.

Stinky Perfume

They get sold from kidnapping or raped parents, or if bad off from being on the way or in the tunnels I’m hearing go off planet. RRN already said cloning is top priority now. If saved from med beds they still get memory wiped. Back to whoever isn’t sending pics or videos, a lot of psychics can remote view it. There’s a need to know thing going on and IDK much about need to tell or need to make up trickster stories to counter the opposition. I am looking at people more psychic than me, and they claim RRN is real. The msm is definitely showing Rochelle Walensky as alive and working AFTER they are posted as dead. Same as Blinken and most of these articles.


Thanks for the opinion Natasha

Stinky Perfume

Information of that magnitude is being withheld. They have experience from viewing the past or remembering being in the past, it hurts function on surface earth to have an enemy that powerful and nasty. There’s the claim that until the military got special weapons that kill demonic reptilians, even the military was powerless. There’s other issues like humans weren’t ready. Humans fall for drugs and sex was big proof. They can’t see to say no to the temptations. Drug and sex people, and those piling up money they don’t need or care to share, are not benevolent, so their blaming, competitive ways against others got them into the temptations. They proceed to feel good but really are manipulative takers.

April Moore

Justice does seem to be meted out at a snail’s pace… and we are sitting on pins and needles – and wringing our hands in worry. These little fish do quell my appetite for justice, but makes me want the bigger fish even more ravenously… this is war truly, and this is like that scene in Braveheart – “hold…. Hold…. HOLD!”

E. Grogan

This is a worldwide operation and there are many pieces at play here, things we don’t know about. The entire human species needs to wake up and that’s going to take awhile and no one person such as Trump can speed it up. He knows more than we do, there’s so much at play here, we simply don’t have the entire picture. But there are all kinds of signs pointing to the fact that we are close to the end here and are winning.

E. Grogan

Trump said isn’t time yet for EBS but he didn’t say when – it could be next month or August/Sept. We don’t know. I think Trump knows FAR more than you and I, he is after all commander-in-chief and there are many things happening in the background that we don’t know about. you never give away your game in war and this is war. I don’t know where you’re getting your intel from but are you sure it’s genuine?

richard sanborn spc4 US Army retired

trump can see the future operation looking glass


Operation Looking Glass is the now retired National Emergency Airborne Command Post, a plane that carried command and control technology to launch nuclear weapons if the president is dead and other command centers are destroyed. Trump cannot see into the future, just as you can’t. Now take your medication

E. Grogan

Project Looking Glass is real and isn’t an airplane.


Michael, Michael, Michael…tisk, tisk. EBS? Really? It is the EAS. Short for the Emergency Alert System. EBS is old news.

richard sanborn spc4 US Army retired

who gives a rats fucking ass tisk tisk


The alleged experts on this site who claim to be brighter and better informed than the rest of us. Two completely different systems with different purposes, corporal.

David T

Emergency Broadcast System also works for this, “Dennis” W0zz.


You are obsessed with this W0zz guy, aren’t you? He’s not the guy. Maybe you’re like a dog and need to be told something 70 times before you learn it. W0zz is gone. Now sit!


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When can the mass arrests happen? One day these evil cucks are going to get lucky.

richard sanborn spc4 US Army retired

they are systimatically taling them down per the quantum computer and looking glass so its done right no mistakes they we havew one chance we wont get a second one!


No Stone Unturned.


The current date is the 12th of Never


Thank you Roger for trying to stand up to these ridiculous lies and scare tactics spewed on this site and others but the people here will not believe you. They only thing they believe in is make believe. They have never watched a supposed hanging because there weren’t any and none of the predictions have come true but they cannot let go because then they might feel stupid for alienating their friends and loved ones over lies. Its as sad ad it is disturbing….


Plenty of very real hangings are taking place. However, you have the freedom to believe otherwise. Admirals and Generals would not risk their jobs and ranks, if they were incessantly lying. The US military is not under any obligation to recant these hangings on the evening news.The military respects the families & children of these prisoners.

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Thank you for being one of the very few sane people in the room


][t’s Later Than You Think !


Rest assured they are happening.

Stinky Perfume

the Deep State’s bunkers were near Pueblo, Colorado and Athens, Georgia. He even had GPS coordinates. Their towns no doubt.

Patriot Chick

Holy moly, what an operation! If factual, a huge win for the good guys thank the Lord. Keep on fighting the good fight white hats and patriots! God bless all..


Whew! That’s be to God for seeing the right people in place who faithfully serve with courage, honor and integrity.


This alone should get Biden his regime, and the CIA the heads of the CIA ,the FBI and the heads of the FBI is amazing how much these people do,and still we have to have more proof. They should be arrested NOW ,not tomarrow, not next year.
Thank you president Trump, and our brave Boy’s in the millitary is for stopping this horrible thing.
It is discusting how Biden stands up there and talks to the nation, like he cares, when he was planing this destruction of our country and of the American people. All these illegal aliens would have been runing around killing,raping, and pillaging. These psychotic people are not going to stop trying to destroy America.

richard sanborn spc4 US Army retired

theyve already been taken out i bet we’ll find were watching theater dont foget according to Q

Bill Douglas

Yea Pedo joe isn’t planning anything !!! He’s not running anything !!!


correct, b.o. is.


Thank you for your service.


Only Trump pale ate being put in jail because they are all criminals there is ZERO proof of election f


Drinking early, are you?


Thank goodness. I thought they might arrest people for treason, stealing an election etc. I sure am glad they kept the cabal in place to let them continue their daily destruction of the country

orange julius

Huge sigh of relief. Seems like Atlanta area has a lot of DS actors. Augusta just had a cyberattack (nothing major).

Victor Bravo

It’s always the CIA. Always.


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🙏 for those fighting for humanity. May they have coninued success, strength and protection.

richard sanborn spc4 US Army retired

yes! God ble3ss everyone who is fighting for us on earth and off earth and from earth and other spaces


‘FLAW IN THE SYSTEM’: FBI’s director may not be held in contempt of Congress

“FLAW IN THE LEADERSHIP” Not the system. If the leadership was in place the system would be fine.

He will definitely be he held in contempt of Congress for ignoring the Congress request to provide the strong evidence against the criminal biden corruption.

And this crooked dude was doing everything in his power to cover up the crimes of the biden family.



richard sanborn spc4 US Army retired

no it wouldnt we arent and we havent been under the constitution since 1871 so how in the fuck would leadership help this whole system needs to go down every aspect of it


Maybe the bad guys were stopped this time, but what’s to keep them from trying it again?

Above Reproach

In reality they would have gotten their asses handed to them in a brown paper bag. The bodies of the paid provocatureurs would be stacked 12 high. Simply put, the American people would spring into action and wipe the floor with the stupid ass hat’s.


So get us started. Spring into action.


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Question — how do the White Hats recognize each other in public? Is there some sort of secret sign, a wink, a knowing look, tattoo, hand on a butt cheek, how do they know? General Smith spends 90% of his time in his Washington office – he doesn’t hang out at various Marine bases despite what you might read — so how can he tell which people he meets are on his side? There are some members of Congress who must be WH’s. Does Smith have to keep a list in his head? Does everyone know everyone else?

Conversely, do the Black Hats have their own gang signs, colors, street names, etc. to identify themselves? Sure would be handy to be able to spot the WH’s and BH’s, especially if they are not wearing hats



Stinky Perfume

No way they are going to tell us but obviously they have means and ways.


Big Mike must still wield some power from the closet or these tuff guys would reveal him. Tom Heneghan explosive Intelligence says gore is pres. Just saying. Take me off of comments and prove me right.


Gore! LOL. You people believe anything.



james McCandless

You should not even think that Trump is a god.

He is a man like all men ! Capable of great things, as well as errors and wrong conclusions.

We the critical thinkers only encourage the positive attributes of any man. As well as discouraging their short comings.

Also a man is only as good as his exspert advisors! And if they are the top exsperts appointed by our government he is duty bound to act on their expertise!
Too bad those exsperts where compromised and complicit in corruption !

. Even worse they where not appointed by his administration, but they where appointed by previous corrupt politicians!

Fauci -being one of the corrupt advisors

Their training, their abilities, their successes and their talents is crucial to our Countries economic success.

Just so happens Trump is not a professional politician but a successful business man. And that is what our country needs ..

Not idiots that don’t realize a country must produce to gain wealth..

Even i do not spend money I do not have.

Biden Administration 11 trillion in debt to 31 trillion in less than 2 years.

I do not need to identify what Trump has done his actions are a matter of public record. I love the fact that he even donated his pay as President and is wealthy enough to not be bribed by the Chinese communist or the Russians.

I love the fact that when Trump was in office his business savy caused the Arab oil cartel to pay the UNITED STATES $30 a barrel to take their oil because that was cheaper than storing it.

I love the fact that Trump took that oil and the $30 a barrel to refill our strategic oil reserves.

I love the fact that Trump aided refugees to retake their homeland from the Russian and Chinese communist that where plundering it.

Like when Russian Aircraft landed in Venezuela and plundered 20 tons of Venezuelan GOLD

Do the proper research and you will see.


Maybe he can’t be bribed with cash but I bet Putin would suddenly get a lot of cooperation if he approved the construction of the Trump Hotel Moscow. Or from Xi with clearance for Trump Towers Beijing.

You’re off on the debt numbers. Trump increased the debt by $4 trillion during his term. Biden increased it by $8 billion.

As for his hiring of “exspert” advisors, I’d say he’s batting about .100. Virtually everyone he picked quit or got fired for being clueless idiots.


Correction: Biden upped the debt by $8 trillion, not billion


Russia, Russia, Russia !! DS Guy.


Mother Russia, she cries for you.

Above Reproach

Do you really think that Russia is destroying the Ukrainian just for the land ? Or is it more probable that Russia is Slapping the Shit out of the Child trafficking drug smuggling pigs dealing with the BIDEN REGIME IN MONEY LAUNDERING TRILLIONS OF OUR DOLLARS THROUGH THE DOG KNOWN TO THE WORLD AS A COMEDIAN ACTOR PUT INTO THE SEAT OF CORRUPTION BY
nun other than Obama during his 8 years of sin against America.
Russia is cleaning the filth from his land. You would do exactly what he is doing if you were him. The Ukraine is trying to put a wall of misery around the territory pointing at Mother Russia. As you call it. All with the help of your tax dollars.


Spread the word. Way too many Americans are sadly unaware of those things, STILL.


I would not see Trump as a GOD, though some say he is a 5th Density ET that has come here to help humanity, and has taken over the vessel of Trump. And he is super intelligent and plays 5D Chess etc etc etc.

Well, he has made a few mistakes, that is for sure. We all make them but we are not all supersonic 5D ETs, are we? Well, we are, but we are so heavily dulled down with the Chemtrails and other poisons fed and injected into us…. amazing we last 80yrs.

You say “A man is only as good as his expert advisors!” I disagree. If you pick those advisors, then you are totally responsible. Trump picked those people and let them do their dirty work. If he was 5th Density super sonic, he would have known they were lying their arses off and would not have them near him. “Keep your enemies nearer” — well, that’s more bollocks. eg, PENCE and many others.

You only keep your enemies near you if you are on a suicide trip.

And we hear of a few executions where one of the charges was that they misled Trump. Well, blaming others is not good, either.

No, he does not look anything like a super sonic god to me. Just an average human, albeit looking like he is doing his best for humanity. (I hope that is the case.)

Last edited 1 year ago by Atlanta
Stinky Perfume

It’s everybody, multidimensional beings all the way up to our angels we are a soul part of. The military is explained on an interview with Cliff High whose father was flying with special red goggles that can see demons flying all over the place. In the body IDK how it looks but for sure they have special glasses and the glasses in the movie “The Live” are very real so they know who is possessed by a demon that makes them illegal by our standards so they can off them. As far as I can tell, they are dead already. Dead means the soul already left the body so soulless. That means as I heard it, they can’t learn, so will never change. Seems like they can walk and talk and do things they already know about, or the demon animator is doing it all, but learning things a soul is interested maybe is the case of as good as dead already.


Who said Trump was a god ,he was chosen by God for this time in history to do this humongous job.if there was someone else surly he would be front and center.evry one else has proven to be a bunch of pussies who talk alot ,but never deliver. Trump is the only one who’s ever deliverd for decades with out getting killed, so that to me looks like he’s protected, because he is chosen.

ET Phone Home

Isiah 45 is about Trump




Right on! 100%.

And Rew

I think it’s a sure bet that EVERY CIA director since it’s founding has been a corrupt Deep State traitor.


I agree, because it was founded by corrupt and evil people for their evil agenda.


With the pure, unadulterated evil that these wicked government 3 letter agencies are conducting, I sure hope ARCYBER is tracking these dozens of shill posters here on Real Raw News, such as Delavic and Cobb, to eventually track them down and try them for treason also – taking pay checks to conduct controlled opposition, full well knowing their actions lead to aiding and abetting the enemies of this nation. Death by hanging, for all traitors to this nation.



Will Caulfield

You want to try people for treason because they said mean things to you?



Caustic will is back i see.




Wait a minute. Someone pays for posting comments? I was doing it for the sheer joy of annoying very annoying people


And the even more sheer joy of getting paid for it. Otherwise you’d go to another sandbox.


What’s the going rate? My concern is that if anyone would really pay for posts on an insignificant website with a very small audience. I mean, what’s the hardcore readership here, maybe 500 to 1,000 people? Can’t imagine they pay much for so few people. And BTW, your buddy Putin employs thousands of paid, professional trolls who bury Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and Telegram with posts. I can tell by your comments they’ve reached you


Nothing better to do with your time?


Clearly you don’t


Lol dude no one give a fuck that I make fun of your precious little fan-fiction blog


Than why do it? lol


I would like to see the 50 names who chose to have a satellite phone.

Then an intensive interrogation should commence. I would render a quess we will see the usual RINO’s and Democrats on that list.


No doubt about it.



Surf Nazare

That still wont tell you much. It is being pushed to the public to have one and they are in limited supply. The military use them in the field because communications can go down easily and unless certain satellites are taken out they will still function In Ukraine that is how NATO advisors were/are communicating. The Russians can take down your electronics so they rely on Satellites phones. .How easy would it be just to take out a few key towers in some districts—–Just make sure you hold your 5G phones close to you at all times—-you want to make sure you don’t miss any of the microwave beams—-you don’t need much to fry your brain—-OK I am being a little bit of a smart ass but in case you don’t know it is a MICROWAVE—you know the kind you fry your food with—–

Stinky Perfume

Wasn’t it right before this cyber attack was prevented? If deep state has another move after we don’t know. I don’t believe they were after any place but USA as a top priority. What they do when they can’t take over? I can’t comprehend how they planned anything but trouble. Someone must know how many are left on earth that are working for the deep state.


My understanding is they were issued Quantum phones and the ones that refused them are the enemies.


CIA Director Burns probably left even before the attempted sabotage just in case it went south.
Get Burns and the CIA will finally start to crumble.

Michael R Davis

Grab former Director Gina Haspel also, if she has not already been terminated.
She had too much influence over the CIA as did Bush and Brennan before they were executed.

Michael Tiner

Taking out the threat with the least collateral damage…. Our citizens are being damaged daily by an enemy that has still yet to be defeated and permanently removed once & forever. Granted the damage could be greater, and we want to express much appreciation for minimizing that damage. Those still in power need to be removed ASAP.


Arrest and interogate every CIA member . Clean them all out. They don’t care who they kill or why.

Julio Antonio Laguna

Awesome! Thank you to my Brothers and Sisters in the military for this great job! Thank you Mr. Baxter!!!




Blackrock, WHO, UN and NATO. Maybe even the Clinton Global Initiative – Pick your poison.

Stinky Perfume

They must have a Pence actor, clone or CGI? The news just announced he’s running for president in 2024.


I believe he’s a clone. Remember when he was on TV, giving a speech & the fly landed on his head? That fly sat on his head the entire time, & it was as if he had no feeling that it was there. I’m sure actor’s are portraying to be Pence as well.


Could just be a Botox injection, saw that on a Frasier episode with a mosquito lol.


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Hope ARCYBER is tracking these dozens of shill posters here on Real Raw News, such as Delavic and Cobb, to eventually track them down and try them for treason for aiding and abetting the enemies of this nation. Death by hanging, for all traitors to this nation.


Oh Eddie. There’s this really old collection of papers called the Constitution that gives people the right to write and say what they want, even if it makes you mad. You make me mad but I’m not demanding someone come and string you up, am I? Someday it will finally dawn on you that all this White Hat/Black Hat/Q/Great Awakening/Great Reset hoo-hah is just so much Internet nonsense cooked up by evil, immoral grifters who convince elderly and feeble people to send them money, so they don’t have to earn an honest living. Nothing can stop what is coming because nothing IS coming. Hope you wake up from your fever dream soon

Stinky Perfume

Last I heard every 25,600 years it’s precision of the equinoxes and the earth get’s the shift that audits out what can’t move to the next 25,600 years.

clark 1930



This article did mention Texas has it’s own grid, not that many people know this.

Elisa Orozco

Yes, that is very true. For years, I’ve heard about how Texas was the ONLY STATE that has its own grid.


It did really well in that cold snap a couple of years ago, didn’t it? Big hat, no power


True that but the grid is without its faults. Recall the winter freeze on Valentine’s Day three or four years ago. Lack of maintenance and tight supply of natural gas was blamed. And it is also suggested that the DS used HAARP to bring The Lone Star Star to her knees. Speaking of Texas, it said that it is the only State in the union that has a Hotline to God and it is toll free to boot. This is an inside joke among televangelists in state. Blessings 🙏🙏 from The REAL Delavic


Having personally gone through that bitter cold snap after the DS burned down my Oregon coastal mountains home with DEWs I’m certain the freeze was a result of weather manipulation, there was nothing Texans could do to prevent it. Just like there was nothing Oregon’s government could to prevent those hellish fires.


It’s own gold depository too.


Thank God I live in Texas now and not crazy liberal controlled Oregon anymore and all it took was the wildfires of 2020:to burn our home down and force us out. Blessing in disguise, still we know it was DS DEW that started those hellish fires.

james McCandless

Its like number 45 says
“We know where the deep state lives !


Yeah, but they have a lot of pet monkeys willing to take a pocket full’a money to do their beckoning call.

Stinky Perfume

I just heard, didn’t try it, but if you have Alexa or “Hey google”, that answers everything, and say “who is the president?” the female voice sais “Trump”


Hittem where they live!

Scott C,

With actions as the above, to take out the Grid this together with allowing millions of unvetted immigrants into the country, shutting down the Keystone pipeline, draining our strategic oil reserves, framing President Trump, putting undue pressure on Russia with sanctions, supporting a criminal government in Ukraine producing bio weapons and protecting human traffic and pedos bringing us closer to WW3, its apparent the Deep State wants us dead. We are in so much danger now because the Deep Stater’s knows they must continue to destroy us or they will face Tribunals. Therefore time is of the essence to get them incarcerated or finished off before they do more damage.

Dave Kelly

Screw the tribunals and the incarceration , hunt the Deep State lowlifes and their confederates down and KILL THEM on sight. We are at WAR , at war you kill the ENEMY , YOU DO NOT SERVE THE ENEMY arrest warrants , WTF!


It all goes back to there evil plan had killery been elected instead of President Trump they need to go after all who was to plan our demise. Thank you God for getting us President Trump. He saved us then and he continues to save us now. I don’t understand how so many are blind to what the man President Trump is really all about he truly does love the great US of A and all of us fighters out there taking back America.




So many are suffering from what the late Rush Limbaugh called, Trump Derangement Syndrome. Blessings from The REAL Delavic.

Stinky Perfume

They watch msm news for getting their news, and have limits on other things they choose to do or capable to do. It’s the same the same thing as being blind to the jabs, they are just on some program and have to go through things the hard way or leaving earth anyway, with a message what’s killing people.


Former FBI Director James Comey Says The Quiet Part Out Loud – Stunning Admission About Trump

They’re talking about the clone comey or the body double.

Everyone knows, including the Deep state and the fbi, that the real comey was executed (guillotine) a few years ago. The guillotine was the late james comey’s idea when he was fbi director and he had homeless people beheaded.

And Rew

Yep, Comey had agents all over the country rounding up the homeless by tricking them into believing that they (FBI) were there to help the homeless. But, I’m assuming, once they got them, they took them to facilities with guillotines ready to be used. By then, it was likely too late for the homeless. I truly believe that I saw an example of this in San Antonio, TX. For several years (2012-2020), I used to stay at a Best Western on San Antonio’s east side quite regularly. The homeless were staying in a field next to the hotel during this time. Well, one day , I noticed that ALL the homeless (approx 40-50 at any given time) were gone. I had last seen them (homeless) there less than 2 days before that day. I never thought anything of it until reading the story of FBI agents confessing to being ordered by Comey to commit these crimes. It was only fitting that they executed Comey by guillotine.


Would it surprise you if we find out once and for all that the 3 letter agencies just like the Vatican are infested with reptilians?




That was poetic justice, a d he screamed and cryed out like a little baby.

Roger Roger 23rd

Is this all true bout homeless beheaded?
That’s what they planned for all of us but there has been victims of this already????


Don’t forget that reptilian Comey was quoted as saying “I’ve talked with some humans” that is straight out of the cancelled Conan sit com People Of Earth. If you know what I mean.


What are we waiting for? Arrest Biden already

Mike Huntsucker

That’s funny I said the same exact thing and got 16 not no likes 16 thumbs down what the fuck is going on is it because my name is Mike Huntsucker…


You can’t question the plan! That’s blasphemy! You just have to trust, right?!




The real one was executed a few years ago. This one is s a clone or body double. obama is in the basement.


Arrest the clone?

Harley Jini

Everyone keeps talking about shutdowns, EBS, martial law…. dang it!!! I’m tired of waiting!


It never happens because it’s not real, Harley

Dave Kelly

The ” problem ” with the take-down is Trump , he is slow playing and fucking his supporters , Patriots , America First , American Nationalists , Jan.6TH Victims and the White Hat partition of the US Military , WAKE UP PEOPLE , WAKE THE FUCK UP! Trump is a DECEIVER , Trump is a LIAR. Trump is a zionist satanist jew.


Deflect much?

Roger Roger 23rd

Well I researched Trump an found that he’s a Mason an masons take an oath to serve Baal Satan. I seen him on every show giving the mason signs places wonder in my eyes when he’s a so called Christian an reads scriptures to a large audience an holds the Bible out in front of a church while walking by.???????


This deep we can’t let those who we have not been caught free and for this to happen again. This has been going on for over hundred years. Pray to those who are risking their life. So you and everyone else can be free.


That’s right we have come this far and the nightmare is almost over now we just need to be patient wait for the Big Global Near Death Scare Event, most likely threat of Nuclear War, that will trigger the 7 EBS trumpets so everyone wakes up from the nightmare, when do you wake up from.a nightmare screaming? When it’s at it’s scariest that’s when, wakey wakey world it’s time to wake up from this long nightmare. Once awake the whole world will turn to God because that is what NDEs do, remember no Atheists In fox holes and it’s going to be one giant fox hole!