Gretchen Whitmer Arrested, Charged With Treason


Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was arrested Tuesday while heading home to the Governor’s mansion from a vacation rental in Grand Haven, on the coast of Lake Michigan, where she spent Memorial Day Weekend with friends and family, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

A Marine reconnaissance platoon from Camp Pendleton stopped Whitmer’s vehicle near Interstate 96 in Coopersville. They showed a shocked and puzzled Whitmer a military arrest warrant bursting with charges ranging from seditious conspiracy to treason to arranging her own attempted kidnapping just before the 2020 presidential election.

According to our source, Gen. Smith learned through intercepted phone calls that Whitmer, in a perplexing move, would travel solo to Grand Haven instead of being accompanied by a throng of Deep State security.

“It was abnormal for her to go anywhere alone. When we had eyes on her in the past, the bitch was always well-protected and in situations that would’ve made an arrest difficult, dangerous. A while ago we pulled eyes off her to keep track of others, but we kept electronic surveillance,” our source said.

He added that Gen. Smith heard about her trip only two days before the holiday.

Given the choice between confronting Whitmer while she drove to Grand Haven or on the trip home, Gen. Smith picked the latter because he wanted to ensure his Marines had ample time to not only arrive in Grand Haven on time but also form a contingency plan in case the operation went south. On Monday undercover Marines arrived in Grand Haven and established surveillance on the residence.

Marines observed Whitmer host a dozen guests at a backyard barbeque; she consumed copious amounts of alcohol and stumbled about groping male guests. Whitmer’s husband, Dr. Marc Mallory, a dentist who retired early due to alleged but unproven threats from Trump supporters, was not present at the barbeque, our source said.

The following day Marines tailed Whitmer’s car as it traveled along Interstate 96, which was packed densely with traffic of holiday revelers heading home after an extended weekend away. The Marines, our source said, patiently followed Whitmer until she, for reasons unknown, entered a side street devoid of traffic. One Marine SUV jumped the curb and sped ahead of Whitmer, cutting her off, while a second Marine SUV blocked her retreat as she tried to reverse.

She had locked the doors and was frantically dialing her cell phone when the Marines shattered the driver’s window and dragged Whitmer, kicking and screaming, from the vehicle. When handed a copy of the arrest warrant, Whitmer shredded it and demanded to speak with Joseph Biden. She was told that “Biden can’t help you anymore” and forced into the rear seat of an SUV. Two Marines commandeered her car and drove off.

Our source said Whitmer was taken to a processing center and underwent a medical exam to determine whether she was a natural human or a clone. General Smith ordered the examination because the Special Forces unit that raided a cloning lab in the Ozarks last December found replicas of Whitmer.

“The Whitmer we caught appears to be the real Whitmer. No indicators of cloning were found,” our source said.

He said Whitmer would be sent to GITMO or Camp Blaz to face a military tribunal.

Real Raw News Radio Friday Evening, 7:00 PM CST. Topic: DeSantis. Is he legit or fake? Why is he so desperate to get into GITMO?

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carolyn smith

This is just fiction – Whitmer is all over the news just like all the others. She is not incarcerated.


Disagree totally.

E. Grogan

Apparently she doesn’t know about clones and/or the lying mainstream media.


You reap what you sow and the old saying: “You make your
bed & now you get to lie in it. Now you get to die in it.


Hang that Fucking BITCH!!!!

Robert Gregory Boensch

This Country is Ours and Our Children’s future
Jason Wentworth Michigan Speaker of the House
A Remonstrance Being filed and to be acted on for the Common People of Michigan;
They failed to respond; It’s law Now;
In law, acquiescence
The doctrine infers a form of “permission” that results from silence or passiveness over an extended
period of time.
Estoppel is a judicial device in and when used affirmatively by a plaintiff it is sometimes called a
MICHIGAN a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations;
And We the People of Michigan have full control Today;
Robert Gregory Boensch 2022-09-04
Image of the date they received certified Mail
April 6, 2022 at 11:58 am
To The Michigan House of Representatives
101st Legislature
I Robert Gregory Boensch Am Formerly presenting this Document as a Remonstrance
A Remonstrance Being filed and to be acted on for the Common People of Michigan
Drafted by Robert Gregory Boensch
I am a common man and this document is for all the people of this state. It is for our children who have
not fully learned what a State is and how government works they don’t know they have (that operation
is by omission and deceit).This information is also for our Elderly and people that are challenged that
are unaware of why events happens in this world around us. And its also for all the people that are not
interested or too scared to get involved in Governmental affairs. And, for the ones in power that have
usurped power as impersonators abusing their false powers against the common good for the people.
And this remonstrance is to be restricted to our God given Rights and everything that is disclosed and
referenced. And not to be expanded upon or altered in any way unless agree upon by the Author and
creator Robert Gregory Boensch.
It is with this Knowledge that I present this Document to you today. This Document is drafted my
myself today with the interest in the well being of all of the people in this Great State of Michigan.
And with full knowledge and hope that the other State and territories of this Great nation will take note
of what is enclosed and alter and adapt any part of the elements that are to be disclose herein for the

benefit of their own land.
Remonstrant were used in this state and this is not a new concept but a very hidden one, and now we
will go to some history for the founding of this state and how it was created.
You need to down load the PDF and click the links through out this document to see all.
Find the documents on this click here 1835 CONSTITUTION OF MICHIGAN
in 1836 after the constitution a remonstrance was used 5 times as noted in the
1835-1836 Journal of the Senate
Part one Evidence being presented
Part two what redress is being sought.
Page 1of 9
Part one Evidence being presented
President Donald Trump says this Inauguration Day marks the transfer of power back to the People.
Trump: We are transferring power from DC back to people
President Donald Trump says this Inauguration Day marks the transfer of power back to the People
President Trump Proclaims The People of America are Sovereign
Fourteenth Amendment
Section 1
All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens
of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which
shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive
any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its
jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
The three Day Congress
117th United States Congress January 3, 2021 – January 6, 2021.
People on January 6 2021 Did President Trump Shut Down The United States Congress before the
Electoral collage votes were certified???

President Trump Speaks to the crowd this.
254. Proclamation to disperse
Whenever the President considers it necessary to use the militia or the armed forces under this chapter,
he shall, by proclamation, immediately order the insurgents to disperse and retire peaceably to their
abodes within a limited time.
Video Evidence 2021-1-06
Our President of The Unites States of America Proclamation to disperse (while in office).
Donald Trump tells supporters to ‘go home’ after they storm Capitol
Donald Trump tells supporters to ‘go home’ after they storm Capitol Archive backup
page 2 of 9
Written in Law
Office of the Law Revision Counsel United States Code
10 USC 254: Proclamation to disperse
254. Proclamation to disperse.
Whenever the President considers it necessary to use the militia or the armed forces under this chapter,
he shall, by proclamation, immediately order the insurgents to disperse and retire peaceably to their
abodes within a limited time.
+ Article 4 of the constitution concerns the state
+Section 1:mandates that all states will honor the laws off all other states;
this ensures, that for example, if a couple is married in Florida is also considered married in Arizona, or
that someone convicted of a crime in Virginia is consider guilty by Wyoming.
+Section 2 guarantees that citizens of one state be treated equally and fairly like all citizens of another.
It also says that if a person is accused of a crime in one other state flees to another, they will be
returned to the state they fled from. This section also has a clause dealing with fugitive slaves that no
longer applies.
+ Section 3: concerns the admittance of new states and the control of federal lands.
+ Section 4: Ensures a republican form of government (representative democracy”
and both of which are opposed to a monarchical or aristocratic scheme-the states derives its power from
the people, not from a king or gentry, and guarantees that the federal government will protect the

states against invasion and insurrection.
Page 3 of 9
In January 2021, like in most presidential inauguration years, the United States Marshal’s Service
deputized thousands of law enforcement officers and Army National Guardsmen.
A Deputation Story 2021
Written in Law
Department of Defense Law of war Manual 2016
1236 pages
As part of its emergency regulations, a State may establish special
or emergency courts for cases involving unprivileged belligerents or other persons suspected of
committing offenses related to the non-international armed conflict.
Such courts must be regularly constituted and afford all the judicial guarantees that are
recognized as indispensable by civilized peoples.84 Such courts may distinguish based on
nationality.85 The procedures of such courts may deviate from those applicable during ordinary
Proclamation of martial law was the only provision in case of disturbances endangering the security of
the state. It would have entailed handing over all powers to the military authority and suspending
private and public liberties.
Government and Parliament considered this step too extreme. Hence they devised a new contingency,
the so-called ‘state of emergency,’
The government in turn gave authority to regulate movements of persons and goods, assign places of
residence, create forbidden zones, order searches, ban meetings, control the press, dissolve
associations, collect reparations for willful damage and for aid given to the rebels, suspend or transfer
civil servants, deprive elected representatives of their seats, postpone by-elections, and delegate certain
civil powers to the military.
(“No country which relies on the law of the land to regulate the lives of its citizens can afford to see
that law flouted by its own government, even in an insurgency situation. In other words everything
done by a government and its agents in combating insurgency must be legal. But this does not mean

that the government must work within exactly the same set of laws during an insurgency as existed
beforehand, because it is a function of a government when necessary. It does not mean that the law
must be administered in exactly the same way during an uprising as it was in more peaceful times,
because once again a government has the power to modify the way in which the law is administered if
necessary, for the well being of the people, although the exercise of such power is usually – and rightly
– subject to considerable constitutional restraint.”).
Page 4 of 9
Written in Law
Constitution of the United States Fourteenth Amendment Section 3
section 3
No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President,
or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously
taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any
State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the
United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort
to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such
Written in Law
Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election Executive
Order 13848 of September 12, 2018.
Written in Law
“All Legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall
consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.”
“The people have a right in an Orderly and peaceable manner, to assemble and consult upon the
common good, give instructions to their representatives; and to request of the legislative body, by way
of petition or remonstrance, redress of the wrongs done them, and of the grievances they suffer.”

Part two what redress is being sought.
And here by request that this State of Michigan To Review and investigate all of the Above elements
presented and other elements of crimes that have be waged upon myself and others That are known
publicly or to be brought forward by Robert Gregory Boensch to be included in this Document at a
later day.
and use the law as required to do the following and to expand the breath of these requests to include
any and all others laws that are applicable to cover all actions that were carried out and include
all the party’s involved even those that are not stated in this documents.
I am also demanding to make every Court in Michigan a Common Law Court. And the abolishment of
this State’s bar association and demand that no member of said bar or any other states bar to participate
in any legal mater in the State of Michigan. And fore the Abandonment of all statutory laws in this
state of Michigan for the history and use of many of these laws are to hurt and eat off the substance of
the common people of Michigan by those in Power and it has been proven time and time again by my
personal experience of the actions that were carried against Me and others that I am a witness To.
Page 5 of 9
please redress and declare that this state will act as a Republic form of Government.
Article IV Section 4, shall be incorporated into our state constitution, For This will benefit all people by
placing the power where it belongs -To We the People of the State of Michigan
Question was there Arrest made after the Insurrection act was proclaimed January 6 2021
Per the Article 4 of the Constitution and who was arrested.
I am asking for These Special or Emergency Courts to be created for carrying out justice for the people
of Michigan.
As part of its emergency regulations, a State may establish special or emergency courts for cases
involving unprivileged belligerents or other persons suspected of committing offenses related to the
non-international armed conflict.

Impeach any and all the people in the state of Michigan that took and oath of office to the
constitution of the State of Michigan and or The United States of America and remove them from
office that committed crimes against any of this states common people and include all others being in
To Impeach all of the members of the United States Congress that are from my State and
All of the Members of This States Senate and House of Representatives including any one else holding
an office in Michigan and remove them and their staff from office!” That were an influencing member
and or voting member that participated In any one or more of the following acts
The 2021 election Insurrection
The First impeachment of President Donald John Trump.
And-Or The Second impeachment of President Donald J Trump
And-Or That also voted for the Electoral collage votes to Joe Biden.
And expunge from the record in this state these impeachment records of President Donald John Trump
and plea with the United States Congress to do the Same.
And in my State Your are requested to do the following.
Remove all of the electoral collage votes that were pledged for Joe Biden under fraud.
and audit all of my states vote polling places by September 1 2022
To end this the militia or the armed forces control under the 2020 election fraud
To remove and bar SERCO and other Operators, Controllers, Partner’s and Ownership Ship completely
from all strategic Businesses and government entities in Michigan from foreign countries.
Page 6 of 9
And I Robert Gregory Boensch Reserve the Right to add any and All
Evidence elements and or Documents that I have or will receive about any and all crimes.
That I have been a witness to or been a victim of For the fact many Witness are at risk today.
And request these crimes be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest of the Law.
Furthermore be it dully noted that the complexity of the crimes that were commented Against
Me personally and my Family and others are So complex and as they become forth.
I am Requesting For these retribution to be address as addendum’s to this Remonstrance.
Questions to Answer
Who are the People and Countries that interfered in our 2020 Election.
Was Congress suspended after President Trump Spoke these Words on Jan 6 2021.
Was one of the above Laws Violated on or around Nov 3 2020 or January 6 to 20 2021.
Was certifying the 2020 Presidential Electoral College a Crime.
Question Did congress to do and illegal Vote on the Electoral College.
Question would this nullifies all of the Electoral collage votes to Joe Biden under fraud etc.
And makes the claim of voter fraud in 2020 open for investigation in each state.
Constitution for the United States Fourteenth Amendment Section 3.
Question Every member of congress that voted to accept the electoral collage votes for Joe
Was a willing Member of this November 3 2020 President election Insurrection
And shall be removed from office By the Military?
Every member of congress that voted for the articles of impeachment of
President Trump.
and Every Member of the Senate that Voted for Impeachment of President Trump.
Did so as an Act of rebellion against the same
And shall be removed from office By the Military?
For any body in The United State congress Or in Each State’s Senate and House of
Representatives.” that participated in these crimes. Should they be allowed to vote?
Page 7 of 9
But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.?
I think Not
If you commented a crime in this country in any court of law
can you demand to sit on the jury that is hearing your case
any congress member guilty can not sit in the jury!!!
To Those in My State that accepted the electoral collage votes for Joe Biden
You can not participate in voting for such relief in this remonstrance.
And what kind of Retribution do we need for our injuries and financial losses.
And please address the Harm to the United States Citizens that such action has caused and Give
retribution to such Victims in a just way as they seem fit.
This Insurrection
That was carried out against the People of These States on November 3 2020.
This Was declared By President Trump on Jan 6 2021
By proclamation.
A Declaration By Robert Gregory Boensch
Everything that is in this Document was investigated By Me and Found to be True
to the extent that the elements presented to me are authentic and true.
From a Common Sovereign Man
Robert Gregory Boensch
________________________ ____________
“notice to principal is notice to agent, notice to agent is notice principal”
the requirement for a 30 day notice for response.
To Jason Wentworth Speaker of the House
164 Capitol Building
P.O. Box 30014
Lansing, MI 48909-7514
Phone: (517) 373-8962 Email:
Page 8 of 9
House Clerk’s Office
House of Representatives
PO Box 30014
Lansing, MI 48909-7514
Secretary of the Senate
Michigan State Senate |PO Box 30036 |
Lansing, MI 48909-7536
Arenac County Clerks Office Nancy Selle, County Clerk
P O Box 747
120 N Grove Street
Standish, MI 48658
From a Common Sovereign Man
Robert Gregory Boensch
309 N Delano Rd
Au Gres Mi 48703
Page 9 of 9

Robert G Boensch
Robert Gregory Boensch


I would like to know why he is so desperate to get to Gitmo?




About time they got the enemy of the people great going all involved Keep it going!!!!


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And you never fixed the “damn” roads Gretch. You
spent it on your alcohol & cocaine.

Sharon M McMillin

How about nabbing Hochul too.


You know I never liked her. She hurt a lot of people.


How do we get to listen to the radio show at 7:00 do I click on something? How can I sign on with my phone?

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US Special Forces: the fearless, the brave & the courageous.
Thank God for the Marines.


Not one dear to be shed over this one


Memory Lane

Sparky Sr

I just love it when a plan comes together…


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Talk about surprised, this woman had to fake her own kidnapping to try and stay relevant.
She must have cr@pped herself thinking she was really being kidnapped by a bunch of marines.
Wish I could have been there for that arrest.

I miss the military now so much but I didn’t get to do things like this or I would never have gotten out.
I would go back in right now and sweep floors for the marines and white hats, if they where hireing older ex-military people right now.

Wow is all I can say, a week of nothing and now a week of Rock-en and a Roll-en.

Gooooooo Michael great reading this week.


Snoppy, as a daughter of a WWII veteran, if they lift the age restriction I’d sign up right now to clean house!


Next should Be:


This is excellent information. What an eye opener.


You are welcome❣️
Excellent website that I have been using for many years for real and honest reporting. They had a YT Chanel many years ago but were cancelled by YT


Will continue reading & sharing with others!


Great info! Thanks for sharing.


Gretchen Whitmer


Thank you for the read.


You are welcome ❣️Check their website for more articles

Julio Antonio Laguna

Excuse my French, but hang the bitch!


Hang this treasonous CUNT.


Wouldn’t it be great if this ”story” was really true. MB sucked me in for first year but when you put facts together his ”stories” weren’t adding up, just his bank account.


Go away Karen.




So put a few convincing facts together for us. Such statements as you have just made don’t carry water. I can offer a pretty convincing argument to the contrary.


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Ive been following RRN since early days and now I am starting to wonder why there are no witnesses to these arrests. I do believe that these are happening and I am very grateful for those involved in removing these evil entities from our planet, I just want to know why we arent seeing others come forward with their cell phone videos.


Because they are exciting fabrications, that’s all they are. The bitch will be back on TV and some will utter clone or body double. I say bullshit. Come on, Jim Jordan? The guy who voted for an absurd budget and ignored the ATFs illegal gun grab, witnesses a Camp Blaz hanging? Please.


Due to your skepticism, I’m sure your will refuse to take any of the NESARA/GESARA funds, right? How many boosters did you take?


Exactly what I was going to say.
Never a witness or video reaching public?
Some accounts might have merit from earlier times and events but these stories are just that and certainly not true.
Is Whitmer really running Mi…who knows but these parady events are created for money.
It’s how MB gets away with answering for lies. It’s just a make believe story to keep his azz from being visited by Military officers.
I would buy one of MB books of fiction. Good writer at least, just all is fiction.


Your parents are siblings obviously.


Maybe the military plans it that way. The lesser witnesses the better. Witness might try to help the stooge being apprehended did you think of that.


The patriot faction of the American general public could use some solid support & evidence that this country, its rule of law and constitution are being upheld and defended. So far all evidence contradicts what we read here. We have a two tiered just-us system of ‘law’ and weak puppet robotic politicians who get nothing done and repeat the same bullshit every four years while the public goes to ‘vote’ on compromised electronic voting machines. What we read here has not been verified or substantiated. It is cheap entertainment and unfortunately for the reader, no evidence is ever produced. On the flip side, go to: www DOT Odysee DOT com (video site) and search: ‘Chip Tatum’ you will find several interesting videos about this man, his career, who he worked for. Tatum flew large shipments of cocaine and cash into the U.S. from various South American cocaine manufacturing labs at the direction of George H.W. Bush, Oliver North, Bill Clinton and others. Known as ‘The Enterprise’, Bush, Clinton, Olly North, Manuel Noriega, Barry Seal and others moved hundreds of millions in cocaine and cash into the U.S. which jumpstarted the coke epidemic of the mid 1970’s onward through into the 1980s and 90’s when crack cocaine ‘freebase’ was discovered and really got the country spun out on this drug. You will be mesmerized by the accounts this man relates AND the insurance policy he put together as his lifesaver. Tatum was tasked with neutralizing Ross Perot in 1992 and in ’96 and this was the last straw for patriot and whistleblower Chip Tatum. Videos, photos and documents exist of these presidents involved in drug traffic and money laundering. Barry Seal and Noriega stole cash and product and were hunted down by the HW Bush syndicate. Many of the people on the ‘Clinton Death list’ were snuffed by GHW Bush’s hit men. Watch these videos – the interesting ones are over an hour long and include former career FBI agent Ted Gunderson as the interviewer. Gene ‘Chip’ Tatum was a career Air Force pilot, intelligence spook and contractor for CIA, DOD, DIA, NSC; he spent time in Vietnam, Cambodia, Nicaragua and many other countries working for Oliver North and HW Bush. This guy has seen it all and done it all. If you want concrete info on what is happening in the world today, now, also see www DOT ChipTatum DOT com. Real news and accounts with evidence to back it up.

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Valerie Ann

You know on Rumble, You Can type actual web addresses that become links when you post if you chose “Make all web addresses you type, links automatically” in settings on all smartphones & computers, right?

Rene Labre

Upon physical inspection, blood work,ect, if she had male genitals that would have been reported.She is just real creepy looking,demonic eyes! some use to say wait til Obama finds out,now they say Biden. She pulled off to hit a couple snorts, it was right on the center console. You better believe most of them hit a lot of coke,which is why they act like they do. Rude and demanding, not listening to anyone else.


They don’t always bother to report that. We’re not getting a forensic report, were just getting a basic account.. So many of these freaks are of questionable humanness, much less sex.

Stinky Perfume

It’s being said people in financial or political power we see acting like this, having too much money, crime, drunk or drugged, and groping for sex at a home barbeque,or anywhere else, etc, etc, are fully demon possessed.

There’s nothing left of their soul being in that body I’m hearing. Signing into power accepting the bribes, like the movie stars and producers do was the same thing, full on demon possessed. If the demon is done with that vessel anyway, it’s just keeping the military too busy. They may wind up overconfident on ability to arrest people like the demons set them up.

Clones don’t much matter anymore, they got that figured out. They can just kill them. These humans without a soul are still confusing.

Isn’t there a test of a person’s energy field to catch anybody out there without a soul? I’m hearing they know exactly where the soul resides in the body and it has substantial energy to it.

This soul that sold out to the money and power, from bribery is another issue. If someone sold out to bribery, the soul field can show it because the person has contracted with the black hats and basically the devil. Why do we have to remain stuck with anyone without a soul posing as a human being? These are demons infiltrating.

voice of one in the wilderness

Pistis Sophia chapters 111-113 etc

voice of one in the wilderness

Pistis Sophia chapter 111-113 etc


Because of “mocking birds”, like You. Do You KNOW, for a FACT, these People have no SOUL??? Are You GOD??? Did You CREATE the Universe??? Can You, BY GENETIC MEMORY, and AKASHIC RECALL, tell me how You CREATE PLANETS??? I can! Yet, the PEOPLE have become God, right? Just re-write my LAWs, replace with Yours, and “fuck God’s” right??? A world of lying hypocrites, lied to themselves, then reheated that lie, for too long. You murdered my Son, on a cross, then me, my Wife and my Daughter, all, murdered!!! Your turn!!!

Rose Mary Abbott

It’s now to the point where they are getting the major names that we heard spewing lies and treating their citizens miserable. Lightfoot and Whitmer were constantly being mean and hateful to their constituents. Now, if we can just get rid of all their clones we will be able to get out from under this mess once and for all. Maybe.


Great writing Michael. Fantastic Friday to open RNN and read this!

mary pascucci


Lorenz Manner

Normally the procedure with this kind of people is No Mercy. Let her take the consequences because such traitors have destroyed everything around us. Good riddance to a piece of horseshit.


Let’s all put out comments and questions on social medias asking “where is governor Whirmer, seems she’s missing, no-ones seen her for a few days.” Let’s see if we can get some woke people to really wonder what the hell’s going on and actually search for her live or internet.

Will Caulfield

She’s not missing. She spoke at a conference today.

Jane Giffin

Good thing they examined her, and know they got the right one ! Too bad people don’t realize, there are clones or actors, posing as arrested perps !!

mary pascucci



Don’t forget that our special forces saw clones of Whitner in multiple clone labs!


prerecorded to make it look like nothing happened HA!


I dont believe these stories anymore, yes I was fooled for about a yr but with all lies they come to surface over time. Anyways some of these evil demons have been taken out like Biden but they are not getting taken out like MB writes.
If political figure are taken out the cabal replaces them with multiple creatures. A mask, double, clone, cgi…who knows everything is a LIE including RRN




Clone at the ready.


Multible Clones at the ready & they only last for 3 years then self destruct or are recalled & put out of commission.


Well that is really good news that they finally got the wicked witch of the north and she will have to answer for her crimes. Why not charges for conspiracy to commit mass murder/genocide of the people of Michigan?


I met a man from Mich during the lockdowns who thought that she was doing a good job protecting people there. How I do not know. Her orders of what people could and couldn’t buy made no sense, paint but no brushes, lawnchairs but no cushions… It’s easy to tell just by looking at her face that the woman is evil.


She destroyed many small business owners. One lady from Holland, MI was arrested by Mich. State Police for defying a court order to shut down her
restaurant. Marlena Pavlos-Hackney, 55, had her food license pulled, they transported her to east Detroit where an Obama appointed judge threw her in jail. They had fined her $15,000. for violating state orders that banned inside dining during the PLANdemic. She left Poland in 1983 & became a US citizen. Despite being in a Detroit jail for 5 days, she refused to be bullied by Whitmer & AG Dana(lesbo) Nessel’s fear tactics. Look up Marlena’s Bistro & Pizzeria on

Jose Ramirez

Very simple. Kill the bitch!!!!

Bill Goode

Whitmer’s arrest is really major, as she was a sitting governor. I’m sure Deep State will quickly replace her with a double or clone. But the arrest shows significant penetration into Deep State.

Thank you Michael Baxter for reporting this, along with the report of her child trafficking, which is absolutely repulsive. So glad that White Hats got all that data that they can use to save the children named, as well as evidence for further arrests.


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Bill Goode

You should not be using Michael Baxter’s website to promote your business. It’s unethical and immoral. Go develop your own website to promote your business. Michael should block you from posting hereon.

Jane Giffin

It’s called free speech , and Michael obviously believes in it !

Dave Strickland

You’re talking to a bot.

Stinky Perfume

They are all getting caught eventually but these mass arrests keep getting promised during a martial law lockdown. rumble com /v2r95y1-situation-update-123123.html IDK why they aren’t teleporting them out of here but maybe that’s what mass arrests actually will do, there’s ET’s that I’m convinced can handle this in a short time, mass arrests at the end and gone in a grand finale like the fireworks at the end of July 4. Some say it comes that way at too high of a price because they want to set up a new gov themselves and they are not the most divine natural organic beings in the galaxy.

Trump is said to be coming back still this report #3 is not took down by the author James Rink.

supersoldiertalk com /?s=mr+New+York+Report


And the moon is made of green cheese.


Great news. She’s a nasty piece of shit.


First time I saw her, I said she looks like a Nazi.

Jane Giffin

When I first saw her,I also thought she looked very possessed !

William R Nicholson

Since Whitmer was groping males at her barbeque , she probably overindulged since she couldn’t find any sizeable hotdogs in the usual democratic beta-males in attendance. Governor Whitmer’s hotdog eating days are over ! Let’s give her a swift trial , we’ve plenty of evidence that been waiting far too long ! Justice delayed , is Justice Denied ……….. Flank speed ahead ……… Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST -1195


Hope she at least got her last licks at the barbecue.


I wanted this bitch dead for a long time.
If it’s a clone, no problem, we get to watch her die again.

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I thought she was taken care of a long time ago.


Check her immediately for “cloneage” as her demon manifested in the flesh version was in one of the tanks first encountered in either the Ozarks or Alaska’s Yukon facility discoveries as reported by RRN-okay I began a reply before I’d finished the article and now the check’s confirmed. If it is in fact one of her clones, place a modified chip behind her left ear as was reported they do;rewired and purposed to destroy the ongoing Marxist Statist dem agenda,make sure she’s wired with cutting edge explosives and/or other killing initiatives unbeknownst to her clone like HMX.Multiply Whitmer in a lab according to gathered info.Military Tribunal and execute her original yes but maybe insert her clones into an ascending role to take as many of them out as can be killed at once.A kill on sight list and orders should be drawn up where their useable flesh demons should be captured and cloned to destroy them in a guerilla clone war operation.This is what must be done with Marxist Statist dem and rino traitors and murderers against the USA and its legal peoples.

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Don’t forget she also murdered elderly in nursing homes.


The Michigan Attorney General and Secretary of State are gonna shit themselves when she doesn’t show up for work. Arrest them next please.


And don’t forget George Soros and his son.


George (Sore Azz) Scrotum Face has already been dealt with & has assumed room temperature awhile back but do not know about any of his offspring?


Good! Hope they all have a hard time trying to sleep!

Dave Strickland

…unless a clone is immediately substituted in her office.


And don’t forget The Michigan Lieutenant Governor too!


Oh, praise God. I’m in Michigan and have been hoping this would happen long ago. I’m so friggin’ happy!


Witch of all Witches! Right behind Hillary. May she see the same end as Hillary.

Wayne Stirling

Mr. Baxter, I traveled east down 96 on Tuesday morning. Do you know what time this arrest took place?


Things are looking good.

One more skank bites the dust.

Will Caulfield

Things are looking exactly as they did before.

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David T

You’ll have to pull your head out of your backside for your view to change. Just sayin’

Will Caulfield

Whitmer (or her clone, or double, or shape shifting reptilian, or whatever BS you come up with) is still off giving speeches. She gave one today.

So tell me again what’s changed?


prerecorded dumb ass! I still can’t believe that people still watch the MSM news.

Rose Mary Abbott

They don’t. That’s why he is spewing lies here because he knows where we go for real authentic information.


The mocking tone of our contempt for you and the rest of the faggots at the slavery, child-molester party.


On the surface, but I believe that things are going on that we cannot see.

Will Caulfield

Well, you just keep on believing in your invisible happenings. I suppose it keeps you warm at night.

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Remember when they took Bill Clinton to a hospital in Cali? Wouldn’t an ex-president go to Walter Reed?

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Piss off Karen.

Ultrafart the Brave

Watch out, Will Caulfield, the fan-boys and fan-girls are ganging up on you!

… an occupational hazard here in the echo chamber.


Yeah: like you and the leftist slavery, child-molester party ghouls whose turds you’ve spent a life feeding on are as clueless as you’ve ever been.

Susan green

I pray all of this is true ! I would think they would be sued if not . But they have to hurry and get Attorney general Bragg out of NY ! We have too many criminals running this country . I’m really sick of the whole dam mess . We deserve the truth and what is going on . They are worried when the truth comes out we could have a civil war here . We have to get this over with and move forward ! All these corrupt bastards do is build they’re bank accounts while we all try to manage . No houses to buy within reason price wise and banks they bleed dry going down etc etc OMG !


The site is plainly labeled satire, MB cannot get sued for posting this crap


I’m a patriot from Michigan and I can’t stand that woman and I am thrilled that they finally got her!!!


Me too. Jackson here.