Chemical Rockets Stolen from Army Weapons Depot in Kentucky


Sixty chemical rockets went missing from a U.S. Army chemical weapons depot in Kentucky last week as workers—military and civilian contractors—rushed to destroy the old ordnance per the International Chemical Weapons Convention, which took effect in 1997 and was joined by 193 countries.

The sprawling Blue Grass Army Depot (BGAD) at one time held 51,000 M55 rockets with GB nerve agent—also called Sarin—that had been resting, and sometimes leaking, in secure concrete and earthen bunkers across BGAD’s 14,500 acres. The rockets and other nerve and blister agents had been at BGAD since the 1940s.

In World War I, chemical weapons were first used in modern warfare, where they were estimated to have killed at least 100,000. Despite their use being subsequently banned by the Geneva Convention, countries continued to stockpile the weapons until the treaty called for their destruction. BGAD was one of two remaining chemical weapon depots in the U.S., the other being the Army Pueblo Chemical Depot in Colorado, which decommissioned the last of its weapons on June 22 this year.

More than 2,500 military and civilian personnel, who purportedly held proper security clearance, worked on the final stage of BGAD’s chemical weapon destruction campaign. Destruction involved moving the rockets to an on-site plant that was completed in 2015 and began destroying weapons in 2019, using a process called neutralization to dilute the lethal agents for disposal.

On July 7, a U.S. Army CBRN specialist (MOS 74D) stationed at BGAD contacted the office of Col. Brent Lindemen, 5th Special Forces Group commander and member of the White Hat Council, saying he had to discuss a crucial military matter. The colonel’s adjunct asked the soldier why he reached out to Special Forces instead of following his chain of command.

“Sir, I apologize for the improper protocol, but I don’t know who I can trust. I’ve been led to believe I can trust anyone answering this line,” the soldier reportedly said.

The adjunct implored him to not share his concerns on an open line and instructed him on how to send an encrypted message.

In the message, the soldier identified himself as a CBRN specialist at BGAD tasked with logging serial numbers of weapons scheduled for destruction. He said 60 GB nerve agent rockets scheduled for demolition on Friday were not in their storage racks where he had seen them Wednesday, having had Thursday off. He wrote that no one at the site seemed particularly concerned that he couldn’t account for the rockets’ whereabouts. He described the stringent regulations for weapon destruction. Serial numbers get checked three times—before a weapon leaves the bunker, as it’s placed on a truck for transport, and at the disposal facility. Once a weapon is destroyed, its serial number, stored and color-coded on iPad-like devices, is changed from red (live round) to green (destroyed or inert.) The rockets were missing, and the serial numbers had been entirely wiped from the database, he said.

“It’s been made to look like those rockets never existed,” he wrote.

The message went to Colonel Keirsey, who forwarded it to General Smith. If the CBRN’s story was true, only someone at the regime’s criminal Defense Department could have purged serial numbers from a restricted database and orchestrated the theft of deadly chemical weapons.

One cannot simply walk off with M55 rockets on his shoulder; each is 75lbs. and 78 inches long. The thief would also have to reconcile the theft with the armed guards protecting the storage facilities—a problematic heist.

A source in Gen. Smith’s office told Real Raw News that the general has confirmed the CBRN’s version of events, which contradicts public statements given by regime officials.

Illegitimate president Joseph R. Biden said Friday that the United States had safely destroyed all stockpiled chemical munitions, adding, “We’re now free of chemical weapons.”

White Hats investigating the disappearance declined to speculate why the Deep State would burgle obsolete weaponry, as it can access modern tech with greater lethality.

Edit: Story updated to include the number of missing rockets (60.)

Update: I’ve just heard (Sunday afternoon)  US Special Forces and Chemical weapon experts have recovered all 60 rockets. I am in the process of collecting and verifying details and hope to publish an article on the recovery tomorrow.

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Nice work chemical weapons specialits


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truth is stubborn

And nice work brave whistleblower. I suspect the DS guys would have given them to Zelensky for a false-flag attack to try to blame on the Russians, like they tried to do with Assad in Syria.

So much better when white hats can nip this stuff in the bud.

Robert James

That’s evil enough to be a certainty!


Great News Michael Baxter!!!
BTW, were the rockets “resting” or were they rusting?


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you must be desperate for cash.

greedy fool.

Robert James

Like a foul odor in a nice area.


indeed. must be a rich one begging for more, lol.


Thank God!


Well, it would definately be both.




Thank you, Michael for this update.

Michael R Davis

Great news MB. Thanks for the early heads-up.
Patriots worried for their families and neighbors can sleep tonight.


Awesome news!! Thanks Mike for the awesome reporting!!


Oh good!!!!


sweet. there plans will backfire.


Guess there were some additional money laundering to be done with these very old obsolete nerve gas rockets? Not only that, but no wonder The Military Industrial Complex, NATO, MI-6 & the warmongering crooked politicians are losing the Ukrainian War against Russia.


That’s there own fault.

But, the briccs will also fall.

Two birds with one stone.

People failed too see the signs.

I never supported either since both goals to conquer.

Politicians lost either way.

No ww3.


Oh thank God for that!! That is awesome news. I can’t wait to hear the story. Good job Special Forces and Chemical Weapons Specialists.

Sandy Thomas

Praise God! So that Specialist was legit–so glad!

Russ R

Great work from Gen Smith, Specialists and you Michael! Hope your recovery is complete & swift.
Best regards.


That is really good news

Rose Mary Abbott

Awesome! I’m glad we are able to know about these things. It helps me to stay peaceful on the inside knowing how well we are doing compared to how most people believe we are doing. Thanks Michael for hanging in there. You take good care of yourself.God bless you for the things you do for both your country and your readers.

Linda Hutchison

You should stay peaceful because 365 times in the Bible we are told to FEAR NOT! Prophetess Julie Greene has been saying for weeks that things are NOT as they appear! God has also told her that the plans that they had for the rest of us will be turned back on THEM. Thank God people who SEE SOMETHING are now starting to SAY SOMETHING to the RIGHT PEOPLE! There is some corruption somewhere in the military chain of command, apparently. Keep the faith and continue praying!

Air man

Outstanding, Michael. Great reporting!!!!


I can guarantee that heaven played a part in getting those rockets back. Above and below – gratitude gratitude a noble team effort.



Now…were they actually taken or an error of some kind in “accounting”?? Let’s hope the later!!!

Michael R Davis

With chemical weapons security protocols used, “accounting” errors are not made. This heroic U.S. Army CBRN specialist (MOS 74D) risked his own future in the army to keep these very dangerous weapons out of enemy hands. Not only should he be moved to safety, but he should be awarded a medal, perhaps a Bronze Star for meritorious conduct.


Totally on that……


Thank God. I thought they might be headed to UK/RU


Glory be to thee, O Lord! God bless the White Hats! Thank you, Michael, for this good news!! 🙂




Jack Smiths garage???

S. A.

Thank the Lord… Amazing. God truly is watching and winning. Thank you too Michael for your reports. Hope you’re feeling better. God speed…


Michael, as you can see, Delavic is using his propaganda to interfere with you ‘good news’ post.
I have no problem with nasty posters, but this is blatant attempt to bury your post. Except you have pinned it to the top of page ‘great’. Delavic kept trying to lower your post not seeing the little pin emoji in your post.

So, it’s just not freedom of speech here, it’s actually the opposite he/she is infringing on your freedom of speech…..

Michael R Davis

Nonsense, it is a bot that writes itself back in as soon as it is deleted. It cannot read our posts, it cannot reply to our posts, it cannot affect our posts.
We just ignore it.


Today(Monday) the AP put out a half page story in the Post on “US destroys last chemical weapons”. KY storage site started the destruction in 2019. Newsweek had reported that the CIA(Burns) and not the Military was overseeing secret aid to Ukraine. The Wa Post reported that Burns and Zelenskyy held a secret meeting. Was this a CIA heist? Interesting timing between AP follow-up on RRN story.


Alexander Vindman says sending cluster bombs to Ukraine is the “righteous thing” to do. Of course, Blackrock has the rebuilding contract and now Ukraine says they want to grow their own marijuana in conjunction with legalizing it. So they clear the land with the cluster bombs and then create marijuana fields and processing plants. Makes sense to me.

Michael R Davis

Cluster bombs keep killing and maiming the innocent for years. Traitors Colonel Alexander Vindman and his twin Colonel brother Yevgeny and his older nuclear parts smuggler, investment banker brother Leonid, all need to be dragged to Gitmo and put on trial.


Nothing these evil ppl do would surprise me…piss me off..ya..surprise!!

Michael, thank you!

Dr John

Sigh of relief… GREAT WORK!

Dr John

Let me guess they were in Brandon’s garage with all his papers

Marta Limberg

Thank goodness! These chemical rockets did not need to be in the hands of the Deep State. A sure sign the Deep State has lost control. What a convenient way to start WWlll!


Glad marvel comics sent over some superhero’s to find the rockets. I’m just glad all sensitive weapons are on lockdown… kind of like the dirty bond being made in SC! They do not control the military. That’s the only way.. right?!

Julian Metter

Wonderful, this is the best news ever.

I’m sure you will provide details but as to the question you asked at the end of the previous post, I suspect that the Deep State provocateurs arranged to obtain these particular agents for several reasons. First they may have had greater logistical access and control over personnel and record keeping at this site. Secondly the use of an older version of Sarin or other chemical agents could be more plausibly blamed on “domestic insurrectionist militias”. That would certainly have been the narrative if they ever used them in a false flag scenario.

Anyway many thanks for keeping us in the loop on this situation.


When God handed out prowess in detailed writings, you Michael were first on line! Thank you for working hard to deliver the truth to your fellow Americans whether you feel good that day or not. Know, that you are very much appreciated and very much needed. Not only to us, but to the Admirals, Generals and Trump, as well.


They may have been found, but what about serial numbers and the data base?


What an amazing story! Eager to hear of the recovery & possible arrests that go with it.


I’m hearing on the news there was a 13 year old girl supposedly being used for sex at camp Pendleton. I suspect that’s a MSM DS lie to bring suspicion on the White Hats. Just feel as time goes on there will be more and more of their shit show. They always deflect their crimes on others.


Thank you Michael for the news alert and update notice.
CBRN specialist” was off-duty on Wednesday and admitted to personnel trust issues … whether Black Hat military or contract civilians … therein was a starting point for investigations among 2,500 personnel. Your source should have stated whether the rockets were examined for tampering by any methodology. One day we’ll learn how/why the rockets went missing within 24-48 hours and miraculously reappeared. I say the Military’s report is a kettle of stinky fish.


Thar is some of the best news I have heard all Day.. Power of Prayers..


If true we have special to give Thanks to military personnel who aren’t afraid to go outside broken protocols.


Michael whats with not blocking the work trolls


“A U.S. Army CBRN specialist (MOS 74D) stationed at BGAD. The soldier identified himself as a CBRN specialist at BGAD tasked with logging serial numbers of weapons scheduled for destruction. He had Thursday off (holiday).”

Can’t help thinking that the soldier is pretty well identified by this bulletin, and likely due some repercussions from his seniors who must be in on the disappearence.

And begs the question whether other rockets disappeared off the records in the past, also.

Julian Metter

That’s good. Really good to hear Michael.


I just refer to it, pardon the pronoun here, as Joe Biden. No president for me on this one.

Last edited 9 months ago by tzippo

Or pretendent/illegal resident/faux dent/Joe treason…..


quit screaming, you psychopath.


Or one can say Paedo Joe, China Joe, Traitor Joe, Taliban Joe, Xiden, Joe the Molester, Joe the Incestor, Trafficker Joe, China Biden, the Paedodent, Lying Biden, Joe the Fraudster, the Dementia Biden, the Big Guy, take your pick.


He’s a no good, dirty rotten, scum sucking, yellow bellied bottom feeder, four flusher. (Good old Western movies inspired this.)🤪






All of the above descriptions are perfectly in order…carry on!😜


I have a feeling that “the big guy” refers to OBAMA.. I think we can be pretty sure that he was getting his cut out of every penny that crossed the palm of the Bidens.. And I’m pretty sure that Hunter’s “partner” would not have been told who the “big guy” really was..

Andi Kay

Totally agree with you. I won’t dignify him with the capital P. either


I always call him fake Biden.


biden should not even be addressed as such. Why? He is NOT “p” and he knows it, including the corrupt evil democrats, biden lost by a historical landslide and will never win an honest election.

Last edited 9 months ago by SaveUSAisA-Must.NotA-Choice*Trump2024Will

He is a paedophile and incest offender, case closed.


I hear what you are saying but I have to disagree. Biden and the rest of his scum regime are so wicked (self absorbed narcissisticly evil) they think it’s ok to ignore the Constitution and steel the presidentsy. They are completely WICKED.

Will Caulfield

“Steel the presidentsy?”

Wow. Just……


The government, being a municipal corporation disguised as the American Federation of States have used their constitution not ours. Their corporation is bankrupt and soon to be totally dissolved.

That’s why the J6’ers never saw due process in DC. The 10 mile stretch of DC IS NOT a part of our country. Just like the Vatican is not a part of Italy and the City of London is not a part of England. They are sovereign entities controlled by the elitist Deep State.



Biden is not president. He was installed.


Resident-in-theif I call him! A pure jackal!🦹🏻‍♂️


By China.



Michael R Davis

An actor from the screen actors guild should be an adequate title for the Resident.


TIM Russ plays Hussein. Arthur Roberts plays Flashbang


The deep state is getting away from their clone programs as unstable clones require close monitoring at all times. They are good for very limited highly controlled structured events, releases or outings. The deep state actors like Biden/Roberts have to keep that high tech goretex mask (it’s breathable) on at all times even when sleeping. It takes a team to put it on someone and to take it off without damage is a huge operation. Mostly what is used is CGI and totally fake public appearances or hoax MSM statements of big name politicians (now dead) during non existent public events. Like the old town hall meeting events of HRC that never happened. Seeing is not believing and unreality is the new reality. Welcome to the matrix.


Too good a title for an evil demon like him, even if it was an actor playing him.

Donna Miller

I have heard JB called the Resident, since that is who he really is… The thought I someone using these kind of weapons anywhere in this World is upsetting to say the least. These people are sick and evil and they are hell bent on starting their beloved WW111. I just hope and will be praying on this that nothing happens and they can get them back. Thank you so much for all your info that you have been able to share….


with all the technology, they should have had a tracker on them. And they should put trackers on all their devices…When I worked for a big corp, They had every piece of equipment…chairs, phones, cabinets, cubical dividers, desks, EVERYTHING had a code stamp on it…WHY they wouldn’t put a tracker on things like this, is beyond my understanding.


Maybe they did. Special Forces recovered the WMD within 3 days. I sure would not want to have been one of those guys at the gate letting those thru. Bet they are in Gitmo now.

Michael R Davis

Most likely, the 60 “recovered M55 Sarin rockets” are back in storage at the Blue Grass Army Depot (BGAD) awaiting proper neutralization (Sarin rendered inert) and disposal, with the entire base on high alert, ensuring no more security protocols are violated. No doubt a few officers are in big trouble.


Especially they have tech to put his body so he could handle himself during th debates with Trump.


He is very criminally demented, TTUTT. Call him the dementia patient if you wish.


On capitalising the Biden position, agree.
I have seen ‘pResident’ used also (amongst other descriptions), which is agreeable too.

Proudly Unaffiliated

I like, Pretendant Bidan. First, because the fraud is a pretender, and second, “Bidan” is referencing a Trump tweet that was never corrected. YMMV.


What is YMMV? You Make Me Vomit??

John .S

Resident is the wrong word, “”Occupant”” is precise and concise.

Biden’s so-called residency at Pennsylvania Ave. is squatting as “occupier”.

Big difference between Resident and Occupant, myself can go on a enlightening rant with that, which will trigger peanut gallery banter. .


Occupant is too nice. Try usurper. Because that’s what he did to the election, to usurp is to steal by force. President Trump won fair an square, IDU how anybody cannot put their thinking caps on and figure out the proof, a preschooler could do that.

John .S

Kept “Resident” in simple comparison with Occupant, not getting into the legalese of it.

Myself often explain the difference between Basement versus Cellar which are different too.


I don’t even use the word president. He’s just biden or joe or bythen.


I refer to him as “the Biden” as it’s questionable who he is but maybe we should call him Prisondent Biden until it is made so.


I refer to him as the resident. Fraud, fake, illegal resident.


I agree wholeheartedly, Michael. . You can call him the paedodent because that’s what he is and that’s what his son Hunter was (before the son was hanged).


Thank you so much, Michael.


God calls Biden “the Biden” & “the Jackyll”. NEVER ‘ president.’ So we shouldn’t either!


Thank you. I can’t count the amount of times I have posteda comment from my cell and they never show up.


I don’t even capitalize their name…

CONservative DEMocrat

Poserdent Biden and Vice Prostitute Whorris……Thats the labels I’ve chosen.


LOL Vice Prostitute Whorris! Good one!

Dave Strickland

Just call Biden the resident, and save yourself the letter ‘p’.


You never know when you may need a p!!


biden also doesn’t deserve to have his last name capitalized either, JMHO.


Thank you for all you do, Michael. Continued prayers going out for you, our military & President Donald Trump.


You are doing a superb job. Glad you are feeling better and back in the saddle and being our spokesperson, friend & liaison and bringing the Truth to us, once again.


It has crossed my mind that there was a bit of “setting up” going on at that base.. The question that crossed my mind when reading this article was “why did it take so many years to get around to destroying those missiles”??
A good and efficient military should have destroyed them years ago, not left them rotting on a rack somewhere.. Which begs the question, “what were they being saved for” and also “how many other BH “projects” in the past were supplied with delisted, undocumented weapons of mass destruction???
Thank you so much Michael for effort you put into these articles.. I do suffer withdrawal symptoms though when I don’t get my daily booster.. So please look after yourself and stay well..

Last edited 9 months ago by Margaret
Michael R Davis

According to the article, an on-site plant that was completed in 2015, and after thorough testing, began destroying weapons in 2019, was necessary before the Sarin could be safely neutralized. It is a slow careful process, the Blue Grass Army Depot (BGAD) at one time held 51,000 M55 rockets with GB nerve agent. (Sarin) Many other nerve and blister agents were stored there, requiring neutralizing and disposal.

As I recall, some of the Sarin delivered to ISIS by executed traitor Senator NoName McStain back in 2013, blamed on the Syrians, was tested by scientists, deemed manufactured in the US.


You shouldn’t capitalized “biden” either.


Thursday wasn’t a holiday….Tuesday was the 4th of July. It could have been a regularly scheduled day off which could narrow the field on who told on these demons. I pray he will be safe because they will vanquish him into thin air.


When the military runs 24/7 operatioms they use different days off for their members. A chemical weapons destruction would be such an operation because you can’t turn off the machinery like a printing press. It’s an assembly line system and there would be warheads in various stages of disassembly, removal of agents, decon of components and destruction of the chemicals. Not just a switch it on and off system.

My concern is if they are rushing to destroy these weapons I expect some to be used in Ukraine and the US willmsimply say we destroyed all of our stickpiles previously.

Elisa Orozco

I share your concern re: use in Ukraine………….


Ah yes. Being outside the US, I took it as his day-off holiday, rather than a national thing.
But Michael has added that the man is likely under protective custody now, which makes some sense.

Last edited 9 months ago by Atlanta

Oh yes, I do hope the DS demons don’t get to him.

Sparky Sr

At least the Chem Spec knew who to call when he didn’t get any answers.


Great news Michael, I hope the ones that stole them get jail time.


Whether you see it or not. People are losing their minds. Fear. Today I saw 2 people in a vehicle driving with masks and goggles. People going to the streets setting themselves on fire. The timeline has changed. The split world. They see you and you see them but in each reality it just doesn’t make sense.


THIS IS WAY OFF TARGET. BUT I NEEDED TO SAY SOMETHING. NBC says that the LGBT chanting “we are coming for your children” is great.

Sandy Koufax

White House skanks, like Kamala Harris and Jill Biden, probably wanted their own personal rocket to use for gratifying themselves.


I wish the millions of deep state followers of the corrupt fake Biden regime would abandon these criminals, & follow Trump, Tim Ballard, Jim Caviezel & other patriots in saving the millions of innocent children who need rescuing from the evil child-traffickers!!! These crimes against humanity must STOP!!! These predator pedophiles deserve the death penalty!!! 🙏❤️


It’s after noon Eastern Time. Has Trump been reinaugurated yet? AMG-News says today’s the day!


there are literally grifters spreading bullshit on every corner.


They found them in Bidens garage!


Now that would have made headlines around the world.



A MUST see.

Robert James

Whew, US citizens dodged another bullet!


Close call I’d say.

John .S

Currently it’s after 11am EST.
Suspect, Long performed his disappearing act.

Ghoul pool wager, pronounced dead at 10:07.

Don’t anticipate any coherent last words, just muttering gibberish.

Would be poetic if guillotine was used. Hannack indulged in poetry i.e., short leash on Gates, coup de grace on Schiff, and basket catch on Comey.

My standard afternoon espresso at 4pm est will go perfect with Long’s grand finale news as table talk with my male companions who participants in ghoul pool.

Have difficulty winning pool, always off by a few minutes, suspect results are rigged LoL


Good Morning, Michael👍 Do you have any info on Camp Pendleton Marine who had 14 yo girl?

Robert James

At age 75, a 14 year old hit on me!!


Pretty grim story. Mentally disabled teen was sold to the Marine for sex. Caught in the act. So not all Marines are White Hats


Liar,…unless it was YOU selling the child!


That’s from the official Marine Corps statement, shitkicker


GOP rep. warns Biden family: We’re taking things ‘to the next level’

Really! Taking things to the next level? Then what? The doj, fbi, and other three letter agencies have been covering up for the biden crime family since forever.

The only time Justice will prevail is when (not if) President Trump is back in power. And there’s a possibility it will be before this year, 2023, is over. Yes, I said that correctly. When you know, you know. Let’s just pray and hope it happens.

But for as long as the illegitimate biden crime family is in the fake White House, then biden has the necks of the doj, fbi etc.


what specifically is trump gonna do that he couldnt do the first time around?


This morning’s article about the theft of 60 M55 Rockets has the deep state, Biden and the dems’, stench & stink all over it.

Michael R Davis

Why the long delay in destroying the deadly Sarin, stored since the 1940s?
According to the article, an on-site plant that was completed in 2015, and after thorough testing, began destroying weapons in 2019, was necessary before the Sarin could be safely neutralized. It is a slow careful process, the Blue Grass Army Depot (BGAD) at one time held 51,000 M55 rockets with GB nerve agent. (Sarin) Many other nerve and blister agents were stored there, requiring neutralizing and disposal.

As I recall, some of the Sarin delivered to ISIS by executed traitor Senator NoName McStain back in 2013, blamed on the Syrians, was tested by scientists, deemed manufactured in the US.


Proverbs 14:15

Michael R Davis

Amplified Bible
“The naive or inexperienced person [is easily misled and] believes every word he hears, But the prudent man [is discreet and astute and] considers well where he is going.”

International Standard Version
“An unthinking person believes everything, but the prudent one thinks before acting.”

Just Me

Sounds to me a inside job, and why would anyone believe what this fake prez say? Its a fact that he is a well known liar.


They’re all are liars. Imo


Oops, needed my glass’s I guess.

Dr John


Here is a 100 hour broadcast spread across 90 sessions that explains:

  1. The TRUTH about the last 3 years of the PLANdemic
  2. The TRUTH about the last 150 year medical fraud
  3. The TRUTH about the false pandemic promoted over the span decades
  4. The TRUTH about the AMA, BIG PHARMA and how they are making you sick and killing you i.e. cancer treatments as an example

This series is FREE (or you can donate, if you like) It is a collection of interviews with people from all fields including doctors that expose the long standing corruption of vaccines, big pharma and toxins we are exposed to.

This is important and important that we share it with as many people as possible. If frees us from the medicals lies we have been breed to accept. NO MORE!

Here is the link, replace (dot) with a period

theendofcovid (dot) com/ref/438/?_kx=vRjQAd55Ocg0KUceml666KfF0yuNK-p9N-2_zDJdal11xcmUyfkALy_gUIhZaR9U.UpXyYd

You sign in with your first name and email, but your information is not shared and you can cancel your relationship at any time… however if you stick around they will send you updates on the subject.

I know a lot of this from all of my years research, but want to see what they present. I just might pick up some key points I missed in my research.

If WE (all of us) want to break the hold of the medical lies, government propaganda and the devastation of Big Pharma as well as the multitude of toxins in our food water and else were; we need to be aware of what and how they are controlling us; what they are doing to us.

As citizen warriors and patriots share this link and information on every platform you participate in, let your friends, relatives and neighbors know. They more that view this material, the greater the number of people that will say NO to vaccines, illicit drugs and unnecessary treatments!

Chemo and radiation treatments are 10 and 20% effective. That means the fail 80 to 90% of the time. A success is if you live 5 years! That seems a lot like a lot of pain followed by a death sentence that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. All the while they reject alternative treatments and block grants to credible research while pocketing those grants for themselves.

These profit mongers and control freaks have to be stopped. Take away their power and profit line, be in a position to defend your rights and shoot down their lies.

This is going to take all of us. ALL OF US!

Just Me

Well said, Dr. John. I agree with all you wrote, I too feel just like you. I will not take any flu shots or any other shots of any kind.


Death by boredom


WHEW! THANK YOU FOR THE UPDATE – that the 60 rockets have been RECOVERED! What a RELIEF! I imagine there could be a juicy column telling who will be tried & how many will be EXECUTED for this terrible & RISK FILLED theft.



https ://bestnewshere. com/warning-banks-now-refusing-all-cash-withdrawals-closing-accounts/

Clip itself

https ://www. youtube. com/watch?v=WZYBNLUL7Ns

Related clip

https ://www. tiktok. com/@basketballmumma/video/7249538527816322305

Truther/financial guru Jim Willie warned about ‘haircuts’ / ‘bail-ins’ years ago and here we are with the dial turned up to 11. Somebody high up sent the order down for banks to pull cash out of the global economy by any means necessary. It is as simple as that. This was done about 94 years ago in 1929 by pulling cash in circulation and calling in loans which led to

https ://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Great_Depression

where cleaned-out ‘non-elite’ stock traders who didn’t get tipped off to cash out of the market before the crash leapt to their deaths on Wall Street, and people starved to death in the millions in the USA due to the loss of ‘capital’. All of a sudden, about 10 years later in 1939, the money faucet got turned back on again just in time for

https ://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/World_War_II

which led to EVEN MORE chaos and death worldwide.

This time around, in 2023, the banking cabal is doing this so they can force the ENTIRE world into their Central Bank Digital Currency / Social Credit Score dystopia like the Chinese Government/Google Project Dragonfly partnership in China.

Thanks to the (2020 – ) Plandemic, the endgame is to tie bank accounts and depositors together with biometrics. They started work on this back in 2016 in India by declaring their ‘big bills’ worthless by a certain date. This was done to force people to get Biometric ID and deposit their cash in a bank account or watch their ‘big bill’ savings turn into ‘worthless’ wallpaper which famously happened in Weimar, Germany and Zimbabwe.

https ://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Hyperinflation

The final step is to implant the bank account access token in the bodies of depositors themselves and read it somehow. That is the gist of Microsoft’s cryptocurrency patent here:

https ://patentscope. wipo. int/search/en/detail.jsf?docId=WO2020060606

The ‘666’ encoded at the end of the above URL is the dark, evil icing on the cake….

That led to ‘jabbed out’ people emitting MAC addresses while buried in cemeteries–the death jabs are NOT biodegradable.

https ://www. bitchute. com/video/BRcHnlI9FaCj/

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number [is] Six hundred threescore [and] six.

— Revelation 13:16-18

From the KJV Bible at

https ://bibleprotector. com/

Please download it (or other [printable] versions at the above site) so you can have an offline copy of The Almighty’s Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

Kay Mitchell

It’s OK if you just skip the nuisance stories and focus on what is going to save this country…. Like getting rid of the criminals in our government before it’s too late.


Define “nuisance stories”. D’you mean, like this one? I suspect so. Making YOU a nuisance story. What are you covering & who do you work for? Not Patriots, I’ll warrant.

Sparky Sr

As per protocall, Anything and I mean ANYTHING of this magnitude, everything stops, base on lockdown, and ALL MP’s &/or Security are locked n loaded. Brass alerted and tracing begins.
When that Chem Specialist stated that the ‘#’s were scrubbed’ and no one knew – yes it was an inside job or start of one.
You can’t miss 60 missles the size of 7ft 4×4’s and move them off base.
Yes they ‘may’ be obsolete but could still be used.
How so?
Start of a new plandemic…. people dropping dead

God Bless our White Hats.
Semper Fi.

cathy ness



60 I believe MB said


Too bad you can’t tell the DIFFERENCE between 6 and 60. Must be a Gov’t accountant. Oh, and your CAPS LOCK is stuck. Figure it out, Genius.


u really shouldnt have taken the vaccine and the boosters.dumb cnt.

Wanda yemm

Thank God for our military that cares about our country.


Hopefully the chain of command upwards from the soldier who sounded the alarm will be getting a visit from Gen. Smith and Spec Ops. Maybe a vacation to the Caribbean?


Or the South Pacific.


FBI, DOJ are giving GOP ‘the middle finger’: Ron Johnson

The democrat criminal party are going to keep doing this, giving us Americans and GOP, the middle finger until they get back the House Majority, or at least they think they will (They Won’t – Americans are sick and tired of this crooked demonic corrupt lying SOBs.)

America, let’s take our country back. It’s ours not theirs. Let’s Vote Out these corrupt lying democrats.

Make Your Vote Count – Vote In Person.

Military Tribunal awaits these treasonous traitors

Last edited 9 months ago by SaveUSAisA-Must.NotA-Choice*Trump2024Will

Estrogen and testosterone are found to drive the growth of breast and prostate cancers, respectively.
And today doctors and surgeons at transgender clinics in multiple countries to pushing this on kids to change their sexes to make the LGBTQI+ people happy, including paedodent Biden and including parents who push their kids to go trans because they don’t want to be gay bashers and bigots by the LGBTQI+.



There’s a dime a dozen in the democrat Party. Just look at adam schiff, nancy pelosi, aoc, lieu, schumer, etc etc etc. No mistaking them as demons.


Absolutely true….Look at Obama, he is harboring many demons in his scrawny pathetic pedophile homosexual body!! So is that big old creature he calls a “wife”!! Those 2 will unleash a huge amount of demons back to searching for another receptical when those 2 bite the dust.


Yuck!! A born again believer can wage warfare. Cast those demons out and demand they go back to the pit of hell with their owner Satan and never come back In Jesus Name!


How its even possible it’s not something that you can put in your pocket and walk out you need a truck for this and truck has to pass the security gate I would call it weak security God help

Outlandish Outlander

Why did this post not post?
What is the malfunction with this?

Jan D Hunsinger

Great story! Looking forward to tomorrow’s update. My hero: MB!


I do not understand how these weapons could possibly be stolen nor can I understand if they are obsolute why haven’t they been destoyed. And they have already be found? CIC Trump stop these White Hat bullshit scripts.

Rita N

In michaels article, he explains They were in the process of destroying these biological weapons. They held sarin, which is a deadly gas. So you can’t just blow them up. That will spread the deadly gas airborne. They were in process of diluting they gasses. Making them ineffective.


How do people just walk into a secured area holding missiles and just walk out with them.


You have to wonder, eh??????? If he hasn’t stopped it now, he will never stop it……Obviously an inside job, chosen by an insider, to complete an inside agenda. ALSO: proper mitigation is NOT being done. Scary.


I wonder if you are aware that you don’t have to come to this site and read all these “White Hat bullshit scripts”?? I guess your job is to report back to your DS bosses and leave a nasty reply behind before you go.


I can’t understand something like this could happen and already the obsolete weapons have been recovered. If obsolete why haven’t the weapons been destroyed. The bullshit the White Hats continue to feed must stop CIC Trump.

Dr John

While we are discussing being GASSED, let me ask you a question. Who is the EIS? They are like the FBI, CIA, CDC, FDA and so many other three letter crooked agencies. They actually are graduates of medical schools hired by the CDC to work in health departments, the medical field, corporations and the media. EIS (Epidemic Intelligence Service).

They look for opportunities to collect data about potential PLandemic they can attempt to instigate. They also make sure the media get the story right. Well their story on right. The organization use to be more open, but now is hidden from the public eye. The EIS is everywhere it seems and those that complete their tour are held in reserve status in case needed to control the public (that would be us).

As strange as it seems the Vietcong got hold of one of those chemical rockets (strange) and fired it on a location I was lucky enough to be at. What ever it was (I forget the nomenclature) it would penetrate the skin and was highly toxic. I saw the rocket hit and from my vantage point saw the wind blow the chemical away from us.

It appears security for those rockets has never been good if you are on the inside! How could a protected chemical warfare agent rocket get off that base and all the way to Vietnam? Lots of dirty tricks played by the bad guys in those days also.

They may control when and where they launch those rockets, but they have no control over the wind or rain. There are many factors that can delute the effective dispersion of these chemicals.. I was lucky I admit, but it does show at least a few of their weaknesses. They are not the perfect weapon..


Ask the Nazis from Germany.

Canada calling

Don’t look here <<<<…. look there syndrome.>>>>>

Last edited 9 months ago by Canada calling

Its all over the Democratic Congress, Senate & House. Most Libtards have a difficult time seeing what the obvious is to see.

Linda Groves

In a previous article, Michael said his source told him, “Something big is brewing at Camp Blaz!” Wondering………………hope we’ll know soon! This was in regard to Crandall being at GITMO for Brock Long tribunal!


Oh yes, I am anxious to hear about that too!!


I hate to be the one to bring this up but, I would be checking out around Mar-a-Lago & the courthouses that Orange Man Bad Trump will be going to for possible launching sites. sounds extreme, I know. However, we all know they are desperate & will try anything to stop him & us!


Michael Baxter, posting this before reading/glancing at previous posts: is the person referring to adjunct supposed to be adjutant?
Just askin’.


Americans might want to hold off on any parades or big concert events for just a little while.


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Well don’t be surprised when they show up in various cities on the near future. Anyone smell a false flag event on the near horizon. Dirty bastards😡


Hunter must be really looking for a serious blast to enhance the meth!

Proudly Unaffiliated

This is a bad thing. These chemical weapons could have easily fallen into the hands of the Deep State and then who knows what comes next. Maybe sold on the black market or, worse, used in America. Nothing good can come from this. 🙁


It tells us alot don’t you think? The normies, anyway. The rest of us know the extent to which the deepstate would destroy this world…..


Amazing..these low level “guards” and people covering this stuff up think they are going to be “rewarded” or are important… little do they know, they will be the first ones to get thrown to the lions by the cabalists!


It’s time to go after all Rothschilds, open the doors to their underground bunkers, eliminate all of DARPA, skip over all the mid and lower level criminals and go after the heads and the source of their evil devices, never leave out the cia and fbi cockroaches, they all go. If they’re planning to eliminate us regardless, then let’s end this with a grand finale. Destroy all of their meeting locations in one coordinated attack, the entire vatican compound, all of Malta, and send fire thru all of the tunnels. Cleanse the earth of all their meetings places with fire. Don’t leave out the WHO bldgs and Tedros. Their goal is to clear us away by 2030ish so they can survive, that will work in reverse. Take ‘Mr underground tunnels tram system Hobo’ to GITMO for the gallows, he’s a disgrace to the US military, and has committed treason a thousand times over, he’s got quite the military antifa-like following of degenerates and failures within the military.


Well good luck with that; the military all had the boostahh!


the time to go after the bloodline families was 7 years ago in 2016. apparently whining about the media and pimping vaccines was more important.


LORD You know exactly where those rockets are at and who has them. I ask that You reveal and expose where they’re at and who has them and that 5gey are properly destroyed. In the Name of YESHUA/JESUS. Amen!

Last edited 9 months ago by Evangelina

They always love to send public verbal messages.


Hope they can follow the footprints and fingerprints on this one.

Last edited 9 months ago by alan479
Steve J

I wouldn’t put it past me if those weapons would (should) have 24/7 video surveillance on them and/or the containment areas.


This ‘administration’ says they can’t even determine who left ‘coke’ in the “White House”! Don’t expect them to move any better on this issue!


country folk could like coal miners and sawmill workers they could carry one on each should no joking. but were mostly all Christians and patriots so that would be an 80% chance of not happening. ever.


No, your just confused and a serial killer.