Special Forces Recover Stolen Sarin Gas Rockets


United States Special Forces and chemical weapon specialists have recovered the GB rockets that inexplicably vanished from what should have been an impregnable concrete bunker at Army Blue Grass Weapons Depot in Kentucky, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

White Hats began investigating the mysterious disappearance Friday night after a soldier at BGAD claimed that 60 M55 sarin gas rockets were missing from storage racks and that someone in a position of power had removed their serial numbers from a restricted database. He had last seen the rockets, which were scheduled for destruction Friday, on Wednesday. He believed the disappearance occurred Thursday or early Friday morning while he was off shift.

Our source said the general cashed in favors to acquire security recordings that showed protocol violations and evidence of rockets leaving the base, the most egregious being missing timestamped footage, 90 minutes of it, between 1:30-3:00 Friday morning, four hours before the whistleblowing specialist started work. Two cameras inside the bunker had been selectively disabled, as had three exterior cameras that, if working, would’ve shown persons or vehicles approaching the bunker’s impenetrable steel doors, sealed shut by massive shackle locks.

“Even with today’s tech, those old bunkers were never fitted with biometric security. Just good old-fashioned keys. And as you can imagine, access to those keys should be tightly controlled. As far as we know, there are only two sets on base. The commander has one, and one is in the security building. Live footage is also fed to the security shack,” our source said.

He mentioned that the whistleblower saw no physical evidence of a break-in—other than the missing rockets. The locks were intact, and no one besides him seemed to notice or care that 60 lethal rockets weren’t in their assigned location.

General Smith also reviewed the video of the base’s entrances and exits. Cameras covering the main gate, the only thoroughfare to weapon bunkers, had 90 minutes of lost time identical to that of the burgled depot.

Two guards, civilian contractors, should have been protecting the main gate at the time.

BGAD is an atypical Army post. Seventy percent of its 700 personnel—though 2,500 have rotated in and out during the chemical weapon decommissioning campaign—are civilian contractors, including private security. In May, the criminal Def. Sec. Lloyd Austin directed BGAD commander Col. Brett A. Ayvazian to increase private security “to allow soldiers greater flexibility,” even though no soldiers complained about being overworked. In fact, Gen. Smith’s investigation revealed BGAD soldiers had expressed concern that the growing number of civilian contractors heightened the risk of a security breach.

As part of the investigation, Gen. Smith reached out to Ayvazian, who had left BGAD ahead of the 4th of July holiday and didn’t return until the evening of July 7, after the rockets had gone missing. When the general inquired about the rockets and asked to see security footage, Ayvazian denied the request, said Marines had no business meddling in Army affairs, and told him to forward any concerns to Lloyd Austin. Moreover, Ayvazian said he wasn’t authorized to discuss the chemical weapon destruction campaign with anyone outside his immediate command.

“General Smith ultimately got video from other sources,” our source said. “As for Ayvazian, it was damn suspicious, but we didn’t know if he was in on it or just trying to cover his ass after the fact. General Smith wasn’t about to let those rockets stay missing.”

By Saturday, General Smith and 5th Special Forces Group commander Brent Lindemen had recalled a Special Forces detachment from an ongoing assignment, investigating a famous Hollywood producer suspected of running a child sex trafficking ring, and put them on the case of the missing rockets, which, our source said, took priority, at least temporarily. The general also recruited trustworthy CBRNs from the 48th Chemical Brigade to aid the recovery in case the rusty rockets had sprung leaks.

White Hats canvassing the nearby cities of Richmond, Berea, and Kirksville got their first clue Sunday morning when the owner of a gas station on Route 25, a few miles north of BGAD, reported having seen a suspicious 18-wheeler stop for fuel early Friday morning. He thought it suspicious that the driver wore Army fatigues without a nametag, and the occupant appeared to be a civilian dressed in black.

“A lot of military traffic goes through that area, and the owner was familiar with patterns. Military travel in military vehicles, and civilians in civilian vehicles. He told Special Forces only rarely had he seen military and civilians traveling together, and never a soldier without a nametag. He was sure of it because the soldier, if he was one, used the restroom. His cameras, fortunately, were working and showed the truck leaving the station north, but not clear enough to get the plates,” our source said.

The tractor-trailer’s conspicuous emerald cab gave Special Forces a clue to follow, though it already could have deposited the cargo at any number of airports or shipping ports along the central eastern seaboard. Nonetheless, Special Forces worked with what leads they had, gumshoeing their way north like the detectives of potboiler fiction.

Meanwhile, Gen. Smith at Camp Pendleton pooled White Hat resources to cast a wide net. Additional Special Forces joined the hunt, as did soldiers of the 75th Ranger Regiment and Marines from Camp Lejeune’s 2nd Marine Division.

“The biggest operation to date,” our source said.

According to our source, the White Hat council somehow obtained traffic cam footage and tracked the 18-wheeler from the gas station to Richmond to Lexington to Louisville, then into Indiana and north toward Indianapolis. The trail went cold in Edinburgh, about 50 miles south of Indianapolis and a three-hour drive from Blue Grass Depot.

“Our fear was the truck stopped around Edinburgh, the weapons got moved to another vehicle, and something like that would’ve happened if we weren’t very lucky and very fast,” our source said.

As Special Forces sped to Edinburgh, the general arranged for choppers to shuttle Rangers, now in Virginia, to the truck’s last known location. They converged in Edinburgh at approximately the same time and fanned out in an expanding circle, searching for roads that didn’t have traffic cameras.

At 3:00 p.m. Sunday, Special Forces spotted a tractor-trailer with a green cab on an isolated stretch of road near Plover Pit Lake. Thermal scans showed a cold engine and an empty cab.

“They expected to find an empty trailer. But the CBRNs put on protective gear, used infrared detectors to check for nerve agent vapors, and broke the lock. And the rockets were in there, but no sign of the driver or passenger,” our source said.

Someone, he added, had retrofitted the interior with racks designed to safely cradle the rockets.

“Now, it was sitting there a damn long time, Friday morning until late Sunday afternoon, unattended before we arrived. Abandoning a truckload of WMDs made no sense. The general assumed the occupants expected another driver to come along and drive it to its final destination, but again, you’d think they’d have timed it better. Or something happened to delay a relief crew that long. We weren’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth,” our source said.

Our source added that the general and his staff debated whether to lay a trap for any Deep Staters that happened along or simply commandeer the truck. Gen. Smith prudently picked the second choice, wondering how many Deep Staters might arrive in search of their stolen cache and what firepower they might bring. His primary concern was to deprive the thieves of their would-be bounty.

“It wasn’t an easy choice. General Smith has no qualms about killing traitors. We believe the Biden regime is involved because Biden made public statements that all chemical weapons were destroyed and never said word one about any missing,” our source said.

The rockets now reside in a truly secure location and will be destroyed, he added.

And the CBRN whistleblower is under White Hat protection.

“I want to say one more thing: We are firmly against the U.S. Security State and the billions of cameras watching every movement. We’ll die on that hill. But in this case, we’re thankful they were there. This issue isn’t closed. We’ll find who took those rockets and who hired them,” our source said.

Free Speech and Alternative Media are under attack by the Deep State. Real Raw News needs reader support to survive and thrive. 

Please do not give your hard-earned money to sites or channels that copy/paste our intellectual property. We spend countless hours vetting, researching, and writing. Thank you. Every dollar helps. Contributions help keep the site active and help support the author (and his medical bills)

If the link doesn’t show on Apple devices, it’s: https://www.givesendgo.com/realrawnews2
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I wrote a long paragraph earlier….”waiting for approval”….now it’s gone. I didn’t say anything that could get me not approved I wouldn’t think.


Thank you, Michael. I sent you two emails today about my posts that were flagged as well.

voice of one in the wilderness

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F & U !!!!


And then multiple spam messages from bots get posted instantly and never get taken down… great.


WordPress uses Akismet to either instantly delete or move comments to spam. Anyone who comments often is likely to be flagged as a spammer.

Atlanta made a good suggestion, Built into WordPress, click on Settings, Discussions, and put phrases you want to block in the comment blacklist field.

Be careful not to use words that legitimate comments may use.


If the Spam software works on phrases, maybe try something like:
“I’m making $90 an hour” to filter out those pesky fleas that keep spamming this Channel.

Carol B.

yes, yes, I have thought the same thing……if it can do this then it can block the words about make in $90. an hour ………that seems like it would no be that hard…..


Thank you….I always read everything I write to make sure I didn’t say anything that would cause it to be flagged. I know my posts are not the only ones.

Carol B.

it seems that when I state something that I poured out my heart to say……it disappears …….


Individual posters get deleted for any number of reasons – or none. Anti-MAGA Trolls & repeat commercial advertisers appear daily, blossoming like dandelions.
Try not to take it personally. And I do wonder who are the censors & what criteria guide their decisions. Looks pretty ad hoc to me.


It’s not a perfect world. No worries!


The left wing liberals think it’s a perfect world, in their eyes.

Last edited 1 year ago by SaveUSAisA-Must.NotA-Choice*Trump2024Will

Thanks, Mike.

Anne Stallybrass

Mike, here’s a suggestion, remembering we want you to stay healthy and happy. You are doing such a special and, really, important job. First, a note at the top, visible above every post, linking to a page where you write all this down permanently (and more). Second, that you consider getting help in filtering stuff or whatever. I’m sure you can find someone to advise on this, knowing your highly unusual situation – and remembering that at some point, the “fake news” dam is going to break and lots more people will arrive here. You might even find someone who can set up the algorithm to finally remove the incorrigible De La Vic.

You might even consider doing a post to advertise all this.




I am awaiting approval once again.
Sob, sob. Boo-hoo!


Brother Michael, imho, your health should be your number one priority. As the saying goes; what good is the hay when the horse is dead to put it bluntly. Might strongly consider hiring an assistant, an idea offered by willing patriots on this site. Blessings 🙏🙏 from The REAL Delavic.

Julian Metter

You are a very good man Michael. I need to step up in the donation department and will do so later today. If there were anything else I could do to help out I’d gladly volunteer. Unfortunately I don’t have any computer/cyber type skills to sort out the type of problem you are having. That being said let us know if there are any other ways to pitch in and help you.


Sounds like you need two assistants, at the very least. Thank you for sacrificing your family’s time to keep us all posted. Know you are well liked and accepted as our Patriot brother and very, very much appreciated, every day, by all of us here and the US Military.

Last edited 1 year ago by Joanna

It must be overwhelming at times, thank you for your diligence.

John .S

Ah-ha, figured it out!

Bloggers need to break-up paragraph into multiples, utilizing full line spacing and eliminate run-on sentences.

Shouldn’t write long and drawn-out paragraphs, also when written entirely in capital letters.

Also much idiotic [manic] redundancy via unnecessary copy & paste of already known matters in repetitive banter as different type of spam, causing to scroll over in WTF mode via habitual pointless nonsense.


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Happens to me every time, my comment will look like it posted but I’ll come back later and it’s gone.


My opinion on Alex Jones: A jew- I don’t doubt for a moment that he is in on the sale of the lie- He wont lose a penny of his wealth. SH was a FEMA capstone exercise in a school closed years prior- scripted and played out by traitors to destroy the 2nd Amendment. Funny, like a heart attack, that all the CT state and local cops were-are exempt from the gun grab. When will they hang, Mike?




Your killing it with these articles..🇺🇸🏴🩸


Seemed too easy, and the truck just abandoned. Was this a test of response time or to see who was loyal to themselves. Maybe this was a distraction while something was going on elsewhere or just a false flag to waste time and resources.


Don’t forget God! His hands are in more good things than he’s given credit for. All good things come down from God, and finding stolen rockets is without a doubt a good thing. Give God praise or He is “…the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen” (Jude 1:25).

Last edited 1 year ago by Addelder

Thank you gentle men for doing a great job!

Lucy Cwiklinski

Thank God the rockets were found before heading to who knows where!!! And so thankful for the teams!!! Now finding the traitors!!!!

orange julius

What an awesome ending to a disturbing story. I don’t mind cameras in public places. They can solve and prevent many crimes.


Just like any other advancement in inventions/ innovations…
What’s the use?
By Whom?

Cameras should be used to catch/ surveil/ exonerate/ recording for future teachings…

Control movement/ speech, spy, +++

Only Criminals have intentions to hide.

The Libertarian in me just wants cameras to keep their Constitutional distance.

How Ironic btw…

We pay for,
Our Politicians to spy on us,
Our Politicians armed security.

They consistently vote to,
Control/ Watch/ Vax us more,
Take our personal defense away.

Politicians should be under 24/7surveillance constantly streaming/ recording online.
(So we can watch at any time we wish)
That’s a good one.
“Write that down.” 😁


This is the Biden administration

Victor Bravo

Did that truck driver have a loud mouth, big ears and a husband named Big Mike, by any chance?


Who was the buyer. Who was the seller within BGAD..( or whatever the acronym)…Someone’s way of making a quick $60 million, say.( $1 mil per , say) ..sell old weaponry slated for destruction. erase serial numbers so can’t be tracked back to seller, pocket cash ( untraceable wire tfr or maybe crypto) and call it a day! No one would be the wiser…except they got caught. Thank God.


Thank God for that soldier doing his job the way he should and also thanks to the gas station attendant for being observant and recognizing a pattern out of whack. Aside from the soldiers actually doing the work, these guys were a gigantic help and I’m glad that soldier is now protected. Thanks again Michael for your report, I look forward to reading about something actually being done in this war!

uncle sam's bastard son

So america had WMD’s. Will the U.S. military invade itself and genocide its own population like they did iraq, who by the way never had WMD’s? Or do laws and their own propaganda not apply to themselves?


I think the DS would LOVE to genocide it’s own population!

John .S

Again, thanks in providing me an avenue to make extra cash, it’s thoughtful of you. Myself and male companions have that under control.

Keywords: “different type of spam”, i.e., irregular inconsistent spam.

Obviously, I hit the nail on the head articulating: “written entirely in capital letters”, and abracadabra – alakazam – wallah, it magically appears, beyond coincidental.


I don’t know the intentions of the DS, but I think it’s safe to say that somebody, somewhere dodged a bullet. Sixty rockets of nerve gas in the hands of DS ghouls is not a pretty picture. Thank you WH, and thank you God for divine intervention to stop this demonic plan.


Interestingly enough, a “false flag” warning for New York and California was posted on the Telegram channel of Ezra A. Cohen (fake) on the same day as this alleged theft.


Next time they should offload the rockets onto another truck and leave it there. Then they can safely contain/retrieve the WMDs and still catch bad guys. That may be easier said then done, just trying to be helpful…

And Rew

Aren’t there cameras on the BGAD? Especially around the main gate where they exited. If so, they should have been able to get photos of who was in the truck when it left. I have no doubt that the commander of BGAD is a Black Hat and needs to be GITMO’d. Otherwise, he would have never basically given Gen. Smith the finger.

Michael R Davis

“General Smith also reviewed the video of the base’s entrances and exits. Cameras covering the main gate, the only thoroughfare to weapon bunkers, had 90 minutes of lost time identical to that of the burgled depot.
Two guards, civilian contractors, should have been protecting the main gate at the time.”


Damn lucky we found the weapons however it’s still shocking to find security so lax ! The old facility is not an excuse as it was the Commands responsibility to upgrade the security to Modern standards until such a time that Nothing of value was stored there. I hope the investigation finds the inside perp ( s ) and who actually destroyed records on computer and / or video recordings. With abandonment of the rig and missiles , I’d venture the inside Perp alerted the forces in DS to let them know probability of a warm welcome was likely if they didn’t abandon the mission ! I thought these old chemical weapons were long ago destroyed ! The snail’s pace of the destruction was inexcusable ! If dangerous contents were ever needed in new secure containers the only thing necessary to scare those Damned Russians is to have my first wife load missiles with her cooking ! Theyll never take a chance of attacking us ever again ! Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195


Russia is not a problem for America, it IS a huge problem for the globalists, that is y they keep trying to get Americans to hate Putin, specifically and Russia generally, Ukraine is the huge problem for Americans, that is where ALL our tax dollars go to be laundered back into the DS’s pockets!



Debra Rudolph

Those weapons would have been horrific if let loose on America! Or on Russia! We need to crush this Commmunist/Marxist Regime before WWIII escalates into Armageddon!


The cover photo reminds me of an old Far Side comic where there’s a couple of technicians handling a missile and a scientist standing just behind them – ready to pop a paper bag with both hands and scare the living shit out of them.


It shows you haven’t lost your sense of humor through this whole shet show! Lol

John .S

Good morning politicos, big shout-out to ya, know you’re monitor RRN, no doubt it’s now part of your ritual morning culture.

Take notice to *investigating a famous Hollywood producer suspected of running a child sex trafficking ring*.

All know that most things means the opposite i.e, Hollywood v. Politicos, and Sex Trafficking v. Weapons Trafficking etc – etc.

Nows the chance to flip on whatever [come clean] on whomever, because on the backend leniency could be received before the wash goes into final spin cycle.

In this day and age, it’s easy to implicate anyone via having mere, and or express knowledge of illicit activity and standing idle.

All it takes is an electronic finger print i.e., email or text, which already brought the so-called: ‘best of them’ down, also via a vindictive political aid who screwed over questing it’s ‘dog day afternoon’.

Old mantra: “I’m a smarter crook” who eventually get pinched. Time has no boundaries, statute of limitations void involving treasonous, and crimes against humanity, not to exclude Murder, Arson and Rape.

In child street games yelp: “Come-out – come-out wherever you are,” it’s last chance deal time, don’t capitulate, snooze you lose.

God Bless America, and all the children of planet earth too.


Other than Tommy Tuberville, MTG and Lauren Bohbert, I don’t think too many politicians are spending time here boning up on the latest “news.”




Why would they do that in isolated boonies in the middle of nowhere, though?


It’s not in the Middle of nowhere its just south west of Indianapolis, Indiana. if the wind blows east the gas could hit Fort Wayne, in. Richmond, in Dayton, oh Cincinnati oh. Many large populations.


Creating one disaster, as a “look over here,” while a greater disaster is taking place elsewhere, that no one is looking at, because all eyes are on the original created disaster. Really can’t tell with Brandon in the W.H.


I am really concerned for the welfare of the whistleblower. Enough information was given that if BGAD wants to know who told the info, it was found out in this article. When he was working, the time he went to work. This is why it’s so dangerous to be a whistleblower bc that info never should have been given out exposing individuals.

Last edited 1 year ago by Kay

Michael reported that he is under WH protection; probably in a time travel room at Trump Tower.






What makes you think those men would have had the time to do all that with the tractor-trailer before the perps showed up?! I am sure they are doing what they can do now that those rockets are secured. And we have not been told what was done after those rockets were moved out. If you were on site and in charge, that would be different. But you weren’t and you aren’t. Stop criticizing!

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Who knows? Maybe that’s what’s been done? I’m sure We’re not being told everything being done. That would be too dangerous to divulge all, to everyone reading it here.


Besides that, the article said the troops had been pulled off a child sex trafficking case to handle this. Who has time to think about every little detail in that situation? The point is, they had success and that’s what matters most. These fish will fry another time. With everything going on, they’re flying by the seat of their pants AND having success. No complaints here.


Thank God for our Special Forces. They are the best in the world. God Bless and Keep them all safe.


Attn readers: Today the Post reports that Gen David Berger is stepping down as Marine Commandant. Meanwhile, the story says that Sen Tuberville(R-Ala) is blocking the approval of his successor Gen Eric Smith. MB, what does this mean?


He is blocking any confirmations due to abortion in the military, I believe.


Perhaps we can use Gen. Berger PRN, medical term for as needed basis. May God continue to richly bless the general from His abundance and infinite provisions. Blessings 🙏🙏 from The REAL Delavic.


General David Berger already gave his time on a much needed basis. He gave his hard core experience & enabled the Marines to keep up with changing times. General Berger was the right man to lead.

To everything there is a season. A time to love, and a time to hate; A time of war, and a time of peace. Now it is time to retire.

Thank you, General Berger and may God continually protect you!

Semper Fidelis


Thank you. I saw that and had the same question.


General Berger has served his country well. A hero in my eyes.
I hope he enjoys his much earned retirement. May he be blessed with peace and much happiness. Farewell to our Great General. Salute!

William Turner

Remember that RRN seems to report mostly on past events that have already happened many months (or even years) before. Thanks Michael Baxter – you are doing God’s work.


Awesome job!
Many thanks 🙏 to all who helped.
Please give a medal to this courageous whistleblower. He’s a hero!

How can we encourage other whistleblowers to call this #______________?


Thanks for the update, Michael!

Michael R Davis

In good hands now, subject to neutralization, (Sarin rendered inert) destruction.

The 48th Chemical Brigade is a United States Army brigade located at Fort Hood, Texas and subordinate to the 20th Support Command. The 48th Chemical Brigade is the only active duty NBC defense brigade in the Army. The Brigade is tasked to discover, counter, and neutralize chemical, biological or nuclear threats.


He’s really running out of ideas. This is getting sad. One day this site will simply disappear and all the rubes who bought these stories will start by saying things like “Well, the black hats got him!” instead of “Well, he sure had me fooled!”

I also wonder how many commenters here are really “MB”?
I’d say in the neighborhood of 25%.


The only truly awakened one! They said “many will not be able to handle the end”! Well, they are correct as we are not supposed to live, especially after all find out they are all in on it! Either “truthers” are in on it knowingly and are getting paid very well, or they do not know anything and are getting paid! Either way, they are getting paid! It’s easier to fool someone than to convince he has been fooled!

David T

and the not-so-mighty W0zz has spoken. Or posted. Or whatever.


What’s your obsession about W0zz? Got a little man-crush going on?


I ran a bunch of the comments through a program called Turn It In that teachers use to catch cheating and plagiarism. Almost 40% came back as the work of the same author or copied. Come to your own conclusions.

All of these guys are looking for a Charlie Ward-like payoff, making millions from their sites and scams. It takes a lot of work. But as H.L. Mencken famously said, “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people. People can easily be persuaded to accept the most inferior ideas or useless products.” Q.E.D.


H.L. Mencken was right about your inferior ideas then.


I don’t even blame MB for this scam. He is providing entertainment and putting effort into this nonsense.
The same way a guy on an informercial sells a magic weight loss pill.


Look! The WhinyGreenFucktard is back and sniveling louder than ever!


You’re lashing out because you know I’m right, poorly educated rube.

Please send MB some more of your welfare money, toothless Qtard loser.


I am familiar with BGAD. I attended University near there and the landmarks MB described would have only been most familiar to locals. When I was at University we were briefed on what to do in the event of a breach at the Depot, as we called it. We were told we would be given packages with supplies to cover our doors and windows in our dorms to make a seal to keep the gases out. We always knew there could be a real danger, but we knew it wasn’t likely during that era. It would have been different if I lived in the area now. It was scary knowing these rockets were missing, but I am thankful to the Special Forces, White Hats and the whistleblower for locating them and making sure they were destroyed. It’s a relief to know the Depot is cleared of all of the nerve agents now. If I had any doubts about MB’s blog, this confirmed that he is legit. I believe this to be a false flag to keep those who were sent to arrest the Hollywood Director from doing so. FWIW, I most certainly am not MB.


Great news. Mike, do the white hats consider FEMA Drills treason by the players? https://www.realhistorychan.com/fetzer.html

Treasure Girl

My little voice just said…Mike Pence


I could see that. Remember when he got shot in his assassination attempt of DJT? He is a traitor. The assassin with him escaped out the window.


I could see that. Remember when he got shot in his assassination attempt of DJT? He is a traitor. The assassin with him escaped out the window.


Could have been Mitch McConnell, too.


Mine also.

Saria de Kock

So glad the operation was succesful. I am in SA, and a Trump surporter. Now the White Hats can go back to investigating the famous Hollywood producer suspected of running a child sex trafficking ring. Go get him !!!
Thanks Michael, excellent reporting !


Mika Brzezinski has the gall to say child sex trafficking does not exist!!


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That woman is despicable. She and that person she has been engaged to for the past 30 years never report the truth. She is much like Joy Reed, only garbage and DS crap comes out of her mouth.

David T

Small-face Joe Scarborough


Thank you, his name had escaped me.


She, and her husband, are puppets of the Mockingbird Media, can I get a witness? Blessings 🙏🙏 from The REAL Delavic.


She should be ashamed of herself. Her father was National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter, her husband is a journalist, she is a journalist, her father-in-law Chuck Scarborough was a journalist, she should know better than to categorically and unequivocally state a lie that defies the worst crime against humanity does not exist. A 12-year-old high school journalist writing the paper would do a better job researching this si jext using basic investigative skills. If she doesn’t want to report on it, don’t report on it. Just don’t lie about it.


Her and husband are not just sick but, evil. And there are a lot like them in The Lying Legacy Media. As for her father Zbig, I thought he was legit but apparently not, knowing what I know now. Just like the Bushes, he betrayed me. Thanks to The Great awakening, I am a better person to know the difference between right and wrong in the geopolitical arena and the people involved. Blessings 🙏🙏 from The REAL Delavic.


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Why are you posting all these twitter links? They don’t open up and just take up a lot of space. Also, they could all go on the same post.

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They do work if you remove the spaces.


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I know that I am highly suspicious, and have strong suspicions that the doors, to the kentucky bombs, were opened by those guarding them. The thieves will be false-falg fall-guys like the 911 “pilots”. The guys pulling the strings will be directed by or are planned, pulled & controlled by Obama, as is the narrative that the puppets will utter. Ya, until they are in their own military tribunal. They will speak another language when their lives are clearly at stake. For this I am thankful, even if it is just hopeum… but what if this is all true and are tthe real stories of the swamp being drained/? And I do rest easier with the hopes this is ALL true. Thank you Mike, for giving me that ray of hope.. the one that is rare these days.. xoxoxox.


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It is about: Adrenochrome isn’t conspiracy. It’s very real.


181st Intelligence Wing also describes training at Atterbury in Dec 2022 for an exercise in August 2023
Medics from the 181st Medical Group packed up their equipment and rolled out to support the 19th Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and high-yield Explosives Enhanced Response Force Package, known as a CERFP, during a pre-external evaluation sustainment year collective training event at Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center, Aug. 7-12 by bringing medical capabilities to the search and extraction element.

The team of medics from the 181st Intelligence Wing participated in the 19th CERFP SYCTE, embedding medics within search and extraction teams. The medics offer specialized training and capabilities, providing time-critical, lifesaving assistance during the initial search and extraction phase of disaster events on-site.

…Aside from their proficiency in their medical and rescue skills, search and extraction medics are expected to be proficient even when working long hours in full hazardous materials suits and masks.

“You can see us out here in the chem suits with the gas masks,” said Air Force Staff Sgt. Albert White, an Indianapolis local who serves as a search and extraction medic. “It’s the CERFP. That’s it. There’s not another unit out there waiting to come in in the event that sarin gas goes over an entire city [or] in the event that VX (nerve agent) goes off over an entire city. There’s not another force equipped at the level that we are to handle that specific thing.”

So sarin is specifically mentioned and their training in case these chemical agents go off over a city …Indianapolis is not far from the base.30Pence is the Indiana guy and we know he is not a patriot from his prior words and actions. Again theory- just going over scenarios for why this stuff was taken, that it was missing was covered up and why it would end up near Edinburg IN.

Whatever it is, another nefarious plan was prevented by the good guys, and I am sure they will weed out the truth!!

Anne Stallybrass

well-ferretted, thank you Linda


When Gen Smith inquired about the rockets, it showed Ayvazian that the GTMO boys were on the hunt, and he must have alerted his handlers, which likely led to the truck being abandoned.

The civilian passenger on the truck must have been a key player that they wanted to protect from GTMO. Or both knew too much for a GTMO invite.

Ayvazian was the only one alerted to the hunt and must have informed the organisers of that heist; then truck abandoned. Maybe.

Well, be good to have Ayvazian explain things at GTMO – see what he knows of this theft/treason.


Interesting! I wondered why they abandoned that truck. Either they expected someone else to come get the truck/cargo or they were tipped off. Wonder were those guys are? Videocam at the gas station should help some.


Yes his uncaring and knee-jerk uncooperative attitude regarding missing lethal weapons is certainly a red flag. Looking forward to more action and info on this.


Interesting, wondered what was close by >>> Camp Atterbury-Muscatatuck is a federally-owned military post, licensed to and operated by the Indiana National Guard, located in south-central Indiana, 4 miles west of Edinburgh. It is known for many things, including shooting training and competitions, as the National Rifle Association is very involved with the base.
When you wrote that the rig was sitting there since Friday, my fiirst thought was the driver took the weekend off and thought it would be undisturbed in such a small town OR that the guy had something else to do on the weekend.
Camp Atterbury housed about 7000 refu-gees during Operation Allies Welcome…. it was one of the locations in the news that was trashed by the refu-gees and no one got in trouble, the govt forked over $16million to make repairs. No indication where the refu-gees went from there-probably not related but a passenger dressed in black might be an Afghani . Probably superfluous.
Anyway, the NRA is holding National sharpshooter matches in July with specialist shooters from all the services- Navy, Army, Coast Guard, Marine, Air Force. It may make sense that an event be planned there at one of our largest bases in the heart of the country, and to target the NRA and America’s best shooters.


Excellent posts, keep up the good work, and thanks for the info! I think you’re right!


From your outstanding reporting we can surmise that the Black Hats were planning a false flag with Sarin weaponry. Eric Holder planned out a “Sandyhook-type” event months before Sandyhook occurred IN THE SAME REGION. Since your reporting verifies MB’s account of the weaponry heading north, we arrive in Judas Pence’s state of Indiana. As this was to be a false flag(ostensibly) the crises actors were in the ready. The question remains , who were they going to blame for the “attack”. Let me guess? It would have to be a “soldier” with secret links to “Russia”. As usual, the “soldier” (MK Ultra) will be killed in the attack and his “social media” will directly link him to Russia. Lee Harvey Oswald, anyone?

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Better yet: It seems Eric Holder, now in custody, confessed to the next False Flag in conjunction with fellow demon Judas Pence.


Incidentally, all those CRISIS ACTORS should be rounded up for a visit to GTMO. Their facial recognition should be no trouble, and easy pickings, I would have thought. Get a couple of them types in Michael’s reports and it might inhibit some of these MSM displays.

The actors must know what they are up to with their filming. They are as bad as the politicians.

David Simmons

Where is the work order(s) to turn off the cameras? Interesting about Austin increasing personnel so Deep State could sneak in some Black Hats. I just want to know what fine young woman is going to peel off the mask of faux Joe Biden. Has to be done in front of a zillion cameras, so the video makes it passed the Deep State. Such a video would end all of the Deep State, like Zap!


I like this idea 🙂


Wow. So far it’s been a very refreshing troll-free read this evening.

It’s great when MB breaks out the Raid and kills the cockroaches…




Thanks, Chris!!!


www. bitchute. com /video /BRcHnlI9FaCj/


Thanks Xena for all your links. Someone down voted you, corrected it. The trolls are in the background downvoting


Thanks, Ritaki.


If all they can do is downvote, sounds like Michael’s spam filter has caught a few of them:)


Coubl be.

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