Deep State Enlists Black Hat Soldiers Straight Out of High School


The Black Hat deception stretches from the highest rungs of the governmental ladder to the halls of America’s high schools, where military recruiters promised potential enlistees unauthorized rewards in exchange for a criminal commitment: If Joseph R. Biden, Barack Obama, or Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin declare Donald Trump and his adherents domestic terrorists, stand ready to wage war against enemies of the United States Constitution.

As reported this week, White Hats arrested several corrupt officers and NCOs stationed at Fort Drum, New York, and at Rose Barracks in Vilseck, Germany. They also apprehended 165 enlisted personnel who participated in live-fire wargames, practicing marksmanship on wooden targets draped in MAGA attire.

A few of the 165, when told they faced lifelong imprisonment or a hanging, buckled under interrogation and described a scenario so villainous that it shocked White Hat leaders who thought they had already seen the worst the Deep State had to offer.

Military recruiters have long sat in corridors of U.S. high schools in hopes of beguiling seniors to postpone college and instead “Be All That You Can Be,” promising them that between paychecks saved on active duty and the Pell Grant—financial aid given to armed forces members who enlist and complete their initial contract—they would leave the military with enough cash to fund college without putting themselves in debt. Recruiters earn bonuses based on unpublished quotas. And while most are assuredly patriotic NCOs industriously filling the rank-and-file, a growing minority have dishonored themselves by following Deep State directives to build private armies of Trump-hating soldiers.

The unorthodox recruitment began shortly after the 2020 stolen election and Lloyd Austin’s elevation to secretary of defense, as recruiters started visiting inner city schools in predominately Black neighborhoods. Through observation and conversation, these recruiters cherrypicked which high schoolers to approach. Although an anti-Trump sentiment is prevalent in inner-city schools in Chicago, Philadelphia, and D.C., so too is widespread contempt for the military apparatus, so much so that school districts nationwide have unsuccessfully lobbied to bar recruiters from school properties. Therefore, the mendacious recruiters attenuated their pitch; they approached students under the guise of friendship, at first discussing ordinary life instead of badgering potential marks into a military commitment. They engaged in innocuous discourse—sports, social media, family life, financial situations, and the troubles of inner-city life. Sometimes, the recruiters spent days cultivating friendships, bonding with students, and earning their trust before deciding whether to segue chats to the political arena.

If a student displayed sympathy or ambivalence or neutrality for President Trump, the recruiters disengaged and pursued their next target. They didn’t want to waste precious time turning marks to the Dark Side. But if a student expressed veritable animosity for Trump, and especially Trump’s supporters, the recruiters escalated the rhetoric. Students were told that while Trump lost the election, his return to power in or before 2024 was imminent because a sizable part of the military was fiercely loyal to him (the only truth the recruiters told). And when that happened, Trump’s military phalanx would decimate political and civilian opponents, particularly ethnic minorities. The military needed soldiers to defend Biden’s presidency, by force if necessary, to prevent that outcome.

If students had no love for Biden, recruiters told them that Barack Hussein Obama was still in charge and had to have brave men at his side. Fealty had rewards. They were told that upon successful enlistment, a trust fund would be set up in their name, into which Biden’s people would deposit $5,000/month, independent of base pay and redeemable upon honorable completion of their initial contract. If killed in action fighting insurrectionists, a designated beneficiary could claim the trust.

The soldiers indoctrinated into the unlawful recruitment abided by the typical rigors of Army enlistment—taking a placement exam called ASVAB, the scores determining a soldier’s eligibility for various military professions. Most scored only high enough to become infantrymen, undoubtedly the unscrupulous recruiters’ goal.

On the surface, the enlistments seemed straightforward: One Station Unit Training (OSUT) at Fort Benning, Georgia, then permanent duty assignments. About six months after adopting a disciplined, regimental mentality, they received transfer orders assigning them to the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum or the 2nd Cavalry Regiment in Vilseck, Germany. There, they were put in platoons whose officers and NCOs informed them about the reason behind the sudden transfer—to fulfill a constitutional oath to defend the nation against Donald Trump.

The soldiers presently in custody, at least the few who confessed, said visiting FBI agents taught classes on how to recognize authentic MAGA from assets posing as MAGA, people like Ray Epps. The driveways, doorsteps, and mailboxes of known Trump supporters have been marked with a paint that allegedly luminesces when exposed to ultraviolet light.

If war erupted, Biden’s army would take no prisoners, not even children, for they might become the next generation of Trump supporters eager to exact vengeance on their parents’ killers.

A source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News that White Hats are involved in a painstaking mission to find and incarcerate all recruiters, officers, NCOs, and soldiers who made the unholy pledge.

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Get rid of this man!


The real reason they are not joining is there is no leadership. Biden is not a true leader.


First thing this morning the EBS test system went off,
it has been going off weekly now. Test. This is a test.
Getting ready for the real one.

Then the dang ad for Moderna takes up the whole screen.
It had a purple background with white lettering stating:
Stay up to date with the latest COVID-19 vaccines.
Brought to you by Moderna
The vaccine may not be for everyone
Please consult with your doctor.
2023 Moderna US-C-2300178 7/2023


Cannot wait till the news anchors get arrested.
The lousy lying bastards in Michigan.

Charles Smith

Most News Anchors in the media got the jab. I know few at Fox News or worked at Fox news whom announced that they did not. If their not arrested in the next 3 years, more than likely they’ll be dead or very ill with there covid jabs.

The list are people i consider wonderful people in the media that are disrupters and not part of the media mob.

Lisa Boothe
Pete Hegseth
Tucker Carlson
Laura Ingraham
Rachel Campos Duffy
Dana Loesch
Glenn Beck
Candace Owens
Tomi Lauren

These are ones I know were smart not to follow orders of the mob. Sadly i hurd mark levin got it. Sad!


Most of the news anchors in Michigan lost their jobs as they would not take the jab. I admire them, it was not easy for them. These are the local news affiliates that I am talking about. Mark Levin probably got into a state of fear. A lot of people did. Such a shame.

Dave Smith

I wonder if Kevin Trudeau the Author of Natural Cures they don’t want you to know about was railroaded ?


Wonder that, too. He was in prison for 8 years for all
his valuable ideas, then released. Set up is my belief.
could be wrong, tho.


Read below


I do not trust her at all!!!!!!


I had Covid and it is like the flu. I stayed and watched Tv. I stayed quiet and like any flu it went away. I started with temp of 101 which went away but I still stayed quiet. I gave it two weeks and it went away. Normal temp and felt better.

Last edited 11 months ago by Katie

Do you know who Candace Owen married?
The son of a British Pilgrim Oligarch
That family is corrupted AF
People need to stop taking others at face value.
Just because they say and do some good things does not mean we can trust them.
Desantis is another one to be skeptical about because he has a questionable past.
He is Yale skull and bones for one…
Too many RINOs and this type of trust may be why.


Do not take that shot period. It has killed children.


Adults too


Ive been waiting 7 years for this move to end, never once had an EBS but I live very rural also.


We already have a civil war among us. This massive split in society due to political views, is going to further fragment this country. UNLESS, it’s made public to all Americans that DS working in the shadows. Can we use the media to publicly expose them. The more time it goes by, the harder it will become to unify what’s been thorned apart.




You military need to arrest this Lloyd Austin also the guy that indicted Trump–Jack Smith is it? They are both evil


The United States has gone Mandingo since a non-US born man from Nigeria became President of the United States. Way back then I came to the conclusion that if the Deep State want to put up a dog for the Office of President of the United States, it is entirely conceivable…Before that we had several Communists who became President of the United States… Woodrow Wilson (who allowed this country to be captured by Organized Jewry), Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Lyndon Byrd Johnson, Bill Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama Ojumbo Mandingo Big Mamba Watusi Nairobi Witch Doctor, and now an old crooked fool who stole the election, Joe Biden… Organized Jewry replaced White Folks with the Negros. It’s clear for all to see. You must be blind to miss this… By the way, I’m not White, but I for one “DO NOT APPROVE” of Jews infiltration, subversion, demoralization, and completely took over the United States. I don’t care about any other country, just the United States…And White people are too overweight, sick with diabetes, watching too much porn and masturbating, and eating too much food from Walmart.

S. K.

Like Shelley said, the problem is global. It affects every country. This organized criminal group might have seven thousand years of history on the earth. They could be dated back from the ancient Sumerians, later adopted the identity of Jews by forging the Zion scriptures and many Bible chapters. They are capable of rigging the election outcomes.

Debbie Fitzko

Lockem up!


For all those who complain this war is taking too long, this article is just one more example of all the unseen and unexpected problems that keep popping up and have to be removed/corrected. The widespread evil that surrounds us is much greater than I ever imagined and new evils keep being exposed every day. The residual effects of the Deep State influence on humanity is going to take decades to eradicate. Thank you, Michael for this eye-opener.

Randy Shoemaker

Shoot that “Son of a Bitch” Loyd Austin! He’s a Fake just like Colin Powell!!


Resealing my driveway, painting my doorsteps and buying a new mailbox…


Wouldn’t it just be easier and less expensive to purchase a black light? They have combo flashlight/black lights available at pet stores for about $16.


MB, thank you for your diligence. Really great articles coming out!


Has anyone seen about a tape of Jack Smith saying he was doing election interference? The link vanished before I could listen.


I’d like to see it too

Victor Bravo

Sounds like a bunch of soon to be dead guys to me. If they come for us they will be annihilated.

David Demchak

Read Out of the Ashes by William Johnstone.


Hey MB, why am I listed as a guest and not my username: Sismj? Also, I’m not able to log in with ANY of my emails, but I do pay every month to Word Press though. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Nukken Futz

Everything is a rich man’s trick….


How could it be more clear.
Deceptively taking advantage of the most impressionable/ system decimated. (by the same club btw)
Their “Means-to-an-end” utilization of people as mear tools to be sacrificed as early as necessary.

Twisting/ Contorting constitutional awareness…
Bribing is never Godly.

Creating nothing more than a gang to be slaughtered.
Coincidentally the same people would likely become part of inner city gangs due to democratic systems at their finest.

Zero respect for human life.
Zero respect for fellow man.
Zero respect for God.

Cut them all out like the malignant tumors they are.
Every last one.

Rene Labre

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Last edited 11 months ago by Rene Labre

Pisses me off. Please excuse my French.


A most depressing state of affairs ! If this is widespread then I pray some efficiency can be found and administered to easily find these active treasonous heathens funneling the easily duped into Black Hat service ! I’d do much more , want precious resources grabbing the components that are involved in ops like the torture of the four warrant officers ! The recruiting /funneling ops are shocking however actual people now operating & murdering our White Hats ….. THEY are highest priority & must be efficiently disposed of ! Good Hunting White Hats …… The Foxes Have Been Let Loose ….. Tally Ho’ ……… Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195


It’s insidious evil


I’ve been sending biden hate emails for years. I’m surprised I haven’t been murdered.


People need to check if they got Marked with that Luminescent Paint. This is a new low for these Scumbags


Checked mine last night with an ultraviolet light. Door, facings, garage door, mailbox ( inside and out), and curb/driveway. Nothing, but good idea to be sure.

Last edited 11 months ago by Stogman
Proudly Unaffiliated

The roots of corruption run very deep.

Dennis Morek

All involved including the recruiters need to hang.


I pray with all my heart to peacefully restore order in our nation. If things are taking time hopefully it’s God’s compassion on the people and assistance from Archangels carefully removing the cancer with surgical precision.🙏

Also, I have asked questions with other comments but I never find them again so see if anyone answered. Does anyone have a tip for searching comments? If I’m lucky I’ll find the answer.


this goes along with what I heard yrs ago on Rush Limbaugh after bho election#2. bho was sending van jones around to prisons, telling those who were close to release to contact him cuz ‘the president is forming his own army’ which I believe turned into ANTIFA and BLM. I believe it’s actually their job and they get paid plus the ‘beneficiary’ benefit if they get killed…this would explain how they got bailed out so quickly during the riots




Sure hope they take it to the next level and start arresting these military deep state recruiting offficers on all high school campuses!

George Greenfield

Do they relize they are working for the DS and will be labeled Traitors to We the People ?


They don’t care!!! They are DS traitors and I think they like it that way until the White Hats nab them.


Kari Lake busted


Please don’t call the Biden “POTUS” Just “the resident”


What is Military’s strategy to solicit civilians to help undertake the overthrow of communists throughout America?


….After all, the illegal immigrants pouring in by the thousands will also be recruited.


The aliens were recruited by the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and then, the 1965 Immigration Act … both are unconstitutional and both are DISOBEYED as the founding Fathers of America instructed their progeny to do, and that is exactly what we do … DISOBEY the authors and their damning laws against us.

Every soul that entered America from 1777 to the present day are unlawful ALIENS, not citizens. Why? Because progeny never ‘voted’ and ‘invited’ any “allowable” peoples of Europe into the nation.

The Immigration Law, the only lawful constitutional Immigration Law, plainly states “NO non-White peoples, NO Jews, Catholics, and Muslims, because these groups are known anarchists since antiquity.”

The only allowable immigration is WHITE people from Europe “if” the population in America decreases by famine, disease, and war.

The same demons today are the same demons of yesterday INSTALLING their demons in all WHITE nations of ENGLISH PROTESTANT CHRISTIANS.


Well. They don’t observe the laws. Do they?


Satan’s offsprings’ never do anything righteous … their DNA is bound to hell.


Ex-KGB Defector Yuri Benmenov said in 1984, the Communist Playbook (Babylonian) that the Deep State will each their own first. The “useful idiots” are the first to go once there’s a solid foothold. Why? Because there’s no room at the table and once their foot soldier discover this, they will turn on their masters.


Russian born Alisa Zinovyevna, alias Ayn Rand, was a playwright, and then, author of numerous books (e.g., Atlas Shrugged) that forewarned Americans of communism from the 1920s to 1980s.

Russian born Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote the trilogy THE GULAG ARCHIPELAGO that released in the 1970s that forewarned Americans of communism.

Americans that read the works of Zinovyevna / Rand and Solzhenitsyn were already awake and they still carry banners and sound alarms that communists in America are “genociding humanity and destroying Earth.”

Are Americans awake and listening yet?….

Last edited 11 months ago by FireDog

There already is a trust fund, which is where they’re probably getting the $5k to give them. There’s no such thing as government money, nor a corporation pretending to be government (which is what Biden is – installed CEO). The only way they get money is creating a cause to create a court case to create a specific number creating a bond by liquidating your trust held in bonds and selling that bond out the back door of the courthouse to the publicly traded bond market.

There’s always going to be a number of those who will never see the light. God recycles but there’s no more reincarnation. It’s pass/fail time.

Rene Labre

Cool article


To kill a snake, remove it’s head. Lloyd Austin is the head.

John .S

Cannot believe the so-called White Hats can’t wack Austin in similar to Big Paul Castellano outside Spark’s Steakhouse.

But – “No” what’s-up with that? WTF, who’s zooming who?

Christmas attack on Gitmo, and Berger kidnapping and torture, no doubt game change.

Embarrassing, Berger hides in Palm Springs like a bitch, similar to an inmate removed from general population.

Peanut Gallary click the negative icon, hoping for triple digits, don’t let me down.


@John .S — HEY, commie KID, who sent `cha?

John .S

I’m calling it like it is, Commander in Chief beating around the bush.

There’s no other rational way to interpret, it’s barefaced in plain sight, not whacking Austin and his crew.

Dennis Morek

You won’t know what the whites are doing.

John .S

What the White Hats are doing? LoL. Hmm, White & Black Hat paradigm?

Plain and Simple so-called White Hats “dragging their feet” as the vax continues, open borders, commercial storefronts remain vacant, food and drink establishments closing, and grocery cost skyrocket.

Let’s see what cometh for home heating oil this October, could say, October surprise.

Herein posting something constructive, myself acquired two 55 gal. drums, getting K-1 kerosene delivery for heaters & lanterns, just in case of grid failure.

Last edited 11 months ago by John .S
John .S

PS: the so-called White Hats should consult Salvatore Gravano in orchestrating hit on Austin.

Sal and DJT had prior business dealings consering costs of concrete, could say: old acquaintances.

Sal will do Trump a turn, providing consulting for old time sake, suspect with no hard feelings.


This is the well funded “army” Barry spoke about! This is what we have been posting about the last bunch of years. They aren’t going to play games!


Scary times. Trump B424!

Last edited 11 months ago by Patryot
John .S

Not going to happen, have to feel more pain.

Need to run the vax death toll even higher. Need more empty seats around upcoming holiday table, with people crying over lost loved ones, while MSM still promotes vax, which is criminal.

Now that’s a fantastic Commander in Chief that we can trust, not halting vax.

Peanut Gallary think wisely before posting an idiotic knee-jerk response.

Guillaume DesChamp

You misspelled “gallery.”

John .S

Thanks, rumored anyone catches a typo in the blogs will receive a RRN coffee mug from MB’s merchandise store.


Gee, John.S, That last sounds vaguely like a threat. Anybody takes or suffers from the vaxx NOW, with all we know, DESERVES their Darwin Award. “Holiday table,” indeed. What “Holiday” d’you mean? (Careful, it might burn your fingers.) Don’t come here & threaten, sonny.

John .S

Not threaten anyone, though in actuality I’m good at that. Herein calling a spade – a spade.

Review previously article: 100 Covid Doctors, and read the horror stories within, and tell me people aren’t feeling the pain of lost loved ones, while the so-called Commander in Chief doesn’t halt the vax.

Just calling it – like it is, no other way to candy coat it. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Timothy Dillow

20 million Dead,, 1 billion injured because of the depop shot,,those are conservative numbers that have been extrapolated out, to include every part of the world,, by Bean Counting experts.


@John .S — sodomy is your nasty assed game. You’re a trolling SHILLER … you stink and are diseased. Take a long hike STINKY.

John .S

I’m not trolling nothing, I’m just putting it out there, of what’s in plan sight, whereas many to blind to see.

As long as the vax continues, “”our”” so-called Commander in Chief is a nobody, could say, Snake Oil salesman.

Audacity and untamed emotions runs rampant herein amongst the peanut gallery, whom unable to see the forest through the trees..

Timothy Dillow

It’s your job to save yourself nobody else’s. Nobody’s being held down and jabbed at this point if you still believe the garbage on TV and in the Paradigm of contagion all I can say is we tried to warn you and adios


Don’t hand me that shit. In Michigan they are still jabbing people. Fear is a really good way to control & manipulate people. My cousin was found on the floor & taken by ambulance to emergency room & this was in May. Not that fricking long ago. She finally recovered after she went to a different hospital that handled things in a better way. She is diabetic & went into a coma and I am happy that she lived thru the nightmare. The first thing she said after recovering was: “maybe I better get that booster.” Fear ruins peoples lives. So many people were forcibly jabbed that this whole fiasco leaves bad memories & I am looking forward to real changes in this country. I am not the only one.

John .S

Hey, on topic of sodomy, did you read my previous post in old article of how myself and associates wagered on stable worker [stall mucker] sodomizing a horse before a race.

Hour later horse won the race, later innuendos of doping, if track officials only knew.


It’s all over. DS are toast. No more cards to play. Checkmate. We won! Suck it up.

John .S

“We” that excludes myself “didn’t win anything” as long as vax continues.

To this date, I ripped through $75k in funeral expenses burying family members and close friends. Having tombstones engraved (updated) currently not in budget.

Usually first week in August I do a charter tuna run off Montauk, and hit Saratoga for a week, then an extended weekend in Baltimore Maryland indulging in blue claw crabs. Tuna and Crabs not feasible blaming the vax.

Sadly the peanut gallery herein cannot analyze and decipher my writings, posting hair-brain off-the cuff idiotic comments as common place.

Last edited 11 months ago by John .S
David T

Your approach and lingo is caustic to the point that most people are turned way off by it. If you’re really interested in accomplishing the goal of informing the patriots how to help the cause and defeat the commie-liberal overthrow of the US from within, offer some constructive advice and lead by example.

John .S

I’m from Brooklyn as credentialed street guy, and that’s how I [we] do it. BTW, believe it or not, I’m somewhat of a leader.

Consider my writings as style of journalism, opinionated satire as self expression, could say, with “Andrew Dice Clay” lingo [hickory dickory dock]. Rodney Dangerfield left the building.

All know overall “it’s an elaborate psy-op” [Three Card Monti], and being the dealer or gullible mark is by own attord. Mixing things-up with adversity keeps things interesting.

The peanut gallery herein aka, “self-ordained morality wardens” need to get a life, and seek clinical help for their impulsive urges, and learn to read the writings in-between the lines before posting anything.

Attention Peanut Gallary, oops I mean, “curmudgeons and yentas”, have at it – Oy-vey.

John .S

PS: my writings are directed twords Deep State and the so called White Hats that “undoubtedly” monitor RRN, could say, I’m casting a Psy-op.

Could imagine, DJT BBQing Sunday hamburgers for grandkids, and daughter Ivanka say’s: “Hey Dad – listen to what a blogger wrote in RRN – better yet dad, read it for yourself”.

Can hear Ivanka yelp at her dad saying: “go easy on the ketchup dad”, LoL.

Timothy Dillow

Time to find a new job. Maybe you shouldn’t try something in sales this time.


The situation is worse than this, as our Logistical infrastructure has been severely compromised. Kill Logistics and our Military is finished. Some one in the upper chain has removed Logistical functions from direct control of our installations and put them under direct control of an Army unit that is independent of our installations and has exhibited either ignorance of Logistics or is an act of sabotage. It has deteriorated quite fast and so much, Drum may be combat ineffective very soon, I cannot speak for other Installations just what I see happening here. We are spending $31,000,000 to construct a new Rail Head that will not fix a lack of leadership, for another example.


What ever happened to Obama’s private army he established way back when? BLM/Antifa? Are they lurking in the shadows somewhere armed to the teeth and seething hatred just waiting for the go signal to moveagainst anyone that goes aganst their demon chief?

And for the record Milley and Austin are PIGS and traitors and must be delt with accordingly! Marine firing squad seem appropriate!




First off if you knew that Trump has multiple Double as he is able to go and pull Trump from different time periods as he is a time travelors he is so much more than you know as who was his uncle John Trump who was friends with Tesla and got his papers. You truly do not know who Trump really is???? Plus He can’t be cloned.


time traveler? that explains his experience levels.


That’s why he is always ahead of the game, knowing what’s going to happen next


your nuts.


Well, look here, another detestable sodomizing prostitute communist trolling SHILLER.


Oh yeah? You lie DS blow-boy. Get back on your knees.


Game over. RIP DS.


I speculate the communist BLM/ANTIFA quit when Soros was captured, executed at GITMO, and assets seized … the flow of money to compensate the communist sodomizers ended their allegiance to death and destruction until someone else furnishes their room and board.


Mannnnn all they had to score between 30 and 40 percent just become infantry! That’s a crime shame!


JAG should hold the feet of the schoolboard superintendants to the fire. They allow this evil recruitment.and put it into the all-important rainbow cirriculum.


And don’t forget those pesky illegal immigrants pouring across your border, and our border in Canada daily, in heinous numbers. I bet they are armed and ready by the DS. Why do we think that they came in??? For this time right now. I sure hope our guys are ready, both sides of the border, here in Canada and the U.S. That is what our tax dollars are paying for….protection from those who would kill us all.




shut up sodomizer.


We saw a Patriot front sticker on our mailbox and we removed it, but we’ll be checking for any paint markers with a black light.😡


Hello, Michael,

I wonder what happened with Henry Kissinger? No info about him.

Thank you.

Last edited 11 months ago by Joan

Mistah Kurz, he dead.


Kissinger, the bagman for Khazarians, appears on the AMG-news list of executed communists … they’re all Satan’s offspring dancing around the firepit.

David T

Dancing around the firepit and swimming in the lake of fire.


Really, not kindergarden bullies ?

Michael R Davis

President Trump seems himself at the Alabama dinner.
All that bullshit yesterday in swamp DC, and our Commander-in-Chief looks great, looks peaceful, looks strong, sounds himself.


During his speech tonight Pres Trump referred to a couple who had tapes and proof of election interference. He told them to hang onto those tapes and that they would be needed later. Evidently he has plans to show them.


Sue, imho, the tapes may be a remote back up plan because the NSA has all the evidence to prove without a shrivel of a doubt the left cheated. Accordingly, The white hats stealthily ran their own Quantum voting machine parallel to the left’s Dominion machines and know exactly DJT won the election.
As a side note, in light of the recent indictment of DJT, Smith just opened the door for DJT and his defense to present via subpoena all the evidence to show the DS stole the election. Someone on this site said that DJT appeared unfazed by the recent indictments and that is because he is steps ahead of the DS. Blessings,

American Living in Canada

Thanks for the update, good to hear.

Timothy Dillow

Trump had all deep State leaders by the balls 6 years ago. The pope all royalty Saudi Arabia Israel China all had one thing in common and we had all the evidence it’s all a show now White hats are firmly in charge.

Surf Nazare

There is absolute proof that Axelrod got killed at sea, dumped out of chopper—–People or beings like him are filled with Demons—–demons don’t like water—–Funny how at same time the Bull Sharks from that area with even video’s of sharks going crazy now attacking boats—-drone shows shark attacking the motor on one boat at least 8 times—–sharks possessed by demons of Axelrod—–ok you don’t know whether to laugh or not or maybe there is more truth to it then you think—-Is Surf Nazare crazy or not—-you tell me—–


Well, demons went into the pigs in the Bible, so it could be.



Surf Nazare

Have you looked in a mirror lately—-maybe one demon can see another—-proof for jimbo and Ethel if she will unlock the cellar door—-Is that I hear her hollering for you to change your bag—-demons starting to stink—–Maybe you need a swim in the ocean Jimbo—-


@Surf Nazare — Axelrod, Cohen, and Liu were cast into the salt waters as food for the sea monsters. Whatever creatures ate Axelrod, Cohen, and Liu are filled by demons until their deaths.


I think it more likely the sharks are fighting back at humans due to the cruelties done to them. There have been reports of whales attacking boats as well. Or perhaps it is the sound to which they object.

Rebecca Tracy

I need to go to Lowe’s for some Rustoleum spray paint to keep on hand in case my mailbox needs repainting 😎🇺🇸


🤣🤣 Good idea



Rebecca Tracy

Forgot about that. Maybe Rural King?


Don’t listen to RustyJim2….he has a hateful comment to everything anyone says. He was Jim, Rusty, RustyJim and now RustyJim2….and I don’t know how many others. MB has been banning him but he always pops back up as something else.

David T

Yep just like a turd in the punch bowl is “Jim”. Hope it is blocked again soon.

Rebecca Tracy

Thanks 🙏❤️🇺🇸


Lowes is extremely woke and a garbage corporation that needs to be bud lighted.


Hi, Michael.
I was bitten by the spam guard few mins ago.
Post remnoved.




STINKY sodomizer.


I can smell it too.

David T

Good morning MB, for what it’s worth, Oliver is the troll turd f/k/a W0zz, Ll0yd, B0fa, Bi11 Caufie1d, etc.