Putin Bans 5G across Russia, Destroys All Towers


Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned 5G towers in the Russian Federation amid concerns the technology is medically unsafe and has caused the deaths of school children near St. Petersburg.

Discussions over the adverse effects of 5G are not new. For over a decade, alternative media have linked technology to myriad health issues, including immunosuppressive diseases and virus replication, the specifics of which are beyond the scope of this website and the author’s knowledge. However, Putin’s pledge to dismantle existing 5G super towers shows the hazards of electromagnetic radiation are rooted more in fact than conspiracy.

Unlike the U.S. and the West, Russia did not start erecting towers overnight when the technology, developed by Qualcomm and the mobile ecosystem, became available in 2015. Since then, the telecom companies in the U.S. have built 150,000 towers; by comparison, Russia had only 22, primarily in Moscow.

During the Plandemic, with schools shuttered, mobile providers in the U.S. accelerated construction of towers within a stone’s throw of elementary schools nationwide. When schools reopened, students suddenly saw sprawling 5G dishes on the horizon and atop school roofs.

Among the four major mobile operators in Russia—MTS, Megafon, Rostelcom, and Vimpel-Communications Public Joint Stock—only MTS started limited deployment of 5G in 2021, placing towers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Novosibirsk, Russia’s most populous cities, with a single tower 15 meters from an elementary school playground in the outskirts of St. Petersburg.

In April 2023, 16 students experienced severe side effects of what Vladimir Putin has called electromagnetic poisoning. Early symptoms included spontaneous vomiting, dizziness, tinnitus, intolerable headaches, and abdominal inflammation. Later symptoms were gastrointestinal bleeding, cerebral hemorrhaging, and blindness due to the decay of ocular nerves. The affected children were ages 8-12 and had attended school the same semester. Moreover, the sick kids were unvaccinated, so health officials at Russia’s Ministry of Health ruled out Covid-19 vaccine side effects. Comprehensive bloodwork and radiological imaging tests ruled out preexisting maladies, foodborne ailments, medications, and biological and chemical agents. By June 6, 2023, 11 of the 16 students had died.

Health Minister Mikhail Murashko, with the aid of the Ministry of Defense, ordered an inspection team to evaluate transmission frequencies emanating from the cell tower, which, they deduced, pulsed electromagnetic waves in the 24-50 gigahertz range near the bottom of the millimeter wave scale. Regulatory bodies and telecommunication firms worldwide have declared that range safe to humans, with former president Obama’s FCC Director Tom Wheeler having said in 2016, “5G poses no threat whatsoever to people, wildlife, or pets. Anyone questioning its safety is promoting baseless conspiracies.”

However, Putin attributed the 2023 fatalities to a common denominator—the encroachment of 5G on Russian soil.

In mid-July, the Russian president met with many telecom executives and health experts to discuss the dangers inherent in the proliferation of 5G tech. He showed them images of dead children; one’s brain had liquified. He informed them he intended to enforce a moratorium on 5G research and demolish all towers in the Russian Federation.

His mandate wasn’t well-received by the Telecom executives. MTS Vice President of 5G Infrastructure Borya Vlasov said the absence of 5G would put Russia at a technological disadvantage, adding that Russia needed 5G to strengthen a once-thriving economy now faltering thanks to Putin’s actions in Ukraine. Putin spread images of the dead and sick children on a conference table, reportedly saying, “What about them? What has your 5G done to them?”

“We can’t blame 5G for this. Our comrades in the West agree that 5G is safe,” Vlasov said.

Putin ordered the security agent beside him to shoot Vlasov squarely between the eyes. Without hesitation, the agent drew his Makarov pistol and put a bullet in Vlasov’s forehead in full view of 15 people.

A week later, the Engineer Troops of the Russian Federation, a military administrative corps of the Ground Forces of the Russian Federation designed to perform military engineering operations, began decommissioning 5G cellular towers in Moscow. Pedestrians cheered as the monolithic towers came crashing down.

As of this writing, Russia has eliminated all its 5G towers.

The information in this article comes thanks to FSB Agent Andrei Zakharov, who in 2022 supplied Real Raw News with the real reasons behind Vladimir Putin’s Special Operation in Ukraine—to rid Eastern Europe of foreign Biolabs, pedophile rings, and Adrenochrome laboratories. Those battles are still being fought.

Free Speech and Alternative Media are under attack by the Deep State. Real Raw News needs reader support to survive and thrive. 

Please do not give your hard-earned money to sites or channels that copy/paste our intellectual property. We spend countless hours vetting, researching, and writing. Thank you. Every dollar helps. Contributions help keep the site active and help support the author (and his medical bills)

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So we know how bad 5G is! How many people know that MFlynn & his very close friend who own Sims Construction builds them here. Does Trump know? Flynn has boasted about bringing down gov’ts & he once headed the Defense Intel Agency for Obama and was involved in developing spyware that spies on Americans – why do so many people think he’s a hero ? He & his “digitalarmy” run Trumps site TruthSocial & they restrict/supress anyone there who brings up these concerns. He even has a program called 5Gwarfare [could that be about the 5G towers that emit harmful EMF while claiming his 5g refers to 5th generation & Does Trump know this? Do people trust him because he was “raided” by the FBI? I mean- that could be a smart ploy to make it appear that he is not a blackhat when he is !

Arkansas Lady

THAT’S immediate ACTION! A shot to the head stopped the BS from companies. Glad to hear a Leader act quickly on this issue. I protested a cell tower close to my house to the Benton Country Planning Board and i knew more than the Board members about the safety issues and dangers of cell towers. NO ACTION TAKEN…the Lawyers in the Meeting and assigned office people already had this issue zipped tightly up with a bow to murder us in Arkansas.


What difference does this make if the so-called Deep State retains advanced weapons technology capable of incinerating the planet?


Bullet between the eyes. problem solved!
God bless President Vladimir Putin.


Get out the Putin Saw


Sorry but wishful thinking. Expats living in Russia said this is not true. They have 5g towers to.

Surf Nazare

And your word is factual—-when did they live there and why are they there now. I had friends that lived in Russia too so should I take their word—-Maybe a wand was waved and everything just disappeared —oh wait your guys say they are still there——where are these towers—–I will say timing is amazing—-with Maui and Russian statement—–how long does it take Russian govt. to make a law to forbid or take down—-just asking—-


Perhaps you have something factual to share? Perhaps not?

Surf Nazare

Yes Ethel says your bag needs changing—-

Surf Nazare

Putin banning and destroying 5G—microwave towers—-what do you think DEW is—–Maui just taken out by microwave—–I also warned about US in Syria—-reported and pictures of a large Ammo dump in al-Shadadi region at US base—-this is just precursor to Israel attacking and destroying Lebanon and Gaza and friends including parts of Syria—-Will be interesting to see if this develops into Ezekiel war—-most of the players are there and ready to go !!!! Either way it is going to get messy—–

Stinky Perfume

I agree, it’s DEW. I looked at a damage map and what I saw was they mostly wiped out the beach area and a litte inland. Boats caught fire, but not all of them. They seemed mostly out to wipe out land structures. IDK what kinda corruption was there but corruption lends itself to attack. Very often people don’t know they are corrupt or tolerate corruption next to themselves, or think it’s not inside their walls, mind their own business, until it’s too late.

People need to know if there’s corruption on the other side of their walls or under their floors. I no longer feel safe minding my own business. People are trained to be independant and that kind of helps but not over time and not in other situationsb c . Corruption is evil that grows and needs to be contained or eradicated.
I had to pass by some gang members and I could see corruption on their faces. They were young, tall, strong, ignorant men, looked like they thought they were going to get away with something, clearly gang related and killing someone is required to get into a gang. They looked like they just killed someone and were clueless. They had way too much power and looked like fish out of water, or dorks, sticking out bold while they were high on some kind of thought, and desperate for these young ladies to have sex with. The power of the kill and the power of the gang membership.

Basically if you don’t want a DEW attack, clear out the corruption. But it’s so deep, maybe why they wipe places out like Sodom and Gomorrah anymore. We can’t easily change people or talk sense into corrupt people and they are usually too far gone and it’s crunch time, someone get’s picked to eradicate.

I can easily guess that resort town was LOADED with drug and sex freaks that just think they are on the earth to live it up, and pedophiles probably too. There’s something in the bible that said “the islands will be no more”. Islands making money off of tourism lends itself to corruption. People want to take their conscious-less gains and go to Hawaii and live it up to feel good after what they did to others already.

Lu Safetec

Fact Checkers are going wild over this story. How can it be verified?


They’re Trolls.


Fact checkers are the BIGGEST liberals in disguise.

Robert James

We need Putin.


no we don’t.


You are brain washed!

Kelly Brown

The piercing and tinnitus around 5G towers here is undeniable.


Anyone seeing reports about these 5G towers coming down in Russia other than on RRN? I’m not. Makes me wonder if MB got some bad info


Other countries are knocking them down.


Some countries in South America have cut them down, I don’t remember which ones though.

Rene Labre

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Marta Magdalena LeFave

Vlasov is obviously part of the global cabal. I wish the United States will replace 5G with something safe! Putin is correct, and he has the courage to stand with his decision. Go Putin!


Putin is a Christian and he hates seeing children harmed!


5G is a component of the The Beast System. It works in conjunction with the Covid-19, Vaccine ingredients in the host individuals….It was developed to control and even eliminate the host…..People that paid attention, understand it’s danger and know how deadly it is when activated for it’s sinister purposes….

Putin is smarter than the rest of the Globalist Nutjobs, and he intends on saving his People and anyone else that will watch and learn…Folks need to put pressure on Congress to eliminate this nasty weapon and control system before it’s too late…Vladimir Putin didn’t do this just to be destructive….His reasoning is outlined above and makes more sense then anything I’ve seen or heard lately in the USA.


It’s a cellular telephone system, not a hydrogen bomb for God’s sake. Come back to reality.


Shut up fanboy for deep state.


And you are an IDIOT !!! 🤷🏻‍♂️

Mark Roberts

Is Russia becoming one of the safest places to live?


No stop.


You nailed it!!!!


The difference between Putin and the Clowns of America is that Putin acts on Actionable Intel while the CLOWNS ignore or talks shit to death before they axe it in Congress. Not an effective Government as it should be….pitiful is actually a better adjective.

Lu Safetec

Putin today does not look like the Putin I remember. A lot of high profile people do not look like what I remember them looking like. We are constantly being gamed.


Agreed, many are fools to support Russia.


Is Russia the new America?


No don’t do that.

Mark Pierce

seems that way

Above Reproach

In these times, whereas it’s very difficult to tell the difference between a rubber Hollywood dubbed person, and the real thing, and quite frankly understandable. Especially given that The Donald wasn’t at the location during his attempt to visit speaks volumes that something wasn’t quite right.
Looking at it from eyes outside the event. Number 1, The real Michael Flynn, would have already had spoken with Trump sometime before his planned visit. Number 2. Michael Flynn would not have any problem taking a polygraph as the real Michael Flynn has nothing to hide. Number 3.
The real Michael Flynn Would Never in a Million years show up unannounced to have a visit with The Donald. In conclusion Not even Jesus Christ himself Can simply walk in to see Donald J. Trump Unannounced.
especially given the fact that he is under attack from the most unscrupulous bunch of total Disgusting slobbering PIGS Ever To walk on this earth.
Security Should have temporarily arrested the possible fake and forced him to undergo a biometric blood background screening DNA examination with dental records. And should any part of the discovery be considered questionable. 100% incarceration would be completely justified. Investigation into his reality or otherwise should be conducted.
Final- Contact Donald and ask him to contact Michael Flynn through a secured line as there is a Michael Flynn standing at the door, if he’s cell phone doesn’t ring, Let the shit storm begin ! Commenting was not allowed on the Michael Flynn visit story

Dave Smith

I wondering about mitch McConnell episode? And how many other are like him ?


They share a symbiotic relationship with each other and can telepathically send each other briefings if need be, which puts them into a temporary hypnotic state of mind.


They’re ALL members of the blackeye club.


Pic is not of a 5g tower. Thats a 4g tower. 5g towers are all no higher up than the top of a telephone pole and usually only 10-15 feet off the ground. They don’t use planar arrays, they have a different radiating footprint and unique sorta extra fat cylinder on the top of the pole. Sometimes with 3 small planar arrays at 120degrees around that cylinder. Also 5g towers usually have power meters on their base since they consume so much power to radiate the near field field.

Stinky Perfume

The dishes might be for 5G, they are mixed with dishes. I don’t know that much about it but saw online in 2019 the Wuhan dishes that we said to be responsible for 5G and all the illness in Wuhan. They were as big as a truck.

What is online is easily as much disinformation as the disinfo on the stab.

Philip M Mahoney

back when covid started 250,000 old Chinese were killed from 5G radiation. It was documented with the cell phones going offline. They turned up the radiation from the towers.

Stinky Perfume

I heard it was giant dishes out on the land and also some signals right out of wifi, that get one person alone.

Dave Strickland

There is 5G right outside where I am. What I have noticed is that it has made not a blind bit of difference to my wife’s smartphone signal or performance, nor my laptop (I don’t have a cellphone), so I ponder what its purpose is. I understand the signal from the 5G tower can be varied in intensity, which of course is ominous.

Last edited 9 months ago by Dave Strickland
Lu Safetec

If you do not have the carrier (service provider) that has the 5G antennas, you will not get any performance benefit, but you will still be subject to the health effects. Also keep in mind that 5G “technology” was applied across the whole RF/MW frequency range and the frequencies mentioned in the article are high bands, not particualrly common in the US, but being deployed by some carriers. Very bad news for health and environment. See my post on the status of the Human Exposure Guidelines that have been remanded by the court. The old guidelines in place do not cover any frequencies over 6 GHz. Starlink operates in the high bands. There are no affordable meters available to detect frequencies much over 8 GHz. Know the symptoms of microwave radiation illness and watch your exposures as best you can.

Above Reproach

Bottom line ! 5 G can cook a Fucking Turkey, and having a microwave emanating through your body is Poison. Especially if you’re Vaccinated.
Nano particles were in most of the vaccines. That’s metal. Have you ever seen what happens to a fork in a microwave oven ? Well vaccinated people are the Ovens and Nano particles are the forks.
Watch the movie, Cell , predicted viewing for your pleasure. Or horror…

Stinky Perfume

There is not much I found on the 5G attacking a vaccinated to see the difference. Not even this article takes that on. I heard about it being much worse on vaccinated, but I also know 5G can be deadly all by itself on unvaccinated.

Just because much 5G doesn’t go a longer distance, doesn’t mean they can’t build out something that causes some of the 5G set ups, to cover a longer distance.

Why would 5G be on mountain tops in the middle of nowhere? What I can guess is that mountains have habitats under them and they could use the 5G tower to fry anyone hiking on it. We don’t know who and where they are at the on/off switches. What was figured out was the only real mountains are volcanos and the rest came from vast tunneling to build out the underground where so many live.

Africa knocked their 5G towers down over a year ago. Why didn’t Russia do it sooner? USA is way behind. Why?


If the American people want to survive they had better burn all these illegal 5G towers to the ground. They were put up with ZERO legitimate safety studies done and they have no insurance on them which is also illegal because they can’t get insurance on them without legitimate safety studies. Also just so happens that the towers are very flammable. 🤔


right on


when you have a dream and everyone wakes up you have you have a super bug 60-69 percent vaccinated you must wake up.you are not protected. his is pure evil.you have only 2 years. you must get it out

Above Reproach

I’ve seen guys who were totally healthy 6 months ago, become practically dead with leg trouble and the attention span of a Chicken. When they were
basically sharp as a razor less than a half a year ago. vacations and boosters are quietly killing off people who would otherwise be Strong and well for Years to come. One in particular was a hardware store clerk who knew exactly where and what was needed when asked. Suddenly he’s a blithering idiot hobbling around like he was 88 years old. He’s actually younger than me, I just turned 65. You can’t tell me it’s just a coincidence.

Stinky Perfume

My vaccinated neighbor thinks marijuana smell that filled up the apartment below me is skunks. It’s not, it’s weed and she can’t tell the difference. Another neighbor, and both were only vaccinated ONCE, said she has not tasted or smelled anything for 2 years. She’s an alcoholic and the other neighbor was on morphine for the vaccine gave her a pain feeling crawling up the back of her neck. I read about it and it’s a classic sign of mRNA going into the brain. Another neighbor couldn’t heal a wound, and was also alcoholic but I think the alcohol isn’t causing months of unsuccessful wound healing issues, it’s zinc ran out. As it appears the doctor’s have been giving out antidotes like NAC for my brother in law. These people were all scared of the covid and until they noticed the vax side effects they wouldn’t do anything but most I know, went back to the doctor’s with the side effects. The doctor’s are making money now working on vaccine side effects. They can walk and talk, most still working and brain going out seems to do with the heat also.

Lu Safetec

The Environmental Health Trust and the Children’s Health Defense have won a major court victory against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and have put a crack in the dam that has held back decades of proof that we are mislead about the safety of radiofrequency/microwave (RF/MW) radiation with the submission to the court of over 14,000 pages of proof on harm.                                

Case 20-1025 EHT/CHD v FCC re: FCC Order 19-126 re: the FCC’s Insufficient Analysis of the Adequacy of the RF/MW Radiation Exposure Guideline

The U.S. Federal Court ruled on August 13, 2021, that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) must explain why it ignored science showing harm from radiofrequency/microwave (RF/MW) radiation as the FCC failed to respond to evidence that the testing of cell phones is flawed; to address evidence of prenatal harm, a potential link to ADHD, and harm to children; harm to DNA, evidence that this radiation causes electro-sensitivity; blood-brain barrier damage; cognitive & neurological problems; and evidence of mechanisms of harm; harm from long-term exposure; pulsation, modulation, and the effects of new technologies like Wi-Fi & 5G. The Court noted that the FCC failed to address evidence of environmental harm. The court remanded the decision to the FCC.


Stinky Perfume

About that bullet after being shown the facts. This article purports, the point of decision was simply Borya Vlasov attempted to trick Putin in person. I wonder what happened to the rest of the 5G executives? They were all there to do the same thing I guess. Wonder what the room reaction went through next?

“Transmission frequencies emanating from the cell tower, which, they deduced, pulsed electromagnetic waves in the 24-50 gigahertz range near the bottom of the millimeter wave scale” There’s a lot of 5G types of equipment. Some tower dishes, some look like rectangle metal sticks on towers or boxes on street poles or sides of buildings, these towers are disguised as fake trees and on rooftops. One 5G installation in Wuhan I heard was a giant dish or more out on some land.

Obviously they would put as many lies about 5G online, as they did the fake virus and cov19 stabs.

COV19 was stamped on a circuit board for a tower someone had to install in 2019-2020, so he made a video. He was under strict orders to not open the circuit box he was to install but he opened it anyway. So the world knew this was coming from 3+ years ago.

I can’t understand how anyone “unvaccinated” would send their children to a school with a 5G installation, or why the white hats are not taking over or creating some official news platform to order children to stay home and other important safety news. What is stopping the deep state from turning on deadly 5G towers in the USA?

This article doesn’t say how many other’s were hurt less. Who turns 5G towers up/down, on/off? What it implies here, is any 5G tower needs to be destroyed and I’m assuming they are controlled remotely.

As it stands, I believe Putin did the right thing because these guys won’t quit lying like an addict, therefore I can suspect he’s on fentanyl/adrenochrome and needs his next fix and his next fix.

What I don’t know is why anyone would send their children to school with one of those new installations right there? If I worked at the school, I would have closed the place. I saw many videos in Africa taking these things down. There has to be a lot of proof already.

I guess I should cancel Verizon, we shouldn’t fund these 5G companies. We all need advice now in the USA about what we can do and about our many more towers.

Its long been said that Wuhan China was nothing more than they had just turned on 5G in that city and it was huge. People said Chinese got a different vaccine than USA. The 5G issue really caused the Wuhan virus deaths and was used to cause the world to put out the virus plandemic.

All this time, the plan to genocide population wasn’t the vaccines, that was a pre-kill to the 5G being turned up.

In California I heard what sounded like 3 concord jets, one last night and two this morning. It’s 8/06/23. I wonder if they are doing mass arrests and they just have to dump these deep state people looking things in the ocean?


both sides can be fooled.

if its true hes on andrenchrome. you know it’s funny, i notice he looks weird in each pic like hes high or something.

if i ever have a kid, he never be trans or vax.

Last edited 9 months ago by Talion
Stinky Perfume

When I said “he” I meant this guy: Borya Vlasov maybe on fentanyl/adrenochrome mix. And who whole deep state really.

John Lip

Smart move. We have too many D.C. swamp creatures in telecom’s pocket for that to happen here. We’re going to have to take matters into our own hands. They do everything in their power to hide the harm 5G does to all living things. Not to mention that it’s a weapon of the military. They can kill people in their steps in broad daylight and it looks like a heart attack.


Just so happens those 5G towers are highly flammable. 🤔


My sonwho has severe PTSD drank ETOH on prescription meds Friday noc. He never did it before but had a severe flashback He thought I was going to hurt him and pushed me down thinking I was one of them.This is reality and the suffering is REAL. The Military can perhaps relate .Please let me know from the kindness of your hearts.


So sorry both of you are going through that, Steph.
Praying for you & your son.

Roberta Zilius

Vladimir, kudos!


RootinforPutin ‼️‼️‼️


Dr Rasheed Buttar had something very interesting to say about the “shots” and 5G. He was killed for this type of information.

John Lip

I believe that he was too. These creatures are pure evil.

Dave Smith

When did he die and how did he die ? Thank you for any information you can give us.


You gotta love Putin. He is also for the people of Russia. Just like Trump is for the people of the USA.


Rootin for Putin ‼️‼️‼️


Trump is a liar and a deceiver, he is a jew/israel/rothchild puppet. Do some research into it and you can easily find this out, I did.


All phones have been 4G or less. None use the towers. They still run from 2 & 3G systems. We were told otherwise.


We do have 5G phones in the form of “5G New Calling” or “VoNR”. If you have a 5G phone, and New Calling/VoNR is enabled (and your carrier supports it), you will beam 5g waves through your head. So be careful.
You will have to disable VoNR and usage of the 5G network (so the phone only uses 4g, calling over it or 3g) in your phone settings.

Rene Labre

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Last edited 9 months ago by Rene Labre

This should be all over the mainstream media right now. Putin is right.fuck technological disadvantages. What good is it if all the children are dying. I hope you recorded the execution of Vladimir Putin.


Most of us presently believe this to be Putin 2.0, & he is a very very tough, yet truly good man. The Russian people love him like we love Trump.


I heard he was 9.0


Rootin for Putin 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Nobody going to worship Putin.


I don’t think Putin was executed The MTS VP of 5G Infrastructure Borya Vlasov conveniently had his head blown off, per Putin’s direction.
Watch what you say, telling lies when President Putin is in the room will guarantee you a bullet to the head…


So even if he’s dead, we’re not allowed to report the truth?

That doesn’t sound like freedom.

Stinky Perfume

I saw that and this is the first body double I ever saw that doesn’t bother me, like he transcended the issue, because he cares more or capable and necessary or something.


Are you sayin the real Putin got executed and this is a white hat replica?


the real putin wife notice a huge difference between this one and the original.


The execution of MTS vice President Borya Vlasov ordered by President Putin


5G towers need to be destroyed in the US, too! Maybe it’s up to the people…

Chlorine Dioxide Cure Everything

Lets get to it.


They are highly flammable. 🤔


Same thing needs to happen here and what people don’t know is that it is one of General flynns s best friends whose name is Sean Sims that builds many of these. You cannot be involved in this harm on humanity in any way and consider yourself a good person

Last edited 9 months ago by John1

I believe there is the potential for things intended for evil to be used to good purpose, such as to transmit healing frequencies. However, totally good idea to take ’em all down ASAP also. I believe military has de-weaponized them in some manner at least.

Dave Strickland

I’m an open-minded person, but I’ve yet to be presented with any evidence other than bad or negative that gives 5G any redeeming qualities. The frequencies are military-weapon grade, or just below at the least.


Do not be deceived into believing we can trust the military, we cannot.


The whole of humanity needs leaders with strong bond between brain, heart real intelligense. There probably are some, but Putins and Trump are the two I see cleaarest from my corner in the was.

Ali Dockstader

Putin is more protective of his countrymen than the USA is. Every time I see those 6G towers I just think how EVIL they look!

Ali Dockstader

Meant 5G


6G are in our future, and don’t think they aren’t.


Our phone systems aren’t even running from those towers. They were intended as weapons of mass destruction. We do not have 5G phones. They turned it on in China for 90 minutes once, & it killed many many people.


We do have 5G phones in the form of “5G New Calling” or “VoNR”. If you have a 5G phone, and New Calling/VoNR is enabled (and your carrier supports it), you will beam 5g waves through your head. So be careful.


New iPhone 14 has 5G and 4G with an option to click one of them to use

Ellie Fournier

Hadn’t thought of it like that before, but you’re right, those 5G towers DO look evil!


They are a part of the digital prison system kill grid being constructed all around us.

Lisa Cordaro

I thought these bad guys were executed years ago
So for me to go back to work
One month of food so I can function properly

Lisa Cordaro

We are ready to work in new technology
America likes to work and eat

Lisa Cordaro

People on death row get to choose their lasit meal
So I didn’t even know there was evil in the planet till 2016
You guys used
Time machine
Poisoned water and food
Hormones so no flight or fight
I’m sorry AMERICA is so cruel we didn’t know till a couple of years ago
Save the kids
Clear our birth certificate we don’t belong to anyone
We don’t belong to England pope president
Nobody owns us
And we love all you people on the planet

Guillaume DesChamp

There is no such thing as time machines or magic spells.


There are. Definitely.

Dave Strickland

Don’t be too sure.


lol, then your fool. bermuda triangle time space tunnel says hi, dinos coming back from the past says hi.

Lisa Cordaro

With mental ill psychopaths running the world
GOD will step in



if only Trump was more like Putin


Our military is doing things by the book, & appropriately with respect to the Constitution, as it should be. However, I do like Putin’s cowboy justice style.

John Lip

I like to believe that’s true, but when I see that the DOD was behind the depopulation clot shot I’m not so sure. At best I’m hoping that there’s good guys and bad guys comprising the military too. 🙏🏼

Lisa Cordaro

Funny there are none in Florida

Guillaume DesChamp

Indeed there are. Plenty of 5g coverage in Florida.


They try to make the towers look like tall pine trees. Could easily do the same with palm trees.


The US may be behind all the 5G scare. They want to deindustrialise the competition and to rule the world by dominating tech. Putin ordering to shoot as in this text sounds like desinfo.
Brains liquifying.
Sounds like the effect of a biochemical weapon, not an em-field.
If there is any truth in the article then Russia has been psyoped bigtime!!


As real 5G was briefly turned on in China, & many people died, there should be ample evidence of how that happened, & what it looked like. I believe all those symptoms were accurate. There are a couple gnarly flu bugs out there with nausea & extreme headache… which certainly could be from tweaking with the tower frequencies.


Your an IDIOT. By all means get you a house right beside a 5G tower dumb ass.


Unfortunately,I have seen this first hand with the encroachment of 5 G towers in America . What the America people fail to realize this has been going on way before 2015. I hope people realize that the phones they carry that are 5G are another way of individuals being sick. The world has bought the idea of 5G being a better fast way to communicate but they fail to see fast and better brings with it other problems and issues. We all need to be wise on what we purchase and why we purchase it. We need to look at our own communities and see what school districts are allowing to be put on school lands or where new communities are being built. We are all responsible for ourselves and our children whether we live in Russia , Europe or America . Be responsible human beings not sheep that go along because you are being told too. May we all look for the truth not what the media spouts out..


Being in the vicinity of extremely high frequency “cell towers” which can be triangulated to produce a scalar wave, is one thing.
Carrying a device that allows the production of a standing scalar wave at the point of triangulated convergence, is another!
In other words, the cell phone can assist in targeting you with all the different bandwidth frequencies, being modulated with what ever program material it is.

Jose Ramirez

I don’t trust the 5G neither. But here in USA is all about money, is not about the people. USA still a deep-shit-hole right now. Our government is not respecting the constitution wish is the law of the land , very sad time for USA.


Does the Constitution say anything about 5G towers ?


Everything about 5G towers is illegal.

Military vet red white and GREEN

This is wonderful news, for russia. But this isnt a russian news site. So when are 5G and smart tech going to be taken down in the west? When is trump going to do anything in this vein for this own people if he’s the president???


They will come down when the people burn them down.


That proves our Traitors in charge want you dead especially our children.


I’ve never trusted 5g. I think we should start tearing them down lol, There are places that already took them down because of the radiation.


The bulk of these towers were slapped up during the first two weeks of Covid lock-downs. Coincidence? I don’t think so.


Burn them down. 🔥🔥🔥


I love Putin!!!! He is truly a no bullshit leader!!!!


There is no logical reason that any microwave radiation needs to be going in , through and around any living organism. I was familiar with many types of radiation sources as a radar tech & later as radiation worker on Sub-tender AS-32 Holland. I soon realized that the more I stayed within the heavy lead shielding , the better I felt & clearer was my thinking. I believe all rapid comms should be in fiberoptic systems with no measurable radio frequencies leaking from any associated devices. Magnetics must all be minimized. Let’s get populations like Amish & others tending to simple lives ….. out into Electronic Free Zones where no non natural sources are allowed. That will prove to be the safest most long lived on Earth , that’s my belief. Also no leftists allowed in those zones. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195



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A video went viral a couple years ago, with a tower ‘repairman’ finding a circuit board within it, stating, CVD19 on it. I have later heard from a JFK, Jr. post that the white hats sent out repairmen to all towers to insert this, with this name, to disarm the towers & de-weaponize their worst capabilities. Could be.

Michael R Davis

Sometimes, the instant reaction of an honorable principled King or Dictator is best for the people.
Vlasov was openly challenging Putin to his face, Vlasov had built the only 5G towers in Russia, 22 of them, which killed Russian children, so Putin immediately made an example of him, which the other 5G people took note of and quickly glued their mouths tight shut.

If somebody had shot Anthony Fauci in the head as he had stood there lying to us repeatedly, tens of millions of Americans would have wised up and refused the deadly JAB clot-shots. Even better if it had been Fauci, Deborah Brix, Bill Gates, and Klaus Schwab shot in the head on nation-wide TV and social media. Bang, bang, bang, bang, quickly before the network censors could go to commercials.


I like your thinking, a true America first mentality. DEATH TO ALL TRAITORS !!!