Heavily Vaxxed Pilot Goes Beserk at Denver International Airport


A five times-vaccinated United Airlines pilot at Denver International Airport entered a state of berserker rage on August 2 as he attacked a swinging parking gate with an ax, cursing the “confounded contraption” for not raising when he swiped his parking pass. The loony tunes pilot, identified as Kenneth Henderson, methodically exited his car, opened his trunk, picked up an ax, and chopped at the gate as if to chop a tree.

The lumberjack aviator—possibly suffering from vaccine psychosis—whacked the gate 23 times before bystanders subdued him and wrestled away the ax.

Airport officials described the wild incident as a “physical struggle” with no injuries.

Yesterday, an FAA source who had in the past given Real Raw News details about vaccinated pilots suddenly dying in the cockpit contacted us saying that Henderson had earned notoriety within the FAA for his “Covid theatrics.” According to the source, Henderson was an exemplary pilot and model citizen before getting his first jab, mandated by the carrier, in mid-2021, when he became a “de facto vaccine spokesperson,” espousing the jab’s benefits to anyone who’d listen.

In the air, he frequently used the intercom to tell passengers to “enjoy your flight and remember to get vaccinated and boosted. It saves lives.” He would use the radios, often in hectic traffic patterns, to tell other pilots to “stay updated on your vaccines.” When mask mandates were still in effect, he ordered cabin crew to police the aircraft’s restrooms for unmasked passengers.

Our source said Henderson had received five boosters, the last in June 2023, as he had announced his vaccine status to ATC at Chicago-O’Hare International Airport during a crosswind landing in a rainstorm.

United Airlines management, he added, was notified about Henderson’s extramural activities but gave him their blessing.

“United said they wished more pilots were like Henderson, pilots who were happy to get vaccinated,” the source said.

As FAA leadership toed the regime’s vaccine line, it looked the other way instead of condemning Henderson or revoking his license.

Henderson’s bizarre post-vaccine, ax-wielding antics align with equally oddball stories told to Real Raw News by staff at Womack Army Medical Center, Fort Bragg, earlier this year. As there were only two, both uncorroborated, we didn’t report on them at the time.

Neurologists at Womack believe the vaccines cause a scarce side effect they call “vaccine psychosis,” whereby the clot shot damages the brain’s frontal lobe.

In April 2022, a recently boosted soldier picked up an unloaded rifle, pointed it at squad mates, and squeezed the trigger while laughing maniacally. He seemed shocked his fellow soldiers weren’t falling down dead. He had no previous history of mental illness.

In January 2023, a triple-vaxxed lieutenant at Fort Carlson smashed his office to bits with a baseball bat, then went outdoors and began swinging for the fences at cars in a parking lot.

“Besides the sudden, unexplainable homicidal rage, we observed a second abnormality—the more vaccines they took, the more they wanted another,” a Womack source had told RRN.

He added the incidents may be underreported.

“Cases are few, and hopefully no more, but we’d need more for empirical research,” he said.

RRN wonders why a pilot carried around a full size ax in his trunk.

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Robert Gregory Boensch



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With all the stress “everybody’s” under, due to no fault of our own, good for him!

Morgan Graff

What happened to the article about the FEMA guy?

Solange Silverman

It’s interesting this happened at the airport that most likely is cover for some DS underground goings on. 🤔

Ken T.

Maybe he carried an ax incase he got stranded and his engine wouldn’t run then he could chop down a tree and make a camp fire to stay warm until help came. Or if he picked up a hitchhiker and her legs were too long he could just shorten them so she would fit in the car. There is just all kinds of uses for an ax if a person is in the right mindset. Hoo, Ha, Ha, Ha.


Yea! Good for the Russians. Way to go Russians. The Russians are saving the day!


I was thinking when they stole the election from Trump people would have grabbed their guns and started off the revolution but all got too scared with the COVID spook out. The plandemic worked they stole the election and pacified an ensuing revolution — great job deep state!


Wonderful,the zombies are being activated.

Above Reproach

Once I learned how vaccinated pilots began dying during flight I totally pulled the plug on air travel.


Yea, i have also noticed increased toxic behaviour with the vaxed.

Once we get GESARA, i will detach from my toxic birth family and buy me a cabin in the woods and learn hunting. I start all fresh n clean.

Debbie Fitzko

I will not comply.🙏❤️💪

Debbie Fitzko

God help us all. 🙏❤️💪🇺🇸


OMG People… We got conned out of our big moment. We should have had our CIVIL WAR!
The way I see it, we got the spoils of a civil war anyway.
Covid decimating (10%) the population. Lockdowns with insane government overreach. RIOTS from sea to shining sea. Mass migration, HYPER inflation! Homelessness and poverty growing like 3rd world countries. Mayhem at the borders with drug cartel overlords. Queer communities mutilating our children and their genitals. Racial extremism and political polarization, aided by weaponized legacy media giants. ZERO ACCOUTABILITY FROM OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and millions of dead or dying people caught in the middle.
See. We got the war without the war. Everything you hoped to avoid happened anyway.
There are -99- conservatives to every -1- liberal in this country.
You had them outnumbered 99 to 1! and 99% of that -1- are terrified of firearms and can’t use them.
Tell me again? Why did we neglect our responsibility to apply force?
It would have been the shortest Civil War that ever existed.


I been asking the same question for the last 3 years


The solution now lies in “militias” throughout the states & united to FIGHT all facets of government and evil corporations feeding the beasts.


The issue is not conservative vs. liberal, but rather those awake vs. those asleep to the global geopolitical reality.


Imagine what might be occurring in air traffic control centers but not reported


Scary…maybe these will be the “brown shirts” of Obama (Biden)’s army… What a hoary thought!


There sure is plenty of vaccine psychosis around, that’s for sure.




Sealed indictments. Not arrested.

Above Reproach

I sure would like to see all who have been pushing this agenda become population control agenda numbers.


Where do the many “nurses” who participated in administering the “clot shots” fit? Have a neighbor nurse who traveled to NYC from P’cola during the plannedemic to administer Remdesivir and put patients on ventilators (most likely killing them) all while earning an enormously bloated “salary” to do the cabal’s work taking the lives of many. WHAT will be her “judgment”?


I, 100%, agree!


When can we report the doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators, in our own states, for all the people they’ve murdered? They deserve nothing short of death!


Didn’t vax and didn’t mask the first time and will, again, not comply or consent a second time these dimwits try to push through their fraudulent agenda.

Above Reproach

They are deliberately trying to kill people, as they were unsuccessful in many. The people who lived are telling others what not to do.


Zombie apocalypse right around the corner…

Above Reproach

What do you mean around the corner ? Look at Pittsburgh PA. It’s down the street in every direction, especially in Democratic states and cities. As planned. Those people are the ones that otherwise would be Democrats but now are corn husks with feet. Life expectancy 2 to 3 years tops.


walking time bomb *shudder*


Seems strange to me that a pilot would be carrying an ax in his trunk, at any given time. However, it is obvious that it is always there otherwise he isn’t likely to remember it being there.
Just seems strange to me.


It said he was a lumberjack aviator.

Above Reproach

Chainsaw would be a better option. But he probably wouldn’t be able to start it.


I found that odd as well


Perhaps he is an ax murderer




Kenneth Henderson Jones

Michael Tiner

Project Discordia implemented and fully operational.


Wow! I recently realized I have always loved to travel but perhaps it is no longer necessary to fly in an airplane. You don’t really know if your pilot is unvaxed🙏🙏🙏


Actually you want the pilot unvaxxed. Do some research. Pilots are dropping dead all of the time, and a lot of them in mid air and all because of jab. This is part of the plan of the NWO and deep state. Their goal is to depopulate. scary stuff.

Tex the vet

Obviously what Bee meant, Patriot. I think you misunderstand.

One thing is sure, considering that near 100% of air transport pilots were forced to get the stab, odds are that at some point, in a two crew plane, with the cockpit door locked, both pilots are going to die during a flight. Doubtless that it would happen at the same time during the flight, but the stricken pilot is removed from the cockpit, the cockpit door again locked. If the other pilot then kicks the bucket……. who’s going to fly the plane, even if they can get by the locked door witrhout someone in the cockpit pushing the unlock button?


A helicopter pilot who is not jabbed.
I reckon the odds of both pilot and co-pilot dying at once are pretty long odds.


You never watched the movie Airplane?

Above Reproach

Reminds me of a joke. A business man on a flight was in a real hurry and only had minutes to get to his appointment after landing. Suddenly the captain spoke to the passengers. Passengers this is your captain speaking, unfortunately we have to shut down two of our four engines to conserve on fuel Don’t panic we still have two engines but doing this will delay our flight bye 29 minutes. The business man was outraged he was swearing and turning red with anger. Just then the Captain came back on over the PA. Aaaa passengers this is your Captain speaking and I have to inform you that unfortunately we have to shut down another engine because it’s beginning to overheat, now don’t worry we have a very strong engine left and it’s doing just fine but our arrival is going to be delayed another 25 minutes.
The business man was out of his mind bye this time with anger, he stands up and hollers out, IF WE LOSE ANOTHER ENGINE WERE GOING TO BE UP HERE ALL FREAKING DAY !


Hahahahaha reminds me of where bad rainbows go — to prism it’s a light sentence


The inflatable auto pilot of course


Hey, if we can take a course over the internet to marry couples, maybe there’s a “how to course” on getting our pilot’s license. lol

Above Reproach

It’s working too. More democrats have been vaccinated than any other political group of people. Gullible lemmings….


We just have to wait till they die out


Yes the craziness could be due to the multi jabs, but also a lot of these mask/jab militant bullies I think r getting very frustrated becuz they see the narrative slipping – and they r losing their power to harass – they were hoping government mandates would steadily increase and they could ramp up their bullying as well
on another note has anyone heard that major lockdowns and mask enforcement is scheduled for September and full lockdown by October – due to a new COVID variant – ministry of transportation has apparently
been told to enforce this – see latest A Jones video – not that he is necessarily someone to believe but I am concerned that the DS still has a lot of power especially since the ch3em trayles r still very prevalent where we r in Ontario


Not sure about Canada but I can guarantee we will not be bullied or harassed again in the US about Vax or masks. We will give them the family friendly middle finger. Justin Trudeau can shove it don’t put up with it.


My sentiment exactly! Q… don’t wanna DIE? A… DON’T COMPLY!


5x vaxxed = mentally ill = commit them to asylum. smh.


BESERK? I believe you mean “berserk” in your title!


I really hope this fucker isn’t my pilot soon


I stopped flying a long time ago. I’m happy with my location. No need to board a flying death trap. Plenty here of the four wheeled kind.


Lucky you. I have to fly for three hours to see my son and already taken the risk here is Oz. Travelling by car is a whole week just to get there so if my number is up it is up. I focus on perfect flight.


I don’t think you’ll have to worry

David T

The first three words of your post, sum up all of your posts. #EthelisW0zzAndAboutAdozenOtherTrollTurdNames.


you may turn a metal into a soluuble salt with organic acids like ascorbic or citric;
these acids are used to treat lead poisoning

Elisa Orozco

Can you elaborate on that regarding the actual protocol to affect removal of metals? You have my attention!!! Thanks!


just consume these acids via lemons(citric),,. tomatoes/oranges/strawberries(ascorbic), apples(malic), grapes(tartaric), peaches(quinic);
also helps stmoach juices stay acidic without corrosive HCL that ones’ body produces when too alkaline;although good to keep blood alkaline with potaasium or sodium bicarb, need to consume something like above shortly after, and those acids alone, in the process of being metabolized, make body alkaline; a screwy bodilly PH as been linked to cancer growth.
ironically you can extract some of those acids from toxic mold, but please don’t consume toxic mold


Does this erase getting vaxed once?




which means putting lemon or lime into your water which helps neutralize over acidic body and become alkaline

Kevin Hemming

He is correct. Lemon juice mixed with ginger, extra virgin olive oil. The lemon maybe acidic at first but when it reaches the liver it is coverted to an alkaline base which your body needs for the electrical system. The alkaline base metals will bond with heavier metals such as mercury, magnesium, and lead. So when doing this please make sure to take zinc, iron, and magnesium supplements. Also at night time slice onions 1/4 inch thick and place at the bottom of your feet wrap in surranwrap and place compression socks over the wrap feet overnight. Do this until the color of the onions in the morning is a very pale yellow. At that point your body is free of all toxins and heavy metals. This will also help against graphine oxide as well. Diabetics who use the patches that sends transmissions via Bluetooth has traces of graphine oxide.

Diana Barahona

There used to be an enormous DUMB beneath that airport, which was built by the Masonic New World Airport Commission. It’s full of crazy Luciferian-Nazi art.
Click my name for a link to an article about the Denver International Airport and other Luciferian-Nazi landmarks.


I clicked your name but no link. I would like to read the article.TIA

Diana Barahona

Put these terms in a search engine: Hidden In Plain Sight: The Denver Airport written by John Carroll

Michael R Davis

Worked for me clicking her name.

Roger Lehet

I’ve seen the huge murals and they are sick


I just read through it.




Thank you!



Beserk = TYPO
Berserk = Correct spelling of this word


Fuk yew. = typo


Liberals are anal about typos. If it aint spelled right they cant figure it out

Roger Lehet

Idgit…..= Idiot


Rene Labre

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Dave Strickland

What’s it like being a bot for the deep state?


He is not deep state, his account was hijacked.


Where’s my 20% cut? Send it in gold or silver coins and I believe you real much


Thank you, Michael, for providing us with your reports. I look forward to seeing them continue. Hope you are feeling better. God bless you.


It gets worse. Dr Anna has provided details of the UNvaccinated blood…..her analysis shows the unvaxxed blood looks the same as the vaxxed (clotting).
Originally, the plan was 70% inoculated, they calculated 25% would be transmitted, shed upon. They did a mouse study showing 25% shedding.

She’s on Rumble and other podcasts.

Microscopic Analysis by Anna


clearly showed no difference between vaxxed and unvaxxed.


It is also stated that the person shed/transmitted upon can receive the nano particles as well.

We need a workable antidote. Anna days EDTA chelation (infusion) 3 times weekly others mention Vitamin C.

We need answers.


Clarification of above. The person who was shed upon can then re-shed to a third person.

Elisa Orozco

I’m UNvaxxed but was shed upon and contracted what turned out to be Long Covid. Once I learned that I probably had the nano particles, I started searching for treatments. Lots of online help is out there in the form of people sharing their remedies/treatments such as Nattokinase, Bromeliad, Quertecin, etc. I saw the article you refer to. Thanks for bringing this up. BTW, I was symptom-free in a short time but I continue to take the supplements. You are correct; “We need answers.”


Good. The tell tale sign is the blood.

I believe there’s different levels. In the beginning it appears to have been a direct hit on the woman’s fertility section.

But, as the boosters came out it was more gastrointestinal and if that leaked it went into the blood. I think that’s where we are today.


New Dr Anna release:





Have 3 sisters all vaxxed, and 1 brother NOT vaxxed & myself NOT vaxxed. My brother & I’ve hugged one sister since her vaxx. I’m now having problems with both feet & lower legs (numbness & tingling). I’m absolutely not overweight but I’m on my feet several hours daily except for these RRN sessions & Bitchute vids. I have only “Fediscare” medical coverage and exist off of S/S alone (squat). Cannot afford chelation and expensive naturopathic supplements. Med beds not yet available & wait line will be prohibitive for elderly. Are we too to become victim numbers of demonic cabals death jab? Will need to WRAP UP LIFE PLANS ASAP!

Jim Walker

Yes stop dragging feet and get the show on the road.. Remember America first???


Part of the great awakening ?


Has anyone suggested seei g if hjs family is alive??

E. Grogan

Considering he has an axe, that’s a very good question.

Patty Hoch

This story is over 4 days old now.


So what? It’s information about what those damn shots do to people!!

Stinky Perfume

“Oh there’s that pilot that promotes vaccines, let’s mess with him”. The gate blocks are not just designed for making sure people pay, they are designed for terrorist blocking. This vax promoter is a terrorist whether he knows it or not.

John .S

Bystander needed a beating for not minding own business…

Myself supervising male companions in tuning-up a catalytic converter thief, companions overzealous once they get started, there’s no stopping them.

Bystander interjected, told him to STFU, and mind his own business who didn’t take my advice.

Bystanders [overgrown tattooed hipster] squared-off on me, taking bladed stance, I broke his nose, his girl friend was freaking, hilarious, sight to see.

To bad bystander didn’t have a ponytail or beard that I could scalp and hang on my rear view mirror.

People need to mind there own business and not interjected in matters that don’t personally concern them.


Your discussion reads like your high on sonethng?

John .S

Big difference between a ”’Good Samaritan”’ aiding a ‘person’, than a “”busy-body bystander“ that doesn’t mind their own business, that “must” be delt with, especially cop-calling parasites aka, tyrannical cancel culture cultists.


You are insane!!

John .S

I’m far from insane.

This article referenced a ‘Bystander’, and I ran with the “”unsaid – busy-body”” epsert within.

My interaction with a “busy body” bystander was warranted. Guy was advised to mind his own business, and STFU, I also said: “it can go easy, or go hard for ya”. Told him straight out.

Guy expressed his Macho tough guy demeanor for his girl, taking a stance, myself simply put him in his place, cause & effect.

No doubt Mr. Macho will never interject in someone else’s business ever again. It’s all about checks & balance.

People need to learn to mind their own business, and not interject in matters that don’t concern them.

Andrew Stevano

As a general rule of thumb, agreed.



John .S

Incoherent? Myself articulated commentary well, nothing incoherent whatsoever, as precise and concise.

I’m placing emphasis on ”’societal scourge”’ of people not minding their own business, often whom cop-callers.

Bystander referenced herein lacks clarification i.e. parking lot attendant, or airport employee, whereas bystander alleged as ‘random person’ watching someone go-to-town on a inanimate object.

Who the heck is the bystander getting involved, interjecting oneself between another man versus machine?

Myself watched people go-to-town on parking meters that abscond with coin not printing multi-meter receipt, returning response: “have at it bro – you’re doing great – would be honored to buy you a beer”.

Again, my commentary emphasis is on “people not minding their own business”.


Personally I’d film the event and put it up on Rumble! Hilarious watching a psycho take an axe to a parking gate. Everyone needs a good laugh because all are wound up just too tight and when that spring breaks it’s just a bit funnier to watch happen in people than clocks.


Who wants to fly with vaxxed pilots at the helm? Or with United Airlines, who endorse “untested – Emergency-Use” Drugs ….. As a nurse, I van not call these Vaccines.

We fly to Denver often…. Maybe not for a while.

Micheal, PLEASE – a story about other Airlines and their VAX policies would be very useful!

E. Grogan

I believe all airlines are mandating the jab. From what I’ve read that seems to be what’s happening.


Don’t call this disinformation or satire when it is blatantly in your face!


Don’t think I will be flying for a while…not that there’s anything wrong with flying and not that I don’t trust pilots or airline companies.


I would wait out a few years for the zombies to die off.


Satire! No way. This isn’t true.


The Zombies are everywhere
Hence the “Karen” verbage. We didn’t have Karen’s until the V.. ✔️


What is a “Karen” besides being a woman’s name?

Rebecca Tracy

This was on NBC news. They said under lot of stress. No mention of just boosted or vaccines 🙁
When asked if he would continue to fly. Answer was he would be evaluated & most likely yes he would pilot again 🙁 who would wanna fly on his plane. 🤬🇺🇸

E. Grogan

I was a flight attendant back in the day; I can tell you this, I wouldn’t fly on his plane for any reason whatsoever, even if mandated. I have this crazy addiction to breathing.

Sandy Koufax

Henderson is a role model for all of the other Pilots as he listens to his primordial instincts and destroys a gate with an ax.


I feel for that poor poor little parking gate

William R Nicholson

Frontal lobe activity is not too great in many people who follow every instruction from their puppet masters indoctrination areas. This person storing a full sized ax in his trunk may have had loss of hearing later in life as another issue. He thought he heard people saying Bill Clinton was Cool , when appearing on late night TV , sporting sunglasses & playing an Ax …….. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

Sandy Koufax

Someone needs to take an ax to Henderson’s vaccinated arm and leave the severed arm on the Whitehouse lawn.

Rene Labre

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Where’s my 30% cut for having this shit in my face for the THIRD time send in silver and gold coins and I believe you much