Special Forces-Spetznas Team Kills Pedo Kingpin in Ukraine


The joint U.S. Special Forces-Spetznas strike force that rescued 73 children from Ukrainian Adrenochrome peddlers last week has scored another victory, this time against a 62-year-old child trafficker who had been living a Heffneresque lifestyle at his opulent, guarded estate in Crimea, an autonomous republic of Ukraine encompassing most of Crimea that Russia annexed in 2014.

As reported last week, elements of the U.S. and Russian militaries entered an informal détente to save American and Russian children held hostage at an Adrenochrome laboratory in southern Ukraine. The unit killed the facility’s security and freed the children without suffering a friendly casualty.

General Eric M. Smith, 5th Special Forces Group commander Brent Lindemen, and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the latter of whom initially proposed the coupling of the two militaries, were so pleased with the team’s operational success and degree of cooperative commitment that they posited an idea to the leaders of each group—remain in Ukraine, working as a unified team to eliminate child traffickers throughout the immoral country. The Special Forces and Spetznas leaders agreed, reportedly saying they were in for the long haul, for as long as it takes to eradicate traffickers and pedophiles, expose their Eastern Europe and Western handlers, and save God’s children.

Since the start of Vladimir Putin’s Special Military Operation in February 2022, Russian Armed Forces have saved thousands of children and assassinated scores of notorious traffickers, primarily in northern Ukraine along its borders with the Russian Federation. Heavy losses precipitated changes in tactics, and the unholy ring leaders moved their ungodly operations south, distancing themselves from the Russian military and positioning themselves closer to countries like Poland, Hungary, and Romania—nations whose leaders are in league with Zelenskyy and the criminal Biden regime. Our source said the joint unit will focus on but not limit itself to targets in that theater.

What could have been an intractable dilemma was quickly resolved by Gen. Smith and Shoigu—who would issue orders? Which leader, the Special Forces or the Spetznas, would have the final say in tactical decisions?

Both militaries adhere to a unified chain of command, without which anarchy—and fragging—typically ensues. America had its fair share in Vietnam, and Russia in Afghanistan. Grenades tossed into latrines and what not.

Each side would designate a battle-hardened combat officer, preferably a colonel or a general, to coordinate war efforts from a clandestine command center in Belarus, meaning the designees and their families would have to uproot and relocate. Each man’s input would carry equal weight, irrespective of rank, and together they would prioritize targets and pass intelligence to the Special Forces-Spetznas team.

Likewise, the senior Special Forces and Spetznas must overcome cultural differences and contrasts in combat doctrine to fight as one effectively.

“We’re in uncharted waters here,” said our source in Gen. Smith’s office, “and the water’s so murky we can’t see the bottom. The playbook is getting rewritten downrange. So far, we’re two-for-two in cooperation and victories.”

He did not provide a play-by-play of Thursday’s operation against Ukrainian underworld figure Mykola Taran, a hypocritical purveyor of kidnapped children who, according to the FSB, amassed a fortune brokering the sales of abducted children to buyers in Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, and Czechia. Mykola was a hypocrite because he publicly denounced child trafficking and pedophilia while overlording one of Ukraine’s most prolific child trafficking syndicates. Although never seen in the company of a minor, he had no qualms about profiting from their misery.

The Special Forces-Spetznas team, codename “Raven,” effortlessly disabled Mykola’s security system and killed sentries patrolling the perimeter of his walled estate, which had two swimming pools and a 9-hole golf course. They used silenced weapons to kill three more guards inside the seven-bedroom mansion, where Mykola and an unnamed adult female were asleep in the master bedroom. Mykola had left his computer on. The screen showed a spreadsheet listing names, genders, and ages of children up for sale and links to websites with images.

The Russian and American leads understood what had to be done without uttering a word; they agreed that the female had to be complicit in Mykola’s crimes.

They put two rounds in each head, then seized the evidence and stealthily withdrew.

“It’s being analyzed and will hopefully lead them to those kids. We know these aren’t the same kids they saved in Nahachiv. That place is full of sickos, and hopefully, Mykola’s death puts a dent, even a small one, in their operation,” our source said.

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Robert James

And the US media says not a word.


I heard many times, starting about two years ago, that once the child trafficking networks begin to be exposed, and the mission rolls out to find the children and arrest the monstrous demons who have imprisoned them, these events will unite Americans, and countries around the world.❤️

Looks like it’s starting…..

Robert Gregory Boensch



Why is Mark Levin so against Putin? He was laying on us hard yesterday about how awful he is, calling him all ort of names. Is he paid to propagandize about him? Or is Mark deeply brainwashed to hate Putin.

We need more understanding because what I’m seeing on back channels is Putin is kicking BadGuyAss and taking names. Who wouldn’t love him for that, ESPECIALLY when it comes to saving our children and killing off trafficking kingpins and this who protect them (security guards)!

I’d be finding another job if I were security for an evil criminal, that’s for sure.

Something isn’t adding up here.

BTW I listen to his daily radio show broadcast. Not his fox news broadcast


I agree! Been hearing the same on alternative news sites.


I want you all to understand I love our special forces. We know how good our military is. It does not hurt to brag on the Russians either. They are both doing a great job. I want those children back home with their parents. What they are doing to these children is mean! I am glad they are working together to accomplish that goal! Thank you gentlemen you are doing a great job.


Now this is teamwork you should all be proud of yourselves.


I love to hear good news! Thank you for getting those kids. You are a super hero!




All I can say is, job well done boys.

Barry Dember

Congratulations to the combined Military efforts of the U.S Special Forces, and Russian Spetznas. I hope they continue to work together to track down these evil money hungry blood vampires, and bio lab engineer scientists.


This is good news. It does not matter the culture or language, we can find a common ground which we can fight for. I hope this outcome is doubled or trippled in Ukraine. Hoping other countries can join to fight this global issue without mercy.
Thanks RRN


Good news that we can fight alongside the Russian forces to jointly save children that the Ukrainian government is abusing


Awesome- come to CT-


“,,, no stone upon another.”

* * * ]]-[[ALLELUJA]]-[[ * * *

My Heart wants to E X P L O D E

* S * A * L * U * T * E *


Well done, & good team~work crew! Prayers!

Ann Ononomous

May God bless and protect these brave soldiers! 🙏💖😎😘


Military officer speaks on Ukrainian child sex ring trafficking kids to UK politicians:

twitter. com /GeneralMCNews/ status/ 1685406091495038976?s=20


I can’t get that up to read it. I would love to read what he is saying. Oh well


Katie you have to remove the extra spaces. There were 4 spread throughout. Here you go





Go going Russians! That was a horrible person.


Bravo Spetznas!!! Hope we get a follow up report on this story, saying they found the children. Awesome 🙂


MB, Hungary is NOT in league with NATO or Zelenskii, Hungary is on OUR (WH) side of this fight.


Does not mean that people within are all good.


Cause they ain’t Americans?


Joe has always had an attraction to little kids. Boys or girls, doesn’t matter. It is no wonder he is sending US taxpayer billions monthly, to Zelenskyy, his fellow perv, under the disguise that Zelenskyy needs it to fight off Rusia. Zelenskyy really needs our billions each month from Joe, to traffic more kids around the world to rich men.


Read my post above, the Ukrainians are selling kids for sex with UK politicians.


My spouse saw a photo of Joe B sniffing a kid, for the first time, the other day. He walked around the house very disgusted. It has taken him that long to see such creepy images but he has a reason to keep away from pedo filth. He loathes every cell that they are.


“at an Adrenochrome laboratory in southern Ukraine” I would rather say it was in western Ukraine, no ?


There will be other sites as well.
” Leave No Stone Unturned, nor One Upon Another. ”
” They” want Us dead, as dead & soulless as they are.


Thumbs up for the Russian Spec Ops taking down the pedo’s!!! A banner weekend I must say.

Terry Gabrich (SF)

Very good. I have jumped and trained with the Russian Spetsnaz when I was in Russia. They know what they are doing. You cannot officially be a Russian Spetsnaz unless you have at least 1,000 jumps to your credit. That’s right folks, 1,000 jumps. That is unheard of in American Airborne. I jumped with one Ranger who told me that he had 400 jumps, and that is a real stretch. I have over 100 but I stopped counting at 34. However, the Russians actually are not our enemy. In fact, they never were. All of that nonsense was made up by powers that be that wanted to show competition between the two countries.

It is good that both countries are starting to work together and put petty nonsense aside. As I said before, I had one Russian jump master that had over 7,800 jumps. that is unheard of in American Airborne. I could tell you what kind of training that the Russian Spetsnaz goes through, but you wouldn’t believe it. I wish I was there, I would love to save some of those children.


Thank-you for your service to us & the world!! You should write a book! Americans need a reality challenge! ❤️🤍💙❤️🤍💙❤️🤍💙❤️🤍💙❤️🤍


Ty****You for Your Service Sir. SALUTE.

We are One People, prayed & fed on by evil, wicked, and soulless forces.

That’s coming to an E N D ~


I have always been intrigued with Russia and its culture. If more of our world was like them, it would be a better place to live. You know what is allowed and not allowed, and if you do what’s not allowed, you pay the consequences. Not like here, always an excuse to blame someone else for the actions of ourselves..bless your people, I pray for them every day.


God bless you sir. You are a true credit to our countries

Dave Strickland

The mug-shot of a Mykola Taran is displayed on Google, and he is interestingly 62, the same age as in this report. He is portrayed as a football manager. The name is shared by other individuals.

Rene Labre

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Dave Strickland

You’re talking to a bot.


YO, Homie, yuz chatting with AI! Let that sink into your empty cranium filled water!


After reading all of these posts. I do believe most of you need to learn about Romelus and Remus.. What is happening is the exact play game as Romelus did to conquer.. EXACTLY to a Tee.. wow.. history repeats itself.. ✔️

Nukken Futz

How does this relate to Uncle Remus and brer rabbit and the tar babies…?

Chris G

Russians and Americans have worked together in space for decades; I have no doubt they will work together on the adrenochrome/child trafficking battlefront just fine.


Russians and Americans working together on the space race. They were competing with each other with the scientists they plucked from Nazi Germany and the end of WW2. How in the hell were they working together when they were adversaries, trying to beat each other to reach the moon first?


I would say that there is likely some difference between the former Soviet Union & present Russia. They are perhaps the finest of allies at this juncture.


Trace the paper, where there is no paper,,, it was burned, destroyed, lost. Doesn’t matter,,, Universe Witnessed Everything.

Anthony Gregory

Very emotional report. 👍


Prayers for us all, & for the children!


I want to know why the White Hats have tormented me, lied about me, refused to protect me or my children? If they are good guys why didn’t they ever come talk to me? They refused to give me any kind of dignity nor did they respect my basic human rights.

I want an explanation and an apology. I would prefer that the explanation is “We had to execute them all” in which case no apology is necessary.

If even the good guys of this country havd such a terrible character what hope is there for anyone or angry?

I’m just being real. They ruined my life and never gave me two minutes to talk to anyone . I’ve never had a chance to tell my story to anyone, I’m furious that they treated me less than a human being.



I don’t care if you block me. You can block every comment I make but if there is any truth to the fact that you have some connections I’m hoping you will bring my complaints to them. You see my name. I’ve been whistleblowing since 2009 and I have been through hell. How do they explain this? I feel like I have been unjustly punished for telling the truth.


Dude~ Anyone who really puts themselves out there becomes a target of the DS. It is to be expected beforehand. Work on holding your emotional life together. Hold your shit. This ain’t all about you right now. Get over it, or seek professional help.


Please seek mental health services, what ever happened to you, you may need to talk to a psychologist.


This kind of action is what we all have been waiting to hear about. Death to those that would do such horrific acts to children.

Rene Labre

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Roger Lehet



Do not downvote the BOT.


Pay rise for Charles III from $86,000,000.00 to $145,000,000.00 per year, he cuts security for Harry and Meghan and Andrew, kicks Andrew out of Buck House for being friends with Epstein while he was friends with Saville, and Brits can’t heat their homes, pay their bills or put food on the table, and the doctors, nurses, teachers, ambulance medics and other workers had to go to on strike during the winter holidays to get our attention. Even PM Rishi Sunak said he can’t help them. 

Sandy Koufax

What the fuck, Chuck?


Dr, nurses, teacher, pharmacy workers, ambulance medics and other workers all were pushing the vax, and they can just starve for all I care…they need to change their ways and repent…

Sandy Koufax

Sever their inoculated arms and leave the inoculated arms on the Whitehouse lawn.


You forgot about the princes prancing with paedophiles with one getting rich and the other getting his ass kicked. I would love to see the Joint Forces go after them!




King Charles is a antichrist in the making. His mum tried to outlive him but couldn’t hold on. I think she knew what he was to become eventually. I’m not saying he’s the antichrist but definitely one. Go on youtube or do a search for the book the antichrist and a cup of tea


Wow MB! You have had some awesome reports. Thanks 😊


Robert Malone:

twitter. com /AntonioSabatoJr /status/ 1692864045190127674?s=20


Christians and Muslims marching across Canada protesting the transsexualization of children.

twitter .com/ WallStreetSilv/ status/ 1692781818955641259?s=20


What message are you trying to get across? I cant work your link


Thanks for not reposting 10% of the story LOL


remove the spaces then copy/paste into address bar above.


THINK!!! you have to connect the links there are spaces because actual links will not post…so after the word twitter there is a space, connect it to the dot, there is other spaces in the link…connect the spaces….DUH!!!!


Thanks, AF.


Remove the spaces within the link.


Newt Gingrish:
twitter. com /SebGorka /status /1692913259844636756?s=20


Prof. Angus Dalgleish ;
twitter. com/ iluminatibot /status /1692990739397955719?s=20

Citizen Joe

Maybe we could get that unit doing some operations here in bidenland! We need some real quantitative action here too! We need it desperately before bidenomics and World Enslavement Forum scorched earth leave nothing left.


Marc Moran, CEO, Climate Depot dot com.

twitter. com/ WallStreetApes /status/ 1692914740589195727?s=20


One more point I forgot to make. It would have been much easier to start the wildfire at night when all of the landowners were asleep in their homes burning their entire families. We know they had the roads blockaded to prevent any of the landowners from escaping to safety. But they did not because they wanted the CHILDREN separated from their parents to abduct them. The wildfires were started after the children went to school so the Satanic Governor cancelled school sending all of the children home where the children were out walking home along the streets or walking home from the bus stop. Their parents did not know the children had been sent home because they were at work and never warned about the wildfire. It was easy to abduct those children from the streets. How many of those children do you think had keys to get into their houses? My guess is less than half, which would have left the children out wandering in the streets with nothing to do because cell phone service was down so they could not reach their parents. The children did not make it to their front doors. The Governor had it all planned out that the Deep State and Elite’s would take over the land and become sovereign. I asked myself why in the hell would Hawaii want to separate itself from our country when clearly it cannot protect or defend itself and relies on our military and us. The Deep State wanted to make Hawaii sovereign and their next move would be NO EXTRADITION! So all of these heinous Deep State criminals could fly from the countries they are hiding in and live in an English speaking sovereign country with no extradition for their unforgiveable crimes against humanity and treason. There is one error in that plan; we could torpedo the island blowing their country off the map because they already killed the native Hawaiians and abducted their children leaving just the Deep State criminal regime. I wish all the RRN Commentators would FOCUS on what is crucial at this point in time–LOCATING AND RESCUING THE 1000-2000 INNOCENT CHILDREN ABDUCTED FROM MAUI. We need to come together and PUSH our Military by only discussing those CHILDREN. We can celebrate our Special Forces and Spetznas when the JOB is Done. Our military f***** up. They were the ones down in the DUMBS witnessing the horrific unforgettable crime scenes and unfixable (by MedBeds) tortured and dismembered children! Our military’s 1st thought should have been the MAUI CHILDREN. If the White Hats are low in numbers then call in the Reserves and call Putin to send more Spetznas. DAMN IT- How could they miss this???? GENERAL SMITH GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER AND LOCATE AND RESCUE THOSE CHILDREN NOW before ANY of them are tortured or raped. We need to hire hackers to hijack live news channels in all countries to report Amber Alerts for All 1000-2000 Abducted Maui Children so the World is looking everywhere for them. TRUMP your time is up- TAKE OVER THE MEDIA AND SAVE THESE CHILDREN! TRUMP YOU SAY THIS WAR IS ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN?? PROVE IT NOW BY SAVING THOSE INNOCENT CHILDREN!!

Jonathan Ray Carmona

I wonder if General Smith ever sees any of this chat. I sure wish he did.


I seriously doubt it. They don’t mix with the civilians from my experience.


Has anybody seen cell phone footage of any of this? I’m sure its being surpresed, but ive yet to see any footage of the firefights between white and black hats, or footage of houses being rifled through by out of control FEMA agents. I’m not doubting any of this info, but where are all of the videos being posted? There has to be tons of evidence out there to support all this

Stinky Perfume

I saw one video a lady made when her sister died in Maui and the sister said “fire was coming up from underneath her house” while she was talking on the phone. I guess that meant cell phones weren’t cut off yet.


The realest evidence is that no one has seen an official, an officer, a politician, nor a FEMA agent in the Lahaina area in days.


@Warrior — FYI: The Chinese infiltrated squatted colonized and bred out the Hawaiians a very long time ago….
Go to “Before Its News” and listen to Kim Goguen’s report. She cites there is an underground base on Maui since WWII run by Osaka Military. She cites “Jesuits and the Jades” started the fires, whereas the Osaka Military used a plasma energy weapon underneath the island which appeared on the surface as though the energy was coming from the sky. But there is no evidence of anything from the sky such as a Lockheed plane carrying a DEW weapon, but there is evidence that Osaka Military shot a weapon from underground. 


Silly me, I believed the Smart meters version.


Kim Goguen?… Omg..she’s a FAKE…. she’s a NUTT JOB.. WTH?..


There remains a living real regal Native Hawaiian lineage, heirs to the Hawaiian Kingdom. I believe this was an act of genocide against Native Hawaiians living in Lahaina.


“There is wisdom in a multiplicity of counselors.” Be careful whom you choose to listen to. Consider other sources & their information.


WOW, all I can say is WOW!
Everything is getting expodentially out of control and we need to see our white hats stopping this and preventing another Maui.
See Psalm 94 – pray for God to avenge this evil.


Whenever you want to invade and takeover a man’s house, you MUST bind the strongman first! The Marines didn’t mess up, they went in and took down the enemy first! That’s Bible sir. Now to your point, I’d surely be looking underneath those untouched hotels and mansions that are owned by DS elite as to where those children are. Start with Oprah and the clone Bill Gates house!!


Our military’s first wave did what had to be done. The second wave should have been Special Forces after the CHILDREN. THE STRONGMAN WAS ON THE SUBMARINE WITH THE CHILDREN! He/she does not put his/her life in harms way. He/she has their stupid expendable minions for that. Our military is first to protect those who cannot protect themselves–the helpless innocent CHILDREN. The battlefield changed when that submarine left port with the children. Our military did f***-up. Special Forces should have been deployed after the children immediately. You do not win a war by reacting to your enemies actions. You anticipate their moves and stop them. It is fact that the Khazarian’s rewrote the Bible so do not quote their sh*t to me. The Children were the ticket to the land because they inherited it. You are naive if you think the CHILDREN are still on that island. The CHILDREN already reached port in a foreign country where they are now being raped, tortured and drained of Adrenochrome.


Keep the faith & positivity & prayers going, because it is more powerful than visualizing disaster upon disaster. See them being rescued. You are also not privvy to all that is really happening, so don’t freak out. It has to be this way. We are at war. Deal.


I’m pretty sure our White Hats are fully aware of the six tunnels under these compound / estates.


And Obama’s mansion


I understand exactly what you’re saying and meantime you’re accusing Trump whatever you’re reading and watching probably you don’t even know 10% of it I’m pretty sure Trump and the military they know exactly what they’re doing they’ve been doing this without we the people knowing what’s happening now we know and we are complaining Trust the plan


I do not trust ANY PLAN that SACRIFICES 1000-2000 innocent CHILDREN regardless of whose plan it is! We can do better! I am a 100% Trump Supporter but it is UNACCEPTABLE for Trump to Tweet to the World that “our government was not prepared“. After Pearl Harbor our government should have been prepared for anything! What our military has experienced, seen and fought in the DUMBS substantiates this. Btw, Trump, Telegram, ostensibly the White Hats and therefore the military brass knew Maui (and other named locations) are targeted as future “smart cities”. Clearly Trump tweeted without a proofreader because his statement “Nothing can ever replace your loved ones BUT YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE THE MEMORIES” is a really poor choice of words that belittles the lives of those lost. FYI, constructive criticism only makes one better.


You don’t seem like a real warrior, more like a worrier. You DO NOT know everything that is happening here.


You do not know the definition of warrior. A warrior does not sit on their ass judging people they know nothing about. A million people throughout their lives will neither experience nor be forced to overcome ONE of the catastrophic events I have. So shut your mouth unless you have something of importance to say. You also do not understand there are approximately twelve (12) people in addition to President Trump that have the military clearance to know everything that is going on. Those twelve (12) top brass summarize and compartmentalize the information for the rest of the military as to what each soldier needs to know to accomplish the mission they are given. The more you comment the less educated you prove. I am doing my job. Are you doing yours?


I saw a comment from a local and they said it was a teacher work-day and the students weren’t in school yet.


I’ve yet to hear anyone explain how it happened that children were home alone from school, & when that ‘day off’ was determined.


I love America and Russia working together to rescue these children.

Lady Hermann

Excellent work!


Question: Routinely articles describes “Silenced” weapons being used. Are these some cutting edge James Bond movie Hollywood Make Believe type suppressors, or units that are only available to Incursion Elite members, or are these your standard market 30 db reduction units? My asking, is because unlike the movies, a silenced firearm is still LOUD, reducing the sound level from approx 165 db to 135 db, which is still LOUD. It does NOT reducing firearm discharge to whisper quiet levels, unless there is some top secret custom hardware.


In Idaho we use poptatoes as suppressors.


In Idaho we use potatoes as suppressors.


Booms were heard. Could have been car gas tanks, gas lines, gun-fire, anything.


Thrilled to hear of so much progress & interesting way of sharing command! Makes perfect sense actually. Requires the least adaptation for both sides.

K. C.

Please Father lookout and protect these Heros doing your work on earth.


Good job.


Looks like they work well together destroying the enemy of children good job, boo ya for the special forces and the special forces in Russia the spitznaz


Once you mess with a hornets nest they swarm by the billions. THEY WILL ALL GO DOWN BY THE HAND OF OUR LORD AND KING!!! Wait upon HIM!!!