Joint U.S. Special Forces – Spetznas Team Rescues 73 Children in Ukraine


A joint U.S. Special Forces and Russian Spetznas infiltration unit has rescued 73 children from a horrific dungeon in Ukraine and slaughtered a score of abductors who had been draining the kids of adrenal fluid with plans to market them as child sex slaves afterward, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

The operation, which occurred last Thursday, August 10, marks the first time Vladimir Putin’s elite forces and America’s intrepid Special Operations community have cooperated in a mutual venture aimed at eradicating the Adrenochrome trade and ending the proliferation of pedophilia in a country whose president, the demon Volodymyr Zelenskyy, reportedly keeps a harem of drugged kids at his Kyiv estate.

Our source said Gen. Smith last Tuesday, August 8, received a personal telephone call from Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who claimed to have intelligence that “people working for the pig Zelenskyy” were holding “young boys and girls,” including American citizens, in a decrepit laboratory somewhere near Nahachiv, a village in Lviv Oblast, about 5 miles east of the Polish border.

Shoigu said his forces had yet to learn the lab’s precise location but were zeroing in. He told Gen. Smith he would send Spetznas to save the children and kill their captors once he had the geographical coordinates. He then made an overture of collaboration, asking whether the general wanted his forces to join the mission, as American children were among the hostages.

Gen. Smith, our source said, pressed Shoigu for specifics and the source of his intelligence.

“We have our methods of extracting intelligence, Comrade General Smith. Perhaps we are less concerned about violating the human rights of criminals than you are. You can join us if you can get there fast enough, or we can send your children home,” Shoigu said through his human translator.

The general, our source added, was naturally suspicious but receptive to Shoigu’s offer.

“He’s always on guard for traps,” he said. “But he knows that over 400,000 kids, what they used to call Milk Carton kids, are missing and presumed to be commodities in the pedophile and Adrenochrome rings. He gave it a moment of thought and said he wanted in. Shoigu gave him instructions on where to cross the border from Poland into Ukraine to meet the Spetznas,” our source said.

“One thing, Comrade General Smith: You should know, we do not take prisoners,” Shoigu said.

Immediately following the call, Gen. Smith contacted 5th Special Forces Group commander Col. Brent Lindemen at Fort Bragg, telling him to get a platoon suited up for a holiday, his way of saying a firefight was on the horizon. He told Lindemen to pick at least two men who spoke Russian, redundancy should one fall in battle.

Special Forces crossed into Ukraine from Poland on foot the morning of Thursday, August 10, and, after meeting their Spetznas contact, hiked five miles to a makeshift camp where two dozen Spetznas were either sipping coffee from thermos mugs or unpacking and repacking rucksacks, removing unneeded gear. The team leaders, our source said, shook hands and got along swimmingly. The Spetznas leader had good news: He had located where the children were being held, a fenced compound with three structures, the ad hoc prison and two guardhouses, four miles southeast of their current location. He said his scouts already had eyes on the target and counted eight perimeter sentries, possibly more lurking indoors.

The lead Spetznas opined that the sentries ambled about like hired goons, not trained soldiers, and suggested that Special Forces tackle the guard shacks while his men assault the ramshackle textile mill that Zelenskyy had converted into an Adrenochrome siphoning plant.

“Once they suck the children dry like vampires, they feed them, make them look healthy, even put makeup on the very young girls, and bring them across the border to sell,” the Spetznas said.

They ingressed after dusk, U.S. snipers plunking down sentries with headshots while Spetznas snipped a hole in the rusted fence surrounding the buildings. Four sentries fell before the others realized they were under attack. Someone was screaming in Ukrainian, “Pidiyditʹ do ditey. Vbyty ditey,” or “Get the children. Kill the children,” but was suddenly silenced when Spetznas grabbed him from behind and slit his throat.

As guards emerged two-by-two from a cement shack, Special Forces, now moving forward and covering one another, took them down, ensuring none reached the mill where a Spetznas was prying open the door lock.

The shrieks of screaming children pressed against the wall with an almost tangible force.

“You are safe. We are here to help,” a Spetznas said in English and in Russian. “Please keep voices down. I know you are frightened.”

Special Forces eliminated the last three guards, and a headcount of the children began. Forty-one American and 32 Russian kids were handcuffed to shackles bolted to the walls. Although many appeared nourished and generally healthy, others showed signs of anemia, dehydration, and starvation, as if the jailers were biased against certain children.

“You see, this is what they do here, every day,” a Spetznas told Special Forces.

According to our source, Spetznas summoned a QRF on standby, which came with vehicles to extract the children to a safe house for medical care, after which they would be identified and sent home.

We asked our source if the mission marks an era of cooperation between Russian and American White Hat forces.

“We share similar goals,” he said, adding that Special Forces would remain in theater until further notice.

“There’s a lot of missing kids, and only God knows how many are in Zelenskyy’s backyard,” he said.

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Robert Gregory Boensch


Military officer speaks on Ukrainian child sex ring trafficking kids to UK politicians:

twitter. com /GeneralMCNews/ status/ 1685406091495038976?s=20

Robert James

I envy whoever gets to kill “that pig Zelenskyy”. LOL


Articles like this leave me speechless. My imagination cannot even get close to the misery these little ones endure.


Thank God for brave God’s Warriors saving these children

Citizen Joe

These brave warriors are needed because god either doesn’t have the power to protect little kids or doesn’t give a damn! With hundreds of thousands being abducted every year in spite of god, Calling these valiant warriors “God’s Warriors” is really insulting these brave warriors who are putting their lives on the line to do what god can’t or wont do! god apparently can’t do or doesn’t want to do anything about the millions of innocent children who starve to death every year either. Or the millions of girls and woman raped every year.

Lucy Cwiklinski

Thank you Michael for the continuing reports!! Thank God for our white hat military and Russia working together in rescuing the children!! And pray you are in better health and maintaining!!🇺🇸


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Rene Labre

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BJ Edwards

Petitfils do not deserve to live. Leave these babies alone.


The word is pedophiles.


Very informative, thank you for the news we aALL new to know. God Bless the military who are executing this mission, both Americn and Russian.

joe mudd



yes, Thank God!


Heavenly Father Yahweh I give thanks to You for General Eric M. Smith‘s Special Forces and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu‘s Spetznas for saving the children. In Yahshua Messiah’s Name Bless Micheal Baxter.


yahweh is a god of war , google it


Russia has always been our ally, since our founding…

Julio Antonio Laguna

Outstanding job, Special Forces and Spetsnaz! Thank you!!!

Michael Tiner



U.S. Special Forces and Russian Spetznas BOOYAY!!!


Fantastic news but please redouble your efforts there are many many more to be rescued, love to all.

Ronald Nussbeck

This lifts my heart and brings tears to my eyes. It is passed time to take out all the Elite Cabal and send them to hell.

Cheryl L. Sherman

I am so very proud of our White Hat Military and the Russian Military that saved those children hidden in Ukraine. My heart breaks for them and all of the people trafficked – especially those for adrenochrome harvesting and as sex-slave victims.

Sparky Sr

Heavenly Father, please console these children’s souls and comfort them in your love. May your grace cradle them in your bossom and keep them safe. Guide these special soldiers to finish your work saving these children and others that are in danger. I pray & beg, Father to Father, that you send your Archangels to help eradicate these evil soulless people harming & killing your children.
I ask & beg this through your son’s Name, Jesus Christ, who’s blood shed saved your people.

Ellen T

Standing in agreement in Jesus’ name, amen! God-speed! Also, prayers for all soldiers and everyone involved to be kept safe and to be able to finish their work sooner than later so they can all be returned to their families.




a certain someone never said to use his name , google it some people need to do their homework

Julio Antonio Laguna





god lives within not in heaven , google it


Awesome! The Russian people are not so different from us…they love children and in fact absolutely dote on them. As they did even under Soviet rule. My high school Russian teacher in 1983 had escaped to the US only the year before…she gave each student a souvenir from her personal belongings which she had smuggled out.


Way To Go.


I seen them recruiting for the illuminati on tic tok again last time it was bitchute for 2 months straight I don’t have tic tok but my friend does some time I check out post a lot of info is released on TikTok more than any other social media I guess because it only allows short videos so more info gets out to more people.


How many of those 41 Americans were children who crossed the border alone? This is probably why they separated the children from the parents at the border, exactly for this!


Children who crossed the [our] border weren’t American. If they were abducted or sold in America, as you suggest, that doesn’t make them Americans. Or are you referring to a border in Eastern Europe???

Barry Dember

I salute President Putin, the Spetznas and our American Special forces for working together to rescue these children. Thank You Lord Yeshua, for using these brave young men. Presidents Trump and Putin can restore world order working together to take down the satanic deep state, because the Lord, will be with them and none shall escape.




Get those Kids home to rest and recoup. Biden depends on this adrenaline. Go going guys a very good job. This shows Russians and Americans can work together when there is a cause we have in common. Children we have in common. Gentlemen you did a great job and thank you!

Annette Payne

Is there any way Putin could go ahead and end this war and still keep the children safe? Biden is draining the US dry of money. I don’t know how long we can survive. When that war ends maybe we will stop sending money to them. Couldn’t his forces go in and round up Zelenskyy’s troops and put them in jail although that guy said they take no prisoners. We need an end to this war for the citizens of Ukraine, the children held captive and for us. Biden is giving another $39 or 40M to Ukraine and only $7-900 to the people on Maui. Something must be done. Of course most of the money is being given to Ukraine so people in congress can get it back but all of this must stop. Didn’t congress vote against an audit for the Ukraine monies we have been sending?

Linda Jackson

You will find that what they are saying about the money being paid out is a BIG LIE! I think they WOULD if they COULD, but they CAN’T. When Biden reports that he is spending LESS money than Trump, I could NOT understand how that could POSSIBLY be until I found out that they are NOT spending all that they say they are spending because they CAN’T get access to it.


Defunct, bankrupt US, Inc.


The Russians are taking as many prisoners as they can at the front, and accepting all surrenders. They consider the ukrainians their brothers since they were all USSR at one time. Most of those sent to the meat grinder at the front do not want to fight, have had no training and also want Russia to win this war. A Lot also want to be captured so their families will not be killed by ukraine.



retired cop lost his leg in the war

So is it the free-mas-ons behind all these child abuse rings? I have a lodge nearby where i live. I always thought the U.S. military were behind the sex rings seeing as, well, america has a history of that sort of thing (ie what they did to japanese women during WW2, or how an influx of arabic sex workers flooded america after the invasion of iraq)

Stinky Perfume

Muslims pay the most so they got more money I guess when they paid them for oil and we knew of oil sheiks. Hanging criminals on crosses was 3 days of tortured fresh live blood. That was considered the enemy so could justify the cannibalism however, they knew all about child sacrifice long before that. Cross hanging blood probably kept the kings military strong but the kings themselves got the children I can guess or how else did they look so aware, cool and strong to their own military?

(rumble com/v36896f-eyes-of-the-devil-documentary-patryck-vega-sale-of-babies-for-sex-and-organ.html)

I also heard yacht owners drained young people off the sides of their yachts out in the ocean.


Chucky’s friend Jimmy Saville did that.

Linda Jackson

I don’t know WHAT they are except they are Satan-serving evildoers.


Thank You for Your service, Military and Law Enforcement,
And Thank You for Your Sacrifices!


A thought occurred to me: I hope they investigate the kids’ home situation before returning them. Unfortunately there are sick parents who sold their kids in the first place and won’t hesitate to do it again for more money.

Stinky Perfume

Hispanics learned that muslims pay a lot more also. The whole thing about migrants being able to afford the USA out of the hispanics is a scam. Without human trafficking they generally wouldn’t have been flooding California. Texas border babies seems like a doctor/CPS scam all these years. They pretend like they just come to give birth to get a citizenship via born on USA soil birth certificate and people fell for that story. The birthcertificate can be sold as well as the child.


Yes, definitely check that out. If so, get those kids adopted out to new parents.


Praise God, praise God, and the brave soldiers on both sides who are united against REAL evil. I needed this news today.

Eve Bright

After all this war against protecting our children. These goons like Zelenskyy and alike must be paraded in public television to be witnessed by the people of their death in the gallows.


Zelensky’s backyard? Like, buried there?


No, “servicing” him.


That evil son-of-the-bitch Satan!

Linda Jackson

In areas under Zelensky’s control.


This is the best news I have read in months! God bless theose special forces both Russian and American! May they have many more successful missions together until this vermin is obliterated from the entire planet and Galaxy! THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU GREAT WARRIORS! OOOORRRRAAAAHHHHH!


Thank the Good Lord for bringing us together to fight this evil common enemy. Let’s expand the common efforts and do even more now. Patriotic Americans and patriotic Russians have so much in common! Great work RRN!!


Let’s not forget the children in dumbs throughout California. We have not yet heard they have been taken out.

About Time

Time to take down Zelenskyy’s fake empire. Recover and seize all assets of Ukrainian elite. Then punch holes in their heads

ET Phone Home

Thank you to our American and Russian heroes. God bless those children.


WHY is Zelensky still breathing???




He may not be, he could be a look a like, we don’t know?

Rene Labre


Rene Labre

This was not me it was a bot.I would not do a one word comment,esp a stupid one like that.


Simple, he has Azovs and Banderites and Neo Nazis protecting him not just militarily, but in his security detail as well. That’s why they cannot get to the kids and free them. They need to disable the guards arrest him, bring him to a tribunal and liberate the girls and boys.

Robert James

Wow, that’s great! I’m sure Gen. Smith won’t hesitate next time!! The Russians were our best ally during the American Revolution, sending fleets to guard New York City and San Francisco!!


They were our allies in the Civil War.




Who would believe the kids are only Russians and Americans? No Ukrainians or kids from any other country. You need to work on your fake news stories.

Robert James



Just wonder how many kids are in place’s like that here in the good ole US of A. And don’t discount your own home towns and cities. I have my own suspension’s but no way to confirm.
The Military the only way. God bless U.S. Special Forces – Spetznas.


I ask myself often, why would a loving God allow for young children to be tortured, forgotten and forsaken like this, chained to walls, and drained of blood and bodily fluids, daily, for so many years? A loud voice comes into my head and reminds me that the tormented were the tormenters in past lives & times.

Robert James

We’re in these lives for spiritual development. See YouTube near death experiencers testimonials channels like NDE Diary.


Joanna, you have hit the NAIL RIGHT ON THE HEAD, what your saying is a SPIRITUAL TRUTH. It’s all about the KARMA that must be faced for past sins
in this INCARNATION. I hope and pray that this wheel stops spinning round and
God Bless the White Hats and the Spetznas.


This sole incarnation is enough to meet the Prize or not.


Hebrews 9:27
And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes the judgement.


All that we DO KNOW is that they ARE CHILDREN and children are to be protected, first and foremost. And if what you speculate were even true, it is still the job of good people to rescue the children and bring these atrocities to a stop so that there is some hope of ending what you suggest is a cycle of retribution.
Your theory leads to the speculation that somehow these children – deserved this demonic abuse and while I understand the inner struggle to make some kind of sense of this – for the children’s sake, and all they have endured, I would not give this theory credence.
Some way, some how, these children need rehabilitation that allows them a clean slate.


Could not have said it better. It infuriates & saddens me that people could
do this to these little children.
Reincarnation is demonic, also. It’s an idol for people who think they do not
have consequences for their actions.


Thank you for your kind words Maggie.
I understand that a strict reading of the bible identifies reincarnation as a demonic idea but It has absolute consequences, unfortunately, since no one remembers former lives, the suffering in a consequent life has no value as “moral instruction”.
My conclusion is that action should be taken with the consideration of what kind of world we would live in if everybody chose that action.
If a belief in reincarnation allowed us to disregard our responsibility to protect people, and especially children (who are suffering for no evidence of causation on their own part (and of course being a child means not knowing about consequences)
that is absolutely a wrong application of the concept.


No mercy for the Deep Staters who colluded in the incineration of Maui to kill the native property owners and steal their land. There were no sirens, no fire departments dispatched, and police road blocked to prevent escape of refugees until they were incinerated in their cars. Pedestrian witnesses said they heard as the cars fuel tanks exploded in series. Children were at home alone because the schools were closed, and so died in the fires with no way to escape.


That should be the Spetnaz next target of opportunity, along with USSF personnel. Take the bastard out!


Another great article Michael. Great news to hear that America and Russian soldiers are working together “swimmingly.” Good people with good hearts recognize each other swiftly.


We can hope world and pray that these joint operations will be ever increasing until the world is free.


If killary were alive, she’d be screaming Russian collusion


Ya know?


The only collusion was between Hillary and Huma Abbadin.


And Huma testified against her in exchange for leniency in a plea deal, according to RRN. No information after that yet.

Michael R Davis

Decide for yourselves.
Some videos could be fakes.

https ://www .tiktok .com/discover/Maui-dew

John .S

Myself, not often patronize a Russian barber shop having interesting cast of characters who thoroughbred enthusiasts.

Proceed cautiously in political matters, I don’t bring it up, not knowing what side of fence they’re on.

From their gallary of vodka drinkers, I get steered and baited on politics, not biting hook, my emphasis is praying for peace, whereas I like to go home in one piece.

Once mentioned A-chrome and how it is attained, and the music stopped, in actually they we’re clueless of it. They thought I was crazy, receiving uncanny looks of disbelief. Many mirrors in barbar shop.

Currently could use shave with shot of vodka, I will make few copies of this article and hand to them, could say, bridging a gap, which is part of the infowar.

There’s many ways in dispensing the Red Pill, have at it folks.

John .S

Lock out of editing, typo paragraph #4 *were, not we’re…

waky wednes

Putin is under indictment by the International Criminal Court for kidnapping Ukraine’s children and taking them to be indoctrinated as Russians. This war crime makes Putin a pariah internationally.

Elaine Phillips

He is a war criminal, however no one should mention anything about Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla. We wouldn’t to express our first amendment rights or anything


Right. Saving the kids from child sex traffickers is a war crime? Oh sure. Can’t have that happening, can we?


You are dead wrong about him!

Michael R Davis

Bullshit. Most Ukrainian children rescued and taken back to safety in Russia are Russian speaking from Eastern Ukrainian. Russia even treat the Ukrainian soldiers captured and surrendering with kindness, moving them to safety behind the lines, treating their wounds, and feeding them. The International Criminal Court is itself guilty of assisting in child trafficking. Located in the Hague Netherlands with its free love insanity, Holland is one of the worst abusers of children. Both Putin and Trump are under constant indictment because they are destroying the Globalist monsters.


You sound informed. Let’s hope the White Hats fix the problems in Hawaii, anyone seen blocking or impeding civilians should be dispatched. They used the Canadian Military to start fires in Quebec, Northern Ontario, and in British Columbia. They think part of the plan is to help push the Climate Scam and steal land that has other intrinsic values.

When I was being educated or indoctrinated we were told that Tass and Praavda were propaganda, who would have thought more truth comes from Russia than the USA. The Globalists have initiated a long plan to take down the US, but some smart Military people saw this. They were even going to do a hard Coup in the US in 2012 as Obama was changing the 300 Officers of the Military Commission in a fast and suspicious way. Then Trump agreed to run. Biden has never been in the White House in DC. How come at Biden’s White House there are 2 barns nearby, because it is in Georgia, and they do some of the inside stuff at the studios near Culver City, California, where they did the West Wing. In Biden’s Rose Garden there are no low branches, and the Press are not seated where they would be in the Real White House. You can see the difference if you pause the frames and look closely. You should see the NDA the Press must sign, and then it is only blackmailable press people are allowed to be there, and they cannot ask whatever they want. It is literally a TV show in the making, with a script.


More truth? It’s not even close. The Russians aren’t pushing a woke/NWO agenda, the West is!!


We’ve known that since the color revolution of 2004-5 and the Euromadian protests of 2014.


Michael Davis is right.


You are right, exactly on target! There is a 3/4 size duplicate of the White House on Tyler Perry’s estate. When Biden sworn in that whole ceremony was illegitimate and out of order. Biden has NEVER occupied the real WH and has never had access to the “football.” The Biden you see today is a double/actor. Take a look at the official photo of Senator Joseph R. Biden. Absolutely different head shape, etc. A craggy face. You cannot change the shape of the skull – look at the forehead.


Especially with the fourth indictment in Goergia against Trump. These deep stat daemons never stop.


I would imagine most of those Ukrainian soldiers speak Russian too. I spent time in Rivne, Ukraine back in the early 90’s and almost everyone in that city spoke Russian as a primary language. Some of the others spoke Ukrainian, Hungarian, Romanian, etc., but they were in the minority!!


Hitler accused FDR and Churchill of being war criminals too, but for whatever reason didn’t mention Stalin.




Most of the Ukrainians are Russian, Ukraine use to belong to mother Russia…


It is still a part of Russia. There was never any official separation.

Cargo Beep beep

Identified and sent home…sounds a whole lot easier said than done.